Magic Magpie memories: FA Cup, 1955 (From the Pathe newsreel collection).

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Magic Magpie Memories part two (FA Cup 1952)

Sixth Round F.A. Cup Replay – Newcastle v. Huddersfield

First part of a series of ‘Magic Magpie Memories’ features.

This one includes four Pathe newsreels covering Newcastle United’s winning 1955 FA Cup campaign, and features such United greats as Jimmy Scoular, Vic Keeble, Jackie Milburn, Bobby Mitchell, Len White et al. Includes round 6 replay v Huddersfield, semi final, semi final replay v York and the Wembley final against Manchester City, where a young Queen Elizabeth presents the trophy to victorious Newcastle United captain, Jimmy Scoular. Commentary by Mr Cholmondley-Warner.

Click on images to view videos.

Many thanks to NUFC Blog reader, Johnny for the idea.

F.A. Cup Semi-Finals – York City V. Newcastle United.

F.A. Cup Replay – Newcastle United V. York City.


Victory is ours! Newcastle United win the F.A. Cup for the third time in five years! Howay the lads!

Magic Magpie Memories part two (FA Cup 1952)

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87 Responses

  1. Amazing the amount we kept the ball on the floor when you look at how shite the pitches were.
    Atrocious conditions like.

  2. worky,loved it think your mint,clint glad we dont have to here com like that now,not a bloody clue like.

    worky always said best blog on the net,what more could a man ask ie,worky,BBM,& big gun ;)

  3. ice,
    it just goes to show how much we like to play the ball on the floor back then.
    Bit before my time like, but great to put a few faces to the names.
    Top stuff.

  4. worky cheers m8 ill sleep well the nite,not heard much from big gun the nite,will play again in morning, later lads

  5. Good to see teh pitch at SJP has changed though… check oot tha bobble on teh bobby dazzler like. mental.

    On a FA cup note… I hope Portsmouth shove it right up Chelsea.

  6. What a good idea to dig out the old filmreels of our glorious years!

    And like all good ideas on the internet, I’ve pinched it LOL


  7. worky – cracking stuff mate. I grew up on slightly more advanced technology. VHS tapes in a toploading Ferguson with footage of from late 70s – late 80s. But either way, it’s great looking back. I almost made an article of that link I put in yesterday because I wasn’t sure everyone would have bothered but I thought it was brilliantly put together. As much as I respect looking to the future, I love reminiscing.

  8. Very nostalgic.

    Wonder if I’ll ever see us win the FA Cup in my lifetime… Hope so anyway.

    You’re very lucky Worky! lol

  9. If Portsmouth can get to a final… twice… then so can we. In a couple of years’ time, anyway. :)

    We’ll be back there, eventually.

  10. Well Pompey won it by spending a fortune (That wasn’t there’s as it transpires) and have got back there by going into administration – What are we doing wrong?

  11. Whumpie@20

    “We’ll be back there, eventually”.

    What about us taking on the the likes of Barca, Inter and Juve in the Champions League again?

    I hope that’s part of somebody’s plans :)

    Beating Barca at home in the Champions League probably counts as nostalgia now, which is a bit sobering.

  12. Darth,

    I know we’ve bickered away in the past, but I have to say that was an excellent comment you wrote on that awful woman the other day.

  13. What we are doing wrong is to demand a trophy as a mark of success, we allowed ourselves to be spanked by the media as a club that has won nothing but as their are only three domestic honours up for grabs and the same three or four clubs win them year after year, why get up tight about it?.
    Man U and Liverpool have spent the combined wages and expenses of Parliament for a lonely League Cup between them and Arsenal will probably end up with Zip.
    I would rather the club took it steady this time around and bollocks to what the media think we should do, it would be nice to win something but the last domestic success was just before my birth in May 1955, so a few more years waiting patiently doesnt bother me.

  14. bigbadbob says:
    April 13, 2010 at 1:22 pm

    I think Man U have won a bit more than that mate over the last few seasons.

    Liverpool have been in the CL every year and have even won the odd domestic cup as well as the CL itself.

    I call that success.

  15. workyticket@23

    I can’t think which one you mean. Against all the odds, I managed to keeep the less considered ones to myself :)

    Seriously though – good article. It pretty much summed up how I feel, and I felt a lot less frustrated having read it.

  16. Stuart, But they have all spent heavily and have a mind blowing amount of debt which we will never be close to matching in terms of spending on players.
    What they have won in the past is irrelevant now, i was referring to this season and the way Liverpool and ManU are being left behind in the transfer market by Chelsea and Man City doesnt bode well for them, at least Arsenal have a brilliant set up to keep them going but even their fans are whingeing about lack of success, FFS, brilliant stadium, football and manager, a trophy is not the be all and end all.

