They was robbed? Swansea 1 Newcastle 1.

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Scored but shoulda been wearing a balaclava...
Scored but shoulda been wearing a balaclava...
The scoreline doesn’t even begin to tell the story, on a day when Newcastle United were outplayed and outfought by a Swansea City side, more determined and far more capable than their Magpie counterparts. And how we manged to nick a point at the death will remain a mystery to those who sat and watched the full 90 minutes.

With a number of injuries to contend with and still bedding in new recruits, Hughton nonetheless fielded a strong side against the Swans, with three changes from the Derby game. Colo came in for Williamson to partner Fitz Hall. Gutierrez didn’t even make the bench, allegedly due to an illness, with Smudger back in the middle of the park and Guthrie moving to the left. Leon Best was dropped for Lovenkrands and Hughton seemed to go for a 4-4-2 from where I was sitting, though Sky kept insisting it was a 4-5-1.

In a first half totally dominated by Swansea, neither side really looked like scoring as for all their good play the Swans looked fairly blunt in the final third. It’s not hard to see why they’re one of the lowest scoring sides. That’s offset against their great defensive record though which is the best in the division, and despite their cutting edge Sousa has them playing some very tidy football.

Newcastle on the other hand looked like half of the team had been out on the p*ss last night, with cumbersome and sloppy play the order of the day. A number of players in yellow simply didn’t turn up and those who did still seemed to lack ideas or direction, as we were unable to test their keeper or even begin to threaten their goal.

With no changes in personnel or tactics at half time, it was much of the same in the second half and the domination of possession inevitably led to a Swansea goal in the 56th minute. When Pratley found Cotterill, after a neat dummy from Dyer, the impressive wide man stepped inside Danny Simpson a little to easily but his curling shot was still special and left Harper with no chance.

With a 1-0 lead, it looked nailed-on for Swansea to just see it out and but for a couple of half chances for the Swans, going into the last few minutes that was about right. So it was a surprise in the 87th minute, when Leon Best who had come on for Lovenkrands, slung in a deep cross from the right. And without Newcastle having hit the target in the entire game before then, Andy Carroll rose to power a header past de Vries to snatch a point.

To say it was an utter travesty would be an understatement and you have to feel sorry for Swansea, considering the appealing brand of football Sousa so has employed and their domination of the first 80 odd minutes. But we can’t have much time to feel sorry for others, when we have a lot of feeling for ourselves to get on with. Because it’s hard not to be alarmed by just how much our form has dipped of late, in the wake of losing key players.

Maybe the new lads need time to settle, because it looked like a team who hadn’t played together before. But what about the excuses for the lack of endeavour? There are none, and some of those players out there need to have a good long look at themselves, Kevin Nolan particularly in my opinion. That was a hell of a journey for the travelling contigent to make, and it would have been nice to think the players put in the same sort of shift.

Made to look like a far inferior side by the slick Swansea passing and anything but a side on course for promotion, our side looks cumbersome, tired and devoid of ideas. Though we’ve taken points without playing well this year, this game was standout daylight robbery. That Carroll was afforded an opportunity in the dying seconds against a player giving a number of inches in height, showed the sort of luck which has deserted us in recent years but which we’ve called upon time and again this season.

So with Lady Luck on our side, we can surely only build on such good fortune and address the apparent attitude issues and the lack of urgency. We could also do with a more fluent way of playing football, but that might just have to wait a while, judging by things so far this season. A point is better than nothing of course and we’re top of the league but Hughton has plenty to ponder nonetheless.

Us – Harper 7, Simpson 6, Hall 7, Coloccini 7, van Aanholt 7, Guthrie 5, Smith 6, Nolan 4, Routledge 6, Carroll 5, Lovenkrands 6

Subs – Krul, Williamson, R Taylor, Kadar, Best 6, Pancrate, Ranger

Swansea – de Vries, Williams, Tate, Monk, Pratley, Orlandi, Dyer, Bessone, Cotterill, Kuqi, Allen

Subs – Cornell, Pintado, Mark Gower, Butler, Rangel, Trundle, Richards.

