Middlesbrough v Newcastle match banter!

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Another victory against the Smogmonsters?
Another victory against the Smogmonsters?
This afternoon, the Toon lads will be risking their pulmonary health for the cause, travelling down the A19 to the toxic land of smog that is Middlesbrough.

This match will be the 116th Tyne/Tees ‘derby’ all told, and pre season, Middlesbrough were supposed to be one of our two biggest rivals, along with the third Premiership reject, West Brom. Things are somewhat different now of course, and ‘Boro manager, Gordon Strachan will be desperately looking for a home result as Middlesborough fight for a place in amongst the bottom end of the playoff places, and also possibly prove a point agaist the top club in the division as Middlesborugh fight to restore their pride in what must be another desperately disappointing season for them so far.

For all the usual pre match stuff, check out Toonsy’s most estimable preview of the game. NUFC Blog’s Bowburnmag will also be down there with his gas mask on, and will attempt to write a full match review if he can manage to see the game through the awful Teeside fug.

There’ll be no UK TV coverage, but if anyone can find TV/radio links etc to the game for people who don’t have it, I’m sure that would be much appreciated. As ever, this can be the place to come together during the match and p*ss and moan, as we usually do.

We will of course try to get the team sheet up when it becomes available.

Howay the Lads!


Newcastle United: Harper, Simpson, Hall, Coloccini, Kadar, Pancrate, Nolan, Guthrie, Jonas, Carroll, Lovenkrands.

Subs: Krul, Enrique, Routledge, R Taylor, Best, Butt, Ranger.

Smogs: Coyne, ATaylor, McDonald, Killen, O’Neil, Robson, McManus, Arca, Williams, Wheater, Naughton.

Subs: Jones, Hoyte, Riggott, Lita, Miller, Bennett, Franks.

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255 Responses

  1. What happened to Williamson, injured??

    Looks like 4-4-2 tho

    NUFC: Steve Harper, Danny Simpson, Fitz Hall, Fabricio Coloccini, Tamas Kadar, Fabrice Pancrate, Kevin Nolan (c), Danny Guthrie, Jonas Gutierrez, Andy Carroll, Peter Lovenkrands
    Subs: Tim Krul, Jose Enrique, Wayne Routledge, Ryan Taylor, Leon Best, Nicky Butt, Nile Ranger

  2. With Guthrie in the centre i think our midfield will be too much for the smog monsters . Another win , 2-0 carroll & lovenkrands too score .

  3. AngelOfDeath says:
    March 13, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    “Any good stable links???? Watching through MediaPlayer.”

    Try the ones at the myp2p link above.

  4. TF – How about rather than moaning you look for yourself then?

    It’s free FFS, a couple of mouse clicks away. Is it that hard?

  5. Afternoon all, I’ll go with the 2-1 to us crowd. Can’t see why a broken hand would put a player out for a month!! Nice to see Routledge and Jose on Bench, both must be close to full fitness.
    Hat trick for Andy today. :)
    If I can’t find a stream that works ok, I won’t post again till tommorrow as I’l watch highlights later on BEEB.

  6. I think I might be a prophet to have called Lovenkrands impact this season.

    We could have had this all season if we didn’t leave it to the last minute to sign him and botch his pre-season.

  7. Just goes to show really that the SPL is actually Championship level then really www.

  8. Fitz Hall needs to be a bit careful with his tackling. We don’t want to be down to 10 men.

  9. Yes, the SPL (not including Celtic and Rangers) is Championship quality. Hence why the best players in the Championship, you will find, are Scottish and cheap to boot. That could be why Hughton is scouting Scottish players recently.

    Its when people say the SPL is the same as the Blue Square league that you find out who is a retard and who knows what football actually is. Those people also tend to match the same fools who want 6-0 wins every match.

  10. But surely Hughton is shopping in the wrond ailse scouting championship quality players from Scotland when, by all accounts, it’s looks like we are going up.

  11. Not always.

    Graham Dorrens was an SPL player and he could fit into Premiership team outside the Big 4. Charlie Adam was a Rangers reject and he is owning the Championship and is likely to be playing in the Premiership next season regardless.

    You also have Ross McCormack, Chris Burke, Ross Wallace, Barry Robson and some others I can’t even remember off the top of my head, who are the best players in this league and could be squad players next season at the very least.

