It’s time to get behind Pardew.

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Alan Pardew - The new man in charge.
Alan Pardew - The new man in charge.
Well the decision that was expected has been made and Alan Pardew is our new manager for what could potentially be the next five-and-a-half years.

My own personal view is that this is a sideways step compared to a forwards one, but it’s done now, and at least it puts a rather swift ending to the vast amount of speculation regarding who would be taking over from Chris Hughton.

Is Pardew the peoples choice? Evidently not, but like or not, he is the man that is charged with taking this club forward. Whether he can do that or not remains to be seen, but he needs a chance to to prove to the fans just what he can do for us. This is why I suggest that we get behind the team and the manager.

Now in no way should this take away from the feelings that I have towards the board at the moment. Quite honestly I am livid with the decision to sack Chris Hughton, and with the way that it was done, but nothing is going to change it now.

I appreciate that Pardew will be viewed as one of the stooges in Mike Ashley’s little football playing game, but he is also the one that is in charge of getting us results on the pitch to help us progress to Premier League survival. In short, Pardew is caught in the middle of the division between fans and the boardroom.

I’m as underwhelmed as anyone is now that the nailed on bookmakers favourite has been officially confirmed as the manager. I was expecting a bit more from our next manager given that Ashley and co were supposedly looking for experience, but then again I was also expecting a bit more when Chris Hughton first got the job, and that worked out well in the end.

I guess what I am trying to say is that we shouldn’t confuse the disdain that a lot of people have for Mike Ashley and focus it towards Pardew. Let’s face it, he hasn’t even taken charge of a game yet so it would be unfair to judge him.

I’ll be giving Pardew some time to prove to me that he is worthy of being our manager, but it doesn’t detract from the ill-feeling I have towards our owner at the moment.

Who knows? It might work out in the end?

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254 Responses

  1. Toonsy – know we have no choice as he has his contract, but just can’t morally accept him as manager. I don’t believe in the ‘he is an innocent bystander’ crap, he will have cooked this up with his mates in the casino. It’s obviously been on the cards for sometime and his supersilious crap about just being tipped off about it Monday, shows he feels he can take the fans for mugs already (has previous for that at West Ham). Makes my skin crawl to think we have stooped so low that we sould have turfed a good respectable man out of a job he was doing well for another croney of Fatman. To top it all off he will probaly appoint Beardsley as his deputy to placate the fans and keep their love in with the board going. Thoroughly disillusioned.

  2. Lads,i am sure you all would agree with me on this point.

    That,if Ashley.,Lambias are indeed close friends with Pardew.

    What we hope is Pardew is given a substainable amount of transfer kitty.

    And Hopefully Pardew is able to bring about the close ties between manager and players soon.

    ”At the same time, I intend to focus on developing exciting young players through the club’s excellent Academy and development squad, and I know the board here at St James’ Park are very committed to that too.

    Pardew,i hope whatever you say this,does come out true.

  3. People have been very disrespectful of Pardew.

    He’s goin in the dugout on Sat, getting stuck in, he could have hid in the stands, he has been respectful about the fans so in tern show him some respect. He might be here for a longer time than any of the last 6 managers.

  4. I have to agree with pretty much every part of that article. No matter how cheated I feel by the board’s decisions this week, I’m a Newcastle United supporter. That’s all there is really. Not much else can be said.

    I like this blog. You lads are alright.

  5. I just hope the usual morons don’t focus on Pardew but give him time and his chance.
    Remember it was the turmoil and the effect it had the players that got us relegated last time (albeit Ashleys self induced turmoil), but the fans were as culpable in that too, lets not repeat the same mistakes and focus on supporting the team, nothing else matters.

  6. Instability can kill a team. I hope Pardew can quell a seething locker room and irate fans. I also hope he has the mental savvy to outmaneuver those on the side who like to decide for themselves whether or not they’ll give their all in a match. This week to week bullsh** of lame effort has to stop. I’m not sure that “please lads, give your best” means a damn thing to many of them. They could use a cattle prod up their arses though.

  7. Lads… What if this change is great ? We are all slating Pardew for being a shit manager, but is he really? I say lets give him until Feb to decide just how good/bad he is!

    Also he’s already saying he wants Wolfswinkel and wants to sell Best and Xisco which Ive been wanting for ages!… Yes it was unfair to sack Houghton but it would be even more unfair of us to not give this lad a chance!.

    Also, has anyone heard the rumour that Mike Ashley got rid of Houghton because the arabs said they didn’t want him as manager if they bought the club but didnt want the responsibilty of sacking him because of how much we love him?… We could have 50 billion worth arab owners soon!… I think it would be great but also cant help thinking, thats not what this club i all about…

  8. Totally agree with comments mentioned above. On Saturday I have to watch the game with some Scorsese so not looking forward to the piss taking I will no doubt receive. Just hope I van ram it down there throats with a result for the boys. I just hope they play for Pardew and not play with their heads down.

  9. Looking through both blogs, and i have finally found somewhere that i agree with the views. It’s stupid to not support the football team over this, it will only end up with us getting relegated. It’s a shame what happend to Hughton, but he’s not bigger than NUFC.

  10. ‘All I care about is NUFC’
    we should remember that line, get behind the team. I don’t want a repaet of 2008 when all the protests had a destabilising influence on the club.
    Only one thing matters tomorrow – beat Liverpool

  11. Spot on piece. The bile towards him is ludicrous. Everyone is hurting after what happened with Hughton, but turning on our new manager before he’s even sat in the dugout is the most surefire way of creating the negative environment that took us into the championship two seasons ago.

    What’s done is done. We don’t have to like it, but we do have to keep supporting the team.

  12. Agree with the article’s sentiment. I for one will get behind Pardew. Assuming he wasn’t slowly sticking a shiv in CH’s back while at the craps table, he can’t be lame or this week.

    However, I wouldn’t call this a sideways step. Sure that might be the case in comparing managerial resumes or even abilities. But the events of this week uneccesariy:

    1- Provoked the sleeping masses
    2- destroyed the stabilty/calm that we were finally just beginning to enjoy and appreciate, and
    3- risks hurting what had been very positive (for us) team morale.

    Again, not Pardew’s fault, but we could have done with out it. But as supporters we can negate these negative effects by voicing our displease and then getting behind the guy

  13. my main problems is the players liked hughton and the way the board dropped him on his arse will seriuosly piss them off and out of respect for hughton they mind end up disliking pardew!! fair enough i think if we give him his shot only time will tell if he was good enough…..about the fact ashley wanted to bring in a more experianced manager and then went with him is prity stupid as what contacts in the game dose a manager who never had any money at any club or any level got ??? i herd his first signing wuld be ricky lamberts southamptons league 1 striker ??

  14. He’ll sign the players he is told to.
    FACT despite what he says about banging on the door bs.
    Also he will sell the players he is told to.
    No selly, no buyey. no money from cashley.
    Gonna be ferkin hillarious tryin to stay in prem with 1st div players. We are struggling now with what we have.

  15. Geordie Deb says:
    December 9, 2010 at 5:20 pm

    “Toonsy – know we have no choice as he has his contract, but just can’t morally accept him as manager. I don’t believe in the ‘he is an innocent bystander’ crap, he will have cooked this up with his mates in the casino. It’s obviously been on the cards for sometime and his supersilious crap about just being tipped off about it Monday, shows he feels he can take the fans for mugs already (has previous for that at West Ham). Makes my skin crawl to think we have stooped so low that we sould have turfed a good respectable man out of a job he was doing well for another croney of Fatman. To top it all off he will probaly appoint Beardsley as his deputy to placate the fans and keep their love in with the board going. Thoroughly disillusioned.”

    Deb, I was flagellating myself for having similar thoughts, and keeping my own counsel as people DO have a point about giving him a fair chance, just as Hughton should have had when he started. Then I heard his interview where he referred to our previous manager as “Chris HOWTON”, and to the great city of Newcastle as a TOWN. Then, he said something that I would feel quite insulted by if I were a Newcastle player, and I wasn’t really impressed at all really. Thoroughly disillusioned.

  16. I made up the rumor about the Qatari’s.

    How about this? Maybe the players went to MA & requested a change. I mean, what about some of the weird team selections? What about the mysterious last minute injuries? What about all the injuries in practice? Those all could be cause for internal rebellion.

  17. Back to the football,
    look at the fixtures, I would say we need another 10-15 points before march to stay up.
    There you go Alan, job number 1, and only job, win some games.

  18. i will never understand a arsehole like ashley.

    well done pardew you just have shown me how well you done your homework on newcastle/ex manager/players ect,and toonsy says get behind him,wish i could and put a size 10 right up his @@@@,heard his homework was good on players wifes like

  19. worky,
    what are you views on ashley at this stage?