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105 Responses

  1. I’d have given Guthrie a 4 aswell bowburn. He was equally adept at getting caught in possesion and giving the ball away.

  2. BBM I have to admit that I made the same mistake when I started watching the game thinking we were playing in Black and White and was impressed with the fluidity and style we were playing with. Then I realised we were the team in yellow!! Still if we can get a point away from home playing the way we did then we should still p1ss this league. :)

  3. I can’t even find words for today….i’m just tired watching the same sh1t for the last 3 or god knows how many seasons.

  4. We will for sure still get promoted but it’s gonna be real ugly next season if we don’t clear the house including Hughton.

  5. I am becoming increasingly concerned with our recent form.
    Nolan is far to cumbersome and needs to be dropped.
    Neither Carroll nor Loverman put any pressure on their back 4 and allowed them to build their attacks.
    Ch needs to alter the mind set of our players or risk blowing the whole campaign open.

  6. Sorry – I reserve the phrase “we was robbed” for one of those games where we hit the woodwork at least twice or blatant penalty appeals are turned down or the ref gives a totally rubbish penalty against us.
    I haven’t seen the stats but how many brilliant saves did Harper make? Were there any blatant penalty shouts we got away with?
    They certainly outplayed us – as did QPR and WBA at St James Park, and we were very poor. But maybe it’s their own fault if they can’t create lots of chances despite their passing, or if they can’t hit a cow’s proverbial with a banjo.
    They may have been unlucky – but robbed? Don’t think so.

  7. TGS – I think the thing is Hughton seems to have a “must not lose” approach which leads to us playing defensive and trying to soak up pressure and sneak a result.

  8. TGS – our recent form? Cardiff was only 8 days ago! – we’ve had 2 bad games since.
    I AM concerned with our away form, I agree – and I would definitely give Nolan a rest – on the bench, maybe. His net contribution, pluses and minuses recently, is in the negative – and when did he last score?

  9. hughton’s tactics continue to baffle, as do his substitutions.

    just goes to show that the cardiff result was a false dawn, and not a shining example of hughton’s tactical nous, but more of his blind luck.

    we regularly play as if the team has been given no instruction on where to play, or how the manager wants them set up as a unit.

    and I’m sorry, but Guthrie played out left just will never work. Sky may have been insisting it was a 451 and frankly, with those 11 starters, it shoudl have been, with lovenkrands as wide front men, carrol through the middle and guthrie, smith and nolan through the middle.

    instead, what we got was yet another lop-sided formation, with no invention or ability to retain posssession.

    if he keeps up these sort of tactics and selections, we will get turned over time and again as we were at derby.

    frankly, we should be romping away with this league with the squad we have, but unfortunately we have a manager with no tactical awareness or even a plan B to try and change things in a game.

    I’m sure plenty will disagree, and say Hughton’s done a good job, but in fairness he’s done an ok job with a good squad.

    if we go up and he stays in charge, we will get absolutely murdered week in, week out.

  10. Swansea remind me a lot of ourselves in the days of Ossie Ardiles, fabulous to watch but no end product. They should have wiped the floor with us.

  11. Swansea reminded me of Arsenal today; playing good football but no end product!! If they had a decent striker I’m pretty sure they would have smashed us!

    At least we didn’t get beat and it’s another step towards promotion! With 2 very winnable home games coming up next I think we could get back on track!

    Also van Aanholt is going to recalled by Chelsea according to the Chronicle :(

  12. No amount of cliches can mask the fact we were absolutely terrible today, couldnt put two passes together, one effort on target, couldnt keep possession, just what is the buffoon seeing on the touchline.
    I have come to the conclusion that he is terrified of Nolan and Smith, he will never learn that they cant play together and i dont think he will ever make an early change when its not going well, instead allowing us to suffer a death of a thousand cuts.
    The remaining managers in our league would die for our squad but ours is clueless.

