Calderwood leaves to become new manager of Hibs.

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Calderwood: Leaving for the "Hibees".
Calderwood: Leaving for the "Hibees".
Newcastle United first team coach, Colin Calderwood, has left the club to become the new manager of Hibernian in Edinburgh, who are currently lying eighth in the Scottish “Premier” League.

It has been no secret that Calderwood was being interviewed for the position, as it was reported by the BBC earlier today, with the announcement of his appointment finally coming later on the official websites of the respective clubs. also reported that the Stranraer born ex ‘Spurs and Scotland defender was approached by Hibs themselves, and couldn’t resist a return to the manager’s hot seat, having enjoyed previous spells as manager at Northampton Town and Nottingham Forest before joining the Magpies.

Calderwood himself said on the move and his time at Newcastle:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I’ve spent at Newcastle United. It has been fantastic to work alongside a brilliant manager in Chris Hughton, and with some great players at the club.

“Being part of last season’s promotion to the Premier League is something I’m very proud of and I wish Chris, Paul [Barron] and the team the very best of luck from now on.

“The opportunity to manage a top-flight side in my home country was hard for me to turn down, and that is a challenge that I’m greatly looking forward to, but Newcastle will always be a special club to me.”

Meanwhile, Chris Hughton said of Calderwood’s departure:

“Colin has been a big part of what this club has achieved since he’s been here. He was an integral part of everything we achieved last season, which culminated in us lifting the Championship trophy.

“Aside from being a very good friend, Colin is somebody who I have the utmost respect for and I wish him all the best at Hibs.”

This ‘blog would like to wish Colin all the best for the future.

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188 Responses

  1. bring in pedro for number 2,that would give us a bit of training to the attacking part of our game.dont get me wrong,im hurricane hoots most staunch supporter but with him and caldo they was both defenders and we do need a little bit of a touch up on the attacking side.

    i think im correct in saying that there are currently no specialist attacking coaches in first team staff?

    it shows.

    bring in pedro,they dont come better at attacking than him

  2. and those calling for hoots head need a serious brain transplant.frankly its embarrasing and just what we dont need,the man is doing a great job with what he is given,we are just up and need to all stay together,keep the atmosphere pro-team/players/staff and we can survive.

  3. Henk Ten Cate for hoots no2

    Completely wasted in the piss poor leagues he’s currently working in.

    Top notch coach, The real brains behind Rijkaards Barcelona team.

    Also bring Terry Mac back to lighten the mood ;)

  4. saltysellars11 says:
    October 18, 2010 at 6:40 pm

    “and those calling for hoots head need a serious brain transplant.frankly its embarrasing and just what we dont need”

    There have been spoiled bairns who want to sack every manager the club has ever since I stated supporting the club back in the ‘seventies. Back then it was “Harvey oot” because we lost to Hereford in the Cup and we weren’t top of the league. The club caved in to the pressure and we got Gordon Lee, then Dinnis, then oblivion.

  5. CC says:
    October 18, 2010 at 6:43 pm

    “Top notch coach, The real brains behind Rijkaards Barcelona team.”

    Rijkaard was a Cruyff man, CC. Cruyff was the real force behind the modern Barcelona teams.

  6. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    October 18, 2010 at 7:06 pm

    “How worky,
    did get my donation?”

    Aye, I did, and it was very generous. Thanks Clint!!!

    I’m just gannin’ through a list writing to everyone to thank you all, but it’s gannin slowly because I’m back deein’ more work on the site now.

  7. Best of luck but if it’s true that Best and Perch were his recommendations then perhaps it’s as good a move for us as it his for him.

    Our defence has improved dramatically (save for the odd blip and Perch’s inability to defend) and maybe that was partly or fully Calderwood’s influence, so we’ll have to wait and see if that shows.

  8. Is it just me or does the fact that the Chronicle left out this part of CH’s statement

    “Aside from being a very good friend, Colin is somebody who I have the utmost respect for and I wish him all the best at Hibs.”

    just so they could go with the “Rocked” headline ?

    Pretty sure CH knew all about his desire to manage again and the fact that he’s wished him well goes to show this was not a surprise.

    Dont go with the call for Beardo to be honest as the man is tactically naive and that would make two of them :)

    Time for John Carver to come home ? That would piss Speedo off no end :)

  9. I wonder if he would be interested in taking Perch with him and we could maybe throw in Best aswell :lol: .
    My pick to replace him would be Pedro but I hate the thought of the Younguns missing out on his coaching :(

  10. Bowburn hows it going Fella havn’t seen you about for a while hope all’s good.
    I really dont think we will see any ex Toon Icons replacing CC

  11. BIG DAVE carver is the boy m8,loves the toon and a good coach too,bags of exp more so since his last spell at toon,but will ash go for him knowing he likes K.K.

