Beckford fair game for Newcastle, as he hands Leeds a transfer request?

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Maybe a Magpie?
Maybe a Magpie?
Despite shying away from continuous transfer speculation, it would be a bit folly not to mention this snippet from the BBC website, on a day when Newcastle allegedly raised the bid for Jermaine Beckford.

‘Leeds United striker Jermaine Beckford has handed in a transfer request, his agent has told BBC Radio 5 live.

Beckford, 26, scored United’s goal as they clinched a shock 1-0 win over Manchester United at Old Trafford in round three of the FA Cup on Sunday.

He has been linked with a move away from the League One leaders to Championships side Newcastle. Beckford, who joined the Elland Road outfit from non-League Wealdstone in 2006, is out of contract in the summer.’

So with Leeds having lined up replacements, and us reportedly upping our bid, is this a case of the player helping to leverage a deal that would seem him join us in the January transfer window. With initial statements throughout the media, suggesting we wanted to wrap up deals before the Reading game , could this all happen sooner than we thought?

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247 Responses

  1. Hope so. Up front is the one position i worry about although its yet to be seen if he can make the step up to the next level.

    Its on the BBC site so it probably isn’t lies, Sky aren’t reporting it yet though and there is nothing to say the Leeds have to accept the transfer request, although it’s foolish not to.

  2. Aston Villa have also tabled a bid today and Birmingham are expected to join the circus tomorrow when their malaysian owner returns.oth appear willing to match Leeds price of £2.5m

  3. MOT has been reported to be in contact with Leeds United yesterday evening.

    So it looks like a three horse race between Necastle, Aston Villa & Sporting de Braga.

    I doubt Leeds will accept less than £3M

  4. EW – Possibly, although i’ve not heard anything about other bids and this is one i’ve been watching closely.

  5. well lads for me he will not be coming to the toon,being tapped up by a club in EPL,thats my feeling hope we have plan C

  6. It would be foolish for him to move to Villa..How many games is he going to get there?

    Wouldn’t mind Victor moses though, worst case scenario get harewood back on loan and look for a striker in summer (when hopefully we are promoted).

    Birmingham bidding for Mcgeady and Babel.. I do sometimes wonder how we are gonna compete with some of these teams without serious investment in the summer!

    OT- What ever happened to that lad we signed aaron spear i think? Was touted as the next Rooney….

  7. Would he be in front of heskey?
    I would have heskey in a heartbeat, with either Carol or Ranger as his folly.
    If he goes to Villa, end of the day though, we need someone up front who knows where the net is !!!!

  8. We’ve been putting in offer for the last 2-3 days but only now he put’s in a transfer request. I don’t think he’s toon bound!

  9. If we been putting bids in for the last few days Jay Jay and leeds have knocked us back and he now puts in a transer req I would take that he wants to come to us

  10. If beckford had any sense he would look at delph! Strikers need to play and he would be first choice for us, villa he’d be way down the pecking order!
    I think we should use the pennies saved on killa to whack a good bid to palace as they’re struggling big time with money!

  11. ALCHEMIST;move to villa not out of ques m o!neil is no mug could move heskey/crew out in window that really would give them a lot of pace up front just a thought

  12. It is reported on sky woop woop now shola will have competition it might make him pull his finger out or from the way he’s been playing lately its his arm he needs to pull out.
    Has anyone ever mentioned villa as a place he wants to go I seen the statement he sent out in the summer when we first got relegated he says he wants to go to us but we coward away or Ashley coward away the fat shit house.
    A Beckford Ranger front line would please me and a lot of other Newcastle fans.

  13. Heskey,Ranger and Carroll=Goalfest :) non of them can hit a cows arse with a banjo.

  14. Money on Heskey to rejoin Liverpool from Villa and Beckfod to join Villa. Delph is 19 and has played in 4 of the last 6 games !!! Beckford would talk to Delph and know what the score is.
    Five ‘substantial’ bids on Beckford to join Villa today. Odds have gone from 25/1 to 7/4. Newcastle have gone from 1/2 to evens. So still favourites but closing.

  15. Bri all that tells us is what we already know, yes he has handed in a TR but it doesn’t mean he is coming to the toon. jonho toon why wouldn’t he just hand in a TR when our innitial offer was made? I think maybe another club has turned his head. hope i’m wrong though mate, usually am!

  16. Watched the Man U. game, could`nt care less about Beckford, not all that.
    If we are serious about rebuilding, now`s the time to try for Vic Moses @ Palace, a much better prospect than Beckford, could be worth real money in a coupla years.
    Ashley should think about it as an investment that will appreciate with time.
    as for “The Killa”, can fill in for Collo. or Enrique, give him the dosh Ash.

  17. Well if it’s true villa have put in a bid they’re likely to get him, obviously something has happened today to make him suddenly put in a transfer request – oh well next please

  18. I said Beckford will go to the premiership Stu79 didn’t good to land him but I doubt we will.
    I mean we couldn’t even attract K’gallon from Sheffield United FFS :)

  19. Abysmal transfer window alert!! same as all the rest under the Fat Cockney Steptoe.

  20. A note to fans of teams who miss out on Beckford: Just be thankful, you would wonder what all the fuss is about! He’s 26 & scored all his goals in Division 3 and if Tiger Woods had a touch like Beckfords he wouldn’t be sat at home nursing a 9 iron clubbed face! Thanks for getting us top of the league & doing the biz on Sunday (MOTM he was not!), good riddance!

  21. He won’t end up at the Toon, Smithy will know from speaking to friends/family (all Leeds fans) about Beckfords touch/attitude & will surely have let Hughton know

  22. Harewood wasn’t given a fair chance in my opinion,better than shola,Carrol,’Krands and Ranger…too expensive for Big Mike.

  23. SIRJASONTOON;will us fans never learn has ash ever been anything but a con man batty will keep you right he knows the score,chuck;moses is a great prospect,dream on pal its ash we are talking about might?get one or two loans

  24. I learned young I was one of the 1st Ashley Haters on the old nufcblog – it’s my claim to fame.
    I was saying earlier the backlash will be massive if he doesn’t spend in this window,I see minimum spend/massive fan backlash/players heads vanishing up backsides/slipping down the table/houghton clueless to help/failed promotion/club back up for sale in the next window/no buyers again and no transfers… a broken record.

  25. MOTM he was not!
    Maybe not but he sure made wes brown look poor.

    Who was MOTM on Sunday? The fellow in the back with the bandage (Kissnorbo) ? Or one of the two in the middle Doyler and Killkenny?

    For the OP; Delph is doing fine for us. He is being bonded in. Remember he has just turned 20 before Christmas…

  26. it still defeats me why people thinks heskey is a good player,or is that were i went wrong iplayed at a fair standard hes me thinking it was the booze/woman and song and a dad that kicked my arse to work

  27. Ashley aint gonna pay £250k loan fee :)
    Harewood has gone now and can’t see him coming back.

    Does anyone rate Pancrate?
    Not convinced TBH.

