Newcastle need to work on a replacement for Calderwood, quickly!

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Fancy coming home, John?
Fancy coming home, John?
I think all in all it’s fair to say that yesterday was a rather busy day with regard to activity around the club.

First there was the matter of Andy Carroll having to face court in the morning, then there was the revelation of his strange bail conditions whereby he must live with club captain, Kevin Nolan.

The final piece of action on Tyneside came yesterday when Colin Calderwood called time on his Newcastle career as assistant manager in favour of a move north of the border to manage Hibernian. Personally, I’m not so sure just what Calderwood used to do at Newcastle though. By that I mean I am unsure just how important he has been. It has been Hughton has taken the plaudits whilst Calderwood just got on with things quietly in the background. Nonetheless, Newcastle must act quickly to find a replacement, but just who is that going to be?

The first name that is worrying people is Joe Kinnear. Perhaps it is even more worrying when you consider that just a few days ago he was banging on about how he would have liked a second go at the Newcastle job. He wouldn’t get that by being number two, but he would be too bloody close for comfort.

Another name that has been thrown around by fans is Peter Beardlsey. Currently our reserve-team coach, Beardsley is the natural successor to the role and it would be the natural progression to make. A lack of coaching experience could hinder any prospects of that however, despite how much attacking nouse he used to possess as a player.

For me there is only one man for the job – John Carver. He is currently working as a coach at Sheffield United so compensation would be due, which probably rules him out straight away, but the benefit would far outweigh any upfront fee we would have to pay for his services in my opinion.

Carver is Newcastle through and through, but most importantly he has a wealth of experience in playing the number two role, in fact he was number two to Bobby Robson whilst we were touring around Europe a few years back.

The main thing I want from our next number two is experience. Hughton is still a novice in terms of management, and he is learning all the time, but he could still do with the safety net of having an experienced number two to tap in to.

And who is there with more experience than Carver?

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52 Responses

  1. either him or Steve Clarke for me but i have a feeling we might go for Clarke because he is currently out of a job and therefore would cost nothing

  2. Lets see it could be:
    Steve Clark
    Lee Clark
    Sol Cambell
    Or how about Nobby Solano He at least could play the last post on his trumpet if it goes tits up!!

  3. Bring Back Souness and Dalgleish and Fook CH off…failing that how about some sexy football from Rudd Gulit?
    Failing that I am sure Dennis Wise would be back in a flash as well to assist JK.
    Few more home defeats and I think MA will protect his investment and get rid of CH.
    I did say pre season CH would be sacked by xmas it may come sooner.

    P.S I don’t really want CH to be sacked but if things continue the way they are at home he might even leave himself-he isn’t used to the pressure as we sailed through last season at a canter.

  4. Pedro did all his badges years ago, so he’s fully trained. He may not have the ‘hands on experience’ though.
    Steve Clarke is a good choice, been there & done it.
    Here & with Mourinho.
    Canny cv that!

  5. Would Ketsbaia be a No.2 to Hughton? He has had a flavour of being the boss man and we all know what he can do to the hoardings when doesn’t get his own way. :D

  6. The next two league games are crucial (They always are at NUFC) Who would want to come into that? Unless they can see a step up on the horizon.

  7. what about me, i have experience of toon, managed at leeds and brought you in some decent youngsters – i know we’ve had our fallouts but i think you’ve learned ya lesson so i’ll forgive ya

  8. Piss off back to the iron bru factory knobhead, we already have the right number of jocks in our first team. Told you Boyd is shite :)

  9. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    October 19, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    “We need a really BIG no.2.”

    Iain Dowie would fit the bill there, Clint. He’s a big “no.2”.

  10. Mags,
    he’s out of work, would be gratis, knows the craic, knows the Toon, he’s actually an assistant, worked with the best, it’s a no brainer, isn’t it?
    Man for the job?

    jay jay,
    Ketsbaia is used to being in charge now, so would being no.2 at the Toon be better than no.1 somewhere else to him, maybe i guess.

  11. I think everyone who is talking about Steve Clarke are missing one huge point – His salary at WH was about 8 times what Hughton is on here. Wold he really come up here for less than 150k a year?

