England v USA – World Cup match banter.

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Come on England!
Come on England!
For fans of England and the USA the wait is nearly over. The first game of our respective World Cup campaigns will be under way, and the two favourites to progress from the group face each other in the opening match of Group C.

Both teams will obviously want to win their opening game, but unfortunately that is something that can’t happen. A draw probably wouldn’t be the end of the world for either team, as both teams look to strong for the either Algeria or Slovenia and would probably go through to the knockout stages anyway. Sod that though, I want an England win. Come on England!

This may well be a special version of our infamous match banter articles, but the theory remains the same. As ever, this is the place to come together and piss and moan about all things to do with the match, with a little bit of friendly banter mixed in for good measure.

You can read my England v USA World Cup match preview here if you haven’t already, and mull over the team selection aswell as digest a few selcted statistics from previous encounters and tournaments.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, you will have to do without me during the match as I will be spending my bottle tops in some seedy bar in my town centre in the hope that I can see the match whilst managing to avoid any scuffles that may occur, after all, I am a reformed man from what I was in my youth and have become a lover, not a hater.

If my phone can work, the I will try and get the team sheet up on here, although failing that I am sure you will all be aware of what the starting line ups will be. That pretty much covers it I guess, and I suppose it only leaves me one thing to say….

Come on England!

Oh, and as an added bonus…

Just to get you all in the mood!

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225 Responses

  1. Nah nah nah nah
    Nah nah nah nah
    Hey Hey Hey


    We kickin’ this one 1776 style :D

  2. For the sake of good sportsmanship though,

    May the best team win.

    Although I’m pretty sure that the Stars and Stripes will be proudly waving over the Union Jack…

  3. Haha,

    M8s, this is the only time I’ll ever be on the other side of the terraces from y’all hehe.

  4. What I wanna know is will Capello be presenting his sword to Bradley before or after the game?

  5. I’m glad I’m not one of them ;) But yes there are bandwagon USA fans here for football. I compare it to when Beckham came to the LA Galaxy in MLS and all if the sudden, celebrities are there at games, fans fill the seats…It has to be an “event” for them to watch “soccer.”. I haven’t seen much support around town such as banners, etc. rooting for USA to win. When it’s the “thing to do to be cool” supporters pop up out if nowhere.

    Yes, I don’t like bandwagon football fans who were watching NFL games all season while I was somewhere else watching the EPL. But I digress..:p

  6. Good luck both sides! As OHurley stated, I’ll be rooting England on except this game ;)

  7. Just thinking the same thing Dave. Heard on a pregame show that they are selling those plastic horns for what amounts to $10-12. People have money to waste on noise.

  8. Worried about Milner getting a 2nd yellow? SWP is gonna be more pace to deal with already having Lennon out there

  9. Green replaced at halftime you think? Capello “exists to win.” He already pulled Milner for that yellow..maybe let Green stay in, get confidence back?

  10. were fked doon the left,and please if capello ventured up north he would of seen that harper is the number 1 goal keeper..pure pi$$ take

  11. capello gets nose bleeds when he has to come up here,fkin prat.if anyone thinks we can win this needs there fkin heeds checked….KING KEV

  12. worky your not a geordie,seen your comment the other neet,about how you like US geordies being tortured by ashley…PR1CK

  13. Half time …Capello made two big mistakes, one with the choice of goalie, the other with Milner, not fit and way off the pace of the game. I expected to see James between the sticks, though he has made a few mistakes too in his time. Boy are we static, everything happening by chance…boring.

    Ooops …second half, ready to kick off ! Have fun boys on either side of the pond, and let the best team win…England of course 3-1….!

  14. Heskey put it right at him. Hit it well but he could have went either side of him and probably scored.

  15. True, but the power if the shot could have bounced off Howard leaving it open to a rebound shot. So Howard holding onto it was good.

  16. Aye its been a tense nervous opening game. We’ve looked good going forward but the goalkeeping debate haunts us once more, lol.

  17. sounds terrible but this time, there actually is only one person to really blame for us not getting 3 points there.

  18. Robert Green should volunteer himself for something torrid. He himself, he alone, cost us full points.

    And ror those fans who say money buys results should feel embarrased as they clearly know feck all.

  19. Not a bad result or a good result! Just very middling.

    Johnson, king, terry, Cole
    Lennon, Barry, lamps, Cole

    Should be our formation really. Roll on Friday, let’s rip em a new asshole! Show em how its really done.

  20. Fair play, m8s. Good result for us. As good as a win if you ask me. I knew there was a reason I’m wearing Clint Dempsey’s name on the back of my USA strip.

    Congrats on your lonely little point :)

  21. Ohhhhhhhhh – f*ck!

    Milner was a liability. Heskey was awful. Wright Phillips was awful. Lampard couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo, and Greene should be f*cking shot.

    I think that just about covers it from an England point of view.

  22. Don’t expect them to give our boys any credit O’Hurley…

    Shame, I thought Jozy had the winner…

  23. Broon-Disagree RE Heskey. He should have finished his chance but he won everything in the air and his hold up play was good. He set up Gerrards goal to be fair.

    We’ve shot ourselves in the foot though. Or rather Robert Green has. A speculative nothing effort from Dempsey and it’s somehow gone in. All he had to do was get his body behind the ball, it’s a simple goalkeeping error that I doubt any other goalkeeper would have made. The YOU ESS AYY weren’t bad, but they’re lucky to come away with a point. We’ve given them it.

