Who has been your Newcastle United player of the season? Vote now!

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Which one would you choose as 'Player of the Year'?
Which one would you choose as 'Player of the Year'?
With the news that Newcastle United’s Kevin Nolan has been voted as the Championship’s ‘Player of the Season’, and as the season enters it’s final straight, it’s time here on NUFC ‘Blog to decide who YOU think has been Newcastle United’s first team player of the season.

For the poll below, we have only chosen players who have made ten or more appearences in the first team, either as a starter or a sub in all competitions, so very new members of the squad such as Mike Williamson, Fitz Hall, Wayne Routledge etc, good though they’ve been so far, have just missed out, as have some of the younger members of the squad who have made the odd cameo appearence. In total, this makes a total of 18 players to choose from.

Below is a breakdown of the players by position.

Goalkeeper: Steven Harper.

Defenders: Fabricio Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Steven Taylor, Ryan Taylor (Def/Mid), Danny Simpson, Tamas Kadar.

Midfielders: Kevin Nolan, Danny Guthrie, Alan Smith, Jonas Gutierrez, Nicky Butt, Fabrice Pancrate.

Forwards: Peter Lovenkrands, Andy Carroll, Shola Ameobi, Marlon Harewood, Nile Ranger.

The choice is yours…

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111 Responses

  1. Chose Colo. has been a big part of the defensive success and badly missed when out of the side.
    Enrique unfortunately has`nt played enough to get my vote.
    I think Harper has also played a major role.
    As for midfield and up front have to give it to the goalscorers, Nolan, Carroll and Lovenkrands.

  2. Colo all the way for me. Maybe if Steve Taylor had not been injured he might have been up there also.

  3. I go for Steve Harper, because he has kept us in games we could easily have lost. A good defence is hopeless if the GK can’t do the biz.

  4. Lovenkrands for me , soley for the tought year he had off the pitch and he is chipping in with the goals now

  5. How about a vote on the most entertaining bloggers on this site, have to give BBM and Toonsy my votes, for their well written and entertaining reports, with Workey as the voice of moderation and subtle put down.
    No question as to who wins the drama queen award, is there?
    Name your categories and candidates.

  6. UTD111 – where’ve you been hiding?

    chuck – I had to hand my title of ‘Chief Fence-Sitter’ in, after the Keegan tribunal. MickyToon was a close runner-up.

  7. Tricky one for me. If he hadn’t have missed so many matches recently, my vote would, without question, go straight to Enrique. However, I think there are also big cases to be made for Colocini, Lovenkrands, Williamson and Harper but for me, Gutierrez just shades it. Consistent throughout, always involved, works his socks off and never lets his head drop. Perfect attitude and a good player to boot. Wish we had more like him.

    Special mention has to go to the senior players committee (whoever they are) for their part in galvanizing the team and also to Chris Hughton for proving so many of us wrong.

  8. big willy,been having a look at that eagles lad you were on about couple wks ago,just tv games like,not quite for me m8,good in ccc,but step up to epl he has stuggled a bit this year just imo :(

  9. See the unwashed are pursuing a stadium name sell off. They kept that quiet, when it was us they were rollig around the floor laughing.


    If they are planning it shall we have a blog whip round and see if we can earn the right to rename the Stadium of Shite?

  10. Thanks chuck :)

    It’s you guys who make the writing worthwhile though. Without you guys I would have to give up something I enjoy doing.

    So I guess it’s thanks right back at ya! :)

  11. Roy – Your probably not interested, but I’ve had 2. Binocular form yesterday and Peddlars Cross today.

    Still down though :(

  12. Jose for me – although the entire squad deserves huge credit.

    Typical of some of our fans that they choose a blog about player of the season to write off a promising youngster’s career at the toon after only 5 minutes.

    I really do despair at times.

    It’s probably the same ‘fans’ who were constantly on another young toon players case not so long ago, and guess where he’ll be come the summer? Yep, South Africa, and you’ll still be sat bitchin in front of your computer!!

  13. BBM
    Sure, that`s a tough one for most, think many were upset but deep down felt perhaps his appointment had been a mistake.
    Nah, found you to be the voice of reason and appeasement, for the most part.
    Anyway, gonna take a walk over to 5th. Ave to watch the parade and may imbibe in a coupla Amstels later.
    Soh! happy St. Pat`s to all the Irish on the blog.

  14. How does someone get -2%? I mean, I know he’s bad…but seriously…does one sacrifice their pro-vote to issue a negative vote.

    Very funny. I for one will not miss shots that land in the upper decks.

  15. icedog – like that miserable get toonsy , i’m doon aswell :(

    – but you’ve still got that bumper payday when newcastle get promoted have’nt you m8 :)

  16. hahahaha how has Butt managed to accumulate a score of minus one?? Genius.

