Kilgallon turns to the dark side?

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Wearside bound?
Wearside bound?
It looks like suitors, Newcastle and Everton, may have been pipped to the signing of Matt Kilgallon. Some horrible rumours abound that Toon target, Kilgallon, is about to sign for Sunderland and printed speculation can be found in The Journal. Luke Edwards is reporting that a £2m offer has been accepted by the Blades, and suggests the deal will go through, and the mackems will make an announcement on his signing today.

Having been on our radar since the summer, the defender decided to stay put when all the signs were that he was keen to come to Tyneside. The reasoning was that he was keen to stay with Sheffield United and gain promotion and look at his options in the summer. The more cynical view was that he was running down his contract, to get a better signing on fee, and that we was waiting to sign for Everton.

It looks like both of those opinions are redundant now, because Edwards seems fairly confident that the deal is going to go ahead, although other sources suggest a fee of £1.75m. It remains to be seen whether Bruce pulls off the deal or not and there are no quotes from either clubs, the player or the player’s agent. But if the announcement does come today, then we haven’t got much time to wait.

So the lure of Wearside or the chance to play in the Premiership? While it would be a bit of a kick in the nuts, part of me says the way he has conducted himself with Sheff Utd and the fact he is apparently about to completely contradict his very recently stated sentiments, would suggest that we should perhaps be relieved. Unless of course, we offered him peanuts…

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123 Responses

  1. I don’t believe we actually discussed terms with him so it must be the lure of the premiership which has made him go back on his loyalty statement regarding Sheff Utd.

    The fact is we are a championship side and without a salesman like King Kev to sell a dream to potential players we will struggle to sign decent players until Premiership football is guarenteed.

  2. Sounds like pretty logical and coherent decisision by the lad to be honest. He’ll walk straight into the Mackem’s defence as first choice, as they are all pretty useless.

    He’s assessed the probability of unseating Taylor, Coolo or Julio Iglesias Enrique and decided he’s got more chance of playing regularly & making a name for himself in the Premiership at the SoS. He would not have been 1st choice at Everton either.

  3. Uziblogger says:
    January 20, 2010 at 2:40 pm
    FCB always bids low, buy em cheap stock em high sell em high. At the last home game tickets were up £5 in level 7 where I sit.

    Off to my next blog

    Uziblogger signing out

    rat tat tat tat tat tat tat

  4. TBoSt.P – I suppose that’s arguably another reason to not want him around. If he just wants to walk into a team without a fight and expect to not have competition? Is that the sort of player we want?

    No reason why he couldn’t ursurp Taylor or Coloccini, despite their good starts.

  5. It would be rather funny if Plastic Geordie Bruce takes the Mackems down and Kilgannon is begging us to take him.

  6. Strange choice by Kilgallon, Everton fair enough but the mackems are on a big slide down the table and set for a relegation scrap, with any luck and much praying, we could swap places at the end of the season, now that would be something.

  7. the sunday sun & the journal…..the tellers of large tales , could they be due a result after many failed attempts.

    ….rat a tat tat.

  8. Maybe the Sunday Sun are smarting from their ousting from St James and want to make mischief.

  9. Stardust says:
    January 20, 2010 at 10:08 pm
    I have left and scanned the other blogs, all of whom are debating with flair and panache, and when I come back here the tadpole minded Batty is still spouting dross to his intended lover Stuart79. Please stop the gay dance guys and get to second base you creeps.

    Off to my next blog

    Uziblogger signing out

    rat tat tat tat tat tat tat
    <<<< he slipped up last nite lol

  10. Only interested in players that want to play for a big crowd, who put pride and passion before cars and stately homes and that want to be here to improve…

  11. “Unless of course, we offered him peanuts…”?.

    Highly likely that he’s got wind of the £30k pay cap and decided to commit himself to SheFF U!

    On a related note though, MA through the pay cap and budget controls is going to make us a much more attractive prospect for potential buyers – provided we go up of course!

  12. Fully agree. Not the right type of player in that case or also probably indicative of how he considers his own potential.

    Add that we wouldn’t have offered him as much as the Mackems (it pains me to have to write that) and I would not be surprised if there is some truth in it.