  28. Beckford handed in his transfer request before the Man U game according to a Leeds club statement. Grayson won’t let him go on the cheap – my money is on 3m to Villa, where he’ll warm the bench.

  29. Pancrate looked poor against Argyle, although he hasn’t really had a chance to get match fit, definitely worth keeping at least for back up.

    Also would you rather have a 1 in 3 striker for £250k (free transfer in May/June) or a striker that will take our whole transfer budget for Jan with the touch of Marlon and no record above 3rd division? I admit Marlon is no premier league hotshot but priority is promotion and I for one think we could do a lot worse.

  30. I don’t think he will be coming here,said that from day 1.
    I said a prem team would come in Stuart79 didn’t agree.

  31. I think Harewood done good when he got service,our service is generally poor or misguided so 5 goals was decent.
    Harewood is far batter than anyone else at the club.

  32. have not seen him that much to say (pancrate) but he is french i am a bit suss of them,they say bex is going to villa marlon the other way

  33. I think we should pretend it’s Feb the 1st already, be more than happy with keeping what we have, get Barton fit and Marlon in for 6 more months and pray no-one ‘cept WBA can find any decnt form between now and May. Oh and do something about Simpson, please!!!

  34. All due respect, not a massive Harewood fan. Easy for me to say, but I felt like he got lucky in that most of his chances were just bundled in. I don’t think we would have gone from strength to strength. Just my opinion like, but I believe Hughton probably agrees, hence we’ll not get him back. I think he gave him a good go actually but that he wasn’t convincing enough.

  35. Not totally convinced with Simpson as his distribution is awfull although I do admire is attitude.

  36. Marlon Harewood got a goal every three games. This goal ratio coming off the back of an injury, no pre-season training and about 7 years without a match at Aston Villa. That is impressive and he is a proven goal machine at Championship level and again proved it with us.

    If Aston Villa steal Beckford from us, would O’Neill let us have Marlon the Mauler back without the stupid loan fee?

  37. True BBM but he did improve though…I don’t care if he looks s**te as long as we go up (2nd place with goal difference on 3rd will do!)

    BTW Kilbane is looking likely to be available to follow up my tip for cover for Jonas from a few days a go. Also Klasnic at Bolton is only on loan, with no manager might be worth a shot at short term loan with full time signing depending on promotion (unlikely i know!)

  38. Harewood will never be a Drogba sure-but compared to the Shite we have Shola,Ranger,Lovenkrands and Caroll who are nowhere near harewood’s level he should have stayed at least for the2nd half of the season.

  39. We represent his absolute best option.
    He obviously wants out, master bates is trying to play fast & loose.
    They should take the money offered, it’s good money for someone out of contract in months.
    leeds fans are bound to be bitter about him, it’s their prerogative.
    Him playing in the chumpionship, with a good chance of getting into the prem is the perfect situation.
    Rather than way too much expectation on him going straight to the prem.

  40. bowburnmag says:
    January 6, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    “I think he gave him a good go actually but that he wasn’t convincing enough.”

    I think that Hughton used him like a workhorse to keep his permanent strikers fresh and fit for a long season.

  41. Clint-he aint coming my friend :)
    I really can”t see it to be honest,I am more confident we will sell someone like Nolan on the last day of the window so Mike can bank the cashola.

  42. My genuine gut feeling is that Harewood got lucky with us and while he got goals, I wouldn’t say he fits the category of ‘prolific’. He had a half-decent spell but ultimately got what? 1 in every 4 or something? Fairly similar at West Ham and Villa.

    Mine main issue is that he isn’t doing enough to warrant being on the pitch if he’s not scoring. Other centre forwards who aren’t prolific, hold the ball up, or chase things down, create or contribute in some other way. I honestly don’t think he does that.

    I’d be happy if he ends up back at West Ham.

  43. Give us a chance sjt! He hasn’t gone anywhere yet. Still cannot see why a potential top four team would want to take that risk

  44. Sorry I was initially referring to his Forest days when I started off. That might help… :)

    Aye worky, I probably agree but I don’t think he really worked hard enough over the period he was here. And always looked on his heels. Not slating the kid, he was by far not the worst centre forward we’ve ever had. And arguably our other forwards are limited too. I guess I’m just looking for a striker that really gives us another gear.

  45. Got a really bad feeling about promotion…I think we will secure a pile of plop or nothing in the window,then start the slip down the table.

  46. cornish – aye well exactly. Perhaps if we’d been using wingers a bit more, then it might have been a different story but he ultimately wasn’t effective enough at the role he was given in my opinion.

    And I agree, our style of play needs the wingers to weigh in with the likes of Nolan, playing off our target men, and scoring goals.

  47. The fact is, in my opinion anyway, we have been most effective either as 4-5-1 with Nolan as the “second striker” or when we have had 4-4-2 with Lovenkrands up front.

    Lovenkrands is vital to that formula working properly and we never give him enough matches to get a partnership going. The ONLY time we did was with Harewood and they were scoring for fun and Lovenkrands said he wanted Marlon to stay longer. Marlon subsequently left and Lovenkrands is back to sitting on the bench again.

    Lovenkrands is vital to our promotion chances, the management just need to realise it.

  48. I think service and pace from the midfield is poor,we break out of defence like slugs.

  49. The only time we ever break quickly is when Jose goes off on one. We need two or three players with that ability, drive and pace.

    (edited) – sorry, occasionally Gutierrez but more often than not, it’s down a blind alley…

  50. Anyway, my tips for the window before I pop off for the night. Kilbane on loan, some rubbish RB on loan until May (after Simpson goes back) and Nolan/Smith/AN other first teamer to leave on the last day of the window.


    Beckford, Simpson, Harewood, with Carroll off to Bolton with no other outgoings.

    (2nd set of options please Mr Ashley)

  51. Quick question BBM-Have you been impressed with the football first half of the season?
    I gotta admit I think it is a pile of steaming dogshit.
    Very ineffective and most of the teams in the championship are glorified pub teams.

  52. bowburnmag,

    I think Lovenkrands will get goals if we play him properly. He never gets a proper run in the team and it’s impossible for him to play the position no one else can play without time in the spot.

    If any striker should be criticised for not scoring – it has to be Ranger. He has had about 5 times the match time that Lovenkrands has and has scored less.

    Age is not the point, he is a poor finisher.

  53. I think Mike will cash in on Nolan…got a sneaky feeling and it will be when the window is half shut :)

  54. Don’t rate Ranger at all….pace,strength and fk all else,If he was a darts player he would come with a health and safety warning….DANGEROUSLY BAD.

