Leeds’s Beckford to sign for the Toon!

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Maybe a Magpie?
Maybe a Magpie?
…provided that Leeds can sign a replacement for him. Considering the fractious relationship between Leeds boss Simon Grayson and his start turn upfront, Beckford’s departure seems all the more inevitable. With his contract up at the end of the season, the consensus is that he will leave for pastures new to prove himself at a higher level.

Already with a goalscoring record better than a goal every other game since his move from non-league football, Beckford has continued to score goals this term to help Leeds push for promotion back to the big time. Despite a slow start to his Leeds career, Beckford is hitting the sort of form that has a number of suitors watching. Reports very but there are some who think he can do the business in the Championship and even perhaps the Premiership.

Beckford doesn’t come without baggage though and as is often the case, appears to sometimes believe his own press a bit too much. That in itself has caused a rift between him and his gaffer, as has his reluctance to sign a new contract.

Leeds appeared keen to let him run his contract down, especially as his goals could be crucial to a strong finish. However, it seems clear they may will now be tempted to cash in during the January transfer window, as long as they can replace him. According to reports in the press (and the latest in our own Sunday Sun), Grayson’s shortlist includes Scunthorpe’s Gary Hooper, Swindon’s Charlie Austin and Sheffield United’s Billy Sharp, although the latter is currently on loan at Doncaster.

The Sunday Sun claims that no talks have taken place, however, despite allegedly having a £1.25m bid turned down and Leeds having been quoted as demanding as much as £2.5m for him, the Sunday Sun reckons they will settle for less, as suggested by a number of us already. And a more likely conclusion will be a fee midway between the two with add-ons.

Been a while since I quoted any sources, but here are some from the Sunday Sun…

“Leeds are just waiting to sign a replacement,” said a source close to Beckford. “Once that happens, the deal should be done quite quickly.

“They accept that now is the time to sell Jermaine.

“In the meantime, though, there doesn’t seem to be much dialogue between Newcastle and Leeds, who have made their position clear.”

The Sunday Sun also counter claims that Beckford hasn’t undergone a medical ahead of Leeds’ FA Cup tie away to Man Utd today. Apparently though, the same source added:

“It goes without saying that Jermaine is excited at the prospect – which player in his position wouldn’t want to join Newcastle?

“But we will still have to wait and see. Everything rests on Leeds getting the right player through the door to replace him.”

So, it seems like he’s made his mind up and the only thing stopping him, is Grayson’s need to fill Beckford’s boots. So all the younger ones (and not so younger ones), get cracking on Football Manager and find out who he should be signing.

Joking aside though, let’s hope he has someone lined up because I think we need a fresh face and lord knows we need someone to stick the ball in the back of net!

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171 Responses

  1. I’ll be watchin him today to see if he’s any good.

    I reckon he’ll be a good signing for us.

    We need a goalscorer. All our strikers are big lads, we need a little goalscorer to compliment the others.

  2. Lets hope he doesnt pick up an injury in todays game. a lot of people are saying that hes not premiership quality but for me a strike with a good scoring rate for less than 2m is a bargain and no risk at all. if he isnt good enough for premiership then we will sell him to the championship if everyone remembers chopra couldnt hack it in the top flight for us and the mackums but was twice sold for 5m and the 4m to cardiff that woudl be a good profit on beckford if we had to do the same,., but i think he will do good for us we need someone with a bit of pace now we just need a attacking central midfielder who can thread these balls through to him as we are very predictabe with 85 percent of the play going through enrique and jonas on the left and not much else.
    i hope he does come

  3. barton12 says:
    January 3, 2010 at 11:09 am
    Would rather have Harewood back

    Him who cannot trap a bag of cement?

    Don’t you think Harewood is the same as what we already have?

  4. Think Harewood is proven at prem level and yes accept he’s not hit certain hights however he has played top flight for best part of a decade so he has something would be a good squad player and maybe by waiting till the summer we can get a proven striker once we back in prem instead of some 26 year old who never made it at top level and by his own manager comments (Grayson) seems to beleive his own Bull (we still got Barton)

  5. made me laugh stuart79,was it not brian C that said that after he signed gary megson, Harewood no thank you not as good as we have?