    Colo got my vote, absolute slatwart at the back. Jose second, harper and loven joint 3rd

  17. Confiremd, Scunny top scorer Gary Hooper misses out tonight.

    With that in mind I’d give Colo the night off, or put him on the bench, and give Kadar a go instead.

  18. toonsy – if your INTERESTED !!!! , put some dosh on the draw the neet & you’ll get some of your losses back :)

  19. Roy Cooper i dont agree with ur criticism towards Best, as he has scored 9 or 10 goals for his former club (needs time)

    Ameobi – one to sell next season
    Ryan Taylor – hasnt impressed me

  20. ahhh, I accidentally voted for Caroll, tho’ in my opinion Nicky has proved his critics wrong and has managed to consistently put some top class performances for us this season,way to go Nicky, I hope you will get a contract extension! People keep forgetting that even Pele said that Nicky is the best player in the world!

  21. devon,
    i’m with you, it would have been easy for Colo to go missing, but has shown great maturity & responsibility.
    & been almost ever present, that’s why he got my vote over Jose.

  22. I see Butt’s back at 0%…but still dead last. Can’t win even alphabetically.

  23. Toon soldier,
    R Taylor has scored a few & set up a few.
    Better than quite a few of our team have managed, while mostly playing out of position & from the bench.
    He ain’t no world beater, but he’s done his bit.

  24. roy cropper,nee pay for me wor lass has ticket,mind said she will pay her own fare next time she comes to malta with me big f——- deal

  25. Roy – I’m not down much mate tbh but then I don’t bet big. I used to bet quite a lot but decided it was becoming out of hand so I stopped.

    The only thing I bet on now is Cheltenham and the Grand National, even then it’s only to maintain some interest.

  26. haha nikcybuttfan are you a WUM? Very funny if so, if not…well, hmm.
    I’ll have to agree with you as well CLiNT RE Ryan Taylor, he’s definitely done his bit, good squad player for the CCC and avereage squad player for the EPL. In summer please can we have a decent goal scorer, good cover for LB and a high class RB with Simpson as cover

  27. Roy – :)

    Bills and mortgage take the priority nowadays so cash isn’t as readily available as when I was earning like 25k a year but still living at my parents.

    I was thinking about it the other day, you know if I’d have had me heed screwed on when I was younger, I’d be sorted for life now. I chose to wax all the cash on booze, bookies and birds.

    Do I regret it? Some of it.

    If I had my time again would I do it? Hell yeah :lol:

  28. another one bites the dust :(

    toonsy – i think i need to take a leaf out’a your book

  29. I blew a wedge on the 4 ‘o’clock today when Lake Legend got nowhere near.

    I’ll have to see if my lass will lend me another poond.

  30. toonsy,nearly there,wages/tf/age/will fit in with or stile of play.sorted now hard bit atitude,got to go by record/press report,ie do you belive them?

  31. dear me – a sleepless night lies ahead mr bowburn , like i said to toonsy if you can manage to get your hands on another bin lid – stick it on a draw the neet @ 3/1 ish & all will be well again.

  32. johno – :)

    Shame really. if i’d have thought about it I could have run a book ‘just for fun’ for those that wanted to paticipate in Cheltenham.

    At the end of the week the highest points win, pointless but would add interest, especially for those who don’t really dabble with the horses.

  33. Not one player from that top 11 (vote wise) has let us down this season… And they be the core to build a determined squad around for next season…

    Colo got my vote, closely followed by Harper.

  34. There’s quality all over the Toon this season, but Andy Carroll epitomises the heart and soul of Newcastle, and scores goals doing it. He keeps this up, and Shearer will come along and had him the #9 personally.
    Harper’s a close second.

  35. Nice one Crops.

    I’ve gone for £30 on Toon 1st half/2nd half. Totally forgot I’d pocketed from the Plymouth cup game so had that bit extra in my PP account. Bonus!! The winnings will help out for Bristol at the weekend.

    I’ll end up wishing I’d just withdrawn it like, but whadayaganadee?

  36. tough call as there are many who’ve done really well, or stepped up when it was needed, but went to colo for me. i think our defense has been our saving grace this season (had to re-read that a few times) and while they’ve all done well, colo has been mr reliable and paired well with whoever else is in there.

    @henock – agree with you on the youth. feel like theres been chances where we’re well in control and a 10-15 minute runout for a couple of the youth would have been beneficial. all in all though, can’t complain.

  37. RustyToon says:
    March 17, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    “Andy Carroll epitomises the heart and soul of Newcastle.”

    His activities in the “Blu Bambu” certainly seem to indicate that, Rusty.

