Ben Arfa update – Marseille agree terms?

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Just a quick update on the Ben Arfa saga, which finally appears to be drawing to a close, at last.

Sky Sports News have reported that Marseille have accepted a fee of around £1 million from Newcastle to take the 23-year old Frenchman on loan for the season.

It is understood that the deal includes an option to buy at the end of the deal, which hopefully means that future payments will be set out in advance should the player impress and Newcastle wish to make the move permanent.

Nothing is concrete yet and terms still have to be agreed, but hopefully we can conclude the deal and land a player that is highly rated throughout Europe.

More to Follow…..

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157 Responses

  1. Sweet – had a feeling we might get him a while back from CH’s now trademark coyness ;)

  2. It seems that if we get him and J Lloyd thats the 2 players then. I’m a bit surprised that we couldnt have got a sound midfield enforcer – particularly for away games – maybe Perch could be used for “man marking” – though it seems to me that sort of thing doesnt really happen these days. (i’m too owld – i’ll get me coat)

  3. I think we will get another CDM with Smudger off to Rangers maybe. I cant see us getting these two and thats that. I wont relax until the day after the window as theres always a shock.

    I still hope we get someone better than JL Samuel

  4. jls would be decent experienced cover Jose, so a sound, if not spectacular addition if it comes off!
    A striker next tho surely – tuncay? keane? gyan? we need pace and guile up front to play off AC

  5. width cover, just what the doctor ordered, I know it was just paper talk however this idea of Kevin Prince Boateng grows on me by the minute

  6. Jettson
    Why Gyan…

    Check out his goalscoring record. Its worse than most of our strikers……………

  7. jettson
    do we need a striker? Really? lets not be having this crap about needing a ’20 goal’ front man, its a redundant argument.

    Is it not more a case that the strikers we have will score goals if given the opportunity to score goals? i.e. buy players that will make the chances?

  8. I think Ben Arfa will be a problem solver for a number of positions. Wide men cover/secondary striker all rolled into one methinks ;) ;)

  9. what happen to the uragyian midfielder we were meant to be in for?

    Can anyone see Ch selling Smith?

  10. 10 & 11 – just cant see where we will get enough goals from our forwards at the min, i would hope that AC will get to double-figures, Shola never done it, Peter L is good foil for AC but we need another who has the experionce – i like the idea of Tuncay or keane or ven Bellamy – a long shot would bt Gyan who had good world cup or even Huntellaar on loan
    things are possible nowadays and why not go and find out

  11. I have just heard (and it might be comple bo****ks) that Shay Given our trusty ex keeper is considering accepting a loan deal to Sunderland. I mean can you imagine the once loyal Shay Given pulling on a Sunderland shirt????? Whats this world coming too first Sunderland surving more than one season in the Prem and now this! Absolutely barbaric!!!

  12. Clearly it makes no sense to have Jonas on the bench as he is one of our better players, so perhaps Arfa can find a role playing of the striker or in a more traditional AM role, as well as cover on the wings.

  13. Shay Given is a complete cry baby!

    If he’s not first choice he threatens to leave.


  14. Huntelaar on loan?? Yeh ben arfas a great signing but there’s no chance of huntelaar or even Gyan.let’s not get carried away

  15. Remember Shay had a Sunderland shirt on before he signed for us. To be honest, I don’t care, players can ply their trade anywhere, just have to remember the good times with us. Can understand him moving from us and happy with Harper and our other keepers, but the least he could have done was waited until the end of taht season and not gone in the Jan window.

  16. MDS – what about moving Jonas into the hole- the lad can’t cross…. Then Ben Arfa on the wing if we even get him.

  17. Nobby long?
    Of course its a real photo!!
    Lord lucan hiding in the trees in the background verifies this!!!!!!!

  18. That picture is about as genuine as most of mike ashleys statements!(bollox!) I can understand people saying as long as Shay remembers the good times but it would truly pain me to see him in a Mackem kit.

  19. we can only think of options
    why not huntelaar, unlikely yes, but he not getin a game at AC Milan, so why not try?
    longshot i admit, but if you dont ask u dont get

  20. NUFC need a left back to cover for Enrique. That is a no-brainer. I’d bet that whoever is doing our buying has something quietly cooking with a team that will need to adjust their roster to meet the new “home-grown” rules.

    It seems Routledge, Jonas and Xisco are the 3 wings now. Ben Afra would be the fourth one required, as I see no academy product has risen to being included.

    I keep waiting to see some NUFC sales, but like the LB purchase issue, that may come at the last minute.

  21. Given is already scarred with a Red and White past, he played 17 times for Sunderland while he was on loan there in 1996 from Blackburn.

