Newcastle United v Scunthorpe United match banter!

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Irons into the fire at St James's?
Irons into the fire at St James's?
This evening finds the lads at home playing the mighty ‘Irons’ of Scunthorpe United, who did, of course, take us down a peg or two with a 2-1 victory round at their place (Glanford Park) back in October of last year.

Some big team news from Scunthorpe is that top scorer, Gary Hooper, will be missing out on this game, though it was actually winger, Martyn Woolford, who did the damage last time with a brace. Though nothing is impossible, I think that it’s fair to say that Newcastle will still start as strong favorites this time. Scunthorpe face this game struggling to fight their way out of the Championship relegation zone. They will need either a win or failing that, a draw at least to extricate themselves from the drop zone.

Looking at things from the Geordie side. A victory for West Brom (including yet another VERY lucky penalty for the Throstles incidentally), keeps the pressure on the Magpies for the top slot. A victory for the lads though will see us open up the gap still further on the pack chasing the automatic places, led by Notts Forest, who endured another defeat, this time to Barnsley, yesterday evening.

As usual, for all the pre match gossip and speculation, check out Toonsy’s excellent NUFC Blog pre match review. Hopefully, there will also be full match review from St James’s Park from NUFC ‘Blog’s intrepid ‘man in the sheepskin’, Bowburnmag, to follow as well.
There’ll be no UK TV coverage, but if anyone can find TV/radio links etc to the game for people who don’t have it, I’m sure that would be much appreciated. As ever, this can be the place to come together during the match and p*ss and moan, as we usually do.

We will of course try to get the team sheet up when it becomes available.

Howay the Lads!

Kick-off: 7:45 pm, St James’s Park.

ps. If you’re comments are going into moderation, and you can’t figure out why, it’s probably because of the word “Scunthorpe”. If it happens to you, try subtituting it with “S****horpe”. :-)


Newcastle United: Steve Harper, Danny Simpson, Fitz Hall, Fabricio Coloccini, Jose Enrique, Wayne Routledge, Kevin Nolan (c), Danny Guthrie, Jonas Gutierrez, Andy Carroll, Peter Lovenkrands.

Subs: Tim Krul, Ryan Taylor, Leon Best, Fabrice Pancrate, Nicky Butt, Tamas Kadar, Nile Ranger.

Scunthorpe United: Joe Murphy, Rob Jones (c), Michael Raynes, Andrew Wright, Marcus Williams, Grant McCann, Paul Hayes, Michael O’Connor, Josh Wright, Jonathan Forte, Garry Thompson.

Subs: Josh Lillis, Kenny Milne, Sam Togwell, Matt Sparrow, Martyn Woolford, Donal McDermott, Niall Canavan.

Referee: Phil Crossley.

NUFCBlog Author: workyticket workyticket has written 1092 articles on this blog.

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278 Responses

  1. Polls
    Who has been your Newcastle United player of the season?

    Where’s Leon Best on the List?

  2. sirjasontoon says:
    March 17, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    Who has been your Newcastle United player of the season?

    Where’s Leon Best on the List?”

    Yes, I know you’re being sarky, Jason, but it’s ten first team appearences at least to get on the list.

  3. Alreet lads…..

    I am in the USA and can’t use the listen live links from UK radio stations cas of me IP over here… any suggestions as to where I can listen to the match from ower here like?

    cheers in advance

  4. SJT, your last comment leads to to something I was wondering about. I don’t know if there are medals or something awarded to players for being Champions of the FizzyPop, but if so how many games are needed to qualify.

  5. d¡ngo©™ says:
    March 17, 2010 at 7:17 pm

    “Alreet lads…..

    I am in the USA and can’t use the listen live links from UK radio stations cas of me IP over here… any suggestions as to where I can listen to the match from ower here like?”

    Stick around, at least one of us will get one up here, but sometimes they only get gannin’ a few minutes before kick off.

  6. just been reading ,yeah there are medals to the league winners, 21 medals available. you should have played minimum of 10 games to get one. however, we have 17 players who have done so, if no other reaches 10 games nufc can give the last four to the players of their choice.

