Doncaster Rovers v Newcastle United – Match banter!

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Toon beware of sucker punch?
Toon beware of sucker punch?
And deep breath…, despite the furore surrounding an alleged attack by Andy Carroll on team-mate Steven Taylor, Newcastle United do still actually have a game tonight down at Doncaster Rovers. We’ll be making our league debut at the Keepmoat Stadium, in front of what is expected to be a season’s best attendance.

All the talk at the moment is around the allegations of a training ground bust-up between Taylor and Carroll, with the latter reportedly just out of hospital and suffering from a broken jaw. However, despite apparently having treatment to an injured hand and his future at the club put into question by press and supporters, Andy Carroll has joined the squad in Yorkshire, but it remains to be seen whether he will be involved in tonight’s game.

This sort of stuff couldn’t have happened at a more critical time for us, as we head into the first of nine remaining tough games. Especially, as the man who appears to be the chief antagonist has been in fine form of late, scoring some crucial goals, particularly away from home. Which means potentially, Hughton will need to rely on either Leon Best or Nile Ranger upfront, or a combination of the two. Assuming Hughton does as most of us would expect and go 4-5-1 with Best upfront on his own, having only scored once in his last twenty three Championship appearances, the distraction could work for or against Best, if we’re relying on him for goals.

Chris Hughton will have arguably the biggest team talk of the year so far to get the team focused. This will be yet another test of his managment skills and ability to deal with adversity. He’ll also potentially have a decision to make over whether to give Barton time on the pitch. Though given Barton’s very own long list of indiscretions, which include sparking a mass brawl at Doncaster in a pre-season friendly while at Manchester City, Hughton might see it is a wise move not to light that particular touch paper.

The one saving grace, perhaps, is that there’s no national TV coverage for this game, so the glare will be down to only the stadium floodlights and not that of the national press and beady eyes of those waiting for us to trip ourselves up. However, there have been no reports coming through that it can be caught via online channels either, so unfortunately that probably means none of us can watch it. But if anyone does happen to find TV/radio links etc to the game for people who don’t have it, I’m sure that would be appreciated. As ever, this can be the place to come together during the match and p*ss and moan, as we usually do.

Doncaster outplayed us for long spells at St James’ and only a late goal from Kevin Nolan stole us all three points. They’re in a great bit of form at the moment, so even without the distractions of the off-field nonsense, this was always likely to be a tough test. Though Andy Carroll may now be a doubt, read toonsy’s most excellent preview article to consider what both teams have to pick from, what Doncaster’s current form has been like and other general bits and pieces regarding tonight’s game. As for the starting line-up, we’ll hopefully get that to you, all in good time…

Howay the lads!


Newcastle United: Harper, R. Taylor, Coloccini, Kadar, Simpson, Routledge, Butt (c), Gutierrez, Guthrie, Nolan, Carroll.

Subs: Krul, Enrique, Barton, Best, Pancrate, Ranger, Tozer.

Doncaster Rovers: Sullivan, Hayter, Roberts (c), Oster, Chambers, Woods, Martis, O’Connor, Sharp, Shiels, Wilson.

Subs: Smith, Mutch, Thomas, Hird, Spicer, Lockwood, Mc Daid.

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351 Responses

  1. i had to smirk at the team preview on put up earlier today… “steven taylor (knee) remains absent”

    anyroad, the match… lets hope CH can get/keep them focused on the task at hand.

    donny are in a good vein of form and pushing for play offs-which is mad really seeing their journey from non league only 5/6 seasons ago or something daft.

    we cant let them dictate or give them time on the ball, o’driscol plays an attractive game and we need to nip it in the bud

    current situation, i think a lot of fans would be happy with a draw, our away form is all over the place so i suppose its not impossible to take all the points.

    as ever, who turns up?!

  2. Will we wilt away or will we fight for the match? Much has been made of the determination in the squad this season, this will be a test of it.

  3. Come on lads! As the season has progressed I’ve actually begun to develop greater and greater confidence in Hughton’s technical ability as a manager. I really like the way the guy operates; he’s a true gentleman, and at first I thought his ‘nice-guy’ attitude had rendered him a bit of a doormat, but clearly he gets into his players when he needs to. The way the lads were calling for him to be awarded the job fulltime earlier in the season clearly underpins they’re respect for the guy. Hopefully we’ll pull together tonight and get a win, after the fightback last week this seems possible. If Barton gets on, after recent interviews, I’d bet on him trying to keep his head down and let his football do the talking- after the Carrol incident, this could prove the perfect catalyst for him to prove his days of controversy are behind him. Ranger and Best to step up to the plate tonight and bag the goals for an increasingly more important win.

