Testing times ahead for Toon – Again!

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Newcastle United: Taking on the "big guns" next.
Newcastle United: Taking on the "big guns" next.
The testing never stops ’round here! As we go into the lull that is international football and worse still, friendly internationals, we see our first major flood of injuries hobble into the Saint James’ Park sickbay.

At least we’ll have a couple of weeks to try and get over some of them. All the while attempting to ready ourselves for the next round of tests. Next up will be the Manchester’s of City and United. With City returning to the place where Hatem Ben Arfa was so cruelly hacked down and the Lads were cheated out of a result with ref decisions, what with a dodgy penalty for them, and a clear one for us turned down. Citeh have spent even bigger since then and it’ll be one tough game. Of course the ‘pundits’ will at least be satisfied that we’re being tested properly for once. If we get an better ref, who knows what can happen?

I saw enough of Man City’s game at QPR to suggest that if you have a go at them, goals are available as their back line looks a little suspect at times. It’ll be interesting to see if Hatem Ben Arfa gets to play this game, and it would be even better if he did and made them pay for last seasons debacle.

However we could be going there without the services of Yohan Cabaye, Cheik Tiote, Sylvain Marveaux, Gabriel Obertan and Leon Best. It could be a case of ‘irresistible force, meets immoveable object’ in so far as they are scoring goals for fun and we have the best defensive record in the Premier League, if not the whole of Christendom.

Man U away is always a tough game, but I think there’s as much weakness in this Man U side as I’ve seen in quite some time. They could only manage a skanky one nil at home to the Tramps, an own goal at that from agent Brown. Their midfield is well below par with seasons gone by and if we can get our midfielders back off the physio table, again, who knows? 2 points from these games would be a moral victory, 3 and I’d be bouncing off the walls. Although 0 would be hard to take, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. If we can apply ourselves and keep the goals against minimal, there will be chances in these games.

One thing to take into consideration should be the fact that most of the Manchester team’s players will be involved in the international games, whereas most of ours won’t. Their players will be flying around the world when most of ours will only have to pop over to France.

Next will be the visit of Chelsea to Saint James’ Park, at last a home game again! While they are just behind us in fourth place in the league, it’s been a mixed start to the season for the Blues. Chelsea manager, Andre Villas Boas, looks a little under pressure and with some of the John Terry controversy flying around them, things aren’t going quite as smoothly as everyone thought it might.

We have been known to get something out of Chelsea at home and this fixture does stick out as the most winnable of the three. While I’m not expecting that it could be the one targeted for a points return. Obviously, how things go in the previous 2 games could colour this match.

Make no mistake, this is gonna be our toughest test yet. We will be playing the 3 pretenders / contenders for the title and they are not easy games. Alot will depend on what team we can muster and the teams they can or choose to put out. Man City have players to burn, Man U and Chelsea, not so much. You never know, the international friendlies might just help us out for a change.

No doubt the ‘pundits’ will be saying: “Newcastle’s season starts here” ‘Cos we haven’t played anyone yet!

Right, no football for a couple of weeks, as you were!

Howay the Lads!

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21 Responses

  1. “I saw enough of Man City’s game at QPR to suggest that if you have a go at them, goals are available as their back line looks a little suspect at times.”

    Aye Clint, lightbulb heed was suspended and he’s a much underrated part of the Man City machine with all those fancy names upfront grabbing the attention. He was only suspended for one game though. :-(

  2. worky,
    like the effort put in away to stoke & we could upset the apple-cart a little.
    If we go expecting the worst, it’ll come to pass.

    Who’s ‘light-bulb heed’ btw?


  3. At least they are injured now for the so called big games as we have to win the games against teams lower then us etc. Gaining points from the big boys are just a consolation prize to be honest.

  4. Phisix says:
    November 7, 2011 at 11:54 pm

    “At least they are injured now for the so called big games as we have to win the games against teams lower then us etc. Gaining points from the big boys are just a consolation prize to be honest.”

    Aye Phisix,

    Supermac reminded me the other day about how Ruud Gullitt said something similar once, ie keeping your best players for the ones you had a better chance of winning, rather than the other way around.

    He dropped Big Al against the Mackems though!!! And we lost!!!

  5. Phisix says:

    November 8, 2011 at 12:18 am

    “Did he use Shola instead?”

    Phisix, Alan Shearer and Drunken Ferguson were replaced by Silvio Maric and Paul Robinson, who was a Mackem himself incidentally.

  6. Oh aye! And when Dyer scored our goal in that 2-1 defeat (in torrential rain too I seem to recall); Robinson, who provided the assist, refused to celebrate because he was a Wearside vagrant.

  7. One somewhat un-sung hero in our Tyneside success is Alan Pardew who is prooving himself to be quite the canny lad. I have no doubt that he will do his astute homework on all three opposing sides, giddy-up our own side and who knows, we might yet do a great deal of mischief in Manchester. None of this paint it red, or blue, stuff – but paint it black and white. HWTL!

  8. Big ask to get owt at city or manure with current injury list- chels is def a possibility and hopefully cabaye and co will be for this one

  9. Cobblers! City are rampant so we’ll probably be lucky to get a draw there but Utd are poor by there standards so I fully expect at least a point there and we can really get at Chelsea – our team spirit and organisation(can’t believe I’m using those terms about us) will push them over the edge again (they don’t like it up ’em) and they’ll probably finish with 9 players on the pitch – oh and Torres couldn’t hit a donkey’s arse with a frying pan

  10. Phisix & Worky – Silvio Maric and Paul Robinson Alan instead of Shearer and Ferguson (I remember them sitting miserably on the bench in peeing rain) – genius Guillet’s suicide note ! Where are they now? Who cares? Where’s 5under1and now if it comes to that?

  11. City av to lose at sum point y nt against us. Were play at oir best in yrs n finally gt a defence. A sneaky feelin we cn walk away with 7 points frm the nxt 3games. (hopin our onjurd plyers av recoverd). Cud b sittin pritty in second at christmas. (on my xmas wish list tp santa)


  12. Bloody hell there’s some deluded sh!t going on here :shock:
    If we were to get 7 points from the next 3, then I would seriously expect us to win the league.
    Come on now, I know anything is possible, but howay.
    We have punched well above our weight already this season, and been extremely lucky at times that other teams haven’t punished us when they have had so many oportunities.
    Anyway being realistic, I would think 0 points v city, 1 point v manure and 1 point from chelsea.
    Would still be over the moon with this, but the real test will be against Norwich after these three.