    We can’t force players to want to come to the Toon. If it wasn’t for our own attachment/bias, would anyone consider coming to the Toon rather than go to a stable, well financed Premiership club with a decent manager with a reputation of getting the best out of average players (that hurts even more – thanks MA)

  13. if this is true,is anyone really that surprised?this kind of thing is par for the course under this useless leadership.these idiots do not seem to have learned anything,since they started in the football world.
    why can they never see through most of the transfer business they are invovled in?what is it with them?are they naive?are they stupid?or are they just plain greedy?or all of the above?.
    i know we may be under financial restraints following relegation,but the amounts of money we,re talking about,are hardly a king,s ransom.
    we only pushed through the simpson deal because the lad was already here,and wanted to stay.
    the way we are going about our business in transfer windows is completley amateur,do ashley and llambias think it is 1987 or something with the amount of money they think it takes to prise players away from their respective clubs?.
    what happens next season if we get promoted?granted the,ll be sky money available,but do we really trust these knackers to even build a side that can survive in the prem?.it is a buyers market,and every player has their price,if ashley isn,t prepared to play the game what,s the point of him even bothering if this is his attitude.
    never mind about staying in the pemiership,we now cannot even compete with our bitterest rivals,that is a scary thought in itself.ashley looks like you have invoked a kind of a kismet upon yourself,with your disrespect of niall quinn during the 2-0 derby win.
    niall will be doing the conga all over your fat a**e the mess you have created.

  14. Centre back- Mark Beevers please!

    Left back- Nadir Belhadj (Pompey’s going to relegate and they need the dosh)

    Creative Midfielder- Radoslaw Majewski (He was ABSOLUTELY MINT when we played Forest at the City ground and he’s only on loan from some polish team)

    Right/Left Winger- Giles Barnes is currently unattached. Yes, he’s had his fair share of injury problems, but he did well in a piss poor Derby team in the prem a few years ago. He can play on either wing so he can switch flanks with Jonas. Scored a sublime free kick in the 2-2 draw at St. James’. He’ll be free too!

    Age of the players:

    Barnes- 21

    Majewski- 23

    Belhadj- 27

    Beevers- 20

    With the exception of Belhadj, the other players are young, talented and have many many years ahead of them. Belhadj himself is in his prime in a team that looks set to start a firesale. When fat ashley brought cockney Wise & his cronies in he wanted to “focus on youth”, so it’s high time he loosened the purse strings instead of skiving off to Vegas that ****.

    oh yes, and we need a striker. If loverman or Strolla amoeba gets injured that’s the end of us.

  15. Couldn’t care less where he goes. The scum can have him judging on recent statements.
    “I want to stay and help gain promotion”, instead of joining a team top of the league. My arse big lad! The moment a prem team comes knocking with their cash he’ll be gone. Don’t want anymore young bling boys, especially when defence isn’t exactly a weak area of the squad.

  16. angel,that is too much like common sense to abott and costello,if we are to believe the guff about ashley,s arsenal blue print,then we ourselves as a club would resemble forest now.imo that,s what we would look like,a lot of younger pacey players knocking the ball around,and good movement.
    in some of ashley,s foot in mouth statements,he seems to take credit for some of the young players who were already here before he arrived.

  17. Defiantly Stardust being the UziBlogger,He referred to Ed as UziBlogging the other day which just seems too much of a coincidence to me.

    With regards transfers I know that Chris has got pennies to spend on players so it is just a case of going through the motions and looking busy,pacify the fans and making derisory offers that clubs will just laugh at.

    I will be surprised if some senior assets are not being lined up for a sale as we speak.

  18. ross,to my mind this is not about kilgallon the footballer,attitude etc,it is the principle of the thing and the message it sends.

  19. Killgannon probably wanted more than he’s worth for a player unproven at top level and sounds like he lacks drive and commitment, not what we need at our club, can’t believe some people want beye back, players who turn their back on our club to become overpaid bench warmers can all bugger off as far as i’m concerned.

  20. Yeah follow the Arsenal model and hire Wise and Llambias :)
    Couldn’t make it up could you.
    We are more like accrington stanley than the Gunners.

  21. sjt,to be honest i dont see how anyone can pacify the fans with this idiots guide to run a sizeable football club like newcastle.

  22. JayJay ” not what we need at our club ” “Lacks drive and commitment”….when we have players already in those moulds surely Kilgallon would get on well with many of his Toon Team mates.

