Routledge and Smith could be back for ‘Boro trip.

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Routledge: Back for the Smoggies game?
Routledge: Back for the Smoggies game?
News has come in from Newcastle United’s official website that right winger, Wayne Routledge, will be back in training on Thursday, and could even be in line for a return for Newcastle United’s next trip to the dystopian land that is Middlesborough.

Routledge, 25, who has so far made a significant impression in his handful of games for the Magpies so far, picked up a strained calf in our 4-1 victory over Coventry City. Until then though, he seemed to have added some much needed balance on the right hand side since his arrival from QPR, though it can hardly be said that he hasn’t been desperately missed in the wake of some emphatic victories and excellent team performances since that time. Nontheless, it would be great to see him back to improve the squad even more.

Manager, Chris Hughton, confirmed today:

“Wayne will train on Thursday”

Then added with a slight note of caution:

“But we’ll have to further assess his condition then with regards to the weekend game”

It is also hoped that midfield attack dog, Alan Smith, may also be available for selection against the Smogmonsters after he missed our emphatic victory against the Tykes of Barnsley due to an ankle knock sustained in training.

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69 Responses

  1. i was considering going to this game but i’ve got a slight chest infection & going to this part of the country would make it 50 times worse so if it’s on the telly i’ll just watch it in the pub…….& if it’s not i’ll still be in the pub.

  2. I would put Routledge in for Pancrate and Smith on the bench, wouldn’t change the team other than that

  3. komfort – I’ll have a pint for you in Darlo on the way down. If I don’t make it back through the smog you can apply for custody of my season ticket.

  4. like wise simon, or start with pancrate and let routledge stretch his legs in the second half

  5. Yeah Eastend, don’t want to bring him back too early and risk him being out longer. Could stick with what we had, give him either a half or 30 mins with Smith to come on and defend from the middle after we are a goal or 2 up. here’s hoping anyway

  6. A fact, with a trip to the Smoggies coming up, that puts the whole season in perspective is that we are 25 points ahead of them with a game in hand.

  7. We shouldn’t change a winning team just to accommodate players.
    Aye, give Routledge a run out if we’re getting no joy.

  8. Aye,
    weren’t smogsters nailed on with the bookies to gan straight back up?

  9. Keep Pancrate on wing and bring on Routledge if nowts happening, keep Smith on bench with Guthrie starting in the middle – bring him on for last 20 mins if we’re 4-0 up

  10. Ithink the derby will be a draw on saturday,but if nufc win it,i see middlesboro looking for a new manager after the weekend,wouldnt that be funny lol.

  11. I’m wondering if it will be ‘game of the day’ and if we have a small chance of it bing streamed.

    On the plus side, Peterborough tickets booked, standing only though but that is what I wanted anyway :D

  12. W.B.A. will only get a draw t/night,toon will win 2-1 with williamson getting one,love cheering toonsy up,and myself. :)

  13. toonsy – got mine this morning as well.

    Long time since I’ve stood up at a match … actually that’s not right … I end up standing at every away game … so it’s a long time since I haven’t had a seat at half time.

  14. shrews – Get there early, I reckon Peterborough could be the day!

    Positive enough for you icedog? :lol:

  15. ‘Get there early, I reckon Peterborough could be the day!’

    Could be the day for what …

  16. shrews – Promotion :)

    Actually I think it’ll be Plymouth but I get accused of being nervous all the time so ehowed some positivity ;)

  17. Toonsy I take it you got a positivity transplant today ;)
    Icedog sorry mate i never got back on I fell asleep :lol: I will catch you’s later when im finished.

  18. would never have guessed that big dave,thought you were at quacks getting a bit treatment for you know whatm8 :)

  19. promotion clinched at home to sheffield the title in the bag against blackpool. it would be great if barton could get the goal that wins the league as he is our best player (when fit)

  20. budalovesapatsy

    How can you say Barton is our best player when fit? In all the games he’s played, he’s only had about 2 good games. He has been one of the worst signings we have made in a long time. Either out injured, causing problems or just not doing it on the pitch

  21. Sorry if someone has already said this but I believe the bull is set to return to training on Thursday.

  22. I wouldn’t know what to do with Jose for the best jay jay. Do we put him straight back in and risk a further, possibly season ending injury? Or do we ease him back in and name him as a sub so we can get him fit for the run-in?

  23. Is that their highest attendance of the season – definitely the top team of the north east!!!

    Absolutely pathetic!!

