Megson comes out of the closet over Nolan, but Trotters fans don’t wanna know.

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Megson confessing his desire for Nolan.
Megson confessing his desire for Nolan.
Current Bolton Wanderers manager, Gary Megson, has come out of the closet and declared his desire for Kevin Nolan to make a return to the Trotters. Nolan had a long spell at the Lancashire club, spending some ten years there from 1999 to 2009, when he signed for Newcastle United in the January tranfer window.

Speaking of his wish to welcome back the Prodigal son, Megson remarked:

“I didn’t particularly want him to go in the first place,” adding:

“It’s just an enquiry, we’ve asked someone to find out if Newcastle would be interested in loaning Kevin back to the football club and we haven’t had a response as yet.

“We’ll see, because we were told that Newcastle needed to move one or two players about due to the fact they had been relegated.”

However, many Bolton fans seem to be less than enthusiastic, as Nolan’s last few years with the Trotters were seen as something of a decline for the Scouse midfielder in comparison with earlier seasons. On the BBC’s “606” website, Bolton fans made comments such as

“I cant believe what Im hearing from Megson. Wanting Nolan back.”

another commentator added:

“Even if he doesn’t come back it just goes to show the lunancy of this ginger idiot.”

another observed:

“Nolan was rubbish for us in his last 3 seasons.”

and another:

“He was rubbish but Megson wouldn’t drop him.”

However, as NUFC Blog recently reported, Nolan’s agent, Mark Curtis, recently said in response to the Bolton interest:

“Kevin’s happy at Newcastle, and wants to help them get back into the Premier League,”

With Newcastle anxious to slash wages in line with their much reduced income in the Championship though, and Nolan currently on a contract which pays over £40,000 per week, we may not have heard the last of the Nolan saga yet.

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5 Responses

  1. They may not rate him but the irony is, that he’s come back into some sort of form. Megson was happy to take £4m when he saw Nolan’s fitness and form was on the slide. Now that there’s an improvement he wants him back for nowt? Cheeky get has managed to p**s off both lots of fans. Good effort.

  2. I think that it may be Megson’s feeble and misguided attempt to appease Bolton fans.

    Personally I don’t think he would return to The Reebok anyway, not even for a month’s loan.

  3. BWFC24 says:
    August 27, 2009 at 11:08 pm

    “I think that it may be Megson’s feeble and misguided attempt to appease Bolton fans.”


    I know he’s not exactly Mr Popular in Bolton, but quite a few Bolton fans were sure they were going to get relegated when he took over from big Sam and little Sam. Whatever his faults, fair play to him that he’s still there, battling away.

  4. looks like someone left those kiddie hackers alone with the computer again. will rich parents never learn?