Carroll’s knockout form goes too far?

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Headlines for the wrong reasons, again?
Headlines for the wrong reasons, again?
Rumours reached the internet early this evening of a bust-up between Newcastle team-mates Andy Carroll and Steven Taylor. The altercation is thought to have happened at United’s training ground. It’s alleged that Andy Carroll has been treated for a hand injury at the RVI hospital. The injury is apparently due to a punch thrown at team-mate Steven Taylor who, as the rumours go, suffered a broken jaw.

It didn’t take long for news to spread and both the Mail and Times are now running with the story. Culkin is often a lot closer to the issues at the club and suggests a source close to Taylor is confirming that his jaw is thought to be broken.

It’s thought the club are refusing to comment but Caulkin understands a meeting, called by the club’s hierarchy, was held at the training ground, in which players and staff were warned not to discuss the episode publicly while an internal investigation was conducted. Without any confirmation, it’s all based on potentially vicious rumours and piecing information together. After all, Taylor is not thought to be at the stage where he’s involved in anything physical and if both injuries are confirmed then it doesn’t take a mathematical genius to come to a conclusion.

The information on the Carroll injury seems pretty solid due to a number of sightings at the RVI in Newcastle but it remains to be seen whether the Taylor part of the story is substantiated. And if it is, even regardless of considerations over Carroll’s recent fine form and a potential delay in Taylor’s return, it’s the last thing the club needs at this crucial stage of the season in terms of bad press and more distractions.

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304 Responses

  1. 9 games to go man us fans have been batterd pillor to post since may howay lads man sort it oot

  2. I think we’ve all been waiting for something like this Dooce. Unbelievable if it’s true like. A centre-forward in great form, potentially going to be kicked out or at the very least his form will take a nosedive when we’ve started to rely on him. Our centre-half who was in great form before injury would have a return delayed and of course the bad press and distraction that goes with it.

    Anyway, on that bright note, I’m away to bed. And can only hope someone is talking bollox.

  3. Typical Tyneside really.

    Same as Bowburnmag, hope it’s shite, I’ll take it as truth though as they’re never far off with bad news.

    Night all.

  4. wba & forest’ll be lapping this up.
    Along with all the media, who’ve been biding their time, waiting for this type of crap to come up again.
    If it wasn’t enough that Carroll was already in court for violent behavior, now this big, fat, juicy distraction.

  5. Don’t beleive it,.
    Tayls and Andy have been at the club together for Si long, grew up together. Two local lads playing in the first team, that forms a pround bond.
    Besides if they did have a stand up.. Tayls would come out on top!

  6. OMG why on earth are yous believing the daily mail and the guardian have they ever said anything good about newcastle we start playing well and they try to piss it up for us all year round \!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. BNT-Training ground bust up’s are incredibly common seemingly, i think it’s more just the fact that this was clearly more than a scuffle that has allowed it to make headline news. Like i’ve just said in the previous thread, he’s absolutly whacked him to break his jaw. If they’d went at each other and been pulled apart, nowt would have been said with everyone none the wiser to it happening. However, damage has been done. I’m not savvy on the law side of things at all like, but could Taylor not get him done for GBH or something if he’s managed to actually break his jaw? He’s already in court for assault, boys an idiot.

  8. Section 20 Ross – intent to break the jaw will be impossible to prove. 5 year jail max penalty.

  9. Carroll was on facebook just 6 hours ago saying it was a good comeback Saturday but a shame it didn’t start earlier to give us more time to find a winner. So the injury hasn’t effected his ability to type.

  10. bri-the likes of The Times are all over this and George Caulkin has a reputation as being one of the most rational and “in the know” NUFC writers there is. He’s the only journalist I really listen to regarding the Toon and has been right in advance about injuries etc in the past.

  11. I really can’t believe this, hope to god its all bull. Just as we were thinking about Andy going on to bigger things in the Prem. If it is true, sad to say it, but he has to go. Not like he hasn’t got a history of these things. Talent or no talent you can’t go chinning your team mates. Joey must have been his role model.

  12. If true – he needs to be withdrawn from the first team forthe rest of the season and a decision taken in the summer as to selling him or not – there again – if his trial finds him guilty – he could be as valuable as a slug sandwich.

  13. I think most of us would like to think it’s a pile of cr*p, but it has a ring of truth. The pity of it is is that (assuming true) is that we have probably lost two players for the next few games at least. We still have to try to beat Donny, so presumably Best is going to get his big chance now.

  14. Stardust-So its essentially a 20 and not an 18 because like you say, it’s impossible for Taylor to prove the damage was intentional? Carroll can simply say “Aye i hit him, but i never meant to do damage like that” and thats the end of it?

    Either way, its the last thing he, us, or the club needs. He seems all too keen to throw his fists (or his ego) around and it will come back to bite him, hard.

  15. Stardust –
    If it is true then surely there is no need to think it over? Unless of course Taylor has hit him first or really provoked him but it does seem way out of character.

    You’ve blown that no.9 shirt if this is true sunshine, no doubt about that.

  16. Not the end of it Ross – but itll be a sec 20 if its a bad break – poss even a 47 if hairline. Both carry the same penalty – 5 years but a 20 is more serious due to the fact the injury is more serious ie GBH without the proven intent to cause it.

  17. Won’t he be arrested automatically due to the pending trial etc, regardless if Tayls wants it or not?

  18. What a jumped up idiot!! Lets not forget Carrol is a failed left bak who just scraped through the academy!! Get ris chris and why your at irt book your self a ticket on the “No idea what to do when we are losing express”

  19. The worst of it Cullen is that as he is on technical bail until his court appearance – he may well get remanded in custody IF an investigation took place AND he was charged. Itll need a complaint from Taylor for that to happen though. I suggest itll be put down to a “training ground incident” and then Carroll sold.

  20. What is strange about Culkin’s article is that he says the 1st team were in a Yorkshire hotel last night. So did this happen yesterday and was kept under wraps? Seems unlikely and it’s been implied that the sightings of Carroll in RVI were today. Something doesn’t add up unless Caulkin is wrong about the hotel.

  21. Stardust-Fair enough mate, cheers for the input. What you’re essentially trying to tell us is that regardless of how severe the verdict turns out to be, if action is taken and he’s found guilty (Which i imagine he would be should it be true)-he’s fooked? lol.

    Like i’ve already said, considering he’s already making an appearance in court for his terribly unimpressive scuffle down the bigg market, you really have to wonder whats going through his head at times. He seems to be one that thinks he’s bigger than the rest and can do what he wants, when he wants. Something that has to be kicked out of his system rather quickly. Put it down to age or whatever but its not doing him any favours. A real shame given the form he’d found recently. Severe disciplinary action needed like. To be honest though, I get the impression from Wor Hughton that he doesnt take lightly to situations like this one and he’ll come down on him like a ton of bricks.

  22. Who cares where it happened? Not me, lose the waster before he ruins the team spirit!! He wont be able to handle the prem anyway !!

  23. I suppose it would probably also depend on whether Taylor wanted to press charges, although I do not know if that matters in English law. The club might just try to persuade him not to, if there was some bad provocation or circumstances then he might go along with it. It that is the case then I doubt if we will hear much more than some sort of “nothing happened and nothing to see hear” sort of statement.

  24. If tayls was training full tilt I could believe it, they are both in direct conpatition on the training pitch,. Neither will want to give any quarter. Steven Taylor is famous for training hard, and he’ll be he’ll bent on showing he’s a better centre half than Carroll is striker.
    But Raylor isn’t training yet.. Can’t ever see this happening off the training pitch.
    If it is true. it’s more heartbreaking, because we are so proud of these lads, and are much closer to out hearts than others.
    Having said that. I honestly refuse to beleive it, simply because tayls would destroy Andy! :-)
    not great press though.. I suppose all will be revealed tomro.

  25. Yep – I hope Hooters has more Balls than Ancelotti – look what sticking by Terry has done for Chelsea!

    Guess he forgot Bridge still had a lot of friends there – who were now worried about their own wives when they were on an away trip lol.

  26. Sounds a Knob to me Carroll,If he is starting trouble sell the prick to Hill or Pompey when they are relegated.

    At this pivotal point in the season these are the type of actions that will screw up promotion…wasn’t someone mentioning a happy dressing room on here at the weekend?

    If it is taylor who started it then the same applies to him…ship out pronto.

  27. BNT-“Having said that. I honestly refuse to beleive it, simply because tayls would destroy Andy! ”

    To be fair, it’s not like they’ve got the gloves on and went 12 rounds, lol. Even if Taylor hypothetically speaking could give Carroll a kicking, it doesnt matter. there’s nowt stopping Carroll just smacking him out of nowhere and doing damage to his jaw.

  28. After Carrolls previous altercations (I think there is 4 now) I have said he is not number 9 material, He is a public figure representing NUFC and he behaves like he is King of The Big Market.