    I have heard from a member of the backroom staff that everyone is furious, disillusioned, shocked and upset at the departure of hughton and the arrival of pardew. this person genuinely feels that ashley is doing this to stick 2 fingers up to the supporters. now i would usually ignore such things as rumour but ashley had proved time and time again that he has nothing but contempt for the newcastle fans. i am not from newcastle, but i am a massive fan. it seems quite blatantly obvious that ashley sees the fans(probably the north-east as a whole) as inferior to him and his fellow londoners. he is an egotistical, power crazy and selfish pr!ck. it is so clear that his do not lie with the long(or even short term) success and stability of the club. he does not care as long as he gets as much money back as possible. it is a complete farce

    i admire your never ending optimism. but i disagree…i will never support pardew as he is a tosser, and most definitely ashleys crony. he is already spouting as much bile as kinnear did. i will support the team but i hope for all our sakes that the fat dictator is gone..and soon.

  20. I hate ashley and it makes me feel totally sick thinking that paedew (notice the mistake) is our manager, what those poor players think of it lord knows, but it’s not paedews fault (whoops thats twice) that he’s come to this “Town” under these Circumstances, this is do or die for ashley because if pardew doesn’t do well the fans will be on his back instantly if he does well then he will get the time, it’s also good to read that the contract has a clause that allows us to get rid fairly cheaply if needed (at this moment in time i’ll give the man until end of Jan) it did make me laugh when he said he a successful premiership manager and has alot of experiance in the PL (not quite how his CV reads lol!!)
    but we have no choice now he’s here and the proof of the pudding will start on saturday with a win against liverpool hopefully if not the end of Jan will loom ever closer

  21. To all those who say ‘Get behind the team’.

    I’m totally torn about this but I believe that Mike Ashley needs to be hit where it hurts. The only power you have is the power to stop spending money with Mike Ashley.

    Alan Pardew has done absolutely nothing wrong and as has been stated previously, he’s caught between 2 divisions in the came; all he’s doe is accept a job offer. I’ll judge him by results. However, I don’t believe he’s the answer and we’ll find that out before long.

    My issue is… to just accept the sacking of Chris Hughton, this… bizarre decision of the ‘management’ team and say, “Pardew’s our manager now, let’s get behind him” is ludicrous. It’s missing the point. Does that mean the club can do most anything and not care about what fans think? I don’t think so. They factor in fans’ reactions knowing fine well most people will go along with it and bitch for a bit but ultimately do nothing about it.

    No. This is about the board decisions not Alan Pardew.

    This is not the first time we’ve been screwed over and going from the developing pattern it won’t be the last. We’re constantly taken for fools! If you’re bothered by that, what can you do?

    Organising marches? Boycotting Sports Direct? Meh. So what.

    – Don’t go to the match – the biggest statement you can make. Affects performances? Good! Chemotherapy is hard but sometimes necessary. Scare the sh@t out of them – if only for a short while.
    – If you intend to go to the match, don’t buy products, the over priced beer and food. Take your own. Keep this up.

    To what end? A show of strength. The point will be made. It’s not going to change the fact that we have Alan Pardew as manager but it may make the decision makers think twice before forging ahead with soul-destroying decisions like this and putting the club through more hell.

    This only works if enough people make a statement and show that they WILL be heard.

    Personally, I *think* am prepared to give Alan Pardew time but I *am not* prepared to sit back and take another one up the ring from Mike Ashley.

    We act like we’re the weakest partner in this relationship but without us, there is *no* relationship.


  22. I agree, and lets also keep in mind that the media dont always get things right, so we cant really know for sure if he has a friendship with MA.

  23. We need to get behind the team, we don’t need to get behind pardew
    It’s common knowledge he’s mates with owlheed, all this bollocks about only hearing Monday night is crap, bookies had him installed as favourite as soon as hughton was sacked.
    Where did they get that from, let’s face it none of us would ever in a million years suggested that
    The five 1/2 year contract has a termination amount built in that’s not based on 5 years salary so it’s actually worthless
    More bollocks about allegedly receiving texts from other managers stating he’d be mad to take the job – yerwhat is he having a laugh, he was on the dole after managing a league 1 club – it’s like winning the lottery for the combover twat
    Sorry – will always get behind the team but I don’t have to get behind Ashleys muppets

  24. so it’s official, we have the biggest bunch of girls for fans in the Premiership, some of you lot need to man up ffs

  25. All of you may hate MA, but the fact is with Prem TV money, he can run the club and survive with just selling seats to away fans.

    Its his club, his money, to make or break. I don’t see many failures in his past. I don’t think he worries much about you and me that ios for the PR dept and box office. I think he is thinking about building a franchise that wins silver. If this is the wrong decision on a manager, there will be others out there to hire. If the current player crop fail, there will be other players to sign.

    The bottom line in the MA world is “win”. He is not about to tell us how he is doing that, it is up to you all to try to see the big picture. You may see things differently, but I see a solid, maybe awesome, squad being assembled.

  26. back the players on sat not ashley and the muppets i bet pardew shagging ashley not the player wifes thats how he got this job

  27. Tho to be honest some of the gullibility on here shows Ashley can do what he wants and people will just shrug shoulders and say what can we do :(
    Fvck it – it’s only football, I’m off to chin some fvcker

  28. buddy says:
    December 9, 2010 at 6:46 pm

    what are you views on ashley at this stage?”

    Much the same as they’ve been since he brought back Keegan, buddy, which most of the fans were for at the time, but I was strongly against and thought would lead to disaster. He’s an arriviste and a blundering clown with no respect. He knows the price of everything, but the value of nothing.

  29. I have read soo much negative the last week its unreal!! Have we not had enough over that the last 4 years? Negativity breeds failure, do we want that? Of course not, biting our noses off to spite The fat man and his entourage, forget them!! I dont need to go over anything thats been said but I would love this to happen!: I have heard a lot about different ideas/plots to protest on Saturday, one to the extent of the whole crowd walking out at kick off, what will that achieve?? Being a laughing stock can be fuelled by the fans actions also. How about no banners and no reaction and making the most noise the ground has heard in years. Not saying shout and clap Pardew, just ignore whats gone on and generate a tremendous atmosphere that would freak Liverpool out and the watching media/mackems etc and truly let the country know what its about being a Newcastle United!!! fan the players would love it!!!HWTL!!!!

  30. I’m sick of all the negativity. The rest of the Premier League clubs must be having a good laugh. Let’s judge Pardew on results and back him come Saturday and the rest of the season. NUFC is bigger than any person, including Mike Ashley. Support NUFC on the field instead of bringing further bad publicity to the club by protesting!

  31. Fantastic post Simon. Finally a Newcastle United supporter showing some sense and realising that we need to back the players now, more than ever.

  32. What the feck do you guys moaning want to do about it? protest while the players are trying to get us results? we might see relegation again if thats the case

  33. Is it too much to ask for the club which we put money into, to be treated with some respect?

  34. Unless we are prepared to completely boycott the games and Sports Direct to hit him in the wallet and force him out, whilst accepting the state the club may have to recover from if Ashley eventually went….?

    I think we have no choice but to give Pardew a chance – what else can we realistically do?

    The other sad fact that dawned on me means that the length of contract Ashley has given Pardew probably means he has no immediate intention of selling up :(

  35. One must be under some kind of illusion to be disillusioned.

    Do we continue down the negative road at this juncture, or change the habit of a lifetime & take a different path, right here & now?

    the more entrenched we become, the harder it is to change.

  36. Wonder what the team will be for satda?

    Wonder if we’re in the market for players now, in jan?

  37. BeeGuy,

    I admire your logic.

    “The bottom line in the MA world is “win”. He is not about to tell us how he is doing that, it is up to you all to try to see the big picture. You may see things differently, but I see a solid, maybe awesome, squad being assembled.”

    Does the big picture consist of:
    – Dennis Wise.
    – PR disaster after PR disaster.
    – Selling the club.
    – Not selling the club.

    I don’t need to go on. These are not the actions of a rational, prepared businessman.

    ps: Not going to the matches includes away games.

    Going and making more noise? YEAH!! FK ME UP THE ASS AGAIN!!! NEW-CAS-EL NEW-CAS-EL NEW-CAS-EEEELLLL!!!.

    For we are mental. And we are mad.


  38. Is it any wonder we’ve won fck all for so long? The guy hasn’t even got a fckin parking space and he’s under immense pressure for supporters!

    He’s even getting it in the neck for pronouncing our former managers name wrong for fcks sake!!!

    Never in the history of football has a manager been under as much pressure before a ball has been kicked.

    Get off his back, if we don’t we won’t stay up, simple! The club cannot be torn to shreads again and go down again. We won’t be so lucky next time.


    So anyone watched Alan Carr’s stand up, when he talks about his dad telling him to head the ball etc and to not be such a puff?

    Well his dad is Graham Carr, as in our Graham Carr, as in our chief scout!

    haha sorry if everyone knew this, it’s only been brought to my attention.

