Will Toon roll the Royals? Reading v Newcastle United match banter!

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Reading: A trickier proposition than last time?
Reading: A trickier proposition than last time?
After two games at home, the lads venture away from home today for a trip to see the ‘Royals’ of Berkshire, Reading FC.

With promotion already secured, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the Magpies still have two targets to aim for: The Championship title, and along with that, what is arguably one of the two most historic trophies in world football. Secondly, just to show off, a final tally of 100 points or more is still up for grabs, with a potential maximum of 104 if we win our remaining few games, which would just be short of what Reading themselves achieved under Steve ‘laughing boy’ Coppell with their record busting 106 points in 2005/6.

The latest incumbent, Brian McDermott, seems to be doing a fine job himself so far after the sacking of Reading old boy, Brendan Rogers. In a story similar to that of our own Chris Hughton, he has been plucked from the relative obscurity of being the Royals’ reserve team coach to be given a chance first as caretaker manager, and now as permanent manager after a string of great results. First came a draw at Bristol, than another draw, followed later by a win against the mighty Liverpool on their home turf at Anfield in a two legged FA Cup tie. After a narrow 2-1 defeat against Nottingham Forest, Reading claimed another Premiership scalp in the Cup, Burnley. A string of Championship victories then followed and Reading could prove to be a very stiff test for wor lads, expecially away from home. Starting from a poor position before McDermott took the reins, they now lie in eleventh, though on current form, they are much better than that.

Our own hero plucked from the coaching staff, Chris Hughton, has been looking back on our last game against Reading in a recent interview, a 3-0 victory at St James’s in our second Championship match of the season. He said:

“I thought it was very important. It was our first home game.

“We were on the back of our first away game at West Brom.

“I think they were probably the two occasions everyone was looking at.

“How would we start the season?

“We got what was felt was a very good draw at West Brom, but what was it going to be like at home?

“What was the support going to be like?

“We had to show our home support this was a league we wanted to take seriously enough to get ourselves back up.

“They had to see all the right things, and they were able to see them that day.”

Looking forward, he said of this evening’s fixture with the Royals:

“We won’t underestimate them. It’s a really difficult place to go. They’re right up there with the form teams in this division.

“Amongst that, they’ve had some big results – like the one at Anfield – early in the manager’s reign.

“What they’ve been able to do is go from strength to strength from then, and the form table doesn’t lie.”

As usual, for more in depth pre match gossip etc, check out Toonsy’s excellent match preview, and if you have any links for match commentary (the game will not be broadcast on TV), please feel free to post it for those outside the Tyneside region.

Howay the lads!


Newcastle United: Steve Harper, Ryan Taylor, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Danny Simpson, Wayne Routledge, Alan Smith (c), Danny Guthrie, Jonas Gutierrez, Kevin Nolan, Shola Ameobi.

Subs: Tim Krul, Joey Barton, Leon Best, Jose Enrique, Andy Carroll, Peter Lovenkrands, Fabrice Pancrate.

Reading: Adam Federici, Andy Griffin, Bryn Gunnarsson, Alex Pearce, Ryan Bertrand, Jay Tabb, Bryan Howard, Gylffi Sigurdsson, Jimmy Kebe, Jobi McAnuff, Shane Long.

Subs: Kalifa Cisse, James Henry, Simon Church, Hal Robson-Kanu, Jem Karacan, Ben Harmer, Grzegorz Rasiak.

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232 Responses

  1. CHRIS Hughton makes three changes to the side which won at home to Blackpool on Saturday.

    Ryan Taylor comes in for the injured Tamas Kadar (hamstring), while Alan Smith and Shola Ameobi replace rested strike pairing Andy Carroll and Peter Lovenkrands.
    Article continues>>
    <A TARGET=”_blank” HREF=”http://adserver.adtech.de/adlink|327|1503428|0|170|AdId=5066091;BnId=1;itime=182758119;nodecode=yes;link=http://servedby.flashtalking.com/click/12281;41059;103580;210;0/?g=04186DEFA4C168&random=581746&url=http://www.itv.com/itv1hd”><IMG SRC=”http://servedby.flashtalking.com/imp/12281;41059;204;gif;PerformGroup;300x250ROSportsEntNetwork/?581746″ BORDER=0></A>

    That means Kevin Nolan is likely to play in a deep-lying forward role off Ameobi.

