Pardew blames big name injuries for Cardiff capitulation, and Debuchy throws toys again

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Cardiff City v Newcastle United match highlights.

Speaking in his post match interview after Newcastle United’s abject 4-1 capitulation to the Bluebirds Red Dragons of Cardiff, Alan Pardew blamed injuries to top players for the defeat.

In a fairly confusing message from the Grey Gaffer, he also blamed the attitude of the squad because they thought they should have brought the big names, (presumably Ba and Cisse who both missed the trip) even though they were carrying knocks. However, you can listen for yourselves in the video above.

Just expanding on that by looking more closely at the injuries themselves, it seems that Cabaye is just suffering from a kind of general malaise after a busy season with Newcastle, then competing in the European Championships with the French international side. After not being being selected by French coach Didier Deschamps for France’s last game (a friendly against Uruguay), the little French dynamo explained on his website:

“After a big season with Newcastle, followed by the European championships, tiredness has naturally followed. After discussions with the club doctors, and even if this friendly match was very important (the French one, not the Newcastle one – wt), with the presence of new coach, new staff and also at the beginning of a new adventure, it was felt better that I did not participate in order to continue my physical training at the club to be in shape this season with big upcoming fixtures.”

Or to put it more simply, he’s a bit knackered and out of shape so far.

Moving on to the next big names, the Senegalese strikeforce of Demba Ba and Papiss Cisse both picked up “slight knocks” in training last week. As if that wasn’t enough, two of the few big name starters for yesterday’s game, Captain Coloccini and Cheick Tiote both picked up knocks too, with Tiote limping off during the game. Until the dynamic duo are back up and running, this has left us with one fit first team striker, Shola Ameobi, and even he had a bit of a scare in our last friendly against the Hartlepool when he had to pull himself off at half time. Thankfully, it was only very minor and he was fit to start again against the Welsh Dragons.

On the subject of Coloccini and Tiote, the Silver Supremo also had this to say (not included in the video above):

“Chieck has a calf strain so we will have to monitor him. We are sweating on him for next Saturday. Colo also has a knock but I’m not sure how that is. He is due to travel to Argentina but we will have to assess him, too.”

Argentina’s next game is a clash with the Germans in Frankfurt on the 15th, which of course is this Wednesday, and only three days before Newcastle’s opening Premiership game of the season against Tottenham. On the one hand of course all the injuries seem to be fairly minor, but on the other hand, in less than a week we will have five very important matches in both the Premiership and the Europa League coming up, all to be played within a fifteen day period. It really is time that the club started to get real about bringing some first team players into the club!

Finally on that same strand, Lille’s Mathieu Debuchy has been throwing his toys around once again in his latest interview, this time to French sports broadcaster, Canal Plus. Despite having his legs smacked earlier in the week by Lille’s coach, Rudi Garcia, the French full back still reiterated his desire to leave the club, saying:

“I don’t want to talk about my future. I heard what the chairman said. The transfer window is open until Sept. 4 [in France]. I still want to go. We will see.”

Meanwhile, Newcastle United are yet to make a vaguely realistic offer to Lille for the player, having only bid a paltry £4.75 million after their first offer of £3.9 million was understandably refused. This is still just over a £1.5 million short of what the club are looking for (£6.3 million) for a player who’s worth has been estimated as being as much as £10 million after his appearences for France in the recent European Championships.

Cardiff City v Newcastle United match highlights.

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16 Responses

  1. This is getting serious now, we need players Debuchy is definitely worth £6.3m so buy him and get a bid in for Anita, Ola Toivonen and Willy Boly who is a great young player i understand not wanting to over pay for a player but as for Debuchy he is under valued and maybe try and push a deal through for Douglas who i think personally is one of the best signings we could make. Come on Ash splash some cash!!! and leave off rangers

  2. These injuries should be showing upper management that we really really need more players, I am less optimistic every day that we will get any first team players in, especially at the position we need it most, CB. I am worried, and I agree we shouldn’t overspend on players but sometimes you actually have to pay the actual market price to get anyone in. Surely not all the players can be bargains.

  3. About Debuchy,

    if he were our player what would his value be? ask yourself that and then ask who is wrong LOSC or NUFC? i know my thoughts.

    On a completely different note, does Lee charnley do anything worthwhile. or a club secretary is an honorary thing? pretty useless i think.