  55. SJT,
    not saying he’s coming mate, just that we represent his best scenario.
    He’d be mad to bench-warm a top half prem club, no point.
    He could become a hero here.
    & be in the prem on merit.

  56. I see you moved deftly on from the leotard there sjt…

    Overall and in terms of our style, in a word – no.

    I think we’re a long way short of being a good football side but I think we have some good players who are making the difference.

    I am, however, impressed with individuals and the graft we’ve been putting in. Particularly hunting in packs and closing things down. Also, obviously we look great defensively, which we’ve been crying out for. I just hope we can begin to build on that, and start playing some decent stuff. I believe we’ve got the foundations.

  57. See, now Ranger I like.

    For these reasons –

    – Composed
    – Brings others into play
    – Works hard
    (edited) – Should have mentioned the main thing he’s here for – he’s scored goals at all levels so far given time.

    I’m as disappointed as everyone else that the goals haven’t come. But because of the points above and his age, I’d be willing to give him much more time.

  58. bowburnmag,

    I also like Ranger and I think he has potential to be a good striker – however, if you are going to judge Lovenkrands on not being prolific with the injury, no pre-season and his personal problems, then I think its fair we comment on Ranger’s almost magic ability to miss open goals.

    In reality, its probably unfair to judge either of them but if Lovenkrands is open to comment, then Danger Ranger has to be also.

  59. To be fair, Lovenkrands has done alright. My point about Lovenkrands was just that I think we need someone more prolific than any of the strikers on our books. But I guess I’m stating the bleeding obvious there :)

  60. bowburnmag says:
    January 6, 2010 at 8:52 pm

    “Aye, or somebody like Lovenkrands but more prolific”

    If you give him a run, as a striker, he isn’t that bad at all, and he’s different to the other big lumps.

  61. Ah I think Lovenkrands is quick mind.

    But he sometimes suffers from Feredayitis and doesn’t always take the ball with him or use it well at pace.

  62. I could actually see Lovenkrands & Ranger turning into a very good strike duo for this division . Ranger can hold a ball up and make space for others he is strong and puts himself about . Lovenkrands has the pace to feed off Ranger the lad is a striker and not a winger . His best season with Rangers he was used through the middle and not out wide .

  63. Dont think Lovenkrans and Ranger would Have enough strength as a partnership especially in the rough and tumble of the fizzypop league

  64. I think Simon Grayson should let beckford go for sod all in summer. If he doesnt sulk about it he can help get Leeds promoted. If he does sulk then let him play reserve team football. 2million is no good at all to Leeds United, all its going to do is line Bates pocket. Why he wants to go to Newcastle i have no idea, Championship football maybe, But a relagation fight the year after in the Prem?No good for nobody!

  65. Lovenkrands should get more game time, then we could make a proper judgement, not assumptions based on subjective preferences.
    But anyhoo,
    if the strikers got good early balls, i’m ssure they’d do better. All this waiting around for the cross is killing our attack, the suppliers have to have to be a bit more speculative & take a few risks.

  66. Soz Rangerman I thought you meant where are Villa supporters getting the gen.
    Skybet have the odds as follows:
    NUFC 1/3
    VILLA 5/2

  67. If sky bet knew of any interest from Villa it would have been all over sky sports news by now, they’ve got a reputation for claiming ‘sources’ told them things to encourage people to place bets with them.

  68. I think we should get harewood back.. Proven at this level. We can the reassess our options in summer in terms of a striker who can cut it in the prem.

    Let Villa have him for 3 million! Maybe we could try and get vela and wiltshire on loan.. Tbh any striker we buy now is probably not what we would need for the prem. Harewood might be lazy but 1 in 3 is good enough for me!!

  69. Is this another Fatash scam –
    “We tried for two plyers that would improve the team but we couldnt get them.”
    Followed by
    “The other plyers available were no better than we already have”
    “We have swooped to get two very promising youngsters from ”
    and then of course
    “the fans are magnificent and should get behind the team to ensure promotion”

    Heard it all before and the best thing is that some of you will swallow it once again

  70. Still think a creative midfielder is the No1 priority followed by defensive cover. Then perhaps a pacey forward – oh to dream

  71. He’s the owner, not the chairman or manager.

    Although i reckon the snow is down to him being in league with the divil.

  72. Lads I think we mostly need back ups really, as we can put out a decent 11. we have Pancrate who I think will be good with a bit of time to settle in, plus we have Barton to come back soon. As for strikers I thing we swap and change too much I think we have good strikers but I think they need regular playing time together to form a bond.

  73. hell low every one,
    My name is bobby shinton number 9.
    Ewe can play games with my name but ultimately if ewe put “ASHLEY” in two predictive text ewe will find it spells “CRIKEY”. fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Try it!!

  74. Eye ham absolutely fizzin!!!
    Wee are back two the stage of offering £1m for a 26 yr old championship player AND wee are surprised when he knocks us back?
    Is that how far this club has gone back? Have ewe ever wondered hoo is doing the negotiations?
    I mean that the club didn’t want keegan getting involved in them when he was manager.!! Probably the most influential person in football!
    So, we now have Derek “the owl” Lambias doing the negotiations? Oar is it the big personality Chris “the staid” Hughton? Hoo else can it bee?
    Eye find it absolutely astonishing that we have “supposedly” according two the “staid” that we wood have deals done at an early stage and killer was one of them,and we end up getting rejected.!!
    A club with recent crowds nearing 50k in the championship!! Top of the league with a massive points difference and a little unknown from a poxy club knocks us back? Woo hoo hoo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Eye say, if Hooters is any self respect, then speak up!!!
    As we all no, he didn’t want the job last season when things were going wrong and only jumped at the chance when we started the season well!!
    Ewe probably haven’t realised but I despise CRIKEY with a passion four the weigh he has lowered this club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Bye the weigh, I’m on aboot Kilgallon above knot Becks.
    We won’t get Beckford either.
    The Owl will boar him two death!!!!

  76. Where are the Villa fans getting their odds from on Beckford joining them?
    From the NUFC fans …. Read all posts.

    Anyway items Ken Bates has stated at a fans dinner on monday that he will not be sold for under 4m. Rubbery his agent seems to be looking to cash in on his investment. With NUs lak of funds, we got to be favs now.

  77. @villavillavilla

    Eye have know doubt ewe will be favourites now!! This management is a total joke!!

    I despise Ashley ( predictive text for Ashley is “CRIKEY”).

    Absolutely fizzin!!!

  78. villavillavilla – apparently we’re not prepared to go over £1.5m, so it was probably never likely to happen. Won’t hold my breath on getting a nice surprise.

  79. Carew for Keane seems like an odd swap like, eh?

    Fair play to O’Neill, proper good football bloke and got a great young side there.

