The signings shouldn’t stop at Ben Arfa!

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Line up your targets!
Line up your targets!
I know, I know. The deal for Ben Arfa isn’t signed, sealed and delivered just yet, but it does seem like he is on the verge of joining us.

As ever, nothing is official until the club announce it, and we are still awaiting that confirmation. But even if it does get made official at some point, it shouldn’t be the last signing we make and we should continue to improve the team.

This transfer window is actually turning out better than I had hoped for, particularly if we add Ben Arfa to the signings of Dan Gosling, Sol Campbell and James Perch, but we shouldn’t stop there. More new faces are needed at Newcastle to ensure we have the best possible chance of avoiding the drop.

What position should those signings be in though? That is the question. Ideally we should be looking to strengthen everywhere, but that isn’t going to happen with the meagre amount of money we have available, and that means that Hughton must focus on where he thinks the team needs strengthening.

That is a good subject for debate actually as I have seen many differences in opinion over which position people would like to see strengthened. Where do you think should be the next area for improvement?

Hughton has said he expects to have two more new faces through the door before in this transfer window, and using an educated guess I would say that Ben Arfa is one of them. But who is the other, and where does he play? Perhaps I should ask who would you like to be the other, and which position would you like him to play?

I would like another striker personally, but with six already on the books I can’t see that happening. A cover left-back would be nice, in fact it would be somewhat of a novelty to have a dedicated back-up for Jose Enrique as we haven’t had one for a long long time.

How about a defensive midefielder to take over from Alan Smith? I’m sure Smithy could do a job as a squad player, but to replace him with some fresher, faster legs wouldn’t be a bad thing in my opinion.

At the end of the day it’s all about opinions, so why not share yours? Perhaps through an exchange of opinons we can get a feel as to where our weaknesses lay, and who would be a good signing to adress the problem?

Who do you think should be our next signing, and in what position?

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124 Responses

  1. I Agree. a Good decent striker would always be welcome. Miroslav Klose or Lavezzi of Napoli. The names that have been Mooted.

  2. LB Van Aanholt,DM little baldy Uruguyan,forward,Keane/bellers ‘type’ player…should have went for Hooper imo. Unlikely we’ll get any of those but there ya go.

  3. New user here. been watching this blog for about a year and felt I had a question that relates to this blog. I accept that new players would be nice, however who are we actually going to play. Given that we play a flat back four. What tactics & who for the other 6. personally away from home I would play 7-3 so therefore three defensive midfielders and 3 attacking. this therefore 4-3-2-1 or 4-3-1-2 I would like a new DM (arevalo) to play alongside barton & Jonas playing defensively, Then Siggusson from reading to play alongside ben arfa & Carrol. At home push Barton & Jonas forward to play 4-1-4-1 or 4-1-3-2. In orther words to support Toonsey, where are we going to play these new players in our starting 11.

  4. I agree a striker that is PL experianced and is capable of scoring 10-15 goals is a must but i can’t see it happening as those sort of strikers cost an average of £7 to £10 million if not more then the chances are pretty slim to none in my opinion ashley would not spend that kind of cash now unfortunately

  5. Cover for left back is a must, raylor and perch can’t play there and worryingly for a lad so young kadar seems to spend more time injured than fit.

  6. THe way I judge this is to think of our starting 11 and then think if one player got injured what position would it affect us most.
    In this respect it has got to be Enrique, therefore we need a good covering Lb unless we plan to use Kadar, but I really see him as a central player.
    Patrick van Aanholt would be perfect loan signing (as i cant see them selling him).
    I still hope that when City have there end of season sales that we are still able to maybe try and buy 1 and loan 1 from them. Vincent Kompany for DM maybe, Jo or Caicedo for upfront.
    With a little outlay we could be looking at a transfer window of:
    Dan Gosling, Sol Campbell and James Perch, Ben Arfa, Kompany and Caicedo/Jo.
    I would be happy with that..

  7. If we Get ben arfa, i will be happy, but we need sone more, i Think mcfadden would be good signing!! He can play om mid and front, and is creative! We need leftback too, then im all for giving the youngsters a deserved chance!

