Doncaster Rovers v Newcastle United – A Newcastle fan’s away guide.

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Donny dog has his day.
Donny dog has his day.
A quick turn around from Saturday see’s Newcastle United travel to Doncaster Rovers on Tuesday evening in yet another crucial Championship clash. The town of Doncaster has featured pretty heavily in two of Newcastle’s most successful era’s. Former player and manager, Kevin Keegan was born in Doncaster and Joe Harvey was born on the outskirts of the city. That is unfortunately in our glorious past now, and this trip to Doncaster takes on a whole new significance as Newcastle seek 3 points to aid in their efforts to secure immediate promotion back to the Premier League.

As away trips go it’s ideal for a weekday evening, measuring in at about 120 miles. It’s also pretty straight forward to get to. As ever it’s down the A1(M) until you meet up with the M18. Head eastbound on the M18 for about a mile and leave at J3 (A6182). The ground is signposted from the motorway but in case you miss them, follow the A6182 into Doncaster, go straight over the first island, take the 2nd exit at the second island, and take the 3rd exit at the third island. Easy.


There is a car park at the ground although it can only hold 1,000 cars so on busy match days it can fill up pretty quickly. All around the ground are industrial units that offer parking and if you get there early enough you may even find yourself some street parking. Don’t park in the Lakeside shopping area though as this will be patrolled by traffic officers.

Pre-match pint.

Being a new ground situated on the outskirts of the city, there aren’t really many pubs nearby. There is a Beefeater on the shopping park and a Holiday Inn which you’ll see as you leave the motorway. Other than that, the city centre is about a 20-30 minute walk away or you can just enjoy a pint inside the ground.

A bit to eat?

Again there isn’t much. The Beefeater I pointed out above as well as some fast food outlets on the shopping park are about all your going to get outside of the ground. Otherwise it’s a case of grabbing a pie inside the ground.

There really isn’t much else to say about going to Doncaster. I was working there last week so went and had a quick drive around to see what was going on and there isn’t much, unless you have a penchant for trains! There should be around 3,000 Newcastle fans there on the night and let’s hope the team can give them, and all of us for that matter, something to be happy about.

Howay the lads!

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120 Responses

  1. We need to get at Donny from the off, they are a footballing side like Swansea so its no good allowing them too much time on the ball as we have done in many an away game this season.
    Chron is reporting Barton is back in the squad for this game, finger crossed on that one.

  2. i think another draw at best unless we go all out for the win. i think it will be five through the mid field again with both barton and nolan and guthrie playing. nolan in the hole i guess behind carrol. we simply cant play Best – he is shit.

  3. I was expecting Barton to start against (or at least get onto the pitch) against Bristol, so it wouldn’t be a big surprise the team you are suggesting Craig. Best hasn’t impressed us spectators but I think he is what is often referred to as a footballers footballer, doesnt look to us as if he is doing much but is given other players time and space with his efforts. that might sound a bit crap but I think you know what I am saying, I hope!!
    I think we should be able to beat them, we just have to make sure we don’t concede early daft goals again.

  4. CH about to be on ssn or the Roy Keane show as it should now be called, talking about joey barton and tomorrows match.

  5. Craig we just havn’t seen the best of Best :lol:

    BBB I agree and have been saying for most of the season there is only a few teams that we should be happy to set up for a draw, the rest we should be gunning for a win and not sitting back and letting them attack us hoping for the chance that we might get a long ball and the chance to nick the game.
    I believe in most games in the CCC the best form of defence is attack ;)

  6. Leon Best’s Wiki page has already been regularly vandalised sinced he joined Newcastle. It really is a shame about the doylums who are ruining the reputation of Newcastle United and making us all look so nasty, resentful and vindictive.

  7. CH has already said abrton is in team tmw.. just wonder if he will start him. you would have to go with jonas, guthrie, baton, routledge through middle with nolan in hole and carroll up front, the back kinda picks itself at the minute as we have no-one left baxck there.

  8. yeah i feel sorry or best but the bottom line is, he isnt doing the buisness is he. i really dont know why we really bought the lad. in buying him has it closed a door to us buying a real striker if we go up???

