Geordies in the smog: Middlesbrough v Newcastle match preview.

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Middlesbrough fans queue outside the Riverside.
Middlesbrough fans queue outside the Riverside.
This time tomorrow we will be in the midst of the 116th Tyne/Tees ‘derby’ as Middlesbrough take on Newcastle United in what should be an all guns blazing game at the Riverside. Another away win would see Newcastle take another step closer to promotion whilst ‘Boro have aspirations of making the play-off’s still.

Newcastle haven’t had the best of times at the Riverside recently, failing to win on our last 3 trips to Teeside and this outing could be another tricky one as Middlesbrough are unbeaten at home since boxing day. In fact traditionally Newcastle have always struggled on Teeside. Of the 62 games played there, ‘Boro have won 28 times, 19 have ended up a draw and the Toon have mustered only 15 wins.

As we have been getting closer to the match, the ‘derby’ day feeling has been flooding forward. It’s not the derby of course, but it’s the closest we’ll get this season and players such as Danny Simpson, Peter Lovenkrands and Kevin Nolan have all had their pieces to say about the match. Nolan is expected to captain the side in tomorrow’s game and knows how crucial the match could be:

“We’ve had to be up for every game this season, but it does add a bit of extra spice with them only being down the road.”

Middlesbrough boss Gordon Strachan believes his side are due a result and will be looking to spring an upset and boost his own team’s play-off chances. The Scot said:

“We haven’t got the results we have deserved lately, but I’m sure everybody is looking forward to enjoying the derby atmosphere at the weekend. It will be terrific if we can take the three points.”

Middlesbrough have a rake of injury concerns ahead of Saturday afternoon’s match. Jeremie Aliadiere, Tony McMahon, Seb Hines and Matthew Bates are all definately out whilst Willo Flood and Emanuel Pogatetz look likely to miss out. Chris Riggott and Scott McDonald will undergo tests before the match to see if they are fit enough to play.Rhys Williams is back fit and ready to play a role in ‘Boro’s midfield so I’d expect the starting XI to line up like:

‘BoroCoyne, Naughton, Wheater, McManus, Taylor, O’Neil, Williams R., Robson, Arca, Killen, McDonald.

Newcastle have Jose Enrique and Wayne Routledge back in training although it is yet to be confirmed if either will be deemed fit enough for the short trip down the A19. Of the two, I’d expect Enrique has the stronger chance of featuring as he has only really missed a couple of days training whilst Routledge has been out for three weeks but could be named in the squad.

Alan Smith is still rated as doubtful as he nurses the ankle knock that kept him out of last week’s 6-1 win over Barnsley. He will join long term absentees Steven Taylor, Joey Barton and Shola Ameobi on the sidelines.

It’s hard to pick a team for this one. Logic dictates that the team that won 6-1 last time out should be given another chance to impress although, as we all know, we could easily switch to a 4-5-1 should manager Chris Hughton decide to keep things tight and try to sneak a winner. I’d prefer to see last weeks team again so we can give the ‘Boro something to think about, something to fear. With that in mind I’d go with:

NewcastleHarper, Simpson, Colocinni, Williamson, Enrique, Pancrate, Nolan, Guthrie, Gutierrez, Carroll, Lovenkrands.

Refereeing the match will be Lee Mason from Bolton who has shown 87 yellow cards and five red cards in his 29 matches so far this season. In fact he has produced a card in his last 52 matches.

It will be a tight affair, these matches generally are, but if we can get the win then it would be a big boost in our aim of promotion as this looks like, on paper, our toughest away game of the remainder of the season. Even a draw wouldn’t be the end of the world.

My prediction – Middlesbrough 1-2 Newcastle.

If we play to our potential then there is a good chance of grabbing the 3 points. Around 3,600 (officially) Mags will be on Teesside screaming on the team, of these our very own Bowburnmag will be one and I’m sure the players won’t want to disappoint the travelling Geordies.

Howay the lads!

Venue: Riverside Stadium

Date: Saturday, 13 March 2010,

Kick-off: 3:00 pm.

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59 Responses

  1. I’ll do a “Toonsy” – got a bad feeling about this one.
    They will be fired up and their 2-headed fans will be as well. I think they have the potential to play thuggish football and hope we don’t get any injuries.
    I’d be happy with a fighting point.

  2. Boro are pretty sh1te to be honest, we should win this although theres no doubt boro will be trying to stick the boot in- hopefully ref will continue his happy card ways and send em off at first opportunity

  3. On the plus side, looks there should be streams tomorrow. No, not the river Tees, I mean video streams :lol:

  4. O`Neill, Arca, Wheater,not bad talent, should be a good game, hope we can continue our unbeaten run however.
    Like to see Boro.promoted, but looks unlikely this season, too bad always generates pressure and interest, these semi-derby games.