  4. f’ing hell alan, make your mind up!!!, you were giving it “bertie big bollox”, the other day.
    he was talking about how his second string, were good enough to step up, now he’s saying they cannot do it without the big names, involved.
    he wants to stop giving these arthur daley, used car salesman patter.
    all he ever does it contradict himself, you need to get your slim gaffer to put his hand in his pocket.
    how many times is he going to let abbot and costello, hang him out to dry?
    this is starting to turn into the mike ashley of old, transfer windows.
    three or four young’uns signed, and possibly one senior signing, the trouble being, if you follow his mo, someone nearly always get sold, so he can turn his profit.
    cue half a**ed bids at 5 to 12, on deadline day, god i hope not!!!

  5. Can one of the clever word masters, please write a mini piece on what the whole Rangers Saga could mean for the Toon….

    “Rangers will be able to borrow as many as nine Newcastle players in a deal that will see Magpies owner Mike Ashley buy a share in the Ibrox club”

    1) who are we ‘lending’, reserve players? (are there any left after the axing that wud benefit Rangers?)

    3)Is the ‘end game’ that they become a feeder club for us?

    d) loan top players (Vuickic, Birig etc) on short loans to keep ’em sharp?

    5) what standard they gonna be playing in scottish div 3? div 1’s pretty crap….

  6. Milner
    I would imagine it has little to do with the playing side of Rangers, other than possibly parking a few young guns and having Rangers pay them and possibly give them some playing experience.
    Though the quality of fottball being played in the lower level Scotish division, they would probably be better off in the reserves.
    Apparently the SFA are concerned about Ashleys investment in the club and i believe want certain restrictions on his involvement.
    But if you want to know what the real deal is, follow the money.
    IMO it’s about a massive number of blue shirts that could be both manufactured and retailed by “Sports Direct”
    Think 100,000 home and away shirts (at a minimum) multiplied by £30 to £50 apiece.

  7. that wud be about £5m quid by my reckoning, say £3m profit, enough to buy 10 players of “Curtis Good Quality” to add to the Toons development squad…

    ….and loaned out to bolster Rangers, where they also benefit from playing together AS A TEAM.

    That way, if u need to call 2 of them back to Toon, they’re familiar with each other on the bench/in the squad.

    Rangers Shirt Sales = New Toon Academy Players = SUPER FEEDER!

    This could be Genius by Ashley!

  8. How the mighty have fallen, a massive club like Glasgow Rangers, which through both overspending and missmanagement, have been reduced to a feeder club for a EPL side.
    Well not actually, but close.
    Why ?
    Lack of TV revenue.
    While both Rangers and Celtic, (prior to to-days massive payments by the Murdoch Sky Group to market the EPL throughout the world) could match up with most top European sides, having huge gate reciepts.
    However without the enormous injection of TV revenue, they have become (The SPL) our poor relatives with gate reciepts counting for little, in comparison.
    Though they got into Europe each year, there was little hope of either side repeating their former glory days by winning anything, as in the passt, when every club relied on both gate money and shirt sales.
    If the EPL were to lose it’s present TV revenues, it too would suffer, with a mass exodus of foreign players, the clubs being unable to afford their present wages.
    So can the present conditions continue ?
    Not if UAFA has anything to do with it, by introducing The Fairplay rules, an attempt to level the playing field, by introducing rules that limit the amount of monies that can be spent by European clubs, if successful, could prevent the EPL from attracting some of the worlds best football talents.
    On the other hand, the present Oligarchs who own the BIG european sides have no real interest in regulation, no more than the worlds bankers.
    In which case if pushed too far by the present ruling bodies, i could see a breakaway super league, based on the same sides who compete each season for the European Championship.
    Who by the way would have no problem attracting massive earnings from the TV giants, money that would make the present EPL dosh look like chump change.
    Just a case of who (which lucky clubs) would be involved.
    Though it might not follow the above scenario, a Super League is in our future, you heard it here first.

  9. I’ve read the original Dutch reports, and Frank De Boer just said that Ajax are “very close” to an agreement over Vurnon Anita, not that it has actually been agreed. I haven’t seen anything from the horse’s mouth about a €8million fee yet, as is also being reported on English sites.

  10. Andy, it sez “Toon strike Anita deal” then in the sub it says “Newcastle CLOSE on Dutch ace” which of course, isn’t quite the same thing!

  11. I know that WT and I also read that “the player is yet to finalise terms”

    Just being flippant about Fatman saving 10% on the Euro/£ conversion rate.

  12. “Anita will travel to Newcastle to undergo a medical next week and could be thrust straight into Alan Pardew’s first-team for the opening game of the Premier League season against Tottenham”

    Maybe the reason for eventually coughing up for Anita ?