  9. I haven’t been impressed with best, but I doubt he’s been impressed with himself so far, it can take time for players to settle in at a new club and giving the lad abuse is not going to help him or our reputation as supporters. If we are not going to lure players to the club with offering them massive wages like in the past then we have to make players see that it is a club where they can settle and feel at home and have the support of the club and it’s supporters. If we do sign some promising youngsters how are they going to feel when we are giving them grief for a slow start or taking time to adapt. I would only give players serious stick if they done something which I consider to be disrespectful to the club or it’s history or the city itself like dyer or jenas. Or players who claim massive wages despite being in their 50s like butt.

  10. i have watched best a couple of times imo as i have said before he just looks tight in himself,just needs to relax,could be he is trying to hard therefore looks poor,needs monkey off his back,then i will judge him.might try and dig up some cov games and see

  11. I’m down with jay jay & icedog on Best.
    Give him time let him relax, he’s getting slowly better.
    Top delivery a couple of games back, almost got off the mark on satda.
    Howay Leon, get a couple in the net & push on lad.

  12. worky what’s been going on on his wiki page mate I can’t find anything derrogatory at the mo?

    Not that any of you are interested but I just had a two hour lecture on Milton’s Paradise Lost; I feel mentally battered and could do with some decent banter to satisfactorily stimulate the cognative faculties! Who would everyone’s top (realistic) transfer target for the summer be then? And how about a team for tomorrow?

  13. clint,aye m8 some guys can hit the ground running,others cannot, time has proved that many times i bet we could name a few and a few peo left with egg on there face just let us wait

  14. devon m,i feel o”hara is 75% a toon player.
    feel it in my water m8 ;) i like him like as well

  15. devon – Save some of them ceative huices for later, match preview will be with us soon enough ;)

  16. I’ll do my best Toonsy but I’m feckin shattered! O’Hara at the mo is my ideal transfer target too- I also like the fact that Houghton seems to have made him his number one summer target. It’d be a very, very sensible buy. I know a lot of people dissaprove as well, but personally I’m all for overseas players coming to the toon. The main reason these buys have cocked up in the past is because they were panic, deadline day buys with extremely limited thought put into them. Graham Carr seems to be the real deal; if he’s out looking at players already then we should be in a good position by summer. Certainly beats youtube scouting eh?

  17. jay jay,aye m8 hes young,has some pace and he will put his foot in, canny left that can pick a pass,my only worry is how much will they ask for him? my guess is 3mil will we pay that?

  18. CH needs to hold his hand up and admit it. He made a mistake with Best. The guy is just not good enough. I can’t think of one good feature of his game – makes Shola look like Pele. I don’t like knocking Toon players but what is doing my head in is that playing Best is denying Ranger valuable playing time/development. That’s time he may not get much of next season and then what?

  19. DevonMag, So how would you relate Milton’s epic poem to the viscitudes of the recent history of the Toon, has God cast us out do you think? :)

    I am currently trying to write a very short article about Ki and the cardiovasular system and my brain is hurting as well. :)

    As for new players I would agree with Toonsy (or was it Workys) earlier comments that we will be linked with a whole plethora of prospective buys with the possible difference this year (I hope) that some are in the pipeline and will be tailored to our needs. I see Skelbred as one actuall this time around.

  20. My top realistic target for next season would be Kevin Doyle, he has a fantastic work rate , quick good with both feet good header of the ball and with the right service I think he would score goals

    I was very unsure about Leon best when we first signed him after watching him for Ireland a couple times but he does look like he is getting better and he was unluck sat not to score

  21. Haha Big Willy, were I to relate it to the vicissitudes of the toon in recent years, I’d say that we were indeed cast out by God (metaphorically represented in our departure from the premier league) but that this in fact served, conversely, as a beneficiary to our great cause, as, as the Devil so shrewdly points out, ‘it is better to rule in Hell, than to serve in Heaven.’ Ergo; our exploits in the championship this year as a ‘big fish’ have invigorated the team with a reknewed sense of desire and a camaradarie that was previously lacking, which, in the premiership (heaven) we would not have been so profusely subjected to!

  22. Well the press haven’t exactly got many of our recent signings right, have they?
    They’re out of the loop & rightly so, about time.
    I love the fact that they know nowt about what we’re up to in the transfer market, long may it continue.

