Newcastle to outsmart Spurs for Raul?

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You mean you're not THE Raul?
You mean you're not THE Raul?
Yes I know, the headline is as subtle as a brick but it may as well be the Raul, because the latest rumour is that we’re after Espanyol hotshot Raul Tamudo, capped by his country, all-time top goalscorer for his club and generally the sort of fella that a) we’ve been told we’ll not be going after and b) would extremely unlikely to get, if we were.

It might explain things better if I mention that the story comes from the Daily Mail. And to add interest to the speculation, he has been close to ripping up his contract with Espanyol, but has now turned to the board to plead that he be loaned out for the remainder of the season. That being with a view to a permanent move in the summer. Contract issues and a season long loan? Seems like an unnerving combination of the hassles we had with Gutierrez and Gonzalez.

If that wasn’t enough spice, our old foes (by this I mean the baffling ill-feeling that seemed to exist between the two clubs over the last few years), Tottenham Hotspur, are apparently after him as well. The insinuation being though that Redknapp’s desire to sign a centre-forward may be determined by his ability to offload Pavlyuchenko. Apparently Wigan were also after him back in the summer but are no longer thought to be in the reckoning.

While Spurs have one over on us, with the whole being a division above thing, our Spanish-speaking players could play a factor in making a move to Tyneside attractive, as would first team football. But here I am giving the story the time of day after I mocked the source and yes of course many tiny little sachets of salt should be kept at hand for all eventualities. The way the press report things about us, it’s difficult not to be cynical, but he’s thirty-two and desperate for a move, so hey maybe I’m wrong? But until I see something updated on Wikipedia I’ll not believe a word of it…….

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154 Responses

  1. I wonder if mentioning the spuds will bring that loon who pretended to be a mag on eds blog, but was really a spuds fan.
    Anyway I would have thought that there would be a few pl clubs that would be interested in a loan. Basically he’s not coming.

  2. File it under paper talk.
    The tabloids have to fill space with the usual nonsense and if we sign any of the jillions of players we will be associated with between now and the jan. window, I will be surprised.
    Past practice at this club, will again define our plans, nothing but loanee`s or free agents are to be expected, unless MA makes a big score at the casino that is.
    The main difference is the quality of those we were once associated with has declined considerably.

  3. looks like a load of tosh to me. now weve stated theres a possibilty of signing someone in this window i expect we’l revert back to being linked to every player under the sun.

  4. Even if it were true – there’s no way the FCB would allow United to get in the way if his beloved Totts Hots are after the player…….

  5. toonsy says:
    November 16, 2009 at 8:22 pm

    “Doubtful. If he was any good im sure our Spurs supporting owner will direct him that way.”

    toonsy,  if you mean Mike Ashley, he’s never been a Spurs supporter. He used to be a Stamford Bridge man. The ‘Spurs thing was just a wind up inspired by his close friendship with then ‘Spurs director, Paul Kelmsley.

  6. hahahaha do u think we will bring him u know one time he was linked wid a move to real,barca,ac milan,inter,fiorentina….he said no and i wonder as spurs the one to sign him what makes him come to us. remeber we lost evry signing that spurs wants like berbatov and woodgate…and they took some playes from us jenas,basong,bla bla….even if he came he wont help to old and to many injuries we need to sign young palyers….and the french guy i have never herd of wht the fuc.. i dont know hwy nufc brings playes thet the england clubs have never herd of like xico, and now frnch guy even jonas …..even if he is succesful

  7. Workey
    C`mon man !
    Did`nt you know Spurs are part of the Cockney mafia, suvern newspaper,  fat ba****d (you name it)  conspiracy that is responsible for the chaos surrounding NUFC.
    Wake up !

  8. N o offence, but if Tottenham ever went for Tamudo (although I doubt we would, and wouldn’t think he’d be interested in warming our bench) then he’s definitely pick us over you. Moreover, he’d rather stay at Espanyol than join you. He gets to play for his boyhood club, get paid well, and play against the likes of Barca and Real Madrid.

  9. Aye, ‘e’d loike ’em eels innit?

    CLiNT FLiCK – funny you should say “Tottingham”. I was just thinking he looks like a cross between Ardiles and Tony Galvin.

    I’ve got loads of mates who are Spurs fans, but I try not to hold it against them.