  29. The thing about the team being in a hotel is a bit confusing. Its the same story that will be in the papers tomorrow so it means they are in a hotel tonight (not yesterday).

  30. They could have trained this morning and travelled this afternoon? If Carroll has been seen elsewhere, he could have potentially just been told not to bother even turning up to travel with the squad?

  31. This is a bit like Groundhog Day, we have already had more than our share of this sort of cr*p. I think I’ll do what many have already done and go to bed, hopefully this is a bad dream, :(

  32. Yes it takes a special player to throw his weight around with his team mates? We should have more of those !!

  33. I think you are either Drunk Mick of have difficulty comprehending complete sentences?
    Where do I imply Andy’s behaviour is a good thing?

  34. Will we be playing Leon upfront than as a lone striker….be like watching paint dry :)

  35. We need to get things in perspective…if Andy can’t behave himself and conduct himself in public properly then it maybe time to ship him out if he is hitting team mates and also glassing blokes on nights out.

    Maybe a case of to much to soon….never been a fan of his…and the amount of goals he has scored is neither here or there and we all know deep down he will be a laughing stock in the premiership.

  36. Leon needs to be put on the next metro out of town.
    Total Wonky Donky…worse than Shola.

  37. Wny calm down, we all know he aint good enough for the prem!! Get rid of the gypsy, we only keep him because we get the manure off his horses for the pitch anyway!!

  38. :o Hope they isn’t true! :( If Carroll doesn’t play tonight we’ll struggle, as Best is sh!te!

  39. Mick,
    have a word with yourself.
    Carroll is our top boy at the moment, if he keeps going he’ll finish top scorer in the league, and is first choice England under21 striker, in front of a lot of young premier league strikers. So to suggest he’ll not make it next season is a joke.,. And careful what your saying, (calling the lad a pikey) a lot of true mags, come from humble home lives.. And work hard for their brass to watch the side every week.
    And everyone else,.
    Anyone old enough to remember shearer sparking Gillespie in a bar in Dublin?! No one wanted him sacked,. Or stripping him of the 9 shirt.. Hhmm,. Let’s brush it under the carpet pretend it never happened! Lol,. (cos it prob didn’t)… In the meantime let’s discuss how shite best is,. And why ranger is getting no game time…

  40. I can’t imagine Tayls kicking off with this (if the story is true, as appears likely), so Carroll really does seem to be living up to his alleged ‘hero’, Big Dunc. What a fool. If Barton’s a liability, then what is Carroll (if story true)?

  41. ESAMIM – of course you’re dead right. Which just goes to show it’s me that can’t add up and that I should have been asleep yesterday…

    So this really is goodnight folks.

  42. be honest lads, he is not a gud footballer. yeah he as a few goals bt thu majority were rather lucky, most of my friends r mags n thy hav season tickets anc they say he shit. look at daryl murphy at ipswich he gt 5 in 6 nw e in championship. GET RID NOW!!!! a want u lot to b bk wer u belong, i miss the derrby banter, carrol was arrogant because of thu bolton rumours. hes a egotistical nob head hu thnks hes stil a kid fightn at thu bgg market,…cnt wait 4 thu derbys, cum on donny lol

  43. We need the right kind of striker, to create the right news.

    Making them fight for places in the team and not fight team mates.

  44. But if its is not ture reports by the media, Newcastle Utd should sue the papers.

    And the papers will be more caution when writing this kind of negitive news about us anymore.

  45. OMG OMG OMG newcastle are going to get promoted instead of fighting for survival like we said….what can we do?

    I know, lets blow something out of proportion and say Carroll twatted Taylor!!!

  46. and wtf some unconfirmed reports and everyone slaggin off Carroll….

    he golds up the ball well and always provides a good pass….sometimes he is underrated cus we slug a ball up to his 10m radius and he makes the most of of it but doesnt always win it.

    Ameobi had potential but underserved criticism went with him all his career.

    Dont do the same to Carroll. He is a class player and certainly has prem potential!

  47. well isnt this the sort of news that newcastle dont want thought we would come back to the PL with a clean slate now i think were coming back with baggage we dont want and trying to avoid hope the news is not true but cmon guys get your act together and think about doing the business of getting promotion

  48. It’s not the first time Carroll has assaulted team mates. In the past he’s beaten his own girlfriend up and glassed a geezer in a night club. Lovely chap !

    Maybe it’s been easier to overlook Carroll’s behaviour rather than Barton because Carroll is doing the business on the pitch week in week out and has been pleasantly surprising people with his footballing ability on the deck.

    Carroll does seem a serial headcase though.

  49. Don’t worry lads at least we have Shola coming back :-) i don’t think we could have had any worse news than this (if it is true) hopefully Ranger will get the chance on the pitch tonight maybe alongside Best and then swap Best for Shola (if he’s ready!!) after the first 5 mins

  50. News is everywhere, even on SKY. Its sad thing that when we are looking up, we are again dragged in press due to bad news. I think if Carol found guilty then he should simply be kicked out of club. That will atleast set the example for other players. Irrespective of how many goals he is scoring simply show him door if he is at fault.

  51. Sahota, they had chance after chance to set an example with Barton, they never took it.

    As a player, I am not against Carrol per se, because for a big lad he does seem to have s good touch and some skill on the ground, ie the chipped goal against Sc8nthorpe. It’s just because he is 7 feet, that everyone launches it route 1, allardyce style at him.

    Off the field hpowever, it’s got to be a growing concern. I remember Carroll beating up N’Zogbia and now Taylor, so it is a worry.

    But life has gone on with a never available barton, maybe it will without carroll? I’m sure Ranger could do a job, as Best clearly can’t.

  52. The lad really is a liability if true.

    Won’t do the dressing room any favours and Hughton needs to act. I guess we’ll see how tough he can be.

    Will there be any takers in the summer? If there are his value will have plummeted.

    I would imagine he won’t play tonight, I just hope it doesn’t have an effect on the results – I fear it will as whichever way we look at it, he’s been scoring goals and winning us games.

    I’d personally sack him on the spot if found to be true. But I guess the club would need some morals for that – I think they’ll be looking at the £ signs..

  53. Soemthing doesn’t add up. Apparently it happened on Sunday and Taylor has been in hospital for 2 days.

  54. Plus this from Caulkin’s Twitter:

    “I’d just like to stress that I don’t actually know anything, just passing on what i’ve heard.may well be Internet rumour spreading!!”
    about 1 hours ago via Twitterrific

  55. Maybe he has a glass chin !! Although i am sure if it is true they could be a round 2 so best to get rid of Carroll now !!
    Carroll is just another example of a few of the modern day footballers!!
    Unfortunately for Newcastle we always seem to find them !!

  56. The guy has serious flaws in his personality. Didn’t he recieve a caution for hitting a girl last year?

    Then his charge of glassing someone, then this.

    This should be the last debacle involving him.

    The club should release a statement regarding this as it might all have been a complete accident. The sooner we know the sooner we can get on with the rest of the season.

  57. Wow, all this nastiness on he basis of some unsubstantiated press reports.

    Lets see if it is true first before ripping into the lad, eh?

  58. toonsy,

    I think that’s why everyone seems to be saying ‘if true’ before their comments.

    The club aren’t helping themselves by staying silent – I guarentee if nothing had happened they would have released a statement denying it all.

    So we can presume that something happened. This is probably too serious an allegation for papers to print without some pretty concrete evidence.

  59. Fair Comment Toonsy….If it is true then he needs to have his contract terminated pronto.
    Just when we thought things had settled down on and off the pitch this crap comes up in the media….I really am starting to think this club is cursed :(

  60. “without some pretty concrete evidence”

    For which I refer back to Caulkin’s Twitter:

    “I’d just like to stress that I don’t actually know anything, just passing on what i’ve heard.may well be Internet rumour spreading!!”
    about 1 hours ago via Twitterrific

  61. shame if all this is true.

    NUFC’s story for as long as i care to remember

    Carroll’s got a bright future, but will it be with the toon? CH has to act with morality, fairness and firmness

    Taylors a workhorse and has been for years, never rocked the boat. lets see what comes from the club this week

  62. Tell you what if Taylor’s Jaw is broken he won’t be playing football this season,mine was smashed right across my cheebone and down to my jawline in a T shape and couldn’t eat proper food or chew for 8 weeks and the pain killers had me in a trippy dreamland :)

  63. SJT – The way I see it is that Caulkin, however nice he is to us, is still a journo. His job is to help sell papers. He can only write so much about why Newcastle deserve the prem, why the fans don’t deserve blah blah.

    In the past he has been blessed with us, story after story he could write about goings on at Newcastle, and he did. What does he write now? Pacifying Newcastle fans doesn’t sell papers, gossip does.

    If it’s true then Carroll deserves all he gets and he best hope that Newcastle get promotion as life will be very hard on Tyneside for him if we dont. He will get the blame.

