Cabaye has passed Monaco medical claims’s French correspondent

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Yohan Cabaye.
Cabaye: Monaco medical?’s French football correspondent Robin Bairner has been tweeting that French sports channel “L’Equipe 21” are reporting that Yohan Cabaye has actually passed at medical at moneybags Monaco.

The first if his tweets on the matter said:

“Newcastle midfielder Yohan Cabaye has passed a medical with Monaco, according to L’Equipe 21’s evening edition.”

Which was swiftly followed by:

“L’Equipe’s report comes from a “sure source” who works in Monaco’s medical centre. Would be v surprised if story was run with no foundation.”

And finally:

“A Sports TV station run by L’Equipe. 21 is the channel it’s on.”

I have embedded the actual tweets below and of course, you can always keep up with Bairner’s Twitter page too to see if anything further emerges. though it does seem a little strange that the medical has just been announced like this without negotiations over a fee and personal terms etc. Then again, Monaco are now the kind of club who can make offers which cannot be refused nowadays. On the other hand, even if they offered €50 million euros, Mike Ashley would probably play hardball and insist on €60 million euros!

Anyway, I will put my rusty French to the test now and try to tune into L’Equipe 21 to see what’s gannin’ on here!

Bairner’s Tweets.


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28 Responses

  1. This is probably the only way we will get a striker in and it will probably be Andy Carroll, you know, “return of the prodigal”, premier experience and all that.

    20 million Euros would be a great deal if they can get that.

    I wrote on one of Worky’s blogs the other day that I didn’t think we would buy without selling first and this may be it. I don’t think they will replace Cabaye as Sissoko and Anita can play his position.

  2. Not even that fussed, just want £20m+ and it to be spent this summer. Villa & Sunderland have done alot of business already and they’re our competition.

  3. and yet no ‘article’….sounds more like lequipe 21 were running a round up of transfer rumours. They havent published anything (not even the rumour) and neither have anyone else.

    The only link to be found is from a 17 year old kid on a gaming forum :-)

  4. If in fact it turns out to be true and we end up with a decent piece of change.
    I would immediately go for a young McCarthy at Wigan, then go after Winyama at Celtic, sure spend the lot plus on those two.
    Then dump Tiote for what we can get for him, jhe’s never gonna be much better than he is.
    However Spurs and Everton will it’s rumoured bid on McCarthy and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Arsenal bid on Wanyama, put a bit of steel in their spine.
    We know from both Llambias and Ashley, if the price is right, no one’s safe and this guy at Monaco is spending like a drunken sailor.
    We will see !

  5. Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest, To be honest, I have thought it wouldn’t be too long before Pardew, Got his first kick in the nads!
    They could sell the whole squad from under him, And he would have to suck it up, That’s the pay off, For being a Yes man.

    Maze202, What makes you think the fans will see any of the supposed transfer fee?
    Even if they do, It will be a tiny fraction, And the rest will not see the light of day!
    People forget the Andy Carroll money, Which still has been largely untouched.
    Ashley and Co have form for this sort of caper!

    Worky, Looks like that french midfielder you mentioned, May well have been looked into, As Cabaye’s replacement.
    I thought there was the whiff of a helicopter ride, In the offing!

  6. If this comes off, I fully expect Cabaye to become, “Villain Of The Peace”, And Ashley and Co, Trying to create the usual, “If They Are Not With us,They Are Against Us” crap!,And Cabaye getting the blame for the whole sorry mess!

  7. It’s also rumoured we are still interested in signing Douglas, who is a free agent (and we all know how Ashley loves free agents) free anything I guess.
    Anyhow, Douglas would like some kind of guarantee concerning playing time and now that Colo. has stated he will be back for the forthcoming season, that could be a problem.
    Not as I see it , which is I believe,with the amount of injuries we have had in the past, their will be plenty of playing time for all.
    I’m hoping we can secure Douglas as he would be a big help, both in defending and attacking set plays, standing six four I believe ( a Williamson who can play ) and who puts himself about a bit.
    We only have to look at our goals against last season to realise he could be a big help, giving us a bit of quality in depth, for once.

  8. Of course if this were to be true Cabaye signing for Monaco, Ashley will be high fiveing his co conspirator Llambias in anticipation of another windfall and happily convinced he is in fact a genius in the transfer market.
    Obviously it ain’t about football, more like getting his mone back the up side for the fans is, hopefully when he does he will be willing to sell and fcuk off back to the rag trade.
    How come we have to end up with a cheap ass billionaire when everyone else’s oligarchs spend like money’s going outta style ?

  9. Chuck says:
    June 15, 2013 at 11:44 am

    “How come we have to end up with a cheap ass billionaire when everyone else’s oligarchs spend like money’s going outta style ?”