  24. pretty shit game by us and to me it seems obvious that the team just has no balance or rythem. Maybe i am wrong but the way i see it we need gerrard in the hole and rooney up front as its just not gonna work otherwise. Tonight because our current midfield is lacking, rooney drifted further and futher back to get the ball. In the end he was often behind lamps and gerrard… its crap. Lampard and Gerrard should not be side by side. We have no mid field marshall. Perhaps this was why capello wanted scholes. Things have got to change if we are to get anywhere in this cup. we should go 4/4/1/1

  25. That’s why Heskey should be there. Shoulda scored though.
    That’s why green SHOULD NOT.

  26. I’ll admit it’s bittersweet as the I wish the Dempsey goal could have been the likes of Gerrards. Altidore making that shot would have been a nice topper though ;)

  27. OHurley

    “Hmm… and here I thought it was because our players played well…”

    I agree. They did. But I was appalled by that fecking schoolboy error by Green, and our response to it. I don’t think we played well, and we could have even lost it at the death.

  28. 57……..na mate, we never did enough to win that game at all. A draw was an accurate result, regardless of greens howler. we did not batter the states and after the first 15 mins of the first half they were better than us. We had a good spell in second half but hardly enough sustained pressure to force the goal. Heskey… 7 goals in 56 england games or something like that…. easy to see why after tonight.

  29. Altidore looked alright USfan, shoulda scored with the header though.
    & Dempsey’s canny too.

  30. I’m with Ross on this one. Heskey did his job well to be fair we all knew before the game that he wasn’t on the pitch to score he was there to win the headers and set others up. Yes I know he should have scored his chance but other than that he played well!

    The USA played well and they aint any push overs they nearly won the confed cup beating alot of good teams and nearly turning over brazil so i think it was a good result, not ideal but still good!

  31. 4-4-2 just dosnt do it for england, they were terrible tonight. they most planning route one football, pumping the ball up long to heskey…skocking!! lampard and gerrard are too similar to both be playing c.m., they aren’t playmakers, there great midfielfers, dont get me wrong but compare to spain – xavi – great playmaker, alonso – defensive mid and inesta – great playmaker again. a good team needs a good playmaker! too often, gerrard and lampard were too far apart and not offering themselves for the ball!! too many times terry aimlessly pumped the ball up forward.

    we should be playing a game that gets our attacking fullbacks i.e. cole and johnson attacking. we should have a defenive mid – barry should cover that, otherwise carrick of the corcked king fills that roll. they should play 4-5-1 with rooney up front alone with gerrard playing off him and a definsive mid in barry. lennon did ok, and i would nearly play joe cole for the next game instead of philps/milner. carragher was shaky today, so play dawson and my god, why aren’t england playing with the goalie in form….that is joe hart!!

  32. My god !!! as an english man living in Holland you can only guess at the amount of stick i am going to get on Monday at work . I am now going to drink a world record amount of Heineken between now and then . Why in gods name was Rooney having to drop so far back !

  33. Craig-I get what you’re saying mate, in that the performance wasn’t brilliant and we werent by any long stretch better than the USA, but when you look at what happened in game on the night, regardless of the performance overall it was one mistake that cost us 2 points. Whether they were fully deserved or not is a different matter, but had Green just made a simple save, we’d be walking away with 3 points tonight, regardless of everything else. A draw overall was probably, a fair result. We should have stole it though.

  34. Yeah lads. Fair play to all on the day. It was a tough fought match from both sides. And as many mistakes as England made, the USA made them too. It really could have gone either way. A draw is a deserved result for both sides. Teeth bared and attacking, but running into a powerful defense on both sides. 1-1 is absolutely fair.

  35. I can’t agree wit those who’re sticking out for Heskey. When he did get his head on the ball, there was no control whatsoever.

    Otherwise, his one big chance when he’s through on goal – and he fires straight at Howard.

  36. Ross-

    No. WE should have stole it. Altidore should’ve bagged one at the death, but got a VERY lucky bounce. Shot was on target and hot. Good save by Green.

  37. DarthBroon-

    Yeah, but that save that Howard made was TOP CLASS stuff. What a catch!!

  38. Oblong-

    Let me answer that question for you. Crouch. Would’ve played Crouch all the way up front and used Milner in the middle.

  39. england reverted to type, everyone standing like staues, no off the ball movement.
    Particularly later in the game.
    Hence defenders having to hoof it up.
    rooney didn’t get a look in & constantly gave the ball away.
    Gooch did alright against him.
    Why was milner on the pitch, why was king on the pitch?
    swp loves to trip over his own shadow. Lennon looked scared to kick.
    Shoulda took walcott, he has int. experience & a bit of fight.

    The rest did ok though-i think.
    Oh! lampard was a bit out of it.
    Him & gerrard don’t really mix, do they?

  40. OHurley-Maybe so, but Altidore forced a good save from Green. Dempsey, did not. He took a pot shot from distance that shouldn’t have caused issue. A goalkeeping error gave you your goal.

  41. @65… yeah mate, you just said a mirror image of what i said in 58. we are unbalanced to fcuk! 4/4/1/1 is the route with gerrard and lamps split up, gerrard in the hole , feeding rooney. Someone on here said that heskey was not picked to score goals but for his hold up play. Thats crazy talk. if you are thinking like that just dump him out altogether and go with one in the hole. We need a mid field general. milner was slow and carragher has no speed either and was getting skinned all the time. perhaps i am wrong but STEVE HARPER should be number 1.

  42. really?? I like Milner but only as a squad player with England and Crouch hasn’t really been on his game lately. personally I would have went with Carrick in the middle with Joe Cole on the left and Gerrard behind Rooney upfront but I’m not the manager lol

  43. Rob Green is so bad!!

    I don’t get why anyone would ever have him as 1st choice. David James is class, he can make mistakes but he hardly does anymore and he has the experience Green doesn’t. Not bringing Adam Johnson was a mistake as well.