    Lets look at the facts first though:

    There are none.

    Notice every paper has there own version of events? Some say Taylor was admitted to hospital Sunday, so why is Carroll only getting stiches on Monday afternoon?

  64. toonsy aye bbc local news at 8.30.reports taylor was in hos 2-3days ago,club will hold internal enquirie end of

  65. toonsy says:
    March 23, 2010 at 8:39 am

    I don’t think he would put a full blown story in the Times on the basis that he has just heard something that might be an internet wind up…

    I think he will have had it substantiated before it went to print – He also said on Twitter that the club weren’t saying anything in public, insinuating that they were telling him in private.

    This is a guy who does have a little bit of form – Hitting a girl, alledgelly glassing someone and hitting Charles Nzogbia.

    Before this incident we should have seen a potential problem, he has issues quite clearly.

    I’m inclined to believe something has happened and it has involved his fists and Taylors face.

  66. I shall await a statement from the club before passing judgement.

    All this furore based on the press. They have been angels to us in the past haven’t they?

  67. Fair enough toonsy.

    I’ll trust them on this one, the club haven’t denied it which I believe they would have if nothing had happened.

  68. Another press report, “it was about money”.

    Oh right, ye it was als revealed 3 days earlier that Carroll is in talks about a contract extension and pay rise.

  69. 80 eastend toon says:
    March 23, 2010 at 8:40 am….

    I don’think we’ll hear anything earth shattering about this this week. CH’s not gonna do anything drastic as he needs Carroll at present.

    Naturally, something’s got to be done about this incident and it could seriously affect our form at this crucial stage of the season.

    However, it’s a case of wait and see til the end of the season and if AC has to go, then so be it!

  70. If this is true I cannot see any other options but to suspend Carroll until the end of the season – Take him out of the equation totally and let the squad get on with getting promotion.

    They will soon forget about it if he’s not about. I’d probably tell Taylor to go on holiday too.

  71. thats the crux of it their stuart, the club havent denied it. recently the club has come out immediately at any sign of undermining the team or CH

    alas, this has some legs.

    with the season coming to squeaky bum time… we were all a bit naive not to expect this!

    once again, the laughing stock.

    CH, your actions now could make or break us.

    we need damage limitation swiftly. carroll cant play again i dont think (if everything reported so far is true)

  72. The thing that is niggling me is that each story in each paper can have holes picked in them.

    Not saying anything is either true or false like but something is amiss with these stories.

  73. Aye but toonsy there’ll all saying the same thing about Carroll and Taylor.

    It’s only the minor details that are different in each story, the crux of the story is the same in every version.

  74. I’m willing to bet it was more like 1 paper mentioned Carroll and Taylor and the others copied it.

  75. This news was out and about before Caulkin and the rest of the press got wind of it though?
    If it’s rubbish, the club will issue a statement forewith. I think it’s understandable we’ll speculate considering his previous misdemeanours but we can judge when we get more info I guess.

    On a random note, the boss and a lass in Costa just had a stand-up argument about work in the waiting area about why they don’t like working with each other. How uncomfortable did I feel? The gaffer was cringeworthy with unprofessionalism.

  76. what is it with newcastle united just when we all thought things are going along well when wham carroll breaks taylors jaw headlines,if this is true when will this kid (carroll) grow up if he and taylor did have words why didn’t wait till they both got home and arrange a place to meet and do it without the whole training ground seeing it, if its true he will end up locked up and when he is let out the first thing that newcastle united football club will do is sell him its a knocking bet

  77. I blame me. Should have known better than to write “it’s nice to us making headlines for the right reasons” :lol:

  78. BBM, and you all went make to work counting the cracks in the pavement? if you have to work closely with those two, you’ll have a fun a day eh!

  79. ‘It’s only the minor details that are different in each story, the crux of the story is the same in every version’

    Yeah, I’d go along with that, Stuart

    I’m not sure if anyone else has mentioned it, but I noticed that the Guardian reported that ‘Rumours circulating on Tyneside have suggested that the pair, both of whom were boyhood Newcastle supporters, had been involved in an altercation that came about after an exchange of text messages’

    I don’t think that ‘rumours’ would be quite as specific as that, unless there was some substance to them

  80. Lets not go over the top on this, training ground rucks go on all the time at every club, we need carroll till the end of the season at least.
    He really needs to sort himself out or get kicked out but we shouldnt cut our throat to spite our stomach.

    We do not have a replacement and expecting Ranger/Best/Shola to come into the first team and start banging in the goals, holding up the line etc is living in dreamland
    Carrolls in form at the moment and a large fine and a written warning about future behaviour should suffice for now, if it happens again or he’s given jail time for the blu bambu incident we’ll have no choice but to kick him out of the club

  81. Heres the thing, just a quick straw poll
    If you had to choose to keep one Taylor or Carroll which would you choose?

    I vote Taylor

  82. the altercation came about over an exchange of text messages?!?


    friggin school kid spat man

    maybe tayls said he was short changed by carrolls old lady

    jesus on a donkey

  83. So Carroll breaks Taylor jaw, he must be spending to much time with Barton, the lads got to go,we dont need the likes of Carroll and Barton at our club i just wonder if CH has the balls to axe him tonight.

  84. eastend toon says:
    March 23, 2010 at 9:35 am

    the altercation came about over an exchange of text messages?!?


    friggin school kid spat man

    maybe tayls said he was short changed by carrolls old lady

    jesus on a donkey

    You weren’t there, so WTF do you know?

  85. this story is clearly true – esp if the BBC are saying it. they just dont say anything unless they know for sure. 100% carroll has bust taylors jaw. now, lookign at the two players clearly taylor is the best. PLUS nufc just can not let it slip by and have players breaking another players jaw for any reason. carroll is a w*nker for doing this at such a critical time of the season too. this could have a serious impact on the dressing room if CH and NUFC do not act very very fast and also publically too. The simple fact nothing is being said is proof its happened. CH needs to come out , state the facts and then go on to say, this in not acceptable and it is therefore with great regret that carroll is as of this minute transfer listed. bye bye carroll! d*ckhead

  86. stevep says:
    March 23, 2010 at 9:46 am

    I think it’s more about his past mis-demeanors.

    Where does it stop?

  87. If this is true then it puts the club in a very difficult position.

    If any of the NUFC non playing staff hit a co-worker ie. office or catering staff, then they would be sacked on the spot for gross misconduct.
    Remember this happened at their place of work.

    Also, now that this is public, don’t the Police have an obligation to investigate if they think a crime has been committed regardless of any complaint by Taylor ?
    I think punching and breaking someone’s jaw would invalidate his bail conditions ?

    The are also a whole load of Health and Safety implications here as well as the company have a duty of care to provide a safe working environment.
    Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

    It is possible that the only way the club could avoid the Health and Safety implications is by declaring that a criminal act has taken place.

    This is a massive can of worms made even more massive by that fact that it took place at work.

  88. eastend toon says:
    March 23, 2010 at 9:49 am

    its called a joke you friggin donkey

    go stick ya heed up ya ass again

    Oops, I didn’t realise that you were calling me a donkey. I thought you were referring to Jesus. Sorry

  89. Assuming it’s true, and I think there’s no smoke without fire, there is very little we can do about Carroll right now.

    I would love to draw a line under this and say anyone who does anything that brings the club into disrepute is out, no discussion, but unfortunately we have set the precedent with our previous handling of Bartons behaviour and right now, we need Carroll on the pitch.

    I expect this all to be dealt with internally, regardless of what has actually happened, and the club will try and ride out the press interest. Something that we have a long history of doing.

    Close season, or the result of Carrolls court case might see something more permanent happen, but I expect to see Carroll on the pitch tonight. Unless his ‘hand injury’ keeps him out.

  90. icedog:
    March 23rd, 2010 at 10:07 am
    jay jay was reported on BBC local at 8.30am as well @83 m8

    sorry icedog I missed your post mate and I live in Birmingham so don’t get the same local reports as you mate

  91. The london-based media are at it already…..
    “Taylor will leave in the summer” – nowt to do with Arsenal needing a centre-half of course…..
    “it was all over the relative size of their wage packets” – might be some truth in that one knowing the United Ferrari brigade…..
    Anyway – a terrific opportunity for Fat Ash to show off his renowned man management skills LOL
    One thing is clear – this needs to be dealt with internally – just like the Bellamy/Shearer stuff was. And neither Carroll or Taylor should be allowed to leave – they are 2 players the team should be built around.

  92. This isnt really about football, i know alot agree with me and carroll should go. But for those who dont imagine being at work today and somebody comes upto you and punches you in the face ( breaking your jaw). Would you want that person dealt with immediately or would you want to wait until the end of the financial year because they are good for business.
    Get tough squeaky Chris and suspend him till the end of the season then sell him to Bolton where him and Kevin Davies can be new best mates.

