Toon in for Jack the lad?

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Wilshere: An ideal solution.
Wilshere: An ideal solution.
Now it looks like Newcastle United’s return to the Premier League will be somewhat of an austere one, our attention can turn to just who Chris Hughton is likely to bring through the St James’ Park doors this summer.

Hughton should have some cash available to use in the summer, although admittedly perhaps not as much as most of us would like to see thrown around. Still, we have to deal with it and I am sure that whatever Hughton does get to spend will be spent wisely. Of course, there is a way of maximising whatever cash there is available and reserving it for use on perhaps one better signing rather than two mediocre ones, and that is to operate in the loan market. Which brings me onto Jack Wilshere, whom Chris Hughton will apparently be trying to tempt to Tyneside over the course of the summer.

The young Arsenal protege had been on loan at Bolton Wanderers for a chunk of last season, and has impressed both Owen Coyle and Arsene Wenger with his performances and maturity whilst at The Reebok Stadium. It is thought that Hughton will be looking to persuade Wenger that Wilshere could benefit from the extra pressure and experience of playing in front of 50,000 fans at St James’ Park, although any attempt for a loan deal on our part will immediately be matched again by Bolton, whose selling point will be to offer the 18 year old the chance of returning to familiar surroundings.

Wilshere has been tipped to reach the top of the game for a long while now and is finally showing what he do when given first team games. We had tried to get him on loan whilst in The Championship but ultimately it was to no avail. He is just the sort of player we need though, a player that will add a bit of craft and guile to the middle of the park and give us that extra creative spark that could prove vital.

One problem though, haven’t we already got one of those types of players in the form of Haris Vuckic? I would personally much rather we give our youngsters match practice rather than nurturing kids from other teams, and if Wilshere was to end up on Tyneside you could assume it wouldn’t be to warm our bench and make up the numbers, so all it would do is knock Vuckic back down the pecking order just as he verges on making a breakthrough into our first team.

What about other areas of our team? In this age of austerity we should focus on getting loan players that can cover in the event of injury to any of our key first team players. What happens if either Wayne Routledge or Jonas Gutierrez succumb to injury? We wouldn’t have another natural wide player to fall back on, so how about someone like Vladimir Weiss from Manchester City who would be a very able deputy?

Tom Cleverley is another loan deal that has been mentioned, although that particular link doesn’t fill me with optimism as I don’t feel he would add anything different to our locker. Danny Wellbeck has also been linked although, much like Cleverly, doesn’t really make me stand up and take notice.

There are plenty of young players out there who could come to us on loan whilst we learn to stand on our own two feet again. I have probably missed a bucketload of players whilst ignoring the most obvious positions that need strengthening, but you’ll have to forgive me as it is early! Anyway, this is where you guys come in.

Do you have any suggestions on who we could loan in to help us?

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73 Responses

  1. theres a midfielder called Nacho Gonzalez,looks canny on youtube,my mate Dennis told me all about

  2. Agreed Sirjason, Souness would be a bad influence.

    But, if we brought Bellamy in as well, he’d stabilize Souness and between them, they’d surely unify the dressing!!

  3. Am I the only one that ends up with a dirty taste in my mouth when the words ‘Bellamy’, ‘Souness’ and ‘unified dressing’ are used in the same sentence? :D

  4. I don’t think you bring loan players in as cover in th PL. There are areas of the first team that need strengthening and if loans are the only way we can go then we must look at bringing them in to strengthen the team not just sit on their backsides on the bench.

  5. Stuart, I think the point with Wilshire is what’s he got that our 18yr olds haven’t. His arrival would really pass off the likes of Vuckic and as you say, we need to strengthen the 1st team in certain positions and further top up the squad. We do not need bench-warmers!!

  6. I know people have mentioned Albin as a free who I think would be good, but I would like to see Danny Sturridge in on loan from Chelski.

  7. Ramsey is cattled, I expect Wenger to Keep Wilshere at the emirates as cover!!!!!!!!!!

  8. good shout on sturridge – will get games but i think he may be a bit of a bling bling type of personality following his move to Chelski and high wages – may not be good for moral / team spirit.
    Diego Forlan???? something to prove??? wages and fee issue i think would be problem

  9. Forlans stock with be really high after the Europa league. Your right about the bling bling aspect, esp if Ranger on the sidelines for a little of that reason, but he needs games and would be a little different to what we have.