  6. Hope he is not another Nzogbia , dyer type could be if he as reported belives all his own press . Hughtons biggest achievment so far is to build a team that plays for each other . Lets not bring in a bling boy to undermine the unity in the dressing room .That said we need a out & out goalscorer and beckford is that .

  7. barton12 says:
    January 3, 2010 at 11:20 am

    Harewood isn’t proven in the Prem. If he was he wouldn’t have been farmed out to Championship sides.

    He had about one season with West Ham then got sold to Villa, after one season there (where he didn’t play much) he was fired off to Wolves and then this season to us also in the Championship.

    He ain’t no Premier League player.

  8. Stuart79 Get the Rothmans book out and check his carear stats,reminds me of the saying- With fans like ours….

  9. Am I the only one who has a feeling we will sign beckford with ranger going to leeds on loan, hope my gut instincts are wrong, they usually are!

  10. stuart79 what do you think of boyd lacks a bit pace i think my contact up there says he belives his own press best in scotland

  11. We desperately need creative midfield players, even if it means playing Nolan off one striker. Smith, Nolan and Butt are not creative players. Striker wise we already have Carroll, Ranger, Shola, Lowenkrands etc, what we need is soemone like Skeljbred (wrong spelling ?)or someone who can put their foot on the ball and play a killer ball. In fact the complete opposite to Nicky Butt.

    Beckford is a big headed arrogant t..t we could do without.

  12. Not convinced that Beckford is as bolted on as people/sources are making out.
    We need to get rid of Ranger,Shola,Lovenkrands and Carrol though,l I just don’t think they are good enough even at championship level.

    I would love someone creative in midfield,things just look sluggish at the moment and one dimensional.

  13. Hello all,

    As a life long Leeds (not Leed’s) fan i find it amazing that you are favorites to sign Beckford. The main reason he isn’t currently on a 4 year deal with us is that he’s not good enough for a higher level. We too are hoping for promotion but when and if we do we need someone upfront with ball control. Beckford spends most of the game crying about someone or something, he needs 20 chances to bag 1, he might have a lot of goals but thats thanks to the rest of the team not him. Seriously, he’s not premier league, not championship and half the time not good enough for league 1.

    Any manager from championship or premier league who signs him better be looking for a gamble who they can attempt to train into a decent footballer. If they sign him as the new great hope there is gonna be some red faces.

    Seriously, watch the manutd game today. I hope he has a blinder, chances are he’ll be offside flapping his arms about crying, surprised that there are defenders who also want the ball but are willing to move for it.

    If you give us £2-3mil for him i’ll drive him up north myself

    Good luck, see you and beckford in the championship next year.

  14. The league table never lies, unless you’re a leeds supporter. They seem to get mixed up with the english language saying “we are a big club” when they mean we were a big club

  15. We have to accept what our budget is. Beckford fits the bill in that he is in our budget. I suppose Boyd is in our range too. Goalscorers are expensive items and sometimes are never good team players. Every club is searching for one. We are probably top of the league because no other team in coca cola has a top striker given the long spells in games we have been outplayed.
    Boyd not long ago was third or fourth choice at Rangers Smith did not fancy him. Also says a lot that Burley rated Iwuelmo better. Of the two Beckford for me

  16. BARTON i know what you are saying but we will have to set our sights a little lower for the moment the AS,AC days are gone for now,if we had one near that i dont think we could keep at the toon in the presant times

  17. Following on from the comment above. I am more concerned about midfield. None of Nolan, Guthrie, Pancrate, R Taylor, Butt have the edge to play in the premier league.
    Tom Cleaverley and Ben Watson are two signings we should make for starters. With Hughton not entertaining playing either Donaldson or Lua Lua we are desperately short in this department.
    Does anyone know of scandinavians or eastern europeans we could get in cheap cause as said before Ashley is running this football club on budgets which might not please us presently but is the right thing to do.
    I would rather be a yoyo club than one in administration and dropping to league one

  18. Icedog mate i know that and agree the days of world record fee’s ect, are long gone but ha’way mate a lad from leage 1 (the old 3rd division) we can do better,jesus even his own fans dont rate him or think he is a blingman and then there is us,the fans Hmn lets have a go at Harewood,Carroll the misery its all Cashley’s fault blab,blab,blab

  19. At the end of the season, an out of contract Beckford will pick up a mill signing on fee. Don’t think he’ll forgo that to join you now so Newcastle have obviously told him he’ll still get the mill. That’s probably why your opening offer is low. Newc want Leeds to subsidise the mill.