  22. not so bad…..not ganin to live in Spain at mo :-(
    but means I get to use my season ticket :-) or :-(
    and I’ve a new pen pel goes by the name of Mick Dennis,sent me 3 emails yesterday.I think he secretly wants to follow the Toon.
    Is ya lad back now?

  23. Well it’ll give us a better chance. Especially if they sell Milner AND Young.

    I reckon that’s what’s happened, they’ve told him Young and Milner are going.

  24. rich yeah he came back 2 week ago and he had his discharge medical last week hes out now ,but starts next week doin his fireman traing lol

  25. Batty – I’m pleased your lad is back mate. Now get your arse back on here more regular you dipshit! ;)

  26. Martin O Neil is joining the toon.
    CH is stepping down to Ass Manager and CC is First team coach

    You heard it here first.

  27. toonsy says:
    August 9, 2010 at 4:36 pm
    Batty – I’m pleased your lad is back mate. Now get your arse back on here more regular you dipshit!
    <<<< toonsy i dont come on as much as iam not very well liked and it gis me sleepless nights :lol:

  28. LOON says:
    August 9, 2010 at 4:36 pm

    You forgot the bit about the worlds richest man buying us and bringing Ronaldo and Messi.

  29. whey she hasn’t just got your face to look at now,that would pick anyone up ;-)

    I hope all goes well with the fire brigade training.He should cruise it.

  30. Er no,I think I’ll wait.I’m hoping we’ll sign Jo cos it’ll be cheaper :lol:

  31. apparently we’ve put in a 6 million pound bid for Kevin Prince Boateng. according to this italian newspaper. i cant really make out the rest of the article. translation is shit.

    translation according to google

    “The Ghanaian is competition from Lazio and, especially, has added Newcastle Portsmouth who made the offer superior to that of Italian. As for the defender of Genoa, refusal to move to red and blue Jankulovski has blocked the deal

    He suddenly “jammed” the Milan market. On both fronts, and the striker Boateng, on which it seemed that the Via Turati club was ahead of the competition (Lazio for Ghana) and the inevitable contingencies that characterize the market. Newcastle could be negotiated by odd man out, the two “litigants” Lazio and Milan (via Genoa) on Ghana midfielder. The English club have offered six million pounds (about 8 million) to Portsmouth, being under court receivership since failed, he would find it difficult to accept an offer much more reasonable than those of Lazio (6.5 million) and Genoa (5).”

  32. From L’Equipe site (google translated):

    Hatem Ben Arfa Will Probably soon discover The Joys of the Premier League. Former Lyonnais has indeed been authorized by the OM to negotiate with leaders of the Magpies for a one-year loan with option to purchase. Lyon Train Has Been MONSTER autorisée by the OM to Negotiate with leaders of the Magpies for a one-year loan with option to purchase.

    The two clubs have reached an agreement to pay a loan for a season of 1.2 million euros, with the end of the season with an option to purchase that amount was not disclosed. The Two clubs Have Reached year agreement to pay a loan for a season of 1.2 million euros, with the end of the season with an option to purchase Amount That Was not disclosed.

  33. Shocked about MO’N..another manager who’s threatened to walk if Milner is sold and he isn’t given cash he was promised?..don’t be surprised to see his move to city go through within the next week or so I reckon!

  34. Rich – You know I said I got banned from the Sunderland board?

    Well I reckon I won’t be far behind on the Villa board :lol:

    I only started a thread asking them “who is their next messiah?”

    ;) ;)

  35. Toonsy,
    Details of the Villa board please, i need to give them some grief as I will never forgive them for how they behaved on the day we went down.

  36. Martin O’Neill resigns, what goes around comes around as far as those gloating Villa fans are concerned, bet they are not jumping around like school girls at this moment in time, dont suppose they could make me a very happy man by going into an irreversible nosedive.

  37. i dont know whether to feel happy or sad for the b******s,after what they did to us,i know it’s a kick in the plums for them before the season even starts.

  38. bbb 69 – no, it won’t be full revenge on them unless Villa go the whole hog and appoint Joe F Kinnear as caretaker manager!

  39. where’s clint flick?here clint you said you dont believe in god,i think you’ll think again after today’s karmaesque events,there’s got to be a god after that.

  40. we have to take some banners to the match now,we have to have a go at them.this is the gee up we needed,should be a cracking atmosphere now,the place will be stowed off he he he.

  41. hey guy’s, it’s been a while, decided to get back into the swing of thing’s.

    Loads to catch up on but in relation to this little gem we should have signed by Friday. In simple terms we can’t afford to let this slip. My fear is now that everything is public we could have a ‘Modric’ situation on our hand’s. I pray thing’s get tied up asap.