  13. Stunned yet again by an inept away performance.
    Going out shortly for a few bevvies.
    see you later.

  14. I don’t think either team created many clear cut chances, in fact once the stats are worked out it may well be we managed as many if not more. Nolan could easily have scored early on and Carroll likewise in the final minutes for a second. At least he did his job by getting a goal, theres a lot of top players who do nowt during a game but get praised for the one thing they do do.

  15. Toonsy > I think the thing is Hughton seems to have a “must not lose” approach which leads to us playing defensive and trying to soak up pressure and sneak a result.

    I think your spot on there mate the only problem is when we score we dont know how to push on and finish the game so we then sit back and let them attack us. Then when we go a goal down we normally forget everything and start to run around more like headless chickens

  16. that was utterley pitiful performance,after all the dont let the fans down bollox,we didn,t do anything for the majority of this game.
    outplayed,outclassed,outthought by a bunch of lads,who in reality are league one standard.
    as bad as anything i,ve seen from newcastle in recent years,although we somehow managed to get a point it feels like a defeat.

  17. Yeah – we really are a glass half empty lot sometimes.
    Yes we played crap – against the team now in 4th place – got a point, Forest lost 1-0 – 3 away defeats in a row for them.
    WBA have to replay against Reading – another game for them – let’s hope they win and have to play more games Oh, by the way they had a player sent off as well.
    Which of the top 3 is likely to be the happiest?

  18. Nice away loss by forest. 3 consecutive away losses.hahahas.

    go on keep losing plox. :lol:

    Hoping WBA starts to lose as well.

    **Being a little evil**

  19. TROJAN 69 says:
    February 13, 2010 at 4:52 pm

    “outplayed,outclassed,outthought by a bunch of lads,who in reality are league one standard.”

    They weren’t League One standard at all, Trojan. They were a good team who have been coached very well. We were a team riven by injury and playing with too many new players at the same time. The new lads and the old lads need a bit more practice together.

  20. worky – divvn’t try and inject sense into things! ;)

    Being 5 points clear of 3rd place with a game in hand matters nowt ya kna! :lol:

  21. WHY only make ONE substitution?

    I am not someone who is a part of the “get on Hughton’s back” brigade but this really winds me up. He NEVER makes all 3 substitutions and if he does, its a rare day.

    It totally does my head in. I’d love to know why he does that. It’s ridiculous.

  22. AOD – Good job the Redaing game may be moved! 1) They are hitting some form at the minute 2) It gives us a gap in fixtures so players can rest, Nolan looks like he needs it.

  23. once, we were 7 points clear at the summit of the table with a game in hand and now it is seemingly going pear shaped. No one said it was going to be easy. Only hope we have enough in the tank to get us an auto promotion place rather than a play off.

  24. I said this on here a few weeks ago and got slated for it: I thank CH for all he has done whilst enduring some real uncertainty about his job, but i honestly think that he is starting to show signs of not being at the stage of his career where he can produce the kind of football that everyone is expecting… He is a great defensive coach but i think if we really want the football of a few years ago then its not the players that we need to be looking at but the manager. Some lesser teams are achieving a better brand of football with a less capable dressing rooms and that has to say something.
    Just an opinion…

  25. My word, I thought some of our fans are bad! Just been on the Forest board. Some of the statements on there are ridiculous! Billy Davies throwing matches as he is unhappy with the transfer policy, Relegation, my word!

  26. You’r dead right there Michael, the playoffs are a lottery with the teams finishing 3rd (assuming that happened) usually missing out. What we probably need if CH persists with our slower midfielders is a nice wet Spring and some muddy pitches.
    I’m off to practise my Rain Dances. ;)

  27. nathandio says:
    February 13, 2010 at 5:16 pm

    “Some lesser teams are achieving a better brand of football with a less capable dressing rooms and that has to say something.”

