Green error hands yanks a point – England 1-1 USA.

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England and the USA played out a pretty even 1-1 draw last night in the opening match in Group C last night, but the scoreline doesn’t really reflect the real story of the match.

The match stats will suggest that England had more shots, more corners, more possesion and a higher passing accuracy, but that also doesn’t really tell the whole story. All I need to do is utter two words – Robert Green. His failure to get the basics of goalkeeping right ultimately cost his country the win. Going into the tournament there had been plenty of discussion regarding who should get the nod between the sticks. It turns out that Rob Green got his chance to shine on the world stage last night, and that howler against the USA will ensure the debate continues as to who should be our goalkeeper.

Laying all of the blame at the door of Green would be unfair on him, the England team and the USA team though. Despite the error, we mustn’t forget that it was the England team who were unable to get back in control of the match, and of course we mustn’t forget the part that the USA played in the game as they restricted the English play superbly and could have possibly won the match themselves.

England got off to a flyer and went a goal up through Steven Gerrard inside the first five minutes, his deft flick past Tim Howard was a superb end to some fine build-up play. 1-0 England. You would think that going a goal up so early on would inspire the England side and perhaps get them a bit fired up, apparently not, and it was the USA who took the bull by the horns by going close through Altidore, Onyewu and Donovan.

Then, five minutes before half-time, disaster. Clint Dempsey unleashed a tame 25-yard shot that looked in no danger of finding the net, until Rob Green got involved and spilled the ball leaving an entire nation watching in agony as the ball trickled over the line. 1-1.

There were chances for both sides in the second half, and Rob Green turned into a hero when he turned a shot from the USA on to the post. Ultimately, despite some good work from both sides, the game ended in a draw. Whilst the manner of the equaliser can be cited as the reason England didn’t win, it still shouldn’t take away the fact that a draw was probably the right result on the night.

It now looks like the outcome of the group will come down to how both the USA and England fare against Algeria and Slovenia, and England will need to pull their finger out and get some goals in the bag of they are to avoid a much trickier route of progression through the tournament.

So I guess it’s a case of good luck to the USA from now on, although not too much good luck! On the other side, England need to sort themselves out.

England: Green, Johnson, Terry, King, A Cole, Lennon, Lampard, Gerrard, Milner, Heskey, Rooney.

Subs: James, Barry, Carragher, Carrick, Joe Cole, Crouch, Dawson, Defoe, Upson, Warnock, Wright-Phillips, Hart.

USA: Howard, Cherundolo, DeMerit, Onyewu, Bocanegra, Dempsey, Bradley, Clark, Donovan, Findley, Altidore.

Subs: Guzan, Beasley, Bornstein, Buddle, Edu, Feilhaber, Gomez, Goodson, Holden, Spector, Torres, Hahnemann.

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148 Responses

  1. Ah well, onwards and upwards. Well played USA. Green, what a howler. Great goal for us, well worked.

    Now off to Tesco :)

  2. Cappello took a chance with King, Green and Milner and they all back fired on him.
    Green should unpack his play station, he’s gonna need it for the next couple of weeks..
    USA – Dempsey, Donovan, Gooch, Altidore…awesome effort and not too little skill, well done !

  3. Munich

    On the bright side, Notts Countys 1997/98 division 3 title winning manager, Part time plibury dough boy and self confessed “top man in my field” has told him how to do it right so well be ok against Algeria…

  4. Cappello took a chance with King, Green and Milner and they all back fired on him.But why did we take King with his history of injury and the winger Wright Philips keeps running down cul-de-sac with no end product can i remember one cross he made ? and then we have Lampart taken free Kicks sailing 10 yards over the crossbar just not professional is IT

  5. CC good to know mate, we’ll be all right on the night !
    Who is that by the way !?…part of Capello’s back-room team..?
    Some advice to toon bloggers living in Algeria, stock up the fridge, lock your door and watch the game alone at home !

  6. BBtoon…dead right mate, King is a crock on legs. Using Capellos logic he should have also taken Woodgate, great defender, we’ll take him cos he might be fit ! Thank god we have Carragher as back up.