  93. MickG
    You’re making assumptions about the actual circumstances – and to be fair we don’t know what they were…..for example – what if Taylor instigated all of this and Carroll lashed out in self-defence?

    We just don’t know. What we DO know is that Carroll is a very valuable member of the team and scores goals which gain points.

    All teams have altercations between players. Unless Taylor takes individual action, this can be dealt with internally.

  94. The story’s out!!

    Apparently, all that happened was that Taylor wandered up to Carroll in training and innocently asked “was that John Terry’s car ootside your lass’s hoose last night”…..

  95. Surely CH will say nowt and do his usual pre-match interview. He will dodge any questions about this issue, and to be perfectly honest I wouldn’t blame him. Everyone should be concentrating on tonights game, nothing else.

    Sort this out at the right time, it may well be that it’s already been done. We don’t know. It could be that Carrolls playing the next four games for free because he’s already been fined.

  96. UTD111 says:
    March 23, 2010 at 10:31 am

    You’re making assumptions about the actual circumstances – and to be fair we don’t know what they were…..for example – what if Taylor instigated all of this and Carroll lashed out in self-defence?

    We just don’t know. What we DO know is that Carroll is a very valuable member of the team and scores goals which gain points.

    All teams have altercations between players. Unless Taylor takes individual action, this can be dealt with internally.

    Not necessarily. Read Rabster’s note @ 116. He sounds like he knows what he’s talking about

  97. Can all this crap please just go away?

    Regardless of whether it’s true or BS, AC has to seriously get his shit together & super quick.
    More than anything else it just puts us straight back onto the front pages, just when we were getting established on the back pages again.
    It is a deeply annoying, if not, depressing ‘story’, that should not be happening at this point in the season. After the enormous effort by the club to reestablish a proper ‘team spirit’, this just destroys it in one fell swoop.
    Thank you very, very much for this, just what the Toon needed,

  98. I am quite glad that this incident happens OFF-FIELD~~~!!!!!

    Pls no more incident such as dyer On-field~~~

    I do Hope after tonight game,the club would issue a statement at the official website.Since it is such a “big News” Now.

    Geez,Hope it does not affect tonight game.

  99. The BBC’s Football pages are now reporting the story, but with no further details. Generally the BBC don’t publish anything without some kind of certainty.

    I am beginning to get a bad feeling about this. All season we have been lucky to say that the squad are ‘as one’ and all in it together. Seems that might not be true after all.

    Although we go on about the lack of PR at Newcastle, perhaps it’s better than we think and they are just very good at keeping any previous indiscretions quiet.

    Wonder what our senior players committee make of this and if it will have an impact on tonights game?

  100. the club have said they are making no comment,so much for the so called team spirit and morale!,apparently there has been rising tensions between the two over a period of time.

  101. I guess we’ve got our ‘perfect’ excuse in the bag for when we lose tonight then?
    Great, no post match blog necessary then.
    Deep, deep sigh!

  102. Chris G says:
    March 23, 2010 at 10:50 am
    UTD111 says:
    March 23, 2010 at 10:31 am

    You’re making assumptions about the actual circumstances – and to be fair we don’t know what they were…..for example – what if Taylor instigated all of this and Carroll lashed out in self-defence?

    We just don’t know. What we DO know is that Carroll is a very valuable member of the team and scores goals which gain points.

    All teams have altercations between players. Unless Taylor takes individual action, this can be dealt with internally.

    Not necessarily. Read Rabster’s note @ 116. He sounds like he knows what he’s talking about

    Yes, unfortunately there are a number of people in here who like to be seen as “knowing what they are talking about” Its an unfortunate accident of the internet that anyone can become a “legal eagle” by punching a few keywords into a search engine…….

    The trick is however to go a few steps further and apply some wit and common sense to the circumstances, taking into account what has actually happened in similar circumstances elsewhere in football, and what would be best for United going forward from a managerial viewpoint.

  103. I reckon AC has just swung one at ST, cos he can’t keep his temper & ego in check.
    Probably didn’t intend to mash ST’s jaw, but he’s a big ‘yin & doesn’t realize his own big, divvy strength.
    He should by now, after previous indiscretions, but the lad is obviously slow witted.

  104. Stuart,
    there’s probably a massive swing in the betting, even as we type mate.

  105. this game would have been tough regardless of alleged incident,but this bit of screeve could have a galvanising effect on the team.
    newcastle to put four past donny,nee bother.

  106. Trojan,
    it’s possible, don’t know if it’s probable though.
    It just throws a joker into the pack.
    What a mess!

  107. he,s a big lad that carroll,one of his digs will be like getting hit off a sledge hammer,he,s got hands like ban shovels.

  108. It must have been one hell of a slap if he’s still in hospital and is only stable!

    The man’s a buffoon!

    Drop him give Best the mantle and say ‘go and get us promoted son, make ya self a hero’!

  109. Trojan,
    someone’ll hoy one up later, in the match banter blog, if ther is a vid link, if not, it’ll be rad links only mate.

    I agree Stuart.
    Stranger shit has happened.

    Reet, arm off oot.

  110. Seems this puts newcastle is a bit of a tricky spot for tonight aswell.

    Assuming carroll has done it, but they dont want it to come out yet (for whatever reason). Do they still play carroll? Or even put him on the bench?

    Putting him on the bench would say that something has happened imo but not too serious. Dropping him outright would confirm the allegations I think.

  111. clint;made me think of ad on tv (what kind of cheese was that)got to try get our minds off it m8

  112. FFS. THIS IS SO F*CKING TYPICAL! I HAVEN’T BEEN ANGRY ALL SEASON AND NOW I’M F*CKING RAGING!!!! Carrol you stupid, egotistical thug. I don’t think we need to ship him out, I think he needs to be dropped, I think CH needs to show him that he’s still an up and coming youngster and not newcastle’s spearheaded saviour, next inline to the NO. 9. Better yet, Houghton should invest in a seriously quality CF in the summer to start alongside lovenkrands, Carrol needs to be shown that he’s not untouchable cos clearly this is an ego thing. Bump his wages up 5K when we reach the prem for good measure, but dock him 40K (a months wages, serious punishment) for this and leave him out the squad for the next fortnight. Ranger to start alongside Best tonight.

  113. Adam@127

    If he comes on the pitch with a bandage around his hand, that says it all. Doesn’t matter what happens tonight were gonna get slated.

    If he plays, were not dealing with the situation. If we bench or drop him there’s a situation to deal with.

    Ignore it, win the game and deal with it later. That’s all we can do.

    As I’ve said before, it might already have been dealt with. Of course, the club could be waiting to see if Taylor want’s to make more of it, as in post @ 116 above, or even involving the police. Ther hands might yet be tied in this.

    All we can do is nope for a win tonight and get behind whoever plays, regardless of if we think they should be on the pitch or not.

    Promotion is bigger than Carroll and Taylor.

  114. nufc MUST come outto stop this paper talk. its been going so well too until now this season. bstards!!! Carroll can not play tonight, it would be a massive error on CH’s part. The bloke head will be everywhere but the game and also he now brings tension and dressing room splits. He has to be sent home and put up for sale. He should not feature in any of our games ever again. To play him is to condone his actions. Also, this can not be kept in house as its a serious bodily harm case and the police will press charges anyway. Carroll will do time for this as it compounds with his current case. he is finished. I would want taylor any time over carroll. I guess we can play ranger or best tonight but i would still go with the five man mid-field with barton playing from the off and nolan in the hole.

  115. Championship – Sex text brawl ‘leaves Taylor with broken jaw’

    Eurosport – Tue, 23 Mar 10:11:00 2010
    Buzz Up!

    Newcastle’s Steven Taylor was left with a broken jaw after a training ground fight with team-mate Andy Carroll, according to newspaper reports.
    FOOTBALL Newcastle defender Steven Taylor – 0
    More Stories

    * Newcastle team page
    * Barton back for Magpies

    The Daily Mail reported that the fight blew up over text messages sent to Taylor (pictured) by Carroll’s former girlfriend.

    The incident reportedly left both players needing surgery, Taylor for a broken jaw and Carroll for a broken hand.

    Former England U21 captain Taylor, 24, had only recently returned to light training after a serious knee injury in January.

    Carroll is currently on bail awaiting a Crown Court trial over an alleged assault in Newcastle city centre last year. The 20-year-old will go to court in late April, accused of smashing a glass into the face of Michael Cook at the Blu Bambu club.

    The club has so far refused to comment on the incident.

  116. Here we go again, things were all running far too smoothly this season. it was only a matter of time before something went pear shaped. But im my opinion if Stevie taylor is slipping Andy Carrols ex a length he could of at least waited till we were guaranteed promotion.
    As much as Andy Carrol has been a fantasitc player for us this season I am beginning to question his temprement after all this is the 3rd time he has been involved in agro in the past year, the names Bowyer, Dyer and Barton all spring to mind.

