Bonny Donny? – Doncaster v Newcastle United match preview.

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Destination Doncaster.
Destination Doncaster.
Newcastle United travel to The Keepmoat for Tuesday evening’s vital Championship clash with Docaster Rovers knowing any slip-ups could be costly. Promotion rivals West Brom and Nottingham Forest both play at home on the same night, meaning a loss could see us losing top spot in the league at a crucial stage of the season.

Granted we haven’t been losing away from home but we have had a fair few draws on the road in recent weeks. At this stage of the season, it’s imperative that these draws turn into wins for Newcastle to fulfil the Championship winners title that has been thrust upon them in recent weeks.

Doncaster are unbeaten in six matches, having won three of them, and are a team that like to play football. There is no doubt O’Dricoll’s charges will be seeking the scalp of Newcastle United in front of their home fans, many of which wouldn’t have seen the Toon in competitive action as we visit them in a league game for the first time in 63 years.

Manager Sean O’Driscoll has The Rovers perched just outside the play-off places with the aim of sneaking into that elusive 6th position. It won’t be an easy game, but these are games we simply have to win, sentiments our Argentinian winger, Jonas Gutierrez shares:

“We were pleased to pick up a point at Bristol, but now we want to get all three points against Doncaster.”

“We want to pick up where we left off at Bristol and get the points we need to secure promotion.”

Moving on to team news, the home side welcome back Billy Sharp, after he sat out the weekend match against Sheffield United as part of a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ of his loan move from The Blades. Gareth Roberts is Doncaster’s only injury concern but could feature if his hamstring strain recovers in time. That should leave the home team lining up like:

Doncaster: Sullivan, O’Connor, Roberts, Chambers, Martis, Wilson, Oster, Woods, Coppinger, Emmanuel-Thomas, Sharp.

Injuries galore as far as Newcastle are concerned, especially defensively. Fitz Hall misses out after limping out of the game against Bristol City with a hamstring strain, Steven Taylor is still out of action and Mike Williamson still has a broken hand although could be called back into action early as an emergency. Joey Barton makes the first team squad for the first time since September, but is likely to be named as just a substitute. Shola Ameobi, Peter Lovenkrands and Alan Smith are all ruled out but should be back for the Nottingham Forest game next Monday.

Again it is up for debate whether manager Chris Hughton will play 4-5-1 or 4-4-2. I’d go with the latter again as we saw at the weekend just how much our wingers can influnce the game. Mike Williamson will probably be rested or possibly named as a substitute only to be called upon if Fabricio Coloccini or Tamas Kadar fall foul of our currrent injury curse. The only other debate is who will start up front? Again I think it will be Leon Best who partners Andy Carroll in attack which would make us look something like:

Newcastle Utd: Harper, Simpson, Coloccini, Kadar, Enrique, Routledge, Nolan, Guthrie, Gutierrez, Carroll, Best.

The Keepmoat will be packed to the rafters for this match and will include 3,200 travelling fans. Let’s hope this time we can head back up the A1 with three points in the bag before our crunch game with Nottingham Forest next week. The lads have shown in recent weeks that they are hard to beat and have a steely resolve that us fans haven’t seen from any Newcastle players for a long time.

Howay the lads!

Venue: Keepmoat Stadium.

Date: Tuesday, 23rd March, 2010.

Time: 7:45 pm.

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106 Responses

  1. How toonsy,
    i’m thinking the lads showed a steely resolve we ain’t seen from a Toon team for a while, but not necessarily individuals.
    Is that what you meant?

  2. i would not go with a 4-4-2 as they will beat us if we do. We dont play well on the road and they are playing well at home, so well that their record is only second to ours for a none loosign streak. This game will NOT be easy. We need to go with a full midfield with barton and guthrie in the middle and nolan in the hole nad we will need to be really up for it, otherwise i see a bad shock on the cards!. However, i am going to go for a really really hard fought 1-2 to us -fingers crossed.

  3. Craig,
    that is ‘exactly’ what i was just about to type, verbatim.

  4. clint,not for me had it been a black mind!
    you might get wrong chuck mind m8 its not football talk this :)

  5. clint… exactly mate, we have to get something out of this game as our next one is forest which we may well loose and then its away to pboro again and they trashed us in fa cup i think. so, all in all, twitchy arse time and nothing is in the bag. however, if we can win tmrw and win against forrest we are all but over the line.

  6. craig chisholm says:
    March 22, 2010 at 8:09 pm

    “hey, my comments are getting moderated now.. is that always the case or am i a bad boy?”

    You’re a very bad boy, Craig. You used the “f” word so your comment was automatically sent for moderation. Now go and stand in the naughty spot for five minutes. :-)

  7. Andy Carroll has been spotted getting his hand stitched in the RVI. Rumour has it that he’s smacked Stevie Taylor and broken his jaw.


  8. Craig,
    it’s really important what happens next couple of games mate.
    I’m sure that’s not lost on anyone at the club like.
    But these teams would love to turn us over at their place & like you say, Donny are no push overs.
    Can’t afford any slip ups now, it just adds unwanted pressure.

    ice, the write up is funny hey?
    Gotta have a black motor mate, black never goes out of fashion. :)

    Is that right about a pink away strip?

  9. we only have to win 4 games lads and forest all theirs come on lads i am sure we will do for forest they can win all there games and still not go up so they have to come to are place and win.

  10. no idea which pink kir it is, just from a semi reliable source however they have been wrong before.

    it will look good though in Majorca with me pink skin after day 2 in the sun.

  11. CLiNT – the bit about Carroll is pretty bang on by all accounts, but how he got it is totally unsubstantiated as far as I know.

  12. bowburn,
    is that lad ever gonna learn?
    Just when it seems like Barton is starting to keep a low profile, Carroll jumps in & takes up the torch, FFS!

  13. I guess Carroll is doing his bit for ‘team spirit’ then,
    Ta Andy. Get a grip y’big daft selfish get.

  14. Well I guess we can only judge when we find out the crack. It might just be vicious rumours. He could have got it from getting studded in training. Not sure you’d need stitches after smacking someone, unless you hit them pretty hard. Which might explain a broken jaw. But still seems a bit weird. Just what I’ve heard but with technology as it is today, it could just be a wind-up.

  15. icedog @ 5 – Howay man, I did well to find a picture of Doncaster that didn’t involve a train, or Jeremy Clarkson. Much the same thing, both full of hot air. :)

  16. i cant imagine that has happened but hey, its newcastle and only we are capable of snatching a loss out of certain victory (as in promotion) – nothing suprises me and i dont give a wank really as long as we still get results. I dont know how he would have bashed taylor though saying as he isnt even training with squad yet is he?? I would not be suprised to see the wheels fall off now and i also would not be suprised to see us win every game. its nufc ffs! anything goes.

  17. Apparently Caulkin has mentioned something but doesn’t have details or won’t give them just yet.

    Could still be nonsense.

  18. @caulkinthetimes I’m hearing rumours of a training ground bust-up at Newcastle, I don’t suppose you know anything, do you?
    @ianbeany1989 I’m on it – can’t say more for now aside from it ain’t good news.

  19. look on the bright side joey barton is back!if willamson can play with a cast so can carrol ha ha. come on lads lets just cheer the lads on.

  20. How can it be a training ground incident if Taylor is injured?

    Anyway if this is true and it’s big IF and it’s Carroll he needs help – Get him to some shrink.

    Or for the right wingers out there – Sack him on the spot and keep his registration so he cannot play.

  21. It’s on a few boards now. Apparently Carroll’s lass used to go out with, yep, you guessed it – one Steven Taylor.

    Now THAT could just be rumour but certainly doesn’t go against how footballers and women normally interact.

  22. Guys its these sort of rumors that get players and clubs bad press , lets just wait and see if he really has had to get his hand stiched and if so why . As bowburnmag says he could of got studded in training or maybe a bit of d i y gone wrong at home :)(thats happened to us all). The lad is already in court soon , i cant imagine he is so stupid as to chin someone before then .

  23. Are we jinxed?

    Could this galvanise the squad? Or will it have the opposite effect?

    Again I say if this is true – But Hughton really needs to show some balls here and clamp right down. Personally I would sack him but Barton got a few chances so what will Hughton do?

  24. why is it most of are injurys happen on the training ground. we must start looking into that. all are injured players who have left us are playing for their clubs bar dyer. explain that to me.

  25. Woah, let’s calm down chaps. I’ll get pasted if there’s nothing in it!!

    Just passing on what I’m getting told. We can only hope it’s utter bull and there’s a nice explanation in the paper tomorrow either way. Shouldn’t crucify the kid just in case it’s just daft Pancrate has stood on him by mistake.

  26. So, what was I saying about how “it’s nice to not to pick up a paper and see bad news about us”


  27. BBM,

    Everyone is on to this – I’ll be suprised if it’s nothing, but equally I’ll be suprised if it’s true.

  28. If someones jaw is broken ( im assuming it taylors as rumor is taylor was hit ) why is it just Carrol out in the hospital for a busted handed?

  29. Ive just had a text saying the same – but will await real news not just a potential wind up!

  30. Johno – you would assume they’ll be kept apart. Good chance that Taylor would be in the Nuffield if it turns out to be true.

  31. Stardust – and here’s me and you saying Carroll doesn’t hit the target often enough…

  32. Nothing on Sky about it, you can be assured they will be all over it.

    If it is true, and Taylor’s jaw is broken, that was some punch! My guess is we wont hear anything official. A big indication will be the team sheet tomorrow night.