  23. Big Willy – I have a mate in Norway (played with Solskjaer) who reckons Skjelbred is not actually that good. Full or energy but not the playmaker type we need. There again my mate’s a Liverpool fan!!

  24. DevonMag, is that before or after several pints of Cider, hey thinking about it, that was all apple related was it not. You are not relating MA to Satan perchance. :)

    I knew I’d mis-spelt vicissitudes just couldn’t be arsed (thats a permissable word I believe) to look it up. ;)

  25. big willy,nice to see you rate skelbred seen very little of him but the bits i saw of him i liked and hes a toon fan,my only worry is hes seems a bit light/w for epl,a few mince&dumpling should fix him

  26. Icedog you could say the same about Modric but he seems to cope. Thought it was funny the other week where he was trying to con the ref cos a bigger player was picking on him.

  27. Haha nah I’d never relate Ashley to Satan as I actually quite like Satan’s role in Paradise Lost; he’s pro knowledge, enlightenment, sex, and he profusely rejects dogma for the sake of dogma. Mike Ashley’s far too thick to be assigned such a role!
    This is definitely before the cider! And mis-spelling vicissitudes is definitely permissable!

    As for Skjelbred, I’ve actually gone off the idea of signing him quite a lot since summer; I feel the CM role is well filled and have prefered our other mentioned targets for creative center mid, RE O’Hara and Cabaye. One player I really like the look of that we’ve been linked with is that Hernandez chap from Valencia, nice and young and a big prospect, not unreasonable either seeing as Valencia are a selling club and he’s not quite good enough for top European sides. Could be well worth a punt I’d say…

    Kadar to start tomorrow as well, I think he’s such a big prospect every time I’ve seen him he looks so composed for one so young; I’d rather see him gettting game time than one size, who will inevitably by returning to QPR anyway

  28. think modric has a bit more class like mate,and lot more pace to get out of that,never liked bullys picking on the poor sod ha ha

  29. Sorry chaps I’m off to kill monsters again with the missus, catch you all later. :)

  30. Me thinks we won’t do too much attacking against Doncaster, after playing only 3 days before. Hughton probably wants to get back to winning 0-1 (not that I haven’t enjoyed recent matches a little more.

    Side note, whats the deal with Ed’s blog? It came back on unnanounced, and it one of the bloggers here referred to it as the dark side.

  31. Yeah icedog he is a very good player and I know he hasnt scored alot of goals this season but his workrate is out of this world and with the right amount of chances been created he will score

  32. free scoring to be honest mate I think he just got pissed off with the constant persecution from certain bloggers (represented largely in his surprisingly bitter signing off message) and then after a while started to miss the whole thing so fired it up again un-announced. No disrespect to this blog but it’s basically comprehensively taken the mantle of best toon blog on the net straight from ed’s grasp lol, deep down I reckon he regrets ever cancelling his because it’s lost a huge amount of followers now.

  33. @devonmag

    Is that the first time Milton has been quoted on a football blog? If so, well done.

    Paradise Lost kinda sound like the last few seasons (paradise being European football and top half premier league status)

  34. devonmag, I think this blog is better, partly because there aren’t so many comments. Maybe when we’re back in the prem Spurs fans will be back to talk more shite, but hope not.

  35. johno toon,watched quite a few videos of him,he scored goals in past,hes playing in a poor team with no width,think jonas&rout would be dream for him m8

  36. devonmag says:
    March 22, 2010 at 2:04 pm

    “worky what’s been going on on his wiki page mate I can’t find anything derrogatory at the mo?”

    That’s because myself and other Wiki editors keep clearing up the vandalism, Devonmag. His name had been changed throughout the article to “Leon WORST”, It was stated in there (without any sources) that Newcastle United supporters had recently voted him the worst signing in Newcastle United’s history and more. If I were a footballer nowadays, I wouldn’t sign for Newcastle unless I was paid way over the odds. It just isn’t worth the grief you get if you have one or two below par games, or don’t settle down straight away.

  37. Free Scoring Smudge

    They were back on the other day when I wrote about us signing Jamie O’Hara :lol:

  38. Worky – Isn’t there alist on each wiki page of how many edits there has been? And can’t anyone drag it back to one of those versions?

  39. toonsy says:
    March 22, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    “Worky – Isn’t there alist on each wiki pageof how many edits there has been? And can’t anyone drag it back to one of those versions?”