    By the way you’re way out of order criticising Lampard, the lad did a great job, spent the whole game avoiding bumping into Gerrard. We all know how difficult the ball is too, hence his crap free kicks, just ask Green about it !

  7. On the whole i thought we were pretty good, Joe Cole should have started last night.

    I know we were in the fizzy last time out but is Harper really more dodgy than Green or James and what about Kirkland if he is too injury prone why is King out there.

  8. Good Advice Batty-I am back off to bed me heads fookin banging off them Shit Horns :lol:

  9. when are england managers going to realise,that gerrard and fat frank dont work,when they are played together.

  10. should be Hart, Johnson, Terry, Upson, A.cole, J.Cole, Barry, Lampard, Gerrard, Rooney, Crouch (442) next game if all fit

  11. see that stevie taylor is ‘in no rush’ to sign a new deal and that he wants to ‘see if the club’s ambition matches his own’ before signing on the line. Looks like he is out the door after comments like that (if true). One thing we dont have is the time factor when it comes to his he is free to talk to any club he wants in just a few months. bye bye stevie!

  12. yeah i have always thought he would leave and these comments will fuel prem teams to come in for him…. as he will alrady have guessed.and its probably why he let this story leak out in the first place. He wins either way, if he stays he walks on a free and if he goes now he gets what he wants too, a change of club. we have nothing to offer or tempt him with.

  13. All in all I don’t really think USA looked likely to score. We played better in the second half and should really have won it.

    I think Gerrard should really play behind Rooney in the next game.

  14. Craig what do you reckon Stevie Taylors ambitions are ? IMO he’ll either sign up or shut up and leave. There is a tendency to be biased or negative towards the owners when contract negotiations start off. MA & CH both know what Steve Taylor is worth, it’s a question of whether he’ll sign up or not. Look at the opinions on the blog ?% say sign him on, ?% say let him go. The trick is not to be held to ransome and find a point where all parties are agreed. That’s the way contract negotiations work ! Unfortunately we have to put our faith in the owner, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride !

  15. 19… exactly stu…. in between yanks spitting dummies out last night on the blog us normal people came to the same conclusion. Rooney was lost in the midfield in the end and was playing behind gerrard and lampard. lampard and Stevie G just do not go well at all. its been talked about for years and is an old debate, last night still proved it though. Dunno why england managers never see it tho.

  16. 20… for sure its the normal words from any player who is with a team in decline as we are. Thing is though, we cant hang around for him to make his mind. lets just say if he does not make his mind up before this window closes…we then have to sell him in january whern he is as good as free and you might geet 2 million for him tops. taylor knows this and i truley think he wants newcastle to transfer list him right now cos then he can pretend to us fans that he never wanted to leave but was put up for sale by the club. He wants to be portrayed as the all round good egg when he really wants to play elsewhere.

  17. Munich – Sunday Sun and “words from a confidante close to Taylor” should set the full piture mate ;)

  18. you said it… just got promoted from ccc. we mut have been in decline to end up there. the rot had been set in for a while but accelerated alot last season. We can not say that we are – in a footballing sense – anything like what we were from sir bobby robson’s era. We have been rotting away for years. I hope that the year tour of the ccc might have cut out most the rot but until we kick off in the prem we really can not tell if we are going to be whipping boys or not. So yes, i think we have declined stacks… maybe now we have stopped the rot, fingers crossed!!

    yeah toonsy… i was careful to say IF etc as no direct quote as usual. it does smack of truth though.

  19. Well stevie waddya reckon my owld son ?
    Well Mike my ambition is to win the Champions League, be hard enough to chin Andy Carroll and earn 80 grand a week.
    Sorry Stevie, cannot do a deal there mate
    Alright Mike I’m off.
    OK Steveie, no problem, we’ve agreed to sign your replacement anyway for half the salary you were wanting..

    Playing contractual hard ball is part of the game, we’re not the only club being held to ransome..