    Jose Enrique returns to the bench having missed the weekend win because of illness.


    RFC: tbc

    NUFC: Steve Harper, Ryan Taylor, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Danny Simpson, Wayne Routledge, Alan Smith (c), Jonas Gutierrez, Kevin Nolan, Shola Ameobi
    Subs: Tim Krul, Joey Barton, Leon Best, Jose Enrique, Andy Carroll, Peter Lovenkrands, Fabrice Pancrate


  2. Harper, Taylor, Williamson, Coloccini, Simpson, Routledge, Smith, Gutieerez, Nolan, Ameobi.

    According to the official site. I make that 10 players!

    I know promotion is assure but come on, at least pu 11 o the pitch :lol:

  3. I know were all ready promoted, but I can only count 10 starters in that lineup!

  4. Well if Best isn’t going to get a start now, he never is, is he?

    Surely we need to see if he’s any good?? Or maybe Hughton knows that answer already…

  5. Seems we’re playing for the draw then…though with Shola’s performances of late and Nolan’s goal tally…perhaps not…maybe an aggressive 4-5-1.

  6. I’m going for a 1-1 draw in this one. Although I think it will be very hard fought and I wouldn’t be surprised if we came away from this with nowt.

  7. I imagine Guthrie is supposed to be in there somewhere!

    He must be well pleased – He’s obviously well thought of – lol

  8. Just goes to underscore the confidence running through the club at the moment.
    CH can always stick someone on if we aren’t winning to easily.

  9. Starkadder says:
    April 13, 2010 at 7:26 pm

    “That would make sense Stu.”

    Exactly why Newcastle would put out 10 men, just to spice things up. we cant have things go smoothly now can we? ;)

  10. LADS

    bit off topic…

    check out this video… Its from the Sheffield United Game.. so 12 April. There is an Interview with Stevie Taylor… approx 3min in.


    His jaw looks mighty fine for having been double broken and wired up, drinkin through a straw????????????? Louise taylor needs to be shown this… the HAG!

    anyway, back on topic… HWTL

  11. I think tonight will be tough. Reading are a canny little side. Im glad we have virtually no pressure.

  12. Certainly not the side I would put out, this team will struggle IMO especially with only ten men, are we that good ?

  13. On the whole broken jaw thing, i broke my jar 10 years ago and it didn’t need wiring up. I had 2 metal plates inserted, looking at me you could not tell at all. I did have to eat liquid/soft food for a while but not through a straw.
    So Taylor may well have had his jaw broken, you can’t tell by looking.

  14. Any streams? talkradio.tk won’t work for me today.

    2-1 to us 88th min goal from Strola.

  15. Is that not three weeks after the alleged altercation. I would imagine that swelling and bruising would have calmed down a lot by then. That said, he doesn’t look to be having any difficulty with his speech.

    I know a lad who had his jaw badly broken and he was literally mute for best part of six weeks and in hospital for two weeks.

  16. I expected changes due to having played on Saturday but would have prefered to see Joey get the start over Smith. I think the 4-5-1 will make this harder than it needs to be and I expect an ugly first half with changes made for the 2nd.

    Then again, I suppse I can’t argue much with CH now can I?

  17. toonsy – got a bad feeling about tonight. Happy with a point.
    When was the last time we played the 4-4-1-1 with (presumably) Nolan trying to trundle up alongside Shola but only one out and out striker? We seem to have gone 4-4-2 for most of our last games.

  18. I think this line up proves once and for all that CH hasn’t got a clue.

    Sack him, get Keegan in, Shearer as assistant and Lou Taylor as Chairlass.

    Oh aye – and divint forget the £60m war chest!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. icedog says:
    April 13, 2010 at 7:45 pm

    see butt not even on bench played his last game for toon i think
    :) yipee!

  20. Sorry – that was meant to say “I think this line up proves once and for all that CH hasn’t got a clue that people on this blog still think they can do a better job than him”.