    America made it hard for us to play though. The Gooch is class! Bit of a cheat, like

  44. CLiNT

    “Why was milner on the pitch, why was king on the pitch?”
    “Shoulda took walcott, he has int. experience & a bit of fight”

    Have to agree there. There’s also Walcott’s pace, which might have gotten us something, especially coming on in the latter stages of a really physical game when everyone else is flagging.

  45. Ross-

    Isn’t nearly every goal at some point reduced back to someone’s error? Whether it up be up the pitch a little or right at goal, 99% of goals are the result of some kind of error. So the way I see it, a goal is a goal. Sometimes keepers get it wrong just like defensemen, midfielders, and attackers.

    And Dempsey’s shot was NOT a potshot. It took no deflections, was spot on for accuracy, and seemed calculated to me. Maybe not the BEST shot, but NOT a potshot either. Was a bit cheeky and caught Green unawares.

  46. Steve Harper should be number 1????

    look he is a class player and in years gone by if he had more playing time i think he might of got a look in at a friendly or 2 but i dont think he is good enough to be England number one. Green is a good keeper but he made a mistake at least he got it out the way early….hopefully thats his one and only major mistake in the tournament!

  47. only problem with walcott is he dribbles all the way into the box and then looses his head, every single time. He is full of tricks though and would have injected so serious pace down the right… but with zero end product….. bit like our very own jonas!!

  48. despite not liking joe cole, it’s just been shown that the alternative is not ready-still. So he has to play.
    i wouldatooh a johnson too. He offers some culture.

  49. OHurley

    “Was a bit cheeky and caught Green unawares.”

    The thing is, it DIDN’T catch him unawares – he just didn’t do what Howard would have done; what James would have done; what I would have done (having had time to put me pint down and stub out a tab first);


    (Shouting at Green there mate – not you!)

  50. he’s still a good player and I think he will be class in the premiership for us this year but you are dreaming if you think he is England’s number 1, his reflex saves and shot stopping are excellent but he doesn’t command his area enough and sometimes he’s far too casual.

  51. How green has made it to this point is beyond me.
    It can ONLY be cos he plays for west ham.
    He just looks flat, not on his toes, non-confident & a bit glazed over.
    He seems half a second behind, but lacking the agility to make up for it.

  52. I would have taken Walcott and Adam Johnston both players who have skill and pace and both can play on either wing with ease….both better than Wright-Phillips as well.
    just an opinion mind

  53. I agree oblong, fully.

    expect al’moon’ya is still slighty better. LOL

  54. @Craig C. Haha to be fair I’ll give you that one he did look rather casual tonight. hopefully though that’s his mistake out the way

  55. Darth-

    LoL, true he didn’t get behind the ball. He’s not getting laid tonight either lol…

    The shot was cheeky though. Didn’t see it coming. Low and somewhat hard. Split the defenders and unfortunately for you guys, Green made a rookie mistake.

  56. Clint Flick..agree mate Green seems to be a bit glazed over…is he mentally up for this, he let loads of goals in last year for West Ham… ?
    England got off to a great start, and then handed the inituative to the US, we never imposed our game on the US and in fact lost the impetus.
    US were poor second half, really expected more from them, perhaps they ran out of steam. Wright Phillps, huffs and puffs a lot but always makes the wrong choice with the final ball. Heskey, workmanlike performance, but for his real big chance in the second half, why didn’t he just pass the ball into the net, or in fact round the keeper ? Pretty poor really.
    Carragher second half way off the pace, skinned once by the big Jozy Altidore boy, who I thought was a handfull all night, but USA’s answer to Heskey, will average 1 goal every 15 games for Team USA…! Carragher lucky to escape red in the second half..

    The big dude playing centre half with the Wolverine facial hair, Oguchi Onyewu, awesome all night, a real rock, well done. Wasn’t he at the toon on loan, why did we let him go ?

  57. Could someone tell me why Ledley King was subbbed ? Was he injured or just crap ? They said nowt about it on Jaarman tele…

  58. is 22 too young for a goal keeper at the world cup? I don’t think so Joe Hart has been solid in every game he has played and James isn’t fit I would have been tempted to have gone with him instead!

  59. Joe Hart should have started, he had a great end to the last season and was playing with a lot of confidence..

  60. How batty,
    i reckon they looked good in parts.
    But lost all composure after the howler.
    & went back to old ways-hoofing, no movement.
    They shoulda won that, shouldn’t they?

    Alright mate, btw.

  61. Joe Hart’s 23 and when you think Casillas was 21 and 1st choice for Spain in 2002 it seems like England are always a bit wary of young keepers

  62. 1 – Milner was shown up, and I hope his price is adjusted accordingly.

    2 – Robert Green deserves a witch-hunt ten times worse than Beckham had

    3 – Stats suggest that England were the superior team, so wind ya neck in you friendly firing b@stards. We are still better than you ;)

    4 – I expect to hear nothing about how Newcastle should spend shyte loads of money, it has been proven that it is not needed.

    Toodle pip, off to sober up.

    AMERICA – The only time the USSR should have actually pushed the button!

  63. Yallright Toonsy..what was the crack like in the toon ? Doom and gloom on the Tyne ?

  64. Oblong says:
    June 12, 2010 at 10:05 pm

    “he’s still a good player and I think he will be class in the premiership for us this year but you are dreaming if you think he is England’s number 1, his reflex saves and shot stopping are excellent but he doesn’t command his area enough and sometimes he’s far too casual.”