  10. Bowburn, one thing you didn’t mention, he is thirty two. If they did persuade him to come here, they’d probably have to offer him a decent contract which lasted three years plus, which would make him a thirty five year old striker. But it’s probably all rubbish anyway.

  11. worky – I have mentioned it on the third last line, which is why I haven’t completely discounted the idea! Yeah, you could see someone that age perhaps generally doing a job to help get us up and then maybe a season in the Premiership but then he might struggle. Guess it depends on what shape he’s in? Admittedly, I’ve not seen much Spanish footy lately so I wouldn’t know.

  12. @worky
    that is where you are wrong again. You quote ‘ bowburn one thing you didnt mention he is 32 years old’
    well worky, there were more than one thing he didnt mention. What about what he ate for his dinner yesterday? The cost of his football boots? What is his mother called? I could go on and think of thousands of things bowburn didnt mention.
    Youre definitely right about your poor concentration at the moment.
    Wiki stavers always here to keep you right.

  13. that why you keep misquoting me worky? ;)
    I agree mostly with the youngsters part, we’ve got a fresh start, through bad management & poor circumstances but we have a chance to re-build, there’s experience in the squad from the likes of Nolan, Colo, Harper & Butt, but we have a lot of youth coming through who are mostly showing themselves to be big future prospects, currently, we need to bolster the squad but lets not blow what cash we do have on a couple of seasons worth
    my twopenneth

  14. This guy is clearly a nobody who wouldnt get on the bench at Spurs, he would probably be paraded round newcastle on an open top bus if they signed him. Newcastle should be looking at signing players from there own league or lower because thats all they can attract. FACT.  Enjoy being in that division because thats all your good for. Also enjoy watching Spurs on itv next season playing champions league football FACT. Geordies are mugs FACT

  15. and I base that on the fact that he’s too stupid to even find his own teams Blog, he just seems to have followed the crowds of people headed on over to this one….

  16. YES! We are really in the race with a fizzypop team to sign a geriatric 32yr old striker.
    Get over yourselves, you blame everyone else for your predicament you are in at the moment and refuse to look in the mirror for the real reason.

  17. my god it’s an influx of part-time, witless bloggers, it’s a shame that they all seem to be coming from one direction…

  18. danny-boy – I probably have to take the responsiblity for that danny-boy. If I hadn’t mentioned them, they’d just be bickering with Arsenal fans.

    EngNor and Dr John – put down your brush and your tar and come and givvus a hug man. You shouldn’t be so paranoid, you’re a canny enough team. I mean granted, not as good as we were a few year’s ago but you’ll get there. If it’s OK by you, we’d like to join you sometime in the not too distant future? Until then, keep a torch handy. Tis murky in that shadow that Arsenal continue to cast over you.

  19. no need to apologise to me BBM, the numbnuts that passing comments draw out are nothing but sport, they have no opinion to speak of and usually disappear as fast as they arrive, for those that are actual football fans, never really understood the aggro with the spurs fans

  20. fun this FACT thing isn’t it, can add that to any word and it becomes FACT, regardless of the FACT that none of it has any basis on FACT
    took you that long to come up with that?
    refer back to my first reply, Dr John = TWAT FACT

  21. Dr John says:
    November 17, 2009 at 9:27 am
    Better than being in sunderlands shadow FACT

    And that from someone who has lived in Arsenal’s shadow for years, cannot compete with us for crowds (even though we’re in the fizzy pop league) LOL What a w@nker!!

    By the way Dr John – if you can’t find the way to the Champs league – just ask mate – we’ve been there loadsa times LOL

    Another thick cockney who knows nowt LOL

  22. Danny_Boy/Bowburnmag.
    Never had any problem with mags in the past and have been to and around the Newcastle area many a time visiting friends and football obviously. But! The amount of shiite that we had to put up with in our time of trouble, ie, management turmoil, Jol, Ramos etc from an invasion of barcodes giving the big one. You`re going down, you`re shiiter than shiiite and deserve all that comes to you etc, etc.
    Funny when the boot actually fitted the other foot, you closed your footy boards and started to ban anyone and everyone with a negative post. So sorry if there is no sympathy on my part, you actually did deserve all you got.
    Good luck with the promotion race, what ever way you look at it, clubs like ours need each other.
    The future is bright, the future is lily white.