    I know, Chuck, but Malaga got a “cheap ass” Sheikh billionaire, which I suppose is even worse. :-)

  10. Ah well,again nowt happening too-day excep rumours, Oh sorry ! They , the loansharks outfit WONGA, are putting back the gates, which probably were rusting away and making our former owners country estate , look like his former partners scrapyard.
    I’m surprised he didn’t call Frddy and try to sell them to him, but possibly got a better price from WONGA, who believe the fans are dumb enough to think following their painting over of the rooftop signs for Sports Direct, which it is believed can be seen in outer space.
    And renaming the stadium back to St. James’Park, that the fans are grateful and believe they have the INTEREST, (pun intended) of the fans at heart, (and I’m sure they do)
    It’ s also interesting to see the local rag making a big deal out of it, the whole magilla must have cost at least ten bob.
    I mean who do these people think they are kidding ?
    They insult people’s intelligence and believe they are dumb enough to appreciate the gesture ?

  11. Chuck says:
    June 15, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    “Ah well,again nowt happening too-day excep rumours, Oh sorry ! They , the loansharks outfit WONGA, are putting back the gates, which probably were rusting away and making our former owners country estate , look like his former partners scrapyard.”

    Ah yes, the gates, Chuck.

    I was watching old John Hall on Sky Sports blathering on about how much we Geordies value history and all that. Then I saw the gates they meant.

    They weren’t the gates I thought they were supposed to be, the gates that stood at the Gallowgate end as they media said, the gates that were in all the pictures too. The ones they’ve put back up were the Barrack Road gates which were only ever up for a few years in the first place back in the 90s.

    “History” my arse! We’ve been conned again! :lol:

  12. Aye Worky, I forgot to mention that yesterday, The fooken gates were not up for that long, Only about ten years.
    I hope the fans are not taken in by these flannel merchants!

  13. They weren’t up there when I was a bairn, Joe. The gates I saw John Hall blathering on about were the ones he put up himself!

    Mind you, those Gallowgate gates reminded me of Auschwitz. They should have had “Arbeit macht frei” over the top of them instead of “Newcastle United Football Club.”

  14. Sell Sell Sell :lol: from Rag Trade God to Transfer Guru in 6 easy seasons.
    I said this a while ago supporting Newcastle with the pure devotion I had is getting harder and harder as every season goes by.
    I hate the owners,I hate Puma,Wonga is a a disgrace,I hate the Manager,the players are mediocre,the football is dog shit and i just didn’t feel the same excitement as I used to.
    Not living in newcastle anymore I watch nearly every game online and at least 5 games last season I fell asleep watching them….if my missus made me feel like this I would have dumped her years ago.

  15. Worky, When did they go up, Was it 89 or something like that?, When Mckeag was still there?

  16. To me, the most interesting part of SJP’s architectural history was the great stand built where the Milburn is now in 1905, which increased the ground’s capacity to 60,000.

    That was the greatest period in Newcastle United’s history when NUFC were the greatest team of their time, as well as being very advanced in terms of tactics, being what would be described nowadays as a great “passing” side who played considerably more fluent football than the rest.

    Anyway, it was a mighty stand indeed and the reason why it’s so interesting is that there were NO pictures of it for many years. It was a mystery stand that hardly anyone had known existed! Someone uncovered one photo a while ago and it’s floating around online somewhere.

  17. Worky, You haven’t got a picture of the old stand?, I wouldn’t mind seeing that.

  18. Doh!

    I thought I’d saved the one I looked at some time ago, I really wanted to but I can’t seem to find it. It was a glorious construction.

    I’ve been looking at some very interesting plans of SJPs that never happened when I was trying to hunt it down online though. Do you remember Dolly Potter? :-)

  19. Worky, I remember me old man telling me, That they were going to build a Super Stadium, At the bottom of Hotspur street, In Heaton.

  20. Is that the old dear who was behind “The Friends Of Leazes Park”?
    I got told she wasn’t even from the area, And she lived in Morpeth, Or somewhere like that.
    It might be putting the cat among the pigeons a wee bit, But i reckon we will have to look at building a new stadium.
    The lopsided nature of St James’ Park, Is a problem, And effects the atmosphere imo.

  21. joe hawkins says:
    June 15, 2013 at 5:57 pm

    “Is that the old dear who was behind “The Friends Of Leazes Park”?”

    Aye Joe, she was about as popular as Eichmann at a bar mitzvah at the time. Wasn’t it going to be a “Geordie San Siro?” as Milan were big at the time. It would be “Geordie Camp Nou” nowadays.

    Toon stadium dreams that never happened:

    The one that’s there now looks like a big white elephant laying on it’s side.