Mick McCarthy knocks Newcastle.

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McCarthy, pictured left.
McCarthy, pictured left.
With the new season still a distant dot on the horizon Wolves manager Mick McCarthy has today decided to have a pop at Newcastle United.

The former boss of our unwashed friends from down the road, and current professional look-a-like for Sesame Street character, Sam The Eagle, has questioned the credentials of Newcastle United for the forthcoming season.

It’s thought among neutrals and bookmakers that The Toon may just be alright next season, and should survive rather comfortably, something which a lot of our fans don’t neccesarily agree with. It’s also been mentioned that the Premier League will be a lot stronger next season with the inclusion of us and West Brom adding to the overall quality of the league. Not so reckons Sam Mick, who appears to have a different viewpoint to the bookmakers.

“On the face of it you probably think it will be a stronger division, but both Newcastle and West Brom went down,” said McCarthy. “They’ve come up comfortably, now how will they strengthen?”

“I can’t remember anyone saying at the start of last season that Burnley or Hull were a soft touch, and we know Portsmouth weren’t because they beat us twice. Burnley at the start of last season looked like they’d do what Hull did the season before and be comfortable midway through.”

“I guess people will look at Newcastle ‘the club’ and think it will make it tougher, but I don’t subscribe to that. I hope those promoted clubs don’t make it any harder anyway, let’s put it that way!”

Essentially what he is saying is common sense, but it’s hard to take advice from someone who has such vast experience of relegation in the past. He took the Mackems down once, and nearly mathematically did it a second time, an honour he was saved from by getting the sack. Also, ask Millwall fans who they blame for their relegation, and whose extravagant signings was it that nearly folded the club? You’ll find the answer is Mick McCarthy.

Now don’t get me wrong, he guided Wolves to safety with a couple of games to spare, but it is the first time he has actually guided a team to survival in the Premier League, in three attempts. Does this suddenly make him the blueprint that managers looking to survive should follow? The third time lucky mantra?

I like Mick McCarthy, he has done exceptionally well at Wolves during his time with them. I like him whenever I see him on TV, he seems quite funny and down to earth, and surprisingly cheery despite the fact he comes from Barnsley. I like how he lead the Mackems to failure, very much. But I have one message for him;

Keep your nose out Mick!

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78 Responses

  1. i agree with mccarthy,just because its newcastle united it dosnt make the prem stronger

  2. Another story were the headline misleads people – he is not knocking NUFC – he is just stating something which you actually though was common sense.
    Also he said this a while back – not that recent.

    Must be a slow day for you to drag out something which is nothing and try to make it into something else!

    Absolute tosh!

  3. How is he knocking Newcastle? What he says makes perfect sense. I am not a big Mick fan, but he has done well at Wolves, and not one for knocking other clubs.

  4. I think he has done OK at Wolves and they have had a pretty sturdy season,don’t like the bloke and his voice gets right on me tits…think wolves are the 1st team he has kept up.

  5. True he’s not knocking us but the headline did it’s job and got us to read it.Hook,line and sinker ;-)

  6. Sneaky, sneaky.

    I like McCarthy and I agree he’s talking sense to be honest. We can only hope that ‘the club’ surprises us.

  7. Yeah Get Cilla Black on the Scouting team BBM “Surprise Surprise” ..I’ll get me donkey Jacket :)

  8. see the gooners have had enough of the..arsenal model..some are threatening not renewing season tickets , carn’t blame them not wanting to put their hard-earned into a club with little or no ambition..

    ..are we still following that model or has the latest 5 year plan change to another club for guidance ?.

  9. cant stand mcarthy at all. having said that he is speaking the truth. If we were so good we would not have gone down, we went down on merit over the period of a season cos we were proper shit. i do think we are a stronger team now though but i would take 17th right if it were offered right now.

