Blackpool target loan Ranger.

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Ranger to be loaned out?
Ranger to be loaned out?
Fellow Premier League new boys look to be targetting one of our own young guns, Nile Ranger, as they look to beef up their attack in an attempt to survive in the Premier League.

Talks have apparently taken place between Ian Holloway and Chris Hughton over the possibility of Ranger making the switch to Bloomfield Road, according to The Express.

It is widely expected that some of younger players will be moving out on loan to various clubs throughout the course of the season, and Nile Ranger always had an outside chance of being sent out on loan this season, perhaps to a team in the Championship.

If this report is to be believed then apparently not, and in that case you have to question the wisdom of loaning out a player to a team that will probably be knocking around the same part of the league table as us. It could come back and bite us on the arse, remember Lomano Lua Lua and Portsmouth anyone?

Ranger is held in high regard with a lot of Newcastle fans although admittedly he has some sharp edges that need smoothing out within his game. One of the best ways to do that is to send him on loan, but after his cool backheeled finish at Carlisle yesterday then perhaps he could just work on his game in training?

Who knows, and it will take a fine balance to ensure that Ranger feels the benefit of going out on loan to a place where his ability will be tested whilst making sure he is unable to inadvertently help out our direct competition. I have no doubt that if he did switch to Blackpool then there would be a clause in place that would stop him playing against us, but he would be free to do some damage in the other games.

If Ranger does go to Bloomfield Road then he will likely be teaming up with Newcastle old boy Nicky Butt who is currently mulling over a contract offer from The Seasiders, something that I have written about on here before.

I guess time will tell.

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144 Responses

  1. Still desperately trying for more followers on Twitter and Facebook I see. :lol:

  2. It’s for good reason. It will become clear one day ;)

    64 on Facebook, 40 on Twitter. Not bad considering it’s not long been going.

  3. The fact that Premiership clubs can loan players to other Premiership clubs is one of the most ridiculous and damaging aspects of English football. It essentially allows the big clubs to stockpile all of the best talent further increasing the disparity between the big clubs and the rest and actually hinders the development of young players.

    Were it not for this ridiculous system, top young players would be forced to leave the likes of Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Man City permanently to other clubs if they did not get opportunities. This would allow other clubs to get good players and would also reduce transfer fees as the market is currently dictated by these big clubs. Other clubs wouldn’t be able to pay these inflated fees so those clubs would end up having to sell for a price that actually reflects what the rest of the clubs being run as sustainable businesses can afford. It would also allow the young players to develop properly at new clubs that own them rather than being shunted back and forth to different teams for varying lengths of time.

    Loaning to lower division clubs does make some sense as it allows for the players being loaned out to get regular first team football although it does stifle the development of youth in these teams as well which has to be bad for English football.

    Think about what taking Harewood, Khiznishvilli, and Hall last season did for our youngsters.

    If Ranger is good enough for the Prem, he should be playing for us. Not banging in goals for one of our major competitors…

  4. Do not want to see the kid go out the club. He has pace that shoals and best don’t have. He is future england centre forward.
    It is what is wrong with the cow premier league. immediate results are more important than player / club devlopment. If he is good enough for his age group at england level he should be in our first team

  5. See if they will give you a mention. More people read their tweets and you might get more followers. ;) George Caulkin, Scott Wilson and Luke Edwards are all North East based.

  6. A what? I was saying get them to give you a mention and more people might follow you. :lol:

  7. I mean appoint someone who knows how to do it rather than me learning it :lol:

    Facebook is fine, it’s old skool and I can handle that :lol:

  8. Dave –

    1- Sign in Facebook
    2- Bottom right click “chat”
    3- Top of that menu click “options”
    4- Click “go offline”

    Job done.

  9. ESAMIM – Possibly not, although I can exclusively reveal that Wayne Routledge is bored :lol:

  10. Is that really him? I have seen accounts for Nolan, Barton, Simpson, Routledge and Ranger but I think only Ranger is real. :D

  11. I think it is verified as being him. Nile Ranger hasn’t used his Twitter has he? Must be too bad for it :lol:

  12. He used it for a while. I renember he told the fake Joey to get lost because he knew it wasn’t him. :lol:

  13. Definitly dont want Ranger going out on loan to Blackpool. Championship I could live with (Although I think he should be staying here)..Another Premiership club who will undoubtedly struggle? No thanks. A top tier Championship club where he’ll play regularly, or nothing.