    You mean some of the teams beneath us, who have lost more games than we have, nathandio?

  28. worky,a lot of their players would have started at a lower level,i take your point on they are a good footballing side.
    what excuses can hughton have,with the players he has at his disposal.
    we lack pace,invention,we struggle to string three passes together,yet commentators etc tell us we,re a prem outfit?the most worrying thing is after the midweek embarrasment hughton could not lift the squad for todays game,there was very little response from us in what is becoming a critical stage of the season.

  29. Hope Cardiff gives a hell ride to WBA~~~

    and lady luck comes to our rescue again.~~~ hehes

  30. TROJAN – It’s fine to blame Hughton, sure he has a part to play, but to blam it all on him is silly. The players should equally not be escaping the critcism, and thats collectively, not just towards one or two of them.

  31. West brom will be missing 2 players through suspension and 3 through injury.

    The most important thing is that we win!

  32. Trojan, as I keep writing, we’ve had loads of brand new players having to come into the team and gel with the old ones and vice versa. Too many. Our somewhat uncoordinated look and dip in form is a side effect of that and it didn’t look too good against a side as well drilled as Sousa’s Swansea.

    If you talk about midfielders who can be good defensively, but are slow, stodgy and not exactly brilliant in the passing department and attacking vision, I would take your point though.

  33. who,s blaming hughton for everything?the fact is though he couldn,t motivate them after wednesday,s defeat.
    they started the game in the same way which was totally negative,when your travelling fans are looking for a response.
    even after a poor first half,the ensuing half time pep talk didn,t have the desired effect,as we were worse.
    so someone has to earn their corn in that situation,yet even less urgency was evident.

  34. Worky
    I take your point but all i’m saying is if we are happy with scrapping results then we shouldn’t come on this forums and complain! Most people are nostalgic about the days of old but thats what they are now: Days of old! I think that with our current dressing room and a more creative manager we could produce better results.
    You can afford to loose games as long as you can also win some convincingly… We’ve done that once maybe twice this season.


  36. is chris hughton the tinker man?,or is he too much of a nice guy who,s giving everybody a game to keep them happy?which is detrimental to the team,as the old adage of”DONT CHANGE A WINNING TEAM”.

  37. Thought from the first half CH had set us up perfectly to win – I thought we would eventually score on the break – I thought we let them play in areas where they couldnt hurt us – I thought we controlled that aspect.

    However the second half we never turned up.

    Couple of points: Ranger must be sick as chips – Carroll in my opinion offers nothing whatsoever to the team. He doesnt control a ball – he does pass it well, his heading is diabolical (apart from the goal lol). He breaks play down for us he does not encourage the midfield to push on past him – he has no hold up play whatsoever – and with a slow midfield thats imperative.


    Refreshing to see a respected manager (Roy Hodgson) talking sense about the state of the game – when will the fans who have no right to demand untold millions spent wake up? Thats more or less what he says not me….

  38. Trojan 69,

    We didn’t change a winning team and got spanked by Derby. The real problem is not tactics, it is the players being big headed and cocky and Hughton’s main flaw is his use of substitutions.

    He never uses all 3 and in today’s game, where we needed a change and to get points, he only made ONE all game. That’s beyond belief. It’s his biggest flaw.

  39. Today frustrated me immensely but that is our brand of football. We tend to enjoy large chunks of posession but lack an end product at times. If we had a clynical finisher we would have better success but i’m not complaining at eing 4th in the league.

    Hope you enjoyed your day geordies!

  40. Are things realy that bad .We are 2nd in the league and as expected would happen during the season we have had a dip in form, but only a couple of games ago we were on the way to a club record for number of games with out a loss. We need to remember that things aren’t that bad, what would pompey fans be thinking if they saw us reacting like this, when in fact,we are 2nd in the league.As for those whonsay hughton isn’t the right person for the job, why not give him a bit of time before deciding that at the very least for the reputation of the club.