  23. Granted you use to be  a good side 6years or longer ago but then again Leeds and Forest use to have good teams years ago.  It’s a sign of a desperate team when they have to talk about the past ‘when they use to be good’. We can all safely say you’re not anymore!
    I think you should keep should of that torch since the we’re closer to getting out of the shadow of ar*enal than you are of Sunderland (division above and all that!!).
    You’ll get out of it one day i’m sure until then keep it shining!

  24. Egnor “Get over yourselves, you blame everyone else for your predicament you are in at the moment and refuse to look in the mirror for the real reason.”

    I campaigned last year that the fans were as equally ( or moreso) to blame as any other failing in the club-so not everyone can not see what they have become. But your sentiments are correct – many of my friends around the UK have the same view as you – only the insular self absorbed blamecaster element of our fans think that they are blameless.

  25. EngNor – tit-for-tat? I have plenty of mates who are Spurs’ fans and even though some of them actually are tools when it comes to footy, I wouldn’t tar everyone with the same brush. I would imagine you’d have to be pretty offensive to get refused your say on here. Personally, I wouldn’t celebrate anyone’s downfall (OK maybe the Mancs….) but I realise not everyone is like-minded.

    Dr John – to be fair it was about time they stepped out of our’s. I see our relegation as sort of charity work, kind of like a little donation you’d make. A chance for them to shine brightly for a short whi;le. That is until the universe is righted and we climb above them again.

  26. “coys says:

  27. wow, the mentality is just incredible, few things to put to bed:

    1. closed the boards? how exactly did that happen, you’re here aren’t you, or didn’t you notice?
    2. closer to getting out of Arsenals shadow, hmmmmm they seem to be above you in the league table, more respected, better players, better revenue, and hell, WE get more in the crowd than you do and we’re a league lower
    I started with more but kinda lost interest having to look on the Spurs pages, their just so empty and dull….

  28. COYS.
    The goon scum are where they are because of false pretense, they bribed and cheated there way into the old 1st div at the expence of Wolves others and ourselves. And they (scum) have lived in the lily white shadow before and will again.
    You see barcodes, it`s not because of local rivalry, it`s because of their cheating ways. If they want to talk local, they should fuuk off back to Woolwich.

  29. EngNor says:
    November 17, 2009 at 9:47 am
    Proof would be nice, ie, medal or trophy.
    Just ask what they look like, we have loads. ;D

    If you looked past the end of your nose Egnor – you would see that so have we.
    In fact our trophy hauls are remarkably similar
    It’s just we have more fans than you and have played in the Champions League…….

  30. and just 1 more:

    ‘when they use to be good’. We can all safely say you’re not anymore!

    top of the league, with half a squad, and just for you Dr john, that is FACT

  31. Stardust.
    Every club in every corner of the world have the same fans, there is no difference in how you support or barrack the team. Spurs are no different, there are very negative fans that stand on the terraces at the Lane, the same goes for St. James`. Until they realise that it is very counter productive and can have a dire affect on the club, their clubs will struggle. We have c@nty fans as do you.
    Bowman, one isn`t taring everyone, a misinterpretation me thinks.

  32. Has everyone already forgotten our recent success in Europe?  Have we all forgotten that the mighty Glen Roeder was at the helm when we brought a european cup back to St James Park?
    Shame on you all.

  33. top of any league is always an achievement coys, its in the definition > TOP, tell you what, come back and try again when you are Top of anything, won’t hold my breath…..

  34. It`s been so long utd111 on your teams part, wasn`t around them mate. Did manage the 81, 82, 91 FAC. 99 LC. UEFAC 84 on our part though.

  35. MT – it’s outrageous mate. That glorious occasion is just not given the respect it deserves.

  36. EngNor says:
    November 17, 2009 at 10:14 am
    It`s been so long utd111 on your teams part, wasn`t around them mate. Did manage the 81, 82, 91 FAC. 99 LC. UEFAC 84 on our part though.

    Egnor – you should have said you’re just a bairn – I would have made allowances for you son……

    Yep – you have been catching up with us lately…..for a small club you’ve done quite well LOL

  37. Attention everybody – winning the league or cup or European trophy only counts if Egnor was born!!

    These are the rules in wierd and wonderful Egnorworld LOL

  38. suppose you’re right danny-boy it is… you should make the most of it because we can safely say you won’t be able to say it again – unless of course you turn into a yo-yo club i.e. west ham!
    Good luck to you though, the banters a bit better when we’re in the same division because i can’t seem to take anything you lot say seriously at the moment.

