Swansea v Newcastle – A Newcastle United away fan’s guide.

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Your destination - Swansea City's Liberty Stadium.
Your destination - Swansea City's Liberty Stadium.
Next up on the road for The Toon is a potentially tricky trip to Swansea for our Saturday lunchtime match against The Swans. Newcastle will undoubtedly be wanting to bounce back after Tuesdays 3-0 defeat at Derby County, and what better way to do it than winning away at a promotion chasing team in front of live Sky TV cameras!

The Liberty Stadium is a new ground, opened within the last 5 years. It’s a ground I’ve yet to visit, although I do know where it is, so some parts of this won’t be from personal experience but will be from people I know that have been there for the football.

The journey.

Before I start I must warn that potentially there could be a lot of problems travelling down, particularly around Cardiff as there is a Rugby match on at the Millenium Stadium that kicks off at 2pm. Add to that several strecthes of notoriously bad roadworks and some bad weather forecasts and those who do travel could be in for some long waits. I’d advise setting out earlier to give you some breathing space time-wise!

It’ll be another early start for the 350 mile journey to Swansea, setting out down the A1 joining the M1 at Leeds. Continue following the M1 south where you should leave at J23a (A42/M42). Follow the M42 all the way to the end, watching out for traffic near Birmingham airport. When you reach the end of the motorway, merge onto the M5 south. Leave the M5 at J8 (M50) and follow that all the way to the end where you should flow onto the A40. Keep going on the A40 past Monmouth, you should start picking up signs for either Cardiff or the M4 around now. If you follow these signs it should take you on to the A449 which will lead you to the M4 where you should then head towards Cardiff. As soon as you get on the M4 you’ll be straight into some major roadworks, that combined with Rugby traffic means it could take a while to get through this part. Once you’re clear of that, keep following the M4 and leave at J44 (A48). Follow the A48 for a bit before turning left onto the A4067, the ground is on the left.


Away fans are encouraged to use the Park & Ride, for this you’ll need to leave the M4 at J45 and follow the A4067 where the Park & Ride is signposted. It costs £5 per car to use and there are designated away buses that will take you to the ground and also wait outside to take you back at the end of the match. Don’t park in the retail park near to the ground, apparently your liable to get a ticket, and it’s the same story with residential streets near the ground.

Beer, scran etc…

All pubs around the ground itself have banned away fans apart from a Harvester and a Frankie & Benny’s right outside the ground, so it’s a choice of going inside the ground or heading into the city centre if your lucky enough to have the time! People I have spoken to say that they have not had a problem getting served inside the ground.

For food, obviously your going to get the cardboard burgers and plastic pasties that you can get at any ground. On top of that there is a KFC and a Pizza Hut on the retail park near the ground.

I hope you all have a great day out and that the team give us all some reasons to be cheerful (1,2,3!). 3 points would cheer me up nicely!

Howay the lads!

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25 Responses

  1. Bloo*y H3ll a new thread, sorry but I had to get this repeat from previous one in.

    I see that an EDM (Early Day motion) has been tabled by a Manchester MP for the regulation of football clubs. I don’t know if this is old news, but EDM 807 is a proposal to regulate clubs and calls for fans to have some control over the running of the club.
    Potential for NUST to get there foot in the door? Not sure that would be a good thing. Not even sure that it would work if we were able to have a say in the running of the club. There are so many conflicting aspects just on the blog, can you imagine Batty and Stardust debating with Ashley and Chris over who to buy and sell!!

  2. The statistic that the fewest amount of goals in English football have happened there is putting me off at the moment. As well as the 12.45 start.

  3. Big Willy says:
    February 11, 2010 at 10:11 pm

    “There are so many conflicting aspects just on the blog, can you imagine Batty and Stardust debating with Ashley and Chris over who to buy and sell!!”

    They would elect a chairman every four years or something like that and let him or her get on with it. That’s another thing which disturbed me about the NUST, the way they were talking about installing Alan Shearer as manager and stuff like that. They isn’t in their remit. That is the job for a chairman who’s been elected by a majority of supporters.

