Joey Barton could be the unlikely hero.

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Barton: One last chance, don't blow it!
Barton: One last chance, don't blow it!
He is a player that has always divided opinions between Newcastle United fans during his time as a Newcastle player. For some, Joey Barton has already had his last chance in a Newcastle shirt and is living on borrowed time, whilst others believe that Barton could prove to be an invaluable asset to the team if he can regain his fitness and steer clear of trouble.

Joey has had a turbulent three seasons on Tyneside, with his playing time having been interrupted by long injury lay-offs, suspension, and a spell in jail. As a result of that, Joey has struggled to make an impact in the team since his arrival, although towards the end of last season he demonstrated just what he is capable of with some superb assists and even managed to grab a goal against Peterborough. I have been less than impressed with his antics off the field, but if he can avoid any more transgressions, remain injury free and get back to the form that landed him on the periphery of the England squad a few years back, then he could be a real asset for us next season.

His role will be even more important now as it seems likely that any money for transfers will have to be used in priority areas of the team. Barton will need to be aware that now we are back in the Premier League his actions will be magnified, and he hasn’t exactly made many ‘friends’ over the years so people will be targetting him to try and provoke a reaction.

“There is a lot of baggage which goes with me. I know all about that, and there always probably will be,” Barton told The Chronicle today. “However, there is nothing better than to hush your critics by playing and scoring goals.”

Lets hope he can hush his critics next season. I actually think the penny may have dropped with Barton, as we saw in the last few weeks of the season that he can knuckle down and prove a point. It’s refreshing to hear him speak aswell as he always seems to talk sense and ‘tells it how it is’ so to speak. As I have said earlier, I feel he can play a vital role in our midfield, despite me being one of his strongest critics at times.

The last few games of the season demostrated just what a fit Joey Barton played in his natural central role can offer the team, and I personally feel that our midfield is already comparable with teams that are likely to be in and around us next season, and with the creativity and physical presence of Haris Vuckic ready to make the step up to the first team, the centre of the park is another area that can be viewed as ok.

My only worry is if we suffer an injury to Jonas Gutierrez or Wayne Routledge on the flanks, which in all probability is likely to happen at some point of the season. I would make signing a player to cover on the wings, preferably a player who can cover either a wing, a priority. Granted we already have Ryan Taylor, who has to be kept due to his versatility, but I still feel that an extra winger is needed.

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36 Responses

  1. I do like Barton as well, despite his past record. But also I do think he is going to be the one who will keep us up next season, if he stays injury clear…

  2. Frankly speaking,let’s put it in this way,for that 3 yrs he is virtually “NOT A Newcastle Player”.

    So if now he finally settle down,He is/will be like a total new signing for newcastle.

    Since now,newcastle are “empty” in pocket.

  3. “but I still feel that an extra winger is needed.”

    That Peter Whittingham gadgie at Cardiff, who can also play centrally and scored more goals than anyone in the Newcastle team last season (24). Depends on whether Cardiff get promoted and their financial situation though I suppose.

  4. Joe Ledley could be a nice free transfer from Cardiff, or did he sign a new contract in the end? :/

  5. Out of all the mistakes Ashley has made I still rate NOT sacking Barton when he had the chance as one of his biggest.

    And before anyone comes on here trying to tell me what a great player he is, please tell me what exactly he has done for us in the 3 years he’s been at the club to justify that greatness? Because from where I’m stood he’s contributed the best part of FA!!!

  6. WORKY,have talked about whittingham a few times on here along with o”hare,think whittingham is ccc top scorer 25 goals not bad for winger,was hopeing cardiff got beaten l/night,there fans are a nightmare,saw the trouble they kicked up in toon this year,would hate to go threw that again this year in epl

  7. Icedog – I was talking to someone abot Cardiff, I say let them come up. They will soon get hit with penalties by the PL, they can’t have that beamed around the world can they? ;)

    Their fans can get away with being arseholes as the spotlight isn’t on them in the Championship. If they do come up then it will be firmly on them and the PL will set an example.