  8. Ashley Cole won’t leave Chelsea for this season mean maybe we can possible loan Van anholt again. He’s class, no doubt. It will be great if we can sign him permanantly.

  9. They should go for albin and K.P boateng.

    And get something like that:



    ——————-Ben Arfa————————

  10. Richietoon @ 2

    “DM little baldy Uruguyan”

    Is that any folicly challenged chap from South America?


    If Bellers wasn’t such a horrible little tw@ I would take him back in a heartbeat.

  11. Do people reckon the likes of Arfa, Jonas n Routledge would work well in free roaming roles for home games(bit like Colo n Perch by the sounds lol)

  12. Let’s hope Arfa doesnt turn out to be an Arfa Daley, I can’t see how Chris is going to fit him in the team with Jonas ?

  13. Now that The Hand of God has taught Jonas how to defend a left sided DM role allowing Ben Arfa to have a left sided attacking role.

  14. Toonsy,how come my thread got removed from the Villa board and yours didn’t…friends in high places eh?

  15. Need more than just him-still can’t see Carroll,Shola,Best,Lovvenkrands etc scoring many goals in the prem.
    Be lucky to get 20 between them at a push.

  16. Just can’t see a good LB wanting to come & sit on the bench, a van anholt type would be ideal & either of the two citeh strikers mentioned would be good. I’d take KPB or arevalo but if it is fantasy stuff it would be carrick for me.

  17. Sorry to keep bringing up ben arfa staying in marseille but this article says werder Bremen made a £8 million bid
    B. Arfa retained by OM? OM might want to keep Hatem Ben Arfa if starting from Mamadou Niang. Hatem Ben Arfa is not yet in Newcastle … Didier Deschamps has now decided to retain the International Tri when leaving Mamadou Niang by Fenerbahce Team. And despite a firm offer of 8 million euros from Werder Bremen for the former Lyon Hatem Ben Arfa … is currently training with the France national team in Clairefontaine.

  18. sjt…..hows you?…..I think Carroll can get goals,my worry is whether we can get him decent service.In the past at various times big Al struggled to score when the service wasn’t there,as would any striker.

    SJT …..was it you saying the other day the quality of the strips was crap?,I still havnt seen one close up

  19. Toonarmymike……..still away to go on that deal imo,although al the other bids mean nothing if he doesn’t want to go there.My worry would be if another EPL club goes in for him as he hasn’t said he wants to come to Newcastle but the Prem league.

  20. Dosent matter that teams hav bid the trouble rhey hav is he is refusin to go anywere but england

  21. Solid RB and 2 top strikers, please.

    Someone like Kenny Miller would be good for starters. I can’t imagine Mr N Ranger scoring that header, can you? It’s daft to wait for freebies, rejects and agent’s videos, we need to me more aggressive in targeting and pursuing players. Poor transfer window so far with crocks and OAPs making up the numbers – and we let Beckford slip as well who will score more than AC this season. Three weeks to go, and we look set to struggle – badly.

    I am seriously wondering if M’O’N has not himself been targeted to take over from CH as the transfer kitty has hardly been touched? Has Mashley placed it out of bounds?

  22. Its gonna b a long week waitin to c if this gets I told everyone the internationals wud delay deals

  23. I m sick of ppl sayin we need a ryt bk we hav ppl who can play there both taylors,simpson, perch, trviner yet we only hav one lb r som ppl mental some ppl lack of footie knowledge really shows on here

  24. We leak goals down the right, I don’t care how many we supposedly ‘have’, none are Prem level and we can’t play them at the same time. Simpson got skinned against Doncaster let alone Chelsea. R Taylor is OK, but only for cover. Perch, case unproven. Tav is another permanently on the conveyor belt. S Taylor is our best option and he’s always crocked. Just count the goals we concede from that side.

  25. you may be right spotlight,just mean CH won’t buy another rb,mind I’m not sure he’ll get a lb either as he believes Perch can cover there plus Kadar.

  26. Any news on Ben A the day? Someone posted quotes on the last thread about them cancelling their meeting today with us?

