Pardew – mad as a hatter?

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Doh, why did I take this job?
Doh, why did I take this job?
Alan Pardew has had a few things to say about how he intends to approach matters at Newcastle United.

First of all, apparently other managers have been telling him he’s mad to take the job:

I’ve had a lot of texts from managers saying ‘you must be mad going there’. But it’s one of the top five clubs in England. It’s a daunting prospect but something I couldn’t turn down.”

Given that the club is run by clowns and the rate at which we get through managers it’s hard to argue with suggestions that he should be carted off to somewhere where they hand out regular cups of tea and strong medication.

He then goes on to say:

The problem I’m going to have initially is the players.

I need to get my message across quickly and with clarity so as not to get any resentment at a time when they are doing reasonably well.

The battles I need to win are on the pitch. I understood what was going to happen if I took the job.”

I think he’ll probably have a few battles to win off the pitch too, such as keeping Laurel and Hardy away from football affairs. For some reason they seem to think they know something about football despite all the evidence against that.

Pardew goes on:

I wanted to be tough on the length of contract and give myself as much stability at a club that hasn’t had much stability with managers.

Managers have come and gone here. It doesn’t bode well so I’m trying to say I will work as hard as I possibly can here to get a situation where I can bring some longevity to the job.

I represent the fans. I’m an employee of the club, but I’ll be knocking on the door trying to get the maximum funds I can to make the club the best it can be.

I’ve never had a problem with that in the past. In the past I have convinced owners to have faith and trust in me to invest.

I can’t really put my finger on where there’s a problem in the team, or in the squad [at the moment]. I have to assess the squad, see what we’ve got. I want to look at the young developing players and see who will threaten the first team.”

Good luck with getting the funds mate but I can tell you now that you’ll get exactly what Ashley decides to give you and not a penny more. Now that may not be a bad thing in itself – we do need the club on a firm financial footing – but Pardew is deluded if he thinks he’ll persuade Ashley to give more than he’s willing to.

Pardew then goes on to insist that Andy Carroll will remain at the club:

Andy Carroll was at the top of my list of questions because he needs to stay,” stressed Pardew, who will also be hoping he can persuade out-of-contract defender Steven Taylor to stay at St James’ Park.

This club has been crying out for another number nine and he looks like he’s fitting the bill, so I made it very clear that he needs to stay.”

The poor chap believes he has a choice, whereas the truth is that Andy Carroll will stay only as long as Ashley wants him to. Pardew then goes on to mention his plans for the Toon youth and his transfer market pedigree:

Some of the most successful sides, like Barcelona, have created players from within.

If we’re not doing that, we need to make sure we are more proactive.

In my career I have also been creative with transfers, such as taking [current Chelsea] Yossi Benayoun for a small fee.”

Finally, he lays out his plan for this season:

The brief for me would be to consolidate and stay in the division.

But there’s an opportunity this year…the Premier League is so close. We’re in a great position for a team that’s just been promoted but we’ve got to kick on.”

So there you have it – a summary of his interview.

I must admit I’m puzzled by the five and a half year contract as I thought it was still Ashley’s plan to sell the club if he had a chance and lumbering the new owners with a manager on a long contract seems counterproductive to that aim. There could be get-out clauses in the contract of course, in which case the fact that it’s for five and a half years is fairly meaningless.

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304 Responses

  1. I got a sneaky feeling that Mike Ashley will give substainable transfers to Pardew,simply because they are friends after all right? ;)

  2. So much for our famous warm Geordie welcome, no wonder we get slated in the rest of the country, what has Pardew done to deserve the absolute shit storm he is facing, personally i think he has balls for taking the job and i hope he proves everyone wrong.
    Even Brucie baby is jumping on the poor Chris bandwagon the two faced get.

  3. I was gutted and angry when CH left.

    However I think AP came over quite well yesterday despite his ‘average manager’ tag.

    This is a quote from southamptons daily echo about his tenure at The Saints …

    “When he came, he said he wanted to instill a winning mentality at the club. He certainly did, and I know I’m not alone when I say his tenure was the most enjoyable 12 months I have ever had as a Saints fan. We played attractive, winning football under him – and we won well”

    I understand BBMs comments but I don’t think that demonstrations will work. Like all the other decisions MA has made, we have got to live with them. He’s the owner until someone else comes along … and at that point we will have to put up with the new owners c*ck eyed decisions as well …!!! ;)

  4. as a further protest to my boycoutting of sjp – i have decided i wont be – taken a shave – until fatman & his mice have left our great club.

  5. For me, nothing can be achieved via protest. Do fans hope to force him to sell the club? Nobody wants to buy us or could afford to. I worry that fans will destabilise the club like they did last time and for what??

  6. I am still speachless there was a funny article I read last night which may have already been posted but here it is :

    The Pardew press conference, take 2.
    So here we have it, welcome to the Toon Alvin.

    Rather unusually for a press conference, Peardrop conducted it by himself. We would have expected to see his Chairman right alongside him. Sadly, for unexplained reasons, Llambias was not there, but at least Mr Peardrop will have had the opportunity to consider why. Some speculation already raging around the bars of Newcastle suggests that one of the outgoing management team made his displeasure known in the manner of an outstretched goalkeeping clearance.

    Whatever the reason, we know that the Chairman wasn`t behind his new appointment.

    The conference opened with Peardrop paying his “respect” to the departing manager. Respect includes getting the name right for the outgone Chris Houghton. Yes Mr Peardrop, his name is Hughton, not Houghton. Please Alvin, if you are going to be respectful, get his name right!

    Hughton`s name was not all that he did not get right. He marvelled at how the stadium dominated the town. No Alvin, Newcastle is not a town, Newcastle is a city, and has been since 1080. 930 years of history is only a slight oversight. You have been in cities before, Southampton from where you were sacked, Reading was a town, Barnet was a Borough, Crystal Palace constitutes an area, Charlton is a suburb, but in fact yes, Newcastle is a city, of which the residents are rightly proud.

    The priorities shone through. It seems that Alvin had not yet met the players, but had spoken to the captain, Kevin Nolan, whose name he got right. There were of course other priorities, getting his negotiations right, the press conference. The players could wait until tomorrow, after all, what have the players got to do with anything. Those contract negotiations are much more important.

    Attention turned to his relationship with the Chairman, London media having reported that the two had been spotted together in London casinos. Alvin`s response was that he had met Derek 8 or 9 times, at charity events. It is so welcome to know that the London casinos are so benevolent to AIDS orphans in Africa and other worthy causes.

    Of course, Alvin was asked about his Premier League record, which he described as “good”. No, he didn`t take West Ham down, although he left them in a relegation position. Sadly, Charlton were not so lucky, having secured his services to take them down. We can ignore the fact that it is not in his Premier League record that he left Charlton in the drop zone for the 3rd tier of English football.

    Peardrop did highlight that he expects to bring in his own coaching team, starting on Monday/Tuesday next week. He will be confident of success, bearing in mind that his board singularly failed to bring in a replacement for not a team, but one assistant for his predecessor. Calderwood departed on 18th October. More than 6 weeks on, Llambias failed to secure a number 2 for Chris.

    Transfers are another issue that is always high on the agenda. Alvin was keen to highlight his successes, as all managers are, in his case, quite rightly with Ashton and Benayoun. What did not crop up is the signings behind his back, Tevez and Mascherano.

    Alvin has surely done his homework and will be aware of the tribunal case concerning a South American player who was signed above Kevin`s head, and which won Keegan his case for constructive dismissal due to board interference. We recall that Alvin did not at first play these players, one of who is currently top scorer at Manchester City, the other playing with minnows, Barcelona. To play Harewood above Tevez surely backs Alvin`s impeccable judgement.