    I just don’t see it myself. Unless Bates gets what he wants it won’t happen regardless of what Beckford wants.

  20. Agree that what we need most is a dreative midfielder. Someone who can carry the ball with paace and play a pass forward – not the straight back to you pass we see all to often for the CD to hoof it up front.

    Cleverly definitely fits the bill and perhaps Skelbred (?) who is still keen to sign (if you believe reports).

    My biggest fear is we have another FatAsh transfer window with nothing happening until its too late and we get lumbered with a couple of unknown foriegners on loan – as well as the prospect of having the likes of Colo, Guti, Taylor, Smith and Carrol took off our hands to support the owners wallet

  21. Barton 12 your right m8 it would be diffrent if Beckford was 19-20 years old and just starting out , but at 26 years old and never yet played above div 1 suggests to me that he just aint all that good . that said Harewood is too much of the same type as Ameobi , Carroll & ranger . we need to let the scouts scan europe to get a goal scorer in , perhaps look towards scandinavia or holland , belgium where players are less expensive and usually players from those countries adapt well to english football. Anyone know if Skeljbred is still available ?

  22. Well said Barton12 , your right when you say “even the Leeds fans don’t want him” we are not exactly lined up to plead with him to stay!!! Any player who thinks he’s bigger than the team doesnt deserve to wear the shirt (whatever team that may be) I hope he gives us a couple of parting gifts today but I wont lose any sleep when he departs.
    bt the wat jay jay ” the league table doesnt lie, unless your a Newcastle supporter, They seem to get mixed up with the english language saying “we are a big club” when they mean we were a big club.

  23. we do need creativity in the middle but to be fare we can wait till promotion as we can get away with it at this level (fizzy pop league)but it will be vital its addressed once promotion achieved as for Cashley selling players this window it wont happen,keep the faith

  24. agree barton i never said we should sign bexford,if i was pushed that low i would rather have Snodgrass,do you rate him?i mean if we have go that path

  25. Axel – I think the likes of Lovers, LuaLua and Ranger can do the job. They are quick and know where the net is (although none have done it at this level – similar to Beckford). I would love to see Ranger get a run in hte team and let us see once and for all if he is the player that we hope for

  26. Barton12 – recent results havent exactly gone our way and we seem to be making hard work of the ‘smaller’ teams. A CM in now would give us a boost and take the pressure of us – holding on to a 1-0 is never our best bet. Also leaving it till we are promoted immediately puts up the price as well as getting into the silly wages again!!

  27. Snodgrass decent wide player with an end product would give him a go and he is young at 21 and will improve but would rather go to G.Rangers and get not Boyd but John Fleck what a prospect if he was english he would be worth 20mill+

  28. mynameistaken#30 Also leaving it till we are promoted immediately puts up the price as well as getting into the silly wages again!! – yeah your right mate but thats the premier league and english football

  29. ‘Even his own fans don’t want him’? Are you for real?

    Do you really think that Leeds fans would sing the praises of a player who quite clearly wants to leave them?

    How can they not like him? He has scored more than 1 every 2 games man! They love him. Their just annoyed he wants out.

    This would be a completely no risk signing. He will score goals in the Championship, the standard just cannot be much better than Div 1. If it is Div 1 must be a complete joke.

    If he gets the goals to get us promoted and he doesn’t do it in the Prem then sell him. There’ll be plenty wanting to take him if he does the business for us this season.

    Every now and again there is a player from the low divisions who does it in the Prem. Why can’t Beckford be one of those?

    We ain’t got the money to be buying any proven players so we need to buy young players.

    The standard in Div 1 is similar to the Championship so he’ll score goals.

