Choose your Newcastle United goal of the year for 2010.

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Well 2010 is nearly a piece of history as we prepare to welcome in the new year. So what better time is there than now to look back at he best goals of 2010?

Of course, some of these goals will have come in The Championship, which is where we are going to start with contender number one.

Jonas Gutierrez v Barnsley – 6th March 2010.

Kevin Nolan v Sheffield United – 5th May 2010.

Hatem Ben Arfa v Everton – 18th September 2010.

Kevin Nolan v Sunderland (with bonus highlights) – 31st October 2010.

Andy Carroll v Arsenal – 7th November 2010.

Those are just a few options, but I want to know what you would would say is our goal of the year for 2010.

Share your thoughts with us.

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107 Responses

  1. I gotta go with “fat trick” for favs of 2010. That will make me laugh for the rest of my life. Speaking of which, I turn a new year for mesel today!

    It’s my 29th birthday today, mates!

  2. Shola’s 2nd against Scum. If that was Drogba who controlled that volleyed Andy Gray would have fizzed in his pants.

  3. Blimey this is a tough one…Jonas’ was by far the best celebration though for the derby I actually thought Shola’s second goal was the best of the lot, I know it was an open goal but it was such a class finish. Probably gonna have to go for Barton vs Villa as my favourite, opened the flood gates really. Raylor against Accrington was a beauty too mind.

  4. Bear in mind, I would have put more had the choice of highlights not been utter garbage on Youtube :)

    This is why I said to add you own ;)

  5. Toonsy out of these I would pick Jonas’s 1st then Nolans against the blades, but I think the one that sticks in my mind was Jose’s one ;)

  6. i’d go for barton vs villa, but what about carrols goal against the scousers a few weeks back? that was some strike

  7. Barton’s against Villa for me just for the technique and power but for sheer class it would be Arfa’s against Everton.

    Only a handful of players in the Premiership are capable of that even on their best days.

    Can’t wait until he signs that permanent contract hopefully next week!

  8. Happy birthday OHurley!!!
    But its gotta be hba vs everton it was a screamer!
    2nd would have to be carroll vs liverpool I loved that goal
    3rd tricky but barton vs villa

    Also was guthries free kick vs leiscter in 2010 that was one hell of a free kick!

  9. Beat me to it Pearceet- Guthrie’s was a peach. Another notable goal which has not been mentioned was Andy’s against Liverpool.

  10. For pure excitement and meaning its Jose Enrique against Forest….it was the moment we all knew we were going up and the goal celebration showed the team spirit. As well as fantastic play by jose and shola.

    For quality, HBA vs Everton, how he manages to get so little back lift when he stikes the ball (see his goal vs norway as well) is amazing.

  11. Cant spell his name, but that lad we had had from france I think it did that skill in box and blasted it into the roof of the net was some goal, but best has to be HBA vs everton.

  12. Save of the year, Harper vs. Shff Untd. at the end.

    Pancrate, just the audacity of holding the ball for so long & then stroking such a gem. Too bad NUFC got so little else from him.

  13. Beatski-good shout on Shola’s first goal against chelski, was a hell of a strike, I couldn’t quite believe he’d done it, much the same with most of his goals :D His second was a blinder of a header as well..but I think our mass of goals from aerial play kind of nullifies any of them from being a goal of the season.

    Also another thing-what was that Toonsy was saying about the yellow cards and suspensions? After the new year are all our lads i.e-carroll/tiote/barton wiped clean?

  14. HBA, Shola v mackems, Shola v chavs, Nolan v sheff u, Nolan v mackems.
    AC v liverpoo. Raylor v ac stan, Raylor v chavs. Barton v villa.
    Is that too many?

    There are others.

    I dunno.

  15. I’ve seen some cracking goals this year but none better than Micky Goon’s own goals! Sweet!

  16. Do u think we could buy kranjcar, dos santos, loan keane with a view to buy and loan van aanholtt? Is that too much to ask cos that is one he’ll of a squad if we brought those in

  17. worky , i come to you a sinner and ask you to repent your sins or be cast into eternity beside me from whence you can never escape.

    you will be haunted a further 3 times tonight…

  18. workyticket says:
    April 19, 2010 at 8:58 pm
    Big Dave says:
    April 19, 2010 at 8:13 pm
    “workyticket @ 136 enlighten me then”
    Bowburn’s been ripping into me over your thing yesterday and I’ve been going a bit radgie over it. You successfully managed to convince most people on this blog that I was a liar, and I wasn’t. I don’t know why I bother running a Newcastle United ‘blog sometimes, I get f**k all out of it apart from abuse.