  12. ToonKing – I’m not sure why we’re playing Carroll.

    Maybe because he has been banging goals in left and right of recent times.

  13. toonsy hate to worry you but everytime wba@n/f lose we never take adv
    hope its diff this time

  14. We could do with a game ending injury to that McDonald, hamstring or something would do.

  15. @toonsy , yeah he is is against much weaker teams….as soon as we hit a little resistance he gone missing…he’s brings nothing to this team…imo he’s the worst player on this team…zero talent, Shola is miles better then Carroll.

  16. Toonsy, is that the same Scott McDonald that people said wasn’t good enough to join Newcastle when people suggested signing him months ago?

    Former SPL player……. :-p

  17. Our midfield give the ball away so often it is frightening!

    Good job we don’t get punished in this poor league.

    Could stay 1-1 this.

  18. Why are Newcastle fans so insane?

    Carroll has been talked up for future England caps and moves to mid-table PL teams and Nolan is our joint leading scorer and you’re all ripping them apart.

    Take Nolan and Carroll’s goals away and we are not even in the top half. Remember that. Work rate means nothing – goals do.

    Nolan and Carroll can do nothing but score goals and that’s all they have to do. You lot think everyone should be Wayne Rooney. It’s deluded.

  19. In summary, we haven’t been as good as Boro. They are pressing us but that cant continue for the whole match. That crock McDonald will whimper off injured again and we are always likely to sneak a goal.

  20. Wicky a player who scored for fun in the spl and doesn’t score many in the second tier of English football??? The spl is sh1te, get over it!

  21. Its as much a generalisation as Scottish players are pub league, so yeah.

    Mine is more accurate though, lol.

  22. w.w.w. every player has off days,thats the time to sub them,not saying there shit in general (although some are) takes more than 11 players to make a team like :)

  23. Not confident at all now. We look to be off the pace in midfield and we are inviting far to much pressure on our back four. Like we have all season.

    Boro are much more lively, playing for the dead balls in our half, playing into the corners for the throw-ins and the corners. At the minute, I’d say the next goal is likely to go their way and if it’s late in the game, we’ve lost.

    Luckily it looks as though it might be a bad day for Forest but I expect WBA to take maximum points now.

  24. I agree, icedog, although 35 minutes into the match is a bit early to sub them, lol.

  25. wicky – “Mine is more accurate”

    So is mine, that Jocks are all dole walling, crack taking, irn-bru swigging, tea cake eating, whisky addicted, log throwing, ginger haired, skirt wearing tight asses!


  26. I forgot Haggis eating :lol:

    I love Haggis, once I get over the whole sheep stomach thing.

  27. still expecting us to win this one – we could be promoted by end of month, forest have shot thier bolt so its betwween us and the baggies as to who goes up as champions

  28. nolan so shit! loses the ball and then puts us in trouble come on barton get fit i cant believe i am saying this have him back! cant give CH a chance in the prem he will play that slow clown and get sacked .

  29. Dave – Just going to see how the Forest fans are getting on and give them a friendly poke ;)

  30. You can say what you want mate , doesn’t change the fact that Carroll is a talentless player, Shola or Ranger would have scored just as much in his place + they can at least pass and hold up the ball.

  31. jay jay – facts are facts, I can’t argue them, hehe.

    ToonKing – Ranger can’t score in a brothel. He needs to be loaned about for about 3 seasons before he gets first team. His striking is abysmal and nowhere near the other aspects of his game.

  32. We are losing the ball to easily in midfield, slow to read the play and what is Pancrate doing on the pitch he is worse than Butt with his sideways/backward passing. At least Butt would help to stabilise the midfield if he came on. Rather see Routledge come on though to create something on the right side, would put some pressure on them and ease the pressure on us.

  33. big willy,long time no hear m8 hows things? dont rate pancake like,butt is worse imo

  34. Dave – I didn’t need to do anything mate, they are feeling down enough themselves.

  35. @wickywoowoo , how do you konow that ? Carroll wasn’t scoring either until he got a run of games.

  36. Ranger has had plenty of appearances this season and he has missed more open goals than anyone I can remember. Maybe he could surprise with a run of games but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it.

    Carroll isn’t as technically gifted as Ranger but he is by far a more effective player.