  30. Well I’ve regularly watched Leeds over past 3-4 seasons (most of my mates support them and I only live 20 mins away from Leeds) and beckford is a great player but he needs players to create chances! Pretty much why Owen never worked out for us! My mates raved about beckford none stop….now he’s leaving hes rubbish though! He loves himself but that’s what makes a great player…Robert, ginola and the likes of ronaldo all think they’re amazing and that makes them do great things! They’re the marmite of the football world and he is what we’ve been missing for a while!

    The way I see it is beckford and ranger as a strike force would be immense with 2 proper wingers and a creative cm! Ranger will find his scoring feet but his holdup play is amazing already! Plus the lad needs games! Ameobi doesn’t cut it in premier as we’ve seen for years now.

    My personal view come summer is we need a bit of a clearout or were going to be a Yoyo club!


    I dunno who id put in the blanks but Jonas as rb works for argies he doesn’t have the pass or scoring skills for wing, guthrie is our only midfielder who can pick out a pass and hes proved he can score! Just my view, I don’t rate half our players at moment, they do the job but nothing more!

  31. barton12 says:
    January 3, 2010 at 12:34 pm
    Yeah we said Owen would score goals as well

    He did when he was fit. His goal scoring record wasn’t that bad for us actually.

  32. Comes with backage does he! Does that mean he is actually older than stated. ;)
    I agree with Axel and others however that we do not want any more prima donna’s with baggage in the dressing room unless, they are of the Ronaldo variety. Although obviously we can’t get him, perhaps there is a younger version in S. America or Africa waiting to be spotted

  33. Yes, let’s hope Jermaine doesn’t do something stupid like score a hat trick today, because that will jeopardize the move. Think he will be a very good signing for the team – we need more goals in the second half of the season.
    Good to see Kadar having such a good game yesterday – and let’s hope we sign some more top class youngsters in January – Howay The Lads!!

  34. Good Finish by Beckford.
    He has just gone upto £3mil now haha
    Come on Leeds smash the red filth !

  35. Chips (leeds fan) newcastle have fallen from grace and most of us supporters realise that mate, we just have to look at the players we buy these days compared to KK and SBR era. But for some reason leeds fans still talk like they’re a major player in english football, we’re sh1te compared to what we used to be, leeds are even worse. Until we are both back in the prem (soon hopefully) we have to realise what we are, second rate in our case, third rate in yours. Only deluded leeds fans and meths drinkers still think you’re a major players these days, but I honestly hope both clubs will be firmly established in the premiership soon, when i see clubs that get 5000-10000 gates at FA cup games and are in the premiership it makes me sick.

  36. After that goal the likes of hull Bolton Wigan will all be wanting beckford now to try and save themselves from the drop

  37. He’s bound to wanna go to their like, like.
    Who wouldn’t?
    Hot-beds of not only football, but culture too.

  38. Mikey2736
    You say Guthrie is our only creative midfielder. Can I ask do you go to the games? Guthrie is one of the worst passers of a football I have ever seen. Has his head down first instinct to pass backwards to simpson never gets into the penalty box. If you think he is our currently best then god knows what you think of the rest

  39. I think Bolton,Stoke,Burnley or Wigan will be where Beckford will end up,possibly Birmingham or Wolves might come in as well.
    They way we are playing right now I don’t think automatic promotion is a banker so I think he will go to a prem team if anyone wants him.

  40. I like how a few hours ago people were doubting if he’s good enough for us, now they seem disappointed and think he will have better options after one goal in the cup!

  41. come on he’s got to be worth a chance he’s the same age as owen when he signed and obv scorein goals at tthe min owen wasnt yet we still paid 16 million we must of been mad at least 2 mill isnt much of a gamble considering the money we got for selling players last year!!!

  42. sjt
    Take on board they are premier league clubs. Bolton,Burnley and Wigan can’t even attract 20,000 for home games. Surely 50,000 every other week must hold some atrraction.
    Mcgeady of celtic would be a great signing.
    Pace and delivery

  43. Agreed Clint-Still think a prem team (status) would turn his head.
    I think Rooney and the Commentator are having an affair :)

  44. Come on Leeds! Dirty man u scum. Never mind beckford, he plays like a spoilt baby… Good goal though.

  45. ManU have a very young team out today, shades of Beckham, Scholes, Neville, Butt etc. Can’t see them becoming also rans for a few years yet. If Leeds manged to get another quick goal then they might just nick the game. I’m expecting ManU to run out eventual winners though 3-1 or thereabouts. Leeds look to be expanding a lot of energy to contain them. Beckfords goal was well taken but he hasn’t had many other chances provided to him. So I reckon the jury is still out.