  4. I can see him playing 4-5-1 carrol up front on his own or not playing at put ranger in their becasue best cant do that job holding up the ball. 5 in midfield with butt or barton coming in that should make us strong and if we dont win it will be down to the bust up which every1 will say.

  5. Hey, this is not going to be any walk in the park, this club can play football, got a good manager and a coupla decent players.
    And these are the games we have to win, one point is not good enough, W/ Brom. is creeping up on us and it would`nt do to finish second after leading for most of the season.
    If we want to attract decent young players for the PL we have to show some character and win the league.

  6. There’ll be something not quite right if Carroll does play.

    We might learn more in the post match interview with CH.

  7. Stuart79 says:
    March 23, 2010 at 5:42 pm
    There’ll be something not quite right if Carroll does play.

    We might learn more in the post match interview with CH.
    <<<< did u think of that all by yourself

  8. we in for a rough ride here… this team have second best non loosing record, only second to us. with all the new chaos at ourclub i have no idea which newcastle will turn up tonight. it could really go any way!!

  9. Id be happy with a apoint tonight , keep the momentum going and look for 3 points in our home games

  10. craig chisholm says:
    March 23, 2010 at 5:47 pm
    we in for a rough ride here… this team have second best non loosing record, only second to us. with all the new chaos at ourclub i have no idea which newcastle will turn up tonight. it could really go any way!!
    <<<<< aye your right we could either drw or win lol

  11. Ryan Taylor will be in for Enrique who’s got a niggle, Simpson will move to LB and Nicky Butt will come into midfield – One up front.

  12. batty says:
    March 23, 2010 at 5:54 pm
    need a point too make sure we stay top then i can see us pulling away agen craig

    You also said we’d be promoted by April, so I don’t think really think you should be making predictions when it comes to football.

    You don’t really know that much.

    Carroll to start

  13. Well if Carroll plays tonight then you just know the Doncaster players are going to try and verbally wind him up . Lets hope for the sake of the team he can find some restraint and keep his head cool , i can see real trouble kicking off if he does play . Imo it would be wise to pick Ranger or Best or even better go 442 and play both .

  14. stuart i hope not! simpson to left back would be wrong the boy cant even play right back! put kader at left back becasue he is left footed becasue willamson is back.

  15. Stuart79 says:
    March 23, 2010 at 5:56 pm
    batty says:
    March 23, 2010 at 5:54 pm
    need a point too make sure we stay top then i can see us pulling away agen craig

    You also said we’d be promoted by April, so I don’t think really think you should be making predictions when it comes to football.

    You don’t really know that much.<<<<< i sed mid april and its still on the cards so maybe your not that good at maths me little plastic m8

  16. AXEL – I’m sure Carroll has had the verbals before and to be fair to him, he has never lashed out on the pitch.

    It’s just off it he needs to keep his heed!

  17. BBM I liked the way you sneaked that in there > Toon beware of sucker punch? :lol:
    Batty glad to hear you’s are all good ;) and is that you back for good or will you be going awol again ?.
    I still think we will have promotion nailed on in April.
    2-1 win tonite
    Howay the Lads

  18. My team for tonight





  19. dave i think promotion is nailed on by mid april m8 so i dont know what glue plastic stu has been sniffing

  20. summerof69 lovenkrands is injured do some of u on here not watch or listen to newcastle instead make up things on newcastle

  21. toonsy says:
    March 23, 2010 at 6:07 pm
    Enrique hasn’t got a niggle, Craig.

    He’s touch and go toonsy

  22. Big Dave i’m not sure i think we are more likely to see Barton come on as a sub in the last 30 minutes or so.

  23. batty says:
    March 23, 2010 at 6:08 pm
    plastic we could be 16 point clear of forest by next week little man

    Could only be 4 points too.

    Don’t think it will be but if your talking shit…

  24. plastic the closest you have been too walker is a bag og walkers crisps too go with ya bag of glue

  25. toonsy your right that untill now he has never lashed out on the pitch , but so soon after such an incident whats going through the lads heed ? if they keep winding him up for the whole game , its going to at some point get him going . On the other hand it might boil him up so badly he will go on a goal rampage :)

  26. spot on mate! if they play them doncaster players would be trying to pull them which would leave them with holes at the back ha ha carrol cant play then it would end up with a punch up.

  27. Harper

    Taylor(R) Colo, Kadar, Simpson

    Routledge, Butt, Guthrie, Jonas


  28. stuart79 wouldnt be so wrong they dont tell us anything look at when willamson wasnt playing and that taylor thing happened sunday and nobody knew nothing untill monday afternoon.