  39. coys – this banter is beyond you.  The reason you aren’t enjoying it, is because you can’t understand it.  Do you even know which trophy we are talking about?

  40. it was easy to miss BBM, half hearted at best, 2 out of 5 for effort, the actual insult wasn’t even worth responding to lol

  41. Apologies but pity is all i have to offer – i’m sorry but the banters not the same. 
    I know a Doncaster fan though i’ll get him involved to have some banter with you boys though.

  42. Bairn, should have stayed in Scotland!
    A young man of 45yrs have you know.  Not saying that you have not won anything, just saying it`s a very very long time ago
    Why would anyone else be interested in the past glory of other teams, unless you have an unhealthy obsession with Spurs like our pikey friends from the east?.  Like I know all the goons honours.
    Playing catch with Sunderland will keep your lot occupied for a while, so we will just have to make do with our east end stalkers until then.

  43. Nah, I disagree, it was quite cutting. As much as you can be cut by a virtual pithy remark.

    Mind you, I think I’d still rather be top of the Championship table than top of the InArsenal’sShadow table.

  44. EngNor doesn’t know either MT, you keep missing the fact we won a european cup in the last 5 years, if you actually had any football knowledge you would at least know what it is we are talking about….

  45. EngNor – We’ve won a european cup more recently than the Spurs players have won anything other than a medal for cleaning Arsenal players boots.  And that was a bronze.

  46. as for knowing other teams glories, its part of being a FOOTBALL fan, you choose a team to be a supporter but most of the regulars here are FOOTBALL fans as well as NUFC fans, we can form sound opinions becuase we are not (completely) biased, you have to know all the options to form a valid opinion, that sirs, is why you are out of your depth

  47. you’re right coys, the banters not the same, at least the doncaster boys can form a sentence without being prompted…

  48. Aye paddling around, enjoying the sunshine of the North East (ahem), and ready to dive back in the deep end.

    What do you mean that’s not what you meant??

  49. by technicality you mean we won it right? fairly certain that’s what happened or is that different in yidish?….

  50. How can it be a technicality?

    We won 4-1 and were left with the biggest piece of the cracker.

    All above board and richly-deserved.

  51. Actually to be fair, it seemed like a pretty expensive trophy. I bet Ashley’s tried to flog it.

  52. did I say that? nope, I’m a fan, I follow football so I see who won & lost, who got what trophy and how well they did, if you misunderstood what I said then we need to re-assess the dumbing down thing

  53. Bowburnmag i’m glad you knew what i meant and didn’t get all stroppy like danny-boy… honestly the championship has changed some of you boys.
    Went up to newcastle once a few years back now, it was spot on and friendly bunch of people. The ladies weren’t half bad either.

  54. Actually Zebra`s, it`s been nice.
    All the best for a quick return to the PL, we have a few things to put right against you lot.
    See ya.

  55. I could tell you who played in what final and who won, but the yrs fail me in ones older yrs. ;)
    I can remember the ones i went to and even bloody yrs regarding battles through history, but other teams glory yrs, no mate.
    See ya, have to go.

  56. really?
    well maybe before coming to another teams blog and starting to sling insults around you ought to look a little further, you get more respect with a formed opinion
    I’ve nothing against any other teams fans unless they choose to shoot their mouth here, I don’t do it because I don’t feel strongly enough to bother them on their own doorstep, if that makes me stroppy then I’ll accept that, personally I just think it’s todays form of hooliganism for the lazy

  57. On what do you deluded Geordies base newcastle have more supporters than Spurs? Bigger ground? Which you cant fill!! What about the 22 thousand spurs have on the waiting list for a season ticket?? Spurs are a far bigger club than newcastle FACT. It made my year when you idiots were relegated, its all you deserve for thinking you are something your not. Even Keegan tried to shite on you in court. Ashley should be knighted for his work at the . FACT. I personally called it the FACT

  58. It’s pretty sad isn’t it danny?
    Could you be arsed?
    Obviously it still smarts & they feel a need to try & get some back
    while we’re easy prey.
    Ah! that’s the mark of a spud fan. Nice.