  37. Im hopeing we see Routledge and Ranger come on @ 70 mins but wont be surprised to see Best given the chance rather than young Ranger

  38. Need a double change, Routledge and Enrqiue for Kadar and Pancrate.

    Striker might not come on.

  39. wickywoowoo > Ranger has had plenty of appearances this season and he has missed more open goals than anyone I can remember.
    Keep taking the pills

  40. errr kadars playing CH – don’t think thats a good swap
    Routledge needs to come on for pancrate tho

  41. not bothered Butts on because theres a massive whole in the centre of midfeled which Nolans left

  42. ToonKing, you really are a disgrace to your club if you think you’re a fan.

    Look at the form Carroll has been in this year and you knock him for one poor game? You’re either insane or just a Sunderland fan in disguise.

    There are no other excuses.


  44. Andy Carroll is running around doing nothing.. haven even got a shot man! Striker?? Best coming in!

  45. Hahahas, when Newcastle falls, there is always help on the way. WBA match is drawing atm. whereas forest is losing.

    Hmmmm. Anyway,hoping someone to score the equaliser.

  46. not slagging CH,he’s done briliant this year…but those subs made no sense, striker for a plug….then put on another striker without anyone int he middle to link up the mid up with the forward

  47. He’s still usless wickywoowoo, not doing anything for 82 mins isn’t forgiven by scoring a lucky goal….the same was in effect for Owen who was destroyed by fans for just wondering around till he gets a clear chance…

  48. We did look more stable when Butt came on. And we looked better up front when Best came on as well. Too much, too late I think.

    Before the game, I’d have taken the draw, but I’d rather both WBA and Forest hadn’t gained on us.

    The WBA result should be a word of warning to us, Blackpool are no pushovers. They are closing on Cardiff and might easily make the play offs.

  49. An ugly ugly draw but wtf, we could easily of lost with a very makeshift defence.
    Icedog I’m ok, been pretty busy of late but have been looking in on the action, especially your dog spot. :)

  50. Starkadder – Forest lost today mate so they lost ground on us. We are 9 points clear of 3rd place now, with a game in hand and them still to play.

  51. Re: Blackpool.

    The thing about West Brom is that they play a very open style which always give opponents, in this case Blackpool, a chance.

  52. thats are last hard game! we are up! so dont worry its when and which match i said 2 weeks in april and i will stick by that.

  53. Ipswich Town 1 – 0 Scunthorpe United

    Whoa,a fiery match. two very late red cards for both team.And Scored at 90thMins. **Ouch**

  54. Ipswich Town 1 – 0 Scunthorpe United

    Whoa,a fiery match. two very late red cards for both team.And Scored at 90thMins. **Ouch**

  55. Colo is not too bad I think, although the mirror will probably declare him dead in tomorrows paper

  56. Ipswich Town 1 – 0 Scunthorpe United

    was a fierce match. two late red’s given for both teams and 90th min scored. :lol:

  57. Looks like another scrape through point, from all accounts shoulda lost.
    Get your hand in your pocket and dig deep Mike, gonna take a better bunch than this to survive the move up.

  58. We still have Blackpool and Nottingham Forest at St James’ Park yet. We still have hard games.

    Blackpool and Forest are the two most likely teams to end the home streak too so lets not get too cocky about it all.

    If anyone is to end the streak, I hope its Blackpool. They are a fun team to watch and their manager is hilarious and a good manager to boot.

  59. 2nd boro goal down to very poor defending on a set piece, harper should have flung himself across goal at least
    good to see kadar get a game, looked half decent at left back and unlucky not to score from that corner
    nolan had a poor game as did pancrate, routledge should be back on wednesday tho so pancrate will be back to bench

  60. Don’t think we can complain, away from home against a eam fighting o get into the play offs. Sounded like they were the better team to me, so a point is a canny result. Shame about West Brom, but we still have a game in hand

  61. I wouldn’t say that’s the last hard game asim. As we get closer to the end of the season, and the teams below us start pushing for play-off places, they are going to get more difficult to contain.

    I see twists and turns before the end of the season, and anyone who thinks the championship and even automatic promotion is in the bag should keep quietly confident. It will save embarassment later.

    Looking at the remaining fixtures, WBA have the easiest set, with us and forest having similar teams to play. The form of eveyone from 4th to about 12th might well determine the places above them.