  7. 6-10 goals thats what i think not being big headed! they are shit mark my words we just need to score early.

  8. 1-1 southern mag!? They’re without their top goalscorer, have a shocking away record compared to our home record- the strongest in the entire league and we’re fielding a full-strength side with the acception of hall in for williamson/taylor. Have a little optimism lad!

    I can feel a rout coming on, although after saying that we’ll now probably end up drawing 1-1 or 0-0 haha

  9. 4-1 tonight I recon…. gotta say, I have actually enjoyed being in the Champoinship for this season… brought back the heady days of KK’s first reign…. onwards n upwards lads.

  10. Asim 6-10 is that the falcons you are talking about mate :lol: . But I do think if we can score early we will go on to a good tally

  11. My concern is that we have two games in hand….and we never seem to take advantage of it. And with the expectation of a thrashing, i think if we dont score early the crowd with go very quiet and get pissed off.

    I really hope im proved wrong.

  12. would like us to keep a clean sheet tonight its been a while , i think lovenkrands and carroll will bag a few goals 4 or 5-nil . We have our strongest atacking lineup on the pitch .

  13. got pace all over the park! we have not said that 2 much this season give them the ball and we should pick them off and no early injurys lads.

  14. southernfan,i know what say,i said if we dont get early goal,1-0 if we get early one well—-

  15. NUFCELITE 5-1 would be nice but would rather have a ?-0 as Axel says would be nice to keep a clean sheet.
    I just hope our players dont think its in the bag

  16. Ice where’s Toonsy is he helping Batty paint the bunker or is he to nervous to listen ;

  17. 2 croners and a shot on target in the first couple of mins , sounds like a strong start

  18. Big Dave says:
    March 17, 2010 at 7:50 pm

    “Ice where’s Toonsy is he helping Batty paint the bunker”

    I knaa where Toonsy is, but where’s Batty?

  19. I’m sick of hearing manky pundits views on the colour of players boots like.

  20. 4-1 tonight I recon…. gotta say, I have actually enjoyed being in the Champoinship for this season… brought back the heady days of KK’s first reign…. onwards n upwards lads.

    Ditto, i have just put 2 quid on for the same score line at 16-1

  21. Evenin icedog, how you keeping mate? Mike-Messi’s goal as per usual was special. He scored a wonderful hattrick the other week.

  22. Haha, stadium announcer gives the goal and a goal kick is taken, would have been a confusing one

  23. Big Dave says:
    March 17, 2010 at 8:06 pm

    ohh we sound like rampant rabbits

    do you mean buzzin Big Dave? :P

  24. Aye, dunno how we havent grabbed a second yet, sounds like we’re tearing them to bits every time we go forward. Routledge sounding influential on his return which is a very good sign. We’re attacking constantly atm and Scunny dont seem to have an answer.


    * Newcastle 61%
    * Scunthorpe 39%

    Attempts on target

    * Newcastle 7
    * Scunthorpe 0

    Attempts off target

    * Newcastle 3
    * Scunthorpe 1


    * Newcastle 3
    * Scunthorpe 0


    * Newcastle 2
    * Scunthorpe 2

  26. Christ, Coloccini cleared off the line. We’ve hit the bar, Lovenkrands has managed to hit the GK from point blank range, this game should be out of sight!, third corner in about 30 seconds here.

  27. Ice are you changing any nappies tonite or are they older bairns :)

    d¡ngo©™ ;)

  28. toonsy-haha, i’ve barely heard a scunny player mentioned on the wireless since kick off. Sounds like we’re just running them ragged and looking like we’ll score every time we go forward, creating chance after chance. Coloccini, Jonas, Routledge and Loven all sound like they’re having excellent games

  29. “i’m not gonna say s#unthorpe are a poor side, although they do look a poor side.”

