Carroll lands sucker punch! Doncaster 0 Newcastle 1

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Eye of the tiger?
Eye of the tiger?
In an end-to-end encounter, it was Newcastle United’s very own light heavyweight, Andy Carroll, who weighed in with a devastating knockout to help United take all three points at the Keepmoat Stadium. After the much publicised training ground bust-up, it seemed unlikely that Carroll would play any part in the game, but Hughton was vindicated in his decision to include the striker by Carroll’s goal, which was the difference between the two sides.

Even though he included Carroll in his starting eleven, Hughton was forced into several other changes. Jose Enrique had a niggle from his previous hamstring injury and Ryan Taylor came in at right back, with Danny Simpson switching to left back. Tamas Kadar came in for Fitz Hall, who limped out of the Bristol City game and Hughton also opted for a 4-4-1-1 formation with Kevin Nolan playing off Andy Carroll, Leon Best making way for Nicky Butt, who partnered Guthrie in the middle of the park.

It it was a fairly frenetic first half with both sides creating chances, Billy Sharp spurning good opportunities to give Doncaster the lead. While Andy Carroll at the other end, had a half chance to make it 1-0. Doncaster played some slick stuff as expected but the play was fairly even and flowed back and forth up until half-time. The striker’s inclusion no doubt raised many an eyebrow amongst the travelling support and those listening at home. But in a second half which had less clear cut chances, it was Carroll who stepped up to the plate to justify his place in the team. Wayne Routledge was the creator for the second game in a row, but this time it was a much harder finish and when Carroll went round the keeper, he still had a lot to do but finished in style for his 16th goal of the season.

At the other end, Harper collected his 19th clean sheet of the season, a Newcastle United record. But that was almost ruined when the keeper spilled the a shot from Woods, only for the finshed rebound from Sharp to be ruled offside. And with Doncaster inevitably pressing for an equaliser, Hughton brought on Joey Barton for Guthrie but the returning midfielder struggled to make an impact. Pancrate later coming on for Routledge, as Newcastle saw out yet another crucial victory away from home.

Much is still be decided about ‘Glassjawgate’ (I borrowed that from dingo by the way), and the next few days will be full of more rumour and fact, in equal measures. However, for now we can reflect on a great result from a tricky fixture. In difficult circumstances, with the potential for the players to get distracted from the job in hand, Chris Hughton kept his troops focused, made some tough decisions and they paid dividends. As for Andy Carroll, he could end up playing the baddy in a new Rocky film in future and he may get a spell behind bars but having put us another three points closer to promotion, we’ll leave the judgements for another day, when we have all the facts, because for the time being the winner is in the black and white corner.

Us – Harper, R. Taylor, Coloccini, Kadar, Simpson, Routledge, Butt (c), Gutierrez, Guthrie, Nolan, Carroll.

Subs – Krul, Enrique, Barton, Best, Pancrate, Ranger, Tozer.

Doncaster Rovers – Sullivan, Hayter, Roberts (c), Oster, Chambers, Woods, Martis, O’Connor, Sharp, Shiels, Wilson.

Subs – Smith, Mutch, Thomas, Hird, Spicer, Lockwood, Mc Daid.

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109 Responses

  1. Love the way this article has been written, with all the little references to Andy ‘Stiff Jaw McGraw’ Carroll, haha

  2. Also, i said it before the game, during the game and a#i will now say it after. Hughton’s tactics were spot on today and he deserves massive credit for masterminding this win.

  3. Fantastic result considering the teamsheet, Nicky Butt for player of the season anyone?? *runs away and hides*

  4. Clint

    Cheers, i am glad someone acknowledged me… :D

    Now for the Forest Game. I must admit, i am a bit wary about this one. EVerything points to an easy, emphatic home win (Forest conceding bucket loads away, us scoring bucket loads at home)…which is why i can see it surprising everyone and being a tight affair.

    Whether its 4-0 or 1-0 i don’t care, i just hope we can win our last tough game and completely lift the pressure.

  5. Hey,
    maybe we’ve got some strength in depth action going on?
    Kadar’s getting blooded now, cool!
    We’ve a few 1st teamers out & that’s a good away win v a in-form at home team.