  46. SJT,
    i get ya’, but would you go & live/work there?

    You are absolutely bang on about the commentator & rooney, it’s puke inducing isn’t it.
    It’s also funny how all manu’s hacking at leeds is unintentional &
    not worthy of even a foul, yet alone a card.
    Laugh a minute.

  47. @patsy I don’t get to as many games as I would like but yeah I go 1 maybe twice a month depending on away games.
    Guthrie can pass, he is not what I would class as creative tho, more neat! He picks out some lovely passes tho and I’m pretty sure he is top of assists for us? And he is being played out of position. I like him though, smith is there to break up the play but not much more, butt is broken now, nolan plays better off a striker so out of those in middle id play guths!
    One thing I would like to point out is I wish we had as much get up and go as leeds have shown.

  48. Rangerman says:
    January 3, 2010 at 2:06 pm
    I like how a few hours ago people were doubting if he’s good enough for us, now they seem disappointed and think he will have better options after one goal in the cup!

    First time in my life I agree with you.

    Pathetic and fickle some people, stick to your own opinions ffs.

  49. Alright lads, missed leeds/man utd and Beckfords goal, how was it and how’s he played since?…I was watching the old firm, Rangers were terrible and Boyd did nowt. I dont think he’s ever scored against Celtic, or maybe once. Decision made regarding who we buy? haha

  50. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 3, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    “rooney tries to ‘curl one off’, the only player that can do that, apparently.”

    Don’t be disgusting, Clint.

  51. worky,
    their words not mine.

    Ok, maybe in paraphrased them a tad.
    But they are down his pants, are they not?

  52. Why cannot we play football like Leeds are doing? They knock it about don’t they?

    Beckford looks a right handful

  53. I definately think we need to step up our efforts to sign Beckford. I’ve been really impressed with him today although I bet we aren’t the only ones watching him.

  54. Whats the bets we dont sign Beckford?…lol. From what i’ve seen of him today he’s looked lively, he’s scored a potential winner, been rewarded with the MOTM. Would be typical that we havent actually been in for him at all and he ends up somewhere like Bolton or Wigan.

  55. 20 mins? At Old Trafford? Wrong, dont you guys know anything? It’s next goal wins at OT :D

  56. Wonder how much he will cost now, but wasn’t it so nice to see Man U out at the first time of asking

  57. So i wonder if manu played shite in the pundits eyes?
    How are they gonna talk this one round?

  58. Like i’ve said, i just hope to god there was already a deal in place to bring him here after this game because you’ll no doubt get the Premiership stragglers all throwing their name into the hat for him now. Bottom half of the table who’ll fight the relegation battle need someone to fire them to safety. Beckford would be well worth a gamble at his price….providing he’s still on the market. Lets hope he isnt.

  59. What’s the chances now of beckford saying he wants to stay to get Leeds back to former glory? If only we’d bid 1.5mil a few days ago!! don’t think he did enough to warrant an increase in price tho, just sat on the shoulder of brown all game but used his pace well!

    We’d struggle to beat Leeds, can see them going up twice in a row. Have some good players and a lot of heart. We would have been slaughtered if we played man u!

  60. Ross says:
    January 3, 2010 at 3:00 pm
    Like i’ve said, i just hope to god there was already a deal in place to bring him here after this game.

    Made me chuckle….I don’t think so.

    Owen’s Scuff was quality looks even more crap on the replay.

  61. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 3, 2010 at 3:04 pm
    Are manu ‘offically’ plop now then?

    Not quite yet but I think this is the start of a decline for them.

    With their financial position as it is I don’t see them splashing the cash as they use to.

    Every era comestoan end some time.

  62. Agree Mikey Leeds would have a field day against us,they have drive,passion and belief which goes along way in football.