  117. Craig, agree with you, the club could stop all the speculation at once by making a comment, either it has happened or hasnt.
    The press are slavering at the lips at the prospect of more shenanagins but what i will say to fellow fans is to wait until you know the facts before slating Carrol, rumours are no basis for condemnation.
    As for Rabster, your post appears knowledgeable at first glance but explain to me how a training ground is a Public Place please?
    Secondly you say the Police have a duty to investigate if they think a crime has taken place, this is not true, there needs to be third party evidence or information that a crime has taken place.
    Thirdly, your comments on Health and Safety are bollocks, its a training ground where they kick lumps out of each other, how can the club make that a safe environment then?
    Never seen you post before by the way, why now and whats your motives?

  118. eastend toon says:
    March 23, 2010 at 11:50 am

    Championship – Sex text brawl ‘leaves Taylor with broken jaw’

    Could I just remind you of something you wrote earlier

    eastend toon says:
    March 23, 2010 at 9:35 am

    the altercation came about over an exchange of text messages?!?


    friggin school kid spat man

    maybe tayls said he was short changed by carrolls old lady

    jesus on a donkey

    Who’s the donkey now?

  119. At least Barton is trying to get some help, not drinkingand anger management ect..

    Carroll could take a leaf out of his book.

  120. bbb,

    I really don’t know what to make of it all if Carroll is to play.

    The club really need o make some sort of statement. CH will be inundated with questions regarding the incident tonight.

    Lamb to the slaughter

  121. If (and I stress IF) it all turns out to be true, then i’d agree that Carroll has to go.

    I’ve been just a huge fan of him this season, come on leaps and bounds, but if he has broken Tayls jaw and it gets swept under a rug because hes scoring goals, that could have a serious effect on the unity CH has spent this season building.

    Taylor is a future toon captain, Carroll is replacable.

  122. SSN says taylor has been texting carrolls ex bird!! what is it with footballers and wanting to knob their team mates ex missus’!!? they are all at ffs! these blokes earn enough money to get any slapper they want, why do something that is going to clearly outrage an already punchy f*cka to start with!!? same ol newcastle. i am VERY VERY interested in tonights game. Will we see a galvanisedteam or a team about to implode and throw away the PREM?????

  123. Could somebody please make eastend toon go away. He’s really beginning to irritate me

  124. hi hope it is not true! but if it is then! sorry he is going down for 2 years at least if taylor presses charges.fck sake this is making jeoy barton look good hope it is not true. typical barton back this happens and ranger must play instead of best who can hold the ball up.or the ball will be coming back. sorry if people might think what i say is sh*t on the matter but my mate did that and got 3 years.

  125. Craig,

    So what if he has been texting her.

    What the hell has it got to do with Carroll now? I thought he had a girlfriend and had a bairn with her?

  126. anyway, it’s good that we’re developing our own local nutters for a change instead of shipping them in from elsewhere. surprised it’s taken them so long actually, there’s some fantastic young thugs on our doorstep…………

  127. Just been on real radio that Carroll likely to be missing through injury tonight. Also said can’t name the player who alledgly through the punch coz of legal reasons

  128. I have it on good authority that this is a move by Mike Ashley to make everyone hate him again. He is concerned that there are far too many people now willing to give him another chance and he was really enjoying the “get out of our club” chants, so he has engineered this to ensure we don’t get promoted, therefore sparking off another season of hate.
    He spiked Taylors lucozade sport with LSD and told him that Carroll was out to get him and he should strike first. Carroll being who he is retaliated and floored Taylor. Ashley then concocted some pathetic rumour that this all occured over a text about an ex-girlfriend.
    Carroll will be sacked by Lamearse in the morning and our goals will dry up. We will end up being humiliated at a Wembley playoff with Swansea who will win by an own goal coming off Joey Bartons arse.

  129. I got a bad feeling that we might get thrash 6-1 or more just like leyton orient fc.

    Pls Hope Not. Would wish we thrash them tonight instead.

    **Bad Feeling** :(

  130. G spot, calm yasen down fella,

    when i read that the whole thing was over text messages, i thought that was a little childish and so expressed sarcasm and surprise, hence mentioning carrolls mother short changing tayls… as for surprise… jesus on a donkey is a common phraze expressing surprise, ie, ‘look! jesus on a donkey!’

    not that you are a donkey, although if the cap fits…

    now, as it turns out, the text messages appear to harbour some weight, atleast in terms to pissing a certain person off, hence why i posted the article from eurosport

    are you keeping up with me here?

    now, at the end of the day, you replied to my post, not the other way around, so back the hell down and chill out… your acting like a disgruntled hot headed footballer who’s ex girlfriend is boning his teammate

    ya dirtbin

  131. All of this talk about what to do about Carrol is a waste of time. If he did it without other than in self defense, coupled with his other charge, young Andy will likely do a fair amount of time in the clink.

  132. This is like what would have happened if Bridge still was at Chelsea when all the sh*t came out about his ex and jt. Would everyone be calling for Bridge’s head if he smacked jt? I think most would say he got what he deserved. Two sides to every story maybe S.Taylor isn’t the Saint we all believe he is although on the other hand maybe Carroll is the hooligan we all think he is.

  133. IS Carrolls ex girlfriend the one he’s got the bairn with? Last i heard they were still together. I used to go to school with her younger brother for a good few years and she was there for a year or two n’all aswell, she’s a looker to be fair to him like.

  134. MDS, we dont know what happened yet, you cant judge him on his other charge yet either, that has to be proved.
    All this talk of Carrolls aggression boils my inner water, thats what is required of him as a player, no one hammered Shearer for whacking Gillespie or for nearly taking Lennons head off and we all knew Duncan Ferguson was a handful and former prisoner.
    People lash out for a number of reasons, mainly to protect themselves or by losing their temper through provocation, we just dont know yet if he has a problem keeping control or if he is an out and out bad lad too handy with his fists.
    This always the problem with trial via the media, it starts off with the General asking for reinforcements and by the time it has gone down the line, he receives three and fourpence.

  135. Crikey, I’ve only just got wind of this and pretty much all I think about it has already been covered by someone or another.

    IMO Caroll should not play tonight, something’s gone on and it looks like, for whatever reason, he’s lamped ST. As for the rest of the season I need more details to judge. Why; I don’t care, we’ve had enough of this kind of crap at the club and it’s time to draw a line in the sand.

    If Taylor had a part to play he should face a punishment too. Even if we lose both of them permenantly we can’t be having this level of violence. Arguments yes, scuffles yes but not two players hospitalised. It’s a matter for the club but the club should make take a firm line. A very firm one.

  136. reporting:

    Carroll set to play –

    Having initially remained on Tyneside following the events of Sunday, we understand that Andy Carroll has now linked up with the rest of the Newcastle squad and is available to play at Doncaster Rovers tonight.

  137. Who gives a monkeys if he is texting an EX!! It is an EX. I for one cant see why all this crap over Terry has happened when it was an EX! Is Terry getting boo’d because all the fans are supporting his wife who has forgiven him, or is it cos of what he did to poor old Bridge? Its twat all to do with football and twat all to do with any of us. What does matter, as many have pointed out, is that regardless of the reasons, provocating circumastances Carrol is a thick plank who has decked ST and caused actual bodily harm for the second time! And he is awaiting trial for the first offence.

    I think we can all forget about whether we want him at the club, of if he is worth the no9 shirt, the guys going to jail for a year or two and thats that.

    He is a stupid idiot. Just when we were daring to think that NUFC had cleaned up its name, we were getting good press, we are now beginning to work within some sensible financial structures and looking to be promoted following a successful season and now all that has gone to rat shi* as this is all people are going to talk about for the next few months, and then again when he is sentences, and again when the club doesnt sack him, and again when he is released and plays for us again, and again when he undoubtadly does something wrong again.

    I have been a defender of Barton purely from a football stance in that I thought we needed him, we havent so far, and I would hope we wont next year. Both of them should be shipped out as frankly I would rather have ST at the club next season than lose him to Chelsea and Carrol to her majesty for a while.

    Fantastic way to twat up a feel good season this.

  138. Doubtless Joey Barton’ll be having a quiet chuckle at this. At least it takes the heat off him… phew!

  139. lesh-Barton probably taught him the over-hand right that floored Taylor man,lol. As i said last night I think its purely down to the fact serious injury has been caused that’s allowed this to make headline news. You’ll hear from pundits, ex footballers etc that training ground scuffles are more than regular, on a weekly basis. This one has just went too far. Carroll’s a complete idiot given his current position, not only off the field but on it too.

  140. It might turn out alright tonight. Sometimes these things galvanize the team. Someone else will get their chance tonight, and they might just take it.

    I despair at some players (some people) at times, though.