    Lucky barstewards ;)

  80. carew def going.i know a bird he shags in london,he is always in london.he loves villa but hates the journey up there each day.

  81. carew def going.i know a bird he shags in london,he is always in london.he loves villa but hates the journey back up there all the time.

  82. Sounds fair enough!

    Reet off to bed, I’m not this good-looking through lack of sleep ;)

    All the best to the Villa lads.

  83. If Villa are in for him- it wont be about money – itll be about a club a few years ahead of us in the PL.

    Beckfords lack of touch bothers me though, not something that can be improved quickly and especially at the pace of the PL.

    Combine that with his ego.

    If we get him – cool – if we dont – cool.

  84. mynameistaken – message 100,

    I think you are correct. We have 4 out and out strikers and a few midfielders who can cover up front also. We have Kadar and Tozer (if needed) as centre back cover too.

    What we really need is someone who can cover left back exclusively (Charlie Mulgrew is my hope, awesome set pieces) and a midfielder who is more interested in creating chances and passes to counter the long ball tactic. We either have defensive midfielders or attacking midfielder who just plough into the box.

    The closest we have to the creative type is Guthrie but I feel he works better as a Nolan type plough into the box type. We need to somehow find a cheap Fabregas, lol.

  85. wicky – there are loads of good players in the SPL who would do a job for us in any position and wouldnt cost a fortune which would suit our tightarse owners.
    Dorrans at WBA, Ferguson at Brum and the right winger for Cardiff ( name?) all came from over the border, we dont need a keeper but the Rangers stopper pulled of the save of the season on Sunday in the dying minutes.

  86. I am Scotish, I know about quality players in the SPL, lol.

    Also, it was a good save but I wouldn’t put McGregor’s save in the same league as some that Harper has made this season.

  87. I don’t really want Beckford…he’s not that good..i rather we go after a creative midfielder..although that won’t happen cause we are pretty stacked in the central midfield…

    PS: What is with Simpson ? is he staying ? and when is Barton coming back ?

  88. if we did get Lavezzi which i doubt we will it would be a great signing for the a club, his a winger/striker, 22 years old and plays for one of the most up and coming teams in italy and is their star players, i heard rumours Liverpool wanted him in summer and before, but if we end getting him, its the sort of player we want if we want to be challenging at right end of the Premier league.

  89. CHRIS Hughton admits time is of the essence in his hunt for January reinforcements as Newcastle United await a decision from Leeds on what they have billed a ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ £1.5m offer for want-away Jermaine Beckford.

    I think I know the answer to that Question.

  90. I am expecting another cheapskate window…as usual,our negotiation skills seem on another planet.
    I think they purposely put in bids that they know will be rejected-just to look busy.

  91. Aye SJT, I think you’re right…. and we’ll end up with nowt at the close of the window.

    Ah well, looks like we’ll be given more fizzy pop next season!

  92. Agree-we will fall to bits second half of the season.
    We can’t score for toffee.

  93. Surely they would do groundwork pre window?
    Seems they don’t even bother.
    Is it the goggle faced owl heed that supposedly gets players in?

  94. Yeah but guys would you rather the club be held to ransom over transfer fees or get the best deal, I mean Beckford is 26 and playing in Divion 3.

  95. If we keep Simpson and get Harewood back on loan then I’d be happy myself.

    I think there is a bit of unwarranted pessimism about our promotion prospects. We’ve played dreadfully over the last few games and still drawn them – the league is panzs and we will go up no worries.

    Beckford is no youngster and I’d rather keep our powder dry for the summer when we can go for a premiership class striker.

  96. Spartan-Beckford is no youngster and I’d rather keep our powder dry for the summer when we can go for a premiership class striker.

    Harewood aint coming back and I personally have zero faith in any of our current strikers to bang the goals in.
    Ranger would surprise me if he scored 1/10 at a push,Shola not convinced,Carroll average,Lovenkrands-undecided but not that optimistic he will have a prolific 2nd half of the season.

  97. ToonKing –

    Simpson is on loan until the 18th Jan.

    Barton is due back late Jan-early/mid Feb apparently.

  98. SirJason

    Shola has been prolific in this league, no-one can deny that, If we can keep Nolan fit we’ll be ok!!! Keep the Faith.

  99. Tis the season for hissyfitters and kneejerkers.

    Q – to all the hissyfitters – if you wanted to buy a player and Ken Bates said to you – I will sell him to you – only if you stab yourself in the heart. Would you do it?

    Paying too much for any player is akin to stabbing the club through the heart – the repeated injuries and leaking of blood over time simply kills off the club.

    NUFC have just had a major operation and by all accounts have a clean bill of health. So let the club negotiate at the levels it can afford to sustain.

    Short term gain long term pain and all that – so lets not buckle when someone dare negotiate with us – thats every day life. And if you overpay for everything in life youd have a miserable existence. Please dont push that thought process onto NUFC.

  100. So Sirjason, apart from those you’ve named @34, we’ve got some really great strikers in the squad then?

  101. SpartanChris – I fear Ameobi has relaxed a little back into his laxy ways. Doesn’t seem half as hungry since he came back. But granted he’s capable of scoring goals down here.

    Stardust – I sort of agree, in as much as it’s too early to spit our dummies out. I think the real fear, justified by past let-downs in the windows, is that the recent news indicates we may not have not planned well again.

    Of course, they might have pulled a fast one, but surely we should have had a good idea that they would be worth pursuing? I just hate the idea that we came into a transfer window with a couple of targets and miss out on them completely. And you know that will wind fans up. Maybe we’ll learn more soon.

  102. BBM – Im the same as any fan – I like to see players coming in – but we have to let go of the past – we should only sign what we can afford.

    Have you seen you mates down at NUST have came out with a spectacular Phase 2 statement – “the investment team are now in place” wahhhh so they started without a plan – its official.

    Wonder how they wil run the club once theyve taken over the world. Wonder if they have geordie player, geordie managers, geordie staff, geordie ticket sellers, geordie commentators, geordie linesmen, geordie refs, geordie pie ladies, geordie mascots, geordie bootcleaners and geordie plug hole cleaners. Theyll have to have volunteers as they havent got the money to run us thats for sure – well until they borrow it.

    Self serving untrustworthy *********s

  103. @bowburnmag , Thx mate , but any news about possibly extending his loan ? i heard Manure want him back….would be a serious loss….

  104. You know NUST are trying (intentionally or through stupidity) to ruin this club.

    They had no plan how to buy us, they have made it up as they go along, that means they have no idea how they will finance future player purchases. Yet still they advertise for money!

    They should know this information and then ask fans for the money – and the fans invest knowing what the long term plans are.

    For those who dont know – NUST will have to borrow heavily over the coming years IF they do not break even or profit in EVERY transfer window from this day forth – they wil also have to BORROW 20million every year to keep pace with what Ashley has done

    So in 5 years we will be looking at owing 100million PLUS interest.