    Just ignore the rest! ;)

  21. Nah, Tino…me thinks that should we get the result we need tonight and we are ahead against ipswich, Butt makes an appearance to a 53,000 appreciative Geordie Nation. He’ll either get a start and subbed off for the Standing O, or will come on for someone late in the game. CH treats his team with lots of respect, and I think that would be a fitting thank you and farewell.

  22. Hey m8s!! I’m not graftin today and already a little pissed;) 3-1 the Toon today. Goals from Ameobi (2), and Im peggin Jonas to bag his 5th.


  23. Ameobi just isn’t mobile enough to play up front on his todd.

    The passes will have to be pin point perfect!

  24. not surprised to see the old 451 or 4411 away, depending on how you want to call it.

    agree with most of the comments here that this will most likely be a tight one. good options too with carroll, lovenkrands, barton, and enrique available – though simpson on the left concerns me a bit.

  25. Icedog @ 43, and if I could get a ticket across the pond, I’d happily pack it for him…

  26. Evening all

    Things you do for the Toon – 3am in the morning here – cup of coffee to keep me awake. Bit perturbed to hear Shola’s up front on his todd – hope he’s feeling lively.

  27. IceDog – agree re Simpson. From a bright start earlier in the season seems quite vulnerable now.

  28. geordie deb says:
    April 13, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    It’s comments like that that will get you lambasted on this blog Deb.

  29. geordie deb says:
    April 13, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    “Bit perturbed to hear Shola’s up front on his todd”

    Divven’t be daft, Deb. He’ll score.

  30. morning DEB,hoping match keeps you awake not coffee,keeping pot hot might be better t/nite will be hard i think

  31. The Simpson comment.

    You’re not allowed comments that can be percieved as negative.

  32. Toonsy @ 51, I like the optimism. I am thinking though that perhaps it’s an ASSIST Hat Trick to Shola’s Hat Trick…what do they call it when you have 3 assists in a game anyway?

  33. Stuart79 says:
    April 13, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    “The Simpson comment.

    You’re not allowed comments that can be percieved as negative.”

    Shut it, Waldorf. :-)

  34. Deb,

    Hi, I’m fine thanks, off to work again soon so will inly be around for 20 minutes more :(

  35. Stuart79 says:
    April 13, 2010 at 8:04 pm

    geordie deb says:
    April 13, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    It’s comments like that that will get you lambasted on this blog Deb.

    Stuart79 says:
    April 13, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    The Simpson comment.

    You’re not allowed comments that can be percieved as negative.
    Stop being negative about the blog Stu :)

  36. Wonder why he did not pick Best to play upfront with Ameobi . This is the sort of game , away from home no real pressure where Best could maybe at last show us why CH brought him to the Toon .Its time the lad was given another start to give him a chance .

  37. Stuart 79

    LOL. I liked the lad earlier in the season, but he’s been found wanting quite a few times in the last couple of months. Hopefully it’s because he’s not fully fit.

  38. Stuart79 says:
    April 13, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    “See what I mean…”

    I don’t actually, what do you mean fatty?

  39. geordie deb says:
    April 13, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    Well it won’t be anything to do with him not being good enough, because everyone’s good enough in our squad.

    Cue the barrage of abuse..

  40. Toonsy
    Don’t work too hard – greta job on the blog, have enjoyed reading your articles – top stuff.

    What can I say, the Taylor piece was pure class. Watch out for any stalkers….

  41. Keep up a good commentary like as I can’t watch the game. Gettin new Internet and tele installed reet noo

  42. Evening Big Dave
    Hope you’re well. What do you reckon about the team tonight?

  43. Has Shola controlled the ball yet?

    Maybe it would help him out if we used a medicine ball.

  44. Toonsy, Dave, Deb, Clint, icedog, and all me other Geordie m8s, here’s to you’s!!

    How’s the lads graftin oot there? Wing play lookin good for us? How’s the Berkshire side gannin on?

  45. Big Dave says:
    April 13, 2010 at 8:17 pm
    Stuart ye need to get a lens cleaner ye keep getting stuck on the same track

    It’s called a p1ss take, Dave.