  41. Enjoyed the game, Newcastle didn’t play well but believe me, Swans can play better, particularly blunt today. Hope WBA put one over C*****f for our sake but good luck for the rest of the season. Toon, WBA, Swans for promotion.

  42. BBM – think a 5 for Carroll today was very generous – most of us will see better players all around us tomorrow morning.

    For me he is the common denominator in our apparent “dip in performance and team play” but CH seems to like big players – just wish Shola was back and fully fit – he offers far more IMO.

  43. thought we were awful today, i lost count of the amount of times that guthrie and nolan needlessly lost the ball also fitz hall seemed to be sliding around on the floor most of the time and danny simpson desperatly needs to learn how to stop wingers putting crosses in, he just seems to back off the whole time

  44. Out of jail and then some !! One effort on goal in 93 mins !

    I’m afraid our tactic of hoof ball to Carroll and no midfield is getting found out and I’m quite pleased about that. God forbid we may actually have to try to start playing some football.

    When Harper has the ball, our full backs turn their backs on him and run upfield for yet another upfield punt. Harper never rolls the ball out, but steps way out of his area and launches it. We are the new Wimbledon.

    We simply can not pass the ball. God knows what Calderwood and Hughton are doing in training. They are out Allardycing Allardyce !

    Smith and Nolan look clueless and worse,seem to have no legs at all. I thought they had found their level – sadly not it seems.

    I supect even Carroll would occasionally like the ball played to feet, his neck must be aching, I know mine is !

  45. I am as concerned now as I have been all season.
    We don’t hassle the opponents and back off all most all of the time. How many times have we had a throw in only to loose the ball almost immediately.
    Why don’t we tackle outside of the danger area.
    Nolan and Guthrie have failed to impress me for weeks.
    The league position is flattering. I am not negative but realistic. Our ability to hold possession and play consistent football is nonexistent. We are only at the top of league because of the very poor standard of the completion.
    CH has not got a clue with regard to tactics. Things should have changed at half time and this is not first time he has been lacking in his decision making. Don’t get me wrong my desire is to go up as Champions but I shudder to think what will occur if we do get promoted.
    I will be sat in my seat on Wednesday only hoping some desire and passion is resorted in the team.

  46. so Williamson was just left on the bench but Gutierrez didn’t even make the bench due to an ‘alleged’ illness

    come on, whats the point in those sort of ‘news of the world’ sentences, this blog is better than that!

  47. Well after reading this i am glad i could not watch the game today . We seem to have lost our form big time and will have to find it again very quickly or this season will go pear shaped . It seems we got a get out of jail free card today with Andys goal in the 87minute our only attempt on target in the whole game . luckily for us Forest lost and they seem to have lost a bit of form also , lets hope wedensday is a turning point in our form and the players realise that promotion is not a formality .

  48. If someone notice,i did post something about our two current in-form strikers.

    I said that both carroll and Peter Løvenkrands don’t click well at all.

    Maybe this is one of the many reasons of our current “small” dip in the overall form.~~

  49. I think almost everyone has this wrong. CH knows he has half his starting 11 missing and a load of nervous newbies in their place. His only RW (pancake) is clearly not cutting it in training and Ryan must be also playing utter bobbins between matches.
    CH also does his homework and as Swansea Jack says – the swans may pass nicely but they rarely actually do anything with it.
    So he sets out a team that he knows will play slow, narrow, ugly football but probably not concede many. He sticks a quick striker and a biggun up front who have shown a recent knack for scoring out of nowt.
    Result – exactly what we saw today and exactly what CH was after. A good point won badly.
    Get of his back. He did it the way league winners have to.

  50. Mick – admittedly, a possible misuse of the word ‘allegedly’. I just meant I’d heard it from another supporter. No intention for ‘sensationalism’, honest. Consider my wrist slapped…

    Whumpie – I’d like to think that might be the case, it would imply that we won’t always play that badly. But we haven’t played particularly well in the majority of games this season. I’d like to enjoy more than a handful of games a season. Is that asking too much?