    History tab, Toonsy.

    The “undo” feature tends to be used mostly for rolling back vandalism.

  40. ah fairplay Worky, well in mate. Seems such a shame that we’ve managed to garner a reputation for giving our own players a hard time. Still though, most football clubs suffer simialr fates as I think football fans are almost ubiquitously fickle by nature.

    Roy, lol I don’t know mate but I suppose it could well be!

    And free scoring, this blog is, I think, without question better. Whilst Ed’s a bit of a legend, his ‘journalism,’ as it were, is seriously suspect. I think his age shines though quite a lot (no disrespect to Ice and other older bloggers!) and he developed quite a bad habbit of tailoring headlines to get more hits- he sort of went a bit ‘redtop’ really. You get a good blend of reasoned articles on this site as well as good banter and craic to match.

  41. Toonsy

    They never have anything clever either. If they really wanted to piss us off they’d mention how they nicked Bassong off us… Nevermind

  42. Half the problems with Ed’s blog are that he posts so much, you no sooner post a comment and there’s anoth 3 posts so its quite hard to get any banter going.

    Still I appreciate his work and still go on there, however this blog is better for banter and worky kicks off any idiots fairly quickly

    ultimately, this blogs inception was due to the fact Ed stated he was shutting his down, surprised he reopened it but the more the better in my opinion, he has def lost a lot of people who post comments and they aren’t all on here so god knows where they went!

    1-2 to the toon tomoz – we can’t seem to keep clean sheets away these days

  43. devonmag says:
    March 22, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    “and he developed quite a bad habbit of tailoring headlines to get more hits”

    We have done that even more shamelessly I’m afraid, Devon. I still remember Bowburn’s story about us chasing “Raul”. He didn’t say which Raul it was in the title though. It was one the most well read ‘blogs on here. :-)

  44. The only thing I prefered about ed’s blog was the shortcut to the bottom of the page so I didn’t have to scroll though all the previous comment. ;) worky?

  45. haha ah fairplay Worky I don’t remember seeing that one! Maybe before my time as a .org blogger!

  46. This blog may cite rumors, but Ed seemed to believe them. Soon after the Daily Mail had written that we were looking at a player, then Ed was labeling them a target. Here, any speculation is usually a qualified as such.

    Not that I want to criticize Ed to much, I really appreciated his work. Being a toon fan in the states is not easy, and Ed clearly felt the same frustration.

    One observation from the 6 or 7 matches I’ve been able to see from over here: Enrique stands out head and shoulders above the competition in this league. He beats defenders with such ease, and sides typically abandon attacks down the right within the first 20 minutes or so. His pace protects Colo, which makes me wonder why Fab was played next to the RB last season. Why play your two quickest defenders (Basssong and Enrique) next to each other?

  47. The only really nifty thing i’ve seen with other blogs is an option to tag comments you’ve already read, and then go to a quickview page of all recent articles posted with a ticker that shows you how many comments have been posted since, eg the comments you haven’t read. I’m not in any way clued up about how blogs etc work so I imagine this could be something unachievable? Lol

  48. jay jay says:
    March 22, 2010 at 4:22 pm

    “The only thing I prefered about ed’s blog was the shortcut to the bottom of the page so I didn’t have to scroll though all the previous comment. worky?”

    Have you tried clicking the “recent comments” links towards the top of the sidebar, jay jay? That’s what they’re there for.

  49. in all fairness though Worky that blog ardently accepted the fact that the headline was a bit of a laugh, whereas Ed, as someone previously mentioned, even seemed to believe his own headlines!

    I love how he refused to accept the reason Brad Inman was nicknamed ‘Kaka’ is because he looks like him, not because of his playing style! Hehe, every time it’s pointed out he just blanks it and writes the same stuff in his next blog, ‘dubbed so because he looks like the Brazilian superstar and also becuase he plays a lot like him too’

  50. Interesting stat from the BBC pages, if we get 3 points tomorrow we are guaranteed a play off place. A small milestone to get outa the way

  51. Raffo – We got the bog milestone out the way though, we are at least guaranteed championship football next year ;)

    Jay jay – Invest in a netbook mate, relatively cheap although it depends on if your just going to use it to browse.