  10. I think the writer is picking at straws here. McCarthy is not knocking Newcastle directly but using the club as an example.
    Winning the Championship, which we did before you at Wolves remember, does not guaranteee that success will continue.
    As Mick says, the need to strengthen is obvious but who do you buy, how much will the transfer fees be and what salary will players demand? All of these things add up to exactly what McCarthy is saying, that success in a lower division means nothing in the PL!
    All Newcastle fans have seen how Wolves had to dig in, change formation and tactics to stay in the PL. It was a damned hard job, particularly as we had an inexperienced squad but all the hard work was rewarded in the end and should Newcastle buy the right players, keep finances in check and work hard on the pitch, just maybe you will be good enough to stay in the PL.
    From a Wolves fan, I wish you all the best for there is only 1 place for Newcastle to be – and that’s in the PL!
    Good luck for next season and ‘Haway the Lads’!

  11. Lazy Journalism – looking for a sound bite to twist into a ‘supposed’ slight on NUFC. He says nothing that has a dig at Newcastle, Go out and interview instead of ripping off other people’s interviews. All the best for the new season NUFC, GreenE – a wolves fan.

  12. Cheers PL Wolf…I think we’ll survive but by how much,who knows or cares to be honest.
    I enjoyed last season,the winning feeling the away trips but the EPL is the only place to be.
    Must pick you up on one thing,we say ‘Howay’ Mackems say ‘Haway’ ;-) All the best for next year.

  13. @11……… dunno if i like your post or not. However, we were and are not the same prospect as wolves were when they came up, lets cut through it…. we have spent 16 out of the last 17 years in the prem so unlike wolves this is not any major transition for us and it kinda grips my shit when people make out that we have been away for so long that we are gonna get bowled over… i just dont buy into that thought train at all. it is going to be harder than the fizzes but lets not talk our selves down either.

    ‘McCarthy is saying, that success in a lower division means nothing in the PL!’ ………. this comment is a slight dig as it implies (to me) that you are like a mate telling us what to expect now that we are up to the mighty prem with wolves etc. One season in the prem means no more than us having one season out the PREM! looking at the squad i would still say our squad is better than at least three other PREM teams… wolves included TBH – no offense mate.

  14. Tut tut Toonsy, some naughty little snipes in the article. What with the Sam-Mick typo (ouch!) and a number of references to his past achievements – taking clubs down or near down.

    Hardly sporting comments Toonsy but nevertheless, funny!

  15. Plenty of people at the start of last season were saying that Burnley and Hull were a soft touch. Even though Burnley turned over Man U, any team can beat another on their day e.g. Leeds beating Man U in the FA Cup, Derby doing us at Pride Park.

    We all know we need to strengthen and it makes sense for us to publicly state we won’t be spending much. If we said we were planning to spend £50m, we’d be offered £2.5m players for £5m. Wait until the close of the window – then we’ll see.

    2008/9 was a one off. Most people thought we’d do a Leeds – we didn’t. We walked the division. We got 14 more points than Wolves did the previous season and they only made one decent signing in last years’ transfer window. And we’ve already got more premiership quality players than Wolves

  16. Agree Andy-it’s not all doom and Gloom,just want to see some intent from the board and get the team in ship shape for the next adventure with the big boys.

    We have to let the likes of Best,Lua Lua,Ranger and Shola either be sold on or loaned out they will find life at the top tuff going in my opinion.

    We need a quality striker and possibly someone that is creative in midfield as a starting block…alot of games last season we lacked that creative spark and thrust from midfield.

    But like I said it aint all doom and gloom…some decent signings would make a hell of a lot of difference in our quest for survival in the premiership.

  17. I’d have more money than Owen if he’d done that every time he was out injured Mick ;-)

  18. Owen eats Cripple Onion Crisps for Breakfast-Fact,and his horses Like ’em too.
    I was proper happy when he failed to get in the world cup squad….Game Over Owen haha !

  19. @19… exactly right, same sort of thing as what i said one or two posts before yours. there seems to be alot of mass hysteria about us going into the PREM…. even though in 17 years we have only spend 9 playing months out of it. Everything about our club is not just prem but euro standard. All we need is stability and trust. That is the key to everything.