  4. Antone like my inspirational of an Ian Dury hit in the last sentance? I like it, it came in a moment of inspriation to me :lol:

  5. batty says:
    February 11, 2010 at 10:39 pm

    “Hughton Wants ”Wounded Animal” Mentality <<<< just hoped they dont roll over and die." LOL. Not bad, batty.

  6. it may be best advised to avoid the M4 altogeather until you get near swansea.

    from the M5, onto the M50, then don’t drop down to the M4 around newport instead stay on the A roads over the heads of the valleys (A465) via merthyr tydfil and neath.

    then join the M4 at junction J43 llandarcy continue on to J45 for stadium park & ride.

    or cut across to A483 jersey marine/fabian way passing swansea docks/seafront towards swansea city centre. then at the river go right/northwards follow the river tawe up the valley to landore.

    or park up in the city centre and jump on the bus number 4 every ten minutes up to landore liberty stadium.

  7. We had The Blockheads playing in our local park during the Summer, Billy Bragg was singing with them, great show and totally free.

  8. Big Willy says:
    February 11, 2010 at 11:49 pm

    “We had The Blockheads playing in our local park during the Summer, Billy Bragg was singing with them, great show and totally free.”

    Chaz Jankel’s an amazing musician. He’s always worth seeing.

  9. Lads,
    Tomorrow we’ll get some more of that venom in our veigns that we had against Cardiff and stuff yet another Welsh team!
    HOWAY THE LADS!!!!!!!!

  10. what kind of players do we have….can any one tell me how the fuc** we lost to derby…as in a team who was relegated wid 12 points 2 years before…ok for heven sake what was going on
    williamson…not a player u will trust wid epl teams not
    even close
    hall…i dont even know what he is doing here but one
    message for him (fuc** u)
    chelse guy…great but not for us
    simpson…can any one find some one in the youth
    system who can run 4 times
    Routledge….can any one explain to him how players hold
    positions…and let him watch some vidieos
    of lauren robert
    guthrie…the one left who is worth talking about
    best…he will be a good unused sub…for the future
    Gutierrez…he can run and have tricks but what the fuc8
    is his passing let him watch some lampard dvd
    and then he can come back and play
    Carroll…tall and very stupid he is the next no 9 ..in
    ur dream
    Lovenkrands….considering the fact that he didnt cost
    nothing he is by far the best deal ever
    Smith…well on thing i can say the dud can “fight”…
    seriously have he ever watched football before he
    started playing
    Ameobi…he can only score against teams below 15
    Pancrate…i dont know him and to be honest i am better
    than him in diff ways like i can pass the ball
    straight and i can also shoot
    Nolan…what can i say he USED to be a star back in

    passes ball

  11. Henock son,
    u sound like you’ve just crawled in from a night out!
    Are you feeling suitably refreshed?

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…But if you can play as good a football as you say maybe you should head down to SJP and see if Ch will give you a run out!

  12. Henock – out of those 12 points we gave them 6, so it’s hardly a surprise. I wonder if our jinx has just moved north a bit?
    We never used to be able to win in London, now it seems we can’t buy a goal in the Midlands.

  13. With reference to good scran near the ground, I would strongly recommend the “Rossi’s Fish and Chip Restaurant” , just across the road from the ground. Prices are reasonable and the fish is the best I’ve tasted for some time. The place is small and you might have to queue, but it’s well worth a visit.

  14. jack the lad it does not matter that its a long way back . The lads will have smiles on thier faces and will not be crying into thier beer after the game . We just love hammering the Welsh , just ask Cardiff city fans.

  15. Would it be a good thing winning the championship i could be wrong but i think statistically ore often then not the team who wins the championship usually gets relegated.

  16. beye/summer – Divvn’t get started on statistics! The one that worries me the most is the one about 3rd place teams not going up in the play-offs! Thats why its so important to get in the top 2, the title is just a bonus.