  20. I wouldn’t worry too much and I think a draw is a fair and good result for both sides.
    Algeria is a capable football nation but they have serious problems in defense.
    If England and the USA can’t get past the other two nations in their group they only have themselves to blame… or Robert Green perhaps :-( – dont know why David James isn’t playing in goal. He excels in cup competitions.

    I must applaud the USA support too, its been great over here. Even at the fans parks they have tremendous support.

  21. 26…. it not a big deal but its jsut that time is not on our side as we let him run down too far before starting the negotiations. Do you think any big team wants their best player with 11 months left on a contract and not close to doing a deal? i think we should sell him if we cant tie him up before the season starts. He will be worth nowt come january. We need the money his sale would generate to bring in his replacement. We already have this ‘no captial investment’ bollox out there. If we sell him now for 5 million we get a decent replacement, if he goes in jan for 1.5 million we are in the bargin bin yet again which is pot luck more than not.

  22. Ashley Cole had a subdued game, he usually bombs up the left wing. Johnston had a good game, at both ends of the field, he was one of our best attackers on the night. Disagree that a draw was a fair result, England should have won, and apart from Greens error most probably would have.

  23. Munich Mag
    I agree with you about Woodgate and Capellos logic but differ on Lampart. you say (By the way you’re way out of order criticising Lampard,)He is a Pro been out there training (practising) he is on a big bucks wages he should be used to the Ball by now
    Wright Philips ? is Walcott not better ?

  24. i think the enire problem lies in the middle of the park. we ned to split gerrard and lamps up. go with a 4/4/1/1 with rooney up front and gerrard / joe cole in the hole.

  25. Munich Mag says:
    June 13, 2010 at 12:12 pm
    Ashley Cole had a subdued game, he usually bombs up the left wing. Johnston had a good game, at both ends of the field, he was one of our best attackers on the night. Disagree that a draw was a fair result, England should have won, and apart from Greens error most probably would have.
    <<<<< petty much how i saw it

  26. craig you’re right mate, only the owner knows what he’s up to (hopefully !) and the supporters suffer trying to second guess him ! Thats why I hate this pre season transfer speculation. I would prefer to hibernate until a week before the season starts and find out what happens..but I cannot ! I hope ST signs up, and we can pull in some good loan signings, and a couple of 2 – 4 million players…..aaaaargh I did it again, regurgitating my own blog blather from 3 weeks ago…sorry…! come on England !

  27. i see there’s a dearth of taxi ranks on here this afternoon.after all the giving it large the last few days,they are nowhere to be seen.the way they were going on,you’d be forgiven to think we were up against world beaters.
    on the taylor issue,i think he’ll go as it will be the only way chris will get a few bob for players.
    after all the spin from the gruesome twosome about not letting future stars go etc..,taylor will probably disappear quicker than lord lucan,RED 17 DEREK!!!!!.

  28. Bbtoon, sorry mate I was just being ironic and sarcastic towards Lampard. Everything you say is dead right about him practising etc TBH he normally strikes the ball really well, yesterday he was poor at times..

  29. would you now drop green?????
    YES ask WestHam supporters some say Green is prone to Clangers what have we 1 Goalkeeper relegated 1 who just escaped relegation and 1 that is out on loan not the best credential’s for the World Cup

  30. So, 5m salary for a manager, numerous breaks in the season for training and practice games, in fact everything they could want and more, yet we see yet again a team that looks like a primary school eleven shoved onto the pitch and expected to sort it out themselves off the cuff.
    Does the manager not comprehend that playing four, no 2( plus 2 ineffective wingers), against a five man midfield is a recipe for disaster?
    They got away with it by a whisker last night but will get pounded by better sides.
    There never seems to be a game plan and what are the tactics?
    What is the point in playing two wide men with Heskey lumbering around up front and why leave the perfect target man, Crouch on the bench?
    The Green mistake is an easy get out for Capello, it takes the focus off the general performance which was pants and also the questionable fitness of the players and also the selction of injury prone and out of form players.