  29. team for tonight: 4-4-1-1






  30. So would I Big Dave, but we don’t pick the team…

    Might be too much for Barton, Donny pass the ball really well and have a fair bit of movement – Might be too early for him.

  31. asim says:
    March 23, 2010 at 6:14 pm
    summerof69 lovenkrands is injured do some of u on here not watch or listen to newcastle instead make up things on newcastle
    Easy, man. Loven was deemded a possibility up until yesterday I beleive.

  32. RunLikeTheRoutledge – Radio probably, they usually get it spot on before the team sheet is handed in.

  33. CHRIS Hughton makes three changes to the side which drew at Bristol City on Saturday with skipper Nicky Butt, Ryan Taylor and Tamas Kadar all handed starts at a rainswept Keepmoat Stadium.

    Fitz Hall, hamstring victim at Ashton Gate, is replaced by Hungarian Kadar at the heart of the defence, while Taylor comes in for Jose Enrique with the Spaniard named among the substitutes – Danny Simpson and Fabricio Coloccini complete the back four.
    Article continues>>

    Leon Best makes way for Butt, who will operate in the centre of midfield alongside Danny Guthrie, with Jonas Gutierrez and Wayne Routledge occupying the wide positions.

    Kevin Nolan is likely to play in an advanced role off top goalscorer Andy Carroll.

    Joey Barton returns to the Magpie bench for the first time since September.


  34. Jesus, I hope Carrol keeps his head. Although this could infact signal that the rumours have been put out of proportion as Hughton wouldn’t include Carrol?
    Barton to come on in the 75 minute, whether we’re winning ot loosing, best on for carrol if he’s not scored. Not what I want, what I think CH will do..

  35. Ahh…thought he must have had some kind of inside info! Surprised by the line-up. Butt was crap when he came on against boro and gave away the free-kick that lead to the goal. The rest makes sense but not the team i would have opted for. 2-1 Toon

  36. I have my ways and means of extracted info out of people.

    Cannot get the taste out of my mouth now though! lol

  37. Not much optimism for me here. Hope we don’t get hammered. The one thing that may cheer me is that Loven is said to be back for Forest game, as is Smith and Shola who is probably better than Best.

  38. Settle yourself down Dave, I’m from a council estate aswell, as I said last night ;)

  39. And Enrique’s gotta be on the bench for emergencies; whether we’re limp in attack or defence after a while…

  40. I would have preffered Nolan in midfield, Ranger/best up front, and Butt on the bench. Not a lot of options with all the injuries to be fair.

  41. stu… impressed you got the team right before it was announced, the middle and front was no biggy but byou got the new look back right too!! nice one

  42. Nicky Butt??

    So we’re starting with ten men plus a bloke who gives the ball away every time he touches it?

    Inspirational Hughton…….

  43. look on the bright side nicky butt could be on the winning side pigs could fly! i hope they do tonight. simpson and taylor playing out of postion doesnt make any sence with butt in their.

  44. toonsy says:
    March 23, 2010 at 7:05 pm
    I think it’s clear which game Hughton is prioritising, and it isn’t this one.
    True enough, but a loss tonight and my nerves starting acting up.

  45. Donny are a good bet for tonight imo.

    Ready made excuse with what’s been going on.

  46. personally I wont be happy with a draw I’ll be happy with a win. I’ve begun to trust Hughton’s team selection a lot more, and if he’s picked Carrol and Butt I feel he’s got his reasons. I think Barton will definitely be getting a look in tonight…dramatic prediction; Barton to get the winner late on from the bench, 2-1 the toon…

  47. Hope Andy Carroll “the white Drogba” gets a hat trick tonight to shut the london press up….

    The fact that he’s playing should also stop some people and their daft speculation about an event they know nothing about….

  48. We should be going for a win,FGS we are playing Donny not Arsenal.
    There is no doubt with Butt starting that CH is going for a point.
    The formation sets us up to be on the back foot.

  49. devon – The one thing that worries me as that any team we put put has at least 6 players that are better than the opposition yet we let them impose their gae on us, should be the other way round.

    Dave – That wasn’t a bite, just a teasing nibble ;)

  50. UTD111

    CH won’t have any problem telling us what happened after the match then if there’s no problem.

  51. UTD 111 – On the contrary, Carroll’s hand will now attract as much focus from all of us as the Bridge/Terry handshake did :lol:

  52. devonmag I was going for a 2-1 win from yesterday but from I heard Butt was starting I would settle with a draw. I suppose it depends if we score early we could go on to greater things. would love to see Joey get the winner like

  53. 2 wingers and 3 in midfield sets us up to be strong and i hope are fullbacks are strong enough becasue a part from butt i would be happy with that team.

