Llambias: No more financial meltdown for big names.

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Llambias: Stiff defence.
Llambias: Stiff defence.
Newcastle United’s Managing Director, Derek Llambias has once again mounted a stiff defence of the club’s owner, Mike Ashley. He reiterated that the club has now moved well away from the ‘trophy’ signings of the Shepherd era, and more towards the development of younger talent. Llambias also raised the spectre of Portsmouth’s current financial situation as a warning once again, heavily hinting that Newcastle may have gone the similar way if the decadance of the Shepherd years were allowed to continue.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Llambias made comments on a this theme recently, and he he seems to be on some kind of ‘counter offensive’ on behalf of Mike Ashley, himself, and their current stewardship of Newcastle United. He elaborates further in this interview though, and he began by contrasting the old model with the new, saying:

“We have to take a realistic view. Hopefully we will be there (in the Premier League) and we will have to have a squad that will keep us there. But that needs to grow.”

Hinting at the decadence of the Shepherd years and many previous, poorly negotiated contracts for players, he went on:

“That can’t happen overnight and we are not going to put the club into financial meltdown do buy one or two big names. Are huge transfer fees a thing of the past? They are a thing of the past for us at the moment because we just can’t afford it.

“If you look at the players we bought in January we have changed our attitude to how we buy our players and how we deal with agents. We are a lot stronger as far as our negotiations skills with agents.”

“You need to take a realistic look at your books and say this is the way we are going. What has happened at Portsmouth is very sad but it is a reality check. We have done a lot of work behind the scenes.

“It is cut to the bone. And it has to be to secure the future. We are now in position where we are quite healthy but it is all about promotion for us.”

Llambias then moved on to some of the decisions made by Ashley after the shock of relegation, and also decisions made leading up to this season’s January transfer window, when the club had some injury problems and experienced a slight dip in form:

“Once we were relegated Mike made the decision not to fire-sell. We had a terrible time pre-season at Leyton Orient which scarred the life out of us but it was a wake-up call and the squad have got on with it and got it going.

“When we lost that advantage we had in December we decided to have a final push and freshen up the squad. Chris needed some more players and Mike put the money in again.”

Returning to the example of a certain South coast club yet again, he rammed the point home:

“If it wasn’t for Mike we would have been a Portsmouth. People have to appreciate that he has put his money where his mouth is and he is committed to getting this club back where it belongs. It is too big a club to stay in the Championship.”

Llambias then moved on to what is at the heart of the new way forward for Newcastle United, the Youth Academy:

“We are still investing in our development squad, we are very keen on home-grown players and the academy is working very well.

“We will get some investment into the development squad as far as we might be one of two players at a million who are 18, 19 that in two or three years will be in the first team we have some good players coming through which you can see with our youth squad in the FA (Youth) Cup.

“The nucleus is there, there might be one or two positions we might need to review which is (manager) Chris Hughton’s job. If he is going to ask for a forward or a creative midfielder then we will have to go out there and look for them.”

The interview then moved on to the recent talking point about the recently published Deloitte list, which still rates Newcastle United as the twentieth richest club in the world, despite being in the second tier of English football. This has provided some ammunition to some who have berated Ashley for his frugality in the wake of previous excess. Llambias however pointed out that this was somewhat deceptive, saying:

“Those figures from being the 20th richest club are from 08-90 when we were Premier League,” Llambias said. “The drop from Premier league to Championship is just huge. So our revenue would be more like the 48th figure now. We have a huge wage bill that dominates the figures.

“What we are doing is that Mike has pumped in £25 million in December for running costs and we bought £5.5 players in January and Mike has just paid for that, he is committed and absolutely focused on getting the club back up to the Premier League and wants to make sure it stays there and will continue that.”

On the rather ridiculous claim by some that Mike Ashley has somehow been “Asset stripping” the club since assuming ownership in 2007, Llambias continued:

“There has not been a penny taken out of the club by Mike. We have had quite a substantial claim by Kevin Keegan that we had to deal with. That is a lot of money to find. With season tickets we have been really lucky in that we had 28,000 this season which was good. But you need to be up around the 100 million revenue mark to be able to afford the wage bill we have.”

When the club was generating revenue of £100 million per annum in the Premiership, it’s wage bill was over £70 million. Both have now been almost halved. If the club were to return to the Premiership though, it’s ratio of wages to turnover would almost certainly be below the 50% ratio which is regarded as being realistic in the business, not the figure in excess of 70% that it was before. It would also be well below many of the other teams in the Premiership and even leave room for further investment in the team. But I digress.

Llambias concluded with something of a broadside at the insurgents who continue to demand, in rather impolite terms, that Mike Ashley should once again put the club on the market, moves which had disastrous consequences for the club in the previous two attempts where Ashley tried to rid himself of his troublesome mistress. Of the barracking on Barrack Road he said:

“I do find it foolish. It is offensive. I don’t think they actually understand what Mike has actually done for the club. We have been honest. Mike has admitted he has made mistakes with some of his appointments which have caused all sorts of problems within the club and within the city. We are where we are. He is staying.