    Him and Shola would get on like a house on Fire,And he could be room mates with Butt for away games.

  23. i wouldn,t put it past them to derail our promotion charge with their naivity and gay abandon.
    complete bunch of amateurs,with no forsight,but a professional ability to mislead and buy time.

  24. Agree Trojan now every player we are linked with has a questionable attitude,lacks the required commitment etc etc so let’s not sign him….madness!

  25. I don’t see this squad getting promoted this season-we don’t win enough games,score very few goals and struggle against teams around us and below us.

    We had a good run and I know we have not lost many but I see a changing of the guard and think teams like Forest and WBA have that extra energy,drive and craft compared to our sluggish style.

  26. I was completely against King Kev having a director of football working for him as he’d actually proved that he could make decent signings and had an eye for untried players.

    Chris Hughton however is doing very well on the coaching side of things but does seem to be a little naive when it come to the signings. Ideally there should be nothing in the papers prior to signings and then in they come. Maybe we need a DOF to help him out.

  27. sirjasontoon says:
    January 21, 2010 at 11:09 am
    I don’t see this squad getting promoted this season-we don’t win enough games,score very few goals and struggle against teams around us and below us.
    <<<< howay man we have won more games than any 1 in this leauge ur starting too sound like stu SJT

  28. Angel of Death I actually got my hopes up there you get haha.

    I would be that chuffed and surprised if we managed to get someone of his quality that it would invoke an involuntary poo..

    Instead we’re stuck with two ‘bonnie hunt’s’ that won’t do anything to ensure our safe passage into the premier league


  29. Sorry, Trojan – but I disagree.. sort of. If you can’t get a player through the promise of where the club is going and a reasonable salary (which is where you may have a point – who knows what the numbers are) then you don’t want him.

    TBoSt.P has it right in post 5; it’s the lure of being 1st choice in Mordor versus benchwarming for us.

    However, I also agree with those who question the boy’s attitude if he has indeed gone against his statements of loyalty. A bit like Beckford, if he’s a tool who believes his own hype, I’d rather wait for another Simpson/Nolan/Guthrie type who see NUFC for what it is and come for that.

  30. SJT and Trojan – jeeeeesus, what does it take to get you happy??

    Yes, we share a skepticism about what happens in the summer IF we are lucky enough to need a prem squad again. But what’s the point in moaning about something which may or may not happen in 4 months’ time??

    And what the hell is all this downer shite about our current squad? The guts-and-glory, united, unbeaten in 14 squad that’s still clear at the top of the league, with almost no bad press all season (ta Carroll – so close) and even the bosses opening their wallets last night, with a third of the window still to go?? Yes, we’ve had a patch of non-scoring, but what do you expect, perfection?

    It seems you’re only happy when you’re miserable!

    Howay the lads – they’re doing just great and I’m not about to slag ’em off.

    Oh, except Barton…

  31. hey, who mentioned giles barnes? just googled him and he doesnt even have a club!! he was quality a couple of seasons back.
    So what if he has had injuries, it happens, get him in and have a look i say!!

  32. Fully agree Whumpie,

    We’ve had far too many players in it for the pay cheque.

    No thank you, give me players that play for the badge and everything it represents!

  33. Giles barnes is training witb birmingham city at the moment, but i think it would be an interesting signing IF he could pass a medical.

  34. batty,

    only if he’s played through the middle, if he comes in and takes guthrie’s spot on the right he will be gash like he was before the injury.

    Oh and that’s also based on him avoided more court room drama.

  35. whumpie , i enjoy reading comments from sjt & trojan69…..i find them an interesting alternative to the long winded bollox some people repeatedly post….dont read if you dont like.

    …& give the barton bashing a rest it getting a bit boring after 18 months.

  36. To be honest, I just cannot imagine any level of performance which Barton could produce for us which would make up for all the embarrassment, dressing room damage, stress, cost and sheer ‘waiting for the next stupid action’ feeling which that idiot brings with him.

    He’s never put in a MOTM performance; never in his career has be shown more than enough to get 1 cap. To justify all the above – and his daft salary – he’d have to be Pele.

    Get rid. Rather have Rab C Nesbitt in the middle.