    Of course, Alvin`s success in dealing with Chairmen will be welcomed by supporters, especially since he has been sacked by 3, the latest of which is on record as not regretting the decision at all.

    Nobody will doubt Alvin`s attention to detail, talking about Newcastle being in 11th. Well, we are 12th, but if you haven`t read the newspapers since Monday morning, you will not appreciate Liverpool`s climb to 11th. If you haven`t read the newspapers, you will also not appreciate how warmly Hughton, sorry, Houghton, was perceived and what some will perceive as treachery to be undermined by a colleague.

    He has at least seen highlights on TV. That will give him a great start. He wants to “grow the club”. Well, he does have the experience of doing the opposite with West Ham and Charlton.

    All we can say is welcome to town Mr Peapod. After your conference, we expect you to get things as right as you did when you made your first impression. Your aspirations are to the sort of position where your predecessor, Chris Houston has been for most of the season. We wish you well.

  7. The press (and Eds blog) are already starting the destabilising rumours with articles about a players revolt …

    We have just got to support the team on Saturday … the support for AP will come if he wins a few games with decent football ;)

  8. Seems to have been a lot made of 2 comments in the press conference yesterday

    1. Houghton instead of Hughton … big deal … if he had called him Keegan or Shearer I would understand

    2. Town instead of City … big deal … remember we all call it town (toon) as well. Maybe it was a reference to the ‘toon’ tag.

    Some people are desperate to see negatives where there are none.

    Feel free to slag off MA for sacking CH, but we’ve got to give the new man a chance.

  9. This last year has been unusual in that there has been a growing respect for NUFC, something I have seen only rarely. Outsiders have seen a team with team spirit who have worked their socks off for each other and a manager who has gone about his job quietly and with great dignity, never opening his mouth to boost his own ego like so many. His, and Newcastle’s success in the championship was never milked but only prompted the comment that the real work began at the start of this season. It was widely held that 17th would be considered success. Having spent the majority of the season in the top half, the club were ahead of the game. The players showed obvious respect for their manager who had a remarkable ability to get the best out of his players despite being bound by Ashley’s financial constraints. Unusually this was also accepted by the supporters because we believed that financial stability was also part of a long term plan but was also adding to the respect nationwide the club was beginning to enjoy. Even Ashley was begging to change the opinion of the supporter.

    That respect evaporated on December 6th. 18 months of round the clock commitment by Hughton gone in one unbelievably senseless decision by an incompetent fool who unfortunately holds the power at Newcastle United.

    Nothing against Pardew but the negativity from this week is such that the rest of the season is going to be a long struggle against relegation. I do fear that we will struggle to hold onto our most influential players or attract better ones. And Ben Arfa ??? Sorry that most of this has been said over the last few days but had to get it off my chest. Ashley just HAS to go!

  10. Sacking Chris Hughton and appointing Alan Pardew is like divorcing Cheryl Cole and marrying Susan Boyle.

  11. shrews mag

    I pointed out the same 2 points yesterday and got a barrage of abuse off ratty and crapper. Yet you get ‘the voice of reason’. :)

  12. shrews I’ve got to step in and agree with you here as well, having spent a lot of my life around londoners they frequently refer to cities as towns. Surely people have heard London be referred to as ‘London Town’? The ‘Houghton’ pronunciation I’ll admit did sting a bit, but we’ve got to move on and move on fast if we don’t want this appointment to turn into a disaster. I’ve been desperately compiling a list of positives in my head about all of this over the last couple of days, and whilst it’s not much there’s at least these facts:

    He plays attacking football, and has referred to this already as a good reason for his employment (thus he’ll be lynched if he starts playing hoofball or making the team sit back unnecessarily)

    Hopefully he’ll be given some small funding in January for a couple new players (Krancjar available for as little as 3mil, whether he’d want to come an entirely different matter)

    He’s got a hell of a point to prove in the PL. and to be fair he did take an extremely ordinary West Ham side to the brink of an FA cup.

    Bear in mind this small list of positives is vastly outweighed by negatives which I won’t go into now for fear of inducing a minor personal breakdown, but we’ve got no other choice than to get behind him and hope for the best cos if we get relegated again it really will be curtains.

    As a footnote, if one of:

    are sold in January, then the protests really will begin.

  13. The more i read into pardew the more confident im getting. As ive said before Chris Hughton to me is a newcastle legend and the best thing to do to honour him is 3 points on sat.

    Im still very upset about Hughton sacking but its time to move on. I think there will be some wheelin n dealin done in the jan transfer window n hopefully the club scouting system has some players lined up.

    Keep the faith

  14. Bigbadbob,

    Are you for real? Have you been hiding under a rock or something. Pardew is here because he cosied up to Ashley & Llambias in the casino and allegedly owes them quite a lot of money.

    He’s not here on any footballing merit.In Pardew’s own words we are one of the top 5 clubs in the country so how the hell has a man who has been sacked from everywhere get the gig ? Well you do if you’re one of Ashley’s mates, ie a la Kinnear. IT STINKS !!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Welcome to NUFC Alan Pardew

    I hope he takes the club to his heart like CH and become successful at the club cuz that will mean the club doing really well.

    We have to support him to get the team forward , whether you like it or not cuz he’s the one in charge so please give him a chance.

  16. Johno Toon

    I was reading a comment from a Southampton fan, don’t know where it’s gone im trying to find it, but it basically said that they were playing the best attacking football they had for ages and winning games. They said they were gutted he was sacked.

    So it’s not all bad.

  17. Just heard someone on the radio saying that if NUFC supporters think Pardew is an average manager then it’s a perfect fit as we are just an average team with big support.

    How very, very true. Who did we expect?

    Hughton shouldn’t have been sacked but he was so get over it.

  18. I would love our midfield to start playing a bit more. Hughton and Calderwood did a great job but the ball seemed to be played too much in the defense and then blasted up the Carroll, nocked down and either with the forwards or cleared. Ball go’s back to Tiote or defense and same again. What happened to our midfielders and wingers, I would like them to hold the possesion and play football a bit instead of up and down, up and down. The wing play was becoming non existant in the end.

  19. I will support the team and pardew and give him time. I also thunk that Ashley trying to reduce costs to make the club self sufficient is also a good thing and I am struggling to see why people aren’t happy with that? Is it because we racked up loads of debt signed a few decent players and played good football for 10 years we now have a divine right to it? We haven’t won anything for years so we aren’t a successful club. The managers brought in were hounded out by us as
    will this one. That is why we are the poisoned chalice and no top manager would come to us.

  20. I don’t believe Pardew was appointed because he owes the chuckle brothers a large amount of money Pardew has a point to prove in the prem and a reputation to try and restore ( he was once thought of as up and coming )

    He needs to get the players on his side asap, the only way to get fans on his side is to win games and he can’t do that if players dislike him or don’t want to play for him

    I dont go along with the theory that we should be welcoming him to the club and I’m sure he doesn’t, he’s getting well paid ( by Hughton standards ) to do a job and he needs to get on and do it – if he does well fans will eventually support him

    If you’re going to games you need to support the team – please leave any protests to either side of the 90 mins playing time

    Theres only one Chris Hughton


  21. CH made the team play some pretty football but in the last 4 or 5 maybe wasn’t but to say his play was just hoof then it a bit wrong to me

    cuz I still remember games like Blackpool Everton West Ham etc and another was games that the tactic he used got the results.

  22. @ 27 – when a team only has 4/5 prem class players & the majority are unable to play because of injuries & suspentions then it’s inevitable the teams pattern of play will be effected.

    if CH had of been backed properly in the transfer market & was allowed an assistant of his choice i think our recent results would have been a lot better.

    FATMAN once again missed a trick as he did with KK – both were hung out to dry.

  23. Magpie 13, we played Blackpool 3 times in the last year and they beat us twice. Presumably you’re talking about the tactics used the one time we beat them?