  54. Dunno Stuart79 – but maybe we can assume that the facts would seem, in Hughton’s judgement,to be not damning enough to drop Carroll….? Or maybe it’s because, without Carroll, it’s difficult to see where we would get a goal from at the moment?

    Promotion has to be the priority….

  55. Toonsy @ 88,
    Totally agree, we set ourseleves up to absorb the pressure away from home instead of going after them from the start.
    Would love a win tonight.

    If Carroll was totally to blame for Taylor’s injury then I would doubt that he would have the support of CH.
    I have heard from a source connected to the club that Carroll has the backing of the players!

  56. RE Caroll’s hand:

    Just can’t wait to see what the common taters on SKY Sports make of this. Definitely turning the sound off before the Forest game even starts :(

  57. with the ecception of butt i think its right to go with the five in mid field. with nay luck barton will be on for butt after half time. i think a draw at best.
    See that taylor is now out of hospital too.this all seems a bit funny to me?!! its not making much sense. also the police have confirmed that no incident has been reported too. wtf??!

  58. Yo BBM
    Just looked at your line up, are we so good we can beat em with only ten men ?
    Am I missing something or did you leave out a striker ?

  59. Carroll must have whacked Taylor. Taylor with a broken jaw, Carroll with a cast on his hand

  60. Ross says:
    March 23, 2010 at 7:40 pm
    Carroll must have whacked Taylor. Taylor with a broken jaw, Carroll with a cast on his hand

    >>>Ross, It may have been self defence.

  61. Just a though, if anyone is NOT using that nufc link and is using something else, can they post up the link in case any go up it at any stage? Cheers.

  62. stevep says:
    March 23, 2010 at 7:44 pm
    anyone know why enriques on bench – carrying an injury??

    I think he has a minor knock but CH is probably just easing him back. he still made the bench.

    Big game Monday obviously…

  63. i think that one or two have niggles (like broken jaws and shit) and he is resting them as obviously even though we want soemthing out of this game i think the eye is on forest and we need everyone (who isnt beaten up and broken) to play. This is without a doubt a team going for a draw.

  64. Craig-aye according to the commentary, although they’ve just said now he has gloves on and they were hoping to see any signs of a hand injury, so god knows.

  65. why can commentators NEVER pronounce TAMAS kadar’s name? HIS NAME ISN’T THOMAS FFS! Carrol nearly scored there haha…

  66. Stuck in work so have to settle for text commentry from the bbc , is the forst game on sky next monday?

  67. Yes Johno as me and my mate were going to travel up from the midlands to stay in Newcastle for the weekend to watch and then go on the toon for the night …bloody telly

  68. Sounds like we’ve started quite well lads, well in stevep finding mick and ando, always amusing, lol.

  69. filthymag – You go up often? I know someone who is getting a coach going from the midlands for games.

    jay jay – If your about, this applies to you aswell, or anyone in round the midlands area actually.

  70. Toonsy

    not very often but its always a treat. Be interested to find out about this coach if it is a regular thing

  71. oi oi lads…..

    any new news on glassjawgate? How come Andy is on teh pitch like?

  72. devonmag @123

    Remember Nicos Papavasiliou? Or Nicky Papa-vassiloo, as the commentators called him.

    And then, there was Brian Pinas :)

  73. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    March 23, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    “Good point devon,
    commentators suck better than a ‘Dyson’ mate.”

    Bobby Moncur doesn’t suck, Clint.

  74. dingo – Latest I heard was that the players are behind Carroll as they feel he was provoked by Taylor.

    None of us will ever know for sure I think.

  75. Worky,
    maybe only like one of those little hand-held car vac’s then.
    Na, there’s the odd one with an occasional independent thought.

  76. What a bunch of nuggets like… mind you… I quite like a bit argy bargy on the pitch…. it used to be the days when(and sorry for mentioning his name) Dennis Wise, Vinny Jones etc etc were lamping folk left right n center… I think players have become a bit nambypamby nowerdays.
    I stand by this theory…. ALL prem players have to play a season of pro rugby before they are allowed in teh prem… so they can harden the fu*k up.

    go on spidy

  77. Id take 0-0 ,tho with baryon on the bench I feel the longer game stays 0-0 and he comes on he might add the extra bit of quailty and help us win it

  78. since our spell in the fizzy pops I have seen what a pansy league the prem is with lots of primadonnas complaining that the wind is blowing their hair out of style!

  79. “little bit of afters here”..keep Carroll away!, he’ll lay somebody flat out and have two knacked hands!

  80. That Martis has already scored against us this season, first game away at West Brom.

  81. 5 man midfield.