    Yes he’ll come with swagger, yes he’ll have some attitude…….. So what “Ginola”….. “Robert”……”Asprilla”…….. I think it’s something we need.

    Give him the ball and the ground will buzz!!!! How long since that’s happened.

    Only my opinion but we need this guy or someone similar….. This is no trophy signing it’s a signal of intent that the Toon are on there way back to where we belong!!!!!!

    That is all for now

  42. I’ve started off a thread for them “O’Bleary is the new messiah,trust me” :twisted:

  43. Who can find a video showing that idiotic banner shown by Aston Villa that day??? Or a picture will do.Thanks in advance.

    Time for me to shoot down some Aston Villa Fans. :lol:

  44. Toonsy’s making loads of new friends :lol:

    much as I’d like to partake I need to nip oot for a while.later lads

  45. Joe Kinnear for Villa Job. ;)

    First day of work.

    55strights of “wonderful” words describing His proud moment being Aston Villa Boss.

    Next few months,feeling unwell,due too amount of stress.

    Then Villa Boss seat empty again. Wheee.

  46. cant believe so many people want rid of smudge. i dont think he should be in our starting 11 but id be suprised if he wasnt in the team vs manure just for his tough tackling no nonsense play that may just be want we need for the tough away games, he seems to me as though he and nolan are the 2 that kept the changing room together last season only down side is his wages that i cant see rangers been able to afford anyway

  47. Raffo – strewth that must be the first rumour appeared on that site that is right!

    Ross – Now that really is a “machiavellian” theory O’neil to citeh by christmas must be worth a punt.

  48. geordie deb says:
    August 9, 2010 at 6:54 pm

    “Evening Worky – how you doing?”

    Hi Deb, I’ve picked up a virus, my insides are knacked again, my computer’s knacked again and my bank are trying to drive me under. Other than that, I’m OK Deb! :-)

    How are you?

  49. Milner caused Keegan to leave Newcastle in the past and now MO’N to leave Aston Villa.

    Milner just go man city~~~

    Saw the above comment at a gaming forum.Quite true.hahahas.

  50. WORKY sorry to hear your not 100% m8,not think couple of weeks in hotter climate would help m8,let the p.c./bank ect get stuffed

  51. From the .com

    72Geordie-Gerrard7 // Aug 9, 2010 at 5:21 PM

    Think of this as you like.

    But we have made a bid for kpb, involving cash plus players, one on loan one permanent Ryan Taylor being perm, and Fraser Forster being on loan, this is said to be kpb’s preferred destination on advice of didi Hamann?? (don’t understand that bit). Smith is on his way to rangers on a season loan with view to a 2 mill deal. Chris Hughton has also made enquiries for Maynard of Bristol city, and an unamed bundesliga striker.

    I would love this all to be true, but can’t see none of it

    I would love this to be true as would get some decent in and dead wood out but let’s wait and see. I simply don’t think we are finished yet baby

  52. Milner causing problems at Villa, Beye hardly played all season, neither did Viduka or Owen, Given calling the shots at City, Martins has disappeared altogether,N Zogbia working himself at Wigan, Butt retired and Smith on the fringes at the Toon.
    Think there is evidence there of why we got relegated.

  53. If a club like Villa are basically being forced to sell players to balance the books, what does that say about the true state of football finances & the chances of a team that doesn’t have squillions to spend getting into the top 4.
    Nice to see the villa suffering, but once liverpool are sold we will potentially be looking at a top 4 of citeh, mancs,chelski & the scousers all hoovering up champions league money every season & the rest of us making up the numbers.

  54. Sorry to hear that Worky. Hope all the viruses and crap with bank sort themselves out, never rains but it pours eh?
    I’m fine ta. Not been on as much to comment just been away working a lot. Back for a few weeks thank god.

  55. o neill has left behind a good squad!!

    not to metion geremi, barton hardly played, duff was never up for it and joe kinnear…my god, what a circus

  56. Welcome back Deb :)

    Noir9 – Villa are following the same blueprint we did. A team that brings in £84 million and is spending £71 million in wages. Lerner has lost a lot of wealth and has turned the taps off to try to balance the books.

    The plus point for them is that they are sorting it with a PL income, but the club still owe Lerner, and he is charging them interest on it.

  57. Is £1m not a bit much for a loan deal? I know nothing about them… Does that £1m get taken off the price should he sign after the loan term? :S

    Hopefully all smooth and gets finalised asap!!