  12. Yeah, good lads, ust been dead busy lately. How about you fellas?

    It’ll be interesting to see if Hughton brings a replacement in and who that is.

  13. they hav to bring in a replacement other wise it leaves jus hoots n baron, pedro will defo get it, although id love lee clark, pedro will bring extra attacking potential

  14. Bowburn all’s good mate
    Ice as I said I dont think CH will go for an ex Toon man ;) there is a few I would like Pedro, Carver or Clarke but wont happen

  15. angel of death,mate how do you know pedro is tacticaly naive? he never really had to lay his love spuds on the bbq yet like,not sure how you can tell he is tacticaly naive

  16. Hooters has lost the dressing room apparently. Nolan was told on Friday he was being dropped for the Wigan game and would be on the bench. He refused to sit on the bench and went on the drink. He was in the seven stars in ponteland on Friday night hammered and throwing up.
    Hooters was given an ultimatum by Ashley that his days are numbered as he is unhappy with the results and the discipline side of things with Nolan, Carroll and Ranger.

  17. not sure if bobby is pulling our legs like but i have also heard from good sources that nolan is a complete piss head who boozes almost nightly

  18. Shit!
    It’s a good job we didn’t lose on satda, isn’t it.
    The screams would be terrible, Oh! They are already.

  19. Cue the bollocks – yeah I know this lass who was shagging xxx he said hoots was useless and Nolan & Barton ran the team n picked the side every week, only reason Nolan didn’t play was because it was his mates b’day and he wanted to go on lash – anyway she reckons xxx also said he loved her and he would marry her just before he nutted her


  20. 4411,
    get all the bairns in the team instead of the losers who are there now. Sack the manager, sack the board, close down SJP & sell the pitch to gardeners.
    Well, we’ll win the league if we beat wetspam anyway, so haad on.

  21. Anyway I hope Sunderland get twatted and bent pulls a hamstring tonight – much as I hate bfs we play mackems soon and without bent they are shite

  22. Anyway Kruls useless as well – how dare he let a goal in, our defence is kin great so it’s his fault sack him now, oh fvck it sack the lot of em, my shirts back from the cleaners albeit ripped to shreds due to Ashley getting cheap puma shirts in but I could still dee better myself man

  23. twattermole should have been booked there,one of the worst dives I’ve ever seen :roll:

  24. Wormy – you having a laugh – sacked 8 games in and we’re above delegation places, Where the fvck did you expect to be – thought we said at end of last season that survival was the goal this season – short memories, we now seem to expect to be pushing for Europe, a win and we move into top half , this is a joke and yes I’ve been on the lash

  25. Worky – you having a laugh – sacked 8 games in and we’re above delegation places, Where the fvck did you expect to be – thought we said at end of last season that survival was the goal this season – short memories, we now seem to expect to be pushing for Europe, a win and we move into top half , this is a joke and yes I’ve been on the lash

  26. cant believe ppl are calling for hoots to be sacked quit frankly its disguting yes hav had some poor home games, but we hav also had some fantastic results against everton and villa and we were robbed by a poor referee against man city, the club needs stability not constant changing of manager say he was sacked n new manager has poor start ppl gonna want him sacked to some ppl really show there lack of footie knowledge on here like, i personally think apart from stoke 2nd half n wigan on sat we hav been pretty good this season, what we are learning is u cant make mistakes and u hav to take ya chances wen they come, we shud of beat wolves we were better team all game, blackpool the same that was jus one of thoughs games, yes hoots does hav some faults leaves his subs to late n dosent giv the likes of ranger n vukic enough chances but he pretty good manager

  27. Davy – totally agree – on another day we’d have beaten Blackpool and we’d be in top half it’s that close, if Sunderland or Blackburn win tonight they’ll go 7 th – far to early to be talking about sack

  28. To be fair to Worky, it does appear to be quite topical, and at least we will see if it is the vocal minority on here or not….

  29. I think its highly unlikely that Hughton will bring anyone in of any talent from the outside. The club have already stated they will promote from within and we need an experienced ass manager in my opinion.

    It’ll be very interesting indeed.