  14. Just worked out the meaing of the #tag thingys so more people can find me now anyway

  15. I TOO follow Mr Routledge. He is a twitter whore! haha! Simpson is also on there form time to time…I know, sad aren’t I? :D

  16. El Toro – I used to find it sad, but I am starting to see the appeal of it now

  17. I prefer to follow journalists because they tell me what I want to know. Where did Routledge go on holiday you sad people? :lol:

  18. Stuart79

    I agree, but it’s funny reading what these players say sometimes.

  19. I found something funny on the fake Barton one. :lol:

    Got to admire Emile Heskey….has a disasterous World Cup….comes home, puts a frock on and wins the womens title at Wimbledon!

  20. Plus it’s access to tens of millions of people, which isn’t a bad thing for businesses/websites/foundations/charities etc.

  21. twitter – between twat and shitter

    In addition to the fact that he’d be helping out our competition for the season to come, playing for a club that will probably finish bottom of the table will adversely affect his morale, and he won’t be getting many chances either. Loaning to a mid to top championship club will probably bring his game along better.

  22. Ice in that case we should get Mrs Toonsy to do the twitter queen then as she has alot of practice of living with a pain in the arse ;)

  23. Mrs Toonsy is busy tootling around on Facebook looking at photos of people she hasn’t seen or spoken to for years :lol:

  24. Shola, Best, Lovenkrands, Carroll, maybe even Xisco could be ahead of Ranger next season. And people still foresee or at least hope for another, proven striker!

    I’d send Ranger out on loan for sure, and whilst my hesitations over Blackpool would be related to how much playing time he’d actually get and confidence/thrown in at the deep end sort of issues, I can’t deny if the lad takes to Premier League action then it could be valuable at such an early age to make an early force into our first team next season.

  25. Why send him to blackpool if he is good enough to play in prem for them then he is good enough for us no no no this can not happen

  26. icedog,it was showing his wedding in corbridge,then at the end of the segment,said he had been in talks with sunderland about a move.

  27. davy u are bang on. Ranger will be a big player for us.keep scoring ranger pre season he will be going nowhere.we need hungary players and he fits the bill will only improve the rest 0f the strikers wont apart from carrol. and whats this about campbell what about kader were does that leave him.he looks a good prospect.i hope this is paper talk or i would be very upset.

  28. I agree with you to a point about the youth, but to rely solely on them in such an important season is asking for trouble in my opinion.

  29. Campbell had already spoken to Sunderland so that is nothing new. Expect more news when he returns from his honeymoon.

  30. Alright lads,
    Jol is on the drift.
    Mate can’t believe where rumours about jol for us come from.
    Although ash does like the guy, but can’t see him paying compen.
    He will end up at fulham IMHO

  31. Sol Campbell eh? I think be a decency signing for our first season back. Not sure we’d pay the 35k a week he’s after though.

  32. This blog is absolute shite, everybody talks a load of crap, forget about the topic just talk garbage.

  33. £35k shouldn’t be out of our reach now we are back. I believe we still have the likes of Smith, Barton and Coloccini earning upwards of £40k so why should we not pay £35k to someone like Campbell? Just make sure its a 1 year deal or he has a wage drop clause if we are relegated if on a longer contract.

  34. If you don’t like the blog then go and enjoy the rumours picked out of thin air by Ed. Sure there will be some silly arguements to keep you amused too. ;)

  35. why pay anything for some over the hill player.becasue of his girlfriend lives in newcastle.if she lived down south would he come no.he is not coming here for any1 apart from his wife.why pay some1 to do so.

  36. Cannot see him getting more than a one year contract. We don’t need him for more than that. Hopefully We’ll have a bit more desposable cash next season to buy a better, younger player.

    Campbell has wanted to play here for the last few years and he still looked a class act for Arsenal last season.

  37. Geordie Jock watch the door doesn’t slam you on the way out, coming on here to spout sh1te go take yourself for a long walk of a short plank

  38. Go and use it then. This blog is loads better than Ed’s but his is probably more suited to you. Lots of short sentences and big pictures to keep the children happy. :D

  39. Funny that, nobody talks about the subject yet Geordie Cocks only two posts have been…. off subject.


    Remind me, who is forcing you at gunpoint to come on here?

    Fecking throbber :lol:

  40. Alreet lads,

    Ranger has to go to a top CCC club, maybe Portsmouth?

