Reading v Newcastle United – match preview.

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Reading Radgies.
Reading Radgies.
Newcastle United finally manage to get rid of that game in hand we have been carrying for so long on Tuesday evening when we visit Reading’s Madejski Stadium. A win for the away side would mean that the title could be sealed as early as Saturday evening and without kicking a ball over the weekend, but that would only happen if West Brom fail to win against play-off chasing Middlesbrough aswell as us gaining the 3 points on Tuesday.

The home side have been in fine form of late having only lost twice in 15 games and are looking at maintaining a late charge for the play-off places themselves. A win would set them up nicely for the final few games of the season which are all against struggling opposition in the shape of Peterborough, Preston, Scunthorpe and Watford. Newcastle are themselves unbeaten in 13 matches and have their own eyes on the prize of the league title and are under instruction by manager Chris Hughton to wrap it up at the earliest possible opportunity.

Reading will be without defender Matt Mills as their captain will be serving part of his 4 game ban after his appeal over his red card at Ipswich was deemed frivalous which resulted in an extension to his original suspension. In their last match, Reading managed a 0-0 draw away at Cardiff and will feel aggrieved at not having taken all 3 points after Simon Church struck the woodwork late in the game. They lined up for that match with a team of;

Reading: Federici, Bertrand, Pearce, Griffin, Khizanishvili, Tabb, McAnuff, Kebe, Sigurdsson, Howard, Long.

You may have noted the familar name of Zurab Khizanishvilli in the Reading line-up. On his return to Blackburn after his loan spell with Newcastle earlier in the season he was promptly sent packing down south for another loan spell at Reading where he has now made 12 appearances for the club.

Newcastle head into the game having wrapped up promotion and beaten play-off hopeful’s Blackpool 4-1 at the weekend. Tamas Kadar injured his thigh in that game and will miss out whilst Jose Enrique will be tested late on to see if he has recovered enough from a virus to be able to play. Steven Tayor and Fitz Hall still remain sidelined so that should hopefully leave the team looking like;

Newcastle Utd: Harper, Simpson, Williamson, Coloccini, Enrique, Routledge, Nolan, Guthrie, Gutierrez, Carroll, Lovenkrands.

Should Chris Hughton decide to shuffle the pack to give some players a rest after only a 2 day break then I expect Joey Barton, Shola Ameobi, Leon Best and Alan Smith to feature in the starting line-up instead.

Amazingly, Newcastle United have never won at Reading with our best result at their old ground, Elm Park, a 3-3 draw in an FA cup tie in 1990. Admittedly there have only been four meetings between the sides at Reading but that shouldn’t disguise the disappointment of our last two results in Berkshire, 2-1 and 1-0 defeats as our over paid stars let the club down with abject performances on both occasions.

As has been pointed out, both teams are in fine form and it should make for an interesting game. Newcastle have been the best team in the league this season although Reading are making up ground fast as they recover from a poor start to the season, and they managed an outstanding FA cup run where they beat the likes of Liverpool. A tough game to call and lets just say that I would settle for a point right now.

My Prediction: 1-1

Howay the lads!

Date: Tuesday, 13th April, 2010.

Time: 8:00pm.

Venue: Madejski Stadium.

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93 Responses

  1. i think a draw to toonsy, is that big dave in photo on the left in black be side the fruit (just found out scores not 0-1) ;)

  2. Uzi another fine article I would take a 1-1 but I will go for a hard fought 0-1 win. I think WBA will lose against Boro ;) but I do think you might be right that CH will shuffle the pack

  3. icedog – Nah, Dave is at the top left of the pic. You cant see him but he is getting ushered out by the cops :lol:

  4. dave
    1 keeper
    i think there might be more like depends on who they get in

  5. Ice

    Lua Lua
    ?? still thinking maybe a Keeper

    I dont think CH will get shot of Strolla and I dont think he would want Colo to go

  6. dave,come on now,hall only on loan we said no lua lua,pancake has no contract at season end so thats 1 you have,you bloody bookies always trying not to pay-out :)

  7. Can anyone tell me what happened to the stadium sponsorship? I was under the impression that we had companies were lining up to sponsor the ground. We could do with that money.

  8. roscoe would really like doyle might have got him too if wolves had gone down thing is hes not the type lad to jump ship imo,would take cole like

  9. Aye dave, you could be right. Big screen too apparently. Also still waiting to hear what the owners plans are too. Supposed to be a manifesto released by the club. Hope it’s better than some political ones recently published.

  10. rosco cannot see us takeing chance at that sort of money,newcastle of old might have not now m8

  11. A player who i think we should target is the young lad Jones who plays for Wolves. gets up and down the field with pace and energy. A product of old trafford

  12. big dave,note taken,

    had to take two of mine i see,just like bloody bookies always hedgeing there bets

  13. budalovespatsy,cant say ive took note like m8,my eye is normally on doyle to tell the truth thats bad really but will watch next time

  14. Icedog they are not all ones I want to go, but the only ones I think will be let go. Do ye really think CH will let Colo and Shola go ? I cant see Shola wanting to go and I cant see Colo wanting as surely if he wanted to go he would have went last year but its possible

  15. Didn’t even realize there was another post up already.

    I’ll have to take a look at Wolves’ Jones. Can’t say I’m familiar with him either. Like Icedog, eyes are always on Doyle.