  19. workyticket says:
    December 29, 2010 at 7:56 pm
    Big Dave says:
    December 29, 2010 at 7:32 pm
    “Well Ice we can only hope that we dont get anymore Best’s or Perch’s .
    As I dont think CH would have got any money at all, and I dont think we could have relied upon ” the great Team Spirit” to keep us up as I do think we were starting to slip down the slippery slope”
    Dave, it’s very sad to see your pathetic sniping at Hughton after all he did for the club. Is it because he’s black?

  20. Toon_Factor says:
    December 30, 2010 at 8:00 pm
    Just read through your conversation and I have to say I’m disgusted at Worky! But not shocked, I know what he’s like!

    1. Edward Rogers says:
    December 30, 2010 at 6:55 pm
    Dave, I have been a long time reader of both blogs, I am aware of all of the characters, their stance, and their viewpoints, not to mention idiosyncrasies.
    Just to say I saw and read what happened to you last night, and I dont agree with it. You have never told lies, nor are you a racist.
    You were right on many fronts, regarding the way a certain individual who runs this blog conducts themselves and their operations. Including the editing of blogs after arguments to paint himself in a good light. I seem to remember him calling you a “Doylum” in an nasty tone for absolutely nothing, then editing it out after the argument.
    You hold the moral high ground, just stay there, people can see him for who and what he is.
    Next time he comes around with his begging bowl (for a website that is a few coppers to run, must be a shortage in his private life me thinks) maybe the readers wont be so generous.
    I will always be around to support you fella, or provide evidence, when someone libels you as a “Liar”, dont you worry about that….

    you happy that people are beginning to hold these views about you,worky ?

  21. worky – life’s too short to be making enemies of friends – give big dave the apology he deserves & move on.

    and all the best for 2011.

  22. Ahhh watching over the villa and mackem highlights again. We can play some bloody cracking football can’t we :D

  23. 48 hitman says:
    December 30, 2010 at 6:58 pm
    edward rogers is stardust…..worky its time for an amnesty

    If it is I hope he gets a say instead of getting bullied off. Thats right worky, and don’t bully me either.

  24. Im not implying anything. Im just saying I have read the comments and I don’t think you should go around throwing the ban hammer around. Im just saying I have respect for you and toonsy and aye if people are genuinely a p take I will back you up but at the min it isn’t mate and hasn’t been. I just split with my girlfriend of 3 years m8 do u think Im in a good mood atm m8 before you level anything at me I strongly advise you don’t atm. goodnight.

  25. ‘Next time he comes around with his begging bowl (for a website that is a few coppers to run, must be a shortage in his private life me thinks) maybe the readers wont be so generous.’

    That bit I don’t agree with worky and I trust it is going to the website (which I know working in IT costs a lot of money). I trust you there mate and im sure everybody whos donated does aswell thats a pretty cheap shot no to say im sayed by either side about the main argument tbh I am taking a long hard look and you’s need to sort this out without resorting to childish or cowardly actions.

  26. How have you got dragged into it, toonsy?

    Where is Worky anyhow? Is he putting his defence together?

  27. Hughton did have tactical problems and I think that we would have struggled if he had continued for the rest of the season. Ashley would have given him no more funds and he would have struggled to get a second in command. However, I respect the guy for what he did for the TOON. He was a gentleman and always gave us a professional profile on TV. As far as been black`s concerned look at the number of black players we have at the TOON, that prejudice went out of the window years ago!

  28. Oi Oi radgies!
    What a neet!
    Just sh@gged a lass who split up with her boyfriend of 3 years . Called himsel DJG or summit! She reckons he shan in bed like!
    Wooo hooohooo hoo!
    Anyone kna him?
    Laters gaters !
    Toon Toon!

  29. Best Goal – Ben Arfa v Everton

    Best Save – Krul off Van De Vaart pure class!!

    Move Out – Best, Guthrie and Perch Not Good Enough…

  30. AC out of West Ham game too!

    Tight wads chickens coming home to roost? Well unless Best can replace Carrolls goals. Don’t make me laugh!!!

  31. Nah we have Strolla to save us ;-)

    Maybe McLovin can run the channels a bit. We will be with Nolan as a support striker so I probably would expect ~Strolla if fit, or Ranger who I would prefer.