  105. 104 Big Dave says:
    January 6, 2010 at 11:01 pm
    Well batty did you get signed up for the Yes We Can campaign buddy
    <<<<never dont like the robbing tw@ts

  106. I do fear that NUST could lead us into a Portsmouth kind of situation. Unfortunately the PL is a place for clubs with mega rich owners and the NUST is not the answer. Maybe if they’d started the idea 20 years ao it might have been valid, but now I think their attempts are in vain.

  107. Stardust, with your constant dig at geordies and single handed support of the board, would i be correct in assuming that you are in fact a piss taking mackem of the grandest order?

  108. Chris – maybe I was a bit harsh on the pie ladies lol

    After all – all the lads love a bit of geordie ladies pie. I gather visiting stag do’s are very common place.

  109. Btw this is what i think our team will look like after jan:

    Simpson – end of season
    Beckford – 1.5m+
    Cort – end of season ( just so we have someone incase S.Taylor/Coloccini get injured. )

    Geremi – 1m

    Simpson S.Taylor Coloccini Enrique
    Guthrie Nolan Smith(c) Jonas
    Ameobi Beckford.

    Subs: Krul, Cort, R.Taylor, Barton, Lovenkrands, Carroll, Ranger.

  110. BigBadBob – I posted recently re your insecurity after you had a needless and pointless dig at me.

    If the cap fits of the stereotype the bedsheet waving brigade portrays – wear it.

    My view of NUST is valid. They formed in the bedsheet era and nothing has shown me anything other than they are a bunch of morons.

    Be off with you.

  111. STARDUST why are you so anti NUST? Why dont you just let them campaign and try to gain support without barracking them? Is it not good that they are trying to challenge ashley for the club? If they dont succeed then fair enough. At least they have tried. How do you know what backing they may get, when big business is out there but require a factor to persuade them to unite. Dont be so dismissive and let them run their campaign. Its obvious they wont take over the club if they cant afford to run it.

  112. Then hopefully if we go up i would like to see our team something like:

    Simpson – Free
    Ledley – Free
    Belhadj – 1.5m
    Rodaellga – 6.5m
    Dawson – 2.5m

    Butt – Free
    Pancrate – Free
    Zambrella – 500k
    Xisco – 2.5m
    Ranger – Loan ( till jan. )

    Simpson S.Taylor Dawson Enrique
    Ledley Nolan Smith(c) Jonas
    Rodaellga Beckford ( if he can cut it in Champ. )

    Subs: Krul, Coloccini, Belhadj, Barton, Guthrie, Carroll, Ameobi.

  113. daan4toon – 1m for geremi ?!! – stick to playing snowball fights with your friends – stupid boy.

  114. Also BigBadNob (only a knob would call himself Big Bad lol)

    Re Stardust, with your constant dig at geordies

    Why would I do that – I am a Geordie? I just dont like the Geordie Nation Valhalla trumpeted by Morons.

    And re my “single handed support of the board.”

    What you dont recognise – is that I take an objective view – criticise where I think its warranted and dont where I dont.

    Its easy to hate from afar – I choose to put myself in others shoes before I criticise them, as understanding is gained that way (that combined with experience and knowledge)

    But crack on fella – continue in your own little world – with blinkers so tight to the side of your head you can only see a pinholes version of the world.

  115. Roy Cropper – cheers for that there mate, but if we did sell Geremi in this then we would get something for him and most likley to what his wages would be for 6 month which is probably around the 1million pound mark and when the story broke that we had sold him, people were saying the deal was for 1m, but even if am wrong it would by what? 500k or so.

  116. Stardust, from one knob to another, what is so wrong with Mark Jensen and co, they publish and excellent fanzine and i would say they are typical die hard fans, NUST may be a disaster but they mean well and are miles away from the bed sheet brigade you are trying to associate them with.
    Anyway, blinkers on and back to my own little world.

  117. well lads another day another day of doubters,trust in ashley,he got us King kev,now we are flying plenty cash for kev,oops,but got plenty cash in on sales now we will go forward will get better players in joe kin comes in hes the man he will get the cash he needs,got a players in trans windows,oops now we have SIR al we are 110% behind him,oops,how many players have we signed since he came,1 i think,or maybe my memory has gone he might con a lot of good toon fans but not me

  118. Re Stardust says:
    January 7, 2010 at 10:44 am

    And re my “single handed support of the board.”

    Judging by the comments, single handed support for something else as well!

  119. sky sports say 2 bids from the toon have been rejected and a 3rd bid hasent been accepted or rejected leeds say they wont sell untill they got a replacement

  120. Great article on “the tank” we can’t sort ourselve’s out in the current transfer window, but are supposed to believe we are working on next season? This is the great paper that said we had signed killa in a 2m deal yesterday. The sun really does come out of peoples arse’s!

  121. BATTY;dont know about nust,anybody to get rid the fat-cu hearts in right place i surpose but there pockets are in the wrong place

  122. by the end of the season ashley will have done thing too this club in 2 years what would take most people 10 to 15 years to do ie bring back keegan and shearer get us relegated and promoted hes a quick worker :lol: the fat c@nt

  123. cannot blame ashley for missing out killa at sheff utd,told the lad if he dropped his wages toon would take him to great heights thing is lad didnt fancey a ride in his helicoper cannot please everybody i surpose

  124. Why is everyone on a downer re Beckford?

    Just because we have had a couple of bids rejected doesn’t mean we won’t get him.

    I think the nearer we get to the 31st Jan the more anxious Leeds will become for the money.

    It’s called negiotiating.

    We will have to be patient in this one.

  125. Chris Houghton must have a Huge War Chest he is even talking in singular about the transfer haha

    But I am still very confident that we will be able to bring in the right player to strengthen our squad before the end of the window.

    The right player Yawn..get Beckford then you penny pinching losers.

    Stardust buying a player for less than 3m is hardly stabbing yourself in the heart..although I do feel Mike’s pain when he does spend cheaply on bargain basement crap all the time.

  126. Stuart-It is not negotiating if you look back at every window under this regime it has been disastrous.
    The last winter window when we where a premiership side needing investment was a complete farce.
    Mike banked on survival with a threadbare squad and messed up bigtime.

    Presently we are top of the pile,we need investment to secure promotion,we don’t create enough and we certainly aint scoring enough either.

  127. I don’t think it is Beckford we are down about Stuart-it is the whole fiasco that happens every window,where it is clear that repeatedly managers are not backed by the board to push the team forwards,poor investment is made and we end up with a piss poor pot of players every time.

  128. On another note with this team of embezzling bozo’s in charge do you really think Mike will lavish decent cash on the first team….No Chance!
    We will still be falling over ourselves,pissing in the wind and being lied to.