    Butt in the team.

    R.Taylor in the team.

    Seems to me Hughton is wary of Doncaster’s footballing ability when at home and hopes to stifle the midfield and turn it into a scrap. Taylor is in for his quality delivery from set pieces. Seems like it is working so far witht he majority of play in the middle of the park. Just hope we can nick a goal

  82. They’ve really came into this game now like. Passing the ball around well and creating chances. Sounds end to end at times, they’re hitting the target and 30 seconds later we’re testing their goal.

  83. ooof – off topic but west ham defender made a right balls of that to let doyle in – well taken goal

  84. chuck – there’s no blame culture round here but that ommission in the team line-up wasn’t me… ;)

  85. Steve thanks for the heads up about tw@t…proper cool stuff mate….I had a man around to fix the boiler in the week and he looked at my Krays canvas and asked if I worked for tesco :)

  86. Doncaster were great at our place and outplayed us for long spells. Not surprised they’re giving us a decent game.

  87. 0-0 at half time and it seems as though Hughtons tactics are working thus far. We will open the game up and attack more at some point in the second half most probably.

  88. How anyone can say with a straight face that this squad is good enough to survive in the PL has had too much botox!

  89. Think this will be a smash and grab like at Swansea….I will settle for a point though.

  90. And here come the “we aren’t winning so we are shite” brigade.

    Evening Stuart.

  91. Sounds like Barton is getting attention from the home fans. They have more reason than most to grief him. Totally surprised to hear Carroll is playing mind, and not sure what that means for the topical issue.

  92. toonsy,

    I’ve been nothing but consistant all season, just because we’ve given a few pathetic sides a few beatings at home doesn’t change my views.

  93. @Stuart – mate if you look at the big earners at west ham you would expect them to easily be safe but they are terrible, reckon we cam live with wolves, hull, wigan, bolton, portsmouth, burnley, sunderland with current squad although we’ll def be fighting relegation with them (or some of em and teams promoted with us)

  94. Why is Nolan wearing gloves? ;)

    Not one to speculate but I heard he was at Newcastle hospital yesterday recieving treatment on his hand after he got it caught in a cookie jar.

    I can’t comment any further though.

  95. Stuart79

    This squad clearly isn’t strong enough in the premiership, but it won’t need a major overhaul for us to survive next yr. I would like to see Barton, Nolan, Ameobi and Butt shipped out with 6 good signings coming the other way.

    (Piqiuonne, Boateng, O’Hara and another versatile midfielder)

  96. Is barton ready to be brought on at 60 mins? Also what is Donny’s stamina like and can they do 90 mins? Ranger could be a useful set of legs to brring on later on

  97. stuart79.. ah yes mate,we need world beaters and big names.. i know who is great.. owen, duff, martins, zogbia, given, beye etc. those guys are awesome. if they were in our team my god where would we be?? oh yeah… in the fizzy league! ram the flash players, dont want em, cant afford them or their egos.

  98. Dragonera says:
    March 23, 2010 at 8:39 pm

    Barton is the one out of them you mentioned that has proved himself in the PL. I would keep him without a doubt – We just need to keep him fit.

    toonsy, Yes I’m watchin that game, it’s poor but don’t forget they are fighting relegation so it was never going to be a classic.

    They would both beat us. IMO

  99. See, I’ve seen nothing to suggest they would beat us. Then again, opinions and all that.

  100. Big Dave says:
    March 23, 2010 at 8:41 pm
    Stuart be fair this isn’t our best 11 mate you can hardly judge us on this team

    I’m judging us on our performances all season – I know were top and were looking good for promotion but we don’t have concede chances in all our matches – Even against the poorer sides in this div.

  101. Also, a newsflash but we will be fighting relegation next season, avoiding it will be success in my view.

  102. toonsy says:
    March 23, 2010 at 8:44 pm
    See, I’ve seen nothing to suggest they would beat us. Then again, opinions and all that.

    They have strikers that would punish us – That’s the big difference mate.

  103. bring barton on for butt and enrique on for taylor! but ch will take off guthrie for butt and best for who ever please ch make me eat my words.

  104. By the way, I’m only saying this squad isn’t good enough.

    We just need to bring in some good PL experienced quality.

    A few injuries tonight and were playing a young kid at centre half and a right back at left back.

    Don’t forget were also having to play a 95 yr old in centre mid.