  10. Well I’m glad the ‘statement’ has managed to stop the press speculating about who were buying!

  11. There actually seem’s to be quite a few good players available for free & some that shouldn’t cost daft money. Sturridge would be great but he’s big money so even on loan would be expensive, suppose it depends on who chelski sign/sell or the young striker at man u. Thinks his names Machida?

  12. we will get no one at all………besides why bring in an 18 year old on loan and not use our own young guys i think we will not make a single signing but will loose taylor at least.

  13. noir9 says:
    May 13, 2010 at 10:18 am

    We cannot get any free transfers worth having – They would require higher wages due to the lack of transfer fee and we would need to pay a signing on fee.

    Loan deals for anyone worth having would need a loan fee also, so don’t get your hopes up!

  14. I’m not being over optomistic, just a little bit. I think we can all agree we were pleasently suprised in the Jan window, and with a couple of players gone, and Xisco and maybe another going we may have a little pocket money to do something.

    Nobodys gona put me down today (STU) as my younger bro got a contract yesterday so I am on cloud 9.

  15. Raffo says:
    May 13, 2010 at 10:32 am

    Can we afford to let any players go? Our squad is rather lob sided and small.

    Anyway, I hope that contract isn’t on his head!

  16. I notice we’re all now making assumptions based on the ‘statement’ as if it was fact or even made sense. I’m starting to wonder now if the whole furore about capital outlay was nonsense. As far as I know that term applies to investment in equipment, machinery, vehicles, plant etc. I’ve never seen it applied to personnel – people. Never.

    Is it possible that most things the board utter is rubbish and that capital outlay was just typical bad language, grammar and entirely typical of them!!! I think it just means Owl Heed won’t be talking any more. Great!

  17. LOL Stu, nah mate its a good’n.

    Well we can afford to let Xisco go and for instance Ameobi and Best to free up 4 million to pay for the fees for these decent freebies? Plus I think Shola and Xisco are on decent contracts and so the money can be re-distributed for the new players’ contracts.

    I would be happy with that situation.

  18. That would leave us with only two strikers and only £4m to replace them.

    That’s not a lot to buy a couple of strikers – You couldn’t replace Shola and Best with only £4m. Might as well keep hold of them – As bad as they are!

  19. Yeah your probably right, although I was looking at Albin for instance and using some of the 4million for his signing on fee. and maybe a loan deal for a young striker, Vela from Arsenal perhaps could also be financed?

    I realise that we are not going to get world beaters but just thinking with the money in terms of transfer fees + wages saved wouldn’t that give us a bit of room to move? Of course I would like Vuckic to replace Butt in the squad which would only leave us needing cover on the wings.

  20. People keep on about strikers but for me our most glaring weakness is at right back. Simpson is young and not up to Premiership Standard yet.
    If we can keep hold of:

    ? Coloccini Taylor Enrique

    We’ll have a solid premiership defense to work around.

    Routeledge Guthrie Barton Jonas



    Thats still leaves us with Lovenkrans, and Ameobi as backup players. Which is ok.

    What we HAVE to bring in somehow is a good right back, and someone who can cover on both flanks. Especially the left as Ryan Taylor is ok on the right.

    In order of priority: Right back, Versitile winger, and then Striker… If anything after that, a left back for cover and creative midfielder.

    Five players for a perfectly balanced squad. But I’d be happy with just the three priority positions I mentioned. Even if they are loan deals like Hutton (Spurs), Weiss (Man City), and Sturridge (Chelsea). :-)

    On another note, I feel very sorry for Fulham, that after such a fantastic season they have no European reward next year, and a team like Liverpool who was pathetic do. Really poor decision on the FA’s part.

  21. Couldnt agree more JJ

    Yes the team / squad need strengthing but we have the basis of a good team here we just need to build on it sensibly

  22. Agree Johno Toon, just the question of financing things as Stu is on about, though I think this could be done in terms of letting a couple of players leave and using the saved wages.

    He got 2 years + additional year at Hartlepool. V chuffed.

  23. Im hoping there will be funds available from within in the club , maybe not as much as we would of hoped for but you never know do you?

