ALL Newcastle Championship goals, in video – Part 1.

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I have found a couple of videos that feature all of our goals from The Championship, each and every single last one of them. So I though it would be good to have a look back on them.

This video takes us up to Christmas and covers the first half of the season. It’s easy to forget some of the goals in the grand scheme of things as we preapre for life back in the Premier League, but watching these videos it struck me that some of the criticism from some quarters may be overly harsh on the lads.

There are some good goals in there, good team goals. I know we are stepping up a level, but watching some of these goals shows we have got a bit of quality about us. Yes we got dominated at times in certain games, but that was always going to happen at some point.

My personal favourite is Shola Ameobi’s second goal against Reading at the start of the season. That showed me there was determination in the team and a willingness to succeed. That shone through in the end as we romped away with The Championship having been promoted in record time, with 102 points.

Hope you enjoyed the music!

Part two coming soon.

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53 Responses

  1. Is it just me or did Marlon Harewood actually play quite well for us?? that’s not how I remember it!

  2. I think maybe I held a minor grudge against Harewood for the ‘carcrash’ challenge on Given but the vid definately casts him in a different light

  3. Some very well taken goals by Shola…he looks world class when you reduce him to highlights.

    Great video. Shows me why Nolan should be captain- he’s all over the pitch and putting in the work…

  4. whey thats set me up for going out on the lash…….what was the tune Toonsy?

  5. That’s ok ..xXx.. You should see this comments on match days when half the contributors have been drinking…

  6. @ 10 ….written English is dying,in 20 years everyone will be writing text speak ;-)

  7. TOONSY do you know who it was @26 on last thread as it wasnt me,someone did it the other day but worky blocked it

  8. Rich –

    1st Kasabian – Shoot the runner
    2nd We are scientists – Ram it home

  9. haha i can’t wait to sort my pc’s annoyin tn comment because each time i have to refresh the damm i jus read n it’s funny reading all the negative supporter’s we have.they’ll be treated like kings on the scums blog,that’s if they hav one lol.later guys

  10. See Ice I told you Toonsy has his use’s they might be few but he has 1 or 2 ;)
    Toonsy you should name and shame muppets that post under others names :)

  11. BIG DAVE your write m8 might put off others trying it,told toonsy he was like john smiths at times :)

  12. I love this stuff…
    This is the kind of thing that gets you pumped up for the season to begin.

    Thanks Toonsy for posting this.
    Looking forward to part 2.

  13. Dave – I smell a mackem with this name borrowing malarkey ;)

    Something clicked when I was sorting it out ;)

  14. CC – Nope. Was planning Deprtivo but it’s too expensive/problem came up, which I can’t get out of :(

  15. Im just wondering if its worth the hassle mesel, How do you do them little picture things in the top corner :?:

  16. how involved is Guthrie? The majority of the assists in that vid came from him. I hope he gets to remain in his favoured CM role this season as is given the opportunity to really blossom

  17. CC, I’m going. Can’t wait, went to Carlisle and enjoyed that, but think this will be more like a settled team. Shoud be good I hope

  18. remember this guy as well? you know, Man U’s all time leading scorer for the reserves, you know, that guy Glenn Roader took on loan, scored on his debut and hardly played again, this guy, tucking in a hat-trick against spurs and doing very well in Spain!
    Nah, not bitter at all :D

    Anyone thought that maybe because of the lack of games Rossi got that Alex Ferguson may think twice before loaning us any other players?

  19. C.H. never gave a kids a chance last year when at times he could,cant see it happening this year :(

  20. He only played first half n scored, he mite get 20 mins tomorro, the strtin 11 will prob get 70mins for moore game time b close to full team

  21. Looks like all the youngsters playedin the resrves except for Furgeson ad Tavernier

    NUFC: Jak Alnwick, Conor Newton, Paul Dummett, Greg McDermott, Matthew Grieve (Patrick Nzuzi 46), Jeff Henderson, Kazenga LuaLua (Ryan Donaldson 46), Brad Inman, Nile Ranger (Dan Taylor 67), Haris Vuckic (Sammy Ameobi 46), Joan Edmundsson.
    Subs not used: Ben Robinson, Alex Nicholson, Patrick Nzuzi, Dennis Knight, Dan Taylor.

  22. Toonsy @19 cheers.

    Worky@44 is there no way to stop people duplicating peoples names? I’m the most IT illiterate person in the world(and p!ssed to boot) but surely theres a way?

  23. Never realize that Nolan scored so many crucial goals, and even Harewood is scoring a few when he came in.

    Next part is Loverkrands and Carroll.