Xisco faces the exit door at Newcastle as Best gets chance to shine.

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Spanish hitman heading for the exit?
Spanish hitman heading for the exit?
It looks like Xisco will be touted around clubs this summer in an attempt by Newcastle to unload him and his wages onto someone else.

The prime candidates to secure the Spaniards signature will be Racing Santander, especially now their controversial La Liga survival has been confirmed. Xisco has been on loan there all season but has struggled to make an impact scoring only three times in his twenty-three apearances for the club. Manager Chris Hughton will be looking to offload him to free up some wages as his current wage is just ridiculous for someone who hasn’t really done much in the game, and we all know who we can blame for us signing Xisco in the first place.

I feel it’s the fact that he is a Dennis Wise signing has been of detriment to him on Tyneside. Did we pay too much for him in the first place? At just shy of £6 million, I would say yes. Is he earning a hefty wage packet whilst he is with us? At a reported £50,000 a week, I would say yes. None of this is Xisco’s fault though, and can you honestly say, hand on heart, that if a club were offering you so much money you wouldn’t take advantage of it and sign the deal straight away? I would.

Xisco arrived at the start of the whole Keegan fiasco and was cited as one of the players Keegan didn’t want at the time, and because of that his days were always numbered. Fans wil never take to him as they remind them too much of what happened last year, which is wrong of course, but then so is fabricating his own injuries and missing training. I am sure Xisco had the grandest ideas when he signed for Newcastle, and playing in front of 50,000 fans every other week is something that would have appealed to him. Unfortunately it just wasn’t to be and it now looks like he will be fast-tracked out of the club.

Never fear though, we have Leon Best who is ready to step into the limelight, and it looks like he will be getting his chance next season according to Chris Hughton. Best is another one that has attracted the critics after failing to score in seven starts and a handful of substitute appearances. I have even got on his back at times, but then I realise that in actual fact it’s foolish to write him off after he has played so little for us.

The problem I think Best has is that he is used to doing what Andy Carroll does for us, ie being the big man up front. That is what he done at Coventry City before he signed for us, and it’s what he does for Ireland at international level with either Kevin Doyle or Robbie Keane running off him. I wonder how he would play if he was given the Carroll role with Lovenkrands playing off him? It would certainly be a return to what he is used to doing.

Unfortunately, Best was another victim of circumstance and his arrival seemed to spark our current strikers into some impressive form which had the effect of limiting playing time for him. With the form Carroll and Lovenkrands found, it is hard to justify starting someone else in front of them, but lets not forget that Best had scored more goals than Carroll and Lovenkrands had when we signed him.

Hopefully he can grab an early goal in the Premier League season and we can see him kick on from there. Maybe then he can start earning the number nine shirt as he claimed he would on his arrival on Tyneside.

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87 Responses

  1. Maybe then he can start earning the number nine shirt as he claimed he would on his arrival on Tyneside.

    Maybe…Maybe not…Can’t see it myself though.

  2. CH and everyone else can say what they like about Best. We’ve all seen him and he looks rubbish.

  3. Plays like a Turnip…only seen him hit one good strike…..went off the bar and over…better look next time ZORRO.

  4. Toonsy. All we have seen from Leon Best in 16 appearances is two decent crosses and a left foot shot from the penalty spot that hit the crossbar. How will playing the ‘big man’ role turn him into a striker good enough for the best league in the world. A striker is paid money to shoot not cross. I think we should try him at RB personally. Can’t you see what the problem is, the lads another Smith. ;)

  5. Best couldn’t shine if you wrapped in tin foil and tied him to a pole in the middle of the gobi desert!

  6. No, thats all YOU have seen, dont include everyone else.
    What most have seen is a hard working team player who has been unfortunate in his few starts, by not scoring.
    That does`nt mean he cant score as he did pretty good earlier in the seson at Coventry.
    And again I guess you know better than Trapotinni and Hughton, after all what do those guys know about the game compared to you !

  7. Workyticket says:
    May 19, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    “JJ, you may have put one over on Toonsy and the rest, but you haven’t put one over on me. Don’t get too cocky.

    Apologies, Chuck.”

    Worky, you clever bugger, you… I can’t pull the wool over you’re eyes now can I. You found me out you sneaky rascal. Smarty pants. :-)

    As far as I’ve seen, yourself and Chuck are the only two bloggers that have ever had an issue with me…

    And from the general posts. Big Dave, Geordie Deb, Bowburnmag etc, most bloggers don’t seem so keen on you…

    Obviously grates you… (why does nobody like you?)
    I have never seen you make a friendly comment.

    But quite honestly, I don’t see why I should care what someone as lowly thought of as yourself thinks about me.