    There’s nowt else for it lads, we’ve got to get behind the new manager, no matter what. I’m glad to see that reason is breaking out amongst large sections of the faithful and, aside from a few of the idiots that say “you can’t believe anything you read in the gutter press” about players they like, but will gladly take the Daily Mail’s word as gospel when it comes to managers/owners/players they don’t like, I think (hope) there will be support for Pardew on Saturday evening.

    Just remember, he didn’t fire Hughton, nor did any member of the team. We have more than half a season left and are about to face a resurgent Liverpool side, who almost always do well against us, home or away.

    Good luck for tomorrow Pardew. You’re going to need it.

  24. ROY,divnt worry aboot 5yr contract hes getting paid nowt,heard hes working off his gambling dept to the fat man,

  25. Did my English talked was that bad and didn’t make sense or you guys misunderstood my comments !!???

    There are some comments that say CH play was just hoof so I defended it , games like Blackpool (yes,I know we lost) Everton West Ham etc. we played good football , move ball around and play it to the ground and another was games that the tactic he used got the results. and games that we lost or didn’t play well that pretty much to do with the injuries/suspensions.

    and yes I support Pardew and the team but this tome not Ashley though. @20

  26. exactly right roy , this mug parpoo wont last till the end of the season.ashley will then be running around like basil fawlty,trying to dig up another toon legend to pull him out of the s**t.
    ashley has gone too far this time time , but he is about to reap the whirlwind that is coming.
    it’s like swinging a pendulum is karma , the harder you push it forward , the harder it will swing back.
    ashley is about to be awarded the title of the biggest mug , to have ever entered in to football ownership.
    pardew wont get any results , it’s not his fault , but he is on a hiding to nothing.
    i can see joey barton taking a swing at him shortly , or another squad member , he will never win over the players.
    this is the utter pathetic situation ashley has created , as usual it will be the fans who are dragged through the mud.

  27. Yes, we have to give the new manager a chance; and no, it won’t do any good to play a part in the relegation season instability that Cashley seems intent on recreating.

    However… Partridge hasn’t made the best of starts by saying that he hardly knows Lambias and only heard about the job this week. Given the run at the bookies on his name both in the first wave of rumours about Hughton and then again recently (wonder who that was, eh? – wonder how much he made on Joke-in’ere too…) then I just don’t believe him.

    Bobby, KK, Roeder and Hughton were managers who had my trust – to do their best by us, do it with honour and dignity, and not be motivated by stuffing their own pockets.

    While I appreciate the comments about Andy Carroll staying, Partridge hasn’t made the best attempt to join them by following his mates’ proven (in court!) methodology of lying through his teeth to try and get us onside.

  28. pardew plotted behind hoots back for weeks,cant believe we are just bending over and taking it again he is not innocent in all this.

    figure it out lads,look at his recent cv,look at hoots cv,look at it all again and surely you can realise that this stinks? no smoke without fire.germany was an excuse,an alibi.this has been on the cards and whispered about in footballing circles for a month or more.

    im just so depressed by all this,cant believe it really.ive had it now,dont know what to do anymore.protest? support the lads? carry on blind faith and hope ash has done the right thing which some seem to think? or try my hardest to get him out of OUR club? how? f**k knows but we must try

  29. one big push and he will scurry off,it will take ‘stealth’ as they say on .com.we must boycott.somehow we need to reduce his income from us.we need to get him out! i was giving him the benefit of the doubt under hoots’s magnificent work but this is surely the moment when we unite and say enough is enough!

    i see the dilema in not knowing what to do,but this is taking the p**s more.we need to be cruel to be kind

  30. saltysellers 11,bang on all that is humanly possible should be done to eradicate that piece of s**t ashley from newcastle full stop.

  31. they hung him out to dry day one,monkey heed,or ashley didnt have the “guts”to front up with him on his first day,they boil my p@@@

  32. Did anybody else catch Alan Brazil’s comments –

    Taken from TOTT –

    “listening to him this morning at work, he said hes not bothered about the liable stuff he said he was in a little resturant called little italy in soho two weeks ago and saw lamarse and pardew in there all smiles, brazils m8 told brazil that pardew was overheard saying he`ll be back in work before xmas, so this shite about attending a few charity dinners where lamearse was present is a complete lie, and that his agent only heard about the job on monday is a complete lie. brazil says he doesnt have anything against pardew but hughton was a mate and it is well know around the city casinos that pardew and lameasre are buddies.

    respct to brazil for sticking his head above the parapeT”

  33. yep our new manager is a complete & utter snide – he’s in good company so he should feel comfortable in his new job among the rest of the rabble.

  34. BBM think anybody with sense can see the whole show stinks from top to bottom,could never understand how this guy made his cash,starting to learn hes a under-handed git who will “use”anybody/anything to get his cash,thing is he is useing us fans big time

  35. Ed Harrison making up stories about the players and Derek having s shouting match… The qoutes he uses from Pardew were in the Journal this morning and was refferring to the planned fans protest tomorrow.

  36. bowburnmag says:
    December 10, 2010 at 12:03 pm

    Fair enough to Brazil but what does anyone expect Pardew to say? Something like “Yup, Derek and I had a conversation two weeks ago and I was told Hughton would be sacked and I would be getting the job, it’s all been a stitch up!”

    It happens at every football club in the world, doesn’t make it write but we shouldn’t start having a go at our club for doing the ‘norm’.

    But I get the feeling that if Pardew helped an old woman across Northumberland Street he would be berated for helping her across with the wrong hand!

    That’s why he’s doomed to fail! Whoever was appointed would be in the same boat! Due to the ridiculous fcking pressure on their heads by supporters.

  37. DJG says:
    December 10, 2010 at 10:16 am
    shrews mag

    I pointed out the same 2 points yesterday and got a barrage of abuse off ratty and crapper.<<<< do you ever stop crying leaky butt

  38. batty says:
    December 10, 2010 at 12:45 pm
    aye roy a spineless snide like some of the posters on here ,you know who you are

    I’ll take that as a compliment coming from you, ratty.

  39. vale @post 44:

    I think he’s got that story from The Mirror. Going off his sensationalist headlines recently, Ed’s time writing for the News of the World on “the Newcastle Club” has affected him for the worst.

    Don’t believe anything in the papers, save for George Caulkin in ‘The Times’ (a Murdoch rag, and online-subscription only, which is a shame as he’s the best writer on the Toon). ‘The Guardian’ unfortunately has that mackem Louise Taylor writing for them.

  40. Stu – it’s like 2008 all over again! You’ll see sense after Christmas. It happened then, it’ll happen again!

    I’m genuinely not trying to vilify Pardew. I just think it makes interesting reading. I wasn’t sure if anybody else had heard it.

    But clearly he’s made his bed and Ashley and Llambias have tucked him in.

  41. BBM- I don’t doubt that it will all end in tears but what can we do? Ashley is a prick but he’s a fcking thick skinned prick!

  42. BBM et al, are there any rumours of a more structured fightback with all the posters of various blogs, through etc? Maybe nust? There’s got to be something that can be done and done better than In 2008 to try and ensure a result and get him bought out? I think mackems will gonand buy kappa shellsuits from sports direct on purpose in another move against us

  43. It will fail with Pardew. You all hope and want him to fail so what chance has he got. Poisoned chalice? Deffo. Great ‘supporters’ at our club have hounded out half the mangers and the chairman took care of the others, 13 managers in 13, what a kin joke.