  17. I’d obviously prefer to be like Arsenal – Well placed financially and playing great football. You have at least half a chance of winning something then too.

    Although let not get too carried away with Man Utd’s financial position.

    The club have a debt of £500m but they also have £140m in cash in the bank – So in reality they have £360m – On a turnover of well in excess of £200m that’s not as bad as it looks.

    Liverpool are a different animal altogether however.

  18. bigbadbob says:
    April 13, 2010 at 1:47 pm

    “a trophy is not the be all and end all.”

    Oh yes it bloody well is, BBB! The last one we won was broadcast in black and white!

  19. Stu – Man Utd are over £700 million in debt. They made £40(ish) million profit last year but only after they sold Ronaldo for £80 million. Plus you have to add interest onto that debt owed.

    They do have a massive turnover, though that doesn’t matter if your costs are higher than incoming figures.

  20. Stuart, different to what i read, it was more like 75m profit last season with 68m used to pay the interest alone on their debts, they are in the mire and had to sell their best player last season to keep the wolves from the door so dont kid yourself.
    I applaud their board for giving the fans the player investment they desire but if you dont live within your means, disaster is always just around the corner.
    But it still doesnt matter, there are only three honours so why yearn for one when the future existence of the club is far more important, i would take another long period of Premier League stability over one glory moment every time.

  21. I guess it depends on your definition of ‘success’. I think it’s fair to say, you can be happy with being at the races without actually winning the race. Taking part is the best bit about. Once you’ve won, you can only jump around for so long and then what?

    Part of me enjoys the disappointments. I see more glory in the way we resolve to support regardless of the rewards. I wouldn’t mind seeing what it felt like though, just once. I have a feeling I’d be underwhelmed.

  22. worky – never got round to replying on that thread but you misinterpreted my ‘frustrations’ comments. Hopefully, it wasn’t just badly written by me and everyone did the same. 8O

  23. toonsy says:
    April 13, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    Nah toonsy, the club itself only have £500m debt. There is the PIK debt but that is the Glazers debt – They are personally responsible for it, not the club.

    It’s not a great situation that is not in doubt – Is it as bad as everyone says? Probably not.

  24. Not to forget the £140m in the bank.

    Although I think they also have a £75m facility in case of emergency – A bit like an overdraft I supposed, just not used.

  25. Worky, if trophys were that important i would have latched onto one of the so called bigger teams, the North East is full of knobbers wearing ManU shirts but i am more than happy with the buzz at the toon and all the drama that goes with it.

  26. Stuart79 says:
    April 13, 2010 at 2:08 pm

    “Nah toonsy, the club itself only have £500m debt. There is the PIK debt but that is the Glazers debt – They are personally responsible for it, not the club.”

    Stuart, the Glazer’s have courteously passed on around £700 million of debt to Manchester United.

  27. bowburn – Whihc sort of leads me on to a discussion I had last night. My mate is getting excited about Ipswich because of the potential trophy etc.

    Personally, I will celebrate it but I wont be going OTT. It’s not like it was back in 1993, back then it was ground breaking and tied in with many factors around the club and the city at the time which made it more special.

    For me this time round it feels more like righting a wrong. We should have a lap of honourand a sing song and be done with it, not to be repeated again.

    However, my mate wasn’t old enough to remember last time, so I feel kind of bad for him that this will be the first real competitive trophy he has seen us win, and it’s just going to get swept under the carpet to appease people like me.

    There are bound to be loads more like him, especially our over-seas fans that may have missed it first time round. So in that respect I feel sorry for them all.

  28. bigbadbob says:
    April 13, 2010 at 2:11 pm

    That’s what set NUFC fans apart – We love the drama, the controversay and were not happy unless something is going on that we can talk about.

    Like BBM said maybe there some enjoyment about the whole thing before we even think about the enjoment of actually winning things.

    Would still like to win the CL though – Who wouldn’t…

  29. workyticket says:
    April 13, 2010 at 2:15 pm

    David Gill himself as said that the club has debts of £500m and the Glazers have debts of £200m (approx) from PIK debt, which they used to buy the club.

    The Glazers are responsible for the PIK debt not the club.

  30. Stuart79 says:
    April 13, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    “David Gill himself as said that the club has debts of £500m and the Glazers have debts of £200m (approx) from PIK debt, which they used to buy the club.

    The Glazers are responsible for the PIK debt not the club.”

    Stuart, Manchester United was lumbered with £540 million of debt alone just to finance the Glazer’s purchase of the club.