    That is great to hear man ,

  24. Hey Toonsy, how about putting together a depth chart based on a 4-4-2 approach ands which includes the promoted from the academy? That would help us daft nobs get a grip on where NUFC is weak & where it is strong.

  25. Hey hey BeeGuy…

    Not everyone on the blog is a daft nob!

    Some of us are just nobs! ;-)

  26. having watched the fulham game last night wanting them to beat athletic. Only as i wanted england to win like most of the country. I was thinking i would only like 4 players from fulham to strengthen or squad. And could only think of 2 that would actually start. Hangerland or hughes. Coulnt see both getting inthe squad. Then there is etuhu. Would perfer him over all of our midfield. His pace was great and showed how danny murphy was lacking. He is in the mold of the legend that is makele but with height and more strength. The other 2 players were davies and dempsey two very good back up players and two that always seem to score.

  27. Richardj

    I’ve always rated Dempsey.

    I watched him in the Confederations Cup here last year. Both he and Landon Donovan are very impressive players for the USA.

    I’d say in fact the Dempsey is a slightly better version of our Nolan. Who I rate is pretty decent. And a slightly lesser version of Tim Cahill.
    Aaron Hughes is a solid and versatile defender who I’d love back in the right back slot.

  28. well for me a rb is a must at lb we have Kadar to cover for Enrique . In the middle we have at this moment in time Taylor , Williamson , Colo and Kadar . My big worry is if Argentina have a great WC and Colo is a big part of it will he be sold (offers would come in) and will Taylor still be here next season ? i know the STATEMENT had in it that we will build a team of local talent but if Taylor wants out after the Incident with Carroll would it be wise to keep him . We now have a unified dressing room for the first time in years and that needs to be kept . In midfield i think we have more than enough talent to keep us up and up front Carroll and lovenkrands can do a job against any defence lets just hope they dont get injured with Ameobi , Best and Ranger as our back up . A RB and a goal scoring striker brought in and i truly think a relegation dog fight will be avoided any more signings than that would be a massive bonus so long as no one is sold.

  29. Lifted from today’s footballrumours site:

    13 May 2010 12:31:35
    Newcastle will be given 5 million by Mike Ashley despite losses in the club over 70 million in two years plus what ever they make from selling players,


    R.Taylor– Wigan 2 million
    S.Taylor– Everton 7 million
    Xisco – Getafe 2.5 Million

    Foster – Norwich Swap with Chris Martin


    Wes Hoolahan Swap (see above)
    O`Hara – Spurs 5 million
    Bullard – Hull 1.5 Million
    Beevers – Sheff Wed 250k
    Dindane – 5 Million

    Finally newcastle will aim to sign Campell, Gallas or Slyvestre depending on who is released by Arsenal.

    More food for thought…… I suppose there must be a chance of one being correct but Campbell, Gallas and Sylvestre? Nah!!

  30. I dont think so , out of that lot i would only want Ohara and maybe Gallas if we got him for free . Cant see us getting anything for xisco , the club will give him away just to free up his wages .

  31. Xisco is proven to be completely worthless. I’d be surprised if we just get 1 mil for him. As much as I’d like to see Best and Shola be sold, that would leave only 3 recognized strikers at the club, with none of them proven to be impressive in the Premier League. I would actually really like to see Ranger loaned out to a Championship club for the first part of the season. QPR would be a great club to send him to because Nigel Clough would treat him like Victor Moses!

    R Taylor is just too much of a utility man to sell right now. I would like to keep him for one more season to simply give us a little depth.

    We do need two solid players for right back and striker. We also definitely need a true winger to replace Routledge or Jonas if they get injured. LuaLua and Donaldson aren’t ready. Could Vuckic play on the wing?

  32. Morning ladies ;)

    I think we would give Xisco away to be honest, just to get his wages off the book.

    Which bring me to the question, what is our wage bill?

    I thought it was around £40 million a year? Either way, shifting Butt, Geremi and Xisco is already £9 million a year save. Does that take it down to £31 million ish?

  33. Its afternoon Toonsy – must’ve had a helluva night last night!

    Here’s the answer to your wage bill question.. albeit for the year 2008/09…..