    I said on this board right at the beginning of the season that WBA would be champions and I still think that’s likely. We don’t have a good record in pressure situations. That’s why we must focus on automatic promotion and avoiding the play offs. The Championship title is nice, but not essential.

  62. jay jay,going canny m8,how do wba get that many bloody pens about 6 all a bit iffy never a pen today,acording to com

  63. Harper, Simpson, Hall, Coloccini, Kadar, Pancrate, Nolan, Guthrie, Jonas, Carroll, Lovenkrands.
    simpson-4…pls cross the friken ball
    hall-8..good but cant keep his position
    colo-7…out standiing
    kadar-7…better than hall if he played center back
    pancrant-4…i dont know what the hell he was doing
    nolan-4…bad day for him
    danny boy-6..classy but not his day
    jonas-3…out classed by 21 year old right back
    caroll-5…scored a goal but didnt do shi*t the whole day
    loven-6…the same as caroll
    if nufc is trying to play this team next year …just we call us the next pompy

  64. On a slightly different note, I would like to congratulate Mark Halsey on winning his fight with the big C. Don’t know if we love him or hate him as a ref but it’s always nice to see someone recover from that awful illness.

  65. I don’t know where this whole toonsy is nervous thing comes from. There is a difference between being cautiously optimistic and nervous. I’m more the former ;)

  66. Hennock were you watching the same game as me, Jonas may not have had an outstanding game today but I reckon he was worth at least a six. He never stopped trying and Strachan had obviously set out his stall to stop him as he always had at least 2 defenders closing him down. It should have been a great chance for our lot to have a bit more space to play in but we just didn’t really capitalise on it. Don’t forget he made Lovenkrands goal.

  67. henock at 233: One thing we won’t do next season is a ‘pompy’. We may struggle, we may get relegated, but our finances won’t go to $hit and we won’t be put into administration.

    The way I see it, we are turning into one of those teams we all hate, The Bolton’s on this world (no offence to Bolton fans). Difficult to beat away from home and (hopefully) good enough to pick up a good bunch of points at home. Finish each season comfortable mid-table and hope for a lucky cup run. It might not sound like much to shout about, but we won’t be Pompey.

  68. We missed Routledge today. We had very little down the right wing and that gave Boro the extra man whenever they needed one. Pancrate was just as guilty of running in field as Guthrie has done in the past, but he didn’t have a great game where as when Guthrie goes inside he tends to cause the opposition problems.

    We were lopsided and that allowed Boro to concentrate on Guti, who was our main threat all day. It might not have paid off for us, but as Big Willy says above, he was considered such a danger that Boro doubled up on him throughout the game. The pass for Lovenkrands goal was top drawer, without doubt.

  69. Hi all – very satisfied. I REALLY did have a bad feeling about this one ( not kidding, toonsy!)- and when I heard about Big Will being out (bad news – hand injury, could be out a month), stories of Guthrie not being too well, then Colo going off, then them scoring their 2nd – it felt like it was unfolding as I was afraid it would. As it is, we can chalk off another away game and an extra point clear of 3rd place.
    I don’t like to put a promotion points total any more than Hughton does – but Forest’s maximum is now 94, so IF we can beat them, we would need 91 to be nailed on certain.

  70. I remember Lovenkrands bursting into tears after his goal against WBA. He was right in front of me. Very poignant moment for everyone I think.

  71. Reports say Colo just has a dead leg and should be back for wednesdays game. I remember gettinbg dead legs at school of the bigger boys, … I was able to play next break time!

  72. Good lad is Lovenkrands. It’s nice to see him enjoying his football playing in his favoured position.

  73. lads whats up we need to win just 5 or 6 games to go up! then forest need to win all 10 games thats not going to happen in this league.

  74. Especially when Forest still have to play us asim :lol:

    On another note, I see a Boro fan hoyed a brick in the face of a 13 year old Newcastle fan after the match. Shameful.

    The kid probably turned the Boro guy down :lol:

  75. Looking at the still, it’s outside the box but I’m not sure there is any contact.

    Same old Baggies, always cheating!

  76. lads it could be over for forest on tuesday they play barnsley away an west brom play swansea away if they lose we win wednesday dont tell me we cant start poping the bubbley if i have spelt popping and bubbley wrong then becasue i am pissed.