    Reminds of a certain Irishman…

  65. sorry 23 then still think he is the best keeper out of the 3. England are wary off young keepers but maybe its time to change? for me after this world cup Joe Hart will be number 1 for a long time and hopefully it wont be long till Fraser Forster is pushing him for his place.

  66. Munich – I live in the Midlands at the minute mate. One American bloke that I saw who was gobbing off got the shit kicked out of him, rightly so….

  67. yea toonsy, harper and Given are very alike keeping wise neither command their area enough!

  68. Batty – I have nowt against the USA, just certain people within it.

    Ex-pats who dont actually suport the country from which they are claiming to be ex-pats from are fecking losers man.

  69. OHurley-I’m with broon here. It didn’t really catch Green out. He saw the shot coming and didnt position himself properly. It wasn’t hit with any real venom or pace, didnt have Green scampering to the left or right of his goal. It was hit right down his throat and he just didn’t get behind the ball like any goalkeeper should have. Had the shot he parried against the post went in, i’d have said fair enough, a deserved win because the shot caused him problems. Dempsey’s shot shouldn’t have caused any problems. You see hundreds of shots taken like that week in week out that don’t go in because it’s a simple save to make.

    I’m not putting down the USA’s performance by any means. Just saying that the goal you scored to get a draw, shouldn’t have went in and it was down to Green it did.

  70. Batty @ 123 – I would expect the same mate. If I was telling the British how our troops are “shyte” and are just “coffee boys” for the “real men” of the USAF, then I pretty much wouldn’t expect to get away with it.

  71. 124….he might be better at commanding his area than Given but he still doesn’t do it enough therefore they are alike, plus i bet given would have commanded his area in the fizzy pop league lets just wait and see shall we and hopefully ill be proved wrong.

  72. Its ok to attack an American after a football match because England didn’t win?

    Is that really what I just read here?

  73. Wicky – Or you could read 127 and perhaps see why, when our troops, OUR (as in British) TROOPS are getting slagged down.

    Feck them now, now I heard it with my own ears and saw it myself, feck them mate. Honestly, it was criminal what that fecking prick was saying!

  74. wickywoowoo why not because the yanks attack who they want when they choose too and still have never won a war yet

  75. no wickywoowoo what I read was the American bloke was wanking on about the British troops being shit… to me he was inviting trouble and got it. if he goes on like that in Britain he is gonna get a kicking regardless of whether its England Vs USA or not.

    if we went to America and started wanking on about there troops we would get the same treatment right?

  76. wickywoowoo do you live in the UK ?…from my recollections gobbing off will get you punched in the lug in the majority of British towns, especially when the beers have been flowing. Don’t think its a bias towards Americans.

  77. Batty – Do me a foavour mate, let me deal with this, ok? I understand you have an interest, but give us some credit eh? :)

    The point being that Wicky has chosen to focus on the fact that it kicked off because of football, when it wasn’t at all. It was to do with what the person was saying, of which I heard myself, and it was awful.

  78. they couldnt organise a p iss up in a brewery ive heard it from some 1 who has just spent 5 months with them the lazy f uks

  79. to me the goal is not the issue………it was the entire pretty piss poor performance by england. we need to buck up cos even tho the states are complete underdogs they by no means made us look good, if naything we laboured alot. there are massive issues that need addressing asap otherwise the serious teams and serious players are gonna wipe us out. can you see england containing messi or ronaldo? or spain/argies/brazil/ etc??
    carra is about as fast as me nana. Rooney was BEHIND lamps and gerrard half the game, heskey is cack, gerrard and lamps can not work well in the middle…swp on left and cole on bench??? to me it looks like we still dont have a system and the entire squad looks unbalanced.

  80. I’ll also add that I understand that all Americans aren’t like that, but FFS they need to learn a thing or two about the real world!

  81. Yes – I live in the UK. I agree with any negative comment about troops too. I have no sympathy for people who want money to have the right to kill people.

    We aren’t in the draft days anymore, we don’t have people being forced to fight who don’t want to. They choose to accept money to kill people who are 95% innocent and civilian.

    Tough luck. UK or US, they’re all nutters happily fighting by volunteering in wars that are bent and financially driven. Those who do have souls and refuse to go – get singled out and abused by people who then cry when the soulless ones get killed.

    Upside down?

  82. Wicky – So your principled stance is kind of defunct really?

    He deserved his battering, and I only hope he is in a worse state then some of his compatriots are in!

  83. wicky woo ya thick jock b@stard do u think there on good money ya dirty jock peice of shite die ya b astard retard jock

  84. nice one Batty @140 ! it looks like our “special relationship” with the US is rocking a bit, at least in Rugby !

  85. people like u ya dirty jock i could cave ya f ukin skull in and watch ya bleed too death

  86. Batty – There will be no bannings (as we speak) :lol:

    I think that Wicky got the worng end of the stick, or was writing his comment whilst I wrote mine.

    I stand by mine, 200%, and I was shocked to hear just how little we mean to some Yanks! Bring our boys back then, and NATO, let them go alone!

  87. Batty – Please calm down! Dont sink to the levels I have heard tonight mate. You’re better than that.

    As I said, I think Wicky just typed his comment before he knew the whole (ish) story.

  88. toonsy well i also stand by everything ive sed iam off now catch ya lata m8 wicky make sure that bus hits u

  89. Munich – It took one of my friends to stop me getting involved aswell.

    As I said earlier, I am a lover, not a hater, but if someone pushes things too far then there is one outcome. Unfortunatly he was American. He could have been Turkish and he would have got the same if he said what he said, in my opinion anyway.