  37. Komfort – actually, fair point on Barton – it’s all been said and I’ll drop it.

    But the squad-bashing is really annoying and unjustified. Last season you’d be hard-pressed to name a player who’d really pulled his weight. This season there’s nobody on the pitch who hasn’t at some point brought some serious praise for their commitment, passion and sheer performance. I just think we should enjoy it more… especially as the style of footie’s a bit gash, like.

  38. Still not sure about strikers. I still think Shola’s got a lot more goals to come (his stats are off the scale this season – his idea of a barron patch is 1 in 3 games) and I think Carroll’s going to shine once he gets more decent crosses to work from. As for Loverboy… who needs Beckford? Nolan ain’t about to win the 100m medal, but stick him up front and he’ll hit the target ever time.

    Ranger’s not the finished product, but boy – what an impact sub to have.

    Keep wor dosh, I think.

    The other player I’m really starting to admire is Guthrie – but we need to get a good RW so he can play in the middle with Smith.

    The defence may be a bit thin on the bench, but is as tight as a nun’s chuffa. For me, it’s just the right wing which is weak now – any suggestions?

  39. Leave Barton Alone Whumpie haha He has done his porridge !
    JayJay-My chin is up,I just want to see more commitment financially by Big Mike and more organisation and planning at managerial and board level :)

  40. SJT and Spartan – good points, and we’ll just have to wait and see. You never know – stranger things have happened than Barton turning good and Ashley learning how to own a football club!

  41. Barton may surprise us all he has been in the last chance saloon a fair few times,I really want him to do well and do the toon proud.
    He has the credentials to be immense for us in the 2nd half of the season.

    GO JOEY GO !!

  42. I think a few bob on a decent winger wouldn’t go amiss agreed and I think would give us so many more options,make our play less easy to suss out and with Harewood and Lovenkrands getting balls a plenty can inly result in more goals and more convincing wins.

    Come on Mike you Big Fat Blob-spend some dollars on something other than roulette wheels and helicopters.

  43. SIRJASONTOON,agree about ash,thing that makes me lol is some bloggers,we dont want epl players yet!,or this guy is not epl standard,etc,where do they think epl players come from,a lot from lower lges thats were,i dont think half of them have acl not played the game,ex A.COLE,A.YOUNG,K.JONES BIG.AL etc ect,all from lower lge,its down to good coaching,good mag,tactics ect,toon need someone with guile in m/f.if we had W.ROONEY and kept booting long balls up field how good aplayer wwould he look,still say CH is mikes puppet,rant over

  44. Whumpie – “I think Carroll’s going to shine once he gets more decent crosses to work from.” I dont agree – his movement is terrible – he never attacks the ball or run into space – he is always wrong side (easy to coach out of him accepted)

    SJT – I wouldnt expect a winger – even though it would be beneficial. I think CH had recognised we needed one and the solution was Pancrate – he needs time to bed in – I wouldnt expect anything else over him.

  45. I think we are wasting our time if we think Barton will come good for us. I think he’s only had 2 good games out of the ones he’s played. He’s trouble and the best thing for us would be to get shot of him and money come in.

    I agree, give Pancrate more time and more starts and maybe get Lua Lua ready as back up. I think Nolan would make a good impact sub or swap between him and Guthrie in games.

    Id like to see Ranger be given a full game with Lovenkrands as well. I’ve always been a fan of Shola, but I did think Carol did more in the time he was on the pitch on Monday than Shola did. But to be fair, Shola has done well for us thi season so can’t be knocked too much.

  46. Stardust – you are right about Carroll’s weaknesses, but he’s a teenager and can already be useful if you need to soften up a defence. No good on his own, but next to Loven I think he could do a job.

    Shola takes some stick, but you can’t argue with those stats. He’s been rubbish for a couple of games, but it’ll come back.

    Ranger is getting overhyped. I really, really rate him – but we’ve seen how far he has to come before he doesn’t get shown up against senior defences. CH seems to have it right with him – impact sub and cup starts.

    Someone mentioned Lua Lua – an old fave of mine since he tore Workington apart in a ressies game I went to a few years back. Haven’t heard anything of him for months – anyone know the latest?

  47. Would love a keith gillespie type right midfielder who keeps it simple, just run then cross, solano won’t have much running in his 35 year old legs, barnes would be great if he could prove his fitness, but i cant think of many players who fit the bill.