  105. bowburnmag says:
    March 23, 2010 at 8:32 pm

    “chuck – there’s no blame culture round here but that ommission in the team line-up wasn’t me…”

    Yes there is Bowburn. Bone idle feckers seldom make mistakes, because they hardly ever do anything. ;-)

  106. Asim I think it will still be a while before CH makes any changes and I really hope its not Guthrie that makes way for Barton it has to be Butt

  107. stuart79.. we had a fully loaded prem team last year with some big names in it and we were crap. big names does not mean big performances at st james, never has. who was the best player that left us last year?? it was beye and he was an unknown. prem players are all over paid self inflated tossers with no passion for anything other than playing for england and getting rich.

  108. Aye Craig but I think that had more to do with having about 5 managers in one season tbh.

  109. Stuart

    I believe the number of managers we had is part of the reason, but i don’t think that was our main problem. IMO Our failings last year were down to a poorly balanced side. Look at Stoke in their first season, or Birmingham this season. Neither had/have great players, but they perform well as they have a great balance and a set style of play. We have improved the balance to our team with the acquisition of Routledge, but we still need to address the lob sided complexion of our midfield. Too many battlers and not enough finesse.

  110. this didnt help true but we have been dodging with relegation fleetingly for donkeys – ever since bobby was sacked. it has gone mental since ashley came in but in my opinion getting relegated was a good thing – we were full of rot. just dont want the big names anymore. every last one a tosser. its interesting to see that all the names that left were our so called more famous / talented ones.. just shows they had no heart for the fight. to me, its shit to get promoted with these guys and then stick two fingers up at them and bringing in some other players who have not got our colours in their hearts. It means we have learnt nothing from this whole disaster.

  111. IMO a team with a strong sense of team rather than individual mentalities will be a threat to any one. This is why the FA cup can have upsets due to a lesser league team beating prem teams. Their team spirit is better and they work together better. Better a strong team spirit than a bunch of talented individuals.

  112. Dragonera @ 212 – not enough battleers in our midfield, and more finnese?

    Rouledge and Jonas seem finnese to me, and Guthrie/Barton can be, we always need one battler in the moddle like Nolan/Smith. Do you agreee ?

  113. Hughtons half time talk must have worked wonders on Carroll like. “Go on son, get out there and get us a goal, break a leg!……awh sh!te, dont andy! dont!”

  114. again, houghton is proving to have made the right choice in keeping in carroll. i though he shouldnt play but clearly there is a feeling of backing for carroll over this shit. more to it than meets the eye.

  115. Aye bring on Barton to deliver the knockout blow if Carroll cannot supply, failing that give Keiron Dyer and Lee Bowyer a call …

  116. Routledge sounds very influential at the minute. Everything we do in the final third is going through him, sounds like he’s picking out the pass at the right time, very promising.

  117. GoodOldDays

    No i don’t agree. When i say finesse, i mean tidy players that can dictate the tempo of the game with a range of different passes etc.

  118. Well man if a ferkin joke isn’t it? Top of the table, dare I say promotion looming, all eyes on the club, first sign of a cup in bloody years, and wouldn’t you know it a couple of stupid bairns arguing over a bird over who has the biggest bank balance and we’re back in the papers for all the wronf reasons. The upshot could have been a loss of confidence and we end up shitting out and bursting. Really don’t need this shit.

  119. I know im very late but get in Carrol! Stupid work getting in my way of posting :)

    Any sign of Barton coming on?

  120. If scores stay the same, we need 11 points to guarantee promotion. That obviously includes Forest winning all of there games including us at SJP.

  121. I see Wolves are given West Ham a reall battering – The old ‘You’re not fit to wear the shirt’ is coming out from the crowd.

    Suppose that’s what happens when you fail to invest in the first team.

  122. Nolan missed blew a few easy ones it sounds like…

    Barton on for Guthrie…not Butt???

  123. If we win today’s game 0-1 then Hughton must take the plaudits. He has had his tactics and team selection spot on so far. Breaking up the play and trying to nick a goal from a break or set piece.

  124. for me stu, its nothing to do with investment.. its lack of heart for the fight. we invested about three zillion quid in owen and my bairn could have scored more for free.. and enjoyed doing it.

  125. Dragonera he’s not affected as the reality of what he’s done has yet to hit home, unlike his punch to Taylor’s jaw. If the CPS get hold of this info and as he’s already up in Court due April time on assault, any decision could go against him and we’ll have yet another jailbird – and Hughton wants to give HIM the No9 shirt.

    He needs to get down the local nursing home pronto and do a bit of Toon in the Community to prove he’s not an idiot.

  126. i think it is the right thing to do – taking guthrie off… we are winning and he is obviosuly thinking ahead to fresh legs at the most crucial game of the season and butt will not play in that.

  127. Looks like Burnley, Hull and Pompey will be going down then. West Ham look shaky but their goal difference is worth another point.