  46. Stuart79 says:
    April 13, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    “It’s called a p1ss take, Dave.”

    Shut up fatty

  47. Big Dave says:
    April 13, 2010 at 8:20 pm
    Stuart It’s called a p1ss take thats why there was a in it

    I don’t do them Homer Simpson faces.

  48. 82 OHurley says:
    April 13, 2010 at 8:18 pm
    Toonsy, Dave, Deb, Clint, icedog, and all me other Geordie m8s, here’s to you’s!!

    How’s the lads graftin oot there? Wing play lookin good for us? How’s the Berkshire side gannin on?

    sweat on for me on this one m8

  49. Well at least I get to watch the fiorentina inter game. Wish to god we could pick up Vargas as a right back and jovetic as a CM.

  50. Stuart > I don’t do them Homer Simpson faces.
    Why do you do Victor Mildrew faces instead instead :) get your head in the game and lighting up lad

  51. Stuart I know lots of the Leeds blogs are saying that he should be dropped and they should have took the money for him when they had the chance, cause they will get fuk all for him now.

  52. Stu-

    I don’t think beckford has scored a league goal since January. Not worth our dosh. We’d do better to snag someone like Kevin Doyle.

  53. pain inthe arse sitting on train getting BBC updates via 2g – come on nolan – well done ameobi on the assist – he’s more than good enough for this crap league – fortunately we’re out of it…… hwtl

  54. Doyle will cost too much money, OHurley.

    I think Wolves paid £7m for him, so they would want at least that I would think.

  55. I’ll tell ya honestly- I watched the Hull Burnley game and lads- we’re LEAGUES better than either of those crap teams. I believe we’ll survive comfortably next season.

  56. If anyone has Sky the commentary is on channel 0144 or if you have a DAB radio it’s on Five Live Sports Extra.

  57. Idk stu-

    7 mil or even 8 might be good business and doable. We only need four players after all.

  58. stuart,wolves chairman on tv said;we paid 6.5mil for doyle and he had better wage offers from bigger epl teams and he chose unquote,sounds canny lad lie pity there isnt a few more like him

  59. OHearly thats what i think too , i honestly belive this Newcastle squad even without reinforcements could more than hold their own in the premiership . With 3 to 4 quality signings top 10 maybe even 6th at a push . i dont think Villa have kicked on this season and Liverpool are on a downward spiral .

  60. I can’t see Wolves going down either Stu. Any two from Hull, Burnley, Wigan and West Ham. Bolton at a push. Think it will go down to the wire though.

  61. This 4-5-1 of CH’s is a goald mine (ok, silly pun). Seems to work pretty well for us with Nolan being the key component. I hope it works well in the EPL as well.

  62. Probably the three teams in the bottom three now will go down – You probably couldn’t make a decent side out of any of them.

    Shame they won’t all be there next season.

  63. Axel- yeah I feel the same. I’ll be happy with between 15th an 8th, but anything top 10 would be IMMENSE. We can do it. HWTL

  64. big dave would be nice if i could 1 right only ever pick scorers on opp teams i get right,thought it would be harder than this like the nite

  65. Nolan!!!! I’m at work and unable to listen- does it sound like we are really dominating play or have we been fortunate?

  66. MDS

    Reading had a decent amount of ball but they have no cutting edge up front.

    We have, so were winning.

    We played better once we scored though.

  67. Dunno Stu, Wigan have West Ham, Hull, Arsenal and Chelsea to play. If could all go horribly wrong for them.

  68. Starkadder says:
    April 13, 2010 at 8:55 pm
    Dunno Stu, Wigan have West Ham, Hull, Arsenal and Chelsea to play. If could all go horribly wrong for them.

    Aye but either Hull or Burnley then have to get 4 points. Doesn’t look likely at the minute – Although that win for Burnley might spur them on.

  69. Icedog stick with me mate and i’ll keep ye right ;)
    I would like to see the Hammers stay up and Hull and Wigan go down enzomnia and bramble will love it

  70. Aye Stu, But if Hull beat Wigan, they may only need two points from three home games and an trip to Brum.

  71. Big Dave those are the 2 teams i would love too see go down aswell . The Hammers play football the way its meant to be played , Wigan is a rugby town not football their attendances prove it and i just cant stand Hull dont know why really .