    If I’d had a chance to play for the toon, you wouldn’t have been able to wipe the grin off me face, for however long it lasted :)

  141. Hi Bigbadbob,

    1. The Public place. I don’t understand what you mean by this. I thought the law applied equally to public or private places when it comes to a violent assault.

    2. The third party evidence may be Taylor’s smashed face.
    Also, the fact that everybody at the training ground was told to say nothing implies that there is third party evidence and witnesses there.
    Remember we have had murder convictions in this country without any body being found.

    3. The Health and Safety at Work Act section 2 states that an employer has a duty for the health, safety and welfare of employees ‘where is reasonably practicable’.
    If you think being punched in the face is part of the normal work for a footballer, then I will not argue with you.
    If Taylor was a boxer then there would be no case to answer, but in any case, the law requires that any hazardous activity would need a risk assessment to be conducted and any reasonably practicable measures taken to reduce such risk.

    We have to remember that the HASAW act 1974 is a general act and 35 years old.

    There is a grey area here and this is really one for the lawyers. One of which I am not.
    I do however, have Health and Safety qualifications and you’ve forced me to go back to my books.

    The interesting thing about the H and S part of this is that if a member of the public came in to the training ground and hit Taylor then it is a reportable incident to The Health and Safety Executive at Regent centre under the RIDDOR ( Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurences Regulations) 1995 and his employers would be liable.
    However, RIDDOR itself states that ‘physical violence and injury that occurs between workers over a personal matter or is carried out by a visiting relative of a person at work to that person is not reportable’
    I know this seems like a contradiction but RIDDOR then goes on to state ‘Incidents involving acts of violence may well be reportable to the police, which is outside the requirements of these Regulations.’

    So, what we have is the H and S regulations basically saying violence between co-workers is in the domain of the police. However, the older 1974 act still says that the employer still has a responsibility and has a duty of care.

    I am sorry if I have offended you.
    I am a Newcastle fan and started reading Ed’s blog when it started and pretty much read all the blogs every day.
    I don’t contribute very much as I don’t really like a lot of the sniping and backbiting that goes on sometimes.
    I’m 40 years old for Christ’s sake.

    As for the state of behaviour that we have today…
    I live in a decent part of Whitley Bay and have had to phone the police every few months due to Anti Social behaviour. I now attend all the local police meetings.

    In the last year we’ve had a drugs den pulled down in the waste land to the front of my house and a rape in the back lane.
    I’ve also had a bunch of young lads flashing at my 7 year old daughter.
    I have to say that I have noticed the general moral decline in this country since Thatcher, all across the board. Look at my stand up North Tyneside MP Stephen Byers on Dispatches last night. Absolutely disgraceful.
    I happen to believe that the law and morality should apply to everyone equally,regardless of how good they are at football or whether they were once a cabinet minister or not.

    You take young lads and give them tens of thousand of pounds.
    What did you think would happen ?

    I’ll now go back to my reading and not blogging.

    Sorry if I offended anyone.

  142. Broon-Its mad innit? 99% of us on here would give anything and everything to step out for the toon even just once, purely through love for the club, to say we’d been able to do it. The likes of local lad Carroll “living his dream” as he says playing for us-Why go arse it up with a rotten attitude and stupid behaviour then?! Canny mad if you ask me, lads like these clearly havent got a clue of the position they’re in. Dunno what you’ve got till its gone n all that?

  143. @ bigbadbob

    I’m not judging him yet which is why I used the word “if”. If the man did nothing wrong then there is no problem obviously. Even if he did it he quite may have even been justified in doing so- i.e. defending himself. You are right we don’t know but it sure doesn’t look good at the moment.

  144. @Rabster

    Not offended. Points 1-3 interesting. Never thought of the H&S angle.

  145. Raffo says: “Is Terry getting boo’d because all the fans are supporting his wife who has forgiven him, or is it cos of what he did to poor old Bridge?”

    Terry’s getting booed because he was always an unlikeable character to most and this is just the excuse to get after him. Not saying it’s right but that’s the way ot is. I think also the English are a bit more bothered than usual because they didn’t want controversey in a year where they have a legitimate shot at the WC. the team had been controversey-free for a change up until that point.

    the same can be said of the Toon. In a rare year without controversey we certainly don’t need it now when promotion is all that matters.

  146. Ross

    Yeah, I’d PAY to get a game as well!

    It’s a shame, and I hope his family can drum some sense into him.

  147. Rabster – I like the cut of your jib. I think you should contribute far more often.

  148. So the Old NUFC soap opera returns. although it is easy and human to jump to conclusions I was allways made to believe that there is 3 side’s to a story in this case Carrolls side Taylors side and somewhere inbetween the true side. I think we will have a better idea tonite when we see the team line up

  149. So there was a brawl, Tayls has had his jaw broken, and everyone wants to sack Carroll?

    First off, for whoever said that if this happened at your workplace, you’d be sacked, well that’s probably do to your importance to your company (NO OFFENSE). If you were the CEO, you get away with a bit more.

    Carroll is not the owner of this club, but he has brought a great deal of value in helping (almost) secure promotion. Also, the court of public opinion has now convicted the man, even though we have no idea what the details are, and the timeline seems to be a bit off–some say Tayls has been in the hospital for 2-3 days already, didn’t we play Saturday?

    Let’s wait and see with this one. Even if Carroll has had an unwarranted go at Taylor, he’s talented enough to keep around.

  150. Hang him , sell him , he did`nt do it, he could get up to five years, he`s another Joey, he`s a gypsy, he`s a nutter,he`s a future captain,it`s about ex girl friends,he`s slow witted, he needs a good hiding,were making assumptions about the actual circumstances,the London media are at it already,it`s been confirmed by the club, the crux of the matter remains , only the details change,you wer`nt there so what the f*ck you know, amen !

  151. There are several parts to this story we need to consider before making conclusions –

    three of them being Stevie Taylor’s jaw and the rest made up of Andy Carroll’s knuckles.

  152. Go Rabster.
    When i say ‘Go’, i really mean ‘Stay’,
    if you get me drift?

    that was v. funny mate.
    Good one.

  153. BBM,

    If Carroll plays tonight can we come to the conclusion that this is a non story?

    I really cannot accept that if Carroll HAS behaved badly in this debacle he will play tonight – Will Hughton be that soft?


  154. bowburnmag I think you were allready away lastnite when I said the thing that worried me was that Caulkin usually gets things right, Remember it was him that first stated Taylor would be out for a couple of months and that was 4-5 days before the club confirmed it. I just pray they have been adding 2+2 and coming up with 7.

  155. Stuart maybe im looking at it a in a different way but CH could play him to deflect all the gossip ? So that they can sort out what to do. but I would imagine he would drop him if the story has any truth

  156. Total conspiracy. Its all a smoke screen to make Joey Barton look better upon his return.

    Like my theory about how its the US auto manufacturers causing all the failures and recalls with Toyota and Honda.

    and that Jack the Ripper was really the Loch Ness Monster!!

  157. @rabster @195…. interesting angle on he HSE stuff. However i think your arguements while subjective are incorrect and will not stick with this case.
    The duty of care in this case which you mention has been provided for by nufc…. the benton park training ground is ‘fit for purpose’ and has been made safe ‘ as far as reasonably practicable’. The employees are well cared for, given suitable breaks, given correct PPE for the tasks which they are intended. The case you mention in a later post is much different to that of a football player at nufc… that case is when a man was working with people with mental disorders. His employers in that instance DID owe the employee a better care and should have made the ‘workplace’ safer through ‘duty of care. NOW, unless we can prove that Carroll is officially mental and a danger to his co-workers prior to this scrap then all bets are off.
    The very most that we could be facing here is a private lawsuit raised from taylor (the plaintif) against carroll (the defender). This then raises further issues as up to 75% of all private law suits even when won have the amounts won vastly reduced through ‘contributary negligence’ – in this case by taylor. In other words… did taylor mastermind to some extent his own downfall by bragging to carroll he was getting better money and was knobbing his ex??? All things considered, NUFC are in no way accountable for carrolls actions and they could not have foreseen this event…and they can not be sued on this particular issue. PS… its HASWA 1974 not HASAW 1974 dude!!

  158. MDS says:
    March 23, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    “I think also the English are a bit more bothered than usual because they didn’t want controversey in a year where they have a legitimate shot at the WC.”

    MDS, there is a big difference between “the English” and the English media, who are constantly hysterical.

  159. Stu – who knows with the town mate? Anything could have happened and your guess is as good as mine as to how they deal with it. One thing I’ve learned about this regime is that they are as unpredictable as most other things NUFC. Cue somebody to say that the board wanted rid of Barton until KK stepped in…

    It just seems that a broken jaw and ‘stable’ condition isn’t something you’d expect a team-mate to have to recover from after a ‘bust-up’ with another player. How much anger must there have been? Taylor is a big lad.