  31. Thank goodness Fraser Foster is English, we’ll be alright in years to come, get him signed up Mike.

    After last nights performance every English born goalie in the top three divisions will be fancying his chances for. I wonder how the England sprog teams are fixed for goalies ? It’s all Ray Clemence’s fault sack him from the England line up..naff goalie he was too… Mick Mahoney Super Goalie la la la or was he Irish ?

  32. toonsy – regarding the Sunday Sun and Taylor, it is plausible though isn’t it? If you were at a club that gave basically said we won’t be spending much money if any on improving the squad, would you sign a new deal? Not when top 7 teams would come in for you.

    I’m also not sure we will pay his wages either

  33. makes you wonder who was putting the leaflets in the bars of newcastle saying”taylor was hated at the club by everyone”what would be the motivation for that?.

  34. Rob Green should stay in goal. His mistake cost us dearly but he wasn’t the only player that played badly. England were far from good yesterday and Steven Gerrard though he scored the goal wasnt great. Neither him or Lampard could dominate the midfield if Paul Scholes were there it would have been a totally different story.

  35. Ray Clemence’s was fortunate to play in front of a very good Liverpool defence and NBG in the England coaching Job He has been at that job a few years now one of the hanger On’s

  36. agree with everything you say bigbadbob

    whatever England created came from pure chance, very little tactical nous.

    Dead right regarding lumbering Heskey, he played his part well within his limited goalscoring ability. If you have two attacking wingers they need to play balls into the box which can be attacked by strikers, our strikers all attack a crossed ball from a flat footed standing start..useless. One of the greatest of his time for attacking a cross ball is wor own Alan Shearer, wor Andy Caroll also has the ability. Crouch may be twelve foot tall but cannot attack the ball..p.s. Capello left it way too late anyway before bringing the lad on..

  37. Ray Clemence…bah… For all of you older fans out there, Sepp Maier is out of a job, got fired as goalie coach by both Jurgen Klinsmann from the national team and FC Bayern at the same time. But he is wellied all the time and got himself a new fishing rod. Bavrian through and through !

  38. craig chisholm

    “would you now drop green?????”

    Personally, I wouldn’t ‘drop’ him so much as I would PROPEL the f*cker in some way – probably with my boot up his arse.

    Reading his ‘explanation’ of the goal, I see no contrition whatsoever, and no acknowledgement that he made the kind of error that pretty much gets covered in School Team Goalie Lesson 1 :(

    Considering the nature of the howler AND his response to it, he doesn’t deserve a second chance. If that f*cker is playing on Friday, I’ll be hiding behind the sofa every time the ball gets within 25 yards of the goal. If we’re forced to play as deep as we were last night, I’m not gonna see a lot of the game :(

  39. I’d definately drop Green,not because of the clanger but because he shouldn’t have been playing in the first place…he’s crap.There’s 2 better English keepers at the Toon never mind in the rest of the country………..oh aye them horns are just what I need with a hangover!!

  40. DartBroon …thats the way I saw it too regarding Green’s lack of contrition, and no acknowledgement of the error.
    I mean the lad doesn’t need to start crying or owt, but something along the lines of “my sincere apologies to the english nation and all the folks watching at home that I muffed it”… would have came across a bit better..

  41. richietoon, I spotted a couple of those horns in Munich yesterday mate. If they appear in the Bigg Market you have my permission to confiscate them immediately..

  42. Munich Mag @57

    Dead right.

    Now I’ve just heard the f*cker on BBC1 saying that the ball might have been to blame.

    What a prize c*nt :(

  43. DB…really, did he say that ? I hope Psycho doesn’t translate that one for Capello, he’ll punch his lug for him…. I reckon Green is toast now anyway..

  44. Yep Munich he really said it…..he also said 999 times out of a thousand he would have got it,surely if it was down to the ball moving unexpectedly as he says though then he would never get it?

  45. C`mon you guys credit where it`s due, you were lucky to come out of this game with a draw, cause apart from the first minute, you never looked like winning.