  27. We need a LB & a fresh new striker,. sorry but Shola & Smith should be sold. Ranger & Xisco out on loan, bring in Arnolt, K.P.B. & some young striker :)that’ll do the job for me tommy :) :)

  28. Ross…….there’s that many different reports I think allwe can do is wait for an official announcement.
    Some say it’s done and agreed,some that the meeting was cancelled,some that Ben Arfa has giving the deal the ok….we can just wait.

  29. According to the gospil that is ‘TribalNews’ we’ve beaten off the Toffee’s in getting Ben Arfa to the Toon :) not that he’s signed yet but has given his consent to the move, so lets rejoice… lol

  30. Aye Richie all good cheers-the kits are awful-even worse nylon than my bukta kit from the 70’s-the Blue is slightly better than the home kit which looks a pile of plop and the northern rock transfer is atrocious quality.

    My three Adidas shirts have not clicked or budged over the last few years-and I have an adidas away kit from years ago with the green trim and brown ale logo and that is also still immaculate condition.

    The puma kits are a big pile of steaming dog shit….putting Toon Army on the back of the Blue one has to be some kind of Joke and a badly thought up one at that :lol:

  31. cool,indian from kerala.then again not so cool,considering tat my dream of meeting a fellow newcastle fan will go on.:)

  32. Richie-true mate, think it was you I was talking o yesterday about having to just wait it out actually? Lol. Well either way hopefully this doesn’t stop other transfer activity. We still need strengthening in numerous positions tbh. What you think will happen with smith? Stay or go?

  33. Guys , I’m new here, from Malaysia. I read French and latest news from said said that BEN ARFA is retreated by OM!

  34. I think he may to Rangers,prob a good move for everyone as I think the bench is the best he can hope for with us and I don’t think he’ll settle for that.

  35. @deepak

    I am planning a visit to Kerala in next 2-3 years. Hope you see you then. Or if you come over to UK you can always see as many Newcastle fans as you like :)

  36. I think we need more goals. Carroll is unproven at this level, Lovenkrands will not set the Premier League on fire and Shola is proven not to be good enough at this level even if he stays fit, which is unlikely. It’s good that Ben Arfa can score from midfield cos the strikers we have just won’t get enough.

  37. I read French, now news from France say that Ben Arfa is not coming ad OM is selling Niang , they won’t sell 2. And quote from president of OM says that Newcastle is interested but they can agree/finalize the deal due to financial issue. :(

  38. Guys Don’t hold your breath on Arfa. These French guys are just doing this for publicity and getting better deal for Arfa.

    If it happens no doubt would be best signing in last couple of years but I won’t count on it. Its gone ON and ON and nobody knows how long will go on like this. Fed up of all these rumors.

  39. have direct quotes from the president of OM, afra deal not agreed, niang staying & they are interested in fabiano & can’t afford drogba. Take your pick on what to believe, but until the club or houghton say something nothing is certain.

  40. What’s the money that some ‘report’ from France will claim that we have reached an agreement come later in the day? Honestly, if you go by the papers, we’ve agreed a fee, then we havent, then we have, then talks have broken down etc.

    Is there any real point in speculating on an issue that essentially changes on an hourly basis?

  41. Can’t we get this damn thing sorted out either way, because it feels as though it’s gonna keep going on and on.

  42. This deal is reminding me too much of what happened with Modric and Turan, really hope it happens soon but wouldn’t surprise me if he ended up else where.

  43. Just on SS transfer centre…

    Football Editor:
    France Football claims Newcastle United have seen a 6million euros (£5million) bid for Paris St Germain striker Mevlut Erding rejected.

    Thought we made this bid at the start of the window? Probably just regurgitated that story.

  44. lads even if we have reached agreement!he wont come down till thursday after the french that gets every club involved to fu..k us.barca r buying ozil and that must fu.k off ferguson..but brings them into play and i have heard benfica are meeting the player thursday.look on the bright side he wonts to play in the lets see if his word means anyhthing or newcastle putting the money up.the joke is if we are bidding for players then why have we not put up the money for him doesnt make sence.

  45. What about Jonas covering left back? He plays defence for argentina… Is that a stupid idea?

  46. i can see newcastle getting sold shortly,it seems like people are looking to buy football clubs again,here’s hoping.