  44. ILM @ post 54:

    I’d take the money for Barton now, while it’s on offer.
    He can’t help but feck things up, even though he was playing great ’til the rabbit punch. West Ham came up with money for Dyer, now’s the time to fleece them for Barton and that would free up a lot of wage money to spend on players who can stay out of bother…

  45. I don’t agree on selling off barton at this moment of time,as there are other players more needed to be sold off!!!!

  46. 1 thing pardew..said was looking at which players he can get in who can make a change from the had no ideas but put his pals in time time again..i think becasue of that he got sacked..thats what ashley must of seen..he plays attacking football and goes for played safe football..which cost him his job.

  47. some of the people on here need to grow a set of bollox, wind their necks in and stop and think before they mouth off.
    i said it earlier in the week – yes hughton was a nice fella – but he’s gone and we need to move on.
    Ashley and Llambias are a pair of twats – but we’re stuck with them until he decides to sell.
    Its up to the players now – if theyregood enough – we’ll stay up – if not then we’ll go down.
    Frankly – i enjoyed it in the championship last year more than i’ve enjoyed the premier league since the days of KK.
    i dont think we’ll go down – BUT WOULD IT REALLY BE SO TERRIBLE? – at least we’ll be able to get rid of 99% of the idiots that we seem to carry along with us (johnnie come latelys)
    Yes – its dark days, – but FFS get a grip on reality

  48. asim:

    Hoots was prepared to change the team. The problem is that we don’t have a lot of players to come in. The signings of Best and Perch have been criticised, but we needed the numbers and that’s about as good as you get for the pennies Cashley was allowing spent.

  49. tattyheed:

    Yes, everyone loves an unbeaten season at home. Don’t fool yourself that it would always be like that if we go down (and I fear Ashley now thinks it will too). Look at Boro, or at us when we nearly came straight back up but lost in the play offs. A few years later we were as close to being in Div 3 as We’ve ever been…

  50. said it a million times, said it when he was out and i’ll say it again now, when Joey Barton plays well, we play well. He is our best midfielder and under no circumstances should we sell him yet.

    He will be essential for us staying in the league.

  51. jeez theres some shite on this blog – all pardew has to do is win some games, according to some people on this blog we have a vast array of talent hidden away somewhere but ch ignored em and stuck with his old pals act
    should be easy job for pardew then so we’ll all be onside in a few weeks when he unearths this mysterious talent that ch had hidden away

    theres some people having a go at pards but think most peoples anger is at the chuckle brothers – its more frustrating that we’re stuck with them until someone comes in with an offer far in excess of what the clubs worth

  52. “He then goes on to say:

    “The problem I’m going to have initially is the players.

    “I need to get my message across quickly and with clarity so as not to get any resentment at a time when they are doing reasonably well.”

    What an insulting thing to say about the players before you’ve even met them, it doesn’t bode well for your man management skills, expecially in comparison with Hughton, who never would have said something as insulting as that.

    “I represent the fans”

    No you don’t, you presumtious, patronising prick. It’s for the fans themselves to decide who represents them.

    “This club has been crying out for another number nine and he looks like he’s fitting the bill, so I made it very clear that he needs to stay…

    “Andy Carroll was at the top of my list of questions because he needs to stay,”

    Trying to make it look like he’s the man who saved Andy Carroll from leaving in an attempt to curry favour with the gullible Geordies, when Carroll wasn’t leaving in the first place.

    I don’t like this man already. He is a little to dishonest and scheming for my tastes.

  53. Barton’s ben outbest player this year. Selling him would be an additional backward step tat we don’t need at the moment.

  54. ILM – that should go without saying. That rummour could quite easily be utter bollocks but it opens the debate.

    My feeling is that a number of restrictions on decision-making and a determined stance by Hughton have undermined him.

    We heard Ashley always wanted Barton out. Hughtons’s reluctance to get rid of Barton could have been one of the factors in sacking him.

  55. Now my blood pressure has gone back down I agree with those speaking sense on here. This whole thing has been disgraceful, but it makes no sense angling hate towards Pardew. The simple fact is that we NEED him to do well. We NEED to stay in this league.

    Joey will be offloaded, but not in January. However, it does tell you something about West Ham, who are clearly set to lose Parker if they are sniffing around Barton. If Scott Parker leaves West Ham they are nailed on for relegation.

  56. Why are so many people reading in to this stupid press conference!? It’s just a bloody conference! 99% of what the managers say in these things is utter b*ll*cks anyway!

  57. workyticket says:
    December 10, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    You are a prime example of why we will never win anything! The pressure he is going to be under by supporters like you will make it impossible to do his job.

    The manager does represent the fans, or is that only when it’s Hughton or an appointment you agree with?

    The fact he pronounced Hughtons name wrong, or called the city a town or said he needs to get his point across without resentment are so insignificant its unreal. Only here could a manager be slaughtered for such pathetic reasons.

    Absolutely pathetic.

  58. summer69 yes he was..but he kept changing it with players who couldnt score or make a difference..ranger needs to start more..young players should have been given a chance..vulic lua lua scored goes which might have made a difference..with no playing time..what was that all about..ranger is a striker..why keep bringing him on or play him in cup games as a winger…becasue he didnt want to piss of the other strikers..not the way forward…lot of people say he was a good guy..thats the problem..nice guys come last…they like danger and ch had non of that..the words are not strong enough..

  59. Stuart79 says:
    December 10, 2010 at 2:01 pm

    “workyticket says:
    December 10, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    You are a prime example of why we will never win anything!”

    I’m sorry Stuart, but I can’t help it if I can spot a wrong ‘un in five minutes, or a right ‘un like Hughton for that matter. It’s my mother’s fault.

  60. Is anyone else slightly amused by the turning of the opinion tides on .org?

    Some light relief in dark times.

  61. Stuart79 – stop talking crap man – Pardew just needs to win a few games and he’ll be fine, it won’t be the fans that get him sacked if he goes on a long losing streak it’ll be Ashley – Allardyce, Keegan, Kinnear, Shearer and Hughton had to work under intense pressure from the board with very little money and hidden agendas (Keegans words)
    Ashley will not allow Pardew to take us down again and will sack him if it looks like that’ll happen – thats why he has a fixed compensation clause in his contract so it’ll cost Ashley next to nowt to get rid

  62. bowburnmag says:
    December 10, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    What do you mean?

    workyticket says:
    December 10, 2010 at 2:09 pm

    Nobody’s arguing that Hughton was a good man and was doing a good job but that doesn’t mean you have to be so pedantic with evwerything Pardew does or says over the next few months.

    You’re giving him an impossible job to do.

  63. This from KK was spot on

    The supporters won’t be resistant to Alan because of the circumstances of his appointment, though. Any criticism will be levelled at Llambias and Mike Ashley, because it is their decision. The fans would be wrong to pick on Alan. Obviously if results don’t go well then they may start to voice discontent, but Alan is just the meat in the middle of the sandwich here.

    Give Pardew support and let’s hope he can bring the club forward.

  64. bowburnmag says:
    December 10, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    “Is anyone else slightly amused by the turning of the opinion tides on .org?”

    Bowburn, I’m currently looking at alternative uses for my spare white bedsheets. Do you have to fill out some form of application form to join the ‘Ashley Oot’ club? I’m absolutely livid and disgusted.

  65. Stu – just seems like people were on a different side of the fence back then. I know there are subtleties we shouldn’t miss, i.e. it’s about the club as far as you are concerned and worky has never really been a big fan of Ashley.

    But now MT, worky and debs are kicking right off about the board and condoning protests. And you’re asking people not to…

    Actually it’s not funny at all. Means things are really fcked up.

  66. workyticket says:
    December 10, 2010 at 2:19 pm
    bowburnmag says:
    December 10, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    “Is anyone else slightly amused by the turning of the opinion tides on .org?”

    Bowburn, I’m currently looking at alternative uses for my spare white bedsheets. Do you have to fill out some form of application form to join the ‘Ashley Oot’ club? I’m absolutely livid and disgusted.<<<>>> hope your reading stardust :lol:

  67. BBM – I’m not saying don’t protest, I’m just saying do it out of the ground. Protest after the match outside the main entrance so Ashley or Llambias cannot get out. It won’t effect the players but it will get a few things of peoples chests.