  31. Well I’m only going off a guy called David Buik from BGC Finance.

    He says Utd are all in for approx £500m and the Glazers are in to the tune of £200m PIK debts. They were the personal loans the Glazers have taken to buy the club and re-finance ect..

    He reckons the Glazers have as so much to lose in personal cash that the club aren’t in too much trouble – As long as they keep qualifying for the CL as course and the TV revenue keeps coming in.

    He did say that Murdoch might decide to take his ball home if ofcom keep annoying him with their insistance that Sky have to sell PL football to other broadcaster cheap.

  32. Stu – It’s possibly one of the most widely reported debt stories in history and it’s widely known that the debt is over £700 million.

    “Accounts for the club’s holding company reveal that the total debt secured against United and its parent company has grown to £716 million in the past year, and that interest payments on the most expensive portion of the debt will increase from August this year.”

    That is found in the Telegraph, the Guardian and any other news source. As it’s Man Utd you can guarantee that it has been analysed and analysed again by many experts, yet all the reports come out the same.

  33. Aye there’s also nothing like exaggeration for the papers – We cannot run with the hare and hunt with the fox just when it suits.

    This guy had said that he’d seen the prospectus for the bonds too.

    The parent company still has a different set accounts to Man Utd so the debt the parent company has ie PIK won’t effect Man Utd’s overall debt,although if you want to add them together it will gove you the £700m figure.

    Dunno though.

  34. It`s like being on a treadmill, being in the position of either Man. u. or Liverpool.
    Some kind of success is essential in order to earn the monies required to service the debt.
    Teams like Chelsea and Citeh, having owners with deep pockets may force other teams into spending more than they can afford, for the above reason.
    Which in turn forces the mid and lower level teams to also overspend in order to survive in the league where the big bucks are, the EPL.
    Even considering the earnings made by EPLO teams, it appears most are in debt and some highly leveraged.
    One would think the leagues owners would come to-gether and install a cap on spending, which could work in this particular situation.
    There are many examples in the various proffessional sports leagues in the US, which work to the satisfaction of both athletes and ownership.
    Should`nt be that difficult to devize one to fit the needs of the EPL.
    To continue down the present road will surely result in future bankrupcy for overleveraged clubs and to depend on future increased tv. revenues is a gamble.
    Man. U. has reached it`s max, in regard`s to earnings, had it not been for the sale of Ronaldo, annual income would have resulted in a forty million pound loss, thats counting worldwide sales, tv revenue, attendance, advertising, plus a successful season.
    An unsustainable loss, with no real answer, a maxed out income used mainly to pay off the debt.

  35. Cannot believe they are still rattling on about the Wembley pitch.

    Think they made a boob with it tbh. The Millenium Stadium manages exactly what Wembley does only without the problems. Perhaps they should have looked into what they do in Wales with regards to it?

  36. Chuck says:
    April 13, 2010 at 4:34 pm

    Roman Abramovich lobbied Richard Scudamore in the summer to recommemend that the PL brought in a salary cap and transfer fee limit – This was in response to Man City and their outrageous pre season spending.

    He must surely have seen the irony in what he was asking…

  37. Stu – Jealous rich man syndrome. My boat is bigger than your boat etc. Abramovich is rich but he knows that there is no way he could keep up with Mansour if it came to a splash the cash race.

    Kind of like a ‘we’ll call it a draw’ by trying to get the salary cap before he gets made to look relatively silly.

  38. There’s no chance of Sky taking the ball home and dropping prem football – it would be the end of Sky, can’t see anyone coughing 60 quid for Bass fishing and the shite on Sky 1

    Be interesting to see how Man U get on next season, no big name player to sell ( unless they sell Rooney), out of CL at qtr finals, doubt they’ll win league which together kicks in a clause from sponsors for less sponsorship money

    If we need to spend 60 million to survive I reckon they need to at least treble it to win league and CL (Giggs, Neville and Scoles can’t last another season) Nani, Anderson etc flatter to deceive, Ferdinand becoming injury prone

    Interesting season ahead

  39. Thing with United is where before they could strenghen as they have so much money coming in, that is now being eaten by servicing debt so it could become a vicious circle for them.

  40. stevep – I certainly wouldn’t pay for Sky if there was no footie on it. On the whole, the rest of it is pants so there would be nothing to keep me.

  41. stevep says:
    April 13, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    I think the point about Sky was that if they said “we paid £1.2b this time for PL football but this time were only offering £700m” There aren’t many other companies out there who would be interested at paying vast amounts. Certainly not BBC or ITV.