    Dave – aye, the details will come out in the wash but it looks pretty bad at the moment.

  160. To be fair Chuck, i feel that this has less to do with the two individuals involved and what has gone on between them, but with the unwanted attention it brings on the club at a crucial point in the season.

    They may not be senior players in the way that Butt is, they have both been at Newcastle United long enough to know that we, the supporters, are sick of this kind of thing. They know that we have struggled year in and year out with bad press and episodes of this type, and just when we seem to be getting back on an even keel, they put us in the spotlight again for all the wrong reasons. It can hardly be a surprise to anyone if the supporters are angry and disapointed as many of the posters on this blog have said they are.

    I appreciate that, as you rightly say, we don’t know all the facts, but wherever fisty-cuffs are involved, there is always at least one aggressor.

    One, if not both of the players are responsible for this situation, and they both should pay an appropriate and proportionate penalty for their part in the matter.

    If that means we bench them, drop them, sell them, so be it. If that means that one, or both of them, goes down, so be it.

    If Newcastle United want to stop this kind of thing being associated with their name, they have only one option. Get rid of their trouble makers no matter who they are and what their apparent ‘worth’ to the team.

  161. Chuck – nice to see you blogging today – I guess that means you arent gawking at a murder scene, road accident or funeral for fun!

    Maybe you should change your name to Chuckineezer Scrooge, or The Grim Chuckster, or The Chundertaker, Chucky Kruger, Mona Chucksa, you get my drift

  162. one thing is 100% clear… something has gone down cos every single news source and every channel are reporting it not just in uk but all over the bloody world. I am offshore in bloody Qatar and its on their local tv ffs!! the only people that are saying nothing are as frigging usual…….lambsarse & Co!!

  163. Sorry i`m confused, this is a situation concerning the law of the land, calls for an expert opinion, theres only one thing for it, call ‘Super Lawyer”
    Stardust, here`s your chance to shine !
    Please inform us plebes, exactly what the future may hold for this lad, is it mailbags in Durham or community service doon the Bigg Market ?

  164. rabster, im”e sure B.B.B, ment no offence to you,its just we had some iffy people on blog of late,which is now “fixed”,i think he was being a bit shall we say careful m8

  165. Yes Craig,

    That’s why I had to do and look up the RIDDOR stuff again.

    The more I think about it, the more I think RIDDOR makes it a police matter.

    Ashleigh was the other side of RIDDOR.
    If Carroll didn’t work for NUFC and then came in and smacked Taylor then NUFC would be responsible.

    However, ( and this is the important bit) as company directors are ultimately liable in Health and Safety prosecutions, if we can make it look like an H and S case, we might be able to get Llambias convcited and sent to the big house.

  166. I imagine Derek Llambias might say –

    “It was nothing, it was just handbags………………..with bricks and slabs of concrete in them.”

    * I made this quote up *

  167. MDS, there is a big difference between “the English” and the English media, who are constantly hysterical.

    Agreed, but I was talking about the fans reactions to terry so far, not what has appeared in print

  168. didnt he just have a baby with her!or am i dreaming but that doesnt make a wrong or did taylor txt her which i would be pissed off as well.

  169. i seem to remember a certain mr wise breaking callum davison,s jaw,when they were together at leicester.
    we will always hear of the occassional spat in traing between players,anyone recall the john hartson eyal berkovic kick in the face?.
    two players being separated is one thing,but to break a team mates jaw and put him in doc,is completley taking the urinal.
    we stood by joey barton during his trials and tribulations,and we took a lot of stick from some quarters.
    i think now though we have to act,as andy carroll is already on bail for another alleged incident,how stupid is this man ffs,he,s a man now this he,s only young is crap.
    he,s old enough to know what he,s doing,we cannot be seen to condone this behaviour any more.
    the club should set a precedent now and send him down the road,if they do nothing,then i,m afraid younger players coming up we,ll see this a blank cheque to cause bedlam,nip it in the bud now imo.

  170. I think we’ll learn more when we see the team sheet.

    Personally I don’t think Hughton will play him if he’s done wrong, or at least he shouldn’t.

    I am beginning to think were jinxed like. I don’t think it’s in our DNA to be quiet and have things run smoothly – We would get get bored.

  171. Stardy re 221#
    Nah no such luck, no earthquakes or toonarmies.
    Yeah thought about comming on incognito, which of the “nom de plumes”do you suggest, grim Chuckster sounds ok.

  172. for sure rabster, there could be some legal shit going down here, i dont think that nufc can in any way be held liable tho – as i think you will agree. i think it would be a private lawsuit against mr fisty made by taylor. But in this country, for it to be even able to get to that stage would mean that the police will already be all over carroll (which i am sure they will be very very soon – within a week i will put money on him being pulled in for a statement and i bet they have already been in touch with the club). This will go only two ways – the whole thing will get proved to be an accident or even better – bullsh@t OR…. the police will put carroll in prison for 2-4 years AND then IF taylor wanted, he will also then sue privatley Carroll. Ihope its nothing myself, but lets be honest… its defo happened for it to be this wide spread lads.

  173. TROJAN 69 says:
    March 23, 2010 at 3:18 pm

    Wasn’t Wise sacked for that little indescretion?

  174. the way CH is talking about the game it didnt look like anything was up. unless he is going for the oscars pipping sandra bullok fu.k me he has got my vote.

  175. you recall that thing the other week when for some reason …. everyone was saying nolan was out, never made the trip with the squad etc??? then what happened… nolan was in the squad and all the papers looked like tits. you think its mind games…..???………naaaaaaa no way, cant be!!

  176. toonsy lets start the banter early! what time you putting it up lets start by throuing the punches early.ha ha

  177. asim – I was just going to say, I’ll be relieved when I can stick a match banter article up. One of us will drop it on soon and we can forget the nonsense until after the game – hopefully.

    Of course Barton might play and we could end up with another sh*tstorm…

  178. No one seems to have mentioned the time when Shearer flattened Gillespie yet, and Stevie Howey had to drag him to hospital saying that he’d been run over by a car.

  179. I just dont get the issues surrounding ex girlfriends. I don’t give a rats who my ex is getting porked by, I just move onto the next one. Well used to but now I’m married ;)

    I mean what is up with them? Is there only that 1 bird that is worth slipping a length?

  180. workyticket says:
    March 23, 2010 at 3:47 pm
    No one seems to have mentioned the time when Shearer flattened Gillespie yet, and Stevie Howey had to drag him to hospital saying that he’d been run over by a car.

    Aye Worky, but Shearer hadn’t previously been cautioned for hitting a woman and wasn’t currently on bail for allegedly glassing someone.

    Training ground bust ups do happen all the time but with Carroll his fists are all too often getting used.

  181. bowburn – Howay man you knwo that wont happen. Every touch by Carroll (if he plays) will be scrutinised. Every poor thing he does will be met with “his head isn’t in it” and if he does something good it will be “he needs to to make up for what he has done”.

  182. toonsy says:
    March 23, 2010 at 3:50 pm
    I just dont get the issues surrounding ex girlfriends. I don’t give a rats who my ex is getting porked by, I just move onto the next one. Well used to but now I’m married

    I mean what is up with them? Is there only that 1 bird that is worth slipping a length?

    In Gateshead probably, yes… lol

  183. toons – to be honest, I don’t think he’ll play. I reckon it’s a ruse to blindside detractors and keep focus on the game in hand.

  184. To be honest, I never condoned Shearer smacking Gillespie but he was a bit of an ar*e, so you can imagine why it might have happened.

  185. Good point Stu, but all they have to do is wander over the river to pick up one of Newcastle’s many innocent, short skirted, amply cleavaged young ladies.

  186. Chuck

    “Stardust, here`s your chance to shine !
    Please inform us plebes, exactly what the future may hold for this lad, is it mailbags in Durham or community service doon the Bigg Market ”

    Havent got a clue – I will await the facts. My comment at 16 starts IF True.

    I expect Carroll to be in the wrong just from the info so far – but will await confirmation either way.

  187. Stuart79 says:
    March 23, 2010 at 3:50 pm

    “Aye Worky, but Shearer hadn’t previously been cautioned for hitting a woman and wasn’t currently on bail for allegedly glassing someone.”

    I wasn’t making any relative judgements on either of the incidents, Stuart, but I thought that someone would have mentioned it by now.

  188. Things just never go smoothly for us. Not only tonights game but the match of the season with Forest coming up aswell :(

  189. Wasn’t it also alleged that Shearer chucked chairs at some of the players involved in the Grosvener House hotel affair.

  190. @toonsy: For the lol purposes,if i am the manager of Newcastle now, i would suspend carroll till end of season,but only start the suspension after the nott forest match. :lol:

  191. Toonsy, according to FFS, applies to geordie women in general.
    Sound like a high school guy , with the porking and slipping lengths too stuff, hey we dont doubt your verility, your obviously a stud guy.