  58. At least Villa’s qualified for Europe the last three years. We got relegated under the same financial circumstances

  59. nimagpie

    sounds like ok business to me, we get to assess this player for a year and avail of his talents while he is in good form and at a promising point in his career!! it also gives us first option to buy him

  60. If anything, the recent departure of MON just goes to show how modern football is. MA is no better or worse than these other chairmen who will make decisions over the managers head. I said two years back that 90% of chairmen/DOF will take control if they feel its necessary. The only ones with complete power are Wenger and Ferguson. This is modern football. Too much money flying about to let Managers make all the decisions.

  61. TOONSY got more fans than you think m8

    except maybe a/villa/l/pool/the dark side ect ect :)

  62. to be fair, if i owned a club and pumped over a hundred million plus into it only for it to be making a loss and to be paying some under performing players crazy wages, i might find it hard to turn down a crazy offer for one of the players too, even if it was a player that the manager wanted to keep

    afterall every player normally has a price, just look at ronaldo and when city come in with 25m for milner, that to hard to turn down!! i remember when we sold milner,a lot of people were saying 12 million for a winger who cant cross is great business

  63. Toonsy – you don’t happen to know the lottery numbers for wednesday night aswell do you?

    Worky – just been thro the same with my bank, but un-fortunetely they succeeded with me. So I sort of know how you feel & its horrible, only thing I’d say is make sure you talk to somebody (problem shared & all that) & don’t bottle it all up. Best of luck & don’t let the barstewards grind you down.

  64. Evening Folks so its looking like Arfa daly may be coming after all
    Ice do you still think we will be getting a 2nd ? oh and dont be telling Toonsy he has more Fans do you not think his head is big enough allready remember his last helmet had to be made xxxl ;)

  65. 1m is ok for a loan deal, look at Owen 4m a season, Luque 3m a season et etc before wages and they were siht.

  66. While we learned a few hours ago , through AFPThat the OM and Newcastle had reached an agreement for the loan of the player Phocaean ( there was talk of a loan to pay & euro 1.2M with an option to purchase up to the end of the season ) , the last info and not least , comes from falling . In fact, it seems that the staff Marseille is more inclined to let his jewel aged 23 years to compensate for the departure of Mamadou Niang for Turkish club Fenerbahce .

    Jean Claude Dassier spoke on this subject for the club ‘s official channel . “Offer club Newcastle is not sufficient , […], sell Ben Arfa and Niang is not realistic” said club president Olympian . At the same time, TON however, informed us that the player’s entourage were ready to insist that the player can finally rebounding elsewhere after two years rather disappointing in Marseille … Hopefully the leaders will rise Marseille inflexible .

  67. BIG DAVE evening young chap,told you double up soon,toonsys busy getting barred from the villa site,just like him to rub it in :)

  68. I was just going to say that Dave…..Ice and Deb don’t compliment Toonsy,he already has an unfeasibly large head ;-)

  69. god,will this ben arfa saga come to an end pls?
    whatever the result

  70. i really hope we get him, he would be a major coup if we got him, whether playing off the striker or on the wing, it could be magic

  71. Argh just as I was starting to get excited thinking we were close to getting our man, we’re actually no further forward. I’m still hopeful that a deal can be done though, and then maybe one or two more.

  72. Toonsy-you don’t think we’d have been in touch to tell Marseilles to retract statements made earlier on in the week? Probably too good to be true though and in actual fact, there is just no agreement. Does this “we pull out of the deal if you go public” idea actually get exercised when we’re negotiating with other clubs you reckon? our last few transfers have been done in the dark but there’s been talk of this for weeks

  73. Ross – There was talk of Campbell and Gosling for a fair while, yrt there was no confirmation from anyone as such. I think it is that confirmation bit that deals hinge on?? This Marseille guy seems to like the sound of his voice though.

  74. been talking to some marsielle mate of mine that i know from the match worn shirt scene,he seems to think that agreement has been 10000 per cent reached and that OM chairman dassier and also didier deschamps have been told by nufc not to confirm anything or the deals off so thats why they have publicly denied today? i tend to believe him,he has links to the training groung at OM and knows a few players due to his shirt collecting,plus he told me of beye coming before it was revealed/also it would fit in with ashleys policy of wanting things hushed up or any deals off? lets hope so lads.although my mate warned me that yes he has amazing skill that will make him a hero here,but he can be even lazier than robert ever was and can go weeks without touching the ball and then BANG! he scores a beezer! he says we should get a fired up HBA for a year at least,it was after that when it went sour at OM.he thinks he needs a coach to make him work hard and be humble and where he is star of the team.also not to play him out wide in epl because he cannot defend well,so im hoping he will get played behind AC initially.all in all its what we expected,a great player but with baggage,otherwise he wouldnt be touching us with a bargepole.kind of like pulling jordan but then having to put up with the kids and her opinions?…….