  48. whumpie,why is it when a player doesn,t come to newcastle,you question their far as i can tell,he was all set to come here,then all of a sudden he back tracks and says he,s staying put.
    is not the fact that whatever newcastle were offering him,wasn,t a step up from what he already had at sheff all walks of life is it not one,s right to better one,s self?kilgallon is not stupid,he,s not going to move into a similar situation,than he,s already in.
    what does my head in about some of our fans is we,re obsessed with attendances,just because we get good crowds it isn,t some precursor to player recruitment.
    players will play in front of 2,000 if their getting goob wages,sad but unfortunatley that,s a fact.
    whumpie as for us being miserable,what,s there to be happy about?what because we are top of a p*** poor league.
    we,re just being realistic,and not looking at things through rose tinted specs.
    whumpie as a point of interest where are you from?because losing players to sunderland as a geordie,is a massive kick in the stones.

  49. jay jay-i saw Gillespie on George st in Edinburgh not too long ago. Safe to say i’d had a few pints and told him to grab his boots and get a train back to Newcaslte. He had a smile and a laugh like, humouring me in my state i imagine, lol

  50. Trojan – we haven’t ‘lost a player to Sunderland’! He was never ours to lose! Yes, I’d rather he went to Everton, but it’s not as if he’s gone from our dressing room to theirs.

    All I’m saying about players and their motivation is that sometimes you get hints that they may not be in it for the right reasons – which raises the risk of recruiting more squad members who drag the rest down – as per last season, when we had a load of them. It took relegation to clear that lot out and I’m really keen that we don’t re-stock on gits.

    It may not be the case with Killa – but he did spout all that stuff about helping his club gain promotion. If the report about him to the Dark Side is true, then it doesn’t speak volumes for his integrity, even if it does make sense on paper.

    And no, not all players think like that. Look at Simpson as an example. We don’t know the full story, but it looks likely to me that he’s come to us on a reasonable, affordable salary, no more, and he’s come because he likes it here and believes in what he can do at this club. He’s not said a word out of place, he’s doing all the charity work that goes with his job, and he comes across as a decent, hardworking player who’s not about to let his head swell.

    But yes, there’s some rose-tint going on, I must admit.

    Don’t take this as too much of a dig, but I’d be interested to know where your happiness threshold is: will you be happy if we win this league? Or will it kick in if we get up and stay up next season? Must we be in the top half of the Prem, or Champs’ League? Or winning the Prem? Where does it kick in?

    Personally I’m really enjoying the turnaround. I still don’t like or trust the bosses, but I’m enjoying the fact that pretty much everything that could be going well is going well. Admittedly, I am having to filter out the context of where we’re playing, but all I want is steady, sustainable progress and some good spirit – the reverse of last season.

    That’s what we’re seeing. Happy.

    (And is it just me or does the Prem look like a load of corruption and tossiness from the outside? Of course I want to go up, but it’s not all good news if we do. I’m quite enjoying a league where you can tackle someone without a law suit, and not everything is done to suck up to Murdoch’s Mafia.)

  51. Murdoch’s mafia Whumpie?

    Young Murdoch’s the one to watch, he’s probably more evil than dear old Rupert…… heaven forbid.

  52. Hitman – was that an educated guess after the Sky Transfer Centre post at 13.20? Or have you seen/heard more than that?

  53. Lol – Lesh – I was Uziblogger I confess lol – but Moondust has nothing to do with me. Just thought id liven a flat day up but I am so thik I outed myself lol.

  54. Stardust – He wrote this?! I also hear he is on a top secret mission breaking up cartels of cuban’s who force monkey’s to smoke :)

  55. Aye, Stardust, Uziblogger did bring with it a smile….. I thought it was wind that caused it at first!

    So you’re not Moondust eh Stardy – I though that comments eminating from that quarter were a wee bit course to be you.

    That being so I’ll be extra careful not to confuse you with he/ she or it.

  56. Hope we do get Routledge, we need some pace in the side.

    I’m sure all our midfield are timed by calenders when they run!

  57. Stuart – answered your ““What’s your definition of success Stardust? Mine is actually winning something” on the other thread – and so has komfort

  58. My definition of success is winning a trophy. You use Stoke as an example. No they won’t win the league but they might win a trophy.