    And lay off the goalie,the shot was more difficult than it looked.

    But what am i saying, the English always find an excuse for not winning, always someone else`s (hand of god anyone, or has that been forgotten)fault, hey I warned you it would be no walkover, but i guess hubris rules in regards to Engerland.

  46. Chuck-in response to the last thread. I’m sorry but the fact you’d even contemplate the possibility of the USA teaching England a footballing lesson last night is almost laughable. Commenting on the issue of green is not looking for an excuse, it’s a fact. He made a huge mistake and that’s where your goal came from. As for the issue of manager, it’s nothing to do with a lack of managers capable within the uk. He’s one of the best in the world, his nationality is irrelevant. No need to be bitter about the fact he wouldn’t give a footballing nation such as yours a second glance.

  47. This result really showed that england dont deserve to lift the greatest throphy in the world. Green’s mistake could be down to nerves or even just a lapse in concetrations after all the americans never really had other chances up to that. England is a team with great players eg rooney, terry. but will again fail because no manager knows how to get the best out of all of them together. To be honest i think if they dont take it up a notch you will be playing argentina thats if you do make it out of the group in second by some mircale, then you will go out in quaters thats my prediction.

  48. chuck you realy are a deluded person than f@ck i packed in drinking when i did if thats what it does too u take a hint and pack in before it kills your 1 remaining brain cell

  49. chuck if america and its sport is that good how come u follow the toon and not 1 of ur super yank teams

  50. BATTY thing that makes me laugh is the yanks own press,there best at baseball,american footy no other sods play the game,the world series is shite as they are only people in it,were does the world come into it

  51. Batty
    The question is why do i still support a lousy team that has`nt won anything in 50 years?

    Simple really been supporting them since long before you were born.

    And if your an example of someone who`s given up drinking,
    then i need to drink even more.

    Yeah i`m also a NY Yank`s fan, that`s baseball and we are perennial series champs, ok !

  52. chuck says:
    June 13, 2010 at 5:58 pm

    “Yeah i`m also a NY Yank`s fan, that`s baseball and we are perennial series champs, ok !”

    Glory hunter…

  53. Batty – I’m not, but Chuck said he supports a team thats is winning something each year, hence glory hunter :D

  54. chuck ya talk oot ya arse 99.999999% of the time u crack on with ya girly games OK

  55. Look guys just accept the truth for once, you were never
    convincing, Milner justified my opinion of him (never improved since he was a teenager at Leeds)

    Heskey, well nuff said

    Carragher, waaaay too slow.

    When will you get it? the pairing of Gerrard and Lampard, just don`t work.

    Where`s the kid Johnson, need him on right wing,
    oh yeah! left him home.

    If you would take a moment to reflect , this is not a good side and whats gonna happen when you play the Brasil`s, Spain and Argentino`s, thats if you make it that far which I doubt, sorry !

  56. BATTY whats your lad think of promise of double bonus for lads on tour,still short changed for me like

  57. chuck we know we played crap,I don’t think anyone has said otherwise,but you certainly didn’t deserve to win it and never looked like doing so.As for saying it was a good shot that beat Green,come on….a 10 year old would have been disgusted with himself for letting that in.We all make mistakes but most of us would hold our hands up and admit it……..not blame the ball.

  58. chuck u realy are an idiot if ya think we wont win our next 2 games unlike u lot who wont get through

  59. Batty

    Been a fan since the late 1940`s and catch at least three or four games a season while visiting, best I can do i`m afraid.

    Happy to see the side back in the top flight, makes for more tv games here.

    Whadabout you, ever bin to a game ?

  60. chuck says:
    June 13, 2010 at 6:38 pm

    Been a fan since the late 1940`s and catch at least three or four games a season while visiting, best I can do i`m afraid.

    Happy to see the side back in the top flight, makes for more tv games here.

    Whadabout you, ever bin to a game ?
    <<<< fair doos too ya and yeah been too 100s but you have age on me

  61. Batty when I went to NI,Gulf war 1 and Bosnia I effectively got paid less because I lost the extra money for being stationed in Germany……couldnt believe it at the time……….would do it all again if I had my time over,great life.I hope your lad has a safe one.