    Haha – classic punditry there Bobby :)

  30. big dave said before no nappys for this lad 7&9yrs,they keep getting the bloody gags off like :)

  31. Craig

    West Brom v Preston, 15:00

    West Brom v Coventry, 19:45

    Reading v West Brom, 15:00

    West Brom v Leicester, 17:15

    Watford v West Brom, 15:00

    Doncaster v West Brom, 15:00

    West Brom v Middlesbrough, 17:15

    Crystal Palace v West Brom, 20:00

    West Brom v Barnsley, 13:00

  32. couple more wins and we’re prob up – it’ll then become a rae to win the championship, west brom prob have an easier run in but a number of them teams will be in fight for playoff place or relegation so who knows

  33. yeah but really, even though the lads and CH wont say it.. they MUST be gunnign for the league otherwise it will be a bitter sweet feeling. if we win tonight and our other game in hand we are 7 clear with better goal diff – we must be well odds on now.

  34. toonsy/cc wba dont need to worry they stole 18points with pens up to now,how many more will they get, (rabbit off)

  35. stevep some how I dont think it will happen I think Best will get a run out but.
    Get in again Carroll Lad

  36. Big Dave says:
    March 17, 2010 at 8:56 pm

    “WORKY do you know where the Batt is ?”

    That’s what I was asking you, Dave! Hope he’s alright.

  37. Every time Barca scores the Toon get one seconds later.

    Its like I’m hearing Mick Lowes commentating Messi’s goals!

  38. evening Debs hows you good I hope ;)

    stevep I feel for young Ranger he deserves a chance more than Best imo

  39. Just as long as Stuttgart don’t get any. We don’t need the Scunnies scoring as well!

  40. Still recalling when watching Newcastle play Champion Leg on TV…we’ll be there again one day… (I might be granddad then)

    Anyway just get promoted 1st! Howay the Lads!

  41. Hi Dave, good thanks and yourself? Out in AbuDhabi at the minute – nice to see the balzing sun and blue sky for a change. Missed the first part of the game – took some customers out to dinner,persuaded them they didnt want a pudding so I could get back and listen to the game, LOL.

  42. you live out here? i have lived there twice and know the palce very well, although the corniche has changed alot recently. nice place and perfect climate this time of year!

  43. bigdave – looks like youre right – sounds like best warming up – ranger must be a bit pissed

  44. Worky > Guinness marketing dept, Dave.
    so the’re the culprits.

    Deb good on ye pet proud of ye, I hope your catching a few rays will your there.

    Stevep there ye go Best getting a run out and poor Ranger gets nowt

  45. I was actually at teh premier at Sundance in Utah this year!!! All the yanks thought I was Banksy, i kept tight lipped like and the chicks digged it ina big way… hahaha.. land of milk n honey mate!

  46. geordie deb,enjoy it,but dont kiss anyone when toon win,or you know were you will end up :)

  47. Hi Craig, no i dont live out here, just travel a lot in my job. Third time in Abu Dhabi, love it, great people. Staying down at the Beach Rotana, and you’re right weather is perfect

  48. That sounds beltin Dingo :)

    Bet that was a good night – and I don’t mean the film ;)

  49. geordie deb – you in sales? wifes at medical school down here training to be doctor – 2 years left :(

  50. i am in qatar at minute but was down there last week – my fav lunch has to be fish and chips at the captains arms when the climate is like this .. perfect!

  51. Got a couple of Banksy’s in my hallway the Kray’s tesco one and a Hooligan chucking flowers :)

    Got the original subway art as well…..

  52. Hi Steve – marketing. Was a nurse many moons ago, so deal with doctors all the time. My daughter’s applying to med school later this year, but competition is tough as you know, so hope she will get in. Wants to go to Newcastle med school ideally, but a place anywhere would be great! Good luck to your wife – where is she studying?

  53. to be fair, best has not had much chance to get it going – looks pants so far but its all about confindence when you are a striker – he needs his goal

  54. sjt – yeah me to – kissing policemen, chiseled it off the wall of a pub at 5 in the morning :)

  55. “I was planning on making some huge paintings about sleepwalking our way towards the apocalypse but I ended up going to the pub and getting some crisps.”