“It is not a normal business. You can run a business when 80 per cent of your revenue is down to payroll. Football needs a wake-up call.”

Well, whether you agree or disagree with what Llambias is saying, for a man who has been regularly berated for his lack of communication, he has certainly been communicative in the last few days.

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119 Responses

  1. Good interview from Llambias. Although his choice of words could be a little better seeing as he doesn’t exactly hold the most secure position among the fans. However, facts are facts and you can’t really deny the points he makes. Some people will read his comments and become enraged. I read them and become excited. There is evidence of youth development, manager backing, sustainable business practise, and the identification of weak areas in the squad. This is great and will finally see us become a proper stable club. I think MA and co are finally getting the hang of this

  2. TINO, ROY.H.,has always been a top manager imo done well at int manager too with poor team had one sticky time at B/BURN but who doesnt have one “OFF” time

  3. @Dragonera

    “However, facts are facts and you can’t really deny the points he makes”

    Facts are certainly facts. Truisms are truisms, and weasel words are weasel words.

    “Some people will read his comments and become enraged. I read them and become excited.”

    It’s the thought of playing with your spreadsheets that excites you. Admit it.

  4. icedog says:
    March 8, 2010 at 10:43 pm

    TINO, ROY.H.,has always been a top manager imo done well at int manager too with poor team had one sticky time at B/BURN but who doesnt have one “OFF” time
    I just never took to him, a nice bloke but he just never impressed me too old fashioned and bought players who were a bit boring, but like i said i’ve changed my mind recently and have been impressed with his job at Fulham.

    What’s your view on Toshack, obviously i know you will know alot more about his early career than me as i’m only 30. :)

  5. Neck, wind, in.

    In that order.

    Seriously man, that bloke is an utter moron. Surely to God, our owner won’t continue to endorse him, by keeping him as MD? I seriously hope most of the guff he comes out with is his owning doing, but it’s not very likely.

    Honestly, he’d make a good stand-up comedian.

    Whining about having to pay Keegan, even though the tribunal made it clear that it was entirely their own doing. Whining about the wage bill when much of it was overseen by Ashley anyway. It’s laughable that they continue to preach about how football is unaffordable and yet Ashley was part of the problem with his own naivety when he signed off some of the big earners. Just because they don’t want to sp*nk money away anymore, all of a sudden they’re brilliant and reasonable businessmen. Genius.

    And finally – “We have been honest”

    Did he really say? Genuinely?
    If he did, that’s comedy gold right there.

    I’m sick of all the bollox to be honest and the bloke really just needs to put a sock in it. How many times does he want to come out and suggest that we should be grateful? Does he even consider what part they played in bringing this football club to it’s knees. Why is it such a big deal that he has transferred funds to keep it a going concern? What businessman wouldn’t outlay the paying off of debt to prevent losing out on his investment? Do me a favour…

    “Mike has admitted he has made mistakes with some of his appointments which have caused all sorts of problems within the club and within the city.”

    His worst mistake was hiring you, you bloody useless get.

  6. I wish Ashley would get rid of Lamarse, get someone else in who knows what they are doing.

    I reckon he’s got something on Big Mike, a dirty little secret! :)

  7. worky,words are cheap just lets see what happens (got no choice like)i know the bad things FS done,but didnt like the way he back heeled “bad contracts”big sam done some of them under ashley and him

  8. @bowburnmag

    “Some people will read your comments and become enraged. I read them and become excited.”


  9. No,
    his biggest mistake was re-hiring kk, anyone with half a smartie knew that would end in tears & it did.
    That’s what happens when you try to placate the fans with a retro step.
    Stop getting y’knickers in a twist about it bowburn, it’s history mate.

  10. @ BBM

    I agree 100%, i just can’t think of 1 thing that is likeable about Lamarse.

    The Keegan ‘FACT’ statement that was released on the website after he left the club was written by him i reckon.

    Surely Mike can see how much the fans dislike him? If he really wants to ‘win us over then he just needs to replace him.

    Maybe some new chants are needed, directed at owl heed!

  11. BBM well sussed m8 as i said before how can we trust any one who tells lie after lie in the past,show us something,its them who should be grateful to us for surpport not the other way

  12. @CLiNT

    Keegan’s return ended in a shambles BECAUSE of Llambias and Ashley!

    Remember the tribunal? The two million quid that Llambias mentions himself in the article?

  13. CLiNT – that’s the problem though. It’s history that Llambias is dredging up and trying rub in our faces. It’s nonsense fella, utter nonsense. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think he was on a wind-up.

    Some of what he says about financial prudence is common sense, most of us therefore know it. How they put that into practice, however, is a different matter. I think they’ve got unbelievably spawny under the circumstances and Hughton has pulled them out of the smelly stuff. The standard of football in the Championship and the way teams seem to fear us, has also helped to let them off the hook. I wait with baited breath as to whether we’re proactive for next season and would like to see more youngsters come in.

    The rest is inciting further discord.

  14. nothing we didn,t already know,just del boy bumping his gums to more empty rhetoric.
    basically if you read what he,s saying,next season there is not going to be much investment in players yet again.
    we,ll spend a million here and there.
    he,s saying hopefully the squad will be good enough,then talking about developing the youth system,this coming from the man who said at 22 xisco was one for the future chuckle,chuckle,chuckle.
    to me they are not offering any hope for the future really,it,s always the never never with them.
    how many young kids make it to full pro,not many ,it,s typical llambias utopian dream,every club develops their youth system,we,re no different,how long will it take to develop the system they want?at least ten year before you see the real benefit of it.
    they seem to be thinking too long term,and not enough attention is being adressed to the short term needs of the club.
    if we go up with this squad next seaon,without significantly strengthening we,ll not win a game let alone stay up.

  15. TINO @8 tosh was good in early days brought swansea up a few divs to be a force, but then started to belive his own press imo,now seems to appear a bit of a bully,does not work with todays “rich kids”

  16. Aye Darth,
    cos they hired him mate.

    Did you honestly think it would pan out any other way.
    I wanted to believe that it would work, but i knew it wouldn’t. & so it proved.
    kk was amazing here as a player & first time round as manager/coach.
    But it never sat well from the get go on his return.
    It’s really sad, cos it’s tarnished his great rep as a Geordie legend.
    I’ll always thank him for his first 2 stints, but the third was a stint too far.
    He was damaged goods long before he came back.

  17. Keegan was tactically inept. He had us at the emirates trying to outplay Arsenal. Its funny looking back at it now…Highly embarrassing at the time though.

  18. Laurel and Hardy still cant grasp that a football club is nothing without its fans.
    The fact that Newcastle will probably get promoted will give the extremely fortunate Mike Ashley the opportunity to recoup all if not most of his money by selling the club, something he will do at the first opportunity if he has any sense.

    If the fans hadn’t bothered turning up in such vast numbers, Ashley’s football club could well have only been worth about £15 million by now and he would be well out of pocket with no chance of getting his money back.

    Despite what Mikes willy flashing, streaking idiotic mate Llambias says, Mike has a lot to thank the geordies for after all, it was not the fans fault that Ashley bought the extra debt onto himself by not doing due diligence is it?

    We all know Ashleys plan was to buy the club and sell it for a quick £100 million or so profit, his escapades in the middle east proved that so Derek, do us all a favour and refrain from patronising us and spouting this pro Ashley crap.

    You and Ashley ARE PROVEN LIARS and you will NEVER get the trust of the geordie public again.
    Whats more is that its your own fault but you are too stupid to see it.


  19. dragonera,bit harsh on keegan ,he was good enough to come up with a formation to keep us up that season.
    it took him a while of tinkering around with it,before he started getting results.he wasn,t that bad was he,you should be grateful he kept us up that season,people are quick to forget.

  20. Dragonera – I put it down to the fact that you’re still quite young enough (I believe), not to have really lived through what Keegan did for this football club, such that you can put him down with that sort of ease. I would never suggest that he is the greatest technical coach but to say he wasn’t a good manager? I’m not sure what to do with that. I was always thought you were one of the sensible ones.

    On that note…I’m away to bed.


  21. “Keegan was tactically inept”

    ….but astute enough to keep a team destined for relegation under the management of the hapless Sam Allardyce up.
    I bet you never called Keegan tactically inept when his 4-3-3 tactics kept us up.
    Thought not…

  22. Keegans team were great going forward but when it came to defending your heart went in your mouth every time the ball went in our box.Great to watch but it was all attack attack attack.Cant concede as many goals as we did and still win the league.Istill remeber keegan hung over the dugout at liverpool when liverpool got the winner.Told the whole story i knew newcastle lost the league right at that moment.

  23. the people who level abuse towards kevin keegan are not geordies plain and simple.
    only people who do not come from the tyneside area will not understand how keegan put our city on the map first time around,at a time when our city was being regenerated with the club doing well attracted business and visitors to the area.
    people who had never thought of visiting before were turning up,keegan did more for us than just football.

  24. Thats right tino i also rember that, but sooner or later you gonna meet a team who can defend proper and with newcastle weak defence,the wheels were always gonna fall off the wagon at some point.

  25. You’re right trojan,
    it was about more than just football.
    But that’s why he shoulda not come back & stayed in our minds as a hero, forever.
    It’s very improbable that you can recapture past glories.
    Even for a hero.

  26. I’d just about got over the fact that he’d split the first couple of times. :)

    There’ll be other heroes though.

    Howay the lads!

  27. And tino was it not robert with a breakaway goal that night newcastle played arsenal off the field at highbury.

  28. Trojan

    Throwing our three strikers on at once in an attempt to score more than we conceded was a good move in the end, but it was hardly a master stroke. Most fans were calling for such an approach long before it was finally implemented. KK simply took the most offensive option available to him and it paid off. Well done to him for that.


    Why is it that when i say “Keegan was not a good manager” in regards to his second stint as manager at the club, people always get offended and state that i am “too young to remember what he has done for the club”?

    I am not too young and i do in fact appreciate what he did for the club in his first stint as manager. However, You can’t simply dismiss his naive and dated approach to the game during his second stint out of blind loyalty and appreciation for what he achieved the first time around. His achievements and actions of the 90’s were very much appreciated at the time and that is enough. PAID PROFESSIONALS should only ever be judged on the present, not the past. They do it for the “WONGA!!!”, not their love for the game. So i suggest fans learn how to take a similar, more business style apprach to football as well.

  29. I also disagree with those that believe Allardyce would have got us relegated. I don’t like his approach to the game, but if their is one thing the man knows how to deal with, it’s a relegation dog fight.

  30. i,ve heard a lot of talk about trophy signings,when has this football club had trophy signings,the only real big money signings we ever made were shearer and owen imo.
    some of our players during keegan,s first spell were not that expensive really ginola was only 2.5 mill,further down the track we mostly only paid the going rate at the time.
    most of the players we did sign came with good reputations like luque,ferguson,dyer,cort,marcelino etc.
    the problem was most of them ended up crocked when they got here or it didn,t work out for whatever reason.

  31. NUFCELITE says:
    March 8, 2010 at 11:44 pm

    And tino was it not robert with a breakaway goal that night newcastle played arsenal off the field at highbury.
    No i’m thinking of the team that had Sellers, Cole, Beardo etc, we won there 1994 – 1996.

  32. dragonera,i agree with you the second spell ended in tears but i,m not talking about that,i,m talking about the first spell and what he done for the city.
    i just reacting to people who are levelling abuse against kevin across the board.

  33. Im think ing of the night robert the frenchman ran half the lenth of the pitch and bang in newcastles 3rd.

  34. Trojan 69

    My appreciation for KK’s first stint goes without saying. I just believe that people should be judged on what they achieve in the present. Which would also explain my lack of support for Shearer to be named as manager before proving himself elsewhere. Also, my hatred for MO, a player that despite continuous support from a large section of NUFC fans, left us with egg on our faces before skipping off to join United. I’m not saying i’m always right, far from it (insert James Milner example), but this is my logic and i stick to it.

  35. I hated owen storys in the press 2 days after he joined he made a mistate joining newcastle knew we were in trouble then .

  36. Ashley did not explain his plan to the fans from the beginning, he should have said he was going to rid the club of its over paid players and develop the youth set up, he didn’t.
    l believe the Keegan episode was terrible and l think Ashley is genuinly sorry that happened even though they lied to the tribunal.Kevin you will always be remembered by me for all those wonderful years when we gave Man U the fright of their lives.
    The clubs long term plans are in place as Ashley intended, not without a few volcanic cockups along the way, but we are following a very progressive development programme and the futures looking good as long as we don’t revert to our past “star buy” day’s and get on with youth development both in and outside of the first team.
    l wish l could say thankyou in a genuinely warm hearted way to Ashley but l think it may take a season or two of real progress and an apology to Kevin Keegan before he will be an adopted Geordie to me.
    All the make Mike, keep up the good work.

  37. If Mike Ashley is actually the smart businessman we were led to believe then maybe the comments about not spending big are intended to ensure we don’t get fleeced anymore. If you announce you have £25m to spend then agents and clubs know how much you have and will bid up prices. Look at what Man City ended up paying for some average players… Interestingly we did spend more in Jan than we were led to believe but I may be giving Ashley more credit for being savvy than he deserves… That said football has changed. No one will be paying £8-10m for average players anymore. The money was never available for most clubs and those who tried to spend what they didn’t have won’t be doing so any more. Portsmouth, West Ham, even Liverpool and Man U… We do need to strengthen to be competitive in the Premiership but I disagree that we need to spend silly money. I also think that our squad is already better than the likes of Hull City, Wolves, Burnley, etc

  38. I would rather Newcastle to do business in an old english fashion way then the american way of chalking up lots of credit keep rowing over.

    Once we have an easy credit, signing of class act players will satrt.

    Out of 10 young players if 1 was like messi or ronaldo (both portu/brazil ronaldo)it would be enough i would be happy.

  39. How i wish Keegan can work with the club again of course using the youth model and not only just star buys.

    Keegan signing was good attacking players one in the middle was young Danny Guthrie, 22.

    BTW, Kieron Dyer, 31, was once a good youth signing that follow the wrong path of the club being. If he would be at better club he might not have wasted so much of his youth.

    If his wage was accaptable i would consider signing him back.

  40. Ashley should sack lamearse and bring back Mort. I think that would curry favour with a lot of fans!

  41. BBM@9, youve nailed it there in one, why oh why couldnt he just keep his bear trap shut.
    It never ceases to amaze me how when we are just getting to our feet, something comes from nowhere and kicks us in the nuts, normally its a player but our MD in programme notes having a sly dig at the fans?
    Mind you, what it does is remind us what a bunch of insincere arrogant twats they are, they dont deserve the fans and will never be accepted by most never mind a small minority.


    He plays the best attacking football that got me hock up with Newcastle.

    Formerly we already know that our defend was poor but we have good ball winners like David Batty. We just needed two strong defender to clear those balls.

    I believed CH did learn somthing from him. He maybe a mentor to CH in the attacking option or scouting departments.

  43. get over yoursen BBB

    whatever you say, they’ve stepped up to the plate this term and done the club justice… were going back to where we belong, but some people just cant be pleased because they’ve got thick heads and delusions of grandeur

  44. Toonsy for crying out loud man. Sack Llambias and bring back Mort? Wasn’t Mort part of the little group that lied to Keegan? Llambias may have his failings but they’re for Ashley to deal with – the fans do not employ him!

    Some posters are now drecting their venom at Llambias now that the penny’s beiginning to drop that maybe Ashley’s taking this club in the right direction and has in fact done us some good. The last thing we need is chanting against either of them -= get of their backs and expend your vocal energy towards supporting the players – that way there’ll be more noise in SJP!

    This article must be music to Stardust’s ears!

  45. Keegan was a great bloke and rightly well liked. However he did prefer N’Zogbia at left back to Enrique. Is this what also unsettled N’Zogbia because he was no left back?

  46. These guys are damned if they do and damned if they don’t Not long ago everyone was berating them for not communicating with the fans, now they do they are told to shut up! Which is it going to be? Fickle us? Never!

    Ok, so it seems as a majority Ashley is still not wanted, so who do we pitch at? The Arabs, oh that’s right Portsmouth’s former owner was interested, but not at Ashley’s price. I wonder why? Because he didn’t have the money, that’s why. Doesn’t it make you stop and think that Ashley, more likely his advisors actually knew what they were doing when talking to prospective buyers?
    I remember quite a few regulars on here moaning that Ashley didn’t sell to the guy who bought Portsmouth instead. Where are those arguments now? Relegation under Ashley or administration and possibly going under altogether under someone else? Hmm even the thickest mackem can work that one out.
    I’ve said it before, some people on here are like spoiled kids. Unless someone is spending money on them, buying them the most expensive toy out there, they aren’t happy.
    I penned an article on here around this time, last year called, It could be worse, we could be Liverpool. It was slightly toungue in cheek, but it did point out that clubs like Liverpool and Man U have to perform well each year and have to be in the Champions League each year just to make sure thay can still operate. Liverpool are looking decidedly dodgy at the moment. All it takes is a case of bad timing and they could easily become a very high profile Portsmouth. If the owners pull out and no one is around to buy the club, they will have to cash in just to keep afloat.

    Apologies for the long post, perhaps I should I penned a blog. Hmm.

    BBM – I think you’ve been spending too long with the L7 radgies, you used to be one of the level headed ones. Or have you just finally snapped? :D

  47. To be honest I’m sick of the same old drivel being bandied about – Llambiarse banging on about sh!te and fans banging on about how they’ve ruined the club blah blah blah – Mort was a joke as well, he probably lied more than anyone at the club

    We are where we are, top of the championship winning more games than we’ve won in donkeys years and looking forward to promotion

    We were sh!te in the prem long before the muppets took over from billy bunter sheppard and the thieving halls flirting with relegation every year since SBR’s sacking

    We def needed a full on overhaul on the wages and playing front and relegation has been the driving force in that – I’m almost tempted to say it’s been a good thing for us.
    we’d prob be about 17th if we were still in prem with a bunch of overpaid tosspots saying “yeah we’re in this together, we’re going to give it our all blah blah fkin blah”

  48. Stevep for using the phrase we are where we are you can have a slap in the face. Now I’m off to make sure all my ducks are lining up.

  49. stevep says:
    March 9, 2010 at 10:16 am

    “Mort was a joke as well, he probably lied more than anyone at the club”

    Mort did get away with alot through being a lawyer and hence, a bit of a silver tongued charmer. Mort was the architect of the restructuring which brought about the Keegan / Wise / Llambias handbags fiasco, and it was Mort, who should have known better being a lawyer, who happily blathered on about the “final say” thing which caused so much trouble.

  50. Ashley should not do one more thing to try & placate fans.
    He’s tried that & it didn’t work.
    Ever heard the term: ‘The lunatics are taking over the asylum’?
    If he sacks Llambias we’ll just fin new ways to hate anyway, it’ll never be enough, it’s a slippery slope from there.
    We’ve got to collectively get over this point of trying to apportion blame for relegation, kk’s walking or whatever.
    It’s all old news now & counter intuitive/productive.
    & finally, the odds are changing significantly, look at the poll at the top of the page, it’s been up twice now & it’s still 2-1 & growing.
    Yea, it’s a straw poll, but it tells us something.

    Howay lads & lasses, onwards & upwards.

    Toon Toon.

  51. Ashley and Co have made some horrible and unforgiveable mistakes. But he is the owner and he’s trying to do the best to make up for some of those mistakes. He may have behaved badly but he’s not called Geordie women dogs or slated the fans for buying replica shirts.

  52. Let’s face it, most of us hated Ashley for his decision making with regards to managerial appointments or for forcing the sale of players, but we know where our club would be without his input. Yes we dropped down a division but under previous ownership we could have lost a whole lot more, relegation? Administration? Forced sale of players, stadium, training ground? And relegation again? Relegation was hard to take but surely it was a blessing in disguise, enjoy the promotion (I hope) and get behind the players instead of spouting shite from the leazes corner, selling the club is not always the answer as pompey have prooved about 6 times this season. For all the wrongs he’s done, he’s put many things right and I’m willing to give credit where it’s due despite wanting him out the club earlier in the season, that could have been fatal.

  53. MT – basically I’ve accepted most things but I don’t think I’ll ever accept Llambias and while I wanted communication, if this is what we get then I was wrong, they should just say nowt.

    “Keegan just isn’t a good manager” – is still making me chuckle.

    Dragonera – Not offended, just utterly befuddled. My apologies I thought you were one of the younger generation and with no disrepect I could appreciate the detachment if that were the case. On a serious note, I have no unhealthy obssession with Keegan and while I’m not offended, it saddens me that people can detach their feelings with such consummate ease from those special memories.

    Granted Keegan was not the right appointment, no matter how excited some of us were. But the mistake wasn’t in appointing him. The mistake was appointing him to do a different job to what he can do and certainly what he was led to believe he was going to do. And he was appointed without due consideration of the sentimental ties between and club/supporters. Ashley saw an easy option to curry favour with supporters that he used to his advantage but didn’t think through his plan or consider the ramifications. That’s always how I’ve seen it. It was how he has since dealt with the fallout which turned me against him. He was emotionally detached and yet never rallied the way I expected a successful businessman to do.

    But honestly, if I did as you say – “So i suggest fans learn how to take a similar, more business style apprach to football as well”, I’d probably just stop watching football altogether.

  54. bowburnmag says:
    March 9, 2010 at 12:05 pm

    “Granted Keegan was not the right appointment, no matter how excited some of us were. But the mistake wasn’t in appointing him. The mistake was appointing him to do a different job to what he can do”

    Oh yes it was. It was an awful decision by Ashley on several levels, with or without Wise.

  55. Lesh – to be fair I find it hilarious that the level 7 brigade (not all) but ones like BBM – who sing anti Ashley songs – react like spanked children when someone has a go back – and to be fair – he has said nothing wrong – he just states it as it is.

  56. Sorry, the ‘ultimate mistake’, I should have said. Sentimentality aside, Keegan should never have been brought back and I hate that my fond memories are slightly tarnished because of the whole fiasco, when you consider that the memories are one day all that you’re going to have.

  57. BBM – ” On a serious note, I have no unhealthy obssession with Keegan”

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  58. Dusty – here we go again with the uninformed and inaccurate accusations…

    Let’s make an informed decision here and assume for a second that I might stand in Level 7 to be part of a group of supporters who support the team vocally for 90 minutes. Let’s also assume I don’t sing anti-Ashley songs though I may sing Pro-club/apathy-about-Ashley songs. Can we then suggest that it might be OK for me to get narked by inane mutterings to the press by someone who just doesn’t seem to get what it is about supporting your football club, doesn’t seem to comprehend what it’s all about and implicates supporters like myself with his nonsense. He is a charmless communicator and completely lacking any endearing qualities. Not what you want as the face of the club. The messages he sends are littered with messages which seem almost intent on winding people up.

  59. BBM – why is the mob entitled to sing songs and make accusations BUT at the same time you allege Llambias isnt entitled to a riposte?

    Re your “He is a charmless communicator and completely lacking any endearing qualities.” what on earth has that to do with a rationale view? It shows bigotry no more or less.

    As for my views being uninformed – they are shaped by your every post – no one elses.