  51. listen to stardust . He is absolutely clueless. Carroll scores a tremendous goal and saves a point yet he slags him off. Get to the point dusty. Its cos hes a geordie and thats why you hate him. Now jog on back to sunderland where you openly admit you used to go and watch your favourite club.

  52. We were awful today ,but lets look on the bright side ,we got a point when it never looked like we were going to.These games can win a title ,and swansea have been beaten only twice at home .we r struggling to find any rythm in passing ,and midfield looks tired .You could also say we had 5 players out that would walk straight back into the team – s.taylor, jose ,jonas ,ameobi ,and barton who i cant wait to come back as he may add that creative spark that we havent got .2 home games now to get 6 points and get back on track ,keep the faith boys !!Toon Toon

  53. bowburnmag says:
    February 13, 2010 at 7:34 pm

    “Whumpie – I’d like to think that might be the case, it would imply that we won’t always play that badly.”

    It IS the case, Bowburn. I know I keep banging on about this but we’re no different from most of the previous winners who also went through sticky patches due largely to the two game a week schedule and injuries etc. When WBA got promoted to the Premiership as champions, they got barely over 80 points, and we have 60 already. We’re doing just as well as Wolves did last year and they won it and got promoted.

  54. I have to agree with Bobby, that was a very good goal. Thats 9 for the season I believe. I predicted 20 for him and think he’ll do it. A good goal scorer can have a cr&p game and still produce the goods.

  55. Much as it pains me to agree with Dusty, Carroll was horrible for 86 minutes of the game. He’s painful to watch at times.

    worky – I get what you’re saying, I just don’t remember the standard being quite so poor. We’re so awkward-looking when it comes to knocking the ball around the middle, it’s hard to accept. Though I accept the fact that they’re very fluid just made us look even worse. But some of our play was disturbingly poor.

  56. I’m just after an honest opinion here! Not stirring anything… With this team and managing staff where do you think we would rank in PL if we where there now?

  57. It always amazes me the way people talk on here – has everyone got Bipolar Disorder? One minute we are fantastic, Carroll is the new Shearer, the league is a piece of p***…- then we have a couple of bad games, fluke a very useful point away to the 4th place team and now everything is a disaster, sack Hughton, Carroll is a Sunday league player. Come on guys – get back on the lithium!
    No we haven’t looked good in many of our matches.
    Yes there are at least 4 better footballing sides in the division.
    No I don’t always agree with Hughton’s tactics, selections or substitutions.
    No I don’t understand why Nolan gets to be an ever-present.
    But as of today we are top, 5 points better than the team in 3rd place and with a game in hand. We have 60 points with 16 games to go – who wouldn’t have taken that at the start of the season? We have players to come back and, as I pointed out in an earlier post, we have played most of the other top teams twice now – apart from Forest who have yet to come to St James’s.
    I’m not getting carried away – I’m a natural pessimist and so far I’m relieved that we look like avoiding relegation (although I still don’t know if that’s absolutely mathematical yet!). But when I look back to our defeat away to Scunthorpe I’m sure we are better off now than we were then.
    So stick with it and get behind the Toon! Remember, if we win our next two matches convincingly, then we’ll be Barcelona again and Andy Carroll will be the new Messi (well, he’s certainly messy!)

  58. sorry but CH has to go the man is clueless,he couldnt organize a pi$$ up in a brewery,the wheels are starting to come off stardusts big red bus..

  59. nathandio,we would be bottom,if we go up with CH in charge and no players in it will be a massacre

  60. Nathandio, I reckon we would be mid table with an outside chance of either European football or relegation same as the other average EPL teams.

  61. nathandio says:
    February 13, 2010 at 8:47 pm

    “I’m just after an honest opinion here! Not stirring anything… With this team and managing staff where do you think we would rank in PL if we where there now?”