  24. the ides of march… 5 games left… 15 points.

    we walk through this month and its in the bag. dont let butt back in the team, or barton or strolla, routledge to start on the bench same as enrique, bring them on second half, if they change the game, let them start the next, apart from that, keep things as they are, perhaps let ranger get more game time

    all being well, by the time we play forest, it’ll be the decider

  25. Owl heed is always on about bringing in young talent, do you think he means Hugo Lloris, Mario Balotelli and Sergio Aguero? :)

  26. Wouldnt mind o’hara coming in but if we sign another centre midfielder we would have to sell one of the other 4 who play there ,

    Jay jay we can dream :)

    I would love us to bring in Kevin Doyle in the summer if I could pick one player

  27. Here we go again with the media speculation, trying to hype up the Toon before trying to drag us down again. C***S!
    That O’Hara thing is a regurgitation from weeks ago.

    Ignore their mind numbing shite lads.

  28. True Faith are reactionary.
    Just trying to keep the kettle boiling, sigh.
    Half of them questions are pathetic.

  29. Smith will be yellow carded if he comes back for this game, no doubt.
    & banned.
    So stick with the current line up, if poss.

  30. Alright Lads,

    Just wondering with Routledge possibly being back, what starting XI would you’s go for?



  31. Daverism – Pretty much that. Depends in Enrique more than anything. If he is fit to start then I’d imagine he would get the nod over Kadar.

  32. Good news! Cardiff won’t face being wound uo until after the season finishes so our points are safe :D

  33. Good news that toonsy mate. Wait until they’re wound up at the end of the season then steel joe ledley off them :lol:

  34. Wouldn’t mind Snodgrass from Leeds either. Bit young but definite playmaker potential.

  35. jay jay – I’d have him and one of their defenders, can’t remember his name but I think he is a full back?

    Portsmouth could be rich for picking aswell. Belhadj for definate!

  36. god it’s nice being able to speculate about transfer targets again isn’t it? Especially premier league targets, beautiful! If Wolves go down Kevin Doyle would be a steal, I also like the idea of bringing in Joe Ledley on a free as his contract’s running out and I doubt Cardiff will do anything about it. Jamie O’hara being mentioned would be nice, I rate the guy but to be honest I see Barton and Guthrie as our central midfield pairing for next season, reckon if Guthrie carries on this fine form that’ll be a strong partnership, Nolan and Smith as back up. Someone on Ed’s blog mentioned Levazzi, haha, that’d be nice but it just wont happen. He’s already called up to the full Argentina squad but he does fit our youth policy. I think priority has gotta be a class striker, Best for me just doesn’t fit the bill, I know I’m judging him far too soon but he’s just not exciting. I’d like to see us spend 5-7 mill on a decent pacey striker to play off our big men. And cover for LB, maybe Van on loan again, or permanent? I also think we need a stronger right back to complete what will be a strong premierleague defence, Maicon anyone? Or Sergio Ramos perhaps?

  37. Maicon or Sergio Ramos :lol:

    devon, got a ‘blog coming up about transfer links mate ;)

  38. It’s the players they wanna be laying off like, that’d save money.
    Is that possible, ever heard of a player being made redundant, above league 2?

  39. I see thug boy gerrard gets off again, quel surprize!
    Different rules for those ‘role-models’, hey?

  40. Yes, splendid behaviour from England’s vice captain. He should be stripped of that as he isn’t exactly setting an example. If it was Barton the whole world would be harasing him. Gerrard just gets away with it.

  41. toonsy,
    do you know if it’s poss for prem ‘stars’ to get made redundant?
    Everyone else in the world can.
    Maybe cos they’re bought & sold like horses, hey?

  42. I know mate,
    it’s sickening isn’t it?
    Terry gets the heave-ho, gerrard gets to ‘set an example’ to our kids.
    Barton gets jail, gerrard gets to ‘set an example’ to our kids.

  43. I’ll never forgive him for that repugnant, dirty, 2 footed, studs down the leg, ‘challenge’ on Solano, in the box, that the ref let him get away with a few years back.

  44. Maybe gerrard comes from a broken home, seems to be an excuse for people acting like tw@ts and getting away with it.

  45. jay jay,
    if he smiled, he’d get a broken face. :)
    He’s most miserable millionaire i’ve ever seen.

    He defo comes from a ‘broken football club’ though.

  46. Aye clint, millionaire, fit missus, doing a job he loves but has no cheer in his miserable soul the helium filled git. :)

  47. Have you seen Liverpool recently? The place I mean, I’d be pretty miserable if I was around it all the time :lol:

  48. toonsy,
    aye, it’s probably still the ugliest big city in britain, isn’t it? :)

    Gotta say though, i always get along fine with scousers.

  49. CLiNT – I was working up there all last week like and it’s fine when you stick to the bits that people go to, but whjen you get off the tourist track and into proper Liverpool then it’s pretty shoddy.

    Mind you, same with all places I suppose although I did encounter oncoming traffic on my side of the M62 on the way out of there :lol: