Promotion Watch – How many points do Newcastle need?

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Top of the pop league!
Top of the pop league!
Chris Hughton has time and again refused to put any sort of points target in place as to what he thinks would be enough to gain Newcastle United promotion back to the Premier League at the first time of asking. So it got me thinking, perhaps I could outline some details and we could have a little guess and try to work it out for oursleves. There are no prizes, my pockets are too long for such frivalities, although people who manage to get it right will always have the satisfaction of knowing they did.

As it stands there are 12 games left. We sit top of the table with 72 points, 8 points clear and with a game in hand on second placed Nottingham Forest and 9 points clear of third placed West Brom. That means we can get a maximum of 108 points if we manage to win the remaining games. Of course that is unlikely to happen although it would be nice, but with 4 out of our next 7 games coming away from fortress St James’ then the potential is there for a slip up.

Perhaps it’s my constant pessimism that has been brought on by following Newcastle for my whole life. With us, nothing is ever done until it’s sealed and signed although I do concede that we are in a great position and seem to have the fight to carry our form on until the end.

Right, so our next few games are:

Middlesbrough(a), Scunthorpe(h), Bristol City(a), Doncaster(a), Nottm Forest(h), Peterborough(a), Sheffield United(h)

Those fixtures take us to Easter Monday by which we will have played 41 games. If we can win our home games and claim a win away that will put us on 84 points with 5 games left. Perhaps I’m being conservative with my estimations, but even on 84 points with with 5 games left I can still see us being top.

Lets move onto the post Easter period and see what games we have then:

Blackpool(h), Reading(a), Plymouth(a), Ipswich(h), QPR(a)

If we were to just win our home games then that would only give us 90 points. I don’t think that will be enough which is why we need to still keep picking points up on the road. As it happens I think we will get 9 from the last 5 games giving us a total of 93 points. You would be very unlucky to at least miss out on 2nd with that points total.

What do you guys think? Obviously discussing this can be taken much much deeper and you can look at other teams games and the like. I just think that as long as we keep our own house in order then we should be fine. Interestingly, if we do beat Nottingham Forest then that would mean he maximum points total they could get is 94 points, and that would only happen if they won their last 10 on the spin which would be a big ask.

93 points, enough or not?

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135 Responses

  1. 87 points will do it.

    I don’t see Forest winning 8 of their last 11 games. Also they have to play at St James’ and they need to win the game – W

  2. I always thought 90 points ( 30 wins ) at the start of the season would be enough to get promotion n be there or there abouts of winning th league itself

  3. same, i think we’ll manage top 2

    in terms of winning it, the kevin keegan side that choked was a very different team to this. i think we will grind it out from here. the recent thumpings we’ve dished out will surely have a pychological impact on teams like plymouth and peterbrough, they’ll have the games down as ‘lucky if we pick up a point’ games, even if they are at home.

    don’t want to go overboard on the pychological front but a win against boro might start to make wba and forest think they’re fighting it out for second

    have they played each other twice?

  4. Hmm, I remember saying the same thing back in the 90’s. But substitue Forest for Man U!

  5. If we were to just win our home games then that would only give us 90 points. I don’t think that will be enough which is why we need to still keep picking points up on the road??????????

    So you must think NF are going to win 9 from 11 and WBA are going to win 9/10 from 12, Let’s talk sense 90 points will do it, with some to spare can’t see either NF or WBA getting past 85.

    By the way my prediction is 94 points which I think will leave us around 9/10 points clear at the top.

  6. 74 points will see us qualify for the play offs, 85 points will see us promoted, but we will finish champions on 95 points. WBA and Forest are not capable of putting a run of winning 7 games and we are not capable of losing 5 out of our last 12 games.Simple as!

  7. promotion is a foregone conclusion in my eyes & the bookies should pay out to batty now…..& if he’s a m8 like he keeps claiming….he would half it with me :)

  8. IMO, Nottm Forest match is the crucial match on whether we will finish off as champion or not. That Game is A must win for Newcastle. Unless Somehow Nottm Forest keep dropping points till we meet.Which I suppose Highly Unlikely.Being Slightly Pessimistic Nottm Forest Might be the team that can destroy our unbeatable home record.

