Hughton shows intent to tie up Moses deal.

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Moses: "A very, very keen interest" - Hughton.
Moses: "A very, very keen interest" says Hughton.
Toon supremo, Chris Hughton, has given notice of his intent to get Crystal Palace young talent, Victor Moses in a black and white shirt.

Hughton, who has recently tied up deals for Mike Williamson, Wayne Routledge, Fitz Hall and Patrick van Aanholt said on Moses:

“It’s been documented that we are very interested in signing the lad.

“Most people are also aware of the circumstances with Crystal Palace and the situation they are in, and we hope to make progress on that over the next couple of days.

“It’s one we have a very, very keen interest in.

“He is a player who has an ability to score goals. There is a power and pace, but it is his potential.

“Around what we are trying to do here this season, which is the most important thing, there also has to be an eye on the future, and he is certainly a player of wonderful potential.”

Hughton is currently in a battle with fierce rivals, Roberto Di Matteo, and Nottingham Forest’s Billy Davies to land the player, though it has been much speculated that bigger fish from the Premier League are also waiting to make a move.

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70 Responses

  1. Moses waiting for Real Madrid call — Agent
    Newcastle United target Victor Moses is unwilling to move to the North-East as he waits for Real Madrid to make contact, says his agent Tony Finningan.

    Finningan is quoted in Spanish newspaper AS as saying: ‘There is interest from Madrid, which we were made aware of by intermediaries a few weeks ago.

    ‘But I have not received a call from them. Palace want to sell before the transfer window closes on Monday, so we won’t have to wait much longer.

    But it is clear that the player would rather go to Real Madrid. I hope they call us soon.’

    Moses has also indicated that a move to a Premier League top-four side would be ideal for him, with Liverpool believed to be a surprise contender to snap up the talented forward.

  2. Might still happen….best get a cushion if he goes to Madrid stop him getting piles sitting on his arse week in week out!

  3. We know the agents have to make their corn but why can’t they just act when they’re asked to act by their clients?

  4. They reckon Liverpool are interested….I can’t stand them me and RAFA has done a commendable Job haha

  5. Sitting on the bench will be something that figures in the lad’s mind I’m sure.

    Plus, he’s ayoung lad, strange country small fish, big pond….. think hard young fella, thing long and hard

  6. sky/bet saying moses 7/4fav to join toon, how many times are bookies wrong? not many (hate to lose cash)

  7. Chris how about raiding the Pompey carcase, they have a few decent players, wouldn’t mind us getting Kanu even.

  8. sirjasontoon says:
    January 29, 2010 at 1:22 pm

    “Finningan is quoted in Spanish newspaper AS as saying: ‘There is interest from Madrid, which we were made aware of by intermediaries a few weeks ago.”

    Jason, I’m just trying to find the original Spanish version of that interview, as I know what the Mail is like.

  9. I imagine every player in the championship thinks Real Madrid or a top 4 prem side would “be ideal” for them. Just like I imagine a Bugatti Veyron would be ideal as my next car. I won’t be cleaning the garage just yet though.

  10. Real Madrid interested my arse – agent trying to bump the price.

    We’re looking okay in this transfer window so far, sad to see lots of other clubs having firesales due to financial probs, Portsmouth, Hull, Derby, Crystal Palace to name a few – never thought I’d say it but thank f*%k for Ashley!!!

  11. would be a great signing but like every other report bout the town ill wait till hes in a black and wht top b4 i get to carried away… the beckford and makem matt deals were done wernt they??

  12. Stuart79 says:
    January 29, 2010 at 1:46 pm

    “Where’s that waster Toon_Factor when you need him.”

    I’ve got the original story, but it’s taking about half an hour to download. I will do a translation when it does.

  13. 6 Stuart79 says:
    January 29, 2010 at 1:45 pm

    C’est la vie

    Wow….. impressed Stuart.. didn’t know you could speak Spanish!

  14. Aye Wor Micky has an NVQ is Bargain Sniffing and Grave Robbing.
    Fair play if we can pick the best gold teeth and stuff from rotting club carcasses..makes it interesting and if a player doesn’t knuckle down fk em off for more cash.