    After an injury crisis and a bit of a dip in form, we are still doing as well as last year’s winners, Wolves, but with fewer losses and they are currently 15th in the Premiership. If Chris Hughton gets a few players of a suitably high calibre, who knows?

  62. I have just come out a dark room after watching that rubbish this afternoon. The blog started off with marks out of ten I would not have given any of our players higher than a three. You get fans criticise Carroll week in week out but thet don’t go to games I hope after watching that inept display of passing they get off the lads back. Torres would look shite feeding off that service.
    Why don’t our full backs cross the half way line.
    Routledge has to show more desire.
    Nolan and smudger are bruisers and nothing else not a pass in their feet at all. Guthrie I will cut some slack because he was asked to play out of position but he has no pace.
    We need Sousa as our manager his style is what we want.

    It was in some of the papers that Lua Lua will quit Newcastle well I for one wouldn’t blame him because if he is not better than any of that midfield he definitely does need a change of career cause they are terrible

  63. hitman says:
    February 13, 2010 at 9:13 pm

    “sorry but CH has to go the man is clueless,he couldnt organize a pi$$ up in a brewery”

    hitman, it was people like yourself who said that Joe Harvey was clueless and had to go when he lost to Hereford, and that Bobby Robson was too senile to hold the Dressing Room together and had to go too. If Chris Hughton was sacked, you’d almost certainly want the next manager to go if we had a string of less than average performances. That kind of thinking is the problem with Newcastle United, not the solution.

  64. On sky sports today Charlie Nicholas said of one our close rivals and you could say nearly equal Nottingham Forest that if they were promoted would need fifteen new players. I say the same applies to us. is it going to happen?

  65. worky is spot on though, its fools like yourself that make this club a valid target for wind up merchants.

    You’re a delusional fool who still seems to think we’re chasing Champions League spots. We’re top of the Championship and looking decent for promotion.

    Face facts and get over your delusions of greatness.

  66. Hitman, he didn’t say that you said it, try reading the sentence again.
    What he was saying (I believe) was that most managers get slated at some point during their careers, doesn’t make them bad managers.
    It’s only a few games ago that many were ready (and some were) to name CH the new messiah.
    How about we wait till the end of the season before we get the tar and feathers out or the anointing oil.

  67. hitman says:
    February 13, 2010 at 11:22 pm

    “worky i wasnt even born when joe harvey was manager,try again plank”

    hitman, I never wrote that you were, but there were fans of then same mindset back then too, and the club made the same mistakes. It’s why we always fail and we never seem to learn from it.

  68. Wonder what the reaction would have been had we not drawn.
    Probably demands for Hughton to be fired.
    It`s like a roller-coaster of emotions on these blogs, one minute we are running away with the league, a bad result and “where`s the sacraficial goat”
    Hey we are still top and i believe that Hughton probably does understand a bit about attacking football, only logical init.
    How many fans at the seasons start,would have been more than happy to be positioned where we are at present ?
    Not saying we have a team that could compete in the PL, however i think this side has the ability to grind out enough wins to get promoted.
    So calm down folks things are not that bad and please enough of the blame game, we have had more than enough of that over the past few years.

  69. The recent window has shown an improvement as far as organization is concerned, at least there appeared to be a group of designated players we went after.
    Whether we were successful or not remains to be seen, i`m not sure we got those who were first choice and doubt if most are PL quality.
    On saying that it does seem we are a bit more organized and hopefully our scouts are hard at it scouring the world for the required reinforcements needed for our step up in class.
    Gotta go watch the Moody Blues @ the Albert Hall, on telly that is, oh those days of acid and roses.

  70. ABSOLUTELY FRIGGEN PATHETIC TODAY!!! The lads were worse than last season in the premier league!!!

    Guthrie why do we bother playing this guy, he is a no good scoucer reserve…he has NO direction, NO creativity! NO reading of the game, NO ABILITY…..seriously he needs to be dropped, so does Nolan (agree with other comments about Kevin he seems drained atm.

