Who is the best Newcastle United striker? The answer may surprise you.

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Dwight Gayle
Dwight Gayle – Easily Toon’s most efficient goalscorer.
It is no secret, Newcastle United’s strikers couldn’t hit a cow’s backside with a banjo at the moment. Collectively, our four strikers have scored only one goal in the Premier League in 26 games, with almost all of the goals scored by the club so far this season coming from defenders and midfielders. One in particular has been given more than enough time to prove himself and has shown woeful judgment in front of goal whilst others have only had the odd substitute appearence to prove themselves. In this piece I intend to sort the wheat from the chaff and go through their performances at the top level over their careers.

When I say ‘top level’, this means I have only included performances in the top European leagues, ie the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1, as well as cup competitions, the Champions League, Europa League / UEFA Cup and national cup competitions in the five top leagues mentioned above. Results from leagues such the the English Championship, minor European Leagues and others such as the Japanese ‘J-League’ have not been included, and neither have international games. Finally, using figures from Transfermarkt I am not just using goals per appearences but average minutes per goal scored as this is a far more accurate way of judging. The players I have included are Joelinton, Andy Carroll, Dwight Gayle and Yoshinori Muto.

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Getting back to our comparison, you may be surprised at some of the results in the table below.

Name Apps Goals Assts MP MpG MpA
Joelinton 76 16 13 5746 359 442
Andy Carroll 266 61 36 15,852 260 440
Dwight Gayle 124 31 10 5985 193 598
Yoshinori Muto 99 25 11 5691 228 517
MP = Matches Played, MpG = Minutes per Goal, MpA = Minutes per Assist.

One salient point from this table is the minutes per goal scored figure by Dwight Gayle. Whilst his goals per appearence figures are unremarkable, his minutes per goal figure puts him alongside some of the best scorers in the game; however, even before Newcastle when he played with Crystal Palace in the Premier League, he never had many starts, like Ole Gunnar Solkjaer at Man Utd, at the highest level he has been typecast as the ‘super sub’ who will come on after 70 or 80 minutes in an attempt to change a game. As for Newcastle United there is also another thing which has held him back; to dip into football cliches for a while, both Gayle and Muto are more ‘off the shoulder’ type players and the Toon’s focus up front has been on big target men like Andy Carroll and Salomon Rondon for the number 9 position. This season, the man who has been too expensive to drop, Joelinton has fulfilled that role, though he isn’t really as much of a target man as Carroll or Rondon. Yoshinori Muto’s figure of 229 is also respectable with Carroll at 260 and Joelinton trailing with 359, though the tables are turned when it comes to assists with Carroll and Joelinton leading the way with 440 and 442 respectively over Muto and Gayle’s figures of 517 and 598.

It has been suggested by the Chronicle’s John ‘Gibbo’ Gibson that Joelinton has been played out of position, but he did come to the club from Hoffenheim as a centre forward, which is where he has played the large majority of his games throughout his career.


More generally, it’s all very well moaning about occaisional total capitulations like the game at Arsenal or the 5-0 defeat at Leicester earlier in the season, but it’s the Magpies’ inabilty to score which is always the real problem, not just this season but since promotion and the statistics show this is mostly due to our misfiring forwards with their solitary goal in League competition. The side has been solid overall at the back and find themselves in a lower mid table position, but without goals, the side will always struggle and be in danger of sucked into a relegation battle.

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3 Responses

  1. Statistics and all, eh !
    Listen there is no-one I know on this side who comes close to being a striker, other than Gale , who only scores against Championship clubs .
    I’m not aware of who our recent scouting group are, however I know that Carr bought some pretty decent players in, the likes of Debuchy,
    Cabay (better than John Jo) Tiote (who put people into the stands with his defensive play) Sissoko, who ran the entire ninety minutes Wynaldum (enough said, a regular Liverpool fixture)
    All of them decent but sold on among others for “profit” Ashleys favorite word.

    To- days side is without fear of contradiction a group of ten defenders without anyone who knows how to put it in the net.
    To watch this side playing is not exactly a pleasure so why not give the games a miss, Ashley has already shown his fear of a boycott, offering free tickets for home games, he has to GO !
    The ugly football is simply awful to watch and Bruce (a decent guy, but
    when compared to Benitetz , sorry ! not a EPL manager )
    Soh a new owner, manager and a shit load of players is needed and
    soon , before we become adjusted to playing in the lower leagues.

  2. The thing is though that between Benitez and Bruce, the football hasn’t really been that much different.

    As for Gayle only scoring against Championship clubs, all of the stats in the blog have come from the performance of the players (including Gayle) at the top level.

  3. I really don’t have to look at stats to know Gale has never been successful playing in the big league, sure he was phenomenal in the Championship, but not in the PL.
    Within the last twenty years or so, the top English clubs have finally found that continental managers are just better than their English counterparts, however there are a certain number of clubs like NUFC who hire what I refer to as retreads, the BSA’s, Moyes, Pardews etc.
    Why is this so, when football was invented in the UK ? and they have possibly the strongest of European (oop’s forgot youse guys don’t want to be European ) leagues.
    However I consider Benitez the best @ NUFC ,well SBR was equally
    good the difference being SBR had a better side to play with, unfortunately for him he was brought in too late, spending his best years elsewhere. Anyhow NUFC will go no-where until you get rid of this guy Ashley, that’s obvious.