  90. Batty – I understand why, in fact I know why you are getting all radge ;(

    Honestly though, I just reckon that a wrong end of the stick was caught.

  91. Boys, it’s the age old combination of football, tosteterone and the demon drink, it brings out the best in people ! You also tend to wonder what the American lad had been through to spout his mouth off like that ? Toonsy, you would have gotten well chinned if you had spouted off in the US, I know mate I’ve lived there. The US boys like a battle too, especially the military !

    The morra it’s Jaarmany against the Skippys. Thank goodness for a proper team, should be good crack, loads of aussies in Munich…should be a GREAT event..

  92. Munich Mag says:
    June 12, 2010 at 11:16 pm

    “Toonsy, you would have gotten well chinned if you had spouted off in the US”

    Sounds like a challenge :D

  93. Craig Chisholm @ 141-

    F*ck you, you piece of dog sh!t. How f*cking DARE you insult the American military like that. You wanna start some sh!t, bring your limey @$$ over here and I will PERSONALLY kick your @$$. THEN, I’ll let our magnificent army have their way with your mincy little @$$.

    F*ck off, you c*nt.

    Seriously, Toonsy- if you’re the moderator here, BAN that f*cktard. I swear to God that if I ever here crap like that again on this blog, I’m off. I have never been so insulted in my life. My father, two of my uncles, and both grandfathers and ALL their brothers have fought bravely and some have DIED to keep the WORLD (yes that includes “jolly” old England) from speaking German. How DARE any one of you English blokes slag us off like that.

    Craig- go wipe your @$$ with sandpaper.

    As for that American that ran his mouth… he got what he deserved.

  94. Sorry for bringing hate to this blog, but I will NOT stand for such an ungrateful attitude. The United States and England have had wonderful diplomatic relations for nearly 200 years now. There is NO reason whatsoever to be so forgetful of what was accomplished 60 years in Europe. And that it was accomplished TOGETHER. Exactly like our countries continue to do.

    Sorry, but insulting my country is bad taste, poor class, ignorant, and simply disgusting.

    As you can see, I’m a patriot. Sorry if that pisses anyone off.

  95. OHurley – Have a chill man :)

    Not expecting you to agree with what is said, but similarly it us just an opinion that you are commenting on……

    Problem is, with two countries that are so linked together then it was only natural that things would turn towards the forces.

    I won’t be banning Craig, but similarly, you are a good lad, one not to be missed. I only hop you don’t find offence in my post here and can continue to contribute to here – you are appreciated.

  96. Got more than you bargained for there Toonsy, I mean YOU did start the anti- Us thread did you not !

  97. @OHurley for 154

    Yes, would be German speaking in England after WWII, agreed there. Sorry to hear if your family members passings in the wars, respect to them for protecting all. I have friends who gave been to the Iraq but thankfully came back intact.

    Understandable about the american over there as you see the rage OHurley went into over US military bashing. So he should have thought before he spoke in the presence of Englishman. Was the American pissed up on beer? Clouds judgment indeed.

    The clumping, or apparent clumping together of all americans as being the most corruptable people is something I do not like. Much like, and possibly Trojan 69 would agree judging by his name, skinheads are all looked at as nazis, etc., because of that ignorant faction that took the trad skin look and added the shite views, swastikas, etc. The first band to start the skinhead reggae genre was Symarip, an all black reggae band…sound like skinheads originated to be racists?? So can’t clump people in one group.
    That would be like me saying all englishman have a cockney accent and support the BNP.

    I know the passion for football is much stronger in England but the personal attacks over a match that was a DRAW, not a loss for England, and also being a match neither if us played in or had control over, is silly.

    Enjoy the rest of the World Cup, the much antucipated match up just passed, lets move on to support our respective nations the rest of the way! Respect to all!

  98. Fair play, Toonsy. Always respect you and your opinions, m8. Just gets me fired up to see comments made by someone so ignorant. Absolutely gutted that some people on here have so little respect for others. If I heard someone say that about the American military, I’d deck them without hesitation. Even if I was the only American present. As I’m sure you’d do as well. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to comment with a tosser like Craig. Not until he issues an apology, the fecker.

    Anyhow, thanks for your concern. I’m looking forward to hearing some good news about the one team we all love. I always enjoy your articles, m8. Howay the lads.

  99. All over a game of football !
    Who`d a thunk it, how it brought out the worst in people.

    Well it was`nt the best of games but it sure brought out people`s prejudices and anger.

    I warned you guy`s we were no pushovers, but you thought it was in the bag.

    Poor old Green you want to lay the whole game on him ?

    Hell we could have had at least three, you were just lucky to get the draw.

    Face it you aint going anywhere with this bunch, I mean Hesky, Carragher, Milner, to name three, one not good enough , two over the hill ?

    face it you guys came into this following a decent qualifying round, and you really thought you had a chance of going all the way, untill you met the USA who showed you how bad you actually are.

    Forget it Guy`s, you are going nowhere.

  100. Oh and to whoever said that Americans are the most corrupt people in the world… come here and say that to my face, you son of a bitch. Politicians are ALL corrupt. English, American, French, and ESPECIALLY Russian. And everyone other place that I left out. That said, just because politicians are corrupt doesn’t mean the people of that country are. Pull your “heed” “oot” of your “arse”, “m8”.

    Seriously- any more American bashing and I’m buying a ticket to Newcastle to personally teach you a lesson in respect. That lesson may involve what the cockneys might refer to as a daisy root up the blades.