  62. rich he,s oot in september benn iraq twice and afgan once iam glad he,s gettin oot mate

  63. chuck >>>The US repeatedly tried to invade Canada but failed because of the British.<<< like that part best lololol

  64. Aye me cousins not long been back,had a bad one they lost 4 and 2 of them were his best mates.He’d signed off but they managed to change his mind by promising him 2 years in Catterick…..which there’s no way they can gaurantee that.

  65. Batty

    Chuck is a miserable loney sod. He only slags things off because he knows he will get a reaction and it will give him something/someone to interact with to ease his lonely sad life…

    I do think he supports to Toon well, however, he has no other means of communication besides disgruntlement and negativeness or attacking other posters.

    I suppose at his age, he has been a pr!ck most his life and he sees no point to changing who he is. Old habits die hard, especially when you’ve done it for 50 odd years.

    I suppose he’s had a rough life to be so bitter.

  66. rich they put my lad forward for the top job ya kna rosskemp plays on telly but he,s not intrested m8 he,s had enough

  67. Think they have it worse now Munich,alot more active tours.Bos was the worst for me,some horrible crap went on out there,

  68. I was like that Batty,I’d had enough and nowt was gonna change my mind….regret it now like but when ya want out ya want out

  69. owt to do with the Balkan states and I’m outahear. I don’t even look at them when there sitting opposite from me on the U-Bahn. There are loads of them here, the majority of them are mental.. In World Cup 2006 Croatia beat Germany. There supporters went mental 100’s of them driving in convoy up Munichs main street, flags flying horns blowing, mental…but not a hint of bother…interesting really. Couldn’t see that happening anywhere in the UK…

  70. RICHIETOON you have all my best wish for life m8,hope you get everything you want from life,some of my family have through it,so i know,all the best m8

  71. Just popped out for a bit, back now obviously ;)

    Tell ya what though, you all slag Chuck, but he has got you all eating out the palm of his hand and snapping at his ankles lol

  72. kin’el just read an article that half the German team are of foreign extraction, 3 poles, 1 turk, 1 bosnian, 1 gahnaian, 1 algerian…plus a couple of Bavarians…maybe we should try that ?

  73. Not really slagging so much as pity him Toonsy. Can you imagine being that lonely? You have to resort to attention seeking posts at his age. Best give him a reply… Anyone with half a heart would.

  74. Munich – What about France? Most of them are born in Africa, as JJ said earlier.

  75. Yea Batty, you have to go back to 1812 to find out the last time your army guys got a draw, not a good percentage.

    Face it you have had your ass kicked by the Germans until we intervened to save your bacon in two wars, say thank you !

    Puleez! I just stated i agreed with your last 4 comments,
    Oh is it about something i said about, those annoying plastic horns, well it seems i`m not the only one it appears to be a general attitude held by most viewers.

  76. aye toonsy you’re right about France´s African connection I read JJ’s link..

    Now it’s time for Germany against the Skippys….kinel is Oliver Kahn ugly, but the hinny interviewing him is not three bad…

  77. Nothing to do with the vuvuzelas Chuck, just gets tiring seeing you locking horns with various bloggers each day making comments which clearly are worded to rile people up.

    You seem to get a kick out of it…

    You are quite welcome to state your opinion, just don’t make posts sound like cold hard fact when they are in fact opinion…

    A lot of what you have to say on footballing matters, I actually agree with. Including the fact that the USA were more than a match for a poor England team.

    If you could just make those comments without the snide personal attacks alongside them, I (and I’m sure others) would have no issues with you.

  78. thats all he does JJ insults and goes…… I said before chuck us and the Russians and others had to fight them for 2 years while you built up your forces and cowered at home.educate yourself on history you prick

  79. wouldnt count for chuck Toonsy,being as tha British Army is “insignificant”………a nice thought for friends and family of the almost 300 that have died out there……tw@t!!