    I do suggest that maybe yourself and Chuck get a room and go shag your frustrations of life out. Because you both seem like sad, bitter and lonely soles. And you could both use a friend.
    But please stop bothering me with your stupid childish remarks. And try post something interesting rather than snipe at other posters comments. Its very sad.

    You need to get a social life…

  8. Giovanni Trapattoni’s Ireland squad:

    GK Brian Murphy -Ipswich Town
    GK Joe Murphy – Scunthorpe United
    GK Keiren Westwood – Coventry City
    DF Greg Cunningham – Manchester City
    DF Shane Duffy – Everton
    DF Kevin Foley – Wolverhampton Wanderers
    DF Stephen Kelly – Fulham
    DF Paul McShane – Hull City
    DF Eddie Nolan – Preston North End
    DF Darren O’Dea – Celtic
    DF Marc Wilson – Portsmouth
    MF Keith Fahey – Birmingham City
    MF Paul Green – Derby County
    MF Liam Lawrence – Stoke City
    MF James McCarthy – Wigan Athletic
    FW Leon Best – Newcastle United
    FW Shane Long – Reading
    FW Cillian Sheridan -Celtic
    FW Anthony Stokes – Hibernian

    This is the Ireland squad Best was selected to play in.
    Of this entire squad. Only seven players play in the Premiership. And of those seven only three are regular first team players…

    Clearly you don’t have to be a Premier League class footballer to make the Ireland squad. And rather than saying Leon Best’s inclusion in the Ireland squad is a reflection that Trapattoni thinks he is the bees knees.
    Its rather a reflection of the poor standard of depth in Irish Football.

  9. Never fear though, we have Leon Best who is ready to step into the limelight…. what, out of Xisco’s shadow?

    As you say toonsy, his game is much like Andy Carroll’s and yes, two men into one place just doesn’t work. But, we just don’t know the outcome of a certain judical matter yet to be heard.

    Best may yet get his chance and take it with both hands. Let’s get behind the lad and lay off criticising him – after all, he would’ve come here filled with hope and ambition – he needs encouragement.

  10. Anyway, where are those Leeds fans who visited us the other day?

    I see they confirm they are interested in signing that goalkeeper they said was shite from us ;)

  11. maybe we could convert him (best) to defensive midfield ? he could put pressure on Alan Smith for his shirt ???

  12. Lesh-Never fear though, we have Leon Best who is ready to step into the limelight…. what, out of Xisco’s shadow?

    Yeah an NISHGoals Gonzalez’s shadow aswell :)

    Ok Boys I will get off Zorro’s Back…in fact I will get Best 9 on my Puma Top (which I had refused to buy due to spending maybe not happening) and I will wear a ZORRO/Super Hero Mask on matchdays to bring him luck :)

  13. Leon Leon Best
    Takes the Ball on His Chest
    From 100 Miles
    He Knocked a bird from a Tree and her Nest

    Leon Leon Best
    Takes the Ball on his chest
    By a million miles
    He was the sharpest shooter in the West

  14. Can I change my screen name To Leon9Best or Zorro9Best
    please Worky?

    In homage to the man that will come from the shadow left by Nacho and Xisco and take the premiership by storm this season?

    Got his name in Neon !!
    30 Goals a Seaaaaa-son !!

  16. Smith has achieved ten times what Leon Best has as a striker over the course of his career.

    Scoring in the champions league? Best couldn’t score in the Championship.

    I’m not sure either one is a natural goal scorer though. You can get goals by being in the right position and holding your nerve, but a complete striker can score with his head, with his feet, and occasionally from outside the box.

    Carroll looks like a natural, has the powerful shot and heading ability Best can only dream off (Smudge probably sees those days as past). His league might be a step below the Premiership, but he has performed well for the team. Not every solid striker is a great goal scorer, as Emile Heskey has exhibited for years now.

  17. Reckon Smudge once he breaks his duck and the place explodes will get a taste for it again…bet he will go mental when he scores as well !!

  18. Sir Jason

    Thats if Smith ever scores again…

    As for Best, i don’t know why people are so stressed. He won’t play unless Carroll, Lovenkrans and Ameobi are injured.

  19. Yeah I would give them 1 each..see how they get on.
    JJ-I reckon he will get a chance as Shola has no hip left from what I heard and a wooden limb.

  20. Howay lads, Thierry Henry was a nobody winger at Juve before Wenger molded him into a lethal goal scoring machine…. Leon (hitman) = 25 goals next season.

  21. JJ says:
    May 19, 2010 at 3:24 pm

    “And from the general posts. Big Dave, Geordie Deb, Bowburnmag etc, most bloggers don’t seem so keen on you…

    Obviously grates you… (why does nobody like you?)”

    Yes JJ, I lose alot of sleep over that.