  20. Craig you forgot 2 more things planning and investment…that should do the trick.

  21. Only newcastle fans think newcastle are a big club..

    wake up and smell the coffee after another drunken night out boys pls..

    you’re a laughing stock again…

    Think before you speak,…Always helps…

  22. what is it about the name ….OWEN?? does it turn all footy players into twats? I see that OWEN hargreeves is pissed off with sir alex as fergie would not endorse his fitness to fabio!! cumon, get real man. Hargreeves has officialy played exactly 1 minute of first team football since late 2008!!! now he is arsed off with his paymaster for not saying he is fit enough for world cup ffs…. another owen but same old story. never fit for his club but always makes himself avaialble for england – w@nkers!

  23. and the cockney morons are out…….follow your own advice with your last line.

  24. see what you have done toonsy, the mancs are coming out from under there stones…

  25. No one on here mentions anything about us being a big club,yet he comes on and says we’re not.I can only assume somewhere in the back of his mind it’s him who actually thinks we are and that’s the only pop his small mind could come up with.

  26. MAN U FC
    Which part of London you from?
    Bet you have never even stood outside Old Trafford never mind been in and watched a match :)

  27. I know Hitman, still, they feel the need to pop onto the blog of a ‘small club’

    Which is sadder? ;)

  28. Clearly a glory hunter as a lot of the older fans don’t use Man ‘U’ as a tribute to Munich.

  29. Most of the are GloryHunters Toonsy….that is what is bad about football-especially fans (use that word loosely) that change teams…leaves a really bad taste in my mouth it is just super fake and it is almost pretend…like wanting to share in something that really has nothing to do with your history,background etc etc

  30. I thought you’d like that article SJT…..I think you really rate him secretly…….Thou doth protest too much ;-)

  31. SJT

    As much as I don’t think Leon Best is Premier League quality. I do think he is better than Shola.
    Although I have never seen a luckier footballer than Shola. Some of his first touches are so poor it fools the defender… Which I suppose works. And maybe luck is better than skill.
    Either way, the squad is too thin to lose any of them. So best try back them and hope they suprise us…

  32. Just think Best and Shola will find it tough to get goals….prefer Shola to Best though.

  33. Leon Best has played like a superhero ever since he started wearing a protective mask and acquired the nickname Zorro from his team-mates.

    And if Zorro seems to be the word for Chelsea today, will become the most eminent messiah since Del Boy and Trotter saved Peckham in Batman and Robin fancy dress costumes.

    Best’s visor has become the must- have fashion accessory among Sky Blues fans ever since his stunning header out Blackburn in the round.

    And Coventry’s Leon king, who broke his cheekbone at QPR in January, may continue to wear his Phantom of the Opera even after doctors have given him the all-clear.

    Best, 22, was a target for City’s critical tendency until he revealed the deadly Cup underdog behind the mask, and he said:” I’m going back to see the specialist next week, and I’ve got to keep wearing the mask for another two weeks. But it has been a lucky charm and I’ll be wearing it against Chelsea – hopefully I’ll be the hero, or maybe even the superhero, again.

    ” I’ve scored three goals in the last four games and I’ve been playing well, so I won’t be taking it off, and I might start wearing it around the house as well.

    ” It’s not uncomfortable because it’s made to measure. I went down to London, sat in a chair, the consultants took some 3D photos of my face and moulded the mask around the image without touching my face.

    ” Three days later the mask arrived and it was a perfect fit. Sometimes during a game, the sweat builds up underneath it and I have to take it off at half-time to clean and dry it.

    ” Now they have started selling replica masks in the club shop, and I’m still waiting for my 10 per cent!” Best’s facial accessory has won him more fashion accolades in the Midlands than strike partner Clinton Morrison’s dress code, and he winced:” Clinton’s a lovely man and a great character, but we really need to have a word with the person who chooses his suits.

    He came in before one game wearing a purple suit. He can make you laugh any day of the week.” Lone ranger Best has spent large tracts of his career as an onloan ranger after struggling to hold down a place at his first club, Southampton.

    But now he is in the mood to tangle with England skipper John Terry and send Chelsea into their Champions League second leg with Juventus next week under a Turin shroud.

    He added:” You always want to play against the best, and Terry is one of the best in the world – he’s worn a mask on the pitch before, so maybe he will understand what I’ve been through.