    Disappointing we can’t hang onto Van Aanholt for rest of the season he is showing good quality, but everyone made poor decissions today.

    Houghton, Calderwood, coaching staff, The crap board and owner we have need TO TAKE NOTICE of this shiite! IF WE continue like that we WILL NOT GET PROMOTED! And if we somehow do, we WILL BE SMASHED/MURDERED every week by premier league teams next season, even by the likes of bolton, wolves, hull, stoke. PLEASE DROP NOLAN, GUTHRIE starting team should be:

    Simpson Williamson Coloccini Van Aanholt/Enrique

    Routledge Smith Pancrate Gutierrez

    Carroll Best

    Bench: Krul, Ranger, Lovenkrands, Kadar, Nolan, Hall

    Worth a shot, if we need a tactical change can take off Pancrate for Lovenkrands for 4-3-3 or even 4-3-1-2 or Nolan, but I think Lovenkrands and Nolan would best suit a impact role whether that is start game and come off at half time or 60/65 min mark…or whether they were to come on at the 60/65 minute mark to replace tired legs,or poor form or injury. Ranger could be just a straight swap for the lads up front or to join them in a 4-3-3 formation to go all out after the game. IT AIN’T ROCKET SCIENCE!!!!

  71. I think the influence of Calderwood is largely responsible for the god awful or lack of football we are being treated to. He is a renowned long ball merchant and got kicked out of Forest because of it.

    There just seems to be this huge divide between managers like SBR,KK,Wenger,Martinez and others who play the beautiful game and then people like Allardyce, Pulis, Megson and sadly it would seem Hughton and Calderwood who are more akin to rugby league.

    This window should have seen us go all out to get a playmaker who can put their foot on the ball and play a pass. Lua should be in the squad instead of Pancrate, Kadar for Hall and Ranger for Best. Moses and Skeljbred should have been absolute musts for us.

  72. We obviously need a mobile aggressive ball winning midfielder with an eye for a creative pass – errr, we’ve got one in Joey Barton and he’s available in two weeks?

  73. Whumpie @ 67

    Pretty much exactly as I see it. Unfortunately it’s not pretty on the eyes.

    We do/will have to sort out centre midfield if we are to progress any further than we are now. Promotion is not yet a certainty and I don’t see us managing to succeed in the Playoffs if it comes down to it.

  74. what im saying is we will not survive in the prem (thats if we go up) with CH as manager,the players we have arnt good enough apart from the odd couple which we all know who could do the job in the prem and can anyone see ashley splashing major funds for players that can do a job in the prem,we have been shite all season apart from a couple of games,the reason where top of this league is coz its shite,the players we have are to good for this league but arnt good enough for the prem.its a pickle.

  75. I must confess it would be wrong to ask for CH`s head. However he should never have been given the job. He displayed a total lack of management and tactical skills while acting as caretaker.
    How he cannot see what is in front of him is beyond me.
    My comments are not just a reaction to yesterday but unfortunately my view of the season so far.
    I love the club but there is so much wrong.

  76. Er, we ARE top of the league. You do know that don’t you? I was only checking to make sure because I’m not sure what more you want.
    Playing fancy football is a nice to have, but it doesn’t always get you promoted. Just ask Swansea city.
    Where would you rather be? Fourth and playog like Swansea or playing like us and be top?
    The only thing that matters this season is promotion. Everything else is a bonus. I know it doesn’t make for good viewing, but it’s something we have to put up with at the moment.

  77. Micky Toon – West brom play great football. Playing good football and being top of the league aren’t mutually exclusive.

    We got away with it yesterday, but we won’t keep getting away with it playing that shite. We’ve blown a 10 point lead already, couldn’t beat 10 man Leicester and got murdered at Derby !