    I used to use my mobile on the travels but unfortunately my swanky new £400 handset had a slight disagreement with the washing machine and hasn’t come back fom the dead yet :(

  52. worky – Guess it was actually a case of good riddance to bad rubbish then. Shame really, when he was being serious he made some good points. Unfortunately, the ‘cock’ side of him can’t be ignored and this place is better off without the likes of him!

  53. jay jay says:
    March 22, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    “Number 4 to be banned soon then worky?”

    He keeps trying jayjay, but fortunately he is of very low intelligence.

  54. Touche Toonsy!

    I would be happy with a draw if I dare say that! Donny are playing well at the moment and Sharp is looking dangerous. I want us to play to win of course but I would be happy to get that point on the board.

    Toonsy, are there a select few who write for the blog or can you put yourself forward?

  55. I am going to nail my colours to the mast and I shall stand by this:

    We will clinch automatic promotion after our game at home to Blackpool on April 10th. I think we could do it the game before at home to Sheff Utd but I will stand by that. April 10th is the day, and we are at home so cue the bubbly!!!!

  56. P.S finding a suitable picture of Doncaster is quite hard, it’s like the one place in the world the internet has forgotten about :lol:

  57. Thats because it is a dump! I live about 10miles from there and it is a dump!

    Cheers Toonsy.

    P.S. I also have a sneaking thought that Reading may just be a tip for the playoffs as yet

  58. Raffo says:
    March 22, 2010 at 5:13 pm
    and we are at home so cue the bubbly!!!!

    Yeah 2 packs of Hubba Bubba and a can of Tizer :)

  59. I’ll have poppin candy instead of that’s ok?

    jay jay – Your the same age as me. Remember them little sweets called ‘Nerds’?

  60. Raffo says:
    March 22, 2010 at 5:22 pm

    “I will have dandelion and burdock”

    That was my poison when I was a bairn, along with Cream Soda.

  61. toonsy:
    March 22nd, 2010 at 5:29 pm
    I’ll have poppin candy instead of that’s ok?
    jay jay – Your the same age as me. Remember them little sweets called ‘Nerds’?

    I do indeed toonsy, many a day would I get some nerds and a carton of um bongo mate :)

  62. workyticket thank you very much! i am pleased you have put it write. it all started from me saying simpson is shit and we need a right back. NUFCELITE started calling me names so so. so what but like you say coming out with racism no time for it. then he was making out i was changing my name which it was him and then calling me throu other people if he had anything about him just yous his name was that his brother or was that him i bet me coming on and saying this i will get some comments by him.

  63. So what aboot black bullets like, get some at that wierd shop opposite the North Shields fish market to clean my mouth after a feed of fish `n chip`s.
    Talking about candy, there was a brand of toffee, believe it was called Elvet, a creamy nut filled toffee, that was sold @ a sweet shop in the Grainger Market, most delicious stuff.

  64. Asim hows it going I think I might have give you some stick the other night ? but I think it might have been someone letting on to be you ?

  65. jay jay and toonsy I’m younger than both of you but I remember nerds and umbungo, although I never drank the latter as for some inexplicable reason it gave me crippling headaches! Donny will be tough, make no mistake, but I think the lads have 1st place firmly in their sights so I’ll go for a hard-fought 2-3 to us, an exciting game for the neautral!

  66. Asim
    Apparently Workey has eliminated your problem we wont be hearing from that racist bully again.

  67. Icedog your right Buddy ;) chuck was trying to put us down for talking about dogs telling us this was a footie blog for talking about NUFC then ending with “im away to watch Chelski” Long runs the Fox

  68. cheers lads! he wasnt a racist bully! the facts that all he could then say was that bull shit. but a lot of you agreed with him about simpson and then you all changed your minds after saturday ha ha

  69. Well putting you down is not exactly how i would describe it Big Dave, admonish would be more to the point.
    Face it you guys have a penchant to-wards digression,
    just reeling y`all back.