  42. Chuck says:
    April 13, 2010 at 4:34 pm

    “It`s like being on a treadmill, being in the position of either Man. u. or Liverpool.
    Some kind of success is essential in order to earn the monies required to service the debt.”

    Their finances were doing very well until the Glazers, Hicks and Gillett came along, Chuck.

  43. Depends on risk/reward Stu. Someone like ESPN could easily out do them, or another American broadcaster for example which would force us to either move to them to watch the footie or not watch it.

    That amount of money is a bloody big risk mind. But if they got it right then so are the rewards. They should learn by not following the Setanta example ;)

  44. Well that’s the point toonsy, If Sky said were only offering this ESPN might come into the reckoning but their not going to pay £500m more than they need to.

    I don’t think Sky will drop their price too much but you’ve got to look at worst case scenario I suppose if you’re a business.

    I’m sure Liverpool and Man Utd only budget for getting to the CL group stages as going any further has too many variables.

  45. The most important thing about CL is getting there in the first place. That is where the money kicks in. Progression throught the competition and the prize money for each round in relatively small by comparison.

  46. Yeah but you get a sh1t load for actually winning it don’t you? Almost double what you get from just qualifying.

  47. aye doesn’t exactly look like he has just had an operation of his jaw to have it wired like does it!!

  48. Mick – I thought that, and his speech is fine which surely wouldn’t be if he had his jaw wired?

    I was exoecting him to open his gob and his teeth come rattling out :lol:

  49. Nah, what they send?

    Oh and on the Taylor interview – If he had his jaw broke and wired 3 weeks ago it would be bruised to fck!

  50. toonsy says:
    April 13, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    “Worky – Will there be one of these for the Fair’s cup win?”

    I’m concentrating on the older Pathe stuff first, Toonsy. I’m not sure what will come next, but I’ve been inspired by a silent, haunting newsreel of the 1927 League winning side, including our greatest ever number 9, wee Hughie.

  51. The man’s a clown – I still don’t know anyone who thinks NUFC fans are particularly ‘special’.

    I would only argue that NUFC is at the centre of it’s supporters lifes more than at many other clubs – That could be because there’s not much else to talk about up here, or were just sad….

  52. workyticket says:
    April 13, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    Well if that last line isn’t designed to stimulate debate I don’t know what is…

    Shearer, Shearer!!!!!!!

    Reet out with the dog.

  53. On another note, Hillsborough anniversary just gone brought back some memories of boxing day.

    That eerie feeling I had when walking through the turnstiles, passing that gate, walking through the tunnel to get to my seat, sitting at what would have been the front of pen 3.

    Just struck a chord, that’s all. It was just a strange feeling at the time, the knowledge of being in the exact place that something like that happened in. A very wierd feeling.

  54. Good evening Lads and Lass’s

    Stuart that was a real good article by George Caulkin who is one of the only reporters that deserve the title of Reporter, apart from our own reporters :) and im sure Icedog is over the moon that he used a pic of him at the top ;)

    Toonsy that was a good youtube clip mate and very strange considering all the sh1t that has been wrote about his jaw being broke in to places and having to fit trough a straw how did ye find that ?

  55. Dave – Someone else found it, I just borrowed it :lol:

    I wonder where the people that defend Louise Taylor are now, as clearly Stevie is NOT feeding through a straw. She should be ashamed peddling the lies she does, and that clip proves that it is just that, lies!

  56. Well you should be ashamed running about with her ;) He clearly dosn’t look like he has had much damage done to him and I really hope if they did have their differences they can patch them up.
    did ye see the pic of Icedog :lol:

  57. Great old newsreel stuff, wondering if in fact i was part of one or more, attended most of the early fifties games either down front where the kids sat or stood.
    Or at the back standing on the fence.
    Kids comming in late used to get passed down front over the heads of the standing adults.
    And as everyone noted the game went on rain ,snow or shine, times it was like a mudpit, with the old leather ball soaking up mud and water untill it weighed a ton (well close)
    Anyone catch the moves of Bobby Mitchell No 11# what an entertainer! but also a great playmaker who got his share of goals.
    A golden era for Toon fans.
    Thanks for digging them up !

  58. Chuck says:
    April 13, 2010 at 7:24 pm

    “Great old newsreel stuff, wondering if in fact i was part of one or more, attended most of the early fifties games either down front where the kids sat or stood.
    Or at the back standing on the fence.”

    You may see your younger self grouching away in the next one then, Statler! ;-)

  59. Chuck says:
    April 13, 2010 at 7:24 pm

    “Great old newsreel stuff, wondering if in fact i was part of one or more”

    Nah, doubt it. Everyone seems happy in the pictures :lol: