Nolan Bolton for the exit. Gareth to Bale us out.

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Bale - possible loan target?
Bale - possible loan target?
Apparently Gary Megson wants to take Kevin Nolan back to Bolton, or at least that’s what The Mirror is saying. We paid Bolton £4m for the midfielder in January and his £40k/week wages might be seen as reason enough to let him go in the current phase of cost-cutting at the Toon.

I wasn’t particularly impressed with Nolan’s contributions to the team last season but this season he looks much better, although I admit that’s probably to be expected now that we’re down a league. Nolan has even scored a couple this season, including the winning goal in last night’s 4-3 romp against Huddersfield (for which we have match reports here and here).

It’s not all bad news though because the BBC claimed last night that Gareth Bale could be on his way to Newcastle from Spurs. When we sold them Bassong it was rumoured that one or two loan signings from Spurs were on the cards and this could be one of them.

The Welsh under-21 international made his professional debut for Southampton in 2005-06 and scored 5 goals in 45 games before transferring to Spurs in May 2007. Bale usually plays as either a left back or left winger, so he could be seen as a replacement for either Enrique or Jonas if either should be sold this season.

Our good start to the season could be deceptive because with such a small squad we’ll really start to suffer towards the business end of the season when injuries start to take their toll. In fact Chris Hughton said as much yesterday when he told The Journal:

What has papered over (the cracks) is we’ve been very fortunate with injuries and haven’t really had more than two at any given time, which is very unusual.

Consequently we’ve been able to cope but there will be a time when that changes. We’re quite strong in midfield but we need possibly two or three new faces provided no-one else leaves.”

If Ashley plans to stay at the club I’d be very surprised if he continues with the ruthless cost-cutting. I understand that the wage bill must be cut – indeed, £30m has already been cut – but Ashley’s a gambling man and I would have thought he might be prepared to take a bit of a financial hit this season in the hope of promotion, which – if we were successful – would mean he could probably double his asking price for the club.

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3 Responses

  1. It would be typical if Nolan went, just as he appears to have found a bit of fitness and form.

    I’m a fan of Bale so I’d be pleased if he came in on loan but it’s a shame he’s injured at the minute. That would be pretty frustrating and potentially a waste of time if he doesn’t recover effectively.

  2. I am very concerned just how many more of our first team players will be allowed to leave before the transfer window closes. What a nightmare scenario. Last night’s game showed just how threadbare our squad is and that to blood so many of our young players who are patently not ready yet, is a suicidal policy.

    It is ironic these rumours of Nolan’s loan back to Bolton have surfaced just when he has been showing signs of being in form. The cheek of Megson though takes your breath away.

    I used to enjoy all the rumours and anticipation of new players but over the past two years that has ceased – now I dread it.

    Young Bale is a talented player, unfortunately he also seems to be very injury prone.

    Also, I do not like the idea that he could be coming in as replacement for Jonas or even worse, Enrique. I would be devastated if we let this guy go.

  3. Bale is injury prone as Mags09 said, it also does not reflect well on us, having to loan players off Spurs. What little prestige we still have needs to be protected.