    Personally I think it’s pipe.

  33. just been on his toon blog! it is saying nothing CH talked didnt look like anything in it the way he talked about barton if it is true it must have happend out side training tonight or bullshit.

  34. Be a bit pointless though wouldn’t it Stardy, I mean it’s against the rules aint it, handball and that ;)

  35. joho toon,not going to say if its true or not,but there not going to send them to same hos i wound”nt thought

  36. Tell you what, we really have f****d Leeds up haven’t we? Ever since we turned Beckfords head their form has been shocking…Fantastic :D haha

  37. I really hope there is no truth in it as I think it will badly effect team spirit.
    Stuart to be fair Joey came with most of the baggage he hasn’t really done that much that we know of while he has been with us. I hope Joey he is in the team for tomoro ;)

  38. Hasn’t carroll been with his bird for a while now though? I mean it seems strange that it has taken so long.

    If it was me I’d burst em straight away. Strike while the iron is hot :lol:

  39. I mean he has not long had a kid with someone hasn’t he? Carroll I mean? Seems strange to me thats all.

  40. Big Dave says:
    March 22, 2010 at 9:28 pm

    Apart from put a young kid in hospital on a night out in Liverpool?

  41. The thing about Carroll being in hospital came out at about 4:30. I might be clutching at straws here but surely someone would get hold of it before then. I thought they trained in the morning and finished about 1:00pm?

  42. Spyro – I’d say it was more the cup that screwed Leeds over mate. Turned their heads away from priority number 1.

  43. But my point is nobody has heard Taylor been admitted to a hospital as in the case of carrol , Im prob just clutching at straws as i hope this doesnt affect our promotion push

  44. Toonsy

    Yes, but that’s not as satisfying though, is it? I read somewhere that Williamson is due to return against Doncaster. If so, that is fantastic! We need player like this, willing to risk their body for the cause. Could you see Owen playing with a broken hand?

  45. Stuart79 I seen the cctv of it and he didnt look as if he done much damage The Girl that was with Joey looked as if she had done more damage to him. But what’s he supposed to do if the guy is harrasing him alnight and wont go away but it still doesn’t make it right.

  46. “I’d just like to stress that I don’t actually know anything, just passing on what i’ve heard.may well be Internet rumour spreading!!”
    about 1 hours ago via Twitterrific

    Georgie porgie. Reporting any old guff eh?

  47. So Danny Simpson…

    Would it be wrong to be slightly critical of him over the last couple of games? Can’t question his commitment and enthusiasm but I’m just a bit concerned he’s got some major flaws.

  48. By the way, would this sort of stuff go against Carroll’s Crown Court appearance or not because it happened after the ‘Blu Bambu’ incident?

  49. Apparently he has been carrying a hip injury and playing through the pain.

    Is that saying that a semi fit Simpson is better than a fully fit Ryan Taylor? Hip injury sound like it could get worse to me, why risk it? I mean he showed he can play earlier in the season but I agree his from seems to have dipped. Whether it’s a by-product of the injury or genuine lack of form, who knows?

  50. And not if Carroll isn’t charged with it. I just think Caulkin is trying to stir something up. Especially as I borrowed comment No 68 from him.

    It is unlike him though, or maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part. If nothing comes of it though i think it’s a bit rich from Caulkin to expect us to swallow owt else he has to say.

  51. Aye, good points well made. I just can’t stand when defenders just jockey all the time and never stand and make a tackle. That we’ve conceded a couple of goals recently because Simpson did just that, is the reason I bring it up. Not sure if it’s been discussed already!

  52. bowburn – Aye I agree, generally. But we still mustn’t forget he is a journo, and Newcastle haven’t been the flowing source of dramatic news they once were lately.

    Maybe i’m being cynical, but perhaps a story was needed to get his figures up or something? I still wonder why Sky aren’t on it yet, I mean they’d cover 2 flies on a piece of shite yet there isn’t a peep.

  53. TBF to Simpson though,
    their 2nd was a wonder goal, reminiscent of Ginola v the manc’s.
    & the 1st was Harper’s one spill in a thousand, that unfortunately fell to an attacker. From a nothing free kick that they shouldn’t have had, isn’t it always the way?

  54. Aye but CLiNT I thought he let the kid come at him far too much. As a defender you should never let the attacker get in the box without making a tackle.

  55. bowburn,
    fair enough like.
    But it was a cracking strike that Simpson really wasn’t expecting, no-one was expecting.
    Can’t take that away from the scorer like either.

  56. Thing is, if he had of tackled and missed, Maynard would have been 1v1 against Harper.

    Simpson forced Maynard away from goal when they were in the box but, as CLiNT says, nobody really expected that.