    Gotta love his work ethic like.. hahaha (thats Banksy by the way)

  56. SJT – the “Krays with Tesco Bags” isn’t by Banksy – it’s by a graf artist called T-WAT

  57. gd – brighton & sussex med school, yeah you’re right its very tough but she seems to be doing alright at the mo

  58. Hi SJT fine ta and yourself? Good to see the lads are sticking on in there despite WBA on their heels. What do you reckon with Forest? Do you think they’ve blown it?

  59. na i dont live in qatar, i work in the oil and gas offshore, we go everywhere – was in dubai for ten days getting this job ready, now in qatar in middle of the bloody arabian gulf. heading to saudi in two days.
    i did live in abu though, my fav place. would move out there again. sooo chilled out compared to uk!

  60. Did you see them blokes who took a wall and had it restored?
    Great restoration…Banksy has a proper knob who does his PR like.

  61. nice one jase!!! my mate was married to a yarpie QA bird once. usual crap with us offshore lot.. nothing lasts forever. i was on number 2 by time i was 22!!

  62. spidey’s been brilliant, deserves a goal. People leaving! If I was there I’d be staying!

  63. jas – thats funny, we’re so comfortable in this game we’ve reverted to chatting about airline hostesses we’ve boffed

  64. sjt – yeah i seen them blokes with the wall on the news. Their restorer did do a good job but a bit daft cutting 5 ton concrete walls out – not what it’s about and Banksy won’t authenticate it anyway so really difficult to sell for top money.

  65. I ‘met’ (ahem) an Air France bird going from Paris to San Fransisco… best 2 days of my life after I landed. best of my life… Air Hostesses!!! what a breed!

  66. Forest look to have run out of steam I think Deb….all good here just having some pnut butter on toast and an ice cold beer for desert!

    Great result…Howay the Lads

  67. i went out with avirgin airlines hostess for a bit – she was thick as but fit and got me cheap hols all over the world

  68. good result – reet off to get a bit of supper and then bed, got an early meeting tomorrow – night all

  69. I wonder if Lovenkrands is going to be out for a while now? Hope not.

    Aye icedog, I was spot on ;)

  70. CLiNT – Yes mate, limped off and straight down the tunnell. Radio said it didn’t look to bad but he was definately limping.

  71. TSK!
    The lads on fire, & a perfect foil for a big ‘un.
    Musta been when i popped out for a tab.
    Cheers mate.

  72. Thanks BIG DAVE & MIKE
    Excellent link here in the US, guess the stats indicated which team turned up to-night, though I know we lost to them earlier , must have been an aberration, as both the game stats. and the fact they are at the bottom of the league tells the story.
    Sure do envy y`all guys, worlds just your oyster init, screwin all those (hav`nt heard airline hostess in years)
    flight attendants, visiting all those exotic places, having fish and chips yet, how exotic.
    Unfortunately any time i have had the bad luck to go to the gulf area, its been like a feckin oven, which is about nine months out of the year, you can have it that`s why London is full of Arabs every summer.

  73. Sounds like everyone had a top game for the Toon tonight, which is great to hear.
    Just seen the goals-canny.
    Top header by Carroll from quite a distence.
    Nice assist by Routledge for Lovenkrands well taken one.
    & another well taken goal by Carroll.
    Honorable mention for Guthrie for assisting both of Carroll’s efforts.
    Keep it going lads.

  74. Haven’t been back long from the game, was a very good one, showed the gulf between the two teams. We looked like a premier league team playing against a lower league team in a cup game. When Best & Ranger came on, they didn’t do a lot, but didn’t look bad, knew where each oter was and where to put the ball. Any news on Lovenkrands? He was limping before he went off, but at least got off quick

  75. For reasons beyond my control I totally missed the game and have just caught up. Thats 14 each for Andy and Lover, so the 20 target I predicted is well within reach for Andy, if Lover gets there as well it’s a bonus and Big Kevin aint to far out. 60 goals from the three of them would be awesome. I’m looking forward to BBM’s match report and seeing the Goals highlights.

