Newcastle United bid accepted for Mike Williamson.

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Williamson: Only joined Portsmouth a few months ago.
Williamson: Only joined Portsmouth a few months ago.
News is coming through that a Newcastle bid for Portsmouth defender, Mike Williamson has been accepted.

Williamson’s a big lad (around 6’4″). After a short period at Torquay United, he moved on to Southampton in 2001 for a fee of £100,000. However, he seemed to spend much of his time there on loan, returning back to Torquay initially, then moving on to Doncaster until he was spotted by Tony Adams at Wycombe Wanderers in 2004. A loan spell there eventually turned into a permanent contract, with Williamson spending a total of five years at Wycombe until moving to Watford in January, 2009. Despite signing a three and a half year contract with the Hornets though, he handed in a transfer request there seven months later, eventually securing a move to Portsmouth in a deal starting at £2 million, rising to £3 million depending on performance factors. Once again his stay at Portsmouth was a very short one, lasting only four months if he finally signs for the Magpies.

More later when this is fully confirmed.

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65 Responses

  1. Pompey must have some other good players who they need to sell.

    What about Kanu? He’d be class in this league.

  2. I gather his clauses meant he couldnt be played at Portsmouth – if he played x appearances they had to pay more money – and theyre in the poo poo.

    Its a one we are going to have to judge him on the pitch not on a blog!

  3. nah dnt see it being end for colo a back up because we have to many games this year good signing to back up colo and taylor i heard we after curtis davies dat would be a good signing to at least were moving forward in this market

  4. if it was steve finn a would be more happy but he is a good player in 21 apps at watford he scoredb twice

  5. I cannot see Portsmouth having a clause in his contract that says they have to pay x amount if he plays one game surely???

    He’s never played for them has he?

    I think he’ll be a decent squad player in this division.

  6. Don’t know much about the guy- just hope he doesn’t take apps from Kadar. Still, always happy to have a new player through the door. The fixtures really start piling up next week.

  7. I am more worried about Mike Ashley. £750k for Simpson, a £1 million bid for Perch and now a bid for Williamson. Thats probably somewhere near £2 million!

  8. So if this happens we look like;

    Defence – R.Taylor, Simpson, Colo, Taylor, Williamson Enrique, Kadar (who can play LB as cover).

    At least the defence looks soretd. Ironic how we are strengthening our strongest position.

  9. Ever seen a mackem in Milan says:
    January 21, 2010 at 7:34 pm
    I am more worried about Mike Ashley. £750k for Simpson, a £1 million bid for Perch and now a bid for Williamson. Thats probably somewhere near £2 million!

    Is Ashley on medication for his illness?

    Suicide watch?

  10. Mike ashley is a multi
    millionaire 3 million is pennys to him alls it would take is for us to sign a couple of good players i e a stricker why haven’t we tryed to get boyd he’d get a few in this league so he’ll get confodance for the prem and will is a good signing in the possion were in

    sounds a bag of Shite to me.

    Another story another possible signing, as we await confirmation or denial that we have/haven’t signed Pompey’s Mike Williamson, let’s see who the lad actually is…

    On hearing his name I thought he might be the truck driver that lives round the corner but that was Mark Williamson, Hi Mark…

    After a bit of thought, I remembered him from Watford, he was the lad last year who decided he was unfit to play and then promptly got sold under a cloud to Pompey, a controversial move at the time as I recall so of course I Googled him, and I was right, what I didn’t know is that his stats aren’t particularly good, at all.

    Both at the start of his career and his time at Watford and Pompey for that matter have come to more or less nothing, I’m not even sure he’s had a game at the south coast outfit, someone will correct me on this I’m sure.

    Anyway, I’m sure Mr Hughton knows what he’s doing, unless there’s an air of panic, why do I do this? I worry immediately when it looks as though we’re panic buying, is Taylor off to Everton as is rumoured amongst those that know all, but never know much really. Is our very own Mr Whippy, Fabricio Colocreamy off, let’s face it theyr’e both very sell-able assets right now…I’m wrong, Williamson will just be cover – time top open a beer and relax, let the Prozac do it’s thing, life as an NUFC fan is always uncertain.

  12. Reading that article maybe he is a replacement for some senior asset stripping plans :(
    Sell and buy shite and hope for the best.

  13. no doubt whimper will be on first thing in the morning creaming his knickers over our latest signing – zzzz

  14. SJT,

    “Sell and buy shite and hope for the best”?

    Didn’t we do that for the last two seasons? Surely Ashley has learnt by them mistakes?

    Are you not at least happy that were actually spending money?

  15. toonsy says:

    “At least the defence looks soretd. Ironic how we are strengthening our strongest position.”

    sirjasontoon says:

    “Reading that article maybe he is a replacement for some senior asset stripping plans
    Sell and buy shite and hope for the best.”

    Since before the window even started Hughton said he wanted a RB, CB and striker. He has accomplished two of the three witht he Beckford deal following through. (Personally I would like an AM or RW but I’m just saying what Hughton has said- he thinks we’re fine in midfield)

  16. Stuart79 says: “Were fine in midfield if you like slow, heavy legged midfielders.”

    Agree with you completely, Stuart. But Huughton doesn’t, unfortunately.

  17. Houghton Loves Nicky Butt..enough said.
    I heard the Taylor to Everton rumours..wouldn’t surprise me at all if Coll and Taylor where flogged TBH.

  18. i’m gonna have to log off as my sides are aching after reading shallow hal’s witty comments – there real pearlers & only second to funky jesus the tartan wind bag , 2 pleb’s of the highest order – bye.

  19. We should have taken Nobby till the end of season, looks like Leicester City are stealing him from under our noses. We will regret this !!

  20. He wouldn’t be any slower than what we have already. He’d be ideal for the right side midfield.

  21. Stu – Why? At 35 he isn’t going to sprint past anyone, he wasn’t the fastest in his hey-day!

  22. sirjasontoon

    Reports from Peru say he has lost a bit of pace, but has still been excellent in crossing and making goals for others. Still has quality and big lad could feed of him.

  23. Toonsy,

    Neither does Guthrie when he plays there and Solano is a much better crosser. It’s just a bit of creativity.

  24. Stuart79 // Jan 21, 2010 at 5:25 PM

    doe,s any one else think stardust is a prick ?
    <<<<< ur not fallin oot agen r y

  25. I haven’t been on Ed’s blog since he started up again. The ads always did my head in and I gather he’s throwing articles out like the Sun!

  26. Not sure Batts ive never tried it – but I saw that at tea time and I thought it wasnt Stuarts stamp

  27. stu i divent bother much so sum 1 is useing ur nick whats the use having a log in if any 1 can use your nick

  28. I dunno, I figured it would have been the same.

    Although I still know it was you – There’s nobody else with grammer as bad as you!

  29. worky :lol: now ive got mooncrust trying too blame me am a botherd he sed i need reported iam shiting meself ha

  30. Im hoping this doesn’t come off, he may have been a good player at watford but when its came to take the step up to the premiership he’s blatantly not good enough…answer me this….why would we want him? He obviously isnt any better than what we already have!!!

  31. Leicester are currently trying to obtain clearance to allow Solano to play in the FA Cup at Cardiff this weekend but, if he does miss out, he is likely to be available to face former club Newcastle in the Coca-Cola Championship clash at the Walkers Stadium on January 30.