    As for the remaining Away Games,I can see none of the reasons we would lose,except maybe the last game QPR.

    Anyway,All the best to our “derby” Match this coming Saturday.HWTL. :lol:

  9. summerof69

    not sure but few seasons ago reading pumped everyone got 100+ points from memory

  10. Why is everyone going with 90 points +?

    Can anyone really see Forest winning 9 out of their last 11 games?

    That’s what they will need to do to get to 90 points from here.

    We could be promoted by the middle of April – We do look like were hitting our best form of the season.

  11. Middlesbrough(a) – 1pt
    Scunthorpe(h) – 3pts
    Bristol City(a) – 1pt
    Doncaster(a) – 3pts
    Nottm Forest(h) – 0pts
    Peterborough(a) – 3pts
    Sheffield United(h) – 3pts
    Blackpool(h) – 1pt
    Reading(a) – 1pt
    Plymouth(a) – 3pts
    Ipswich(h) – 3pts
    QPR(a) – 1pt

    Should see us up as champions.

  12. Not fussed. I’m just taking each match as it comes. I’m pretty sure we’ll go up Champions, but I’ll take second. Couldn’t face play offs.

  13. Promotion will be clinched against Blackpool. The title will be clinched against Plymouth.

  14. Just to really P1ss sky off, I really hope we are promoted before the Plymouth game and Hughton sends the U18s down for some experience.

  15. Haven’t the mackems got the record for points achieved with promotion from the Championship?

  16. I´m convinced that we´ll make it.
    Remember WBA and NF are no robots either.

  17. I can understand the caution of some of you but personally I think it’s job done. Even after an hour on Sat it seemed the run in is has become a procession. As an eternal pessimist regarding the toon – I’m speechless!!!

  18. But Everyone must do rmb the standard of the refereeing here as well. hahahaas.

  19. 80+ play offs (probably less as 7th have just 50)
    87-8 will get us 2nd
    92 should pretty much guarantee 1st

    Don’t like to count chickens, but it IS starting to look postive

  20. Micky – I thought it was Reading myself. I know they got 106 points a few seasons back. Fulham got 101 when they came up.

  21. What is this, a blog for statisticians, the beancounters were here in force over the last few weeks, the guys worried about Ashleys dwindling billions.
    Fugedaboudit, the club is almost a cert for promotion, stop worrying.

  22. summerof69 says:
    March 8, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    “What is the record points total ?”

    Reading’s 106 in 2005/6 is the best that I can recall, Summer.

  23. I think 90 will be enough to finish top as I can’t see forest beating us at sjp or wba winning 10 out of there final 12 games.

  24. lesh says:
    March 8, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    That article is the reason why I don’t believe we cannot move that far forward under Ashley.

    I would be happier if he sold in the summer.

    We will have a wage bill of 40% of turnover if we go up – We will have probably the 5th highest turnover in the country also but we still won’t spend more than £10m in the summer.

    Not much of a future on the pitch in the foreseeable I think.

    I would like us to spend within our means – But consider this – Our means are bigger than most PL clubs but it still doesn’t sound like we will be anywhere near spending what we could afford.

  25. stuart69,seems fair points to me,but liambias has said if we go up we will have some money in 2yrs mmmmmmmmm :(

  26. after studying the average points total to achieve promotion over the last 4 seasons is between 84 and 87 points.this season 85 would get us promoted. we only need 5 more wins and considering one of those wins will be against forest,who will finish third,promotion is almost a cert.

  27. That article suggests that the writer needs to go back to school, the typo’s are pathetic. :)

    The response to this article suggests that us Toon fans have learned nowt(or v. little) about humility, yet.
    Always the future, never now.
    Always counting chickens.

    “One day(game) at a time, sweet jesus”.

  28. Hey ice,
    nice one, wondered who’d get it.

    How many thought we’d won the prem back when?
    When it’s mathematically over, i’ll celebrate with a can of ‘Pepsi’.