  16. Big Dave-

    Yeah, I’d hate to lose Colo. He’s been class for us and I think he’s gonna be class next year too. Good, strong player, Colo.

  17. colo i wouldnt want to go,but its down to wages imo cant see ashley keeping colo, jonus, JE,smith,etc on those wages when new blood has to come in,two for the price of one is the way ashley will look at it imo

  18. I think CH will keep the core of this squad together and slowly n gradualy build up the squad ,

    I can see Butt Pancrate going straight away , tho butt been kept on as a coach or somthing similar ,

    Can see Ranger going out on loan n maybe a few other youngsters

  19. roughly on three of those players your talking 180,000-190,000 a wk in wages do you think ash will pay that because i dont ime afraid he will want 5 players for that outlay

  20. Icedog if we didnt get rid of them in the championship why will we get rid of them now?

  21. Ice I have never been a fan of MA but I dont think he would be stupid enough to get rid of our best players just to cut the wages as it would cost alot more in the long run. Same as the age and wage cap I think that is the prefered model but I do think he will make exceptions to that rule for the right players. but I could be wrong but until then I will give him the benefit of doubt ;)

  22. joho toon,he wanted to try to get straight back up,so put money into club every week to keep it going so he says mind,now saying there has to be a limit on wage deals,some may have to take wage cuts,smith has even said he would take pay cut in favour of longer contract,mind a lot of it is from press,but as you know monkey face has said a few times mike has put 25-30mil into club this year just to keep it going,so imo something has to give

  23. Big Dave-

    Yeah, Colo and Taylor looked class together. But I can’t take it away from Mike Williamson. He’s been damn good too. Turns quickly for a big man. Good eye for the ball and good positioning skills too. It think Centre Half is a position that we have covered well.

  24. dave, one of the things he did do was bring in williamson,hall,has kadar,said they were for cover,i think he was also looking for cheaper replacements imo and you will find he will sign more defenders and m/fs and higher earners will go,colo,taylor,JE,never broke to many eggs with sticks in epl lastime did they

  25. Williamson has been excellent & a great attitude too.
    Just gets on with it, no BS.
    Top purchase.

  26. i might be totally wrong in this i hope i am,also think that is why AS didnt get the job, he wanted to look long term at club,ashley wanted short term fix for his returns,its worked for him but can it be su s, tained long term i dont know with ashley

  27. I thought colo was fine ’til the nonmusical chairs last season. & Jose was the most consistent of the defenders & always put a shift in.

  28. clint,you must admit AS only ever wanted the best for the toon,which he proved many times over could have moved on many times but kept faith but it never happened,i agree he wanted to spend cash to get the best for the toon but ash was not up for it,nowt like trying like

  29. Aye cos no other manager wants to splash their owners cash do they… AS is no different to anyone else in that respect so you cannot try and taint him like that.

  30. Stuart,
    behave man.
    Like i could ‘taint’ wor Al with a few typed words on a blog. That sounds sooo passive/aggressive man.
    I’m sure Al can do his own tainting.

  31. & anyway,
    it all depends on the situation, when it comes to spending on players.
    AS wanted to over compensate for getting us relegated, it’s as plain as the proverbial………………
    It’s an observation not a critisism.

  32. Clint-

    Oh no, m8. That sucks for you guys lol. Watch oot, or your cars will get bigger and bigger!

  33. Btw-

    Do you guys actually use the term “dude/dood” or is Clint just being endearing? :D

  34. The cars are already heading that way man.
    & whey aye we use the word ‘dood’ mate.

  35. Cool cool. I thought it was strictly a yank expression like. I can teach you some yank slang that you guys don’t know though.

    “Gimme da 411 on dat jank-ass sled.”
    -I would like some information on that used car.

    “Wa’s da skinny, yo?”
    -What’s going on?

    “Dadgum ole’ sumbitch done took off wi’ muh vittles!”
    -Some son of a bitch just stole my dinner.

  36. Clint,

    Thanks m8! Hope you enjoy my yankee slang lesson, as completely silly as it was.

  37. That’s mad as a box of frogs O’H.
    That’s some crazy ass argot right there.
    I take it that’s got a southern twang?
    Love it!

  38. Clint-

    Hadaway m8! Ahv got me a canny teacha like. Teachin’ me wot it’s all aboot like, reet? Whey aye, some dee, ah’ll get ower there and fit reet in like! Maybe even undastand ya accents, too! Just find me a bonny lass, and ah’ll be ower the moon!! Chuffed to bits like!

  39. Get yersel ower t’the Toon ‘n the lasses’ll gan f’ye southern drawl, nee sweat kidda.

  40. All the lads here are larnen me, m8! Yersel included, like!

    Whey aye, when I gan ower to the Toon, ah’ll have me a lass for every dee o’ the week haha!!

    Nowt like a fine hot watta bottle wit a great pair o’ chebs to make me feel reet at hyem, like!!