  40. CLINT

    I doubt our player recruitment will change that much if i’m honest, I actually believe what was said in the Chronicle last night in that Hughton didn’t actually have that much say in transfers, and when he did, well…

    Young, hungry with potential, from home or abroad, that seems to be the brief for the whole scouting team, not just Pardew.

  41. Its equally down to us lot the fans to generate respect and motivation for the players etc. Look at Afra’s response when he went out on the pitch for us, he said he was blown away! and is amazed at the support he is getting while in recovery. We might not be top 5 at the moment or in the near future but we are unique and we need to keep it that way for the future of the club in these very difficult times, it wont be forever guys, good times will return but players will leave and not arrive without the fans, which is our unique selling point.

  42. Apparently, gerrards out for saturday.
    Whether that’s just a psyche ploy & he plays anyway, who knows.
    It’d be useful if he didn’t like.

  43. The word loyalty can be used triumphantly to describe our supporters. Unfortunately, if you put the word ‘blind’ in front of the word ‘loyalty’, that holds true as well.

    I have my eyes wide open on this one and I can see my season ticket burning a hole in my pocket, but it makes me feel better about things.

  44. I think there should be lots of pro Hughton chanting as the guy is a gent and deserved so much better recognition for the job he has done, But i cannot see what good recreating the atmosphere of that horrible Hull match will do to help the club stay in this division long term, Thats the way the money will roll in and the fat man can waddle off into the sunset with his loan paid back.

    We’ve now got an woefully average manager who happens to have a better overall win percentage than Steve Bruce, As many promotions on his CV than Steve Bruce, More european qualifications than Steve Bruce, Better highest league finish than Steve Bruce, More major Cup finals than Steve Bruce and more trophy wins than Steve Bruce.

    Pardew is a totally pointless appointment as daft as any in the history of the sport but we are stuck with him and it could still be worse we could have Doubtfires ugly mug boucing up and down on the touch line every other week.

    Every cloud and all that…

    P.S If there is no compensation to be paid if and when he gets the bullet, Surely he may as well be on a rolling fornightly contract ??

  45. fair enough worky! really dont know if anyone can defend him at this stage.

    Bee Guy,
    alan pardew will not last more than a year, he will not be much good for us…it doesn take a genius to see that. its the exact same thing that has happened with numerous previous manager eg souness, kinnear etc. the whole club is a shambles! the board are up on their high horse and NOBODY is with them barring pardew! the players,fans, backroom staff and everyone else connected with the club is against him pretty much! how the hell will we achieve anything but failure with such a system!

  46. ILM,
    aye mate,
    but when CH was ‘reported’ as saying: ‘no new players in jan’, that coulda meant ‘i’m not alowed any signings’ in jan.
    MA was maybe gonna sack him from back then so wasn’t gonna hand out cash.
    Not saying he’s gonna now, just wondering really, out loud, as it were.

  47. lads we gotta bk the gaffer hes here now nowt we can do but support, as for him winning dressing room over he jus has to get nolan on side and the rest will follow, as ive stated b4 if the players loved hoots that much they shud ov bloody pulled there fingers out n he wud still b here, as for the ppl who wanna turn there bk on the club thats fine by me we dont need any part time supporters who only like it things when goes the way they think it shud also by stop goin ashly is gettin one over u became newcastle fans bcoz its born with u a way of life up here its drummed into u this is our club, u didnt become a toon fan bcoz of who the owner,manager or players were its bcoz its the only club u told to support n love to support so feking man up swallow pride n stop crying like babys n support the team or u gonna let the cockney mafia win

  48. stuart,
    i appreciate your sentiments but if we get relegated NOBODY will be at fault bar ashley! we were not headed that way before, so if it happens pardew will of course be gone and ashley will deserve to be shot

  49. The club went into a downward spiral when Bobby got sacked and when Shearer retried. We got relegated which was our worst nightmare, but we came back up instantly in great style with our heads held high! Lets keep it that way guys. The fans have a job to do also as difficult as it can be at times.. Our job is to be positive and support!! which when we do! We are recognised and renowned for around the world..

  50. Why do we need to get behind pardew, we need to get behind the team – pardew ain’t done jack all, the way some people on this blog are going on we should be chanting Alan Pardews Black & White army, we should prob throw in a few Pardew is a Geordie chants as well

  51. buddy how can u say we wernt heading for relegation b4 now r some ppl were tinted glasses 2pts from 15 to pi#s poor bk to bk away performances i love hoots as much everyone else but he was not doin as good a job as ppl make out for every good game u can show this season i can show 2 bad ones

  52. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    December 9, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    aye mate,
    but when CH was ‘reported’ as saying: ‘no new players in jan’, that coulda meant ‘i’m not alowed any signings’ in jan.”

    This is actually somthing I mentioned earlier, it seems prety obvious to me now that Hughton was thought of by the board and owner as a coach, doing a decent job just filling in till someone else was appointed as a manager.

    Because of this, he wasn’t fully entrusted with alot of money as simply, he wasn’t going to be there that long.

    So this is something that could actually be taken as a positive with Pardew, since he has been given such a lengthy contract it shows the board have faith in him as a manager, so may be now prepared to part with more funds for players.

    maybe baby…

  53. Buddy – I agree it would be Ashley’s fault but its not Pardew’s fault he accepted the job. Who would turn it down? The jobs immense and the man who gets it right will be a legend. It might Pardew, we just don’t know.

    So I say protest at Ashley but do not the manager or the players. We are where we are and that’s the way it is.

    Good luck Alan, you’ll sure need it!

  54. Simon,
    this club has to change.
    Everything about it, top to bottom.
    Only then will it be able to truly challenge for honors again.
    Our pissing & moaning has won us nothing, our adversity has taught/earned us nothing.
    CHANGE-complete & utter…It’s the only way now.
    Death or Glory!

  55. Three things you need to know

    1. Pardew is no better than Souness and this will be his last job in football (unless you include acting like a twat on MOTD)

    2. As fans we can support the team but not the management, thats not a problem. Plenty of “Stand up if you love the Toon, Sit down if you hate Cockneys” will do nicely for starters.

    3. Dont be fooled into thinking Pardew has nothing to do with CH’s sacking. Despite the protestations, Llambias has been touting Pardew for the job for months and has gradually worked his “magic” because he didnt like Hughton. Although I’d like to see Pardew out asap, I’d prefer it if we put pressure on Fat Man to bring in a proper football chief exec to run this club. Llambias is a joke and needs to be got rid of before he inflicts any more of his numbskull ideas on the club.

  56. I can understand why people see Pardew’s actions as underhanded. It seems a little far-fetched that he only found out on Monday. Which means he’s already lied to us.

    But again, my gripe isn’t with the new manager. If I don’t go back, it’s because of the regime.

    Anybody wanna sit in Level 7?

  57. lengthy contract that can be terminated for a low fixed fee isn’t worth jack, he may as well be on a 6 month rolling contract

  58. no one is sayin chant his name jus dont give him a hard time b4 he has even proved himself, after all hoots turned our thoughts on him no one wanted hoots incharge he was a no2 who will never b a manager is what ppl were saying he is ashly puppet part of cockney mafia are some fans hav very short memories when it suits them i remember alot of fans saying this bout hoots

  59. ILM,
    well, only 3 weeks to wait to find out.
    It’s usually the other way round, sack the manager during or just after the window. It’s a departure to get someone in in good time before one, isn’t it?

  60. Stuart79 – why would pardew need luck – he’s a well respected proven and experienced premiership manager who’s won titles and cups – he needs to sort out the dressing room, he can start by selling Tiote, Barton, Enrique, Nolan and Carroll – cheeky buggers think they can have a players committee when they should get on with playing footy

  61. davy says:

    “buddy how can u say we wernt heading for relegation b4 now r some ppl were tinted glasses 2pts from 15 to pi#s poor bk to bk away performances i love hoots as much everyone else but he was not doin as good a job as ppl make out for every good game u can show this season i can show 2 bad ones”

    So Pardew will solve all that then Davy ? Dream on, Pardew can take this club down in the blinking of an eye. We now have the worst manager in the BPL and that’s taking into acount Bruce, McCarthy and Martinez.

    It just doesn’t get any worse.

  62. Aye but come on davy, that’s slightly different.

    Hughton stepped in numerous times to drag us out of the shit. You can’t even begin to compare the two at all in my opinion.

    Christ, we bang on about players and managers and owners not showing loyalty these days and already we’ve moved on from Hughton. Just as people did with Keegan.

    While ‘the club will always be here’ and ‘we’ll always be here’, the fact is, the here and now matters, as do the people who make up this club. Chris Hughton deserved better. Alan Shearer deserved better. Kevin Keegan deserved better. Jesus (small mercies), even Fat Sam probably deserved better (although I admit that’s pushing it).