    2 out of 3 promoted sides surviving in the Premier League. Burnley could have made a decent fist of it if they learned to play a bit more defensive away from home.

  128. What would happen if someone reported the incident to the police? Would they have a legal obligation to investigate?

  129. Toonsy if no money was invested pre season do you think we would scrape to safety or collapse mate?

  130. I can’t believe people are complaining about Hughton. He has been spot on so far today. Butt is fresher than Guthrie, who is playing his second game in 4 days. Butt can’t do much, but what he can do is perfect for Donny.

  131. @ Dragonera 243 – Good point. True. Someone like skjelbred would be excellent through the centre, pace creativity etc.

  132. SJT – If no money was invested we’d ome back down but I don’t think we would get hammered. What we need is careful strengthening with the right players in the right places.

    We need to stop giving Doncaster time to move the ball around.

  133. GoodOldDays

    I’m not sure if Skjelbred is the type of player as i haven’t seen much of him to be honest.

  134. to be fair to Butt, he hasnt had a bad game so far. He can be prone to some glaring mistakes tho.

  135. If and this is still a big IF the results stay the same tonight Forest will be absolutely gutted!

  136. GoodOldDays the only thing I cant understand is we have been linked with Skjelbred for a few years now, But if he is that good why have none of the Prem teams snapped him up ?

  137. Big Dave

    “Dragonera Yeah Butt can break up play he just did which wasn’t the 1st time, only it was in Donny’s favour”

    hahaha! Well, in THEORY leaving Butt on should work.

  138. Big Dave- It was reported that Fulham were in talks in January but the price was too high for them- something like 4.5M

  139. Stu – Barton started a pitch brawl in a pre season friendly for Man City against Donny.

  140. Stan Collymore has just recommended Joe Kinnear to take over from Zola until the end of the season haha

  141. Unfortunately not, bowburn. I’m in a ‘have been called back into work’ kind of mood mate, sorry. :)

  142. Big Dave:
    March 23rd, 2010 at 9:16 pm
    jay jay @ 209 out of interest > cliftonville ?

    Used to live there big dave. You’re from over the water arnt you mate.

  143. Well played lads, way to hit back at the critics eh? Kudos to Hughton, he got the tactics spot on tonight. Not exciting but damn effective.

    Work calls, catch you all later.

  144. Excellent result. Well done lads and well done Hughton. Thats a job well done there, I have no issue with setting up sensibly against good footballing teams away from home and grinding out wins, shows a bit of grit and Carroll is on the scoresheet for god knows how many games now. Excellent lads.

  145. Jay Jay yeah mate but I have no interest in our footie mate I think it is based to much on religion tbh.
    Lads I am well pleased with the 3 pts and I still think we will be promoted by mid April

  146. A fantastic 3 points, it’s the away points that get you promoted. Forest will be sick.

  147. Where bout in Ireland you from Big Dave? From Kilkenny myself , well a Dub living in Kilkenny

  148. good away win. We will get promoted after 4-5 games from now if we keep our form. The sooner its done the better for everyone.

  149. Hooray! Great result against a decent team on good form – and with a relatively makeshift line-up.
    80 points! Mathematically now in play-offs at least.
    Forest won but we’re still 10 points ahead plus a game in hand. Also Forest have just played 2 home games whereas we’ve played 2 away so now they have just 3 home + 4 away while we have 4 home games.
    IF we can beat Forest next week we only need 2 more wins from our remaining 7 games to be certain……IF!

  150. If anyone had offered me 4 points on Saturday prior to the Bristol game I would have snapped their hands off.

    Beat Forest on Monday and we will be almost there.

    By the way, congrats to punchy Carroll for getting another goal.

  151. filthymag:
    March 23rd, 2010 at 9:52 pm
    jay jay, have you joined that facebook group yet?

    Yes mate

  152. I dont care if he scored hes still a waster !!
    When i look at the table at the end of the season i will take those 3 points off!!
    Chris Hughton has no balls, what a cowardly man he is !!

  153. Oh and also good luck steve taylor with your new club
    Afterall Newcastle have shown their true colours oce again

  154. MickG,
    You obviously know the circumstances?

    How do you that it was not self defence?

  155. Excellent Result!
    No excuse necessary.
    3 great away points, another Routledge assist, another well taken Carroll goal.
    Simpson redeems himself with a top last ditcher.
    Reckon CH did the right thing, well done.
    Hi to Joey Barton.

    I reckon: ST tried give AC a chinese burn & ST slipped on soap in the showers.

  156. Good, solid result. Still waiting for all the people that were saying Carroll shouldn’t be in the team to pipe up again.
    We now need four more wins to
    be promoted.