  60. Eeeee, well i never did, already, even.

    There are so many charming businessmen, chairmen of football clubs etc.
    Come on,
    if that’s the bottom line, a new argument is required.
    Basically, time & actions are having their normal effect on a situation & no amount
    of emotional thought process or sentimentality will stop that inevitable outcome.


  61. Micky Toon says:
    March 9, 2010 at 10:22 am

    “Stevep for using the phrase we are where we are you can have a slap in the face. Now I’m off to make sure all my ducks are lining up”.

    Micky, you’re a bit late with the cliche ridden posts – the Gaurdian’s been on that letters theme for a few months now and folk, having raised the flag up the mast are applying a bit of blus sky thinking to the debate.

    The pebble’s been thrown into the pond, and at the end of the day…….. let’s draw a veil over thhe lined-up ducks and let Ashley and Llambais get on with runing the club, Hughton and the lads deliver the results and the fans, basking in the glory of being top of the pile with a far healthier club than was here two or three years ago. The cats, as it were, now have the cream – enjoy it!!

    Stardust, how’s baby Stardust? Well we hope?

  62. Does anyone find it strange that Lambias made no mention of any transfer funds either already paid or due to the club from the sales of Milner, Given, Duff, Martins, Bassong, my guess is approx £36,000,000. Not a piddley little sum of dosh that can be put under petty cash. You cannot believe a word either of them says. Do they think the fans are stupid. Whichever way the figures dont add up. If you included parachute payments from the FA, I do not believe the income for the club has gone down as much as they say it has.

  63. toonie1949 says:
    March 9, 2010 at 2:04 pm

    Rest assured that under law, all company accounts have to be audited and because of that, any dubious transactions should have been picked up before the accounts are published.

    I think it’s highly likely that there won’t have been any trousering of transfer money – it’ll all be accounted for or we would have picked it up by now.

  64. Nufclite, i know i talk shit mate, my wife tells me that all the time but im entitled to my opinion and although i may disagree with you i respect yours.

  65. @CLiNT FLiCK – 85

    Forget the side issue of what KK has done for the club – consider Llambias’ remarks on the ‘payment’ to KK.

    It’s a bit rich that the guy chooses to gloss over the fact that his administration was found to have constructively dismissed Keegan, directly resulting in a loss of £2,000,000 from the books.

    As for ‘Mike’ pumping money into the club to offset the losses incurred due to us playing in a lower league – who’s mismanagement put us in this position in the first place (and what about the ‘parachute payments’?). There’s a vague acknowledgement of ‘mistakes’ in the guy’s comments – but there’s no danger of him sticking his hand up for any of the biggies.

    Maybe being the public face of NUFC isn’t something he’s really comfortable with. He IS making a lousy job of, as BBM says.

    He should hand the PR job over to someone who knows what they’re doing (and THAT doesn’t mean speaking through the manager, as they did with Joe Kinnear to our absolute embarrassment).

    Maybe a PR firm could impress upon him and Ashley how important it is to tell us what they ARE going to do, rather than tell us what we’re never going to see again.

    They could also point out that a few vague comments about the importance of youth team development doesn’t really constitute to evidence of a concrete commitment to development at the club. No one’s going to pay extra and earlier for their season tickets on the basis of that pathetic titbit.

    Anyway, discussions about sh*tbags aside, I hope you’re all having a pleasant day. :)

  66. lesh – Not only that but people still think we sold players like Martins for CASH, Duff for CASH, Bassong for CASH etc. We didn’t, we sold them on credit an will get our money in installments,

  67. Darth,
    to be perfectly honest mate,
    i’ve always wanted the board to shut the f*** up & keep their own council.
    FFS used to piss me right off with his inane shite.
    When ashley came along, i was glad he said nowt, owners should be seen & not heard imv.
    Less coming out of the boardroom the better.
    & we don’t want everyone (other teams etc) knowing what we’re up to, do we?
    Maybe it’s just secretive old me though hey?

  68. lesh,
    did you mean that mate?

    if so, for F**** sake.
    It’s ironic like that he has the same initials though, isn’t it? :)

  69. lambiass every time he opens his mouth he puts his foot reet in it,he should say fk all.it would be nice to here from ashley what his plans for the future are,but i doubt we will here owt

  70. @CLiNT

    “i’ve always wanted the board to shut the f*** up”

    I really would settle for that mate :)

  71. Just seeing his photo with a black and white scarf on makes my blood boil – furiously! He’s a f*ckin casino man, liar and to listen to him speak – an idiot. I’m trying to like the regime and Ashley a little more but the bottom line is Ashley’s keeping the fool in post.
    Can’t they both just go away?

  72. OK, find a recent post that states that I sing anti-Ashley songs. I’m sure I’m allowed to have an opinion just as you are intent on labelling me a ‘club-hater’ and a bigot.

    Who said it was a rational view? I’ve already admitted he winds me up. But I still think he’s full of it, in the cold light of day and with a slightly more rational perspective.