  101. For all my friends here though- sorry to show my bad side. I unfortunately have an Irish temper to match my name. Mix that with fierce patriotism and a couple of douchebags to insult that and then I go off like IRA nail bomb lol.

    Cheers to all my American brothers on here. Don’t tread on us, bitches! :)

    and I agree with chuck. England had a measure of luck in that the score could easily have showed 3-1 us. Could just as easily have gone the other way too. Draw is a fair result.

  102. O`Hurley
    Dont let them get to you.
    You know by now one would have thought they would be used to the former colonies kicking the shit outta them in various sporting events.
    The New zealanders , the Aussies, the Irish and the South Africans, regularly give them a hammering.

    Same in cricket only add the Indians,Pakistanis and the W/Indies.

    If it were`nt for SOCCER and the great number of foreigners in there leagues they would be crap there too. (I mean if they cant beat a team like us how good can they be)

    Hey let them rant, they are so used to loosing,they will always find something or someone to blame.

  103. chuck-You’re talking as if the USA have put England in their place and opened our eyes to the fact that there’s plenty of superior footballing nations across the world to us, you included. A Robert Green error gave you guys a point. Regardless of how the rest of the game played out, had it not been for a goalkeeping error, you would have lost tonight, its as simple as that.

    We didnt play to our full potential and neither did you. I for one said you would be a tough game for us and that was proven. But you’re talking as if you’ve taught us some sort of footballing lesson which is nonsense. Any other goalkeeper saves that speculative Dempsey effort tonight and you lose.

  104. TOONSY

    Dont know if you have had too much to drink as probably a lot have to-day but……

    (1)ex pats who dont actually support the country from which they claim to be from are fecking loosers man…

    That would apply to most people in the USA, and do you really believe that nonsense ?

    (2)I understand all Americans are`nt like that, but FFS they need to learn a thing or two about the real world….

    Bit presumptuous, dont you think ?
    Considering we run it !

  105. Ross

    WE had the better opportunities to score, surely you cant deny that.
    And to blame it on your goalie is unfair and a way of weaseling out of the fact perhaps we did in fact teach you a lesson.
    I`m sure your Italian Manager has lear`nt something from the game, if not the team.
    Bye the way, how come you have to go to Italy to find a manager, are there no English managers good enough ?

  106. Bit of a hyprocrite Toonsy-

    Fair enough, a guy runs his mouth about troops in a pub he should get smacked about. The same thing would happen here. But you let Batty and others run their mouths on the same topic while hiding behind a key board and that’s accptable? Pathetic.

    Good match. to England. Good luck in the next two.

  107. from a neutral point of view,i have to agree with one of the Facebook comment on lennon/england wingers.

    England wingers are very fast,and with lots of tricks,but whenever they need to cross,is always not on target.

    From what i see about the match,1st half tempo was very high,resulting a very sloppy match.The ball kept bouncing,with players having difficulties to control it.

    Rooney is the same case as messi of the different match.Lampard was non-existent till 76thMins.Heskey was brought on to play to injured players apparently. :lol:

  108. But England should process easily from group stage with two weaker countries below.Unless somehow the gk department of England went self-destruct Mode. ;)

  109. Very poor……This is what happens when you have Keepers that have conceded goals all over the place all season long with Green at West Ham and James at Pompey, also when you take Crocked players like King and slow aging replacements like Carragher, and Strikers who can’t score like Heskey, Rooney was marked out the game by a competant USA Defence…What chance has he against the Italians, Germans, Brazilians!! Rooney isn’t the world beater that Ronaldo and Messi are, like any striker he needs service and if he doesn’t get it he’s just a run of the mill player, at Man Utd he gets the service, he’ll probably be ok against the next two teams but if we think England have a cat in hells chance of winning it then we’re fooling ourselves, Quarter final at best!!

  110. Well it would appear our ‘special relationship’ has broken down some what, on this blog.

    For what it’s worth I thought the first half we were really poor, but improved in the 2nd half. There was really only one team who wanted to win it.

    Let’s not forget that in 66′ we could only draw 0-0 in the first.

  111. Always thought this bunch Capello has chosen would be found out at some point….Heskey getting the Nod over Darren Bent is just insane in my opinion and James and Green are Fookin Hopeless.

  112. Stuart it is 2010 by the way…that result all them years ago will have no bearing whatsoever in the modern scheme of things :lol:

  113. O hurley…. why should toonsy ban me cos i said our tropps are better than yours?? its my opinion based on good knowledge and it happens to be the truth. I did not say your guys were bad.. jsut not as good as ours. thats just the way it is. Sorry if that bothers you like but there is nowt i can do about that man. for you to rant and rave like a woman is ridiculous… and well er.. very american and thus expelains alot of what i am saying anyway. Once you loose your temper you have lost anyway.
    When chuck comes on here now and again i often agree with his comments, i seem to think i will not see eye to eye with you very often though.

  114. Just watching Sky, never realised our opening game reord was so bad!

    Ah well, roll on Friday :)

  115. 165
    chuck chuck says:
    June 13, 2010 at 1:52 am

    Dont know if you have had too much to drink as probably a lot have to-day but……

    ….I understand all Americans are`nt like that, but FFS they need to learn a thing or two about the real world….

    Bit presumptuous, dont you think ?
    Considering we run it !

    Sorry Chuck mate, need to pull you up on one point mate. Regarding your post above @165. I agree that some of the crack here at times was way out of order…!
    Nowt to do with football, demon drink or whatever, but your last statement regarding “running the world” wound me up a bit..