    Have no hopes in this window,then you won’t be disappointed (again)-forget it is even happening because history has an awful knack of repeating itself.

    “Ever get the feeling you are being cheated”
    Johnny Rotton.

  129. couldn’t give a continental toss whether we sign beckford or not – expect jack shit from fatman so when we dont get owt we wont be disappointed.

  130. Exactly Roy-been down this road far too many times under this regime.
    Just wait til we are playing away in the championship next season in pink Lonsdale kits with Sports Direct on our shirts :)

  131. SJT

    Stardust buying a player for less than 3m is hardly stabbing yourself in the heart – if you can afford 3m no its not.

    If you cant afford 3.0m it is. Imagine the cumulative effect of several 3.0ms over time.

    As Stuart pointed out we are still relying on MA’s generosity to buy players – so he has a right to want the best bang for his buck – personally I cant see why anyone has a problem with that. But for some its very easy to spend other mens money.

  132. So, we’ve got to have faith that the club appears to be working very hard to bring in the right players?

    He was ready to ‘pounce’ for Beckford was he? And so he has….. like a caged hippo!

    One of these days, good signings’ll come out of the blue, the groundework having been done before we hear of any speculation?

    Dream on, dream on

  133. Stardust….if the Red Bus needs fixing or souped up for a prize autobus show then needs must as far as I am concerned.

    The side has sorely lacks any real/major investment of any merit in comparison to who Mike has sold and it doesn’t make for ambitious reading.

    Here’s a question-Do you think Mike Ashley is ambitious enough? (in football not tracksuit and crap trainer sales)?

  134. sirjasontoon says:
    January 7, 2010 at 12:31 pm

    I agree the last winter window was a complete shambles but I honestly think Ashley has had a real shock to his system with the relegation and I would imagine he is just as keen for us to get the players in we need as we are.

    But I think it would be a complete joke to pay £3m for an untried 26yr old who will be worth ZERO in 6 months time.

  135. Stuart79
    I agree the last winter window was a complete shambles but I honestly think Ashley has had a real shock to his system with the relegation and I would imagine he is just as keen for us to get the players in we need as we are.

    You Hope :)

  136. SJT – in all honesty – you have to put the foundations of the club right before you can grow – otherwise its akin to building a home on quicksand.

    As I have said – I want to see improvements too – but done in a sustainable long term way. I never want to have to repeat this process (post FFS) that we are going through.

    If we get promoted this year – next year we will be in a great position as we will be solvent at a time other clubs are struggling – Q for them do they gamble again or try to rebalance.

    Long term his strategy is a winner – as frustrating as it is.

  137. My gut feeling is we will piss in the wind for another 3 weeks huffing and puffing,loads of quotes in the media from puppet/mouth piece CH to try and look like they are busy.

    I would love to know what the so called War Chest Houghton has been given…cos it seems to be taking a long time to spend the fooka :)

  138. Sir Jason… Hughton’s the term ‘War Chest’ was mis-spelled… it should have read ‘Wor Chest’ as in wor lass, wor hoose, wor kid etc.

  139. Stardust the foundations are laid(the remains of what Ashley sold)-we have some decent players with others like Kadar etc shaping up pretty well and we sit on top of the table with half a season gone-that to me is a decent enough foundation to invest now and get promoted is it not?

    Stardust-Long term his strategy is a winner – as frustrating as it is.

    Sorry Stardust we have and will never win anything under this regime,there is no strategy at the club,how can there be a football strategy when nobody at the top knows how to run a football club.

  140. ToonKing – heard/read nowt about where Simpson will go after the 18th. Having been cleared for the FA Cup, an extension, at least, looked nailed-on but there are rumours Fergie wants him until the end of the season.

  141. That article says we made two bids in December. That would suggest that the club haven’t been just sitting on their hands all month hoping and praying someone would fall into their lap.

    All good things come to those who wait – Granted 50 odd years is a little long!

  142. Aye Lesh…I bet it’s a bag of milk bottle tops and a list of players Mike wants to sell.

  143. Don’t worry Stuart – Mike has big plans for NUFC,He is ambitious,he loves the club and like Yazz said “The only way is up…Baby!”

    The future is bright just like our Lonsdale Kits next season…he will probably kit the team out in Dunlop spacca boots as well.

  144. This should really have been posted on the Kilgallon thread but these articles are from the same Sheffield newspaaper on the on same day! Confusing eh?

    And this one from today’s paper – it seems he’s well thought of in Sheffield.

  145. SJT – re “Sorry Stardust we have and will never win anything under this regime,there is no strategy at the club,how can there be a football strategy when nobody at the top knows how to run a football club.”

    You see I look at things maybe from a different perspective – get the financial footings right first then you can start and build the house. The finances are the foundations, the players the building.

  146. Stardust says:
    January 7, 2010 at 1:22 pm

    What about a decent adminstration?

    Poor PR and poor chief execs/Chairmen can undo a hell of a lot of good work quite quickly.

  147. I think our perspectives are poles apart but that is what makes the world interesting.
    Personally I feel that we are not investing enough money in the 1st team and I hold Mike Ashley responsible.

    Football is about entertainment…Mike has to invest NOW as the fans will slowly walk away if we don’t go up this season and keep playing the way we usually do.

    I am not asking for loads of crazy priced overseas prima donnas-just 4 decent hard working players and one that can score some goals in the 2nd half of this season.

  148. P.S I was not referring to myself shunning the club…I am a geordie and this is my team.

  149. Stuart re 194 – agreed.

    Poor PR and communication is unforgivable as its such an easy and free thing to sort.

    The Chairman is subjective as Ashley will appoint someone he rusts – they are looking after his money to be fair. But I understand where youre coming from – Llambias’s incompetencies are there for all fans to see – But Ashley see’s in an a different capacity and with different parameters.

  150. Stuart79 What about a decent adminstration?

    I am sure Mike thinks about administration all the time :)

  151. SJT re “I hold Mike Ashley responsible.” you cant – NUFC has to pay its own way – its not a charity!

    NUFC (not Ashley) could borrow 50m to invest in players tomorrow but that would not help the club long term.

    Ashleys bought and paid for the club, and he has taken the debts off us onto himself, plus he has put in 20m a year.

    NUFC has to stand up and pay its own way. Time will show – like Serie A in the past – that overstretching yourself in pursuit of glory – results in disaster – and we are perfectly placed to take advantage of that.

  152. Mike should have bough a small club like accrington-this club is just too big for him to even comprehend.

    Like a top of the range train set for a 2 year old.

  153. Stardust-I did not mention over stretching I said invest in 4 decent hard working players,surely that is not over stretching considering we are pushing for promotion?

  154. Instead we have had a couple of loan deals Harewood and Simpson both look to have gone tits up…we have a Midfield that lacks the basics (pace,skill,creativity) a strike force that is not up to task even at championship level-INVESTMENT NEEDED NOW OR SELL UP!!