    If Pardew is mates with Ashley then he’ll be safe and I can probably begin to dislike him quite rapidly. If not, we’ll probably be doing the bloke a favour, as Ashley has respect for nobody. Least of all, us.

  63. I Love Mike says:
    December 9, 2010 at 7:57 pm

    “I doubt our player recruitment will change that much if i’m honest, I actually believe what was said in the Chronicle last night in that Hughton didn’t actually have that much say in transfers, and when he did, well…”

    ILM, whether it say it in the Chronicle or not, that is completely incorrect. It is with the players I’ve researched anyway. He even tracked Tiote from the time he was a coach sent on a scouting mission to the Netherlands years ago. They divven’t half print some bollocks in the Chronic!

  64. am sorri but fans jacking in goin to game aint gonna hurt ashly bcoz if we get ryt on the pitch fans will buy tickets simple as, yes i hate ashly but it aint gonna stop goin to the match YOUR LETTING ASHLY WIN BY STOP DOIN THE THING YOU LOVE

  65. bowburn,
    that’s a exceedingly passive/aggressive way to get your point across, how, despite
    your protestations, you are in fact, doing the exact opposite of what you claim.
    Nice try though, i’m sure you’ll get a few nibbles mate.

  66. Davy – yup plenty on this blog said the same about Hughton but he won us over in time by earning our respect and thanks – pardew will have to earn it in the same way, all this bollocks about clapping him onto the pitch and singing his name is pathetic

  67. davy says:
    December 9, 2010 at 8:16 pm

    “no one wanted hoots incharge he was a no2 who will never b a manager is what ppl were saying”

    I never said that Davy, so it wasn’t “no one”.

  68. am not saying pardew is the answer n whos to say jol or another big name wud hav been either how many big names hav we had in the past that hav failed

  69. CLiNT – Howay, give me a clue. Which one? You always pick fault at my posts, so I’m never sure unless you’re specific.

  70. i but worky u do remember ppl saying about him though, i said the same bout ch as i am bout pardew giv him a chance to c what he does, no one is sayin sing his name he has to earn that jus ch did jus giv him n team support

  71. I never shouted Hughton down although I was very sceptical, but he proved me spectacularly wrong.

  72. for those thinking by stop goin to the match ashly is gonna a leave 5/half year deal sounds to me like he is here for the long haul, its all very well wanting ashly to sell but u need a buyer n the owner needs to want to sell in the first place which i think he dosent want to

  73. I can understand why people see Pardew’s actions as underhanded. It seems a little far-fetched that he only found out on Monday. Which means he’s already lied to us.

    But again, my gripe isn’t with the new manager. If I don’t go back, it’s because of the regime.

    Anybody wanna sit in Level 7?
    x2, as you posted it earlier also.

    I try not to ‘always pick fault with your posts’, honestly.
    It’s just the obvious near-sighted nature of them, while emotionally charged, forgetting you were one of the ones that ‘wasn’t convinced’ & had to be ‘won over’ by CH, now you’re using his ass for your agenda.
    Fair enough n’ all that, just pointing it out.

  74. worky – aye just got them. I had a look before and saw you’d give me permissions so started putting something together but the blog was dying on it’s arse so I left it.

    I have a feeling it may be futile but thought it was worth a go. Seemed like the least provocative but distinct way to illustrate our feelings.

  75. bowburning how do u kno pardew wont do the same, am not saying he will but giv him a chance to get his ideas across see what style he plays etc, then if it dont wk am sure we will hound him out like weve done wit every other manager we havent liked

  76. Hey CLiNT, hands up. He won me over fair and square. Perhaps that gives me less right to indignation on his behalf but not only am I baffled by the unfathombale reasons to bomb him out, I’m also disgusted by how it’s all been handled. If I stand by and keep on cheering, I’ll be giving the wrong impression that I endorse this kind of behaviour.

  77. bowburn,
    i don’t anyone could mistake you for an ashley fan mate.
    I wouldn’t worry about that. :)
    Tons of managers are ‘seemingly’ sacked unjustly, aye it hurts, nowt new though, is it?
    Especially at his club-forever!

  78. I think, despite my previous posts, you’re not getting the message.

    They are all in this together. Today’s press conference was deliberately staged with no MD or Owner in attendance as if to distance Pardew from the two Mongs. However they are now happy they have their own man in place so supporting Pardew is a vote of confidence to the Fat Man and Grandpa Munster

  79. Clint ee said the club needed changing from top to bottom when the last fat fecker was in the chair. I was actually thinking we were doing.something right for once. We were actually getting respect for a change. We were moving at a steady pace. Seems steady wasn’t good enough for fma so he threw a grenade into the mix.
    We are now once again a joke of a club. Stability is what attracts buyers. We haven’t a hope on hell of selling with trigger happy ashley on.charge

  80. Andy mac. Agree about Llambiarse. We desperately need a CE who knows something about football.

  81. Apparently Beardsleys Boots we already have one ?

    “Derek’s experience in the hospitality industry will certainly complement the work already being done by the club to realise its full potential.”

  82. bowburnmag says:
    December 9, 2010 at 8:37 pm

    “Hey CLiNT, hands up. He won me over fair and square.”

    From what I know about Hughton, despite the undoubted idignation at his sacking, people still really don’t have much of a clue on what the club have missed out on with their abject stupidity (again). For once, I’m even angrier than you are about Ashley and Llambias.

  83. micky toon were not the ones selling the club he is n as i said b4 a long term contract dont sound like he isnt interested anytime soon

  84. Micky,
    aye mate,
    but he obviously wasn’t a fan of CH as manager, he was a kk appointment, after all.
    But his 5.5 year appointment of Pardew has got to tell us something.
    I’m just trying to dispassionately decipher what’s ganning on, is all.
    Without all the over emotional, over reactionary stuff that we always go through.
    Well, someone’s gotta try, don’t they?

  85. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    December 9, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    “aye mate,
    but he obviously wasn’t a fan of CH as manager, he was a kk appointment, after all.”

    He was a Dennis Wise appointment, Clint.

  86. bowburn,
    they’re not gonna tell us, that’s patently obvious, from time. So we have try & decipher, otherwise we gan off half cocked, as per.

    CH was a DW appointment, yea?
    So, you saying he skanked ‘wor kev’?

  87. Lads, we’ll never find out the truth from this ragtag bunch of blagarts. Its all just a game to them anyway.
    Real life Champ man. FFS!

  88. Kinel – can you stop banging on about the 5 1/2 year contract – it’s already been widely reported that it has a fixed fee termination clause – don’t blame Ashley for that after being stung by fat Sam and KK but it makes the contract almost worthless

  89. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    December 9, 2010 at 8:57 pm

    CH was a DW appointment, yea?”

    Aye Clint, he certainly was. I did once mean to write a blog on some of the good things Dennis Wise did for the club, but I couldn’t be arsed to build a concrete lined bunker and wear a suit of armour all day!

  90. Jack:
    The fact is there is nothing!! we an do about it aside from pull our own finger nails off with pliers or not, either way Ashley will not give a dame. Positive or negative, I like the positive option. CH is a star but was only a caretaker manager. Which other Prem club do you think will employ him at the 1st chance?

    I like this stat as good as it probs wont do as they dont have fat cockney owner:

    “We’ve now got an woefully average manager who happens to have a better overall win percentage than Steve Bruce, As many promotions on his CV than Steve Bruce, More european qualifications than Steve Bruce, Better highest league finish than Steve Bruce, More major Cup finals than Steve Bruce and more trophy wins than Steve Bruce”.

  91. One thing that is bugging me is everyones reference to the Experience question Pardew has more than CH had . Again i will say that he would not have been on my list of managers that i would of liked to see but he does have the experience , lets just hope he has learned from his mistakes and yes i am as angry as most that they have shit on chris hughton . But that is not pardew’s fault and he is here now so lets give the bloke a chance . Yes he was tapped up before chris was sacked but that happens at every club when they want someone new , freddy sheppard was often slagged off for not having a ready made replacement for all those he sacked .

  92. I posted on here the other day about how disillusioned I was about this whole sorry scenario. The blood was high and I like many others huffed and puffed about having my fill of this club. I know it was a complete load of bollix as I will be supporting the lads as usual this weekend.

    I’m trying my best to be optimistic about everything, take a deep breath and get ready to start all over again. It’s what we do.

    Now, at the risk of coming across as a complete lunatic, I’m going to play devils advocate for a moment. Just suppose for a bit that MA is not the malicious, lardy git we all think he is, and that his biggest fault is just his poor ability to communicate with the fans ( stay with me, I know it’s a long shot). Let’s also suppose that now that he’s finally got the management and boardroom personnel that he wants, he’ll now be able to transfer the undoubted success he’s had in business to our beloved club. Suppose as well that this all works out for the best and that other chairmen in the prem adopt Ashley’s approach and follow suit. Would we still hate his guts then? Perhaps we’re all shouting and screaming because we fear change – and God knows MA seems to be going against all the norms of running a football club. Who’s to say that this change won’t turn out to be for the better?