    Hopefully this blog subject will run to an end, and a change of subject is due, but the cat is out of the bag ! Bottom line from my side …I lived twice in the US mate, before the introduction of the internet as we know it today by the way, and whilst I found the majority of the people I met were good guys, they almost ALL had the same opinion as you …we run the world.. Therein lies the problem, this attitude mate. One Sherman mate of mine stated “Sweden, isn’t that the capital of Norway ?”.. howay man, the average Sherman knows nowt about the world outside of the good old US of A, just what he finds out himself, or what his politicians are drip feeding him..

  116. doh…sorry to open this up again, just ignore me, hangover and too much caffeine this morning !
    Sorry to all the American boys on the Blog.

  117. whey lads,hangover from hell………glad I wasn’t blogging last night,a bit nasty in places.I just have to say 12 years in the army,served in a few places with the yanks.Yes theres a few arseholes as there is in HM Forces,yes theres a few crooks,again like HM Forces but on the whole a good bunch of lads doing their jobs to the best of their ability sometimes in circumstances you wouldnt see in your worst nightmares.So unless you’ve been there and done it don’t have a go at lads who are putting their lives on the line,whatever their nationality.How many on here have seen things so terrible that you wouldnt even see them in a horror film?……not many,I have so stop slagging off lads who have gone and are going through it….rant over………almost wicky woo woo..PR*CK!!

  118. chuck aye ya world beaters at american football and baseball could u remind me agen how many countrys play them

  119. O’Hurley 162 – I agree the game could have gone either way – but the stats such as possession, territory and shots would suggest that it was much more England’s than USA’s game. I think your assertion that it could have been 3-1 to USA is interesting when I can only think of 2 USA shots actually on target whereas I think Howard had many more actual saves! Oh wait, perhaps Green could have thrown one in his own goal…!
    On the other side of things – the “special relationship” – I have frequently got into arguments with my friends and relatives in the USA – I have also spent a fair bit of time over the pond during my life. At times we concentrate on our differences (which are many) and out come our stereotypes. I will keep my thoughts on the BP business to myself – let’s just say it doesn’t reflect well on any body – and I have friends in the industry who have things to say about BP but also about American rig-workers. We really are like brothers – fughting, arguing – but when the chips are down, we each know where are real friends and allies are.
    Good luck to USA – and England fans, KTF! We have had worse results and performances in the World Cup opener – remember we were no-hopers after the 0-0 Uruguay opener in 1966!

  120. PS Anybody see Gordon Banks on after the match last night? Now there was a keeper! Bloody brilliant!

  121. magpie6699 dead right mate, when the chips are down we pull together. Gordon Banks, now that was a legend of a goalkeeper, one of the best in the world.

  122. Craig Chisholm
    Look, believe what you want in regards to which country`s soldiers are better than others, but what you cant deny is your`s is insignificant in numbers and a poorly equipped, you buy our submarines, helos and aircraft, also our missiles, face it a second rate country, militarily.

    More than play cricket or rugby.

    Everyone plays basketball, even you guys, poorly i admit,
    but you do play it.

  123. As far as running the world, c`mon face facts, we sneeze you guys catch cold.
    And we are nowhere as chauvinistic as were the Brits when they had an empire, we don`t have near anthems like Rule Brittania.

  124. chuck aye our girls play baseball at school but they call it rounders as for ya american football what a joke padded up too the hilt ya bunch of pussys

  125. chuck

    Why don’t you f*ck off and troll someone/somewhere else.

    Any pretense of you posting here out of an interest in anything relating to football is unsustainable. You’re a poster boy for the Ugly American windbag.

    Go watch Fox news and rub some calamine on that red neck of yours.

  126. British subs….designed in Britain built in Barrow in Furness(thats in Britain Chuck)

  127. Craig-

    you’re seriously deluded. Do the world a favor and cut off your fingers and your tongue so that you can’t pollute the world with your idocy anymore. You’re nothin’ but a limey c*nt, and an ignorant one at that. I don’t know where you even get your “facts”. If England had a halfway competent military, maybe you would running the world. But you don’t. We’ve bailed you out in the two biggest wars the world has ever seen because you can’t handle your own problems. Typical limey bullsh!t. Think you’re the saving grace of the world because you eat crumpets and drink tea. F*ck you. Rant over. I’m done. For everyone else I’ve offended on here- sorry. Just put a leash on Craig and this wouldn’t happen.

  128. OHurley

    “For everyone else I’ve offended on here – sorry”

    I had no end of sympathy for you in the first place – you must have been well taken aback with some of the stupid comments posted here last night, especially as they seemed to come out of nowhere at the end of a reasonably good-natured evening for those of us that had sat the match out closer to home.

    And, for the record, I don’t agree with the sentiments expressed at all. Daft half truths and stupid bar room politics.

    But if you feel the need to respond in kind with blanket nationalistic slurs, then you’re no better than they are.

  129. Ohurley I can understand you getting upset with some of the comments on here but Im f***ing sick of people who havnt got a clue laying into the British Forces.I’m sure the families of the 300(almost)who have died in Afghanistan love reading comments like that.Its a small army but its completely competent it makes mistakes but so does yours,most British Fatalities in the 1st gulf war were at the hands of US forces……..you dint bail us out of fuck all,we were allies and fought alongside each other.I could say if you hadnt hidden at home for 2 years it would have been over quicker,its easy to insult.As Ive said before I’ve served with yanks and respect them as they did us…….rant over

  130. Richietoon I agree with you and I dont really want to get into this but 2 of my best mates were lost in the 1st Gulf war due to so called ( friendly fire ) :(

  131. Sorry about your mate Dave.I didn’t want to get involved either Dave,its one of the few things that wind me up, people who know F all using something where people have died to score points on a footy blog.I still usually regret getting involved as soon as I’ve hit the send button.