  155. Stardust says:
    January 7, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    The Chairman is subjective as Ashley will appoint someone he rusts – they are looking after his money to be fair. But I understand where youre coming from – Llambias’s incompetencies are there for all fans to see – But Ashley see’s in an a different capacity and with different parameters.

    That’s a bit like me asking someone with tourettes to go into a monestry with silent monks for a couple weeks to steal me some wine because I know he’s a good thief!

    Would defeat the object in the end.

  156. Here’s my lowdown.
    Second half of the season we roll into it off the back of some dire performances,draws and generally the winning bubble seems to be deflating-does it not?

    The warning signals are there for all to see-this team as it stands will not get promoted.

    Investment needed Mike-Now.

  157. Mike’s Response.

    Aye lads point taken but just had Troy Stavers Surveyers doon for some foundation and dilapidation reports and the stadium is build on Quicksand……pauses.

    So we are ganna have to wait a few season ’til it all dries up am afraid and it is ganna take fookin ages.

  158. I think you make a great point about ‘investment’ in the team SJT.
    But, i’m not quite as pessimistic about our form mate.

  159. Actually Lads I have decided to call in Stardust Surveyors for a second opinion and his response was the same and following some digging he noticed that apart from the quicksand the grounds foundations where held together with vintage bullshit from a herd last seen on the town moor in the 1870’ classed as vintage on the vintage crap market I have decided to sell some of it on ebay….don’t worry though I will leave just enough shit between the bricks to keep us standing for a little while yet.

  160. The transfer window is the last chance for the board in a lot of fans eyes. If we don’t strengthen then it will end up going tits up.

  161. Clint I am not asking for millions on silly buys…just sensible investment in decent hard working players to assist on our promotion push,give us some cutting edge,goals and creativity.

    4 decent players!

  162. sirjasontoon says:
    January 7, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    All you’ve done for the last week is slag Ashley off, then you want him to open his wallet….

    That’s like me walking into a pub, slag you off for half an hour then ask you to buy my drinks all night.

    What would you do/say to me?

  163. Stu – howay, he’s got to know that he has bridges to build and I’m sure he’s not on here reading our modest blog thinking “well I was going to fork out for Beckford, but after reading sjt’s comments, they can go **** themselves”, is he? :)

    You and I agreed, with some others, that he needed to be strong enough to win fans over. Part of that will be investing and showing intent to make up for his mistakes and for our relegation.

    If he doesn’t make something happen this month, then inevitably his marked cards will be chucked at him.

  164. I am slagging him off because he refused to pay for my pork scratchings all night when we used to be friends Stuart.


  165. BBM – If sensible investment is made it will go along way to winning fans back over and show us that he is serious about NUFC.

    It was through his lack of investment when it was desperately needed last January that got the team (which was clearly struggling) relegated.

  166. bowburnmag says:
    January 7, 2010 at 2:08 pm
    Stu – howay, he’s got to know that he has bridges to build and I’m sure he’s not on here reading our modest blog thinking “well I was going to fork out for Beckford, but after reading sjt’s comments, they can go **** themselves”, is he


    Oh he has bridges to build, that’s why I really think we will get some players in this month.

    I think he had a massive shock to his system when we got relegated and I think he realises we need new players to give everyone a lift and secure promotion, which will help him sell the club.

  167. According to Stardust Stuart-Mike is here to secure the long term future of NUFC,We are just at the foundation stage right now though,having sold most of the other foundations he needs to make some new ones..presumably out of fresh air and bullshit! We need to be patient and rest assured we have a man at the top that knows what he is doing.

  168. Fom

    Statement on Leeds United website, Wednesday:

    “Leeds United can confirm that Jermaine Beckford has handed in a transfer request. The transfer request was handed in on Dec 30. By handing in a transfer request it clearly indicates that the player wants to leave Leeds United.

    “However, that will only be allowed to happen in the event that it is decided to be in the best interests of Leeds United. The best interests of Leeds United involve receiving both an acceptable transfer fee and securing a suitable replacement to ensure his departure does not have an adverse effect on the club’s overall aim of securing promotion back to the Championship.”

    From The Yorkshire Evening Post, Wednesday:

    Newcastle United have submitted a third and final bid of £1.5million for Leeds United striker Jermaine Beckford. The Tyneside club have made a last attempt to meet United’s valuation after failing with two previous bids to prise Beckford away from Elland Road.

    Leeds have not commented on Newcastle’s latest offer but it is anticipated that the board at Elland Road will once again reject it.

    Newcastle approached Leeds before Christmas with bids of £1m and £1.25m – fees which were turned down outright by United – and a further offer made this week was a last-ditch effort to persuade United to part company their 20-goal striker.

    Leeds have no interest in selling Beckford for less than their asking price – thought to be in the region of £2million – despite the fact that the forward’s contract will expire at the end of this season.

    Newcastle have tested United’s resolution repeatedly during the last month but should their latest bid prove unsuccessful, the Championship leaders are likely to take their search for a new forward elsewhere.

    Newcastle’s board are understood to have set £1.5m as the maximum fee they were willing to pay for Beckford and will not return to Leeds for a fourth time.

    Beckford stands to treble his wages by transferring to St James’ Park.

    The 26 year-old striker scored his 20th goal of the season for Leeds in their FA Cup victory against Manchester United at Old Trafford last Sunday.

    After that game, his manager Simon Grayson said:

    “He showed what he is all about – that’s a big commodity. We’re not looking to sell but money talks. He can sign a new deal or stay until the end of the season – worst-case scenario is an offer that’s too good.”

    “We would have to have replacements lined up if that was to happen. We don’t want him to leave unless it is the best thing for him and, long term, the football club. But, if we do let him go, we won’t let him go on the cheap.”

    Chris Hughton then spoke to The Chronicle to say:

    “I wasn’t at Old Trafford to see Jermaine and there is no deal done yet. All we can say is that we’re working very hard on bringing in new players and I am very confident we will get them.

    “We have to be patient and there is a long month ahead of us, but we won’t panic. His profile now goes up because the game was on TV.

    But everybody knows that this is just one game and whether he’d done well or badly, he would still be a talented player. He’s one of a few players we are interested in.

    “You can be as confident as you like about something going through, but until it happens you can never be absolutely sure.

    “There’s always something that happens at the last minute or an option that comes up you didn’t think about.

    “I’m pretty confident that by the end of this window we’ll have added to the quality of player we already have here. Jermaine Beckford and Matthew Kilgallon are players we have looked at.”

  169. The problem with reconciliation, and I know not all NUFC fans will be willing to forgive and forget, and I respect that, is that he’s the only one who can really make it happen.