    There is no doubt that the club is starting to become financially stable and I’m sure I heard somewhere that the club was ahead of schedule in repayment of debts. If that is the case, then the club has generated a huge chunk of cash in a short space of time. Subsequently, once the debt is totally cleared and the club is operating within it’s own means, there should be huge amounts of cash made available for transfer funds which the fat twunt would be happy to hand over to his man in charge.

    I’m writing this on me phone, so haven’t proof read before posting and am aware that it may turn out to be a load of incomprehensible nonsense. So feel free to comment, argue, take the piss or more likely as not, just gloss over and ignore.

    I thank you.

  93. How worky,
    you wouldn’t get bombs from me mate.
    Everyone does good & bad things DW inc.

    BTW, hoy a link to y’discs up for us mate, ta.

  94. I have been a season ticket holder for 25 yrs and I am finally gonna do what I’ve threatened since Ashley took over. Stay away and refuse to go back until he leaves. If that means dropping down several divisions then so be it.
    The fans will always be there and will return when the leech has gone!
    Goodbye SJP.

  95. Here’s one for you.
    Fat ash and llambsass had a big bet on NUFC to win the 13th game of the season. Fulham at home.
    Result: 0-0. Lost a mint. Been in a rage ever since. After that the writing was on the wall for Hoots.
    And thats the way these two muppets work.
    Dont expect any logic or common sense. Major decisions on the toss of a coin.
    Ferkin jokers.

  96. Im sorry but I find it quite petty that some people were having a go a Pardew for calling…

    Chris ‘howten’, he is a cockney he aint gonna say ‘hooton’ like a geordie is he.

    and as for calling Newcastle a town and not a city… er what do we call it again, the toon.

    Come on man, ye’s are just picking at any little thing there like.

  97. @117 why let ashly win jus stick by your team lad ashly cud b here 20 years time who knos,do u really wanna stay away that long

  98. youve been loyal supporter of 25years am sure theres been worse times stick with it jus coz its not goin the way u like u cant quit after all u go to watch the team not that fat twat in his chair

  99. People
    We have to give Pardew a chance. I was unbelievebly p*ssed off as well when I heard the news that AP was manager, BUT if he has a good relationship with Ashley then maybe he can squeeze some money out him. CH did a fantastic job and I was gutted to see him go but lets give AP a chance, the club needs the fans behind them. Of course i expect the ashley abuse and rightly so but we have to get behind the team. We are sitting 12th in the EPL. Better than I expected, so we are not in a bad situation, AP knows he is going to be fighting a battle to win us over, but we must help him until we know if hes any good or not. Who knows he might turn out to be half decent………. But for now i urge you all not to boycote or anything which might affect the performance of the players we have some big games coming up and we need SJP to be rocking!

  100. MrT76 says

    “Let’s also suppose that now that he’s finally got the management and boardroom personnel that he wants, he’ll now be able to transfer the undoubted success he’s had in business to our beloved club”

    Therein lies the problem Mr T. He surrounds himself with his buddies (who know fuc all about football) because his limited business knowledge doesnt stretch to giving others the control they would need to run parts of his empire. BTW his empire is based upon selling cheap goods at cheaper prices than the competition in a vastly inflated, price protected market.

    Ashley needs to give up his street trader/barrow boy image and start running his businesses professionally. That includes bringing in professional people at top dollar and shoving his mates out the door asap.

  101. MrT,
    that could well be his ‘plan’, whether it comes to fruition is up for debate.

    “When you eliminated what it can’t be, whatever is left, however improbable, must be the truth”.

    Who said that?

  102. ok if we look at this rationally – if CH had gotten 2 more points in Dec (possible with tough games coming up) and fat ash had sacked him in early jan would we still have been upset
    Or a top class manager had joined instead of Pardew
    Major problem is that it’s clear that pardew on paper probably has less experience than CH and owlheed has just hired him as someone he’s met 8 or 20 times at various events (Pardews words not mine)

  103. Davy – you sure you ain’t related to Ashley or owlheed – I’ve never seen suck arse licking

  104. “we have some big games coming up and we need SJP to be rocking!”

    Apart from the Mackems game when was SJP last rocking ????????

    Fuc Pardew he’s part of the problem. So what if we all walk out ? Tv cameras will be ther, the internet will spread the news around the globe and the world will know we arent Patsies taking it up the ass every time we’re told to.

    By all means stay and support the team, but I know what I’m doing on Saturday evening at 5.40 pm

    “Stand up if you love the Toon
    Walk out if you hate cockneys”

  105. I don’t think there is any action you can take that would hurt Ashley – apart from radical ones that will put you in gaol.

    The only thing you can do is appease your own anger, and you should do that whatever way you see fit.

    The end result is that you’ll still support the lads and you’ll laugh when we win and cry when we lose.

    I support the team always – but I can moan about them. I support the manager until he shows he is incompetnt. I will not support this owner ever – even if things worked out well and we won the league.

  106. fourfouroneone says:
    December 9, 2010 at 9:25 pm

    “ok if we look at this rationally – if CH had gotten 2 more points in Dec (possible with tough games coming up) and fat ash had sacked him in early jan would we still have been upset”

    fourfouroneone, not all Geordies are feckless, stupid idiots who blow in the wind, and some of us even have the capacity to think further than a few games into the future and look at the whole picture.

  107. ….don’t like pardew, never have and unless he wins something or get’s us into europe…never will….looks like i never will!
    I think the whole thing is just ridiculous, ashley employed someone who hasn’t got much premier league experience, and has f*cked up his last 3 jobs, also he had to have a media advisor hired just so he didn’t cock up interviews, what kind of a manager needs to be told what to say at interviews?…..just ashley’s type then really! don’t ya think?!

  108. DJG says:
    December 9, 2010 at 9:13 pm
    Im sorry but I find it quite petty that some people were having a go a Pardew for calling…

    Chris ‘howten’, he is a cockney he aint gonna say ‘hooton’ like a geordie is he.<<< you realy are a thick c unt

  109. DJG-But his name isn’t Houghton is it, its Hughton. Chris Hughton is from down south and he can prenounce it? Jonas Gutierrez is Argentinian for christ sake, he can prenounce it aswell. He’s not the first to do it and he wont be the last but it just looked disrespectful. You’re sitting there praising the work of a bloke before you who’s just been ridiculously given the boot and you can’t even prenounce his name?..You then go on to call Newcastle a town?

    I’m all for giving the bloke a chance, purely because, I have no choice. It’s either support the work he does whilst he’s here or not bother with NUFC, the latter sadly not being an option, but I found listening to him in the press conference awkward. The talk of only knowing he was in the fold since Monday, blatant rubbish for me. Him talking about getting along with players, boardroom and backroom staff without issue at previous jobs-It’s as if he was told to say it. It’s almost common knowledge he’s a sleaze and was looking at getting into the wives of colleagues at previous clubs.

  110. Bobby Shinton – Do you think anyone actually believes what you say? You are so full of it man. You’re insider exclusives are nothing short of lame walter mitty type stories. Now you are trying to tell us you are dismayed at the appointment. I thought you knew about Pardew way before anyone, so why chose now to spit your bile towards the club?

  111. ….don’t like pardew, never have and unless he wins something or get’s us into europe…never will….looks like i never will!
    I think the whole thing is just ridiculous, ashley employed someone who hasn’t got much premier league experience, and has fcuked up his last 3 jobs, also he had to have a media advisor hired just so he didn’t cock up interviews, what kind of a manager needs to be told what to say at interviews?…..just ashley’s type then really! don’t ya think?!

  112. fourfourone i can confirm am not related n am not a fan of them either, i can also confirm i aint feking deserter who stops supporting my team coz it aint goin how i fink it shud, i apoligise in advance if your gonna keep goin

  113. Listen to ye’s man, having a go at some bloke because of his accent and he’s not from the area likie a bunch of fkkn inbreds. If thats the geordie way (it isn’t) count me out.

  114. Micky to be fair he “knew” about Kinnear then changed it to Pardew when the bookies made him odds on ;-)

  115. pardew might not be our choice but as sure as you can be hes our manager now. fixed certain and we cant change that. he s now the manager of our club and therefore one of us he needs to be given a chance a few wins and all the fuss will die down.
    as a few above have said protesting will change nothing and may have a negative effect on teh field. remember the protests aagainst hull , did that change anything?
    we lsot the game as as result and a point that day would have kept us up!

  116. richie,
    i knew i could rely on you sir,
    like an unmuddied lake,
    like a sky of purest summer azure.

  117. Aye, all respect and good wishes to Pardew, he’s the gaffer now. Let’s hope he can take us forward as he says. Howay the Lads, lets give the scousers a good game.