  80. The war started to turn when Hitler made the fatal error of deciding to attack on two fronts. Splitting his army.

    The American’s actually went to war with Japan, after Japan declared war on the States. Being Allies of Germany, the USA effectively reluctantly then went to war with Germany too.

    There were many battles fought involving the Australians, Brits and Yanks in the Pacific. The South Africans, Rhodesians, Dutch, and British in Egypt. The Russians on the East. And many others.

    The fact is Hitler took on more than he could chew and thank goodness for that.

    Only fools would take credit for turning the war in the favour of the Allies.

    Most involved in it would tell you, it took a massive joint effort, mistakes on the German tactics and a whole lot of luck.

    Does it really matter now. Is war about taking credit? There is no victory in war. Come on guys… We should just be grateful we don’t live in those times anymore and hope we never will again…

  81. Them times are gone now JJ. If anything kicks off on that scale now I reckon it will be sorted a the press of a button.

  82. You’d think it wouldn’t matter JJ,just winds me up when that tw@t comes out with his inaccurate shit about saving our bacon and all his other made up bs

  83. Usual ignorant windup post which I was on about earlier.

    Make we wonder what Stardust posted to get banned when Chuck constantly gets away with blantantly trying to spark problems. Not even pertaining to football matters…

    Only Worky knows that answer I guess.

  84. Munich Mag

    Klose is just brilliant for Germany. I think he would have been brilliant for Newcastle and we could have got him around the time we signed Owen. His is just such an intellgent striker.

    Podolski is the kind of striker I think we are lacking now. But both are out of our reach these days I’m afraid.

    Very good team Germany. I think they will make the semi finals.

  85. JJ – The jaarmans always seem to do it when it counts, unlike England who flatter to decieve most of the time. We get it the wrong way round and play great in qualifying but end up struglling in tournaments.

    Proabably the best game of the tournament so far this.

  86. jj – Klose is a great striker, always has been. Amazingly he doesn’t get a start for FC Bayern, but he’s been brilliant so far, albeit against Craig Moore !

    Ooops red card for Cahill, red was a bit hard on the lad. Where the flock did the referee get that hair cut ?

    Have you seen owt more of your Jaarman drinking buddys ?

  87. I had Germany 2-0 Toonsy, I didn’t think Aussies were this p!ss poor. They usually good at everything! B@stards…

    I have Germans drinking mates that live in Heidelburg so I nearly always root for the Germans as my second team.

    Great people with the strangest sense of humour.

  88. It’ll be a tough 30 minutes for you toonsy, Jaarmany don’t take there foot of the pedal, even when 2-0 up, it’s not their style. Hope it stays this way for you though !

  89. JJ They have starnge tastes in a lot of things to be fair. One word that always haunts me is ‘scheiser’ if that is how it’s spelt 8O

    Bet gone then :(

  90. Moller reminds me very much of Gerrard. Just makes me think Capello is missing something by not playing Gerrard up front with Rooney.

  91. toonsy says:
    June 13, 2010 at 7:55 pm
    Them times are gone now JJ. If anything kicks off on that scale now I reckon it will be sorted a the press of a button.
    <<<< divent start on aboot that button agen it will get wicky poo poo oot of the woods

  92. Oh well, thats 4-0.

    I need Holland 2-0 Denmark, Japan 0-1 Cameroon, Italy 1-1 Paraguay tommorrow

  93. the bad news Toonsy is I cant see any of those scores coming off…………..the good news is I’m crap at predictions :-)

  94. Toonsy, you got no chance mate – those are the exact scores I predicted for those three games. And I never predict anything right ;)

  95. jj your right, the jaarmans have a bizarre sense of humour, the bavarians are even worse. I call wor lasses boss laughing boy, he was born with a face like a slapped arse. The German goalies got the play station out, nowt for him to do…

    scheisse – means “shit”…..nowt to worry about..

  96. Munich – It’s what they do with the scheisse that concerns me. What I saw on that mucky DVD just wasn’t right lol