    I’m fairly sure I’m suggesting that the face of the club, whether it be via a PR department needs to be better. I’m not sure that’s entirely unreasonable?

  73. BBM,

    I was impressed with your post last night – Very passionate.

    I think the thing thatget’s everyone’s goat is that if we go up we will be in a great financial position but won’t spend any of our newly found wealth.

    I have said this so many times but living within our means should mean we will have more transfer funds than every club apart from the top 4 and Man City.

    Our means are bigger than most – Lets live within them and buy some good players.

    I will be gutted if we get relegated again and make a £20m profit.

    Although I am getting the feeling that Our new found wealth next season if promoted might go towards paying uncle Mike his money back.

  74. BBB;well said and keep it coming m8,i enjoy reading fans point of view,is that not what the blog is all about?,but respect it right our wrong

  75. I think the crux of what is getting up peoples noses is the richness, almost preaching of what Llambias is saying. As has been said, Ashley has brought a lot of this on himself but credit where it is due, he is quietly going around trying to make things right.

    So why the PR offensive? Surely they should realise that people still have a strong dislike for them? I do, but it was fading to a tolerance level. I was letting the slepping dog lay so to speak yet they come along and poke it with a stick and wake it back up.

    I’ve said numerous times I made a pact to myself over the summer, going even back on Ed’s blog, that I wouldn’t set foot in SJP until they were gone. That stance was softening and I was going to come up for Easter after the Peterborough game, take the Sheffield United game in and catch up with family.

    After Llambias’s jibe about us fans being ‘offensive’ I feel they should let someone else put them in the position of being a public target for ridicule, much like they did to all of us collectively, and they should see how they like.

    Does that make me a poor fan because I sang “Get oot of our club” before I was willing to let them get on with it? He needs to be very careful what he is saying as whilst Uncle Mike is no doubt bank rolling us to a certain extent, he’d be doing an awful lot more of it had the fans not turn up in 45-50k numbers throughout the season.

    With that in mind, I’ll stick with my summer judgment and continue my sabbatical from SJP. I’m not paying my money to be called ‘foolish’ and ‘offensive’ just because I used to sing songs against the board. I’ll support the team in person away from SJP as I have done all season.

  76. Clint @ 97,

    Just as well you’re not a fish otherwise you’d be in the pan in no time!

  77. I can see why Ashley keeps Llambias around, he takes the heat for Ashley, face it just about everyone detests
    this guy, that is everyone except Angeldust.
    Though I think perhaps his days may be numbered, i`m sure by now Ashley must be aware of the hostility generated by this idiot and if he ever wants to have a pint either doon the Groat,Hay, or Bigg Market, his first move will be to dump Dereck and hire a Geordie with a football track record.

  78. BBM
    You gotta face it hiring KK was a a dumb decision on Ashleys part and KK should have realised it , but the guy was in debt and needed a paycheck, too bad !

    Yo Toonsy
    I`m granting you a special dispensation to go to any home game between now and the seasons end and I promise not to talk about you.
    Dont take it so serious guy !

  79. Chuck – It’s serious to me mate. Why should I put money into the club, money that I work all week for, only to be called ‘foolish’ and ‘offensive’?

    If I insulted you then asked you for £30, would you give it to me?

    It’s not like I don’t go and support the team, Chuck. I just choose to do it away from SJP. It’s my little mini-protest and makes me feel better, a stance that was softening as I said earlier, but it has justification again now.

  80. ” CLiNT FLiCK says:
    March 9, 2010 at 2:15 pm


    Hammer Time!

    ” toonsy says:
    March 9, 2010 at 4:27 pm

    If I insulted you then asked you for £30, would you give it to me?”

    Would you be dressed in a full PVC cat suit?

  81. Micky – £35 for that. £50 and I’ll walk all over you wearing stiletto’s :lol:

  82. toonsy,just to make you feel better,as i only think of next game,i asked wor lass she said toon will win next 5 games she is always right,so she says :(

  83. OK Toonsy, if you must, guy`s gotta do what he`s gotta do,just trying to make it easy for you, think of the folks who are not on Tyneside who would love the opportunity, think of it as money going towards the transfer kitty.

  84. Chuck – I’m not living on Tynesdie either at the minute, it’s more than the cost of the ticket though. It’s 5-6 hours travelling, £70 quid petrol, £20-30 food and drink plus other things.

    I’ve done it many many times before. Perhaps it was ‘foolish’ of me to do it so often.

  85. He finds some Newcastle supporters as foolish and offensive. This from the septic stump who stripped naked and ran across the pitch. Ashley would do well to tell him to keep his mouth shut or get rid of him

  86. mike ashley has to relieve llambias of his duties forwith,he might start to mend a few fences if he sacks that idiot.he,s the dickhead who started most of the grief,get rid of him ffs.