    No point in loaning him to a prem side to damage our own chances, top CCC where he’ll get games.

    Just shifted house and have no internets, iPhone 3G is slow as owt sometimes n’all. Don’t know if I’m gunna survive this!

    Gattuso & Diarra, haha.
    Geordie Jock, as equally ridiculously laughable. Clown.

  41. He has gone all quiet now. I was quite looking forward to his next witty comment.

  42. Daverism – Good shout about iPhones and such. I’ve started really shrinking the pictures (filesize) as much as I can whilst still making them look as good as possible. I can’t do it with all of them, but most of them can be made smaller.

    Hopefully it should eliminate some of that page loading time that I only really noticed when I started using my phone.

  43. Geordie Jock…how does that work ? A Geordie is a Geordie, a Jock is er…a Jock..? Perhaps a Brechin City fan in disguise…real troublemakers those lot…

  44. geordie jock,if ed’s blog is so good why is nee f***er ever on it?you can count on one hand the number of hits per article.

  45. aye your right daverism,shouldn’t loan him out to a rival,send him to norwich on loan.

  46. This would be brilliant news for us and ranger, i don’t think Ranger will get much experience this season especially if we bring in another striker. So the fact that a premier league club is interested is good news. It means that he will be playing at the same level but will get more game time.

  47. The blog actually loads quite swiftly on my phone toonsy, so well done for that!

  48. Aye Trojan, as Toonsy said it’s just our luck to be relegated by 1 point and Blackpool survive thanks to Danger Ranger.

    Not that that’s going to happen, were going to finish fourth with Andy Carroll golden boot winner with 128 goals.

  49. Big Dave – Holiday was great thanks. Nice and warm with cold beer. Put on about a stone though!

    Still waiting with baited breathe on a few new signings….

  50. SO69 – My only worry is that if Ranger begins banging the goals in for someone like Blackpool then there is a chance it will also gain them points at some stage, and with us likely being nearer the bottom of the table than the top I worry it could hurt us.

    Dave – Was just something I thought of one day. Rather than using a guide filesize, which I was doing, why not try and make it as small as I could without reducing quality. Seems to work on my phone anyway.

  51. Can I just say a massive well done and congratulations to Leon Best. He has finally scored a goal for NUFC.

    Probably be his last like, but not to worry.

  52. toonsy, i love this blog, more often than not though i come on it on my ipod or phone rather than the computer, but my only problem is, and its a slight problem not big, that when i am on my ipod or phone i read through all of the comments but then it is a pain in the backside having to go to the top of the page to refresh to look at more comments and then have to scroll all the way back down and then the cycle starts again.

    can you please do something about it because i am sure it is a problem for other people as well, it will make the blog even more perfect than it already is :)

  53. Why thank you toonsy. :D It seems to have shut up that idiot anyway. ;)

  54. Stuart thats good mate oh and just dont be holding your breath waiting otherwise you will never see a new signing.
    On the Lone Ranger I really cant see him going to Blackpool, but a CCC yeah but I would prefer Best to go out and keep Ranger :lol:

  55. Tummy – You flattering bugger you.

    Yeah, I know it is a problem as I suffer from it aswell and it has been said several times now. It’s something I can bring to the attention of Workey as he is the one who can deal with stuff like that.

    Off the top of my head I think it is the plug-in pack that is used but that would be a wild guess. Next time I speak to him I will ask :)

  56. haha, flattery also helps get something done :D anyway, where is workey, i havnt seen him on here much anymore.

  57. Worky is busy busy mate. He is still doing stuff, just not stuff that people can see ;)

  58. I would have gone with my theory that Worky is Geordie Jock but I seen what he was doing.

  59. Tummy, if you tap the clock at the top of your iPhone it’ll take you to the top of the page and can refresh from there, still have to scroll down unfortunately.

  60. thanks daverism, but i already knew tht :) , i as just thinking workey could put an automatic refresh button that is automatically set on each comment, so u can click refresh at any comment, just a thought anyways :)

  61. I can’t see Blackpool staying up if they are seriously looking at Jeffers. They lost some key players like DJ Campbell, Stephen Dobbie, Barry Bannan and Seamus Coleman who they had on loan and they have struggled to get them back. I thought they had some Israeli on trial who was going to sign but that has gone all quiet now.

  62. i was watching some old football footage from the 70’s the other day.can anyone remember the fight between norman”bite yer legs” hunter,and franny lee?how the hell did franny lee get away with being as fat as f*** for a footballer?he had bigger tits than colin montgomerie ffs.