  29. Ok, according to the every reliable Wikipedia;

    Reading promoted with 106 points, well done to who said this.
    Makems with 94 points
    We were promoted from the 1st Division, before it was know as the championship with 96 points and the makems were promoted from 1st Division with 105 points.

    Looking at the results from 1992 onwards it seems that less points are needed to be promoted since it became known as The Championship.

    I’d say 90 points would be a good bet for promotion.

  30. i always keep saying i only think of next game nowt else after watching toon for many many yrs,ive lost count of false dawns

  31. ice,
    me too mate.
    Knackers to predictions & stuff.
    It only ends in tears or money down the swanee.
    All managers look to the next game & focus on that, that’s why we ain’t managers.

  32. clint flick,did you see motd,AS said wolves were ccc top scores with 80 goals,in epl they are the lowest with same team so i will stick to today thank you very much

  33. Seriously, your going overboard. 4 more wins will pretty much guarantee our promotion, thats 12 more points. Take a look at the past 10 years of the championship and see the number of points needed for promotion.

    84 points for promotion, Forest and WBA will need to win the majority of their last games, 8-10 to even stand a chance of winning the league.

  34. Aye ice i seen that.
    Wolves are too busy trying to play their way out of trouble. & the fa trying to tell ’em who to pick, what a liberty that is.
    Typical, wanna butt in on such things, but soon as there’s a crap ref, crap decision, they say nowt. Just like fifa/uefa. Mongs.

  35. Like our manager one game at a time no more looking in the future I have a lot from that.

    CH revolution.

  36. We’re up unless we completely bottle it and lose at least 5 games by end of season plus draw a couple of others, even then it means brom and forest need to go on a run – something they both seem incapable of doing on current form
    We’re currently in much better form than either Brom or forest and I dont see this changing much over the next month

    Reckon we’ll thrash boro on sat as well

  37. Aye but Stuart @27, your’e probably not alone in hoping MA’d sell in the summer. But you know how it is, if you want to sell there’s got to be a buyer and to have a buyer in the wings, he’s either expressed the interest of his own volition (strong seller position) or tout the club around to stimulate buyer interest.

    Now then Stuart, how many times has the club been touted about and what’s happened in the meantime? Answers – twice and nowt to commit any cash for purchases!

    Come on man, think about it and ask yourelf if the club’s been badly managed in the past, this is an opportunity for it to become an attractive proposition for a buyer – the proven article with lots of potential for profit.

    I honestly believe that in the absence of a whithe knight, MA’s the man to get this club on its feet and ready for development to the next stage – becoming a member of the Prem’s elite.

    There’s been some damage done by all sides and it really is time to begin building bridges and sing from the same song sheet.

  38. African Geordie,
    was it you that was saying CH revolution back at the start of the season & people were laughing?
    Well, it could be true now, so well said.
    “He who laughs last, laughs best”.

  39. Reading hold the record with 106 points and we look unlikely to beat that with the highest total we can achieve at 108.

    Surprisingly (even to myself) I predict Newcastle will finish the season on 102 points. Probabaly a little bit high but with the eight point gap in place and a home game against Forest, I reckon the Championship is very nearly in the bag.

  40. Some inconsiderate get has jumped in front of a train at Alnmouth meaning mine is delayed and I miss parent’s evening again. Thinking of themselves before others…

    And I’m sure the driver on here just said please keep the doors queer.

  41. liambias now saying ashley has to put another 10mil in to club to get us over the line and get prom,have we got a hole in the ship? got me bloody beat

  42. CLiNT – Which article is full of typo’s? This one ir the one that got linked?

  43. icedog – Don’t hold out much hope for Piquionne mate. He is on loan from Lyon at the minute but he is 31 years old so no doubt doesn’t fit Ashley’s blueprint.

  44. CLiNT – Aye, I had a read of that link and soon realised :lol:

    I just wanted to make sure nothing was missed in this, that’s all :)

  45. toonsy,
    y’did spell frivolities wrong like.
    An observation, not a critisism mate.


  46. TOONSY@51 thats a pity new he had bit about him,never fear i will find one for you,know one in malta like bogdanovic,but not up to epl yet,will find before end of season.