    You say enjoying football is your definition of success. That’s not success is it? That’s your pleasure.

    I would say good football is a pleasure of mine too, but were not playing good football at the minute.

    Winning the Championship would be success, but I’d rather be winning something in the PL.

  59. Worky,

    It’s the ‘taking part that counts’ attitude that children are being brought up with that’s hindering all our sportsmen and women.

    They have no will to win – Tiger Woods, Roger Federrer and the likes want to win more than anything else.

    I suppose they must be really lonely in Stardust’s warped thinking.

    Tiger Woods has been anything but lonely over the last 12 months by all accounts..

  60. If given the choice between a mid level PL club and a second tier side with a serious attitude about spending, which way do you think most players would go ?
    No brainer.
    Yeah been listening about how to-gether the side is and the fact the club has become fiscally responsible.
    But this is a team far from being settled and Ashley is not about to spend anything above the minimum , in order to get this team back to the PL.
    Following promotion (if in fact we are successful) a quick sale to the first serious bidder.
    Following that ,who knows ?
    But the changes will continue, a unsettled club with an unclear future.

  61. Stuart79 says:
    January 21, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    “It’s the ‘taking part that counts’ attitude that children are being brought up with that’s hindering all our sportsmen and women.”

    I don’t know about that, Stuart. In general, our sportsmen and women are doing really well overall in the last few years, and have shown themselves to be very highly competitive. Two Grand Prix champions in a row, the cycling gadgies with world records and medals coming out of their ears, Andy Strauss and his cricket team got the Ashes back. Then there’s the renaissance of the national football squad, some very decent swimmers etc etc etc. We were in a sporting slump before that because of the corrupt policies of that beastly woman, Mrs T, and all her successors too when they systematically deprived the country of most of it’s playing fields and open spaces so they could sell them to the supermarkets.

  62. “You say enjoying football is your definition of success. That’s not success is it? That’s your pleasure.”

    Success is of the time, at the moment, it can be training for one free kick and successfully completing it in a game, its over in a second but give years of pleasure – or it can be winning a match – or it can be wining a league. Success is time dependent – one should not fail to recognise that success is of the moment, the here and now in relation to where you are, and then onto the next day for the next step and next challenge.

    You see society fails when it tries to get success by big steps – it rarely happens Conference to Champions League winners ? Success is a series small steps of over time to achieve ultimate goals, when you arrive at the pinnacle and can go no further so be it – but you are not happy for the one match that won you the title, you are happy about all the little steps of success on the way.

    Stuart – you give the examples of Tiger Woods, Roger Federrer and the likes want to win more than anything – both of those players has practised and perfected shots, small steps of success. Is Andy Murray a success? he hasnt won a grand slam? (of which there are 4 a year) of course he is – he has won many matches, many small tournaments.

  63. Stardust….

    You give the examples of Tiger Woods as one who wanted to win everything…… and more!

    PS….. have a look at the Steve Wraith article on Ed’s site – I’ve actually said something in your favour!

  64. Worky “Stardust, I would like to win an effing trophy! Bxxxxxks to all this guff about “it’s the taking part that counts”!”

    They are aims, ambitions and targets – and should not be confused with success – Is Rubens Barrichelo successful – a 100m in the bank, won Grand Prixs, but not the World Championship?

  65. Lesh “have a look at the Steve Wraith article on Ed’s site – I’ve actually said something in your favour!”

    Bloody Hell – its a miracle – will have a read – see Stuart – thats success lol

  66. stardust says >Do you think Stoke fans think they can win the league? <<< did you know alot of them want puilis sacked lol

  67. Much as I’d like the success of winning the f.a cup we have to be realistic – it just aint gonna happen although we’ll hopefully beat the baggies on sat and get an easy game for 5th round – we’ll get knocked out as soon as we meet a decent prem side – hope hughton plays the kids and saves everyone else for league

  68. Batty is “did you know alot of them want puilis sacked lol” true?

    If so I take it Stuart is from Stoke.

    Stevep = after Mondays game I just want to forget the game – they got away with murderous tackles – we need ll our squad fit for the league – Id rather forgo the FA cup this year.

  69. Stardust says:
    January 21, 2010 at 4:40 pm

    Bored the fck out of me that did!

    We cannot make our steps any bloody smaller! How many steps in 50 years???