  72. big dave i would like to see wigan go down as well ashley will love,dont think whealan is his best mate,would like burnley to stay up canny fans like

    stick with you your a fox ;)

  73. I think thats why i dont like them either Big Dave
    Hope we keep a clean sheet 2nd half .

  74. Would not like to see WHU go down as I have always respected them.
    Hull and Wigan would do for me……

  75. I don’t think it’s out of the question to expect Best to be given a few minutes is it?

  76. Ice yer right MA cant stand him and he was slagging us off when we got relegated so it would be nice to wave to Whealen, Bramble and NZog as we pass them on the way up :)

    Stuart Fat lad was close to the hat-trick there, would love to see Smith get a goal

  77. Dave, I think there’s more chance of George Best starting for Man Utd on Saturday, scoring a hat trick and then having sex with miss world on a tram in Manchester than Alan Smith scoring.

    But ya never kna!

  78. dog-nah mate i’m still here, haha. Just not too much goin on with regards to the match like. It’s weird, sounds like we’ve picked up the tempo and are playing better football in the 2nd, but we were already 2 nowt up having played poorly first half so it seems to all be a bit dead, lol. Gutted for Nolan hitting the post and not getting his hattrick. Carroll and Loven will be gaggin to get on,lol

  79. I think he might put big lad on for last 15 , he will be sitting on the bench gagging to come on after fat boys 2 goals . The race for top scorer is well and truly on

  80. icedog says:
    April 13, 2010 at 9:06 pm

    “big dave i would like to see wigan go down as well ashley will love,dont think whealan is his best mate”

    Ashley reported him for price fixing because Whelan called him “son” and warned him off his Manchester United racket.

    “There’s a club in the north son, and you’re not part of it.”

  81. harpers been poor of late – suspect on a few goals, maybe his minds elsewhere but maybe time to give krul a chance for last few games

  82. wtf has happened to lee clark at huddersfield – they were 2-0 up and now losing 3-2, they wont make playoffs at this rate after looking so good earlier in season

    come on barton and carroll

  83. ross/stevep,yous saying har per at fault again ? said for a couple of harper has lost it

  84. workyticket says:
    April 13, 2010 at 9:25 pm

    Didn’t JJB get there own back by last year by going to OFT regarding Sports Direct and price fixing? Implicating themselves in the process for which they hope to recieve a lighter penalty.

  85. @icedog – been saying the same myself – he’s looked very static last third of season, to be honest its not to bad in this league but he’ll get stuffed in prem

  86. Stuart79 says:
    April 13, 2010 at 9:37 pm

    “Didn’t JJB get there own back by last year by going to OFT regarding Sports Direct and price fixing? Implicating themselves in the process for which they hope to recieve a lighter penalty.”

    Yup, it’s very early days on that one though, Stuart. These things can drag out for years.

  87. I’m kin great at slating teams – huddersfiels now 4-3 up goals in 90th and 93rd min – go on clarkie son

  88. I’ve always rated Harper, but his form has definately been off of late. I would hate to think that he might have been kept waiting just too long to show people what he was capable of.

    Although keepers do tend to play much later into their careers I do wonder if he may be getting to the end of career.

  89. Dog-Apparently Simpson could do nowt with the OG, Enrique tried to clear and it clipped his back and went in. Radio said Harper could have done better with the clearance tho. Thats the only aspect of his game that has seemed shaky recently, coming off his line and clearing out the box. Something Given was never brilliant at either like.

  90. dave i wouldnt do that even though he has been slagging this blog and every 1 on it pluss calling the main man worky names i wouldnt stoop that low :lol:

  91. icedog any further news on that thing about carroll and more trouble that you mentioned last week?

  92. Worky have you owt to say Lad ???

    Ice is that you mate ??