  47. @shanghi – Jonas looked completely out of sorts at RB for Argentina at the WC so i don’t think CH would put him there unless it was a last resort.

  48. When Taylor is fit again I really do belive colo could do a great job as dm got pace good on the ball can head n tackle! Jonas can cover at lb if needed n we if we get arfa! So attention turns to attack think best could to well working off big andy! But would like to see someone like keane come in!

  49. Newcastle being sold, i dont think so. How many here know that Man city owners tried Newcastle But FAT CASH wanted unreasonable amounts and i dont think anything has changed. as per Ben ARFA we are back to square 1. Lets hope.

  50. Man this was the one player we’ve been linked to I really wanted to get in. Hope to hear some positive news later

  51. indian magpie,how do you know?it looks like people are starting to buy clubs again,and i dont think ashley is here for the long haul due to his actions.

  52. There were reports in the press that they tried for Newcastle. I agree that he is not there for long haul but i think he is going to scare potential investors away. Look at Barry Moat where is he now. the point of shame is we have not spent alot in transfer market and we cant spend 6 million on a genuine world class player who lets face it, even if he does not do well can be moved on for profit. believe me there will be plenty of suitors.

  53. Perhaps we shouldn’t start to get re-excited about the club’s ownership and focus on matters more immediate?

  54. Indian, there a governance laws coming in which’ll mean that clubs will be expected to live within their means and I believe NUFC’s going in the right direction.

    Feet on the ground eh? Into the real world faced by O’Neil at Villa, Portsmouth, Leeds United, likely Stoke, Blackpool and doubtless others to follow.

  55. chicken jalfrezi

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  56. Both clubs seem to b playin hard ball here but no one really knows whts goin on, n that fact that werder bremen cud bid 8mill dosent make one bit of difference bcoz ruban kazan bid that, the facts r is he wants to come the only chance of this not happenin is if another prem club try for him

  57. Yeah i do not disagree but our sole aim is survival so we are not asking too much are we. Believe me i am as big a Fan as any in the world and i think this signing (which is not dead)could have brought a FEEL GOOD factor around the club. any ways i will support Newcastle like always. Lets hope for good players never the less.

  58. signings to date…

    a crock on a free.

    a championship player that will never make it in the premiership as long as the hole in my arse points south.

    a 36 year old overweight has-been.

    if the fat tramp dont put his hand in his pocket and give the manager a chance then it will end in tears again.

    cheapskate owner.

    manager on the cheap.

    cheap players.

    cheap crap strips.

    a recipe for trouble – no boubt adout it.

  59. batty says:
    August 10, 2010 at 12:36 pm

    I heard Ashley has been on a diet and lost 15 stone!

  60. Stuart79 says:
    August 10, 2010 at 12:43 pm
    batty says:
    August 10, 2010 at 12:36 pm

    I heard Ashley has been on a diet and lost 15 stone!
    <<<< hmmm good so hes only 21 stone now then

  61. i have just completed my family tree for the past 500 years and i’m delighted that not one drop of scottish blood was found.

    happy as a pig in shite.

    keep up the good work batt’s..

  62. Been a reader of this blog for a while and decided to join up. I would be delighted if we could get Ben Arfa but no deal would be completed today or tomorrow as he is involved with France in their international match.

    I watched the Rangers game on tele and I thought we played some good passes and held the ball up in midfield. My only concern was that we had no end product to feed Andy Carroll and he was constantly going deeper and deeper going to get the ball.

    I have faith in Hughton but we need 2 or 3 more players to help our squad but everything seems so quiet in terms of transfer activity.

  63. mike ashley has just got out of hospital after having a ninety pound mole removed from his backside.

  64. TROJAN 69 says:
    August 10, 2010 at 12:50 pm
    mike ashley has just got out of hospital after having a ninety pound mole removed from his backside.

    Wondered where Llambias had been…

  65. We simply cannot go into another season with no adequate LB cover. I dont think any of our strikers will get 15 goals, and as others have said supply will be the key. Routledge is a better source than Jonas so I cant see him being dumped, though I am now very doubtful whether Ben Arfa will come.