    Winning one match, or one grand prix or even more a lame example a free kick is short term success.

    I want a trophy – That’s success, that leaves a legacy, not some stupid free kick or one man winning one grand prix.

  70. So Alberts chip over Schmeichel isnt remembered in the 5 – 0 win? and that wasnt a success that he will look back on?

    Success is subjective.

    Just you look for big step success others work towards goals and accept the road will be long to ultimate goals.

  71. Success is all relative , I think you can chalk down this season so far as been succesful imo , we have come a long way since last summer

    Good luck to him icedog

  72. Aye success is subjective.

    Every morning someone goes to work they step out of the front door and into their car – That was their aim so they’ve been successfull!

    Great – What a exciting life you must lead.

  73. JOHNO;see your point,just seems a hell of a lot of players have turned down the toon,(thereloss),i think there is a lot of castles to come crashing down in next couple of years

  74. icedog – I agree, football is going to get very messy in the not too distant future. There are too many big money owners now, and they didn’t get big money by being romantic or emotional thats for sure.

    A lot of them are into football clubs at the minute as it’s a very lucrative business. Sure there are the odd ones who do it for fun – Mansour at Citeh, Abramovich*, Ashley lol – but ultimately if it ends up risking their money or another more lucrative options comes from somewhere else, they will soon ditch the football clubs.

    Remember race-horses anyone?

    *I’m still unsure as to whether Abramovich is using Chelsea as a tax fiddle or somewhere to hide his money for some reason.

  75. Agree with you toonsy on Abramovich , he has some dodgy deal with the russian goverment , he keeps his wealth if he stays out of politcis as far as i know

  76. Stuart,
    He is a CB who we were linked with in the summer whilst he was at Watford.
    Wonder if he will accept our terms…..

  77. looks like Mike Williamson is on his way – must have been a long term target due to interest in the summer – how good is he tho? surely back up / cover only?
    wat about a proper striker and creative midfielder???

  78. Jettson from what ive read on 606 by watford fans he is highly rated and wasnt playing at portsmouth due to a clause where they got more money if he played a certain number of games

  79. Bring in a creative pacy midfielder and I will be happy providing no one goes, other than Geremi.

    Creative pacy midfielder = Wayne Routledge.

  80. So uninspired by the people Hughton is bidding for here. Unless the next player who accepts a bid isn’t a player who’s a championship/low Premier League defensive unknown, then I won’t be happy.

  81. AndyNUFC says:
    January 21, 2010 at 6:20 pm
    So uninspired by the people Hughton is bidding for here. Unless the next player who accepts a bid isn’t a player who’s a championship/low Premier League defensive unknown, then I won’t be happy.
    >>>>>For Gods sake STOP BEING SO NEGATIVE and be realistic, we are where we are because of over spending on trophy signings etc.Give CH and his signings a chance.
    Rant over.

  82. AndyNUFC – We don’t have the bottomless pockets we used to have or the premier league status we used to have anymore. Can you tell me who you’d like or expect? Kaka, Messi and Ronaldo I presume?

  83. never seen williamson play so hard to judge – he can’t get a game in a poor portsmouth side tho

    good to get some defensive cover in but as everyone else is saying – we need a creative mid a left winger

  84. Lets face it williamson was good enough for a premiership team to pay 3 million for him . Is the reason they are letting him move is because he is not good enough or because they are financially in the shit ? at 26 years old he is at least at the right age , rather him than the guy from QPR who is 31 .

  85. AXEL,

    Did Pompey pay £3m for him?

    Cannot see us paying more than a mil for him like.

    Just hope he’s happy to take a wage cut down to say £1k per week…

  86. Mark my words if we sign a centre back, permanant or on loan, colo will be on his way as he is probably the clubs top earner.

  87. Stuart have now read they paid 2 million down with an extra 1 million after a certain number of games played . Thats the reason they want him out , they cant afford the extra 1 million . They must really be skint

  88. Dont think colo will be on his way , not many teams would pay him the wages he is on at Newcastle . Also the fat ball handling coke junk who is his national team boss has told him he is going to the world cup even if he stays with us , so why would he go ?

  89. AXEL – On top of that, Colo is Ashley’s biggest, most expensive, marquee signing. I don’t think he’ll let him go ‘cos if Ashley can’t play with him then no-one can.