    I doubt it!

  12. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    October 19, 2010 at 2:15 pm

    Nobody wants a job that you don’t need for an £800,000 pay cut, surely??

    I’d like him, but unlikely I would think. Problem is that Hughton is on such a small salary compared to other managers it reduces the quality of ass managers we can attract imo.

  13. icedog says:
    October 19, 2010 at 2:19 pm
    toon got a fee off hibs for him,so that money could go to get carver maybe?<<<< aye dog they brought his contract oot ,but he was only on £200 a week et the toon

  14. Stu – as regards salary, Clarke may like to work rather than be unemployed!

    CF As you said, he is available and knows what he is letting himself in for at SJP.

    Whoever we get, he needs to sort out some large egos with some of our players.

    On second thoughts, where’s Ketsbaia??? :D

  15. Stu,
    i totally get/take y’point mate, valid, all the way.
    I’m only suggesting who would be good at it.
    If not, best, at it.
    But you could be right, maybe cash is more important to him.
    & maybe he’s waiting for something better to come along.
    Although, he probably won’t get what he got at chelsea again, & probably doesn’t need it, he sorted now for deng i’m sure.
    So it’s all about his motivation.
    If i was sorted & someone offered me a job doing something i fancied, for beer money, i’d take it, just for kicks.

  16. I see Fergie has admitted that Rooney ‘is adamant’ he wants to leave. Now I wonder why that is??? Something tells me he’s been told by City they will offer him £500k a week. FFS what can’t you afford on £200k a week that you can afford on £500k a week? Just save up for a couple of weeks, Wayne!

  17. We need a coach who can get the team playing like we were against Barnsley at home last year, with Guthrie a central playmaker and good attractive passing along the deck. The team just look incoherent atm. Im not bothered if it’s a fashionable choice or not. Beardsley might not be aggressive enough but thats just a guess. Joe Kinnear I doubt would be no.2 or have the ideas we need and I can’t see Carver coming although that would be the best choice out of the current candidates. Maybe we should go for someone new who has top flight coaching experience and can breath some fresh ideas into our training methods.

  18. We defo need an attacking coach though. Not another long ball merchant. Someone old with a lot of experience who is currently unattached and wouldnt cost the earth. Or reinvest the compensation from Hibs.

  19. ‘The main thing I want from our next number two is experience. Hughton is still a novice in terms of management, and he is learning all the time, but he could still do with the safety net of having an experienced number two to tap in to.’

    Spot on there.

  20. Dont know why but some people seem to think Temuri’s out of work but he’s been Gerogia’s national team manager since November last year. So I’m pretty sure he wouldnt come here to be No. 2, No. 1 on the other hand…….

    It’d be a larf if nothing else :)

  21. DJG says:
    October 19, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    I agree, wholeheartedly!

    We had two defenders as manager and coach, and it showed sometimes. An ex attacker would be good.

    What about Rooney as player coach?

  22. icedog says:
    October 19, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    CC hes ganning to the smogs m8

    Shame, I think he may have been a good experienced help for Hoots a bit like Cox was for Keggy.

    I thought Mowbray was a cert for them lot.

  23. Recent news regarding Wayne Rooney is bad news for Premiership football and football in general me thinks

  24. Off topic guys but does anyone find it strange that Carrol gave Jesmond Dene House as his address in Court. Has he not got a little’un and a lass (not sure if the lass he supposedly assaulted is his present girlfriend, or ex, or mother of the child, etc). Thought he had the whole family thing going which was one of the reasons he has a good second half of last season. Can anyone clarify? Come to think of it, it may explain some of his performances.

  25. Recent news about Wayne Rooney is good news for us, as the bindipper generally uses us for shooting practice :lol:

  26. rooney is a mong, grade A.
    manusa are on the way down, they can’t compete with shitteh & rooney is the first rat to leave the sinking ship.
    He’s been shite for months too.
    But anyway, f*** him, fat baby charver!

  27. think we should defo get somebody in who aint a specialist/former defender.we need a bit of attacking variety and skill trained into the lads.hurricane hoots is doing a damn fine job but needs a bit of help,that is becomming clear