  30. listening to radio before and some tool was on there saying houghton should b sacked because hes not playing the likes of smith n ferguson n rtaylor am like but bringin in smith n ferguson wud mean dropping tiote n jose probably are most to consitent n best players, yes maybe rtaylor but he is not the answer at rb scores goals but is terrible at defending i wud play him rwing if he was to get game

  31. I’m not a gambler by nature.
    & anyhoo, owt can happen at Newcastle, absolutely anything.

  32. Toons’ – it’s topical in the daily snail – haven’t seen it mentioned elsewhere, we can’t keep sacking managers every time we don’t like something tho saying that if we’d kept allardyce we’d have prob stayed up – still glad we sacked him, I couldn’t stand watching that brand of football it’s like football but also like watching a prostitute pretending to come whilst she takes your hard earned cash off ya – you know it’s not a real shag but……

  33. i think pedro will get it n i think its great choice he is nufc through n through n may add a little bit more to our attacking play hopefully pedro can convince hoots to bring in vukic n ranger more

  34. errrr dunno where that analogy came from – I never shagged a prostitute but have seen a movie , same thing as eating a qourn steak what’s the point !

  35. stuart79 says:
    October 18, 2010 at 8:21 pm

    “I think its highly unlikely that Hughton will bring anyone in of any talent from the outside.”

    Like Ben Arfa and Tiote, Stuart?

  36. davy,
    soon as we have a couple of lame results, it’s the same deal, change the whole team, manager etc.
    Consistency is stability, the more we change, the worse it’ll get, like when we went down.
    People need to calm the f*** down a lot.
    Can’t believe some of the apoplectic crap.
    Haad y’f***ing pash lads.

  37. I did vote NO on the poll, because it’d either be Joe Kinnear or the Ginger Whinger! Stay with CH no question, unless he can get Jol in then I’d be tempted. But we’d still have the same problem & that’s v. little money to spend.

  38. clint ya right wen are newcastle fans gonna learn we need consistency or we will never achieve anything, i do think we need sol campbell playing his experience will be vital to us gainin are ultimate goal which is survival n as it stands we wud survive so calm the f**k down people

  39. clint ya right wen are newcastle fans gonna learn we need consistency or we will never achieve anything, i do think we need sol campbell playing his experience will be vital to us gainin are ultimate goal which is survival n as it stands we wud survive so calm the f**k down people

  40. davy,
    but he shouldn’t be put under that kinda pressure so soon.
    There’s no one gonna come in instead.
    We can’t keep swapping & changing.
    We must learn to ride it out, 2 loses & a draw ain’t a crisis.
    This soft shite behavior has to stop.

    We’re F***ing Geordies, howay!

  41. whos to say if jol or oneill got the job you boo boys wudnt b wantin them sacked if they lost there first 6 games in charge, although if hoots did leave jol wud defo be my choice

  42. richietoon says:
    October 18, 2010 at 8:27 pm

    “worky…I think Stuart means as Asst Manager.”

    Aye richie, I realised a few minutes after posting that. I’m flicking around all over the site and not concentrating.

  43. carver is at sheff utd isn’t he. Assisting gary speed. I would love lee clarke as assistant manager but cant see him leaving huddersfield as he is looking a good manager. We need some tactical knowledge as a new assistant manager and peter beardsley isnt there yet. His time will come.

  44. clint agree with you 100% if it werent for hoots we wudnt even be in the premiership as far as am concerned the team spirit he has built at the club is the best weve seen for years u can c it amongst the players n he has transformed the attitude aswell, plus all the players are behind him so it wud upset the dressing room if he was sacked n lets not forget its the players that are makin silly errors to cost us games n pretty hoots isnt telling them do that so get a grip people

  45. is this a new story bout carrroll at the bbc or is it his court case from like months ago that was delayed untill october.

  46. saltysellars11 says:

    “angel of death,mate how do you know pedro is tacticaly naive?”

    Twas me Salty and I believe this to be true based upon two separate sources.

    One is a drinking buddy of mine and his son played for Pedro in the Youth Academy first time around – more than that I cannot say as I dont want him outed ???? :)

    The other is a bloke who I’ve worked with on a number of projects and he knows Beardo from his early days’s and still sees him now and again.

    As for sacking CH the question you should always ask yourself is “Who is good enough out there to replace him ?”

    Souness is still unemployed :0

  47. My cousins teachers aunty said that strachan is in line if hoots gets the chop… With a backroom staff of shearer, southgate and rooney in january as the deal sweetner!