    Even a goal up in the second half they still attacked and on another day could have scored a few more.

  63. I think y’right Stuart.
    They don’t look good & their youth ain’t that good either.


  64. I was impressed with the way Leeds passed and moved.

    It makes me wonder why we cannot play like that.

    Suppose you play as your manager wants you to.

  65. I think both Man U and Liverpool would take serious money to get to where they used to be,Watching both FA cup games neither looked very impressive and without Torres and Gerrard Liverpool are nothing startling.
    Benitez has razzed loads of cash on crap and would cost around 20m to shift (as well as all his back room staff) and backing a new manager in their financial position aint going to happen.

  66. rudolph’s bought some dogs recently.
    anderson is cack, as is nani, & a lot of the ‘others’ are talked up a lot but not all that.
    berbertov looked crap today, ruined his career at manu, owen & rooney, pap also today. No depth at the back too.

  67. sirjasontoon says:
    January 3, 2010 at 3:05 pm
    Ross says:
    January 3, 2010 at 3:00 pm
    Like i’ve said, i just hope to god there was already a deal in place to bring him here after this game.

    Made me chuckle….I don’t think so.

    I wouldnt say its out of the question. I’m not saying money has been exchanged but there’s nothing to say a verbal agreement hasnt been made.

  68. Agree Leeds passed and moved well and they seem very fit and kept attacking.
    See Ferguson looks to have bottled being interviewed :)

    Boooooooooo Hoooooooooooo!

  69. Stuart,
    leeds had nowt to lose today though.
    A shot to nothing, all credit for not trying to sit back too deep though, most teams would have.

  70. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    January 3, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    Generally Leeds play like that. They pass and move really well, and with Beckford on the shoulder of the last defender they find the space to find that killer ball tohim.

    You can see why their top of their league playing like that.

  71. There is nothing to say anything is agreed-everything is sources or sources close to Beckford and that’s about it.

    Make of it what you will…just don’t lose too much sleep over it or build up your hopes too much.


  72. I’m a wee bias due to loathing man u but they’re teetering like Liverpool! The scholes, giggs of the old regime are no more and their latest batch ain’t the best…they do have some great kids who aren’t ready! They’re going to have to strengthen but with so much debt can they afford to? Arsenal are going to be the big boys again in the next season or 2!

  73. Big Willy dont become a pundit!!!!!
    Course I think we are a major team , Im a Leeds fan and will always think that!!!!You get 40000+ gates and we regulary get 30000+ and that will take us both back to the Prem. After todays result it might even be quicker (hopefully) than we thought!
    Havent changed my mind about Beckford tho , altho his price might have risen slightly!

  74. Congrats to Leeds, nice to be proved wrong. I expected them to run out of steam but if anything they seemed to be getting stronger towards the end. Beckford missed one (difficult) chance to put the game to bed and ManU copied our recent games by missing a lot of chances although Leeds defended well to make them difficult ones. I didn’t think Beckford was MOM though, Vecchio was better but Crowe or the bandaged centre back should have got it imo. I’m still not convinced by Beckford but he wouldn’t be the worst signing we could make during the window.

  75. Chips yeah you are right, perhaps I should go onto MOD with the other clueless bu**ers. :)

  76. Nah Chelski and Man City are going to be the boys over the next few years…City will be getting Torres and Gerrard if liverpool don’t get in the champions lge this season according to rumours.

  77. Beckford is exactly what we need and havent got, a natural finisher, although the commentator was rubbish, he got the similarity to Andy Cole spot on.
    Lets hope Baldrick had the deal sorted before the game but i fear the worst that we have dithered and missed the boat yet again.
    All credit to Leeds for standing up to the bullies and giving as good as they got, great game and result, Owen gave a perfect snapshot of what he gave us for a kings ransom, nowt!

  78. bigbadbob says:
    January 3, 2010 at 3:31 pm

    A friend of mine is a Leeds fan and he reckons the nearest person he can compare him to is Andy Cole. Reckons he does miss a few chances but he’s in the right place at the right time and doesn’t go hiding if he misses.

  79. Beckford is going no where! Leeds showed that they have the heart to compete against a so called super club and win Super Leeds Forever!!!