  15. stevep
    though ive never gone so far as to say thank f*ck for Ashley, i have said that because of the way the club was financed, and because of the nature of the recession, NUFC without Mike Ashley would have been in serious danger of being in the same position as the clubs you mention
    ps, that real story is gash, sounds like its written by a 12 year old!!

  16. fitz – agree – let’s juat see what happens over the next few days before we get excited. I much preferred the “Toon sign Routledge” headline to the “Toon after / hopeful / confident” stuff.
    Meanwhile we have a tough match tomorrow. How should we play it? The new Dutch left back in for Jose and Tamas on the right? I might prefer that to Ryan mediocre Taylor at right back and Tamas on the left.

  17. Tell you what like I would hate to work in the corner shop next to Mick’s Hoose…bet he is always banging down the shopkeepers prices.


  18. Aye Lesh had to ask the misuss to punch me in the face this morning to see if it was all real.
    Not felt this positive for a long time!

  19. “The player’s agent, Tony Finnegan, confessed to AS yesterday:

    “There is interest from Madrid and I met an agent a few weeks ago(?). But I have not received a call from the white club…??

    Crystal Palace wants to sell before the end of the winter transfer window on Monday, so I do not know what to expect. But it is clear that the player would rather go to Real Madrid. I hope you call us soon!”

  20. It reads Madrid need some new asses on the cheap as the subs bench is a bit light on buttocks following the departure of Owen and Woodgoat.

  21. I google translated it. Not too good but you get the idea. I think it’s hype. I hope it’s hype.

    Victor Moses: Anglo-Nigerian and one of the most promising stars of the lower ranks of the England team, maybe more. This forward 19 years can mean the salvation of the historical moment Crystal Palace, London club, to stay alive, you need to sell at a price that officials consider ridiculous: two to three million. Moses, on the agenda of several European clubs, has clear preferences: to go to Madrid.

    So he confessed to AS yesterday his agent, Tony Finning: “There is interest from Madrid and so I did know a broker a few weeks ago. But I have not received a call from the white club and self from other teams. The Palace wants to sell before the end of the winter market on Monday, so I do not know how we can expect. But it is clear that the player would rather go to Real Madrid. I hope you call us soon. “

  22. players linked with us who ended up somewhere else include Celtic’s left back Daniel Fox, who has moved on to Burnley for an undisclosed fee.

    Meanwhile Northumbrian-born central defender Martin Taylor has left Birmingham City on a free transfer and signed for Watford. Taylor had been in talks with NUFC but apparently wouldn’t consider a loan arrangement.


  23. Workyticket – don’t speak Spanish but can busk it from French / Italian. Pretty much as already said on here – describes him as the financial saviour of Crystal Palace, says he is a star of the “inferior” league, talks about 2-3 million euros, says they like the idea of Real and hope that they might hear more. Oh, and 2 San Miguels to go on the tab, pet.

  24. magpie6699 says:
    January 29, 2010 at 2:11 pm

    “Workyticket – don’t speak Spanish”

    I speak Spanish, and I’ve done a translation above, however there room for slight improvement there for anyone who’s a really good Spanish speaker, as I’m very rusty.

  25. If Prem teams are coming in, that’s it – assuming they can pay straight cash – because that’s what it will take, not “down-payments” and certainly not “Swapsies”.
    Have stopped holding my breath.

  26. wigan no chance and west ham can only get loan signings no money only leaves fulham! wr would the kid want to play realy only real madrid apart from us

  27. Moses’ agent did comment on the fact that a premier league club might not be the best place for him to go and that maybe going to top flight of the championship would benefit him. End of the day we’ve made a bid and all these other clubs have apparently just “joined the race”, it could all be done and dusted for him to move away before these clubs get a chance. If the money is right, the admin will take it without question.

  28. 12.00 understands Stoke and Newcastle are eyeing moves for Norwegian star Erik Huseklepp, with the attacker currently on the books of Brann.

    hmmmm who is him????

  29. call me a nob right, but I’d STILL rather go to the toon than west ham, wigan or fulham. Tho it’s a worry that he’s settled in London and would fancy moving to Fulham or West Ham… C’maarn Chris I’m excited about this now! Please let us get him!