  76. I’ve got a stinking cold so it’s a lemsip for me and of to bed. We are all going to bed happy tonight, night all.
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    And lets not forget poor old Scunny so heres one for them

  77. Not alot from the toon here and needing outside uk pc links for commentary let alone going to the match ehh!

  78. Great game for us by the sound of it. Thank you to everyone who put up a link,it was so good to be able to listen to it over here in USA. Really glad Routledge and Enrique are back, they make such a difference to the game and also that way Guthrie gets to be mid field and is so good in that position. I was looking at the stats on BBC web site. It looks like Newcastle averaged an attempt on goal every 4 minutes and Scunny managed one every 45 mins! LOL Love it!

  79. Scunthorpe manager Nigel Adkins:

    “That’s a Premier League side you have just seen out there, end of story, so we don’t need to get too disillusioned about the result because that is a Premier League side and a very, very good one. ”

    Try and put a negative spin on that then Stu79 :)

  80. A bit late but…… stevep says:
    March 17, 2010 at 9:43 pm

    “i went out with avirgin airlines hostess for a bit – she was thick as but fit and got me cheap hols all over the world”.

    Well, I went out with a taxidermist who worked at the Hancock and we stayed together for a few months ’til she got sick and told me to get stuffed!!

    Boom boom!

  81. Lufthansa: “Let Us F*** The Hostesses And Never See’em Again”.

    My Indian mate years ago used to think that was the rudest joke in the world. Bless ‘im.

  82. Lesh – the only surprise in that greatest manager article is that it wasn’t Keegan who was top. Joe Harvey should be top and certainly above Keegan.

  83. Micky Toon.

    Joe did bring us interetsing times at SJP. We were never gonna be champs but we surely got entertainment from the lads.

    Joe new how to deal with the lads. How many managers would live with Jimmy Smith having a fag at half time or a couple of cans of McEwans during training!

    Oh those heady days of SuperMac, Hibbett, Tudor, Nattress, Ron McGarry, McNamee, Jinky, and Tony Green, short though his playing career was, and many many others who were real characters.

  84. Toon Chicken says:
    March 18, 2010 at 8:34 am
    Scunthorpe manager Nigel Adkins:

    “That’s a Premier League side you have just seen out there, end of story, so we don’t need to get too disillusioned about the result because that is a Premier League side and a very, very good one. ”

    Try and put a negative spin on that then Stu79

    He’s hardly going to say we have just been hammered by a sub standard PL side is he? He’s bulling his players up.

    They were the worst side I have seen at St James’ Park for a while, leaving a couple of their better players out due to other more winnable games next week.

    Having said that we can only beat what’s in front of us and we did a good job – Could have been 10.

  85. Lesh,
    The Toon’s greatest ever manager was the selection committee that predates us having managers mate, by a mile or 2.

  86. Aye,
    some woeful finishing last night, Carroll & Lovenkrands should be taken out back & put down.
    The rest weren’t much better either.

  87. Nice attempt, Stuart. You should be on Argumental.

    Nah – we’re a pretty good side. Good enough to give a lot of prem sides a bad day IMHO; at least at home.

  88. i see Bristol City have got rid of their manager – could be a good omen for Saturday.

  89. That’s bad news about Bristol City, often when a new manager comes in or even a caretaker, the players come out, do their best to make sure picked again and make a name for themselves. On the other hand, could be like us last season and go from bad to worse, lets hope it’s that.

  90. We’ll have Bristol. Got good, attacking players fighting for starts and (for the first time in yonks) enough depth in the defensive ranks to keep most teams out.

    At least a point; I’m going for 2-1 to the Toon.

  91. 2-1 to us would do me, lets hope the 5 teams below us can loose a few and us win, would love to see the trophy come to us when we play Sheffield United or the home game before last one on the 24th. Be great to have it all wrapped up and go out and play some football with the kids getting a go. Also need to make sure the likes of Ranger and Kdar get enough games to get a medal

  92. Ya, Just happen to see the news about bristol city sacking of Gary Johnson. Looks like Keith Millen will take charge of Saturday’s visit of Newcastle.

    Hoping a 3-0 to us then. We need to start collecting clean sheets too. ;)