    “Despite the reduced income, the wage bill rose to £71.1m from £70m in 2008/9 and that meant salary costs ate up a staggering 82.6% of all the cash coming into the club.

    Now you can start estimating deductions for Butt et al.

    Here’s the full article from the Chronicle and be warned, there’s a pic on there you may find distateful!

  34. toonsy i thought i read a while back that the wages were down to about 50 million .

  35. Ok, so we take the £50 million, with Butt, Geremi and Xisco gone, that would take it to £41 million ish?

    Around half of our income, which is a reasonable benchmark for a sustainable future. Unlike teams like Villa who spend 90% of their income on wages.

  36. toonsy says:
    May 13, 2010 at 2:39 pm

    “I thought it was around £40 million a year?”

    Aye, that’s about right, Toonsy. £40 million and a bit on top I think. It could have been £42 million?

  37. AXEL says:
    May 13, 2010 at 2:13 pm

    Don’t be so ridiculously outrageous!

    Gallas?! He’s way too old for our new transfer policy.

  38. workyticket says:
    May 13, 2010 at 3:09 pm (Edit)
    toonsy says:
    May 13, 2010 at 2:39 pm

    “I thought it was around £40 million a year?”

    Aye, that’s about right, Toonsy. £40 million and a bit on top I think. It could have been £42 million?”

    Ginger Butt will shave a bit off that now he’s gone, like.

  39. Lesh,

    That was the wage bill before the we got rid of the likes of Viduka, Owen, Martins, Beye, Casapa, etc.

    The wage bill is now just over the 40mill per year mark.

  40. lesh says:
    May 13, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    “Toonsy…. see post 50….. I think you may be underestimating?”

    No he isn’t, Lesh. The salary figures from 2008/9 were completely different to what they are now.

  41. Douglas Costa from Shakhtar Donetsk????Can play as left winger,AM.

    Loan or buy either way is a nice try.

    Charlie Mulgrew a cover for Jose Enrique.

    Sporting Lisbon starlet Eric Dier?????

    Gonzalo Barreto from Lazio.
    Loan or buy either way is a nice try.

  42. Does the £42 million ish include losing the likes of Geremi?

    Even if it does, with Butt gone and Xisco hopefully going that would take it down to around £35 million a year for next season.

  43. AngelofDeath are you Tom Toon by any chance? ;)

    We’ll never get it exact Toonsy, because we’d have to add the wages of Routeledge, Williamson, Best, etc. But I’d assume with Butt and Geremi leaving it’d leave us somewhere around 40mil and if we bring a few in this year, it’d go up to around 48mil… wether they are free, loans, or bought, those wages will be paid by us.

  44. But worky, toonsy… we don’t know what the wage bill was last year let alone now!

    Is there not a danger that speculation’s liable to distort any hypothesis and lead to further unfounded debate and speculation?

    Best leave the finances up to those who know .. the club’s accountants or informed insiders.

  45. lesh – I agree to a point, but from published accounts it isn’t that hard to work backwards and have a rough guesstimation as to where we stand on how much we are paying out.

  46. i think if we sell everyone we can get our wage bill down to er… zero. even that would be too high for turd face! FFS he wants a prem club on league two outlay.
    Which knobber said get Gallas… ahahahah!! man, he is too old and his wage demands have been described as ridiculous from arsenal!! the are a champ league team, we are a relegation fight team. ahahah, you would have to pay the guy 200 grand a week to come to us man. get real hahaah

  47. toonsy says:
    May 13, 2010 at 7:04 pm

    “Get your bloody article oot man”

    I’m on a deep statistical journey, Toonsy. I just don’t see how we can get relegated next season, unless we start behaving like Newcastle again.

  48. your last sentance ‘unless we start behaving like newcastle again’ says it all, worky.

  49. we have already started acting like`newcastle again.,… look at these last two statements from the club… wtf do they even mean?? no one knows!! it does seem to be the ususal rant from ashley though… money this and money that blah blah!! So we have done what we have done every close season and every transfer window under shit-head, we have started it in complete chaos with no-one knowing what anyones intentions are. ususal crap, nothing has changed!!!

  50. toonsy says:
    May 13, 2010 at 7:04 pm
    Get your bloody article oot man

    But Toonsy, he’d get locked up if he did!