  30. devon-I just said exactly the same thing to my dad. If i was given the choice of Newcastle, Forest, WBA or Wigan, i’d be moving to a championship club. I could see him maybe staying in London but who knows, he wants to play football but if quotes from him and his agent are true then he seemingly has stars in his eyes too, wants CL football at a top four club asap

  31. DevonMag-Totally agree even being in the championship we are still a better proposition than wigan,hull,mackems,brum,stoke,hammers etc All they have going for themselves is premiership status.Awful Clubs. (Apart from Blues).

  32. Come on Moses get your ass in the helicopter Troy and Owl heed have got you some monster munch and a big helping of ColloCreamy For the Trip up North.

  33. Anyone know anything about the Norweigan? I believe we used to have a few psoters from Norway on the other blog.

    Perhaps this is the backup plan in case Moses falls through?

  34. Wigan-Shite
    Mackems-Old Brucie weaving his Magic-I told everyone he was shite when we where 1st linked with him my best mate is a season ticket holder at brum and seen every home game and plenty of away games during his reign and he destroys players especially youngsters.
    Hull-Fookin Dull.
    There’s a load of shite in the prem,badly supported,SHIT.

  35. Real madrid…Finnigan you having a Bubble mate!!!

    Nowt but agent spouting rubbish to get the price up, if he goes anywhere other than us or a lower tier premier league club he’ll be warming the bench or making up the numbers in the reserves…what a joke!!

  36. Odds change with the number of people placing bets. Hughton says he’s confident newcastle are going to get Moses, therefore more people place bets, therefore odds drop. It’s bookies way of ensuring they lose minimal money if it happens.

    Wouldn’t read into odds changing too much.. If skybet had a good reason for the odds to drop then SSN would be reporting it.

  37. I agree adam. The odds will drop if the punters are throwing their money at it. I’ll never forget the day KK rejoined us. My mate worked behind the desk at my local brokelads and it appeared on SSN before their computers had registered the deal and they were still taking bets. It appeared on the screen and near enough the entire shop emptied their pockets in an attempt to get their bet on ASAP before immediatly collecting winnings.

  38. He also said he’d prefer playing for a Top Fizzy club to warming his ass on a bench in a PL club, so that in its self should put the ki-bosh on the PL clubs making any headway… saying that, lets hope he’s not asking for too much dosh in the way of wages or we’d be screwed!!
    As for Taylor from Brum, he declined us due to not getting guaranteed 1st team roll, didn’t want to warm our bench, so went elsewhere :(

  39. I’d like to see him in, but I can’t see him coming with his agent being a slimy little c*nt.

  40. Ah but not all agents are slimy little ****s, some of them are dead!!!!!
    You have to be a certain type of person to become an agent, like “traffic wardens, Bailiffs car clamper’s etc.”
    Hope he decides to come here though, he may be one of the missing pieces to get us promoted automatically,
    Come on Victor, you know its the right thing to do !!!

  41. HITMAN,your first m8 this time,strange to see leeds have signed striker from b/ham?

    A replacement prior to Beckford’s departure perhaps?

    The key indicator of Beckford’s immediate future is whether he plays this weekend. That’ll say such a lot…

  42. Sorry but he won’t be going to Wigan.

    They are a tiny club and we can probably offer him higher wages.

  43. Stu – Add to that the fact that Whelan and Ashley hate each other and Ashley will probably want to out-do Whelan, much like he did woth football clubs. Whelan bought Wigan, Ashley went bigger and bought Newcastle.

  44. Regardless if we get him or not at least we would show some positive intent, talking about Vic. Moses.
    And sure everybody would like to play for Real Madrid or one of the big clubs.
    As a 19yr old there`s going to be a lot of bench time @ RM, time that could be better spent playing on a regular basis elsewhere.
    It appears MA is not about to gamble this season on not getting promoted, which we all know would be a disaster.
    We have`nt had this much activity in the market for quite some time, cheap though most deals are.
    To go after Moses at least shows some intent and it`s a no brainer as he obviously has the ability to become a sought after young player and could be worth a lot more in a coupla years.
    Not to mention he probably has the ability to be the much sought after No. 9 and a Geordie hero.
    I`m surprised