  41. Haha, thanks m8!

    Reet, ahm off noo. Gannin’ hyem after a long dee’s graft.

    See you’s lata!!

  42. Blimey. What a thread this morning! Coffee must be good.

    My contribution is a bit of scouse from some comic in the 70s. It was on a tape loop on a 23-hour flight to Aus and it got burned into my brain, occupying space which could have been used for something useful:

    “I were leggin after a jiggy-rabbit up de ennog when I wuz wellied with batties of half-choccers.”

    – “I was chasing a cat up an alley when I was hit with a load of half-bricks”.

    Ahhhnyway. Back to Reading.

    I was there for Owen’s reappearance after his knee injury. Incipid display by an uninspired team, and we were deservedly beaten.

    I like Reading, and I’d like to see them make the play-offs. I’d also like the title decider to be against Plymouth on Monday, because I’m going to that match.

    So a draw would be fine, please.

    How about a goal from Smudger for novelty value??

  43. Just wanna confirm something,that i am confused now.

    Let’s say if we win reading tonight and Plymouth next week,ain’t that suppose we will lift the trophy at Plymouth???

    Or is it a Must to lift it at home ground??Cause due to me being overseas,i would have not choice but wish it to be lift at away ground,as that match is televised.

    Hope someone can enlighten me.thanks.

  44. If results go our way, it’s likely the trophy will be presented at Plymouth.

    One thing’s for sure though, if it’s ours before the Ipswich game, there’ll be near 53k folk to raise the roof off the stands at SJP.

  45. Whether an attacking line up or not tonight, Carroll, Lovenkrands and Nolan are all within a whisker of each other in the goals tally and they’ll all be up for scoring in an attempt to wrest get the top-scorer badge.

    The next few games surely promise a goal feast.

  46. JUst a thought……. I’d be a nice touch if MA and his crew say something to acknowledge the support the fans and in particular, the travelling Toon Army has given this season.

    It’s been nothing short of marvellous and way above start-of-season expectations.

    Would it be too much for a public acknowledgement of the fans over the PA system before and after the Ipswich game?

    That surely wouldn’t be a bad move but is it a realistic thought?

  47. I can never hear our PA system clearly.

    A note in the programme would do to be fair.

  48. Indeed Toonsy, a note in the programme would do to be fair. A programme note’s not quite the same as a PA announcement which would just add that little bit more to what promises to be a cracking atmosphere.

    A thought though Toonsy, if you can’t hear the PA properly, then nor can others I suppose.

    But then again, if you were listening to hard rock as Bowburn was when he was a rebel, maybe Cheesy Hawkes’s done some damage!

    Assuming someone at SJP’s monitoring comments on this and other sites, maybe it’ll be fixed! Well, just a thought!!

  49. lesh says:
    April 13, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    “Assuming someone at SJP’s monitoring comments on this and other sites, maybe it’ll be fixed! Well, just a thought!!”

    I think they would probably have to tear down Hall’s monstrosity and build a whole new stadium with decent acoustics, Lesh.

  50. Aye, that stand is a bit of an eyesore too Worky.

    It could’ve sat nicely with T Dan Smith’s vision of Newcastle being known as the Brasilia of the North.

    One thing at a time though.

  51. lesh says:
    April 13, 2010 at 3:02 pm

    “Aye, that stand is a bit of an eyesore too Worky.

    It could’ve sat nicely with T Dan Smith’s vision of Newcastle being known as the Brasilia of the North.”

    Lesh, I used to know T.Dan when I was a bairn. My father used to spend alot of his time battling him in court. When I first met him, either in Ramside Hall or Lumley Castle, his first words to my father were “How much for a bingo licence Laurie?” He was asking for a bribe.

  52. Worst thing was, this was in the East stand where I couldn’t hear the PA.

    Although I have decided I am never sitting in the East stand again after Sheffield United!

  53. The East Stand is like a morgue…

    lesh – no back up norf, where there is a distinct lack of sunshine…

  54. bowburn – Was sat next to an old couple who were deinking from a flask, eating sandwiches whilst being wrapped in blankets the whole time.

    I could handle that, but having to think twice before standing up for ‘stand up if you love the toon’ did my nut in!

  55. Sorry BB, thought you were travelling back Sarf albeit with or without your head/ hangover!

    Worky, TDSmith was such a plausible speaker, red tie when it mattered and his vision for the City was quite visonary….. at the time – mostly demolished or derelict now!

    However, that rum mix of power, influence and vision led him to a nice bijou hotel at Ford, courtesy of HM.

    A lot, and I mean a lot of local councillors were very shaky at the time it all broke and Poulson (the architect/ developer) went inside, Reginald Maudling’s power in the then Tory government saved his bacon.

    Ah, such sweet memories

  56. lesh – it was on the cards but normal service has resumed.

    toons – you have to admire most of them, who have been in there for years. Still dull as ditchwater though.

  57. I’ll be gracing your level 7 clique from now on ;)

    Bear in mind I’m used to more vocal away days so it would probably suit me more up there. To be honest, the relief of not singing as much probably helped against Sheffield United as my voice box was struggling post Peterborough.