    I think given all that’s happened, it should be him anyway of course, but also that there is no medium through which the fans can get a message (like your’s, mine, sjt’s etc) across to say, here’s what you need to do, it’s not a lost cause.

    Be humble, be respectful and invest, and there’s a way forward for most of us. He’s made his apologies and those things will qualify his statements rather than expose it as empty rhetoric if he fails to follow through on it.

  170. SJT – BBM

    Whats more prudent.

    Loan signings whilst in the CCC to ensure promotion then with a new higher budget in the PL buy PL quality players you can afford. or

    Buy players whilst in the CCC that may or may not be PL standard, having increased expenditure having less money for PL quality players when promoted.

    Because basically thats the choice.

    My take is that theyve opted for a sensible middle ground, some loan signing, good young layers with the potential to make it and sell on value that wont depreciate. Thereon if they dont cut the mustard – sell them at no loss or a profit. Then buy PL players.

    No good screaming about things, you cant argue with the logic behind it. The amount of money spent is irrelevant – improvements over time alone (in all aspects of the club) do

  171. Great post BBM,Very level and truthful.
    If Mike invested now and got us promoted he will win back plaudits.
    Then following promotion he sets out his stall and purchases some more decent players and we get a mid table finish we will be back on track to move forwards some more.

    Sensible steps not massive transfer busters,unearthing guys with potential from lower divisions etc just show some real intent and a level of ambition that NUFC surely deserves.

  172. Stardust-Buy players whilst in the CCC that may or may not be PL standard, having increased expenditure having less money for PL quality players when promoted.

    If we are promoted he is going to be up shit creek cos 80% of the first team struggles to play decent football and beat teams convincingly in the championship.

    Even more investment will be needed once we get promoted.

  173. But SJT one mans sensible is another mans tight – the line to be crossed can only be decided by the financials.

    Where is the money to come from?

  174. Stardust – There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that even with premier league income we would get a bigger transfer budget.

  175. To be honest, if he has alternatives to forking out for permanent signings, then OK but the ones we’ve got in haven’t exactly set the place alight.

    And the problem with loan signings is that it smacks of a temporary option. Which means a) we will not be well prepared for next season b) it suggests he’s not sticking around and insisting on scraping by.

    We don’t have to spend a fortune if we have the right people in the right places who can help us get good players in regardless of that, but that’s the worry, have we got the right people?

  176. there,s absolutley no point parking players on long term contracts,when they could be surplus to reqiurements next season.
    if we sign any players this window,they would have to be of a quality that they will avail next season.
    because of the position we find ourselves in can we even command the respect of that quality of player?if not is it worth the risk,or more sensible to utilize the loan market once again.

  177. Toonsy – you cant dismiss it, you forget last year we were crippled by the money removed by FFS! And to top it off he threw in the ridiculous players wage contracts. We were on a way way train to oblivion.

  178. SJT,
    i hear ya’ & generally agree mate.
    But, here comes the caveat, i would probably buy a couple that could ‘go up’ with us & loan a couple, cos if we do get ‘up’, then we’ll need to get players that can definitely make it in the prem. Not saying we’ll buy donkeys, but we could be tempted to get players just to get ‘up’, then have to try & sell ’em again.
    I’m sure your aware of all this anyway mate, so please don’t think i’m patronizing you.

  179. Stardust – Thats still not evidence that, going forward, we would be given a bigger transfer budget to help us compete in the premier league.

  180. Stardust says:
    January 7, 2010 at 10:32 am

    “After all – all the lads love a bit of geordie ladies pie.”

    Stardust, this is a family site. Don’t be so dirty!

  181. Stardust – but you almost advocate going from one extreme to the other.

    We don’t have to go mental this month, but we should definitely speculate a little. It’s imperative to the continued push for promotion and to prepare for the Premiership or another push for promotion next year if we fail.

    If he doesn’t do this, he risks what sjt said and that is becoming a club that languishes outside the top flight. Fans will either disperse because of the lack of appeal in terms of the quality or others, still holding out hope for it when we get promoted, will lose faith that a sale can happen and will not want to be around while Ashley is.

  182. now,now stardust they may people on this board who may have a liking for a certain confectionery speedway lol.

  183. trojan – definitely should be part of our policy, but not something we rely on wholesale. Depending on their situations, hat if we got promoted and a number of those players either got better offers elsewhere, got back in the first team of their contracted clubs or got another contract with their clubs?

    We’d be desperately short of quality in a league where we’d get found out. Perhaps an extreme argument and I’m not just saying it for the sake of it. I’m just not convinced we have the right advisors in place to plan ahead that far.

  184. Stardust says:
    January 7, 2010 at 10:32 am

    “After all – all the lads love a bit of geordie ladies pie.”

    Stardust, this is a family site. Don’t be so dirty!

    Worky – I wasnt – I like meat and potato – seems you have a troubled mind ;)

  185. Good post Clint and not patronising at all fella.
    We all have our own ideas that’s what the blog is about.

    Hand on heart without investment NOW the club we all love will not be promoted-we have already lost two loan players Harewood and Simpson (probably) so we are already treading water with a 10 point gap that is dissolving as the weeks go by…that worries me and alarm bells are ringing…..again!

    Mike is going to pull the same stunt as last january-EPIC FAIL.

  186. So Mr Dust…What are we to expect from Mike in this window? You seem to know him inside and out and see sweet success where all we seem to see is a shit stain…spill the beans or share the warm pastie?

    Long term do you see promotion this season or will the foundations and quicksand just be starting to set?

  187. I say long term (second half of the season) 6 months is a painfully long time on the Ashley Accurist watch.

  188. SJT – not a lot, few low key but good potentials signed (Beckford Kilgallon types) and maybe a loan or two – no more than that.

    You can never count your chickens but I think generally we have too much class for this league so I hope for promotion – but I will stay away from predictions, im just enjoying the ride.

  189. We have already blown signing the Beckford and Kilgallon types in my opinion and believe you me if the level of ambition you are expecting happens then I see Mike’s position as owner of NUFC becoming completely untenable.

    So who do we sign next…a couple of loans like the last two?

    Talk about building on quicksand FFS :)

  190. worky bowburn toonsy and co well done for all the hits u are getting great unbiased storys top blog around lads and lets face it stardy would be a lonley fellow with him having no freinds if it wasent for this blog :lol:

  191. SJT – to be fair Mike Ashley has 100 million reasons more than you to want us promoted!

    You have to trust he will do the best by himself even if you think he wont do the best by the club.

  192. Stardust-prepare for your hero to let us all down badly again….nothing will change but at least we will have another fizzy pop promotion challenge to keep us all entertained again next season :)

    Seriously we are going nowhere fast or even edging forwards under the guidance of Mike Ashley.

    You can’t build the stable foundations you say we need so badly without financial investment…the things you say we need cost money.