  80. Would swop Beckford for any of our strikers as I don’t rate any of them.
    Looked hungry and was very unlucky with that angled shot across goal.

    If he comes to Newcastle cool..I just don’t think it will happen and other clubs will come in and offer more money or better wages/terms.

  81. yorkyleeds says:
    January 3, 2010 at 3:36 pm
    Beckford is going no where! Leeds showed that they have the heart to compete against a so called super club and win Super Leeds Forever!!!

    I’m afraid money talks.

    Leeds are in Div 1 were in the Championship and looking good to get promoted.

    We could sign him now for next season for nothing. Or you could get £1.5m for him now.

    It’s just the natural food chain, at the minute you’re near the bottom, that’s just the way it is.

  82. Chips fairplay, if toon and leeds supporters can share anything a hatred of man utd can be that thing. and yes hopefully we can both get back to the prem soon, but without spending more than they can afford. no more FFS or risdale style ownership/chairmanship. good luck mate.

  83. Yorky I am afraid Beckford is moving onto pastures new and if not in this window will go on a free at the end of the season.
    Just think you could buy 10 division 3 players for £1.25 million.

  84. And to you jay jay! Shame about Jason tho !! Just think it wasnt that long ago we could have bought Newcastle for 1.25 mill!!!!!

  85. I was simply pointing out Leeds will lose Beckford either nowe or later in my opinion, I wasn’t trying to cause offence Mr Chips and think you are over reacting slightly.

    If I wanted to cause offence I don’t think I would have been praising Leeds in earlier comments.

  86. OK Accept my apolagies,Im still on a high!!! but we wouldnt be buying players for 125000 if we want to go up!!

  87. Shame hughton doesn’t have balls cos 4-3-3 with lover..Carroll..beckford would be scary!
    Still think were favourites to get him, he’ll warm the bench with most other teams and half season in top fizzy before premiership will show his worth! He ain’t ready for big league yet and he knows it!

  88. Not sure about Beckford – his first touch is awful (both Southgate and Poyet mentioned it as well), however he’s probably worth a punt at 2 million, reminds me a bit of Ameobi tho and I doubt he’ll cut it at prem level
    saying that I dont rate any of our current strikers and reckon the only one that would be signed by a prem club (albeit a club like stoke, hull or bolton) is Carroll who can throw his weight about in the box similar to kevin davies

  89. When Leeds were at their peak the gates were in the mid 40,000s. It,s still better than some of the clubs currently masquerading as EPL teams (we all know who they are) but it,s not exactly mega club status. I would concede that they ought to be an EPL side and probably will get back there but they still have to get through the Championship which is a tough league to get out of. We are by no means there yet although we shouldn’t fail from the position we are in. Should we?

  90. Mikey2736 says:
    January 3, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    “Shame hughton doesn’t have balls cos 4-3-3 with lover..Carroll..beckford would be scary!”

    Mikey, 4-3-3 is generally a formation for teams of the highest order generally, and you need a central midfielder with a special combination of qualities. In geordie terms like a Rob Lee, someone who can defend with the best of them one minute, then creative with excellent passing and vision the next. We don’t really have a player with those qualities ATM unless, perhaps, Barton finally fulfills his potential but there’s alot of wishful thinking in that. Maybe if Hughton could poach some players from Barcelona, Chelsea or Madrid for a couple of million or so.

  91. According to my source (next door neighbour of Leeds FD) Leeds will not let Beckford go for less than 5 million or equivalent in swop value for other players. Also said no offer yet made by Newcastle. All paper supposition.

  92. madbazoo says:
    January 3, 2010 at 4:36 pm

    “According to my source (next door neighbour of Leeds FD) Leeds will not let Beckford go for less than 5 million”

    Chuffin’ Nora!

  93. Madbazoo, so your source sees Beckford as being about equal to Shola in swap terms. :)

  94. always thought 2 mil tops is the going rate for any player in the last 6 months of his contract, why would Leeds gamble on a situation where they would lose the player for nothing when if they acted early they could have the cash to buy new players?
    cant see Leeds snubbing a decent cash offer and 5 mil is a ridiculous demand if its true, if they wanted to keep him im sure they could have given him a better contract, its a bit late now and blocking any move is not the answer

  95. WH are winning 1-0, I therefore confidently predict that Arsenal will go on to win 3-1. ;)

  96. Valuation is based on added financial benefit to Leeds of automatic promotion as well as player valuation. Leeds not in need of cash anymore (just banked £750,000 from today)so not desperate to sell to survive.