    I ran into the kitchen to sulk at that point.

  57. I thought he should have put him in the stand before he turned back inside. Although I was fairly drunk at the time…

  58. toonsy,
    i went back to eating me dinner.
    But at least when i tried the old gan t’the bog trick, it came up trumps for our equalizer.

  59. apparently the club have refused to comment on the Taylor/Carroll story, if there was nowt to it i’d imagine they’d immediatly essentially come out and say “dont be stupid”.

  60. They never miss a chance to have a pop at Joey like.

    How F***ing depressing.
    Carroll you tosspot.

  61. Well one thing looks apparent, If Carrolls footballing career nosedives, he’s got the squared circle to fall back on because he can seemingly throw a punch and is all too happy to do so. Obviously its all just speculation at the minute, but the fact the club havent immediatly dismissed the rumours, isnt promising.

  62. CLiNT-if it does turn out to be true its a real shame given his performances in recent weeks. Would be another case of a player in the black and white who just cant control his temper.

  63. I’ve said it before, you can take the boy out the council estate, but you cant take the council estate out the boy ;)

    Howay lads, there may be nowt in it.

  64. Ross,
    i think it’s got more to do with controlling his ego mate, tbh.
    The pressmongs are speculating that it’s over who gets the best wedge.
    In my view Taylor’s earned his wedge over the years he’s played where as Carroll is starting out, so he’s getting a canny starting wage.

  65. toonsy,
    y’d think 10k+ a week would go some way to adding a bit of class to y’life like.

  66. BBM I said after the match that I thought Simpson should have tackled him before he got into the box for the 2nd goal but he just stood of him. Then when Sno ?? I think you call him lashed out at him just bfore that Simpson was pulling the shirt of him hence why Sno lashed out because I thought he (Simpson ) was lucky he didnt get booked. But it could maybe be because of him carrying an injury .
    Toonsy Re Caulkin it was him that broke the story about Taylor being out for a couple of months and that was 3-4 days before it was confirmed

  67. Toonsy-I just find it weird the club havent came out and said its rubbish if thats the case. I dont know why they’d leave it a couple of days to confirm nothing has happened. They’ve obviously been approached to make a statement on the matter and “no comment” sort of says “we’re still working out how to deal with it” over “nowt happened”.

    RE the Simpson debate-I thought he looked a little slow, dunno if he was actually carrying a knock or what but he did the right thing in trying to show the lad outside and the boy was just lighter on his feet than Danny. He took the route he was forced to and was quick with the ball at his feet to nip back inside, I think alot of defenders would have came off second best in said situation. As for Sno, he threw an arm out not once but twice. Should have been introduced to the game and swiftly shown the door because it was a red card.

  68. Toonsy I was brought up on council estates but I don’t go around smacking people, it has nothing to do with social class.

  69. If he has smacked him, you’d be inclined to think he’s just a wrong ‘un. And I agree with jay jay, I know plenty of ar*eholes who like to use their fists unnecessarily who were brought up on private estates.

  70. I agree Ross.
    On all points.

    I guess Carroll won’t be in the team again tomorrow.
    He needs a proper kicking: verbally, financially & literally by the looks of it.
    After all his good work, he’s letting himself down & undoing a whole load of it.

  71. Ross TBF Maynard played a cracking game and his goal was a cracker. Re Sno I agree he should have been a red but im just making the poing that Simpson was pulling the shirt of him . But I have said all along that I thought Simpson was a canny player for most of the season but over the last few weeks he has looked of the pace slightly, and I think it was Ando that said he was carrying an injury.

  72. Brilliant go away for few hours and come back to find another another crisis has hit us. If it’s true and the signs are it is, then he will have to be dropped for tomorrow. CH has to show no player can get away with that sort of behaviour no matter what the provocation was. Ironic really with Barton set to return, is there some sort of bad boy revolving door at our club.

    Just been reading some of the comments since the news broke and it’s a bit surreal, seeing people trying to chat about football with this happening in the background.

  73. Big Dave-I’m like you in that i’ve got behind Simpson because I think he’s a good player and will get better. I’ve heard people say “if he’s that good why didnt Man U want him back”, but at the end of the day we’re not man utd, lol. The likes of Park could be described as a fringe player at man u and i’d bite your hand off to have the likes of him at Newcastle! Like you say also, Maynard just had a belter against us and his goal was a brilliant strike.

    CLiNT-I think it was the Caulkin article that said rumours of Carroll hurting his hand and not being in the squad tomorrow were unconfirmed. I couldnt work out whether it was a sarcastic pop at him or genuine. He’s hit him bloody hard to break his jaw.

  74. Aye Ross,
    but if you catch it just right/wrong it goes pretty easily mate.
    & it always has to be as bad as it can for the Toon, doesn’t it?