  70. big dave,still waiting for new photo m8,dont want to forcast tues game might upset toony,feel free to give yours m8

  71. Chuck I would say admonish is what an adult would do to a naughty child. I dont have time to check what you said now but at the time I thought it was extremly ignorant but if thats what rocks your boat so be it.
    Catch you’s lata lads

  72. i think we should go with 5 in midfield the same plus barton.carrol on his own. after saturday away i think we were to weak in central midfield why does nolan always trys to spin with 2 players on him and loses the ball.he seems to run faster going forward then back.i said we would win easy on saturday if routledge jonas and enrique played with out them we would have lost but we didnt win either. With routledge i think we have won the pools some1 who could make us good if he plays and stays fit he seems in this league far to good and his final ball setting up chances is spot on. which cant be said for prem players can he do it in the prem if he can good days for us then bad lads.

  73. Chuck try that @a quater of’ site worky has a link to, if it’s ket you’re after mate.

  74. The reason our mid got overrun on satda, was because we had no DM on the pitch. Both Nolan & Guthrie are forward thinking mids.
    Probably shoulda had a slightly less attacking form.

  75. So far we have been linked to one Portugese, two french and i believe a Spaniard n a Uruguayan.
    From reports they all appear to be the best thing since sliced bread and players we would be able to pick up cheaply.
    Just wondering how many more of these great finds we will be linked with, before our season in the PL begins.

  76. Chuck,
    maybe we’re just alerting other teams to them via the shoddy english press-mongs!

  77. Hernandez would not be cheap. He has just signed a contract at Valencia.

    Well not right this minute but you know what I mean :)

  78. Big Dave
    Sorry if I offended you, was`nt my intention.

    Clint Flick
    Sorry, could`nt quite figure out what you meant.

    Anyone else I may have offended, grow up !

  79. asim @85

    “it all started from me saying simpson is shit and we need a right back”

    I had tooth knocked out once for saying Kevin Phillips was sh*t and telling a mackem that they needed a new manager.

    Count yerself lucky :)

  80. Chuck,
    with regard to the press-mongs, i just meant it’s prob all press BS mate & they’re doing what they always do, in so far as they like to talk players up, whilst trying to use certain clubs to drum up speculation.

    On the other thig: i.e. Ket.
    Worky has a canny site linked for such confection.
    So y’didn’t offend me mate, i was just commenting.

  81. Chuck says:
    March 22, 2010 at 6:00 pm

    “So what aboot black bullets like, get some at that wierd shop opposite the North Shields fish market to clean my mouth after a feed of fish `n chip`s.
    Talking about candy, there was a brand of toffee, believe it was called Elvet, a creamy nut filled toffee, that was sold @ a sweet shop in the Grainger Market, most delicious stuff.”

    Chuck, you can get all of those kind of things from the “A Quarter Of…” site advertised here.

  82. Aye, they divvn’t mek ket like the used to though.
    cherry lips & floral gums divvn’t clag together & stick to the roof of your mouth like they used to.
    But y’can get sports mixtures & midget gems with proper black ones though, canny!

  83. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    March 22, 2010 at 7:24 pm

    “On the other thig: i.e. Ket.”

    It’s a long time since I’ve heard that word referring to sweets, Clint. Down here in London, it’s an animal tranquiliser that gets you completely smashed.

  84. Worky,
    aye mate, i’m doon here too.
    It’s a great word isn’t it, i’m teaching the bairn Geordie as a second language, for kicks. I heard her practicing arlreet pet, to her self the other day, priceless.

  85. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    March 22, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    aye mate, i’m doon here too.”

    Where are you in London, Clint?

    I’ve been trying to teach my friends the difference between a Geordie accent and a Mackem accent.

  86. NW5 mate, where are you?
    Everyone’s a Geordie from north of leeds here.
    They think me accents strong ’til i get out me proper one, then they go, huh?

  87. Just curious JayJay but when you say is Number 4 next to be banned are you referring to comment 4. If so why?

  88. big willy,na m8 it was no4 being (person) to be banned,keep it going bud,you win your game?

  89. Chuck after considering it for a while I will except ;)
    Icedog I am going for a 2-1 win for us. But again if we score early who knows, I just have a feeling we will go a goal down before we wake up. I know ur not keen but I hope Joey starts ;) Going back to what someone said earlier I think Best is trying to hard and maybe if he relaxed a bit he might score, but I know its wrong of me I still dont think he is what we need but that is maybe just me as I blame him for holding Ranger back

  90. No problem JayJay, I’d have been surprised if you had meant me, just thought I’d clarify it though.