ALL Newcastle Championship goals, in video – Part 2.

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Hopefully you’ll have watched part one of these videos that a look at all of our Championship goals, and hopefully you have enjoyed watching them. Here is part two.

If you haven’t seen it, here is part one.

I think it ‘s pretty much universally agreed amongst fans that the second half of the season saw us add some flair to the functionality that had served us so well up until that point. January saw the arrival of Wayne Routledge who helped to give us that something different in attack, and it showed in our goals tally.

There is some cracking results in there, with the 5-1 defeat of Cardiff at St James’ Park probably being my highlight of the bunch. That was a game that was expected to be close, it wasn’t. Likewise, Barnsley’s visit to SJP was also supposed to be close as they were the in form team in the division at that time. It wasn’t, and we sent them packing back down the A1(M) on the end of a 6-1 thumping.

As for goals, my own personal favourite is the Wayne Routledge goal against Plymouth on the night we sealed the title. It wasn’t a screamer from 30-yards, Routledge didn’t trick his way past threee defenders, but what it did show is the team performing together and ripping Plymouth apart with smart, incisive play, with Joey Barton being the architect behind it all.

The reason I put these two vidoes up is to remind us of the good times we had last year. This season will be tougher, we all know that, but it’s not the impossible task that is being made out. We can survive. I just think that sometimes it is easy to forget the positives in amongst the negatives.

The facts are that we were a mile ahead of every other team last season. Perhaps not in individual games, but over the course of the season we were far superior to the rest of the teams in The Championship. This season is all about survival, which may not be exciting, but we really will be stuck without it.

Premier League: Bring it on!

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21 Responses

  1. Lets just hope we see a few more good goals this season. OK, won’t see any 5 or 6 – 0 in our favour, but some nice goals will do

  2. Does anybody know the reason behind the FA cup final being held within the season, between the 2nd last and last game? It’s almost always after the last game. Thats the way it should be, why change it?

  3. how many assists did danny guthrie get? seemed to be involved in every goal!

  4. ranger has scored for the reserves.
    why oh why are ranger and vuckic playing for the reserves
    we do not have a youth policy.
    it is the one thing i detest hughton for

  5. I dunno, my personal favorite of last season will always be Enrique’s. The work to get it was outstanding and the sense of “team” could be seen in the celebration. If we can find that spirt…we should do very well this season.

  6. Ranger & Vucick or however you spell his names with both goals, setting each other up. These guys should have at least been on the bench tomorrow. Still miht I suppose if they go off at half time tonight

  7. Love Guthries against Leicester and Pancakes one was pretty good as well (as shit as he was) but i have to agree with NorCal, for the sheer magic of it Jose’s has to be the winner!

  8. i tell you what i can see avatar giving any centre half problems aerialy this season hope he does well

  9. Great watch these two videos like. Just lovely to be reminded we played some great football and scored some brilliant team goals last season. Gonna put my neck out and say Carroll can get a bagful of goals next season if the delivery is good, he’s brilliant in the air and will only improve.

  10. What impresses me is the competence of the squad to find the net. Not a lot of fussing about, get in position, take the pass, score. Take that ability to the next level and sky’s the limit. Avatar, Lovey, Nolan & Shola all have “the touch”. Barton, Routledge & Guthrie all have the vision and Jonas provides the unexpected. If the back 4 and goalie do as well as last year, it will be a lot more fun than most of us expect.

  11. Heard rumour were after scott sinclair from chelsea n we’ve put late bid in for insuea from liverpool since his move to italy has stalled

  12. Some great goals by Lovenkrands & Nolan there.
    Carroll is so good in the air.
    Great to see the rest chipping in too, that MUST continue next season.

  13. poss last post before hols.
    Got a random text not from anyone in the know but usual mates mate heard milkman man on moon etc…..
    But cut it short
    Danny Rose?!

  14. cheers bud gonna miss the crack.
    Need creative midfielder and 20 goal a season striker by the time I get back!!!

  15. Ahh I’ll miss last season in a way…….but the prems the place to be.
    Waddles…enjoy ya hols,if you’ve a laptop take it and use McD’s free wireless….think we were linked with Rose a few weeks back.