  48. am home having my dinner – I heard mourinhos up for the job and he’s happy to work within a budget of 50p

  49. Let’s face facts – no decent managers gonna come to a recently promoted club with very little budget to change things and a crowd who’ll turn on him at first opportunity – if we sack hoots now we’re as deluded as the papers make us out

  50. fourfouroneone says:
    October 18, 2010 at 9:04 pm

    “Let’s face facts – no decent managers gonna come to a recently promoted club with very little budget to change things and a crowd who’ll turn on him at first opportunity”

    Kinnear would still be up for it.

  51. BIG DAVE did you lend richietoon one of your spare walking frames m8 his mrs has hit his only good leg,poor old sod

  52. Worky JFK can stay where ever he is the last thing we need is that c@nt. I honestly think if that happened the bedsheets would be back out again :( .
    Ice you still havn’t give me the walking frame back yet ;)

  53. See Strachan brought down half of Scotland n has p!ssed off! Thank god for a little light relief! :>

  54. stu – actually just asked yours, apparently it’s a one off made for you whilst I shag your lass

  55. WORKY talking KOREA i read that there world cup players where put on a building site for 5yrs for bringing disgrace on there country for there efforts in the comp,and nolan thinks hes hard done by :)

  56. Obviously I have to wait my turn like, I’m member 2001 so only get a go every 23 hours :)

  57. Why do we have a “should we sack Hughton” poll?

    Are there really enough idiots who think that going about now? If there is, I feel sick.

  58. Heard a rumor in manchester airport about 4 hours ago that Terry Venables is on his way as our new assistant to Hoots. Dont know how true it is though, just flew back to Holland from their .

  59. The fact there’s even rumours circulating about our replacement for an assistant manager is ridiculous in itself. I’m quite confident it will be someone within the club to be honest, they’re not going to bring in a recognised name and have them work under Hughton. Nee offence to him but I really cant see the likes of Terry Venables wanting to work second fiddle at a club like us. Good luck to Calderwood at Hibs, if he moves out by me i’ll knock on his door and grill him about Fat Mike,lol.

  60. Seriously, why do commentators keep trying to big up Gyan!? He is awful and shows it near enough every time he plays. All they ever seem to say about him is, “what character to miss a penalty and then step up to take the first one in the shoot out.” Yeah, well done, mate.

  61. venables would be great choice and houghton is the type of guy who wud probably welcome that appointment plus they know each other from spurs, but still think it will be pedro

  62. Batty – where ya going if scum beat us – you’re the only clueless person on this blog – well actually there’s a few of us but ya speaking for ya sen

  63. Im all for Beardo coming in as first team coach. Like mentioned above, we might have some more invention and good offensive coaching going on rather that this ‘hoof the ball to Andy’ crap that we are seeing at the minute. Beardsley is perfect for that and Fat Ash wouldn’t have to spend too much money either. Plus he would be a popular choice with the fans, unlike the chuckle brothers.

  64. Looking Pretty Gloomy-Think CH will be given the chop soon especially if this home form continues.
    Fookin Dull as well.

  65. sirjasontoon

    G.H won’t get the chop, simply because no-one else will come. C.H is only there because it was a huge career opportunity for him win or lose. A proven prem manager wouldn’t touch us with a barge pole given the lack of funds for transfers into the first team. The best bet we have got now is to hope they can find a new coach that can sort out the training and these pathetic home performances.

  66. DJG,
    That & the fact that changing managers again is the dumbest thing we could possibly do right now.
    Stick with it lads.

  67. Jay jay……toon took 2800 tickets for Bolton but they’re trying to get more so keep ya eyes open mate.

  68. well you can normally get up to 5k for Bolton and the stadiums always bloody half empty anyway so cant see it being a problem.

  69. aye its shit them not taking up full allocations when people have forked out for memberships then dont get the chance to get match tickets anyway

  70. Hey guys, was just thinking how about replacing the useless Colin with the ultimate in assistant managers?? Glenn “rodent” roeder! He loves the club, loves the fans and most of all loves tounging bullet! Perfect for Ashley! He will get results in the dressing room and also a nice clean ass wound due to all the dimming from the rodent and hughtonator! Win win! He might not be getting the results on the pitch, but he would certaintly be getting results off it!!

  71. I just wanna comment the new poll…

    the question is phrase wrongly though.

    it should be…

    Should Chris Hughton be sacked as Newcastle United manager YET?

    At the Moment if based on the question above, Nope.Not Yet.But if he can’t transform our Home form or improve it in the next few months/matches..and some away wins.

    Then i will be sadly to say,he has to go….