  6. The forest game will be tough, no doubt.
    They’ll wanna try & make a point & get some points too.
    But if we play properly as per home games………
    I reckon Jose was held back for that game & with Lovenkrands back for it,
    it’ll change the emphasis.

  7. Well done to the defense & Harper for setting a new Toon record for clean sheets in a season.

  8. good win tonight, carroll and nolan could have put it beyond doubt although saying that it sounded like an even game

    roll on notts forest

  9. Clint

    Good point. I think the team and crowd will be baying for blood and itching to get revenge for our 1-0 defeat at their place. Hopefully that transcends into a full blooded, ruthless performance and the points wrapped up in the first 45mins.

  10. Just looking at KK’s team of 1992/93, at this same stage of the season we currently have 5 more points.
    Although KK’s team went on to take 21 points from the last 8 games.
    It just goes to show how two differing styles can still gather points……..

  11. Nice touch TGS.
    Very astute.
    Gotta say kk’s team before it started to get too many big names, was a better ‘team’ effort.

  12. Aye CF,
    They were a joy to watch, but full credit to the present team and coaching staff. There doing a grand job and could become the first NUFC side in history to bounce back to the top flight at the first time of asking.
    Now that would be nice………..

  13. TGS,
    is that right?
    Yea man,
    All due respect to the whole team & staff for getting the job done so far.
    I really think it couldn’t have landed better for CH et al.
    A big team, with enough strength, in this league, to learn his chops
    & try & ease his way into top club management.
    It must be a dream come true for him.
    I’m jealous. :)

  14. Carroli is going to be no good to us next season if he’s in jail, which is where I suspect he will end up.

  15. Also,
    i think we can safely say that CH has at least 2 plans to his name now.
    A & B, & he does try & mix ’em up too.

  16. & finally,
    well done to Kadar, R Taylor, Butt, Pancrate & Barton for coming in,
    in a tough away fixture & not letting the team down,
    getting a clean sheet (setting new record) & a win.
    Nice one lads.

  17. TGS :)
    3 points has put a smile on my chops tonight.
    Does anyone think KK could have got this side promoted?

    I think we have done a job this season,still not come to terms with the style of football we play against inferior pub teams but it has been effective without really busting a gut….almost there.

    On a negative note without major investment in the summer we can look forward to doing this all again pretty soon :)

  18. Just got back from the match. Great atmosphere, we totally outsung them, stadium was electric. But gutted as wor lass was dragging me out as colo and Carroll were chucking their shirts in the crowd. Thought of a chant but didn’t have the bottle to sing it incase noone picked it up! I think it was a fairly even game although even butt played canny well :o! Can’t fault the lads for a good three points.

  19. He looked quite solid from what I saw, seemed to be mote Simpson who made any daft mistakes if at all. Colo also had a beast of a game, saved our skins a few times!

  20. told you they would do them clint,might not have been the four nowta but a wins a win.

  21. i might have to fly back for the ‘promotion’ game… any ideas as to when or which match will be the decider for us? Come on you statos..

    also.. I aint been bloggin with nufc since Ed Harrison closed down nufcblog.COM only found this site a couple of weeks back…. who is running this site or writing teh articles.. good job to ya and cheers for the heads up in teh article.

    Glad to have a new home again.

  22. dingo – Depends, if we Forest and Peterborugh then we are on track for the Sheff Utd at home game being the promotion clincher.

    Drop points in one of them and it’s home to Blackpool. It also depends on how forest get on in their games. The above scenario apllies if they win all their game but lose against us.

    Re articles. There a 3 people who write them. Workyticket, who runs the place, bowburnmag, who helps run the place, and me, who just writes basically :)

    P.S Hope your charging bowburn,ag royalties for his pilfering of your phrase ;)

  23. great win. We should bag in promotion as soon as possible then start getting ready for next season, which will be more challenging than promotion this season. I am sure Mike will give Chris a chance in PL too. Now depends how Chris shop around. We need to off load few and buy 3-4 good players to atleast survive in PL.

    On other note, I am going to my first Newcastle game away to Peterborough. Sad have to sit in home section. But excited to go to game anyway.

  24. All credit for this result must be given to Hughton as the reported misunderstanding between Taylor and Carroll had the potential to undo all that’s been achieved this season.

    He’s managed to harness players’ attention and focus them on what was a very tricky game – as Doncaster showed.

    Whatever’s been behind the spat needs to be resolved and Carroll made to realise just what’s at stake and what a fool he’s been.

    It’s reported in the Grauniad (and I stress, reported) that the spat may have been the result of taunts about relative earnings and women. If wages are a sore point with Carroll and probably others too, then there’s potential for more problems as time goes on.

    Perhaps the matter of players’ wages needs to be sorted out as matter of priority – possibly by paying sensible wages with bonus incentives? After all, we can’t realistically expect players to pull together when some are earning much more than others. Could that be something for the club to think about and resolve in the close season?

    Back to the present, credit where credit’s due – to the players for a marvellous three away points and moreso, to Hughton for managing those players, the majority of whom will be earning a darn sight more than him!

    All in all, a superb performance and any congratulations offered were and are deserved.

  25. This probably was one of the BEST results of the campaign so far , after a week of crap in the press and all slagging off the boy carroll by the scum press, then to win away from home against 8th when everyone expected us to de- rail , and who should be the hero BUT slugger carroll GREAT . I can’t condone what has happened but what a great result. Far better than winning 6-1 v barnsley give me 1- 0 away from home on a cold wednesday night anytime !
    This is what gels teams and wins leagues AWESOME stuff boys !!

  26. Hopefully this will shut up the “he should be suspended/sold/never play for United again” brigade. Get off your sanctimonious backsides. It’s about football and promotion – and without Andy Carroll’s goals where would we be?
    Anything to do with training spats and some daft lass can be sorted out when the job is done.

  27. Toonsy if you’re there mate, where do you find the groups you’ve joined on facebook for the iPhone mate?

  28. UTD111 aye fuk them let em get on with it taylor should of known not too mess with a real geordie the big southern softie lol

  29. Eeeesh!
    Surely there is no way in hell that green (wham GK) can go to the WCup, shipped 14 in 5, looks amateur at best.

  30. Aunty Pam:
    March 24th, 2010 at 9:39 am
    i’ve got one knuckle sandwich left if anyone’s interested..

    No thanx batty, the uziblogger is back :)

  31. lesh (37) – good points, mate.
    If you’d offered me 4 points from these last 2 away games I’d have grabbed your hand off! And a clean sheet at a strong footballing side without 4 of our first choice defenders (we would surely have played The Bull, Staylor, Williamson or Fitz if any had been fully fit.)
    We need to wait for the facts about the Taylor / Carroll incident – if they ever come out truly. I can believe that Taylor could be an arrogant wind-up – but equally I can believe that Carroll resorts to violence too easily – however, we don’t know for sure who STARTED the assault.
    I suppose the thing that I’m mulling over is that (I assume) fights are not so rare within clubs – but the damage and injury is what has made this hit the headlines. Also, there is the issue about festering bad blood between 2 players which can lead to factions and loss of morale. A real test for CH – AND the senior players.

  32. So sad to see Roy keane’s Ipswich get done by a sh1te team like Plymouth at home, my heart bleeds.

  33. toonsy,
    G Caulkin of the times nicked your joke about Carroll wearing gloves, but not the boxing variety.
    Nice one mate.
    How geordie, we know you’re reading, get y’own gags man, or at least give credit.

  34. jay jay says:
    March 24, 2010 at 9:45 am
    Aunty Pam:
    March 24th, 2010 at 9:39 am
    i’ve got one knuckle sandwich left if anyone’s interested..

    No thanx batty, the uziblogger is back
    <<<< howay man jayjay even some 1 as thick as u should know aunty pam is from corrie so roy cropper lol

  35. morning m8,hows your fettle?was at game,sorry still dont like butt,one thing i must say,if we make 4 signings we will be ok,must have m/f with guile then that make rout,jonas,a real attacking force our m/f did not know how to feed them last night imo m8

  36. great to see BATTY on again have missed his wit,lifts my spirts like,his son should be back on leave soon i think good on him

  37. Wha’cheor ice,
    aye man, no one ‘likes’ Butt, anyway he’s gone come summer.
    Definitely need some guile in mf, i agree about the amount we need to come in, we’re starting to look like a proper ‘team’ now like.
    Another step closer, just a few to go.

  38. clint,was hopeing wolves would go down,like that doyle a lot,now big gob merson on ssn saying big epl teams should go for him,think they might stay up now so wont sell him,pity

  39. My first post.
    Cracking result yesterday, doncaster are a good footballing side so to pick up three points is excellent.
    On the whole carrol front, We don’t know what happened/was said/why. So can’t really say much but IF taylor and been sleeping around with carrols lass i can’t really blame him. Just a smaller bridge/terry sitution. IF it’s to do with wages then it’s ridiculous. We’ll just have to wait and see.
    On the transfers front one lad who i havn’t seen mentioned is gunnarson at coventry. Good engine, tidy passer. Was pretty impressed with him earlier in the year, havn’t seen much of him recently though to be honest.
    Just my little two pence on the situation anyway.

  40. Bet you all have seen this already if you sit on newsnow like me, but Newcastle United MAD have posted up some sort of supposedly inside info on it all.

    Links for anyone who hasn’t:

    If it’s true it should be Taylor we sell to the highest bidder not Carroll.

  41. UTD111, you have summed my feelings up there about Andy Carroll and i was chuffed to bits when he scored and also when it turned out to be the winner, the story they didnt want or what?
    Well done to Hughton as well for not bowing down to the pressure from the gutter press who are desperate to railroad fans into another rabble and de stabilise us once again.
    Some of the drivel that has been written about the as yet to be confirmed incident, and also on this site by so called fans, is a disgrace, get behind the young lad as he is as good as we have got.

  42. Who knows what happened, however the players seemed to be genuinely okay with Carroll and were all over him once he scored. I’d imagine if Carroll were totally at fault he’d have been dropped for last nights game yet he seem sto have support from CH as well.
    Good on them for keeping this in-house, to often in the past managers have started bleating to the press.

    By all accounts Stevie Taylor has been acting like a tw@t although it doesn’t condone Carrolls actions but if half of it is true I’d have prob decked him myself

  43. I’d take the newcastlemad insiders account with a pinch of salt “she apparently hasnt txt bk and tld hm 2 stop or she wud tel andy”
    How did she manage to tell him to stop then……… oh she went round his house and sh@gged him :-)

  44. B.B.B.i stopped buying any newspapers a long time ago,even the local rags,dont even need them for little squares on back toilet door which are all that they are good for,just try to keep up to date on net

  45. @65 Stevep
    Aye I thought as much like, but if it is over his lass fair play, I’d spark someone for the exact same reason!
    But if Stevie Taylor is gannin on like half of what has been said, considering it’s his “childhood club”, it just shows that he is a plastic Geordie & just another cockney in disguise.
    All speculation atm like, so I wont lose much sleep over it & judge either of them until I see summit on the official website. If not, it’s all water under the Tyne bridge.

  46. toonlad89 – if youv’e anything against plastic geordies or cockneys in disguise then i suggest you find another site because this ones full of them.

    half of them couldn’t even point you in the direction of newcastle.

  47. ice,
    i don’t see wolves going down either mate.
    Doyle is canny like, pity.
    Who was motm last night man?
    How was Kadar?

  48. Great result. Chuffed about that.

    Toonlad89 @57

    We’re not going to find out exactly what happened unless it comes out in court (possibly when he goes up for that Blu Bamboo thing, regardless of whether he gets done for this) OR somewhere down the line through someone’s biography, or some such thing.

    Like you say, it DOES make a difference as to how this came about. If it was just taunts about money and lasses, then breaking a teammate’s jaw and causing all this trouble is absolutely not right.

    We should have a sweep to see how long it takes one of the pr*ck commentators on Sky Sports to mention it on Monday night :)

  49. Glad to hear that Kadar is really coming into his own. With him, Colo, Enrique, and S Taylor we have the makings of a very solid Prem back 4 as all of those players are only going to get better. Now to sort out RB…

  50. clint m8 for me had to be colo,kadar will make it has good heed on him will need time like,hope fans give him time if he can get 6 games in he will handle epl,aye i will leave drink for my friend at his local,not good enough for epl like

  51. Darth,
    they’ll (ssn gits) be all over it like a cheap suit mate, guaranteed. About every 5 mins or when ever the ball gets close to Carroll. No doubt hand wringing, whilst all the time forgetting the crap that gerrard, rooney et al have got off with.

    ice, you referring to Bogdanovic there? saying he won’t make the prem?

  52. Darth – none of this altercation will come up in Carrolls court case, Taylor won’t press charges and they can’t bring up alleged fights, jeez if the ycould do that we’d all be strung up

    And I say you were alleged to have murdered somebody and hid the body so well we couldnt find it therefore death by electric chair hung by the neck till pronounced dead blah blah

  53. Roy Cropper it’s somewhere in the midlands isn’t it? Just north of Birmingham I think? Lol, Arrogant nobba…

  54. icedog says:
    March 24, 2010 at 12:49 pm

    “B.B.B.i stopped buying any newspapers a long time ago,even the local rags”

    They’re the same thing now, icedog. The Chronic and the Journal are part of the Mirror group.

  55. clint aye m8 ccc is his class imo,see pommy been told they can sell players from now but players can not play for new club till new season (o”hare)

  56. Does anyone know if the BBC’s got any of our live games scheduled?

    Amazing, we’re top of the pile and it seems when it comes to the Beeb, whether TV or radio, they’re content to transmit less important games.

    Not untypical of course but…..

  57. Not sure if toonsy see this comment of mine.

    I saw post yesterday in the other post about your prediction of which team to be relegated from BPL this season.

    IMO,i feel there is a potentially “big club” going to be relegated too. That team Might be WIGAN!!!

    First,just look at it’s inferior Goal Difference Now.And Look at it’s remaining fixtures.That consist of Manchester City,Fulham, Arsenal,Chelsea.

    So i make a bold prediction here.

    West Ham.

    Burnley might scrap through.hmmm

  58. ice I think O’Hara’s still on spurs’ books mate so Pompey wouldn’t be able to sell him anyway. We’ll have to go through ‘arry for that one. Hope we get him

  59. icedog says:
    March 24, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    “worky,northern echo ?”

    Icedog, The Northern Echo is owned by Newsquest, a giant American media group.

  60. Bad news from Darling:

    Duty on beer, wine and spirits will increase as planned from midnight on Sunday, including 10% on cider, with further increases to come on high strength cider. Alcohol duties will also increase by 2% above inflation for two further years from 2013.

    Well, that means a smaller eye-opener for breakfast and lunch reduced from a three to a two litre course!

  61. Don’t see why he wouldn’t mate, he was there long enough.
    I reckon he also has a lot of goodwill with other managers, on account of him being a good guy, he must have some Irish links too. Is Doyle Irish?

  62. I know he’s got an Irish name, but that doesn’t mean much these days, does it?

    Still, i’d like someone a little trickier personally, though i can’t think who at the mo’ like.

  63. Aye,
    later mate, fill y’motor up before the price gans up.
    Get some tabs & booze in too.

  64. Doubt theres any chance of getting O’Hara, Redknapp rates him and was in the southern press yesterday praising him and saying he would def be back at Spurs next season.
    O’Hara is a boyhood spurs fan and can’t wait to go back, I’d be surprised if he swapped Spurs for the toon when they’ll prob be in champions league or at least europa and will need a big squad

    Shame but I think we’ll be ok in midfield if Barton can get his act together, we def need a quality striker and a good right back, think Simpson will get found out in PL as he’s still learning and R Taylors already been found out!

  65. stevep says:
    March 24, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    “Doubt theres any chance of getting O’Hara, Redknapp rates him and was in the southern press yesterday praising him and saying he would def be back at Spurs next season.”

    Stevep, I’m still mystified by the expression, “Southern Press”. What does it mean, exactly?

  66. I think it’s unfair that Pompey have had special dispensation to be honest. What about Leeds, or any club that now struggles? The Premier League have made a rod for their own back now. Imagine how harsh it is on Crystal Palace who are seeing this but know it cant happen for them.

    What is the point in being financially responsible as a club when you can get pandered to by the Premier League should you get in difficulty.

    And who is going to buy these players? Aren’t all the other teams still closed out of the transfer window? So who is going to buy them?

    I did feel sorry for Pompey but not anymore!

  67. Aye toonsy,
    Cardiff, leeds, palace, luton.
    & Darlo are gonna fall out the league.

  68. @worky – well my definition of southern press is the evening standard which is only distributed in the south east – it’s still owned by general trust plc (i.e daily mail owners)