    Batty I might go and check what has been happening on Uncle Eds

    Stuart we are that good we have to score for them just to give us a bit of excitment

  93. Ice he is a legend mate I watched him one night when I was having a smoke and my sides were killing me and I couldn’t breath I thought me ticker was gona pack in :)

  94. On a selfish thought, wheee~~~
    i can get to see the trophy at plymouth next week. :lol:

  95. Great away win!
    Yes-No-Lan! :)
    Not bad for a _________.
    Just 9 points to go, keep it going lads.

  96. really thought game tonight was going to be a lot harder,will wait and see what reading manager has to say

  97. Big Dave says:
    April 13, 2010 at 10:19 pm

    “Worky how much did ye make ye rascal”

    I’ve never really had much of a bet before, Dave. I just gamble in other ways. I did bet on a horse once though. It was called “Sporting Shot” and it came in at 17/1.

  98. ice,
    i know mate, i’m just greedy.
    nyam nyam nyam.

    Look forward to us breaking kk’s old record for this league, got push the frontiers & move on now & then, hey?

  99. icedog says:
    April 13, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    “worky hows the muscles aches and pains m8 better i hope”

    Thanks for asking icedog. It’s a permanent thing but it gets much better when the weather warms up a bit. My stomach feels a bit better now, but I’ve had to live like a monk to get that far!

  100. Worky,
    weird, i bet on a horse just once too.
    Not the same one though. :)
    It won though.
    de de de de de de de de
    (twilight zone)

  101. Good win, same old same old really :D

    Lets enjoy these last 3 games lads as we will not experience such dominance again anytime soon…Well, unless we come back down next year.

    I would like to see Kadar, Best, Ranger, Krul and maybe even Vuckic feature in games from now until the end of the season.


    I didn’t listen to the game, mate. How was it? Was it the old, ‘play poor, score a couple goals, look comfortable, give a silly goal away, and then worry for the last 15minutes’ type of performance? :D

  102. Worky same as meself I bet about 3 times on the Grand National yrs ago. I think watching my older bro blow thousands put me off.
    Ice you are getting worse than toonsy I told ye we would win ;) just didn’t get the score right but ye cant get them all right ;)
    catch you’s later im away to get something to eat

  103. Told you I had a bad feeling about this one (!?)
    Can’t believe the run-in we’ve had – 6 wins on the trot, 3 away wins ditto, 36 points from our last 14 games – A.. mazing!
    Just need 1 point from our last 3 games = championship; also assumes WBA win their 3 games.
    What a season! Let’s enjoy it. Who said “Roll on Ipswich” (Apart from me just now)?
    God – what a load of babble! Sorry guys – just a bit high on Toon Ecstasy!

  104. Their goal was a freak man.
    Jose hoofed it straight at simpson, who couldn’t get out the way & it looped back into the net.

  105. Hard luck to Darlo tonight, knocked rochdale off the top with a fine away win, whilst dropping out of the league on other results.

  106. Drago-Alright mate, long time no speak. The most popular phrase from Ando was “Footballs a funny old game”, because we had two efforts on goal in the first half, and both found the net, lol. We didnt really seem to get into our stride first 45 but we went in 2 nowt up, didnt sound like we deserved it really as the general consensus was Reading wouldnt understand how they were 2-0 down. Second half we seemed to pick it up but were already sitting on a lead and nowt much happened. Their goal was a helpless own goal, Enrique tried to clear, it pinged off Simpsons back and went in. They tried to push on but nowt too serious to write home about. 1 more point and we’re promoted as champs!

  107. A great win for the lads tonight, I was fearing a defeat tonight against an inform side.

  108. Depends how you look at it ice.
    Good cross from their lad, striker heads, Harper saves, but spins off, lands at Jose’s feet, stood at right post, clearance hits a ducking Simpson, loops over everyone into the net.
    Think it’s a tad too critical to blame anyone really.
    Don’t think Harper woulda got to the striker, so stayed back & made the save.
    What happened next was pure Max Sennet.

  109. Aye jay jay,
    reading are canny good at the ‘mad stad’.
    Maybe we’re a bit better than ‘we’ think?

  110. This, to me, is where the money making gimmick comes off.
    The PSP was a gaming handheld released at a 250 price point when it got released.
    Once again, stay tuned for an update on when North American gamers can expect
    to see Threads of Fate hit the Play – Station Network.