    The only thing that’s keeping me going is the fact that I believe Ashley has an end game in site and that is selling the club if we’re still in the PL next season. He obviously didn’t believe Hughton could achieve that.

  68. By the way, where is Stardust these days?

    I’d love to see him try and defend Ashley after this debacle.

  69. batty says:
    December 10, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    “worky kna not stu ,we would have no 1 too slag off if ya ban stu”


    Only joking, Stuart. I love you really! :lol:

  70. Stuart79 says:
    December 10, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    “BBM – I’m not saying don’t protest, I’m just saying do it out of the ground.”

    I’m not saying that I agree or disagree with protests here, but small, but highly targeted and well thought out protests would have a much better chance of success, and targeting the club would not be the best way forward IMO. Targeting Shite Direct in several different and well planned ways would be much more effective in the long run.

  71. Stu is fully radged, just needs it coaxing out of him.

    Not fancy it tomorrow stu? 4pm meet and see what’s occurin?

  72. Box Office, 4pm. Worth a gander I think.

    Then move on and support the lads, if that’s what you feel you should do.

  73. I accept that type of protest. Outside the ground, where the outside world can see and the regime.

    But it shouldn’t get the players involved.

  74. bowburn – i think stardust fancys a bit of it aswell…

    Stardust // Dec 9, 2010 at 11:09 PM

    Roy – in preparation for Saturday I have been to the council yard on Condercum Road and had them smash me front teeth out for nowt (just telt them I was Stardust)

    I have sucked on two thousand helium balloons, I have has an even more sheite haircut, covered my face in dog pap, had a gallon of meths, dragged out a filthy NUFC shirt from 1987, inserted an unfolded coat hanger up and through my nose, into my brian and twizelled it by attaching it to an electric drill.

    I am determined Im going to get on Sky Sports News

    (when its screened under my picture you will see the name tag “batty” when I speak .)

  75. I do as well.

    Which is why I tried to push the walkout, as I though that was a uniquely demonstrative way of saying we’d had enough. Though I accept some people will say that looks like we’re turning our backs on the players. But that wouldn’t be the case.

    If I hang about I expect to get drawn into anti-Ashley stuff inside the ground. I don’t really want that.

  76. I’m 2 bottles down at my desk and about to get on it properly for my work’s Xmas Do.

    I guess I’ll not know until after the event whether anyone turns up to the protests but hope that some .orgers turn up.


  77. Roy Cropper says:
    December 10, 2010 at 3:23 pm
    am thinking aboot un-banning mesel for the morras match like.

    Strong willed as ever, Roy.

  78. Stuart79 says:
    December 10, 2010 at 1:12 pm


    “I lived with the same people for eight months – I didn’t understand them then and I don’t understand them now, and I don’t think many of the fans do. When a man buys a club like Mike Ashley did, and he knows as little about football as he does, he is likely to make these sort of mistakes and these sort of judgements, and still think he is doing okay”

    I really wish KK would have spoken his mind on this one…:)

  79. BBM just watched local B.B.C news,reporting about fans going to protest “outside”S.J.P.think ashley wont give a shit the dick,be hoping a couple weeks xmas coming things will go away,wish he would the prick

  80. hahaha that’s canny funny actually what stardust said, they do picks some right mongs to interview like don’t they.

    Funny, never see them at Newcastle uni do you…

  81. ROY C. what ye doing on my old patch (condy rd)footy pitch still there mate?doon from spring-bank club

  82. I Love Mike says:
    December 10, 2010 at 3:28 pm
    hahaha that’s canny funny actually what stardust said, they do picks some right mongs to interview like don’t they.

    Funny, never see them at Newcastle uni do you…<<< ide say most of the young uns they interveiew are from newcastle uni :)

  83. Totally agree – hold on a minute has the world turned on its axis, we’re all agreeing with Stu!


    I accept that type of protest. Outside the ground, where the outside world can see and the regime.

    But it shouldn’t get the players involved.

    Stardust thing would be funny if it weren’t so true :)

  84. fourfouroneone says:
    December 10, 2010 at 3:54 pm

    The world hasn’t turned on it’s axis, it’s just that people are finally seeing sense.

    I am always right and it’s just taken a while for some of the thicker one’s to realise that.

  85. But the world has turned upside down, just seen SSN with smug Allerdyce giving an interview after the raving lunatic Capello nominated as one of two candidates for the England job, im away for some paracetamol.

  86. aye ice a couple of dodgy characters them two are – anways had 2/3rd thoughts & have decided against going the moz after all.

    might gan te djg’s & watch it with him & his da.

  87. it was unfortunate the circumstances that Hoots had to leave in, he didn’t deserve to be treated like that.

    Like a few others have said on here I thought pardew came across quite well in the interview but i’m still not sure if he is the right man, but I will get behind the team on saturday. They ought to play for Hughton and get the 3 points for him.

    Keegan’s comments were spot on, the fact tha he mentioned that all the anger will be at llambias and ashley is very true but will the protests make Ashley realise what he’s done wrong. I very much doubt it.

  88. Ashley oot, Llamsarse oot……Richie oot(on the drink) :-)

    Hate Ashley:love NUFC

    2-1 The Toon tomorrow

  89. I see Booby Shitone number 9 was still trying to make out he has some brilliant contacts inside the club.

    Funny how it was nailed on Pedro and Stone to take the club into the summer when FMA will sell.

    I would call you walter mitty again, but he had nothing on your fantasy made up life.

    Grow up kidda.

  90. MickyT…he’s never wrong don’t you know, although nor would I be if I kept adapting my version of things to suit the latest happenings. :-)

  91. Stuart79 says:
    December 10, 2010 at 2:01 pm

    @73 Agree 100%

    Who gives a f### if he pronounced his name wrong or called it a town. (we call it the toon)

    So much for geordie welcome. Next time people say geordies are friendlier than Londoner I will dissagree because of pathetic people like this.

  92. …speaking of which, I’m away oot in the Toon…or is it city? ;-) works Xmas do, deep joy :roll:

  93. batty remind me to put my GG on tomorrow cos I think I may be the worse for wear and will forget….and probably sacked ;-) latas

  94. its only coz they bot Hughton. Joe Kinnear called Charles Insomnia and everyone laughed and SBR used to get peoples names wrong all the time.

    These nitpickers want to go in a stressful environment with 10 cameras shoved in their face and see what sh!t comes out of their mouth.

  95. What does every one else think about tomorrows result , i think Liverpool are beatable if Joey and Nolan are in the side i will go for 3-2 the toon Carroll & Barton with an 90th minute kevin Nolan winner .

  96. @batty, he was a bit sneaky like he’s meant to be. coming from that sort of area are three of them have been devious

    @Axel, i think we may sneak the game tomorrow, liverpool aren’t that great away from home it might be our lucky day

  97. Axel says:
    December 10, 2010 at 5:53 pm

    Oh so there is a game on tomorrow then? I’d have never had guessed.

  98. People that are saying Liverpool aren’t great away can’t have watched their last away game at Spurs. They could have had the game wrapped up at half-time if Torres had his shooting boots on. He will probably have the game of his life against us though. Typical

  99. Batty what have you done on DJG I see he keeps picking on you.
    Re the protests I was quickly reading through and see some people saying that we need to support the players, But having took part in a lot of protests mesel when they we’re football related and aimed at the Chairman etc. They never effected the players as they always knew that the protests wern’t aimed at them and that is what the players themselfs told us ?

  100. Batty did you get all them white sheets today mate ? if so we just need to hurry up and get them all painted up and ready, we could maybe get Ice to fetch DJG on his scooter to give us a hand with the sheets.
    DJG do you fancy helping out with banners and stuff ?