  59. Sorry to be boring, but getting back to the player for a second, doesn’t this have Blackburn Rovers written all over it, and not Spurs?  He is the perfect make up of a Sam Alledyce player.  Was ok once, but now slightly past it.

  60. is their a mute button on Dr John?
    average spurs attendace this season:
    Tottenham Hotspur, White Hart Lane, 35,931
    putting you 10th in the EPL table
    think that’s around 6,000 down on our average attendance this year

  61. Clit_flick.
    If the shit fits wear it! ;) How many barcodes were praying we took the drop, Spurs boards are full of them during our time in need.

  62. Average empty home seats at WHL this seaso = 0
    Average at sportsdirectstjpark (LOL) = 20,000 (most in any league) FACT

  63. workyticket says:
    November 17, 2009 at 11:21 am
    batty says:
    November 17, 2009 at 11:11 am
    “stokes dave kitson joins the smoggys on a 2 month loan deal”
    batty, I was just wondering what happened to you.
    Stoke to Middlesborough? Oh the glamour! It’s like moving from Gaza City to Chernobyl.<<<< :lol: worky spot on m8 always have a read m8 just on abit of a downer at the mo m8 caused by my years of abusing drink but ile pick meself up always do

  64. eggNog,
    Couldn’t care less about other teams mores or morass for that matter.
    You’ll never see my handle on another teams blog man.
    Unless it’s to empathize.
    Just the way i am, that’s why it’s a bit crap that you guys can’t just
    have a bit craic & not get so narky & draw an argument.
    But any form of verbal will not even touch he sides with me man  know what/who i am.

  65. Good to see you still have a picture of  Keegan (biggest bottler of all time) on your profile batty. Even though he tried to bankrupt your small club. Stay down there where you belong we dont want you back up here you bunch of benefit cheats FACT 

  66. okay, 4 quick FACTS:

    total attendace 09/10 Spurs: 214,486
    average: 35,747
    total attendance 09/10 NUFC: 331,824
    average: 41,478

    as per ESPN Soccernet Nov 09
    think that should be tihe OFF switch

  67. Dr John, your not making sense.  Are you deriding us for having a bigger ground than you?  That is warped logic if I’ve ever seen it, but I think I understand what you are saying.
    I’ll keep the numbers nice and simple for you.
    Say we had a 100,000 seater ground and could only get 80,000 people through the door, that would only be 80% full.
    You, hypothetically, have a 50,000 seater ground (you wish) and you get 50,000 through the door.  You are 100% full, but still have less supporters in the ground than us.
    I really can’t make it any clearer for you, can I?
    You are having the best season you’ve had in recent times.  We are having the worst and yet we still get more bums on seats. That must really smart.

  68. worky your blog has turned into eds.
    clint spurs fans have ZERO sense of humor,there the most deluded set of fans in the country,you carnt blame them like living in arsenals shadow.

  69. Dr John says:
    November 17, 2009 at 11:38 am
    Good to see you still have a picture of  Keegan (biggest bottler of all time) on your profile batty. Even though he tried to bankrupt your small club. Stay down there where you belong we dont want you back up here you bunch of benefit cheats FACT <<<< keep glue sniffing son and it will kill that last brain cell what u have left in that small brain of your then u will be no better than a mackem

  70. Facts for you….

    Spurs empty seats this year = 0
    Newcastle empty seats this year = 256,452
    Newcastle have won nothing for 60ish years
    Newcastle live in sunderlands shadow
    Spurs were the 1st british club to win a european trophy
    Spurs were the 1st english team to do the double
    Spurs are in the top 4
    Newcastle are in the championship

  71. Batty – at least there are some spurs fans around to make you realise that there are people in the world who are worse off than you.  Should help cheer you up a bit.

  72. Instead Tottenham Spurs you should be called Tottenham Nufc Poachers :-)
    At least we attract more attention despite being in the CCL
    Your club on the other hand will turn into a parking lot in case you get relegated HAHAHAHA….see you in the FA Cup suckers.

  73. i give up, the nuance from earlier missed the mark, John (never been a dr) saying FACT at the end of every sentence does nothing other than make you sound like a twat, go back to the spurs blog and laugh it up with your “buddies”
    I’ve nothing more to say to your inane nonsense
    for Parity, BBM, Worky apologies for even entering into “discussion” with the f**kwits who’ve joined us today

  74. Seriously, Dr John, what is that showing us?  All it shows if that for all of spurs minor success they still aren’t as well supported as a lowly Championship team. Carry on, nothing to see.