    Best is off I am sure

  32. A huge test for us now… I’m just hoping that whoever
    Is called to take AC place is hungry and desperate to prove a point! HWTL

  33. Jay Jay

    spot on, whats the problem…

    As for us not having a plan b, I personally think we have played some great possession football at times this season, West Ham and Everton were two of the best away performances in recent memory and the Villa and mackem wins were two of the most enjoyable matches ive ever been to.

    Im also pretty sure that all but a few matches this season we are well ahead in possession and havent struggled to score as were still the top scorers outside the top 6.

  34. For me , I have to go for Enrique’s goal vs Forest.

    It was just like a fateful match and that goal to made us secured the win had everyone know we were gonna go up.

    Especially the celebration afterward. ‘This group of lads’ :)

  35. well well well i see worky has been taking a leaf out off big mike’s handbook, wait till they pay the season ticket then abuse them and treat them like shlt.
    I Hope the rest of you’s have had a good crimbo and i hope the new year brings you’s all you’s want.
    tonnsy i hope u make ur 100th soon you deserve it boy.
    big dave dont let wonky grind u down or try to bully u off the blog keep on keeping on i know ur a good guy.

  36. Hope everyone has a great time tonight and all the best for 2011.

    On another note, just read all the daft stuff from a previous thread. Worky hope you sort stuff out with Dave. Not sure if this was a wind up that went wrong but Dave had never said or alluded to anything remotely racist and those kind of comments can stick I don’t blam ehim for being upset.

  37. maybe it might be good in Carroll’s absence cuz lately we’ve been playing by counting on AC as a main man too much so all the pretty play possession stuff in the early game has gone.

    with Carroll’s absence it might force us to play more stuff on the ground so it might be good thing and I think our player are capable of scoring not only AC.

    Hope it turn out to be good.

  38. maybe with the big lad out we will b forced into trying to pass the ball rather than hoofball all the time. This is maybe a chance for young ranger to stake his claim with a start and just stick nolan up with him for support.
    on the goals ben arfa’s is tasty
    Tonnsy im sure it wont b long coming just stick at it.

  39. Losing Carroll is a blow, but it may just work in our favour. Wigan and West Ham will no doubt have been preparing for Carroll and we may catch them cold by switching our style of play.

  40. eltro well westham have plenty of time too prepare without carrol and will be bringing new players in

  41. Batty

    True. Even without Carroll we should still have enough to beat West Ham at home. Anyway, we may have a new player by then too.

  42. Ah yes, West Ham who are looking at 15 players apparently. They did the same in the summer and ended up with nowt. It’s called looking busy ;)

  43. TOonsy

    Exacly, mate. Those owners are mugging the fans off. I have never trusted them. Too much mouth action for me.

  44. Me too Johno fella.

    I mentioned Becks yesterday but didnt get a reply, does anyone think he would be a decent loan?

  45. Sam Matterface aka the ugly little cnut off sky sports who looks like he cries before, during and after sex and incredibly is married to that natalie sawyer lass has thrown his twopennerth in for so unknown reason on talkshite.

    “I can’t see Ashley providing too much investment in January. He clearly doesn’t understand the inner workings of football.”

    He thinks well nab Kranjcar and Legear in january with his “understanding of the inner workings of football”

    ‘kin tool… :roll:

  46. raffo-I suppose a loan till the end of the season couldn’t hurt like, plus he’d give us somebody that could actually cross…Still, I certainly wouldn’t be buying a shirt with his name on, never been a massive fan, and he hardly adds to the lack of pace in our team does he :)

    Bad news about Carroll…Wor Shola will do us proud though lads! Have no fear!

  47. There was a bit of a racism thing Batty.

    Newkie – you might not but there would be loads that would, esp in asia where he is also a god. I think it would be a shrewd move to be honest and would like his set piece and crossing ability on the pitch. He also works his nads off for 95mins which is also a very good thing to have

  48. Ive read somewhere that we can get Wigan tickets at DW on the day on Sunday, does anyone know if this is true and if so how many tickets we have?! Not sure if it is worth the journey if we are sold out by the time we get there?

  49. Matty – Can you not book them now online and pick them up from Wigan tomorrow? At least you will know you have them.

  50. batty @100 have u been in ur cave again or do u just turn a blind eye to wonky’s hatred of anyone that thinks differently to him. which one is it batty boy u decide

  51. MattyBarlow says:
    December 31, 2010 at 12:55 pm

    Was announced yesterday that you can pay on the turnstiles

  52. batty there was me thinking u were one of the decent bloggers, but looks like ur in worky’s pocket. Shame on u fella shame on u