‘Boro v Newcastle – A Newcastle fan’s away guide.

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Middlesbrough, on a clear day.
Middlesbrough, on a clear day.
Not much of a guide is needed for the 40 mile trip straight down the A19 to Middlesbrough’s Riverside Stadium. Viewed by us as the poor relation of the Tyne/Wear derby, it doesn’t mean that the Tyne/Tees derby should be taken any more lightly this time around as we go in search of 3 points to add to our tally.

As I said, straight down the A19 will do for you, and if your making your own way there you should be aware that you’ll be lucky to get any parking near the ground. There is some wasteland near to the Riverside that gets opened up for parking, other than that just park in the city centre and walk out to the ground.

Obviously, keep your colours covered if your walking to the ground on your own or if there are just a couple of you, or you could walk down to the train station and join in the police escort those travelling by train will receive and enjoy the sing song on the way. Same applies should you choose to go into the city centre for a drink.

Remember, it is their derby, so they will be up for it. It can be pretty intimidating although not as bad as the real derby. A warning for those who were unable to get a ticket in the away end so have plumped for sitting in the Riverside’s ample spare seating of the home side, if you get caught then you will be hoyed out. At other away grounds the stewards will try to move you into the away end but Newcastle United have been told that should away fans be found in the home end then they will be ejected from the stadium.

Alcohol will be served on the concourse both pre-match and at half-time although that is very much dependant on our behaviour, getting all radgie will only take away the oppurtunity of a pint, or plastic bottle, of beer.

The fans will not be held back at the end of the game although this is always one thing that can change at short notice. Should the authorities get wind that some trouble is in the pipeline, or if it gets particularly boisterous during the match, then you can expect to be standing there after final whistle whilst things calm down.

I’d like to point you in a direction of interest, something to waste some time should you arrive at the ground early, but there really isn’t that much. You could always go have a look at the Transporter Bridge, or take in the panoramic view of the ICI plants.

In summary, enjoy your day out but make sure you keep one eye on the ball. These Teesside folk can be pretty tetchy and some have a full bag of chips on their shoulders. Don’t rise to it! Thank them for the Tyne Bridge they once provided and for the three points hopefully.

Howay the lads!

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49 Responses

  1. “These Teesside folk can be pretty tetchy and some have a full bag of chips on their shoulders.”

    That would be cheezy chips of course.

  2. Aye, and a bottle of that trampy blue pop.

    Come on worky, no stopping you know, is there? :lol:

  3. gas masks on sale at central station for all fans making there way to the arm pit of england.

  4. Mind you – try a “Smoggie Schnitzel” on for size. You can’t beat a Parmo after a good session on the pop.

    They might be a bit short on scenery in the Boro, but they know how to feed drunken gadgies! :)

  5. hammy69 I wouldn’t wear a Divers watch mate they are likely to try to mug you for any valuables.
    Toonsy have you took the huff with me for slating the last blog or are you still me friend :lol:

  6. Dave – I haven’t got the huff on with anyone mate, I just think it’s a tad harsh that people are willing to jump to assumptions with out reading the whole things.

  7. Bound to be a bit tasty down there, so I’ll be wearing me running trainers ;)

    Stopping off in Darlo and then taxi in for us. Not sure how we’re getting back… :?

    Holding out hope for Bristol tickets. Sold out now but we applied for 15 during members period. Otherwise, we’ll be watching on TV down in Bristol for my pal’s Stag Do.

  8. Any more worky ?

    But seriousely, we should beat these. Atm, we are on top form and we could view this as a practice derby for next year, that is of course if we go up and the scum (the mackem ones not smoggy)stay where they are.

  9. Since when did Middlesborough have a city centre. It’s barely worth calling it a town let alone a city.

  10. Dave – No, you can go blow a dog :lol:

    Only kidding pal, course we’re still buddies. :)

  11. I’m still hopeful of finding a stream for everyone, well the ones who aren’t going anyway.

  12. bit down in mouth post@39 on last blog,so came on for bit debate and laugh normally a good pick up (come back batty)

  13. toonsy;can not understand some bloggers having a “pop” at you over post,thought posts were for us to debate or am i missing something,its then you sometimes come on and give “your”comment what more do they want?.never mind i know you have broad shoulders :(

  14. Thats good Lads now I feel a whole lot better knowing that I have atlest 3 buddies on here.
    IceDog talking about dogs and about them the other night my missus has been going on for ages for a wee heel nipper, So I took her to get a wee mini Yorkie that was advertised locally 2 days ago and you want to see the state this poor wee thing was in, there is some people that should be banned from keeping anything. and about your post @ 39 its a disgrace mate

  15. BIG DAVE know what mean mate about dogs,not long ago guy on alotment near me 7×4 shed had 6 breeding bitches (puppy farm) in there they are now re-homed with my dog help took 3″chunk out his calf,funny like didnt hear nowt off cops (loved it)

  16. out of topic …just heard a rumor tar nufc wants to signe dorrans ….and lua lua may leave on the transfer market plus wilfe and neo benhag won’t be offered any contrat …and do u think must signe any feenders cause I see calsum Morris and traver as a bright future and wats is up will mick saying that r trying to signe players that will have less that 10000 per weak …even ohara’s wage is more than …25000….so I think it’s time to say bye to mike if we want to see a club that we used to know

  17. henock likr dorrans myself,but will want big money,but dont belive everything you read in gutter press,read toonsy he!ll keep you right :)

  18. How about Joe Cole on a free? He’s only asking £120k a week, bargain, lol

  19. Sir really knows how to promoted club business and players management. Hopfully CH have some of this, Anyway CH is currently working well with the owner.

  20. A bit worried about this one, Wee strachan had a habit of beating rangers in the old firm derby when celtic needed the points, they need the points this weekend

  21. “These Teesside folk can be pretty tetchy and some have a full bag of chips on their shoulders.”


    Teesiders are in the main perfectly rounded and well-balanced people……. they’ve a chip on each shoulder!!

  22. Need your help. I am not season ticket holder. Live in Hertfordshire. Planning to go to Peterborough and QPR games towards end of season. I tried earlier also to get tickets for away games but no success. Looking at this post, seems like its not wise to sit in Home Crowd. Can you guys please shed some light if it should be OK at QPR and Peterborough. Might be I should not wear Newcastle Top and just sit quite :) in home crowd. Any inputs for you guys would be great who are regular to away games.

  23. see “boom-song” has been playing well for lyon helped them keep real/m at bay,maybe thinks he has point to prove,still could!nt prove it epl imo

  24. sahota mate the main reason it’s dodgy sitting in the away end for this game is cos it’s a derby, I wouldn’t worry too much about petebrough and especially QPR. My old man used to be a season ticket holder at loftus road when he moved down to london cos he couldn’t stand not watching any footy on the weekends, and when the toon came to town he’d wear the black and white and cheer for newcastle without and flak from the londoners, and this was in the 70’s when hooliganism was rife.


    I’m feelin cocky and going 3-0 the toon :)

  25. Just wanna clarified something.

    I am a young oversea magpies fan here,Living in the Sunny island of Singapore. So recently I have been hearing that matches against Middlesbrough’s does not worth to be called as derby matches,whereas other’s insist it is.

    So what’s the 2 different answers?? Is it because Middlesbrough’s Location Not as close as Sunderland to Newcastle or other reasons.

    Need Enlightenment. hehes. :lol:

  26. What are you guys in a time warp, been to both stadiums,Boro and S`land never had any bother, think you exagerate, paranoia mayby.