  192. Stuart79 says:
    March 23, 2010 at 3:52 pm
    toonsy says:
    March 23, 2010 at 3:50 pm

    “…I mean what is up with them? Is there only that 1 bird that is worth slipping a length?”

    “In Gateshead probably, yes… lol”

    Excellent point, Stuart.

  193. Stardusts @ 258 – No, match is cancelled so people can continue to string Carroll up for something we don’t is true :lol:

    On a lighter note, see Pompey have brought back 4 ground staff that were made redundant. The players are paying the wages for them. Fair play.

    AOD – :lol:

  194. the chronicle are saying carrol was in the ice bath which made me laugh and taylor came in and had a go. about wages which i find stupid with the story so it points to taylor so to me he got what he deserves apart from broken jur we wouldnt be saying this . we would be calling taylor.

  195. Chuck – Used to be, or try to be. Anyhting that moves, reat up a drain pipe.

    I’ll stop the carry on type humour now, it’s probably getting in the way of your latest exorcism.

  196. that will teach ya stevie not too mess with a real geordie ,stu79 u should bare that in mind when your falling oot with stardust a plastic geordie wont beat a real 1 lol

  197. Throws up various issues:
    1. Brilliant timing – just when we need the focus on the run-in we get this sort of c**p.
    2. We should wait till the club has carried out their inquiry – till then, let’s play Carroll – if true he owes us something big-time tonight!
    3. If it’s confirmed as his fault, he must be dropped / disciplined etc – after tonight. We should have Loven and Shola back for Forest next week to fill in (not in the Andy Carroll sense of the word!)
    4. If true and it becomes a “Carroll or Taylor” issue then we MUST keep Taylor – he’s shown loyalty, fighting spirit (in the true sense!) and as far as I know has never been a source of trouble on or off the pitch (others may know different).
    PS toonsy – got a bad feeling about this one.No, Really! Wasn’t Kadar getting bashed around by Billy the thug Sharpe last time? If Williamson is in the squad, I’d play him – surely he will have been able to keep up more training than with (say) a hamstring or ankle injury so should be fit.
    Oh God, can I cope with the stress of the next few weeks??? Is it just me that’s feeling the strain?

  198. Chuck says:
    March 23, 2010 at 4:07 pm

    “Toonsy, according to FFS, applies to geordie women in general.”

    He went on to say it applied to all English women, Chuck. I’m afraid to say that he does have something of a point on that score.

  199. Toonsy “On a lighter note, see Pompey have brought back 4 ground staff that were made redundant. The players are paying the wages for them. Fair play.”

    Sol Campbell will probably sue them for that money too!

  200. Rabster, dont ever walk away, keep on posting as you have some interesting points and i sympathise with you on the general behaviour around today but i dont suppose its any worse than any other era its just that more is recorded and information passes around a lot quicker, mods and rockers and skinhead eras spring to mind where extreme violence was the norm.
    My argument was that the Training Ground is not and never will be a Public Place as it is exclusively private and the Health and Safety regs place the liability on those who can see a risk of injury but chose to ignore it.
    Quite how that applies to two young men allegedly fighting over a woman in the workplace is beyond me, what are they supposed to do, monitor their private lives and step in before it comes to a head?
    Sorry if i questioned your motives mate and keep on posting, nowt like a good argument.

  201. worky still been reading at times stardust still spouting the same old guff , have ya missed me worky xxxxxxxxxxxx

  202. asim says:
    March 23, 2010 at 4:11 pm
    the chronicle are saying carrol was in the ice bath which made me laugh and taylor came in and had a go. about wages which i find stupid with the story so it points to taylor so to me he got what he deserves apart from broken jur we wouldnt be saying this . we would be calling taylor.

    What goes through Carrolls head considering he’s got a potential jail term hanging over his heed? Taylor could have come in shouting, screaming and throwing his jock strap at Carroll and he shouldn’t have reacted knowing that it could mean certain jail.

    Just thick IF that’s the case.

    As for you batty, flattered I’m sure – Although I do have Geordie blood, Walker blood to be precise.

  203. O`kay, enough with the digression back to “fitba” !
    Hear the Pompey RB whatsisname could be had for 3m or less, could be worth a bid ?
    Dont want to hear about the Norsky kid slicedbread or whatever, obviously not PL quality and when did being a NUFC fan qualify you to play for the club.
    Certainly think O`Hara could do a good job, that leaves a creative midfielder and we do need at least one decent striker and perhaps a utility defender, who can fill in across the back line.
    The team base is in place, just needs filling out with about three or four good buys, dig deep Mike !

  204. batty says:
    March 23, 2010 at 4:21 pm
    well on saturday i shall be singing 1 nil too thr geordie boy

    My Granda would argue Carroll isn’t even a Geordie – Wrong side of the river.

  205. Stuart79 says:
    March 23, 2010 at 4:25 pm
    batty says:
    March 23, 2010 at 4:21 pm
    well on saturday i shall be singing 1 nil too thr geordie boy

    My Granda would argue Carroll isn’t even a Geordie – Wrong side of the river.
    <<<<< why is ya grandad from manchest as well stu

  206. cheer up! joey barton for the winning knock out blow to win us the game that would be something. front page headlines.

  207. batty says:
    March 23, 2010 at 4:30 pm
    Stuart79 says:
    March 23, 2010 at 4:25 pm
    batty says:
    March 23, 2010 at 4:21 pm
    well on saturday i shall be singing 1 nil too thr geordie boy

    My Granda would argue Carroll isn’t even a Geordie – Wrong side of the river.
    <<<<< why is ya grandad from manchest as well stu

    Who's biting now batty boy?

  208. Worky
    Apart from Geordie women having an aversion to coats in one of the coldest parts of the country and possibly being big lasses in general, nowt wrong wi them.

    English women in general, as handsome as any nationality, mixture of Teutonic and Celtic, not a bad mix.

  209. Toonsy “I’ll stop the carry on type humour now, it’s probably getting in the way of your latest exorcism.” LOL

  210. IF Carroll is to blame – wonder if the club will sue him for damages? Thatll teach him a thing or two – Taylors wages until he is fit again.

  211. batty says:
    March 23, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    “worky still been reading at times stardust still spouting the same old guff , have ya missed me worky xxxxxxxxxxxx”

    Aye, I have actually, batty. We’ve been getting a much lower class of abusive, impudent WUMs on here recently. ;-)

  212. Now then Batts – Stuart just wrote “As for you batty, flattered I’m sure – Although I do have Geordie blood, Walker blood to be precise.”

    Cant believe he missed the N and typed an L. :lol:

  213. even if there is blame on both sides,who threw the first punch etc,sack the two of them if that,s the case.
    dont even try to sell them come the summer,cancel both their contracts,tell them they are free to look for other clubs,then they,ll know what cuddy,s kicked them.

  214. Trojan, as long as we get a fee from their new clubs i would go along with that, mind you there will be no shortage of takers for them.

  215. can any1 get down to the doncaster hotel they are staying at. see if he gets on the coach they would be about to leave soon. some 1 must no.

  216. Yeah Dave – just found Stuart is site administrator at the clandestine :lol:

    Apparently they encourage each other to take their dogs on their “walks” – the incrowd call it dogging.

    So its official – Stuarts a dog walker :lol:

  217. Asim – just call the concierge – either that or a friend of mine has a garden centre – if you want to hire a bush with walkable legs he would be happy to oblige. (though they might look out of season as they have Christmas lights on them)

    Failing that – my friend at the spy shop sells newspapers with peep holes cut out already.

    And if that all seems to obvious for you – my great uncle has many paintings from Scooby Doo with moveable eyes.

    Feel free to give me a shout if you need any – I am sure I can get you favourable rates.

  218. Or alternatively just listen to SSN. David Craig just been on saying Taylor is out of hospital and Carroll is with the squad.

  219. workyticket says:
    March 23, 2010 at 4:43 pm
    batty says:
    March 23, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    “worky still been reading at times stardust still spouting the same old guff , have ya missed me worky xxxxxxxxxxxx”

    Aye, I have actually, batty. We’ve been getting a much lower class of abusive, impudent WUMs on here recently.
    <<<< aye thats stardust lower class lol

  220. Stardust says:
    March 23, 2010 at 4:45 pm
    Now then Batts – Stuart just wrote “As for you batty, flattered I’m sure – Although I do have Geordie blood, Walker blood to be precise.”

    Cant believe he missed the N and typed an L.
    <<<< yeah he,s defo a w@nker

  221. Big Dave says:
    March 23, 2010 at 4:41 pm
    Batty Lad where have you been stranger. Hows the youngun and rest of the Family doing all good I hope
    <<< every 1s fine thanx m8 me lads been in a couple of battles but a cannit say much like but he,s ok