  118. Worky is right. We had an absolute gem in Hughton. He was ideal for what was happening at the club. A young upcoming, keen as mustard manager with a young team keen to prove it’s self in the big time. Obviously there would be mistakes as they were all learning. But if they had been allowed to develope in a season or two we would have had a concrete team built on mutual respect.
    But instead the quick fix, instant results, we want everything now culture that we used to have in the club has reared it’s head and put the mockers on it.

    You can tell by the posts on here people weren’t happy with building slowly.
    It was our first half a season after promotion FFS!! Get it out of your heads that we are a massive club. We are not. We are a newly promoted also ran. Yes we have a better history than most and i will never tarnish that, but right now at this moment in time we are a very mediocre club that is going nowhere.

    As for Hughton getting another PL job? Wolves. The Wolves side of my family all say they would take Hoots over mad mick.

    Pardew is a chancer just like his paymaster.

    People who know me from when this place started and on ed’s blog before know I’m not one to go for the throat when it comes to ashley. I was always a wait and see type of bloke. I’m usually one of the more level headed people on here, but this time I just can’t see any benefit from FMA’s latest gamble.

  119. did anyone see the reactions on sky sports news to hughton’s sacking? the e-mails, mine was first read out…..that’s all just thought I’d share it!

  120. I must admit this whole situation has me in two minds (and I usually struggle enough with the one).

    Hughton’s sacking was an absolute disgrace, particularly when it was to replace him with Pardew. Yet besides a bumbling press conference and rumours of cronyism I have no evidence that he has anything but the best interests of the team at heart (accepted that those interests might coincide with his own of course).

    I am cautious about protests and playing up to the ‘press image’ that’s painted of us, yet I’m extremely angry at the two dimwits who are supposedly running this club (in particular because they’ve taken us out of what looked like a much-needed period of stability and thrown it all into turmoil again) and I’d like to see them tarred and feathered and hoyed into the Tyne.

  121. Can I just point out a couple of thithat I don’t think have been said yet (can’t be arsed to read 99 posts to check!)

    1. “Get behind Pardew” is not incompatible with showing your disgust at Ashley’s stupid decisions. Join the demonstrations, make your point, then see what’s next. What you shouldn’t do is just say “pass the vaseline” which is what this article seems to be saying.

    2. “Get behind the team” does not necessarily mean NOT protesting or not boycotting, etc. We have pretty good evidence that the squad are furious about their boss being fired. Why would they not want us to protest in any way we can? This lot have to work for that tosser Ashley, I’m sure they’d appreciate us taking a stand.

    BBM’s right. Enough’s enough. Yes, Pardew may do just fine (I sincerely doubt it – the job is now a poisoned chalice to anyone) but that’s not the point here.

    See the bigger picture, and stop just bending over and saying “harder, Mr Ashley”. Grow some, people.

  122. @AndyMac

    Don’t think I’m having a go at you here mate, but I just have to pull you up on your comments re MA. It’s not just you either as I’ve noticed a fair few people make similar remarks. It’s all this talk of stack em high and sell em cheap and the whole barrow boy mentality thing. Yes his shops are tacky and personally I never set foot in them before he became NUFC owner, but I can’t stress enough that this bloke is a billionaire!!!! You cannot become a billionaire by being a numb heeded twunt!

    I only feel compelled to comment on this nature because I am self employed in retail and I know only too well how bloody hard it is to make ends meet, let alone be a billionaire. Please view this as less of a defence of MA and more a defence of those of us in retail who can only dream of being half as successful as this “buffoon”.

  123. Clint…”Initiative comes to thems that wait.” ;-)

    just taken 30 min to get this to post :-(

  124. No, no respect to Pardew. Respect has to be earned. Hughton earned that respect.

    I’ve never liked the guy always thought he was a bit of a spiv.

    Also just seen Owl Heed driving off from SJ James in a VW Golf! Obviously Ashley pays him peanuts too.

  125. They way I see it we have two choices.

    Support the players no matter what and the new manager, showin that we love these players and want them to do well.


    Course a sour, defeatest atmosphere, meant to affect the one person who isn’t there, but instead having a direct impact on the moral of the team.

    Anyone who is a ‘supporter’ will encourage and applaud the team.

  126. Apparently he’s on roughly £9,000 a week, not bad by our standards but terrible for PL managers….he does have a lot of incentives though which i think is right, money has to be earned as well as respect, he wins he gets paid bonus’, just like us, we work hard we get xmas bonus’ and so on

  127. MrT, when you say self employed in retail, do you mean you’re the guy who sells the socks 5 for a pound in Clayton Street? ;-)

  128. DJG – You talk about abandoning NUFC and watching the Lower Hebburn Chiefs or something. Yet, you are still here claiming we aren’t proper supporters for wanting a protest?
    Was it you who also said you wanted out of being a Geordie?

    Problem is for those of us who have being a Geordie in our blood, rather than just having a lorn yersel Geordie dictionary can’t turn it off, nor can we turn off supporting NUFC. Which is why it’s so personal.

  129. Hugh – agreed, pardew will obviously do the best he can, we’ll have to wait and see if it’s good enough
    As he said in his press conference he needs the players to support him first and foremost and he hasn’t even met them yet – if the players are pissed off and don’t bother turning up then he’s pretty much stuffed at the first hurdle. Ashley will give him 10 million max, will he use 5 of that to buy HBA?
    Ashley can’t sell the club in it’s current state, he’s been trying long enough and the club just isn’t worth what he’s put into it so we’re stuck with him – we can only hope he has a heart attack or summat

  130. DJG-It’s nothing to do with with an accent or even prenounciation mate. Houghton and Hughton are two completly different names. It’s like me calling you Mark if your name was Mike, they’re not the same. Ray Houghton, has the surname Houghton. Hughton is Hughton.

  131. Micky Toon says:
    December 9, 2010 at 10:21 pm
    DJG – You talk about abandoning NUFC and watching the Lower Hebburn Chiefs or something.

    I don’t know who said that but it wasn’t me, get your facts right.

  132. aye fraud boy – you (yer da) were trying to have a pop at toonsy the other day aboot his accent

    make your minds up dickheeds

  133. @Lowesy

    £9000 a week NOT BAD by our standards!?!
    It’s not bad if you’re a high rollin drug dealer!
    It’s not bad if you’re a Wall St banker.

    It’s a terrible wage like!!! I don’t know how he’s going to get by over these cold winter months. Spare a thought for his wife and kids. :)

  134. crapper

    Whats that gotta do with anything. People were saying ‘how dare he call us a town’ ‘we’re a city’

    What do we affectionately call it ‘the toon’.

    North/South divide thing

    By the way I wasn’t being serious, he was trying to get a bite from me and er I got him to bite, and he blocked my posts after that. ;)

  135. there two sets of toon fans the real ones who support the team through thick n thin, n the ones who are real fans to but they seem to think they kno whats best for club n if they arnt getting it they think a protest is the answer.
    keegan sold cole protest only for keegan to put them in there place.
    micky quinn signing protest, scores 4 goals on debut. theres a pattern happening here

  136. Whumpie @ 150
    Good points , except for the bit about this lot have to work for that tosser ashley , they did not have to sign their new contracts but some of them recently have Krul , Carroll , Williamson , Ranger believe me the players must of had some idea that chris was not wanted by Ashley when he went so long without a contract renewal after promotion . Players are like anyone else , looking for the best deal possible and most of those i just named knew they would not get better any where else Carroll being the exception . The rest of them are on bigger contracts than they will get anywhere else because most signed pre Ashley or just as Ashley had bought us and are still on big money Smith , Nolan , Barton . These guys will soon forget this episode as long as they are playing , picking up their wages and Pardew is picking up points needed to stave off relegation .

  137. Roy @ 173

    He’s been very relaxed this week. He’s usually more confrontational in a ‘slow news’ week. :)

  138. Not looking forward to Saturday to be honest, if its going to be spoilt by protests ect…

    Shame really as Liverpool are shit away from home and certainly shitter without Gerrard.

    Wonder how much money will be made available to him?

    Would make sense that Ashley didn’t give Hughton any cash if he knew he wouldn’t be around for long. Maybe with Pardew being his man he’ll give him a few quid.

    Doubt it, but we’ll see.

  139. Does anyone think ashley is saving money on lawyers and has just photocopied one contract and is just handing it out to.everyone? No coincidence that all the recent activity has been around 5 and a half year deals. ;-)

  140. pardew isnt as bad as everyone says, he only lost it really after west ham lost the final up to then was rated one of top young managers in the game, he got sacked because he refused to play tevez and masceharno to prove a point. Transfer record good , he signed benayon (cant be bothered to check the spelling) and ashton for them and lost of hammers fans rate him.failed at charlton coz they were doing shit anyway, had a shit team, and bent was injured.