  47. I think certain positions need more esrablished players so Ashley’s ‘model’ will prove ineffective. There aren’t many players around the age of 21 who could consistently score at Premier League level so that is one position where a certain amount of experience is needed.

  48. If we win our next 5 games we are promoted! Nuff said. Look at history for this league.

  49. If we get as many points as Ed had articles today then we’ll be promoted. 11 in total – incredible!!!

  50. toonsy could not agree more,as long as you have good kids behind them willing to learn from exp,love to watch drog at chelsea what a player pity about diving like,kids should not take there eyes off him if they want to learn

  51. spartanchris;well said,never go on myself,but know what your saying!JAMES toon never follow history thats the trouble

  52. SpartanChris – Really? The guy must have a titanium keyboard. Not bad for someone who had to give it up to go back to work ;)

  53. BIG DAVE aye on with third wall now,batty finished it off.dave ive got that cream for you best use it m8 or could turn into the lurgi,or is to late m8 :)

  54. Icedog its horrible to say it mate but thankfully the Grand-kids are away back they are brill for a day or so but after 4 days my head was away with them :lol:

  55. toonsy says:
    March 8, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    Barton back, Best scores,

    Sounds like Jon Venables, oops i mean Joey Barton, had a good 45mins. Glad Best has got a goal although it’s not really a proper 1st team goal. It annoys me Ranger hasn’t been given more game time, IMO he could be in double figures too if he’d been given the games. Let’s hope we secure promotion early so he can be given a run out along with a few others.

    Barton coming back poses a problem of who to play in centre mid, Guthrie has been a different player when played there but i’ve a feeling he’ll be pushed out again which i think is unfair.

  56. Icedog – just being facetious about the train but a bit grim, eh? Still, I dont know the full story.

    Classic from the commentator on the Colchester v Brighton game, referring to the ref as Mister Bates. Well it made me chuckle.

  57. aye know what you mean been there done that,still am at times,cannot work it out,are they getting worse or am i
    getting to old.early forcast preston 2 n/f 1 wba1 s/w 1 boro 1 toon 2

  58. BBM,iknow m8 how would we feel if it was one of our own.lifes a bitch at times m8

  59. icedog – divvn’t start that. My calculator will give up the ghost :lol:

    Or my heart. Really shouldn’t joke about that though. I’m actually eligible for heart monitoring with the British Heart Foundation due to my family having chronic hereditory heart problems and I can get cholestorol tablets prescribed by the doctir to guard me in the future. Suddenly I feel mortal, that sounds really bad now I’ve read it back :(

  60. Tino that was dark mate. Personally chuffed to see Barton back, glad to hear Best score at last and always good when nile gets one. Also, it sounded like that Faroe Islands kid Edmundson took a nice goal, that’s definitely a positive thing to hear, hope he comes good!

  61. Icedog I have an A/Bullterrier myself brilliant oul dog he is 8 now and starting to go Deaf.
    As for points I think 90 pts will do but I reckon we will get 93 – 94, I see Batty hasn’t been on today he must be having a slow day selling his Big Issues :(

  62. I have a Dogue de Bordeaux if thats how it’s spelt. She is currently snoring away in the kitchen. I’m used to it now but the neighbours aren’t ;)

  63. heres a one that came up after the match and got a few people talking
    who, even after playing only a few games, feels more confident with Williamson playing rather than Taylor?

  64. @ DevonMag

    Aye reading it back it didn’t come out as i intended, no offence meant to anyone. :)

    One of the links earlier had Lamarse saying our big signing days are over, which is fair enough but we do need investment in the summer to stay in the PL. I’m worried the investment will be nowhere near enough though.

    How much does everyone think we need to spend (to stay up) and how much (realistically) do you think CH will be given?

  65. lesh says:
    March 8, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    I understand that there is probably no buyer for the club I would just like someone to own the club who would allow us to live by our means.

    Everything coming out of the club at the minute is that we won’t be spending hardly any money if were promoted.

    Turnover will be in excess of £100m with a £35m wage bill – Do the maths.