    I like the rumour I posted on here yesterday about R Taylor being offered to Pompey and Forster on a years loan for KPB, which would be a great deal, and if we can get shot of Smith for this Aravelo bloke or another CDM then happy days, but for me Van Arnholt on loan should be our priority.

    I cant see the fat one stumping any such money for any Man City rejects however much we would like that.

  66. @sahota-Was planning to do my medicine pg in uk.but i am hearing that the government is not favouring foreign,i guess coming to newcastle is on the backburner for some while now:-)

  67. deepak is a indian toon – the only thing this government’s favouring is greed andd selfishness!

  68. Doesn’t look like he will be here in time for Man U does it, especially as he is now with the france squad and that will drag it out even more days than it would have taken. Pity

  69. Crapper: “a championship player that will never make it in the premiership as long as the hole in my arse points south.”

    what about when hayley bends you ower and does you up the sh!tter – surely its not pointing south then?

  70. £5 Million bid rejected by PSG for striker Erding.

    At least it looks like Ashley has released some funds for reinforcements. He needs to mind after that thoroughly impotent display at Rangers.

  71. Toon Chicken,

    What about if he won a holiday to Australia. Would it be pointing South then. :lol:

  72. Following on from 91, I heard from a good source that when he was in dock, they wanted to do an Rsole transplant – it failed….. the Rsole rejected him!

  73. Potentially Bad news lads i speak french and have mates in france and marseilles and they have updated me this morning telling me that the Ben Arfa deal could be blocked.
    This is due to Niang ( OM) demanding a move to
    Fernabache and if he goes they would be strong enough finacially to buy Fabiano ( without losing Ben Arfa) so they would have no reason to sell him !!. the president has said himself “its not viable to sell Niang and Ben Arfa”
    The hope lies in the fact that from what I hear Ben Arfa is pushing for the move and these days the players hold the cards ( unless you are Fabregas!!)

  74. chicken shit – i’d love to have a night on the town with you , whimper , leash & the rest of your hilarious chums that come on here – what a fantastic night that would be.

    a wrist slitting one for sure.

    @ 106 :)

  75. cynicaltoonfan

    yes but they are not technically selling ben afra to us just loaning him. perhaps if niang was not going the they would be forced into selling ben afra this season as opposed to the loan deal

  76. cynical…….Yeah read that so a slight worry although Deschamps said the other day that they had to knock 10-15% from the wage bill so even if they didn’t want to sell a loan deal would make sense…….wait and see I s’pose.

  77. Sorry Roy @107, but I think it’s fair to say that the diaries of those you mentioned would be full.

    Perhaps you could have yet another night enjoying your own company – as you say it’d be a wrist slitting one for sure

  78. don’t think he’s about batty……………I could be wrong tho………..I was once before!!……….who’d have thought 2 little words could cause so much pain?……….”I do” ;-)

  79. fostino – based on what is being said, reported as said, speculated on, made up & wished for, you could come out with what ever outcome you want……the best we can probably say at the moment is that we’ve tryed to get him.

    I know that we’re all desperate for some news, but we’re not going to get anything out of the club until they have it in the bag…..which has got to be the best way of doing it, at least we’re trying to sign players.

  80. Batty – I ain’t touching it mate. I had nowt to do with the ban so it ain’t my call.

    He dragged me into it and started slagging me off mate, for that he can go feck himself.

    If Worky wants to unban him then he can, but for his little stunt a few weeks back and the way he turned on me after I had done feck all to him all I have to say is bollocks to him!

  81. Soooo Toonsy how come my thread was removed from the villa board and yours wasn’t…………one was exceedingly charming…unlike you ;-)

  82. batty says:
    August 10, 2010 at 1:21 pm


    Thank ****!

    He stopped being funny and just constantly spat out offensive, personal and untrue bile at several of the people on here, including myself. I had to liquidate him.

  83. totally agree..first we must get ben arfa to da club n also add a pacey skillful forward if can…players lik matias defederico,matias suarez,pablo mouche ,lavezzi etc..those r al argentinian though..think i must be dreamin but ill dream on for the sake of dis club!

  84. Saroof,am from palakkad.but am doing my medicine in mangalore now.what you doing?