“Clearly annoyed” Hughton blasts tabloid wage cap rumours.

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Hughton: "Nothing in it".
Hughton: "Nothing in it".
Newcastle United manager, Chris Hughton, has reacted to specious tabloid stories stating that Newcastle United players were to be rewarded with a pay cut if the club achieve promotion at the end of the season.

Somewhat ironically, the interview appeared in Newcastle rag, the Journal, which is a sister paper of one of the tabloids that were spreding the false story in the first place, The Mirror. The club’s Managing Director, Derek Llambias also came out to scotch the rumours, saying that there was “no truth whatsoever” in the story.

Hughton meanwhile, who as most Newcastle and Tottenham fans know is usually a very calm and measured character, was reported to be “clearly annoyed” by the media guff, and his words indicated that it was a distraction that he would not allow to affect the squad as they chase a return to the Premiership. He said:

“That financial story is not particularly helpful,”

“I was made aware of it this morning and as far as I know there is nothing in it. It just seems to have been plucked out of thin air. As far as I know there is absolutely not truth in it.

“The only thing we are interested in is football. Contracts and things like that can wait until the end of the season. It’s nothing I’m aware of. We’ve got used to a lot of speculation, especially financial speculation around the club.

“We have 12 games left and we can’t afford to worry about anything that can detract from our objective and the sole objective is to get enough points to get promotion.”

No doubt, it won’t be too long until the press are peddling the next unsubstantiated piece of drivel about the club.

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40 Responses

  1. I think Hughton’s language says such a lot about his general demeanour. “….is not particularly helpful” says it all – he’s a master of understatement.

    I suspect had it been Ferguson in this position, there’d be barristers on the case before the Mirror and the Mail’s ink was dry!

    Good on ya Chris, more crap thorwn your way and we trsut that the players have sufficient faith in you to know that they can just get on with their football and give us a 7-1 away win!

  2. Or, just to play devil’s advocate, perhaps it hasn’t been very ‘helpful’ as the players have kicked off about it?

  3. The general standard of sports reporting in this country is pathetic and in line with the current celebrity culture, i dont know the last time i read a match report which did just that, most of the articles contain quotes or harp on about a controversial incident.
    Even Bob Cass was at it last weekend with stupid ignorant comments about our supporters.
    Trouble is, what they wanted and wished for has not happened but they will still try to put a spoke in our wheel with lazy journalism and cheap shots, no doubt they will be chuckling at getting a response from Hughton, tin hats back on if we get promoted.

  4. i think he doesnt quash the rumors that well as he says those famous get out of clause words ‘ as far as i know’. That aside, i think this is all ashleys and lambsarse’s fault and is merely the flip side of the coin… as there always is one. In this case, ashley and lambarse have been dripping on about how much of a black hole and how much money we are loosing ete etc for the last few weeks… this is what has led to this bullshit story. if they want to constantly drag our finances through the media when it suits them in order to get fans onboard and brownie points its not suprising that the press would jump on this sort of story really. Its only last week the arse said the days of big signings and big wages are gone. To me the press are doing nothing more than making a judgement based on our owner and chairmans own words.

  5. @Craig – red top rag journalists will make a slut out of a nun, they’re beyond a joke and although ashley and lambiarse are idiotic at best we can hardly blame them for the state of popular english journalism

    Tits – sport – sex scandal – made up cr@p

  6. craig chisholm,I go with you on that one,monkey face also said in two years we would have some money to spend??? beats me

  7. Hmmm ! taken from his recent interview it seems Shearer has advocated that spending will decide whether the club will survive the first season if promoted.
    Stating there is an enormous gap between the quality in the two top leagues and how often promoted clubs find themselves relegated, either in the first or second seasons following promotion.
    In which case, do either of our footballing geniuses MA or Llambias believe we can survive the season, without going for some quality, or are they of the opinion they know better and can bring a new policy to the league.
    That of a salary cap,(reputed in the region of ten grand a week), for incoming players, plus no one over twenty six,etc.
    Well good luck with that guys, guess we will be the new West Brom an elevator team up and down be-tween leagues.
    Course there are i`m sure a lots of fans who believe the deadly duo can be successful with their policy, going against the general trend, ah well lets see !

  8. Toonsy @ 2 “Or, just to play devil’s advocate, perhaps it hasn’t been very ‘helpful’ as the players have kicked off about it?”

    The players probably and understandably sparked off.

    Craig @7… I think if you read the Journo’s article you’d see that Llambias has knocked it on the head too.

    Please don’t say we can’t believe anything he says.. it was an unequivocal denial of the story and CH has said that he was assured by DL that it was rubbish.

    The press are, as usual, mischief making but who’s sown the seed?

    Could the story have come from the Teeside area? What would Boro gain you might ask?

    A pi***ed off set of Newcastle players that’s what.

    this is a different sort of sat

  9. Chuck @11,

    Give them some credit will ya. We do have some quality already and there aree some super youngus coming through as back up.

    I’m sure they’ll buy within budgets but what they’ll not do is aim for top 4 first season. If they budget to survive in mid-table, that’d make a lot of sense eh?

  10. at article 12…. all hughton kept on saying was ‘as far as i am aware’ blah blah. oh and yes, he also said, ‘now is not the time for this, lets get to the end of the season’.

    chuck @11…. good comments and i think it will be very interesting to see what does happen IF we go up. i too can see us being a yo-yo team. hey, you never know though, i thought the bluenoses would be like that but they are doing really well this season from the CCC last season. We do need to invest in some quality though as heart and grit will only get us so far in the prem.