    We will be the 6/7th wealthiest club and probably in the top 4/5 in terms of finacial healthyness, yet I wouldn’t imagine we will be in the top 6/7 spenders.

    I seen Ashley’s point in the past re fiscal responsibility, but if we go up it will be a totally different situation. We should have money to spend – But I don’t think we’ll spend it – And what about the £20m per season he promised?

    I’m just a little bit aprehensive regarding next season in the PL if we end up there.

  66. Stu – Thing is he will want his interest free loans back at some point, and they need paying back for him to move at a guess.

    I don’t think we will get much of a budget but I think if push comes to shove and we are struggling by christmas then we will get some players in an attempt to keep us up.

  67. Tino 11 says:
    March 8, 2010 at 9:09 pm

    Bare minimum £20m to stay up.

    We don’t have a PL proven goalscorer, our centre midfielders are too slow and would be given the run around, our defence still conceeds quite a few chances and they would be scored in the PL.

    Only my opinion like – I’m sure many will disagree.

  68. Sorry to be a wet blanket, but I just spotted this:

    Most of it is the same old spin from The Streak – but I just absolutely f*cking exploded when I saw this bit:

    “We have had quite a substantial claim by Kevin Keegan that we had to deal with”


    Incredibly, this is followed by more whining about abuse from fans “I do find it foolish. It is offensive”.

    Jesus wept. And I keep handing over money to these c*nts.

  69. toonsy

    “Someone who can score goals should be the first priority.”

    Someone who can score goals and who’s prepared to work for minimum wage.

  70. yeh no wuzza’s tino! :) I’m down with us not getting washed up ‘big name signings’ but could still do with some young hungry big ‘names’ here and there, 10 mill on the odd player would be nice!

  71. toonsy,

    He will get the money he has loaned the club this season when the transfer fees are paid for the likes of Milner, Nzogbia, Given and Martins ect.

    I still don’t understand why we pay up front and accept staggered payments when we sell. For this exact problem – Cash flow is an issue. Ashley has put his money in this season, but it is only a short term loan I imagine until the transfer fees come in.

    Does anyone really think at least £20m is out of the question and not achievable?

    Questions will be asked if we make a £20m profit next season but end up in the Championship don’t you think?

  72. Really bad hopefully I have bets with quite a few Liverpool fans that they won’t finish in the top 4.

  73. £20m well spent on the right players wouldn’t be unreasonable. We may even get away with £15m.
    But splashing the cash guarantees nothing.
    Just look down the road at the dark place, spent millions & still shite.

    It’s all about the team, not money.

  74. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    March 8, 2010 at 9:31 pm

    I think it’s more important to look at who is spending that money.

    £20m given to a good manager makes success more achievable than without it.

    Clubs promoted last season have spent minumum £10m – Surely we can raise more than double that amount?

    Just depends who’s spending though – I wouldn’t give someone like Souness 50p but hopefully Hughton is a bit better of a judge.

  75. Look at brum,
    doing really well this season & they reportedly have a few million to spend, but you can guarantee that if they splash too much too soon it’ll upset the team they’ve built & it’ll all go tits up.
    Steady progression is better than trying to buy your way to glory.
    A winning team is a delicate balance of youth, experience, shrewd buys, a good manager & the fans support.

  76. 93 DarthBroon says:
    March 8, 2010 at 9:21 pm

    “Someone who can score goals should be the first priority.”

    Someone who can score goals and who’s prepared to work for minimum wage.
    bogdanovic was on 580euro a wk in malta mind hes not epl class,but thats the wages toon will be looking to pay the way things are going :(

  77. Stuart,
    aye, Hughton has shown that he has some nous when it comes to buying. & he should able to attract a better class of player if we get up.
    Also, i think he is respected in the game. & has been round it long enough to have contacts built up.

  78. Stu – We gat the money staged in those deals as thats the only way the buying clubs can afford to buy.

    On the outside, I’d say £20 million invested wisely may do and wouldn’t be unreasonable.

  79. CLiNT FLiCK @99

    “Clubs promoted last season have spent minumum £10m – Surely we can raise more than double that amount?”