  101. see barca have signed a shirt deal 25mil per season until 2016,its with a guy with a few quid in QATAR,

    hi pal want to buy a good epl team? :)

  102. only white sheets ime getting is in hospital on monday,mind could strike a deal with batty and sneak them some oot :)

  103. icedog says:
    December 10, 2010 at 6:43 pm
    see barca have signed a shirt deal 25mil per season until 2016,its with a guy with a few quid in QATAR,

    hi pal want to buy a good epl team?

    You might want to miss the word ‘good’ out. You don’t want to lie to the guy do you?

  104. Producer of Coronation Street received a letter this morning – It read “Dear Producer, You killed the wrong Ashley, man!!!!!”

  105. Ice would you be able to pick DJG up on the scooter mate Batty needs a hand with painting up the sheets ;)
    Good luck for mon mate im sure you will be glad to get it over and done with.

  106. DAVE cheers mate.

    nay mate scooter stuffed batty has took the battery something aboot makeing a bomb,dont know who for like :)

  107. toonsy

    What do you expect though. As far as he’s concerned there’s a new boss and he’s no. 1 CB with Collo and Willo suspended for another game. They must be cursing their luck, won’t be a shoe in anymore now. ;)

  108. Maybe thats what happens when youelbow someone in the face. No other clubs have been charged with retrospective FA action this season, not Felleni after his elbow off the ball, but us twice. Coincidence I think not.

  109. Funny I knew as soon as I seen them pics that it wouldn’t be long before someone that didn’t like Taylor would have a go at him for laughing in a pic.

  110. Big Dave

    So did I. Predictable in the extreme.

    I wonder what Pardew will do with the Krul/Harper situation. hmmm.

  111. All charges against Carroll dropped regarding the incident that lead to him stopping at Nolan’s house. That means he is free to focus on footy :)

    It also clears his slate a little bit for when the next slimy cunt tries it on with his mrs ;)

  112. Barca announce massive sponsorship deal from Qatar.

    …I wonder who the Spanish voted for the 2022 Olympics then?

  113. Heard co interesting story from a reliable source at the training ground today. Apparently Nolan wasn’t injured at all for the last game. Hughton gave him permission to fly off to Dubai to try & patch things up with his missus. Apparently several of the other senior players were less than impressed & went direct to Ashley to complain.

  114. Heard an interesting story from a reliable source at the training ground today. Apparently Nolan wasn’t injured at all for the last game. Hughton gave him permission to fly off to Dubai to try & patch things up with his missus. Apparently several of the other senior players were less than impressed & went direct to Ashley to complain.

  115. Santa is a Geordie says:
    December 10, 2010 at 7:38 pm
    “Apparently several of the other senior players were less than impressed & went direct to Ashley to complain.”

    aye, if you work for topshop and you have a problem, you go straight to see philip green, that’s how the world works.

    have a word with yourself you f’king mong.

  116. Dave – ;) ;)

    I see I got a couple of nibbles though ;)

    Re Carrol: Yep, everything finished now. Clean slate and all that.

  117. Santa is a Geordie – Fair enough, but why was Nolan missing for the Chelsea game in that case?

  118. Alan Partridge is making me really angry already with his BS. After lying about singlehanded saving Andy Carroll from being sold in a PR bid to curry favour with the fans. After insulting the players by blurting out that they would “resent” him before they even met him, he has now informed them that unlike Hughton, he is very “confrontational”, and that he will upset players in a different way to Hughton. How the f**k does he know?

  119. off topic read danish refs take on ten worst players he has seen now he has ret,number 1 that git ex m/utd now real/madrid player,says he was sick of his diveing in c h/lge ect.
    who would belive that :)

  120. Little bit harsh I love Mike! Only passing on what I heard, which I thought was the point of a forum?! Never said I believed it, just thought it was interesting that maybe Nolan isn’t the popular great dressing room leader he’s made out to be & may provoke some discussion, not mindless insult!

  121. worky

    Whatever he did in last 48 hours, i reckon you would find fault in it. Did Hughton not take the opportunity to manage NUFC when Kinnear had a heart attack or when Shearer got flicked by Ashley? Im not saying love the guy like C.H but howay give him a chance. There are dodgy rumours but it wasn’t like he went to Ashley and said ‘I know what sack Hughton and I’ll take over’. It p## me off the other day when people where backstabbing PB because the guy wanted a job at NUFC and was prepared to ‘support’ Ashley even to get it. Do you’s really think PB has any respect for Ashley deep down, get a grip.

  122. DJG says:
    December 10, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    “Im not saying love the guy like C.H but howay give him a chance.”

    DJG, yes I know. I am very quick to judge. However my quick judgements are always more FAR more accurate than my slower ones. When Hughton first came on my radar, I knew that he was a sincere, honest man who could think in the long term, and that he would be great for the team not just in the short term, but over a long period. I just can’t say the same thing for Pardew and I’m not going to be dishonest about it. It isn’t about “resenting” him wrongly because he has taken over from my own personal favourite, I bear no malice against him for that whatsoever because that’s Ashley and Llambias. It’s just that everything he’s said so far are the words of a classic arrogant prick I’m afraid.

  123. WORKY the three amgios eh,well there first three letters spell PAL.

    think thats for dogs like :)

  124. Santa is a Geordie says:
    December 10, 2010 at 7:38 pm
    ‘Heard an interesting story from a reliable source at the training ground today. Apparently Nolan wasn’t injured at all for the last game. Hughton gave him permission to fly off to Dubai to try & patch things up with his missus. Apparently several of the other senior players were less than impressed & went direct to Ashley to complain.’

    We don’t know ANYTHING really as fans right. Agreed.

    Now what if that was actually true, like some rumours are. There is already a pretty general agreement that there is ‘player power’ within the camp and has been since C.H took over. Im not saying it is for one second, but what if, like some rumours, it was. What would Ashley think if he found out considering the recent result and the fact that Nolan was playing and didn’t seem anything wrong the game before. Then he was ‘left at home’ for one game I remember. Where was he really. Remember these guys live millionaire lifestyles and jetset all over the place. That example is a breach of contract.

    The fact is we don’t know what goes on or why C.H got sacked and Im not suggesting that happened but Im suggesting how can we go on like judge, jury and executioner when we trully don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.

  125. icedog says:
    December 10, 2010 at 8:29 pm

    “WORKY the three amgios eh,well there first three letters spell PAL.”

    It’s not even anything to do with that, Ice, it’s what he has said so far. The stuff that Partridge said about the players reminded me of when Souness came, and before he even met the squad he said that he was going to “bang some heads together”. I thought he was an arrogant prick too.

  126. End of the day we have a match tomorrow that we need to win, pardew may or may not be a twat but you can’t blame him for taking the job – he’s managed reading, west ham, charlton and southamton, it’s a massive opportunity for him
    It could all go tits up but I honestly hope he does a decent job otherwise we’re stuck with the chuckle brothers forever

  127. Interesting to see that the talkSPORT photos of training show most players looking well cooked off – I have a bad feeling about tomorrow

  128. Interesting to see that the talkSPORT photos of training show most players looking well fooked off – I have a bad feeling about tomorrow

  129. WORKY we cannot go back to the old days big boot or big stick it will never work these players have a couple of mill in there sky rockets and its “v”to you.
    one guy still gets away with it, big nose,and why respect,you cannot buy that,love him or dis-like him its a fact imo,think hoots was getting a bit of that. oh well

  130. worky

    That could be his style of management and way of talking to the press. Certainly Souness, Keegan, C.H and Kinnear! all have different styles when talking to the press.