  141. Micky

    No worries m8. Im from west gateshead certainly I wouldn’t support Lower hebburn Chiefs. They are further from me than both Newcastle United and Gateshead. ;)


    The atmosphere created could easily lift and motivate the players just as easily as disrupt them. They may even dedicate it to C.H. I would love to beat liverpool more than arsenal, everton ect I hate them to be honest. :)

  142. Here’s my view. I’m not happy about the way things have turned out, but I think we have to still support the team no matter what. Pardew isn’t at fault here at all, he was offered a job and took it. I reckon just about any out of work football manager would have done the same. Who knows when he was really offered the job, but in the big picture, doesn’t really matter, he was offered and accepted. I think he has to be given the chance like Chris was and he worked out so well. Got us promoted 1st time of asking and did better than expected in what chance he was given in the PL. Lets hope Pardew can do better than expected now he’s in charge becasuse lets face it, vast majority on here have no faith what so ever.

    I’ll have to ask my cousin what he thinks, he worked under him as coach and assistant at west ham. As far as I know, he got on well with him, think he was a mate as well. Have to call him tomorrow to get his thoughts.

    As for Saturday, I think the best thing we can do is a couple of songs for Chris before and during the game. But still give some kind of backing to Pardew when introduced to the crowd, no booing, just do the normal when a new manager is brought in. At the end of the game, we can make our feelings about Ashley known again, but as the game is played, lets just get behind the team and not repeat the Hull match.

  143. Oh how Micky & Richie goon make me laugh.
    They hate the fact I have a source and they have a sauce, sores, saws soars within the club.
    Don’t be so jealous goons.
    Anyway, my season plastic card is cut up and I will not return to SJP whilst he is there.
    I would rather the club sunk to the depths of the 2 nd division and he is forced to sell than pay him another penny.
    My passion for the club won’t diminish and I will return once he has gone.
    I’m not a battered wife who returns to their brutal husband hoping he will change.
    Goodbye SJP . Love you Newcastle and will return once the fat bastard leaves my fortnightly home for the past 30yrs. !!

  144. bezandbarton
    agree plus he did a decent job at southampton , they started the season with a 10 point deduction , then he fell out with the chairman because they did not get promotion that season ?? thats as stupid as Ashleys antics , asking someone to come from so far behind and be angry that he did not achieve it . -10 points means a 4 game headstart for the rest

  145. i didnt see the interview but how did pardew manage to mispronounce Hughton?? slip of the tongue maybe??

  146. Stu – sacrificing one game (which we traditionally hand the ****ers anyway) surely isn’t so bad, if you wanted to make a point?

    I don’t think it’ll make any difference whatsoever anyway. I think the players heads will either be screwed on or all over the shop, depending on the individual.

    Not sure I advocate the shouting and balling while inside the ground but that’s would inevitably end up happening if protestors are encouraged into the ground.

    I think those people who are intent on having their say, are better off outside. But a walkout would be a hugely demonstrative gesture. Then we can all stand outside and wave our shoes until our hearts are content.

  147. He said it like you would pronounce Houghton rather than Hughton. But it wasn’t deliberate and I think his accent didn’t help.

  148. DJG says:
    December 9, 2010 at 9:40 pm
    Listen to ye’s man, having a go at some bloke because of his accent and he’s not from the area likie a bunch of fkkn inbreds. If thats the geordie way (it isn’t) count me out.<<<< u still dont get it do u u thick c unt ,your as thick as fckin pig shit u little girl

  149. bowburnmag says:
    December 9, 2010 at 10:58 pm
    Stu – sacrificing one game (which we traditionally hand the ****ers anyway) surely isn’t so bad,

    Are you suggesting we roll over to them after they humiliated us with 5-1 and then Given left because of that game and Gerrard went out on the p### with his mates afterwards as was much publicised.

    Now they are a much weaker and more unpredictable team. I really want to beat them. I hate the c###

  150. bowburn,
    what point is it really gonna make?
    What is it y’gonna impress upon him that he doesn’t already know?
    You don’t like him?
    You don’t like his methods?

    It’s all a bit green man.

  151. djg funny that none of the other football managers havent made the sam mistake over the last few days

  152. I’d like us to smash them into 2011.

    But the irony being, that 5-1 mauling was of Ashley’s making too. If they smash us this time, I certainly won’t be blaming the players or the supporters.

  153. CLiNT – I don’t like his lack of respect for everything about this football club. I think we all know he doesn’t give a monkey’s what my opinion is. I’ll feel better not just sitting by though.

  154. batty

    What are you trying to say like, he did it deliberately to be a clever?

    Give your head a good shake man.

  155. Walter mitty @184 if that also means you and your uncanny alter ego troy are also staying away from here too then all power to your elbow.
    Goons. :-)

  156. Roy Cropper

    Are you going then?

    Its one of a few games a year on ESPN. If it wasn’t I would be there m8.

  157. Clint its not just about showing fma, its about showing everyone watching what we think. I say we, but I won’t be at the ground, so perhaps I shouldn’t say anymore.

  158. bowburn,
    but you’ll feel a lot better if others follow you?
    That bit about his assumed lack of respect for NUFC, is very subjective mate.
    You’re entitled n’ all that, but you have no real proof of that.

  159. djg no i never sed that ,but i do think he was told what too say , and ile shake your head you little chior boy

  160. Micky,
    it’s all over every news item, web site what we think already, in fact, before it even happened.
    Do bears?
    was hitler?
    is the pope?

  161. seat empty = not there – infact i intend standing up in the boozer during the game as a further protest.

  162. CLiNT – I think if others follow, they’ll help me make my point better than I could on my own. I’m not really encouraging others to follow.

    I’m asking those who feel like-minded to join voices and actions and make it a bigger deal than just me squeaking in the distance.

    I know you’re usually fair but do you not think 3 years of incompetence and the treatment of Keegan, Shearer, Hughton and the supporters, isn’t displaying a lack of respect?

  163. u do realise the rest of the country is gonna laugh even harder at us if we walk or dont turn up there not gonna sympathy any way they kno we hate ashly he knos we hate him yet i dont see him rushing to sell

  164. Oh well. Im gonna get a seaon ticket next season. Should be plenty of seats available from the traitors.

  165. I fancy East Stand which is a normaly a right bugger but I should be able to get a halfway line seat no bother all the people saying their not gonna renew.

  166. bowburnmag hughton was great but lets no forget no one wanted him at first he was once a ashly puppet kno hes a great so are mind can b changed, am all for singing n protest but to not turn up or walk out is a joke

  167. i dindn’t mean it like that bbm and I know they are protesting against Ashley but at end of the day who suffers? the support and the team not ashley.

  168. I never really saw Hughton as a puppet. I wasn’t convinced he was up for the confrontation or the limelight but he prove me wrong. Which is part of the reason for my decision.

    I understand the opposing view which is for people to go, and if that’s how people feel, they should go. It’s their club as well as mine, in spirit at least.

  169. davy why the f@ck are you bothered aboot wot the rest of the country thinks ?? if you wanna gan to the match get yoursel away take your seat & keep your daft gob shut about we that arnt turned up alreet.

  170. DJG – honestly, I think it’ll make little difference to the team if people don’t turn up.

    It’s more likely to be a distraction if I turn up annoyed and vent my anger inside the ground by creating a bad atmosphere. And sit there in a perpetual state of flux between anger, apathy and celebration (assuming we’ll still score goals under Pardew).

  171. DJG says:
    December 9, 2010 at 11:21 pm
    Oh well. Im gonna get a seaon ticket next season. Should be plenty of seats available from the traitors.<<<< theres plenty of spare seats already so why wait till next season dimwit leaky butt

  172. I truly believe that after Ashley thrust his masterplan/blueprint on the MINUTE number of candidates that were actually willing to work for the fat useless sh*te in the first place, Pardew was the ONLY option left. The fact that he is a PR nightmare (just like Ashley), a lover of Casinos (just like Ashley) and a cock-er-nee were all just coincidental bonuses!

  173. bowburn,
    first up,
    thanx for explaining yourself & not resorting to abuse mate.

    It’s your right to protest in any way you see fit, imv.

    ashley has obviously got plans, whether we like them or not, whether they work or not, whether they are implemented properly or not is another matter.
    NUFC has been run like a 2 bit whore for as long as i can remember, by all comers. Most of them caught on camera/mic actively slagging us ‘clients/customers’ off.
    He WILL attempt (at least) to get his model up & running, despite our reluctance to the major upheaval that IS change.
    If any one of us owned this club, we would do it our way, i doubt he’s any different. & what’s more i very much doubt he has any wish to lose (games/money/whatever). He doesn’t like losing.
    His business dealings bear this out.
    Seems to me he is trying to get the club to run it’s self financially, in time for 2013. & become self sufficient & self generating.

    Above all, for me personally,
    i’m a NUFC fan of decades, for the FOOTBALL, i save my politics for more life threatening stuff.