    We’ll be lucky if he spends £10m.

    But you can be sure the ticket prices will keep going up.

  80. I think we should look for players at clubs like Man City, Chelsea etc, their fringe players or players they’ve bought but don’t get a game. Hopefully they’ll be wanting to leave for 1st team football and we are still a more attractive prospect for players than Stoke, Hull, Bolton, Blackburn etc.

  81. TOONSY;just been on wba site nearly 40% fans thinks they will go up as chams nearly 38% think they will go up does mean toon have 22% chance, not trying to worry you like,might try n/f site just for you m8

  82. Darth,
    i understand your concerns man, really.
    But we have to adjust to a new reality man.
    I know it sucks, big ones, but steady build is the ‘order of the day’ first up.
    Boom & bust is over, we boomed, then we busted, whoever was/is to blame, it’s history now, we have to re order the way we do things & not get sucked back into massive fees & massive wages just cos ‘we need’. Held to ransom cos we’re too far north by agents & the like.

  83. toonsy says:
    March 8, 2010 at 9:42 pm

    Stu – We gat the money staged in those deals as thats the only way the buying clubs can afford to buy.

    On the outside, I’d say £20 million invested wisely may do and wouldn’t be unreasonable.

    Toonsy i agree, maybe even 15 million extremely well spent may be enough.

    But do you think Ashley will give that much? I think 10 million at most is what he’ll invest.

  84. Tino @105

    We’ve not done badly in the past when it comes to loan signings – but we have to compete with everyone else to get their services.

    The general deal when it comes to loan signings is that the loanees (I think I’ve probably made a word up there) pay the wages of the player and, as we all know, we will officially have a wage cap in place for next season.

  85. @ Darth

    Was the wage cap for the PL aswell? I was under the impression it was for the signings in january. I know we need a wage cap for the PL but surely it has to be higher than that!

  86. If we get up, we will always be a better attraction for players than bolton, hull, wigan, s*land, wolves, burnley, wba, forest, blackburn, etc.
    Anyone outside the usual top 4 ain’t got the cash either.

  87. toonsy are you sure,just thought i would help you with nerves,are you sure its the poor dog that snores,i call mine ice hes ice cool bit your bloody arm off without breaking sweat :)

  88. icedog – Just been on WBA mad, out the top 4 threads one of them is about farting in bed, another about whiskey and the other about garage doors. Guess they sre stuck for stuff to talk about :)

  89. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    March 8, 2010 at 9:56 pm

    If we get up, we will always be a better attraction for players than bolton, hull, wigan, s*land, wolves, burnley, wba, forest, blackburn, etc.
    Anyone outside the usual top 4 ain’t got the cash either.

    Don’t you mean ‘when we get up’ CLiNT? :)
    Let’s hope from now on we are attractive to players for the stadium, the fans and the football, not silly wages. Players who want to play like Routledge and Simpson is what we need.

  90. Tino,
    i never count chickens mate.
    Wouldn’t even have ’em in me house. :)

    I agree on the type of players we need though.
    Ones that wanna be here & play for the Toon, not wasters.
    Team players.

  91. Raffa would’ve been sacked a while ago, but they can’t afford to after he signed his last contract, he won’t walk either so there stuck with each other.

    Can you imagine how the Liverpool fans would react if they sold Torres or Gerrard in the summer? If Stardust thinks our mob is bad, i reckon they would put us to shame!

  92. toonsy thats because they think its in the bag,all over bar the talking,but dont worry m8

  93. It’s all going horribly wrong scouseside.
    Aye, they can’t get shot of Benitez or the owners & selling torres & gerrard won’t save them either.
    They up the proverbial…’
    This is what can happen when you spend cash you ain’t got then fail to meet the required standard.
    As we all know.
    It could quite easily be the start of an enormous fall from grace for them.

  94. Tino

    You’ve filled me with hope now. I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it applies to next season (if I have to take everything back I’ve said about “Mr. Ashley” I’ll be up all night :) )


    I know what you’re saying. And a ‘slow build’ seems perfectly reasonable.