  157. MickG you do realise that we dont know what happened for sure, but you seem to have made your mind up allready so maybe you know more than all of us.

  158. I am fairly sure that if Carroll had assaulted ST he would not have been allowed to play tonight.

    It will all come out in the wash, as I said earlier my source told me that the players are all in support of Carroll. That says a lot to me.

  159. Big D,
    aye mate.
    We don’t know the facts yet, if we ever do, so there are a few possible perms.
    Still, Carroll is a tit for getting the spin-monger press back in the game.
    It’d ‘all gone quiet over there’ for a while, i was enjoying the peace.
    onwards & upwards, great win,
    hard to beat away,
    keep it going

  160. Look at you all, “well” done carroll” pathetic!!
    Steven taylor has been nothing but loyal !!
    At least a suspension was needed here until it was all cleared up.
    But oh no, chris H has no balls and you all lap it up you wasters!!

  161. Mick,
    maybe that tells us something then, Carroll playing & having his team mates support as well?
    We’re not in a position of knowledge to judge at this point.
    I could all be different, if/when we know the truth.

  162. MickG,

    I do not condone any form of violence and if Carroll is guilty of assaulting ST then he should be rightly thrown out of the club. But none of us know the circumstances, a lot of it is media conjecture.
    Apparantly Taylor had been goading Carroll about text messages and teased him about wages. What happened next is a mystery at the moment i.e. who threw the first punch.
    By all accounts Ashley has instigated an investigation, so lets await the outcome before you start having a go at one other folk accusing them of being poor judges of character.

  163. Oh,thanks for the comments.
    Think i may and go and break a workmates jaw 2moro. apparantley thats ok.
    Just think if someone winds you up 2moro its ok to put them in hospital for a few days.
    I hope the police take it up and they lock him up!!

    Message for Carrol “Take your 3 points and stick them up your arse”

  164. TGS – I heard it was about Carroll’s mrs. Taylor’s been texting her, she told him to stop or she would tell Carroll. He carried on texting so she told Carroll.

    I guess it just shows that nobody knows really what has gone on although it’s hard to imagine it was about money – Carroll was in talks about a new contract.

    Still, let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good old geordie which hunt eh? ;)

  165. toonsy-if thats at all true then it still doesnt condone Carroll hitting him but obviously h will over react when one of his mates is coming onto the lass he has a bairn with. Either way, its all media speculation as to what actually happened, however it seems pretty clear there has been an “altercation”.

    Just a case of waiting and seeing. He’s a silly boy given his current off field situation but at the moment it doesnt seem to be effecting his performances and if he can keep his head in the game then i’ll be honest and say i dont know many toon fans who will genuinly hate seeing him pull on the b&w as he bangs them in. I for one will say, i think he’s clearly daft and needs to be sat down and spoken to, but if he’s performing on the pitch, thats what he’s paid to do and his personal life is something entirely different.

  166. Ross, i sort of agree but is it his personal life when he is fighing on the training ground!! I doubt it !!

  167. Ross – I think it’s certainly more plausible than the whole money thing.

    Your right though, hitting a team-mate isn’t the right way but i’d react in much the same way with anyone who was trying to chat up my mrs, especially if the person trying to chat her up knew I had just had a kid with her.

    Perhaps that is why the players and Hughton are sticking with Carroll?

    The reality is that it’s all speculation and hearsay and as TGS said, it will all come out in the wash.

    And as I say, never let the lack of facts get in the way of a geordie witch hunt by some people.

  168. Ah toonsy the voice of reason, you have all the facts do you?
    Think i will change my username to Howay the lads then maybe i will know it all.

  169. MickG-Nah, i agree whatever it was should have been sorted outside working hours, i fully agree that he shouldnt have behaved the way he did. But at the same time, like i’ve already said, he seemingly has a temper anyway and if his lass gets involved in the whole issue, he will over react/kick off. Not saying it’s right, but he seems to react aggressivly, regularly. Also got to keep in mind that he’s still young. He potentially has a bit of an ego and if he thinks a mate of his is trying to get one up on him behind his back, he again will react.

    There’s also been talk of Taylor mouthing off at him regarding wages for one reason or another. Who knows what actually happened, but we cant rule out the potential idea that Carroll might have simply, swiftly finished what Taylor started.

    Also, just seen his goal and it was a good’n like.

  170. Mick G – And I take from your sweeping comments that you have the facts in hand?

    My point being that none of us jnow what has gone on so why cast judgement? Speculate by all means, by to say things like “if Carroll plays i aint renewing my season ticket” is a bit dramatic isn’t it?

    What does my name have to do with it? And when did I claim to “know it all”. Is that just because I’m not jumping on the bandwagon?