  63. It’s so simple!
    You do not send Ranger out on loan to a PL side.
    Send him to Leeds or Clarky and have him monitored with an option to recall in the event of him hitting good form or injuries effecting us.

  64. No toonsy. It was Dekel Keinan they had on trail. He is a centre back who left Maccabi Haifa on a free transfer.

  65. Hughton missed out on the best winger in our range on a free this summer. Martin Petrov would have been good but he went to Bolton.

  66. I haven’t. I’m not really old enough to know enough about Clough so it wouldn’t make any sense to me.

  67. Ever seen a mackem in Milan I allways liked and rated Petrov ;) maybe CH tried to get him but he decided he wanted to join a top club :)

  68. ESAMINM,very pleased we missed him m8,biggest dressing-room nightmare in FL,by all accounts

  69. Canny player Petrov, he did well in the himself a top club now though…

  70. Bolton. was readin something sbout them financially the other week, If they go down they will be fecked. Another club that is spending most of it’s income on wages, and transfer fees are loaned to the club from the directors with interest to be charged on top of it. Frightening.

  71. Ice I never heard owt about that side of him but he allways looked good but then again any dressing room funny stuff would have been knocked on the head by Joey ;)

  72. Did you know that the Fulham online fanzine thingy is called “Cottagers Confidential”? Well you do now. How unfortunate. Wonder of they get many people that aren’t looking for Fulham FC? :lol:

  73. Bolton will be regretting the day they left Megson spend £9m on Elmander if that is true.

  74. BIG DAVE,watched debate on tv about petrov,they all had a go at him,wonder why he was free?
    JOEY would hit everybody on the head,only two people i really dis-like and hes both of them

  75. Icedog – Joey Barton has had a horrendous time over the last couple of seasons, most of it his own doing. It’ll be interesting to see how the new fitter reformed Joey Barton performs this season with an injury-free pre-season behind him. After all the lad could play a bit, though he hasn’t shown too much for the toon in recent years, he did make the England squad once over after all. There again he could make an arse of it all over again, fat mike would like to get him and his 65grand a week off the wage bill thats for sure..

  76. when i win the lotto i will get him dropped,

    in the middle of the north sea (in winter)

  77. MM I he did get picked once,and the hole squad kicked off,no one spoke to him going by reports

  78. Munich – I’m not too sure whether Barton will get in the side, Hughton likes Nolan and Smith from what I saw last season. If Barton does play I’m willing to bet it wouldn’t be in his favoured position.

    I personally think his pedigree is the best if all our midfielders. I Smith had a good one but he ain’t no midfielder IMO.

  79. Stuart you could be right, we’ve got a good squad there, maybe he won’t even get into the team as you say. I think we’ll play with a kind of compact 5 man midfield with wide players and Nolan breaking to support the front man. Tactical nous of CH will be tested this season, I hope he gets it right. Hope you managed a few San Miguels on your hols mate..

  80. Munich Mag says:
    July 18, 2010 at 9:10 pm
    Icedog – Joey Barton has had a horrendous time over the last couple of seasons, most of it his own doing

    Not Sure i agree with this, dont forget Cattermole sat on his knee, sideways, and then he broke his foot when he came back, so not sure it was ‘all’ of his own doing. If your on about the ‘other’ stuff, than aye, maybe :D

  81. uhhh, Cattermole is one awful player, he should be banned… he only thinks about breaking someones leg, tho’ no one ever talks about his rubbish tackles.

  82. hmm heard that Hooper mentioned a few times, anyone know what type of striker he is?

  83. At the moment that is just like me stating Messi is on the verge of signing for Sunderland. ;) If the deal is done like that post suggests then I suspect we would hear about it tomorrow or Tuesday. I wouldn’t get your hopes up though as its the most reliable of sources.

  84. Everyone might know this, but if you’re viewing the blog on your iphone and you want to make scrolling up slightly quicker, just give the grey bar at the top of your screen a tap and it will jump to the top of the page in one.

    Could be standard knowledge but I didnt realise until about a fortnight ago, haha.

  85. Cant see Hooper coming lads, not exactly the experienced forward we need, and as many have said if we are getting someone like him in why arent we playing Ranger instead?

    Seems daft to me, dafter than the Best signing last season. Daft Sunday to start my week of Daft shifts. Nocternal man!!