    If that’s what’s ahead, then that’s what they should be saying (in terms of PR output) and they should be committing themselves to actual figures. But all I’m hearing at the moment is what they AREN’T going to do, and the rest we can only really guess at.

    If they want people to fork out for season tickets, then should be a bit more forthcoming about what we can expect.

  95. CF never rated benitez the amount of of money hes spent in short time is unreal,i dont think the players are playing for him

  96. Darth,
    can’t argue with that mate. :)

    TBH, i think that’s what they’re trying to say, but in a cack-handed way.
    Ashley is a known recluse & seemingly no lyricist. :)
    & Llambias obviously ain’t used to having to talk the talk.
    That’s why it’s better if they say nowt.
    But they’re trying to get the football world to get that we ain’t gonna be throwing cash all ower the shop like we used to under FFS.
    Which pretty much got to critical mass with him & he realized he couldn’t sustain it, so sold to Ashley.

  97. @ icedog

    I agree, he is well over rated. I think Martin O’Neil is over rated, for different reasons but i know many would disagree with me on that one. John Toshack was always the one for me that i just didn’t get why clubs wanted him.

    I was never a fan of Roy Hodgson either, but i am beginnig to change my opinion of him, he’s done well at Fulham.

  98. icedog

    Not really :(

    They would do themselves the world of good if they would just make ONE single genuine statement that they could be held accountable for somewhere down the line.

    But they never do.

  99. If Mike Ashley is actually the smart businessman we were led to believe then maybe the comments about not spending big are intended to ensure we don’t get fleeced anymore. If you announce you have £25m to spend then agents and clubs know how much you have and will bid up prices. Look at what Man City ended up paying for some average players… Interestingly we did spend more in Jan than we were led to believe but I may be giving Ashley more credit for being savvy than he deserves… That said football has changed. No one will be paying £8-10m for average players anymore. The money was never available for most clubs and those who tried to spend what they didn’t have won’t be doing so any more. Portsmouth, West Ham, even Liverpool and Man U… We do need to strengthen to be competitive in the Premiership but I disagree that we need to spend silly money. I also think that our squad is already better than the likes of Hull City, Wolves, Burnley, etc

  100. we’ll win our next 6, that’ll put us on 90, were home and dry with 6 to go

    as long as….

    butt doesnt walk back into the team… neither barton or strolla and guthrie stays in the middle when rotledge comes back

  101. I’d like to make a few points, one is, some one said earlier that if we win all our home games, we’ll have 90 points, enough to win the fizzy, well when I went to score, 72 + 15 was 87, not 90, so we will also have to get a few draws/wins away too :)

    Everyone is going on about Forest/WBA being our closest rivals, personally I think Swansea, ok they lost to Forest at the weekend, but they are a good team & I can see them winning a lot of they last few games, maybe not to win but could creep into 2nd if they carry on, just while Forest & WBA are worrying about each other.. lol

    Not sure the wage cap is for the PL as well as the fizzy, how else did we get Simpson to agree to join us else, unless he was promised a wage rise once promoted??

    As for a proven PL goal scorer, well we have one, Lovenkrads was a proven SPL goal scorer.. lol I totally agree that Ranger should be given more time & he may well towards the end of the season if Carrol is sent down for his crimes, as I think Ranger & Loverboy would be a cracking strike team !!

    Now as fo Ashley, if he’s willing to spend £5.5m in Jan for players, then I’m willing to guess he’ll sit down with CH & discuss how much money he’s willing to spend in the summer! we won’t find out because so will the agents, he’ll do it on the QT & slowly but surely we’ll get some players in, a few I believe have already been snooped out.. As for taking fringe players from teams like Chelski, Manc Usa, Arsenil & Cessepool, I wouldn’t want them, have a look back at all the ex-teams players we’ve had, none of them were cheap, Duff, Parker, etc & their wages were way above a wage cap, so I’d rather go to teams like Spurts, Wet Spams, Stoke & get their better players to come to us :)

    92 points is my guess to WIN the fizzy & get some silverwear in the cupboard again.. lol