    There have been a few of his ex players including Danny Mills, Mullins and Varney who is now at Blackpool who have come out and said they wish him all the best, he is a great motivator and they really enjoyed working with him. And none of them had to bother their arse to phone up the press and do that.

  131. Worky – The irony is beyond believe!

    You’ve spent the last two years slagging the fans off for being unrealistic, unsupportive and idiots and here’s you now doing exactly the same.

    There’s nowt like being supportive and giving someone a chance is there…

  132. STUART,not being rude or oot just being nosey,can you think back to the first game you saw at the toon and who were they were playing?

  133. just been talking to a freind of myn who is a west ham fan , he say pardew likes to play 442 or sometime 343 and he likes to play on the deck which could be a good thing but he also said he upsets players which is a bad thing , tthink what u want just thought i would tell u all

  134. Somebody should probably warn Pardew about Carroll. He tries it on with his lass and he wont be belting out any orders from the touchline with a wired jaw.

  135. Pedro – course he upsets players – he try’s to shag their wives, west ham and Southampton

  136. Ross
    i think we should let him find that 1 out for him self would love it if carrol done that to him :)

  137. fourfour-Lucky you mate, at least one of us is! Bit of snow and every one up here bricks it. Snows on the ground outside lads not in the pub!

  138. worky iam with ya all the way aboot pardew now you join my thinking and ban the fckers who are trying too put you doon man :lol:

  139. icedog says:
    December 10, 2010 at 9:04 pm

    Coventry at home I think it was in 95 or 96. Think it was first game of the season.

    Could be wrong though.

  140. I wonder what old saggy chops at Spuds is thinking. Renewed bid in for Carroll and Enrique? or, not long now before they get trully sick of Postman Pat.

    Remember A’rry was a chancer of Pardew proportions a few years back, have faith lads have faith.

  141. icedog says:
    December 10, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    “think hoots was getting a bit of that. oh well”

    I don’t know Hughton personally, but I’ve met a couple of people who have. In his quiet, unassuming way he left a very deep impression on both of them, he inspired them and I suspect he did that with the Newcastle players too.

    As for “big nose”, there’s much more to him than a “big stick”, Ice. I think that part of him has been overplayed by the media somewhat because he is a Glaswegian.

  142. wont be how pardew plays it on sat it will how the players take it imo,hope they kna BATTY got money on there finish :)

  143. Anyone got the odd’s on Gutierrez first goal and pulling a Hughton mask from his shorts in celebration?

  144. I agree Ice. The players attitude will be key tomorrow. The reality is that if the players don’t put the effort in and try and use this week as an excuse it will be indefensible.

    It’s a big game and they should be up for it.

    All the Charlton, West Ham, Reading and Southampton fans I’ve heard have all said he’ll play attacking football on the deck and will try and win every match.

    That’s good enough for me.

  145. BATTY your the last man to lose faith mate dont kid a kidda,watch next couple of games see how the players take it,then we will know

  146. stuart79 says:
    December 10, 2010 at 8:57 pm

    “Worky – The irony is beyond believe!

    You’ve spent the last two years slagging the fans off for being unrealistic, unsupportive and idiots and here’s you now doing exactly the same.”

    What can I say? I am a complex character, Stuart!

    Having a somewhat negative opinion of Partridge’s comments so far is not “exactly the same” as being “unrealistic”, “idiotic” and “unsupportive” of the team. Like with Hughton and a few other things, some of the fans on here will see what I’m gannin’ on about eventually.

    BTW Stuart, if you described me as “arrogant”, you may have been a little closer to the mark. ;-)

  147. workyticket says:
    December 10, 2010 at 9:41 pm

    Nah mate, you’ve gotta be good to be arrogant…

  148. I believe that the windows at the club shop at St James’ Park have been smashed in!

    They didn’t even take a shirt or a mug for Christmas.

  149. Worky you arrogant c@nt :)
    Funny that is what I have heard a lot of pepole saying about Pardew so if its good enough for Worky :lol:
    The bottom line is there is fuk all we can do about it as MA will not back down so we are stuck with them.

  150. batty

    worky doesn’t ban people for half an hour like toonsy. :)

    What do they say about power, those who are trully powerful don’t need to ban people.

    there you are worky thats you. Im a crawler. :lol:

    (toonsy im kidding m8)

  151. I expect a proper performance from our lads tomorrow. No excuses. The one thing I will say in criticism of Hughton is his persistence with the high defensive line. It was an accident waiting to happen. If Pardew fixes that he will be on the right track.

  152. Managers can learn from their mistakes, and become better managers because of it.

    Experiencing failure a couple times can only make a manager better. Sir Bobby failed in his first job at Fulham, Roy Hodgson failed at Bristol City in his first job in England….

    pardew is NOT Sir Bobby or Hodgson, I’M NOT COMPARING HIM to them at all. Just pointing out that even legendary managers can struggle at first, and maybe eventually very good ones will struggle a couple of times before making a breakthrough.

  153. Say whatever you like, Pardew couldn’t have had a tougher game to start out life. At the same time if we lose he won’t be castigated (unless we don’t put in the effort of course…which I’m sure won’t happen). If we win he’ll be off to a great start. Or…it could all go really tits up if we get hammered…which has happened against the scousers at home in previous years.

  154. DJG says:
    December 10, 2010 at 9:53 pm

    worky doesn’t ban people for half an hour like toonsy<<< yes a kna he bans them for goo so watch oot :)

  155. Lets not even entertain those thoughts…

    a) its not the same side/manager at all and Carra, Gerrard and possibly Torres out.

    b)They have been pony away from home

    c) Typically a 3-0 win is not followed up by a huge win.

  156. Lets hope we can pick up a nice 3 points tomorra…not for Pardew, Ashley …but for the toon !!

    Howay the lads…it’s Liverpool after all…2-0 to the lads !!

  157. EL TORO dont know how you can say that,surely it depends on who you are playing and what type of game the other side are playing ect ect next you will be saying the defence are playing to deep which invites them to attack,its a fine line m8 and not that easy in P.L.if it was they would be all top managers,every game is diff

  158. Big Dave says:
    December 10, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    “Funny that is what I have heard a lot of pepole saying about Pardew so if its good enough for Worky”

    I know about Reading, West Ham, Charlton and so on, but I’d never really took much notice of him as a person until he came to Newcastle, and virtually everything he said has annoyed the hell out of me, and seems both insulting, arrogant and patronising, to both the players and the fans. That stuff for the fans about heroically stepping into the breach and saving Carroll from being sold is complete shite, and insulting. The stuff about the players resenting him, and how it was important that he sorted that out was crass and insulting too. But I’m repeating myself now, so I’ll shut up!

  159. batty
    you ever heard of a programe called IP changer. its how the dodgy footie stream comes back on after a few minutes. And pirates of music/movies go about their business. (You can also get a programme that changes your IP adress every 30 seconds).

    All Im saying is if I get banned and someone called Thora herd is postin similar opinions to djg. ;) wink wink nudge nudge ah hahaha

  160. icedog

    Well, no, not really. You play to your strengths. We haven’t got pacey centre backs, or ones that play a fantastic offside game. Therefore a high line just ends up exposing their weakness. Look at Birmingham City. Neither Johnson or Dann have pace, but they play a deep line so they are hardly ever criticised.

  161. Worky a few things he has said have been a bit strange, I just got a funny feeling that he has maybe been told things by MA and Lame arse about the players etc.

  162. djg ya divent have too tell me aboot ip adresses just ask judas ed how many times he has banned me ,12 and counting including the other day , i dont think he likes me calling him a judas

  163. Stuart-I’m assuming you were joking regarding the club shops windows? Vandalising the stadium instead of a sports direct followed up by tomorrow afternoon’s interviews would make us look a right bunch of Einsteins, lol.

  164. ee a knaa batty that was funny like when you had a right go at him once.