  132. Richie-

    Fair play, m8. I never intended to bash British forces, but don’t bash our’s either. We’re the strongest allies in the world and it breaks my heart to see someone slagging us off when he obviously knows f all about what he’s talking about. Hopefully we can put this issue to rest.

    And by the way, my great uncle Horus was killed on a french shoreline by friendly fire. British friendly fire. The soldier was cleaning his weapon and didn’t realize that it was loaded. It’s a sad thing, but it happens on both sides.

    Also, on a point of historical significance, WWII did not become OUR fight until the Axis powers attacked us. We were like Switzerland- neutral. It wasn’t our fight, it was Europe’s fight. Now, we sold the Allies arms and our pilots flew in the RAF (yes that is true, so don’t agrue it with me), and our pilots flew with the Chinese. The latter were called the Flying Tigers and I have a very good friend who’s 90 years old now who actually flew with them.

    Fact is, Britain got licked by a superior German army and couldn’t hold its own. So when we were attacked by the Japanese, we joined in full force and TOGETHER we dismantled the Nazis. I might also add that WE had to fight a war on TWO fronts. And we did that very efficiently.

    So no more slagging anybody’s military off. Or the people of the country. We’re all (or SHOULD be) friends here, so let’s act like it.

  133. Sorry, just one more point.

    American football players have to wear pads because if they didn’t, they’d all have shattered faces, shattered ribs, collapsed lungs, and a myriad of other injuries. It’s a precise game that utilizes short bursts of extreme speed and strength. If you got hit in the ribs before you had a chance to even see it coming by a guy that was at an all out sprint (I’m talkin’ like 4 2 40 kinda sprint) and he puts his head squarely in your solar plexus, wouldn’t you want pads on?

    I mean, if you really WANT collapsed lungs, that’s cool n all… but we wear pads so that we can play more athletically and hit harder than we could do otherwise. Also, ask an Offensive Line Center if he’d consider going up against a Defensive Lineman without a helmet. LoL, the answer is only no if that center wants a broken face.

    So please, stop the yank-bashing. It’s childish and only serves to make you look like sore losers in a game that you didn’t even lose.

  134. Batty-

    LMAO, we’ve never won a war?? Go and read the history books man. I like you. I’m not gonna fight with you.

  135. Wait a minute-

    The USA never won a war or Man U never won a war? I’m confused… lmfao

  136. Glad to see you decided not to stay away OHurley :)

    Hopefully we can ALL draw a line under it and look forward tou our next games.

    Just brought out a Sir Bobby ‘blog, so increasing the peace would be great :)

  137. OHurley says:
    June 14, 2010 at 5:37 pm
    Wait a minute-

    The USA never won a war or Man U never won a war? I’m confused…
    lol fuk off

  138. I’m not being arrogant my friend. Just stating the facts. There was ONE post earlier that I regretted posting, but I was just so damned mad at Craig. He was living up to the American stereotype of British people and it just got to me a little.

    Listen, united we stand, divided we fall. The British and the Americans, like General Patton said, are destined to rule the world. We are like brothers. Would kick each others’ ass just for the sake of doing so, but as soon as anyone else comes attackin’, we TOGETHER stand up and defeat the enemy wherever it may be.

    So, let’s forget about all this crap, stop slaggin each other off, and talk about some damned football lol. Deal?

  139. Oh and you GOTTA admit that George S. Patton Jr. was a better General than Field Marshall Sir Bernard Law Montgomery. Market Garden?? Really?? I’m just sayin’… :)

  140. So, let’s forget about all this crap, stop slaggin each other off, and talk about some damned football lol. Deal?<<<< sumit else the yanks know nowt about football :lol:

  141. Batty-

    There you go generalizing again, so damned ole’ sumbitch!

    Not ALL yanks know nowt about footy like…

    Y’all should be thankin’ me. I make watchin’ this sport look good over here! haha

  142. ohurley,I did say mistakes happened on both sides,I didnt slag off your military mate I just pointed out how easy it is to twist things and use as an insult sorry if I gave that impression(its not easy to say what you mean in type and it can be misinterpreted).Obviously we struggled v Germany they were prepared for war we werent,but the 2 extra years did give you time to prepare and we also fought on 2 fronts mate,trying to cling onto what was left of our shrinking empire ;-) .I also know about the yanks that flew in the RAF,I also know about the flying tigers,funnily enough just watched a documentry on them a couple of months ago.I think everyone gets a bit carried away when their country is being attacked and you go on the attack and a certain someone from your side of the pond winds me up anyway as he cant come on here without throwing an insult in somewhere.Lets just draw a line under it mate like you said and get back to supporting the Toon.You’ve know chance of finishing above England anyway ;-)

  143. OHurley says:
    June 14, 2010 at 5:50 pm

    There you go generalizing again, so damned ole’ sumbitch!

    Not ALL yanks know nowt about footy like…

    Y’all should be thankin’ me. I make watchin’ this sport look good over here! haha
    <<<< arragant u sound just like the old c unt chuck

  144. LMAO, I can’t say anything right, can I?? haha

    Also, that wiki article is not accurate… not at all.

  145. Didn’t even mention the Mexican American War. We had no help in that one. There’s been several more actually.

  146. Aye I did Icedog………..still waiting to see a good game…..Geremi’s lost none of his pace ;-)

  147. geremi!s like a salmon,swimming against the tide,dont think the manager hasnt got a clue,sharp did a runner when he was over here