  22. WORKY I lose alot of sleep over that,can recomend a few games in italy,tend to knock me off lol

  23. Are you blind? I said drop it… I’m sick of seeing your name pop up with “quotes” and then some snide remark…

    So I’ll say it again… Get over yourself and drop it…

    Now shall we move on!

  24. icedog says:
    May 19, 2010 at 5:44 pm

    “WORKY I lose alot of sleep over that,can recomend a few games in italy,tend to knock me off lol”

    A good Sam Allardyce game always does the trick for me, icedog.

  25. Like it JayJay, let’s keep it clean lads! I’m 10,000 words down on two essays at the mo and I could do with healthy banter and optimism to take my mind of the academic repetitiveness!

  26. DevonMag says:
    May 19, 2010 at 6:06 pm

    “let’s keep it clean lads!”

    Sorry DevonMag, I won’t mention Sam Allardyce again.

  27. Unless we sign another striker I’d keep him, if we do sign one he’d be the first I’d ship out. I’m sound, how’s you icedog?

  28. See West Ham are in talks over signing Hutton. Shame he’s not on a free so we could have a go

  29. “Reports today suggest Cardiff City winger Joe Ledley could join Newcastle United IF the Taffs lose out at Wembley to Blackpool.

    Chris Hughton could get the Wales international on a Bosman.

    However, Everton and Blackburn Rovers have also checked out the midfielder.”

    I know we’ll be linked to every free tranfer there is, but which side of midfield does Ledley play on?

  30. think sam allardyce is the last of the breed of that type gone are g.taylor,d bassett,g.megson,ect

  31. Where would ledley play?
    Do we just want players for the sake of it?

    Sounds like the old days again, already.
    Just buy, buy, buy, bollox to where or if they fit in.

    Calm down lads.

  32. Y’know what i’m saying hitman?
    £9m flop, they were robbed & wham will be for £5m+, no way is he worth it.

  33. Would he improve us though & fill a gap?
    I’m thinking we need someone more creative if we take a midfielder.

  34. Just because a new manager came in and didn’t fancy Hutton doesn’t mean he is a flop. Also just because Spurs paid 9m for him doesn’t mean he’s not worth 4m! He’s a good player.

    Niall Quinn also says Bruce doesn’t have a budget, he just needs to ask and Short will provide the funds.

    Footballs obviously tightening it’s belt! Well us anyhow.

  35. CLINT,ive said before imo we are lacking a left-sided m/f in the g.speed mould or emre (at times),to many right-sided m/f trying to play left-sided,we will get found out in epl

  36. CLINT,i know you used play on the wing like me,when i played r/w and had r/b playing l/b i had a field day,goes without saying like

  37. Signed for £9m with bells & whistles, hardly ever played, new manager, still can’t get a game, even with
    perma-injured defenders=F.L.O.P.

    I’m sure that’s what he’d be called if he played for us.

  38. what we do nee is l/b cover for jose..but thats been said for a few seasons now

  39. @ #1 – I bet Xisco tried to pull off those kisses with Butt and Barton, but he didn’t succeed, so he had to leave on loan :/ When he goes away to his spanish beach he could take Shola with him ^^

  40. I want Ireland for the playmaker goalscorer inside right and O`Hara for the inside left come engine room.
    Is that too much to ask ?

    To hell with Ledley, not good enough.

    If we cant get Ireland then Dorrans will do.
    No O`Hara then i want Sissoko.

    As for strikers, how bout the kid Connor Whickham, all 6′-4″ and 17 yr old, could be the Sherah of the next decade.

    Not a lot to ask !

    Well can we get either Finnan, Wilson, Coleman or Beye to cover in defence, also.

  41. ice,
    i’m really surprised that more players can’t use both feet to any great extent. As a right footer, i made it point of honor to learn to use the other foot, got pretty good & always got a game on the left.

  42. CLiNT – Im oneof them players unfortunately. Left leg was for standing only. Wasn’t to bad in the air though I may add ;)

  43. Free ?
    Theres no such thing.
    Free agent, Bosman, simply means the money normally spent on transfer fees go to the player and his agent, in signing on fees and higher wages.
    Would`nt be surprised if transfer fees become redundant, in the near future.
    Proffessional football is the only remaining major sport where it exist`s, an archaic practice that smacks of indenture.

  44. TOONSY thats where you went wrong m8 footy is played on the deck lol,unless you play for stoke,hope we dont get swp,dont like him 1 good game in 4

  45. its wednesday big dave always counts his money then,wonder if JB gets a cut like

  46. JJ:
    May 19, 2010 at 3:35 pm

    Giovanni Trapattoni’s Ireland squad:

    That squad was an experimental team used as a trial for fringe players against a league of ireland u23 squad and not the squad at its strongest.get the facts right before giving your opinions on irish football u tosser.