  75. Of course Marseille are saying there’s no deal. They’ll be hoping for another club to come in and offer them a better deal.

    I wouldn’t take any notice of anything anybody says until it’s on, until then it’s not going to happen.

  76. batty says:
    August 9, 2010 at 9:17 pm

    “can we stick too the shite what toonsy wrote on this thread plz”

    Where the frig have you been all this time, batty? Hope all’s well.

  77. Well I would say if we are getting him it will be by Wed or its all over, was there any other news on the 2 injuries ? I was thinking Carrolls might have been just an excuse to stop him playing the under 21s. I really cant understand having them the same week the prem starts, who tf thinks of these things anyway

  78. Stuart-that’s true, they just want rid for a maximum profit and If the info is true about him wanting to be here, I doubt they care. I wouldn’t put it past nufc asking Marseilles to keep hush though if there have been any agreements made, we seem to like to do things under wraps these days. I think the Campbell rumours were press putting 2 and 2 together and getting lucky if I’m honest. We need a cb, sol is out of contract, Geordie wife, pl experience etc..could be wrong but I’m sure there were plenty of fans thinking “we might sign sol Campbell” aswell.

  79. Has anyone thought it could be to tie in with the open day on wed ? I know they are doing a buy a shirt get the name and no free offer so maybe they are expecting to get the fans all geed up with the new Arfa signing and get them to empty there pockets again :)

  80. I just hope were not set up for a fall.why did the owner say ben arfas leaving on Saturday now he’s starting to change his mind.the fans backlash over the defeat to Caen could convince him to keep him.if only marseille won comfortably without him

  81. workyticket says:
    August 9, 2010 at 9:31 pm
    batty says:
    August 9, 2010 at 9:17 pm

    “can we stick too the shite what toonsy wrote on this thread plz”

    Where the frig have you been all this time, batty? Hope all’s well<<<< every things fine m8 hows u

  82. WORKY >>> like i sed too toonsy iam not very well liked on here i was gettin sleepless nights through all the slagging i was gettin :lol:

  83. He was on Eds one night so I went on for the 1st time in yunks to have a yarn with him, the same stardy as usual but he asked me to let you know he was askin he said he lost your email add. So I suppose ye cant wait for the season to start it has been real boring as fuk the last couple of months

  84. Well if Marseille are saying theres no agreement Toonsy was spot on when he said it wouldnt happen but if it goes through Toonsy called it first 4 in a row… ;)

  85. batty says:
    August 9, 2010 at 10:00 pm

    “<<<< every things fine m8 hows u" Could be better, batty. I've got a virus and my throat is so sore I sound like Louis Armstrong.

  86. Problem with countries where English is not the first language is things can get lost in translation… Where just going to have to try peace together what is going on… or just wait for confirmation from Chris Hughton or Fat Boy.

  87. just signed up to l’equipes website and asked what they think of the situation whether anyone will reply to me since i wrote in english is another matter.

  88. worrying.some of the fans seem to think ben arfa wants to stay and that they will sell niang to raise funds instead because he wants to leave.

  89. theres nothing i want more than for ben arfa to sign for newcastle im just posting whats being said in france is different from here.theres now an article saying theyve cancelled a meeting with us.

    Fabiano ( Press Photo – Sports ) no longer a single track for Olympique Marseille . Sevilla striker is indeed on the verge of joining the Champion of France . Negotiations are still ongoing, according Team.

    Unless last-minute twist , the Phoenicians should therefore seek the services of Brazilian striker against a transfer of Mamadou Niang to Fenerbahce for a sum ranging between 8 and 10 million euros. A start which is not really the taste of Didier Deschamps, who wanted to combine the two players in attack.

    But if the coach has for the moment Olympian his nerves , he could climb to niche when leaving Hatem Ben Arfa . Announced on the side of Newcastle midfielder could therefore ultimately stay . Leaders Marseille have also canceled a scheduled meeting on Tuesday in England . It could take place Friday in Marseille. Three days’ respite to convince the former Lyon leaving his suitcases on the Canebière

  90. The deal is agreed the Marseiile chairman is just pulling the wool over everyones eyes, it’s the oldest trick in the book and the press lap it up.

    Trust me he will sign this week. He will be as good as Robert was for us also, he will be a fantastic signing.

    To all those saying sign a striker, not going to happen look at the form Lovenkrads is in and look at what a striker Carrol is growning into. We have no need to sign a striker it’s strengthening the centre of midfield which we need to support our attack that’s the priority.