    Contract is already on table and indications are he will sign it but it is conditional on promotion. Hence the delay.

    Read the comments Grayson made after today’s game. Watch the hug they gave each other after the game, there is no rift but that doesn’y make a good story for the press does it?

  97. sirjasontoon, message 68:

    Do you have to be such a racist spastic or is it your natural state of being? Idiot.

  98. So he is not likely to sign during the current window,sounds very similar to the previous few where we somehow never got so called transfer targets. Deja Vu or what.

  99. And with that goal sparks another dramatic transfer window for Newcastle United……now what? God damn, i thought this jan would be different

  100. hahahaha wickywoowoowoo – i take it you enjoy wearing checky skirts , you plonker.

  101. Wow Workey, BBM, etc.
    Getting plenty of hits, guess it`s a matter of hitting on a subject with a bit of controversy.

    Certainly differing opinions regarding Beckford, Personally rather spend a bit more and get Moses, perhaps a part cash + player exchange, give em Carroll,who`s never going to be that good,leave us with a youngish group of strikers and if we can pick up Beckford too, be set for the future with Beckford, Moses, Ranger and Shola.

  102. Lets not panic guys if we dont get beckford then hughton will turn elsewhere , i hope boyd above helguson or harewood .

  103. On reconsidering, in regard to Moses seems the reason Palace are willing to sell is they need the money badly, therefore a part cash plus player would`nt do it.
    Leeds claim they need a replacement, how about a straight swap for Carroll, who in my not so humble opinion, will never be better than a Chopra.
    Again, with Moses, Ranger, Beckford and Shola up front, plus Simpson and Kilgallon added to the defence, could be the beginning of a rebuilding program, which could result in a competitive young PL side.
    Yeah I have heard figures like 4m. quoted for Carroll and less than 2m. for Beckford, If that`s a fact then grab the 4m.

  104. sirjasontoon and Roy Cropper,

    I am Scottish, you fools. I hope an angry young Nigerian visits your area very soon.

  105. Don’t get your bagpipes in a Twist you Tartan Mug.
    Just because I described the football as Tartan Plop it does not make me a Racist.

  106. There was a time when all of the best teams in England had Scots in them. They are more used to the English lifestyle and climate and I for one would be happy to see Boyd, Mcgeachan or Miller signing for us. I reckon Boyd would be a better prospect than Beckford.

  107. I noticed Grayson has said that there would have to be an offer they could’t refuse for them to sell Beckford now. This is probably just talk to try and extract as much cash out of Newcastle as possible.

    This one could go down to the last day of the window I reckon.

    If Leeds don’t wanna play ball I would get him signed on a pre contract agreement, that would piss Leeds off.

  108. Stuart79 – Im pretty sure players from English clubs cant sign pre-contracts with other English clubs until a month before the contract expires. Its 6 if either of the teams is not in the same country though. Not 100% certain like, but i’m sure i’ve heard that before.

  109. toonsy says:
    January 3, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    I only thought you could as I think I remember the speculation regarding Owen last January signing a pre contract agreement.

    Sure someone will know.

  110. apparently 45 % of whatever leeds get for beckford goes to his previous club, ridiculous i know so 1.5 million will be pointless to leeds we got 750,000 today plus whatever we get against spurs thats already paid for beckford itself.

  111. If Leeds don’t wanna play ball I would get him [Beckford]signed on a pre contract agreement, that would piss Leeds off says Stuart79.

    That, Stuart, sounds like wishful thinking that we use a bit of foresight!! Have we ever under the current junta?

    Happy new year folks and let’s just hope that WBA start slipping up to help restore the 10pt gap we had!

  112. Scandinavians!!!!!! Per ciljan skjelbred from rosenbiorg
    the lads a toon fan and quality player ge also wants to come
    our chairman us mackem