    Having said that, their fans were absilutely fine down in Cardiff.

  8. Class video. Enjoy. LOL’D.Toonsy can do an article on this too.

    Title: Spurs warmly welcome the magpies back to PL~~~

  9. AOD – Is that the one taking the piss out of us? Seen it :D

    Check this one, funniest pitch invasion ever. About 30 secs in. Quality :D

  10. TOONSY,maybe its there away fans,i smelt a rat the moment i got into n/castle,never saw that many “cops” knocking about as i did that day,saw lots of fights,in fact that bad i nearly turned back,they got there come-upins like,might give that one a miss if they get up

  11. @toonsy: Now we know how Steven taylor got his jaws broken. ;)

    And what’s with the wheelchair guy. OMG.

    I wonder what will happen if we do that for every goal we score against the “Big Four”.

    Best. ^_^

  12. Toonsy at 10. With England aiming for 2016, I think the powers that be are quite content with Cardff in the CCC, and Leeds and Millwall in the lower leagues.

  13. MDS,lets hope they stay there,you picked the teams with worse sets of fans,i have ever come across in my years of following the toon,i take that back they are followers not fans m8

  14. MDS – Exactly my point. If Cardiff get up I don’t think they will last long ;)

  15. Wigan already got thrash 8-9goals. What will Cardiff situation be like then,we never know~~~~

    IMO,Cardiff should edge out blackpool easily with their players.

  16. @ Icedog. living overseas I haven’t had the pleasure personally, but let’s just say their reputation preecedes them.

  17. Joey is our best player end of.
    Hopefully he will be a revelation next season…you show em Joey !

  18. i think Joey and Guthrie together in the middle will turn into a great midfield duo , lets face it its their natural positions and when they play their they are much beter players .

  19. I’ve seen mention by many a poster here regarding the desire to have Jamie O’hara join the team. It’s got me thinking about the present squad. Currently we’ve got a bevy of CMs. Nolan, Smith, Barton, Guthrie, Vukic and maybe a couple of others I am missing…Baheng and Inman come to mind. So, then my questions are, we bring in O’hara, does he go into squad immediately? Who’s out? Surely not Nolan? So, Guthrie and Barton take a step back, and Smith will never see the pitch again, let alone the up-and-coming Vukic. Is that a position we really need filled? I know people want him, but seriously, I think it may not be that great a move…perhaps I am wrong though…been known to happen…once back in 2004 I was wrong.

  20. I agree with Axel @ 26. I would love to see Barton and Guthrie commanding the middle of the pitch

  21. I ant se Nolan being dropped to be honest, which either means we play a 4-5-1 with Nolan up front behind Carroll, or a 4-4-2 without Guthrie or Barton

  22. Trouble with Nolan in a 442 is a lack of pace he aint exactly the quickest midfielder . I reckon next season he will be club captain as well so toonsy is right CH will pick him for every game .

  23. Nolan played in CM with Guthrie last year with a lotof success. since he can also play off Carroll, there will be plenty of minutes for Guthrie/Barton/Nolan…so long as they don’t play either Guthrie or Barton on the wings again. That drives me crazy…

  24. I agree with all of these posts about Barton and Guthrie playing well with Nolan in the middle.

    I guess that’s my point though. Do we still need/want o’Hara? He wants to leave Spurs because he’s not getting plaing time. How likely would he be to come here having to sit on our bench behind 3 others(maybe more)? How wise an investment would that be? What does he bring that we don’t have? Cover? Don’t we have that?

    I think for the midfield, Wingers are the priority, not the center.

  25. yea, same here mds. neither one have the winger mentality and always start dragging towards the middle. leaves us unbalanced and exposed.

    @norcal – haven’t seen much of o’hara, but can he play on the wings or is he a CM?

  26. I understand what a lot of bloggers are saying about barton/guthrie/nolan in centre midfield ect,but i said before they are all right-sided players imo we need a left-sided centre midfield player,in the mould of g.speed and at times emre type player,you will not get the best of a right-sided player putting any of those on left side we will get found out in the epl