    Did anyone here consider getting Alan Shearer as Assistant Manager? :lol:

  72. DJG – you’ll be suprised who would want to manage us. The only reason good, experienced managers would maybe say no is because of the regime – they don’t have a good record do they?

    But there’s always managers willing to take on the challange, its their ego.

    By the way, I am in no way advocating the replacement of Hughton. I’m waiting until Christmas to make a judgment on where we are and how we’re playing.

  73. Shearer would be a disaster and almost guarantee relegation – remember we tried it before, players didn’t like him and we played even worse football under him
    Great player but should stay on motd couch (even tho he’s a shite pundit) to be honest I find it unbeleivable that he still gans on about wanting to get into management when a top club comes in for him …… yeah I heard Liverpool, Chelsea and man u all had him on short list – kin dream on big al

  74. Stu – you’re right I’d be surprised if a top manager came to toon, look at our track record

    Yeah we’re a massive draw for someone wanting a huge payout although they wont even get that these days so that rules out kk allardyce and slyness coming back :)

  75. The author of this original rumour, Colin Young of the Mail, will be chuckling into his cornflakes this morning reading the comments on here, he is a mackem for gods sake and is having a right laugh at all the biters.
    Just shows you how much damage a wild fire rumour can do.

  76. JT – you’re not alone mate.

    I think I understand Worky’s reasons for doing it, but all I can see it leading to is a load of bullsh1t journalism with “fans loosing faith in Hughton” headlines.

  77. Im not having a go at the blog Toon Chicken , but i cant belive there has been a need for it , unfortuntly there is that under current from certain people on the blog for CH to be sacked. And that is very very sad

  78. Like i mention,if u ask me at this time right now,should CH be gone,i would say too early.

    What i hope is that those possible wins where we didn’t manage to get,we will get it at some surprise away matches,sort of to re-coup the loss points.

    right now,i am interested to know who will be CH new right-hand man.~~~

  79. Batty next 4 games in league are away to west ham , home to sunderland , away to arsenal , home to blackburn I think we will pcik up more than nil points , id be happy with 4 delighted with 7 points

  80. I think we will beat west ham , lose to arsenal , draw against sunderland , and i think we d have a chance of beating blackburn

  81. who is going to be nmbr2??? Carver?? Clarke? (steve or lee) Pedro??
    carver for me would fit straight in – any views??

  82. I wouldnt mind carver , only problem is he only recently joined shef utd so not sure how he would be fixed. Steve clarke is out of work could be a shout , Dont think lee clarke would come in as a number 2. And pedro be a good as shout as anyone really.

    Tho i do have a feelin CH will bring in someone he knows personally and worked with before ,

  83. on the assistant, bit annoying how people are just mentioning people they know/heard of, there are a few more out there you know. And as for Beardsley, what has he done to deserve the role? Coaches are employed because of experience and track record, not because the could jink past a player or two a few year back. I don’t think we’ll have a problem getting a good coach in though personally, in fact, I would have thought we’ve received applications or CVs already.

    On CH, his contract runs out in the summer, sack now, pay compensation, leave it till then and give him the season he deserves, can go for nothing. No brainer really, the club weren’t stupid in giving him a 2 year contract, it was done intentionally and for the very purpose of flexibility and manoeuvrability.

    And to be honest, I think it’s a bit disgusting, from fans who should know better about the effect chopping and changing managers has on a team/club, to even be entertaining the thought.

    He got us where we are, he deserves his chance, let it be.

  84. 2Tho i do have a feelin CH will bring in someone he knows personally and worked with before”

    Shearer? ;)

    Come on – someone had to do it.

    I like the Pedro idea. Salty has a good point about the influence of a natural attacking mind in the coaching setup.

    Sad to see Calderwood go, though – but don’t blame him at all. It’s a good move for him and he owes us nowt.

  85. andy townsend i happy on tv!!
    heres hoping for sumone soon, not long til mackems and we need a win!!

  86. Ffoo-I’m with you regarding Townsend, think the guys a plank on telly, awful pundit.

    On a brighter note, just got my tickets for the mackems. Have been bricking it since they went on sale so I can relax now, lol.

  87. Ross
    at the prices they are charging id be suprised we sell out!!
    a fookin disgrace £42!!!!

  88. Jettson-aye mine cost me 42 like. They are selling though. Large parts of the ground where you can actually get a seat are “limited”, which is essentially single seats. Strangely enough platinum and 1892 are like a morgue, at 70 quid a pop.