  174. am sorri like but not gointo the match isnt goin to achiecve anything apart make u feel like ya doin ya bit but ya jus bein a part time fan may aswell b mackems for feck sake u kno if u put much effort in to support to the team as u do bout moaning bout ma b hell of atmosphere

  175. How many people can honestly look at the next 4 fixtures and see us getting more than 2 points even with hughton in charge?

    By then, we’d be in the bottom 3 and I bet the majority would have been screaming for hughtons head. I just can’t help but think hughton was only 4 weeks away from being sacked with the consent of many.

    Even though hughton had my support, I think that by sacking him now has actually saved hughtons mangerial career as right now hoots can walk away with his head held high and will waltz into a new role.

  176. Bobby Shinton number 9

    If Hughton ever becomes assist at Chelsea I may admit you were half right.

    But until then. All you’ve stated is that Pardew will be the next manager when the bookies had him at a massive odds on favourite. You don’t need a source or a pshycic to predict that right.

    Joe Kinnear was NEVER in the frame to come back. That would have caused a complete boycott.

    So basically, you have told us nothing. So again. Shutup you clown. God you are irritating…

  177. so lads and lasses are we going to be singing after the game walking in a pardew wonderland or will a strong cold snap blow pardew all the way back to London

  178. jj….1/4 right mate(by luck) cos he said that it was CH who wanted to leave and was just waiting for JK to get the medical all clear in Jan…if that was the case there’d have been no need to sack him and become even more unpopular would there? ;-)

    BS no9…possibly the worst wum ever :lol:

  179. CLiNT FLiCK @ 227

    Hear, hear! That’s more or less what I was alluding to in my earlier post, but you’ve said it a little more eloquently.

  180. I totally agree with Roy Crapper! Davy shut your fierce and stop worrying about what the rest of the country think . The facts are they actually think we are idiots for putting up with the disdain the club shows to us. But eitherway, who’s bothered.
    The only way to get the fat twat to leave is to stay away and if that means dropping down a few leagues then so be it.
    We will come back stronger and the passion will be stronger once someone realises the fans won’t be taken for granted.

  181. @233 Spot on.

    How long would it have taken for a swing in opinion, probably another month I reckon. Once it became clear he was out of his depth.

  182. @Richie Goon and GayGay
    Why are yous so jealous that I have a source within the who has been proven right on numerous occasions.
    Yous all scoffed when I was the only one who said he was gonna leave before Xmas but wanted to wait til Ashley got a replacement.
    That’s exactly what happened. They had Kinnear lined up in January weeks ago and Pardew as back up.
    I did say, if you check back that Kinnear was struggling and that was confirmed last week which prompted Ashley to instigate plan B.
    Hughton is lined up for the Chelsea number 2 job and that will become apparent soon.
    I can reveal a massive behind the revelation but that would reveal my source but it would make those on the brink of protesting on Saturday to actually refuse to return until the fat man leaves.

  183. Hughtons aim was prem survival, Pardews already said that is what his aim is so no difference, Hughton was doing a decent job, we were without Barton, Nolan and tiote for majority of last 5 games – they’ll potentially all be back for Sat which means we have a chance of actually winning which will have nothing to do with pardew ( he isn’t even meeting the players till this morning )
    Think most people are pissed off with MA rather than Pardew, the whole thing is just a joke tho it’s fairly obvious MA has just been waiting for a run of defeats to get CH out the club

  184. One foot wonder-you might be right about Hughton getting the chop in 4 weeks or so but at the end of the day if someone had told me before everton or arsenal that we’d take 3 points, or before the scum/villa that we’d put 5 and 6 past them respectively, id have said you were mental. Footballs a strange game and there’s nowt to say we wouldn’t have picked up points when we weren’t expected to, did you expect anything from the Chelsea game other than a battering?

  185. bobby ya’ve been right about nowt check back , and as circumstances change so does ya story.You said CH was leaving of his own accord, he didnt , you said it would be Kinnear it isnt, you only changed to Pardew when the bookies had him down as favourite.So from your origionalstatement none of it is true.Genius.

  186. BS9 – you said JFK was struggling and pardew was no2 when JFK didn’t show up on bookies list and pardew was installed as favourite – tell us your sauce, daddies or hp?

  187. All true and you manipulate the facts to suit your view. You are a warped individual and sounds like you are clueless beyond belief.
    I’m pleased everyone else believes me.

  188. bs9 nobody believes you, well back in the real world I’m off to work, I hope ya team gets beat off Fulham tomorrow.

  189. RichieGoon
    I saw you sharing a bag of monster munch with Troy down Benwell park yesterday. Is he your saws or sores?
    Woo hoo hoooo hooo

  190. “The chief scout has an opinion. The board have an opinion. It might be too much money, and they’ll send me away and say find someone else.

    “So between those three or four key members of staff, including the managing director, you come to a decision. That is the process we have here.

    “I know Graham Carr has done a super job here so I will be working very closely with him. I need to see him urgently about who we are looking for and the targets we need.’

    Good good. No Southampton or Chartlon players though please.

  191. To be honest it doesn’t look great with reported arguments and shouting match between owlheed and senior players, 7 managers in 3 years anyone?

  192. CLiNT – This idea of is to break even and be self sufficient has got nothing to do with the new laws that are coming down the line. Its about getting the club in a better position to sell it and spending as little of his own money in the process.

    How much success do you really think we’ll have if we spend within our means? How many businesses do you know that only ever use their profits to invest, especially when there bloody small profits?

    Every business in the world improves and expands with borrowing money ie debt.

    He’s interested in one thing, getting as much of his investment back as possible. That will only be done if we stay in the PL on a shoe string budget for the next couple of years, and that cannot be done in my opinion.

  193. My first contribution on this episode. It’s an attempt at rational thinking (I know – how relevant can that be with MA involved).
    Looking at blogs and general chat – there’s about 20% of fans who wanted Houghton out anyway.
    That’s 80% who supported him then.
    Of that 80% It looks like it’s two thirds to one third of people who want to register their dismay/disapproval/disgust in some way. (Don’t go/walk out/drop season ticket/spam first direct google ads/negative chants etc).
    The third that don’t are just worried that we’ll spiral the club/players into relegation doom as a result.

    All groups have good reason for their opinion in their own mind.

    We need something to pull us together (or as many as possible) or we’ll be in danger of achieving none of our desired goals. (I’m in the 2/3 of 80% who want to do something).

    The only common thread that pulls most of us together is a genuine respect for CH and a view that he’s been unfairly treated. OK so that’s life but it seems to matter more to us/this club because we were just restoring the principle of respect to how we/the club run our affairs. And that seems to mean something – it’s resulted in less negative chants at the ground/blogs; more support for players having a tough time; more patience/realism for results. Generally we just feel better and look forward to some sort of attractive future that we can buy in to (commercially and figuratively).

    And the reason we can’t resolve how we feel about this is because the communication associated with the AP appointment is clouded with confusion and smokescreen. Our issue is with the Board – very specifically. And not the Board not spending money, or being southerners, or being fat, but with our very justified scepticism that they have made decisions that aren’t in the interests of the club – of which we are significant stakeholders.
    So why can’t we do this:
    Turn up and support the team and help them through this. Drop some acknowledgements in to our chants for CH and wait and see how AP conducts himself.
    Meanwhile, focus a collective force on demanding the Board are open and honest about their dealings. This might be driven by blog/petitions or we might find one of the players is tweeting and we can get an inside view and support (how about Joey Barton/Steve Harper – guys with nothing to lose – harper will be ready for coaching soon, barton can go anywhere he wants?).
    In some way – need NUST ? – we get the Board via media attention to understand the atmosphere of respect and community fostered by CH in the previous regime is fundamental to our commitment and support.
    It won’t be easy or quick but will forever give us a way of blowing off steam and might even give the Board a chance to sort their disastrous PR out.

    Sorry it’s a long comment and I await the cries of naivety….

  194. lot of debate over this one – well written and I’m inclined to agree Toonsy, taking the job knowing what was happening/happened to hughton is a bit shaky (particularly when one of the reasons Jol ruled himself out was that he and hughton were friends at spurs – pretty classy far as I’m concerned) but the decision is made and do you really believe a f**kwit like MA is going buckle after all he’ endured so far? the team deserves our support and as long as AP is getting the results he deserves at least a little backing for that – lets see how he does before we hang him

  195. time to get behind parshit.your having a laugh surely.
    is it any wonder ashely cares not one jot what nufc fans think when tosh like 99% of fans think and print rubbish like the above.
    i and a lot of m8’s will never accept pardew for doing the dirty on C HUGHTON by way of plotting behind chris’s back weeks ago knowing he (parshit?) was going to take over from him.
    have a look at yourselves ffs its fans like you sympathisers that is the reason ashley is content to do what ever he wants knowing you will get behind him and what ever decision he makes.

    laughable you really are. and the author of the opening rubbish wants to take a look at what he publishes on here.
    thank you and goodbye.