    ” But I’ve wanted to go back to Wembley ever since I won a Coca-Cola kids competition when I was at school, and I scored a penalty before the Chelsea- Middlesbrough League Cup final in 1998.

    ” I’ve played at Old Trafford, but I was even more nervous taking a penalty at Wembley. I think it was against a Chelsea youth keeper… maybe it was Petr Cech!”

    As Best spoke, masks and Simply The Best T-shirts continued to fly off the shelves at the Ricoh Arena. Justin Tose, Coventry’s head of retail, said:” The mask thing has been unbelievable.

    ” We got a few in as just a fun thing, but they quickly sold out. And every time we got a few more in, we’ve had to order another batch.

    ” So far, we’ve sold over a thousand. Heaven knows what the demand would be like if we got to Wembley – they sell for£ 1 each and people seem to have taken to them. It’s all a bit of fun.”

  34. Get your Mask out Leon…I will lend you a £1 for a new one if it helps.

  35. Shurup man McCarthy, Leon Best and the Xisco kid will knock seven bells oot of ya Woverines defense nxt season.

  36. get back to your call centres girls pls…

    dinner break must be up now…

    good luck at your crap.com stadium next season…

    or maybe another change to webuyanyplayer.com…

    ant & dec looks a good bet for your next manager too…


  37. Manure fc.

    Enjoy getting raped 6 points off the blues next season. We’ll have a point from your place on the first game of the season again please.

  38. Man U’s glory days or over mate….need to get a blue Kit either chelsea or Citeh :)
    GloryChasing Fool.

  39. Yeah SJT

    Red is soo 2 seasons ago. (Pool and United)

    You need to get yourself a blue shirt man, and don’t choke on that prawn sandwich be careful.

  40. Yup red is the new Cack…..Man U and Liverpool and Arse will all win Fook all again next season.

  41. When you gonna learn, he`s achieved what he set out to do, get everyone pissed , you just rise to the bait so easy.
    Ignore it, that simple !

  42. Not rising to the Bait-think the lad is a pleb-glory chasing prat.
    Means nowt to me Uncle Chuck.

  43. lol…

    you toons will never change..

    I’m not even a Man U FAN…LOL

    So easy to wind you lot up…hehe

  44. Yawn ZZZZ

    Homework done I take it? Or are you waiting for your sister to finish hers so you can have sexy time with her?

  45. looney toons…hehe

    still not a big club tho ma mates…

  46. Don’t think anyone gives a shit TBH…Man U = Irrelevant = Won’t Even get 4th next season.

  47. I didn’t think a Man U fan would worry about given Toon fans a hard time.
    It could only be a Spuds supporter who is so excited of finally having European football after years and years and years of nothing.
    Must be wetting his pants that they actually achieved something.
    Pity It’ll be a one hit wonder though…

  48. Nothing wrong with Mick’s words at all. Journo just doesn’t understand – now where have we heard that before.

  49. toonsy says:
    May 19, 2010 at 6:41 pm
    I like being called a journo, just wish I was fecking paid like one

    you mean you would take a pay cut ;)

  50. What he’s doing is lumping us in with wba.
    Er, we were in absolute meltdown last year, they weren’t.
    We went down because of that, wba went down cos they were shit. I agree with what craig said earlier.

  51. Im a wolves fan and all i can say is that this man is an absolute idiot and the sooner he and his disguting attitude is removerd from our club the better!
    Good luck NUFC for the coming season

    “We hate Muppet Mick McCarthy”

  52. Justin – Really? I always thought he was pretty well liked? Perhaps not then.

    Whats up with him like? Guided your ot to safety with room to spare, and couldn’t have really done much more looking from the outside.

  53. Micks done a great job..

    Ignor this joker lads, you’ll find he’s a jealous west brom fan, we get these all the time on our local paper website too..

    you’ll find he’s probably the same guy pretending to be a Man U fan too just to wind everyone up..

    No true Wolves fan would make such stupid comments after leading us to safety in the Prem with games to spare..


  54. kiwi wolf says:
    May 19, 2010 at 10:15 pm

    “Well done Mick and to NUFC, GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK WHERE YOU BELONG..”

    Good to see Wolves there again too, Kiwi.