  75. hitman,
    you hit the nail on the head there mate.
    I guess they’ll leave soon.
    Anyhoo, good luck to spurts in their quest to emulate us
    & get some chumps league game time 7 even break into the top 3
    of the prem.
    come off it you spuds (coiys)

  76. Hold on a minute!
    Spurs fan*. Check.
    Likes to use fact a lot in his statements. Check.
    Dislikes NUFC. Check.
    I know who Dr. John is.  It’s Mike Ashley!
    *I know Ashley isn’t a spurs fan, but it’s what is widely (mis) reported about him, so it fits. :p

  77. Worky “Sorry to hear that batty. I know how you feel, a bit. My past has caught up with me too ATM.”

    Sorry to hear the warts have returned fella.

  78. batty , keep the abuse up  (sterling work ) and you’ll be as right as rain in nee time m8…regarding the drink , i only indulge on weekends now….mine normally starts on a monday night.

  79. and for anyone who cares, I work on a sliding scale:

    witless > nitwit > dimwit > halfwit > f**kwit


  80. Dr John
    Welcome to NUFCBLOG.ORG – though this isnt a village it feels, breathes and acts like one, we have held a vacancy and been searching for someone like yourself for so long. Consider yourself gainfully employed.

  81. guess that should have been obvious Batty, not an original thought has ever passed that boys lips

  82. I’m ok batty, thanx.
    Unbelievably, i’ve got me 21st anniversary(with the mrs) coming up the morra.
    & i’m just thinking: i coulda had 5/6 great years, killed her & still be out by now.
    With nice prison tatts & a baaad reputation.
    How the f….. did i manage that?
    Hope mrs flick likes the diamonds!

  83. Reet, i’m off to get the flowers sorted then i should be in the good books for
    a day or 2.
    Whey hey!

  84. Pull yourself together toon fans…
    You are in the championship!
    You will not sign anyone who has a chance of playing in the prem!
    You are the second team in the north west!
    Well done you played in the champs league!
    It will take you fifty years to get back there again!
    A spurs reject is yur manager!
    Compared to us over the years you have won FA…

  85. I just read the bit about Correction North East and assumed it was some laser-treatment spamming. And that it was probably for us poor, blind and deluded norvuners.

  86. They’ve obviously got us mixed up with some north-midlands club.
    Although i guess people(?) from the outskirts of london get a nose bleed
    north of Ware.

  87. I’m a spurs fan but think you boys should be in the prem, 25,000 fans to see Owen wave a shirt about when you signed him i believe – best set of fans in the prem, you even edge it over the scousers for me.

    Hope you see you back soon – i still think we’re a bigger club than you though…. before anyone starts thinking i’m secret toon fan!

  88. I must admit it will be good to see the barcodes back in the premiership again.Still a long season that Champiosnhip.I was wondering if any of you lot follow the black cats now that they’re the number one team in the north east?..You have to keep it in the family don’t you?..

  89. Springwell ‘Spur,

    Tottenham aren’t even the number one team in North London, so I don’t know why you’re on a Newcastle ‘blog getting so high and mighty. 

  90. oh don’t be like that,working class ticket!! was just being friendly to the afflicted well to you specifically,as you rose to the bait…It must be hard to be second best to the mighty mackems huh?..That is a high standard isn’t it?.

  91. springwell spur says:
    November 17, 2009 at 4:54 pm
    I must admit it will be good to see the barcodes back in the premiership again.Still a long season that Champiosnhip.I was wondering if any of you lot follow the black cats now that they’re the number one team in the north east?..You have to keep it in the family don’t you?<<<< were geordies not yellow cockney c@nts like u i bet u have a arsenal season ticket

  92. Hey batty boy,calm down and speak the Queen’s English or am I going to have to teach you a few lessons In Low fell?..You sound like you come from hendon,you have all the standards of a a native from there,and I am not refrring to the North london one either as well you know!!!

  93. latecomers, it must be time to log on in the lock up then….
    that or cheaper after 4pm
    at least the 2/3 this morning had the decency to be outright abusive, none of this pansy southern underhanded insult malarky