  5. chuck,wheater not bad,arca started to belive his own press only canny at times,o!neil can be a bit of hard man likes to put his foot in pleased pog not playing he is a dirty s—,will still go 2-1 toon williamson to get one

  6. love photo another good shot of boro (nice one toony) show it for what it is

    where do apply for one of those masks or do you get them at turnstiles

  7. Darth – Funny you mention that, I was just looking :D

    Hopefully here:

    A couple of places in America have it like ESPN and Fox I think, aswell as Bet365 so there is a good chance of finding one from somewhere. I’ll be on the case anyway ;)

  8. CHUCK, NO, boro only team to look at him from his time at b/ land,seen him play 3/4 times not epl class imo,and few others clubs by the look of it

  9. I think Arca WAS good but now he is getting on and his legs are going a bit. Doesn’t mean he still can’t hurt us though.

  10. toonsy – I’ve not seen that before. Looks great.

    I’ve seen a few games on this SopCast thing I got my hands on, but most of the channel guides are in Chinese so it’s a case of taking pot luck close to the game time.

  11. toonsy, my point WAS, just canny now for ccc any one of about 5 players can hurt us, but will stick with my pred

  12. Aye ice, I was agreeing with you :)

    Darth – I’m sure if there is video the that will have it on aswell.

    If push comes to shove I’ll sign up for Bet365 and somehow stream it myself for you’s.

    Hopefully it won’t come to that, I don’t trust myself on betting sites :lo:

  13. toonsy look on holiday sites,should be home and dry by mid-april

    will be done not should

  14. batty have you not finished painting that bunker out yet,komfort was going to give you a hand,as big dave has a funny rash

  15. Icedog, was being facecious (arfing) a laugh, rock buns take your pick, gedit ?
    Have`nt seen Arca in a while, yeah guess he`s getting on age wise.
    Kinda surprised, thought Boro. would make it back this season.

  16. Soh ! what did you guys do to Ed. ?
    Has`nt wrote a blog all day, usually done ten by this time.

  17. chuck,i got it ok m8,i know its boro but i do feel for the chairmen gibson one of best football lge guys risked a lot of doe,never hear him shouting the odds like

  18. Icedog I go for your prediction 2-1 win for us ;) , but I think it will be a scrappy game as Boro will be well up for it.
    Toonsy I dont think we get Bet365 match’s in GB

  19. big dave how are you m8,are you going down for game,or have!nt you got smog mask,did you get post on reply about “dogs” yest,have to watch that o!neil likes to put foot in

  20. Icedog no I wont be there I live in Norn Iron mate, and yeah got your reply about dogs its a fuking disgrace. Has Batty still not finished painting the bunker yet as I havn’t noticed him on from last week, christ he is slow

  21. well m8 we all have our cross to bear,hope you can get a stream for game toonsy trying for one,batty might be playing hide and seek,with roy cropper,well hes got the hide bit right but———–

  22. Early night for an early start in Darlatan the morra!!

    If I don’t make it back, names in a hat for my season ticket.

    We’ll be alright tomorrow lads – 1-0 and 3 points, all that is needed.

  23. Haven’t written in ages, hope everyone’s OK?

    I think we’ll come from 0-1 behind to get a battling 1-1. Sorry guys just what I reckon.

  24. Think it’ll be tight tomorrow, we’re the better team but it will be one of those games

  25. For those in the states is the place to watch tomorrow. Does that site work in the UK?

  26. I’m in the USA but I can’t get ESPN360 on the internet as my internet provider is not affiliated with this site :( So please let me know if anyone finds a good link that works in the USA. Cheers, Jilly Bean

  27. should be able to find something on or is my usual go to, so i’m sure they’ll have something. hopin for 3 points tomorrow!

  28. Overseas TV:
    Al Jazeera Sport +4
    Fox Sports 2 (Australia)
    GOAL TV1 (Singapore)
    Setanta Canada (delay)
    Sport Italia
    SportKlub+ (Poland)
    SportKlub+ (SE Europe)
    TV4 Sport

  29. It looks like Angel’s overseas tv listing has been copied and pasted from the site.

    Just in case there are some overseas fans out there who aren’t familiar with this site, Id recommend that you add it to your bookmarks and check out the site on match days, as they always give the overseas tv info as best they can:

  30. Boro are a poor team with a lot of injury problems. Our wingers will shred them on the counter attack. 1-4 to the mighty Mags. Come on.

  31. Just been dropped off in Darlo and at the Three Squares greasy spoon – cracking breakfast
    and brew. Just waiting for lads to get in from Newcastle and then we’ll get on it. Gotta love away days.

  32. for the ales…


    west brom



    ….returns should cover 4 healthy sessions :)

  33. Hope you lot get a link by the way!

    Lads are on the train so I’m off. Enjoy ladies and gents!

    Howay lads!

  34. Close game today I think.

    Boro will be up for it and they might even have 20k in the ground.

    I’m going for a 1-1, but would love to sneak the win.

    If we did sneak it I think that would all but confirm our promotion as I cannot see Forest beating PNE.

  35. Have a good one Bowburn Mag. Cheer the lads on to help get the 3 points. I repeat 1-4 to the mighty mags.