  38. worky – sometimes I wonder if this is all some elaborate hoax and you’re actually a mackem ;)

  39. Did anyone notice Butt has no votes but he is on 2% lol.
    I went for Jose but I feel bad now for Colo as he has been excellent aswell.
    BBM @ 64 do you think there could be some truth in that :lol:

  40. Asim I will go for are win on radio rather than Barca’s silky skills. oh I notice Butt’s down to 1% :lol:

  41. asim – Easy, us everytime! I don’t support Barcelona so why would I watch them if the Toon aren’t playing them?

  42. fu..king hell them were the days when we beat barca with tino 3 goals beating them and we are playing scuuny.

  43. Icedog I think you could be right mate, would be nice to see another hammering :)
    Toonsy well said

  44. Aye asim, things change though. I’m sure Leeds fas would rather be playing Valencia tonight instead of Yeovil, Exeter, Brentford……

  45. Harper, Simpson, Hall, Collocini, Enrique, Routledge, Nolan, Guthrie, Jonas, Lovenkrands, Carrol.

    That is if Radio Newcastle are to be believed

  46. oi toonsy what have you got against Exeter! Cracking city with a rich footballing heritage! :)

  47. Toonsy leeds will be fuked after playing Yeovil, Exeter + Brentford it will be a late night for them :lol:

  48. toonsy! when u have said so many times i got a bad feeling about this game. after today u will be not feeling any pressure. this is the first time i feel good or is this the kiss of death. by the way on skysports news have said they will show action throu out against scunny.

  49. asim says:
    March 17, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    “come on lads who would u watch barca on itv or are easy win against scunny ha ha”

    An easy win against Scunny, Asim, and so would nearly all of the other people on here because we’re Newcastle supporters.

  50. bowburn – i see like me you have an account with the usually robbing bastard PP , except for today he’s giving money away by offering scunthorpe @ 5/6 with a 2 goal start !!! fill your boots time.

    reet – off for a few pints of the black stuff before the game :)

  51. what does ha ha mean! not even going to answer your question are u workyticket a newcastle fan or sunderland

  52. come on lads lay off Asim, it’s obvious we’d all rather watch the toon but he was just making a point about attractive football! No harm done eh?

  53. Toonsey don’t know if it registers but I’ve voted for Harper twice, don’t suppose it makes much of a difference but it might if someone was to say, vote for Nicky Butt more than once. And I know pigs don’t fly.

  54. NUFC: Steve Harper, Danny Simpson, Fitz Hall, Fabricio Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Wayne Routledge, Kevin Nolan (c), Danny Guthrie, Jonas Gutierrez, Andy Carroll, Peter Lovenkrands
    Subs: Tim Krul, Ryan Taylor, Leon Best, Fabrice Pancrate, Nicky Butt, Tamas Kadar, Nile Ranger

  55. Roy Cropper says:
    March 17, 2010 at 6:35 pm

    “worky – i’ve bin binned !”

    You’ve been fished out of the bin, Roy. It’s the “Scunthorpe” bug. Try typing “S****horpe” in future. ;-)

  56. jay jay,cannot get to game cannot get a drink, baby-sitting, they pick there days well, we all have our cross to bare i surpose :(

  57. Toonsy sorry just realised it’s workys pencraft today.

    Icedog sorry to put a downer on you but he is on the bench, isn’t he. :(

  58. Icedog Baby-sitting ha ha mate as you said we all have our cross’s to bare.
    Worky is the Match Banter going up soon

  59. And just in case that came out sounding like criticism worky, it’s not. Just an observation.
    My missus reckons I’m good at digging holes. :)

  60. Big Willy says:
    March 17, 2010 at 6:52 pm

    “Toonsey don’t know if it registers but I’ve voted for Harper twice”

    Toonsy, divven’t worry, you’ve only voted for Harper once, I’ve checked the logs. The polling system on here is quite secure regarding double voting.

  61. Icedog, it’s on the official site. I have to say he did more or less what was needed against the smoggies.

  62. big willy,aye always look at teamsheet with a squint in hope hes missing,no hope and bob hope thats me

  63. i know hooper is out like,but have to watch hayes knocked a few goals this year gets centre stage tonight,

    just to worry toonys :)

  64. workyticket says:
    March 17, 2010 at 6:54 pm
    Roy Cropper says:
    March 17, 2010 at 6:35 pm

    “worky – i’ve bin binned !”

    You’ve been fished out of the bin, Roy. It’s the “Scunthorpe” bug. Try typing “S****horpe” in future.

    thanks for that worky – but in future i’ll just refer to them as stuart79thorpe.

    – and now to find somebody to fish me out of the shit i’m in with patrick power :(

  65. Gotta be Joey Barton – because he’ll beat the s**t out of anyone who says different.