  11. Lesh
    credit where credit is due, looking at the track record of these two geniuses, would you buy a used car from eithr one ?
    As far as quality is concerned, three in the back line,
    Joey in midfield, eh! maybe Nolan and Jonas, too early to judge Routledge, looks like a sick note though.
    The rest “Quality”, you cant be serious!

  12. lesh……….the press are not making mishchief. ashley and turd lambsarse have been going on and on and on and on about how much money we are loosing for weeks now. OUR club started this money merry go-round story. Its like sheryl cole and that gay twat from chelski asking for privacy when they are getting divorced but sold their pics to OK mag for a million when they got married. cashley and his muppet cant have it all ways… they used the press to punt around the stories about how great they are for saving us by pumping endless money into a sinking ship and now they are all upset that the press are jumping onto newcastles money woes… tough shit i say. You reap what you sow, and OUR own club sowed the seeds for this wank headline.

  13. chuck thats better you came off the fence,3 inback line,is that with or without harper?

  14. “too early to judge Routledge” the “looks like a sicknote though” made me chuckle :D

  15. Harper
    Routledge ?
    PL quality, the rest bench sitters.
    OK Dog ?

  16. chuck,got it,m8 would def put williamson in there,but would not give joey the time of day imo

  17. yeah @22…. thats about it in a nutshell. looking at it like that, maybe if we get not a single injury and all the mentioned players play we might scrape in at around 15th next term. we just do not have a good enough team on paper. but then again…. we had martins, owen, viduka.. all world class and all were shit!! we had zogbia who could be great but will never be. Duff who never played but as soon as he left slagged us down. We had given who didnt want to be with us since 2008 and even instructed his people to find him another club from that date…. SO, all these things considered, here is a question for you all…. if this seasons nufc were to play last seasons right now, at home at st james.. .who would win??? my money is the CCC side.

  18. nolan is s**t! we have good younger players coming throu need a new centre midfield with legs right back and top centre forward we would be ok. the prem league is shit the only good thing going for us is we will be very good at set plays which we will course all the teams problems if we get enough of the ball are back 4 will be sound which cant be said for any off the prem teams even the so called top 4 it is raining goals in that league why.

  19. Think we may be knocking the “quality” of the current squad a bit early, we managed to stay in the prem for a number of years with the likes of babayaro, boumsong, ambrose, elliot, hapless titus, 3 game a season dyer, 2 game a season owen, 1 game a season viduka, 10 goal a season top striker oba martins, 0 games a season Luque

    gimme a break – that lot were useless

  20. and I aint even gonna mention the daglish era of liverpool old boys rush and barnes!!!!!

  21. Yeah well Lovenkrands and Smith, are OK, but Lovenkrands is in the twilight of his career and what do we do with Smith, an ex striker who cant score to save his life and runs around collecting yellow cards, he`s a trier, but i wuold prefer he tried somewhere else.(could we still get a few bob for him ?)
    Nah! we need some quality like big Al said.

  22. chuck!look at are back 4 if fit good as any1sin the prem need a top right back then that is a good base to start from throu the middle of midfield and 1 great goal scorer up front we would easily be ok the first season.

  23. sell harper and put ashley in goal, the twat is so fat he would be the best goalie in the world, there would be no spare space to slot the ball. Yeah smith is a bit slow since he has had his leg smashed to shit.. lets get lambsarse in there, i hear he is really fast at st james, esp when butt naked!

  24. Yeah..”if Ferguson in this position, there’d be barristers on the case”

    That’s true, hopfully the media can get that right!

    Newcastle are not a team you can make fun with.

    Dear FANS:
    Please do not let the media spoilt the team now – we have 12 games left.

    We are going to promoted.!!! Back to where are belong! EPL BPL

  25. This false case will be good to earn some cash for cashly and co.

    Just go ahead and sue them.

  26. Well the only thing positive about the present geezer`s who run the club is we will never have to watch another Kluivert, or Little Mickey, or for that matter the aussie doughnut scoffer with the permanent sick note.

  27. hey chuck you are right. the vast majourity of our big names we total shit heads. owen was a disgrace and to be honest i hope that joey barton breaks his leg next season. owen did nothing for us ever and then left and slagged us down all season sice he has been with manure, sly digs at us every chance. he is in for a hot reception when he comes back. little shit.

  28. I wouldn’t say beaking Bartons leg would be the answer. We wouldn’t be able to sell him then :lol:

  29. I personally think its not the players at the club which will keep us up next season but the team, I know that sounds a bit stupid but ,think about it, its the team spirit this season ,all working together, all grafting for each other, little groups of players helping each other out ,working a units etc.
    Last season we had no team spirit, no captain, and a group of primadonnas with no fight , this was more than evident on the last day.
    This season ,I believe we have a sense of camaraderie and togetherness which should get us promoted within a month, we have a team who can play (when allowed) but the same team can graft and close players down, and who are scoring goals from midfield for the first time in years, I understand its against some poor opposition but …..and this is the clincher……we don’t have to play the likes of Manure and chelski etc every week when promoted, we need to get more points than the bottom 3, and if this season is anything to go by WE WOULD HAVE SURVIVED EASILY THIS YEAR.We need to get behind whoever owns the club and whoever is on the pitch as well as whoever is manager and maybe ….just maybe we might get some pride back in our Geordie nation ,instead of the media haranguing us, maybe they will start on the scouse scum and manc millionaires ,and when the new fa/prem league legislation comes in and you cant spend more than 70% of your turnover we may just be able to compete on a level playing field………..Bring it on !!!!!!!