    I haven’t posted really since he shut it down for months when he came oot of retirement. A cudnt believe the way he went with that sorry aboot the players shooting at owlheed. its complete rubbish. Can you imagine if they did! they’d be oot on their arse. :lol:

  165. DJG says:
    December 10, 2010 at 10:11 pm

    you ever heard of a programe called IP changer.”

    That isn’t the only way of blocking someone, DJG. ;-)

  166. Ross says:
    December 10, 2010 at 10:19 pm

    “Stuart-I’m assuming you were joking regarding the club shops windows? Vandalising the stadium instead of a sports direct followed up by tomorrow afternoon’s interviews would make us look a right bunch of Einsteins, lol.”

    A Distributed Denial of Service attack on Sport’s Direct’s online retail site would be a more effective protest.

  167. Worky

    I could always get on m8 trust me. ;) Ask batty. It would just depend if I could be bothered or do something else.

  168. EL TORO to a degree, it depends you defend as a team you attack as a team,tatics nonce,flair,guile,theres more to the game than high/deep defence,and or course the class of players you have or other team have,i might be wrong like, maybe thats were i was going wrong when playing for 15yrs

  169. Big Dave says:
    December 10, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    “Worky that sounds like a challenge from DJG there like”

    I divven’t even want to ban him, and even if I did, it would only be if he started getting racist or generally bigoted, started making prolonged, over the top personal attacks against other members etc. I don’t think that he’d do that.

  170. Worky-I agree, I wasn’t encouraging the vandalism of the shops, more just that if you’re going to go around smashing stuff, surely you don’t go around smashing up your stadium, lol.
    I refuse to step foot in them nevermind not buy from them! I’ll pass on the 2 quid trainers etc. Has anyone seen the advert on the telly? The footage of the fans looks like it was ripped from youtube, it’s hilarious.

  171. When I contradict myself (and I reconise that I do) it isn’t on purpose but It is genuinely what I am thinking at the time. Maybe I shouldn’t say what I think at the time, but anything alse and I just feel like I am being dishonest to myself and everyone else. If I did that I would just feel like I was lieing I suppose.

  172. Ross

    I think it’s a bit of a disgrace MA using footage of the fans when we can’t stand his guts.

    Those adverts are so cheap and tacky for allegedly the biggest retailer in the country

  173. awk worky I thought you would have been up for his challenge ;)
    Batty dont forget if you speak to Toonsy before me to tell him about DJG calling him Fat boy and Tugboat that should get Toonsy all radged up :lol:.
    Ice I thought Richie was due a break mate but maybe not ;)

  174. DJG

    I have already told you, mate. Schizophrenic ;)

    Seriously though, it’s because you comment before you give yourself a chance to calm down. Then when you eventually calm down you comment again.

  175. Toro-The adverts match his goods mate. Cheap and nasty. The advert’s just match him. His personality, his method of running the club, his treatment of colleagues, everything. He manages to fit his whole persona into 30 seconds of 2 pund trainers. Fat, Cheap b*stard!

  176. El Toro

    Thats why it upsets me mate when people pick at people for something they said at the time because it’s easy to make a mistake or say something that you wish you hadn’t later. I don’t think Pardew was trying to be a clever dick.

  177. That’s how big a fool this man really is. He own’s a football club and doesn’t care that the 50,000 people or so that put money in his pocket on a weekly basis don’t like him and has “laughed off” the fact that people intend to publically display their hatred. He really is completly out of touch with everything to do with the game and Newcastle United. I’d say its baffling that he still own’s a football club but examples like this just show that he is 110% clueless.
    Peaceful protests before and after the game would have been fine, but this pie snatching arse hole clearly hasn’t even taken into account the fact that with him sitting there, the attention will be focused completly on him. We could be 10-0 down by half time and the majority won’t even realise because they’ll be hell bent on getting their hands on him. Not going to help the lads at all. Hostile environment and it WILL affect the performance on the pitch whether we like it or not.

    Have fun the moro Ashley, you’re going to take an absolute hammering for 90 minutes solid. Sitting through it with a smirk smeared across your pathetic face won’t make you look any better either, it’ll just make you look an even bigger w@nker to the millions watching.

  178. This is why I agree with Bowburnmag aboot a mass walkoot after 10 mins.
    Can yous imagine an empty stadium. And a global tv audience too.
    I reckon thats the kind of humiliation that will really hurt him.

  179. Well at the minute he is once again taking us for mugs. I couldn’t care less whether he owns the clubs and it’s his right to attend every game or whatever else. After his actions this week he might aswell admit he’s going along to frustrate everyone.
    He’s managing to SOMEHOW dig himself into an even deeper hole. Nevermind the fact he’s in a box he’ll need a police escort wherever he is within a 10 mile radius of SJP tomorrow.
    He’s cluelessly encouraging trouble by going along tomorrow. After the whole KK debacle he stayed away as was recommended, he knows the deal and is insisting on going tomorrow. It’s yet another pathetic stunt. We might aswell class the moro’s result as a write off now because this is going to get ugly long before the game even kicks off.

  180. Now that it transpires that Ashley is attending the match, I’ve got to say that BBM’s suggestion of a mass walkout sounds even better now. It would look bloody great on tv too. Imagine the scene as just as the fat twunt takes his seat, the whole crowd gets up and silently walks out. Would be bloody hilarious! You never know, it might trigger memories of his school days, when no one wanted to sit next to the fat, ignorant, smelly shit and make him cry on national tv. Highly unlikely, but it’s an image that just made me smile.

  181. Calm down fella’s

    1 its the daily express

    2 its a club source

    As we all know this means its made up by some idiot journo in a darkened room somwhere in london. ;)

  182. So who thinks Pardew was lying about when he was contacted about the job?

    Regulars on here know i’m not one for starting/passing on tell tales but I was told by someone at the club last night that Pardew was consulted on the length of contracts for both Williamson and Ranger new contracts, so make of that what you will.

    He said that was a fact, whether his facts are actually rumours I don’t know, but he was just telling me what he heard.

  183. All these people talking about protests and things like that really are wasting their time. I admire them for their effort but he really isn’t bothered.

    The Express story isn’t new, we’ve known all along that he’s got thicker skin than a rhino.

    The only thing that will make him realise he’s fcked up is for everybody to stop going to the home games – I mean EVERYBODY! That ain’t gonna happen so what’s the point? Unless someone is going to physically assault him, he isn’t going to care.

  184. From what I’ve read so far the majority of the fan think this whole was a stink and it including me too cuz I can’t find the logic of anything that would make sense to me.

    But for me it’s happened now and nothing can changes that so I will give Pardew a chance and hope he can take it.

    And for Ranger and Williamson contacts I’d like to think CH was the man who deal with that not Pardew.

    Seems to me right now there are so many ‘news’ that somehow discredit CH.

    I don’t like that cuz I love CH :P

    One thing I have to say about Pardew that buck me was he told he’s gonna call CH !!! really WTF is that to me he’s not know with CH why he gonna call him just leave the man alone FFS cuz If I were CH I wouldn’t want someone who come took my job in such a circumstance and didn’t know each other before to say anything to me that’s for sure nothing he says would change anything or make it feel better.

  185. Stuart – agreed

    The only way to reach a compromised mass reaction would be to walk out after 85 mins. So you get to see most of the game and also make your point in front of the cameras.

    Problem being its too late to organise and if its a great game no-one would leave :(

  186. i would be willing to walk out after 5 min if every body else does would love to see the look on fat twat face if it happend the only people i would feel sorry for is the players

  187. pedro be a – leader – not a follower & dont worry yourself over our – uderperforming players – i’m sure they expected this to happen sooner or later.

    with regards to ash having a – heart attack – well i wouldn’t wish harm on anyone even him.

    enjoy the game – i’ll be in the pub for this one.

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