Lee Clark hails Toon’s “mag-nificent” Chuckle Brothers.

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Toon's dynamic duo at work.
Toon's dynamic duo at work.
Huddersfield manager and Toon old boy, Lee Clark, a figure still held in much esteem on Tyneside, has paid tribute to the managerial dynamic duo of Chris Hughton and Colin Calderwood. Speaking after his side’s nailbiting encounter with the Magpies, he said of the pair:

“Chris and Colin have done a magnificent job to focus on the players, and the players have to take credit as well.

“With all that’s happening around the club, they have focused on the job at hand. And they have got to do their job and hopefully get them back in the Premier League”.

Toon, who’s revolving door manager policy of last season eventually resulted in relegation, have made a good start to their Championship campaign, despite an ever dwindling first team squad. Although the competition is undoubtedly much inferior to last season, mostly in terms of technique and pace, Toon at least seem to be finding the consistency they lacked with the ever changing leadership of last year. Yet Hughton, a man who enjoyed great success with the Republic of Ireland and Tottenham as a player, and continued success as a first team coach, assistant manager and caretaker manager (twice) at ‘Spurs, has had difficulty gaining the respect he deserves on Tyneside, and which he still enjoys at the North London Premiership club.

The same is also true of Calderwood, another player who enjoyed a long spell playing at ‘Spurs, before entering a career in management, gaining promotion at Northampton, before moving on to replace Gary Megson at Nottingham Forest. This was a period which started with great success for Forest, but was followed by eventual promotion capitulation, a poor start to the next season and a P45 for Calderwood.

Clark, whose support staff at Huddersfield includes fellow ex United men, Terry McDermott, Paul Stephenson and Derek Fazackerley (It was hard to know which bench was which at the game last night) went on to describe the link, and the Carling Cup draw that brought them together again, saying:

“Obviously, we have a huge affinity with this football club. If we were going to get drawn away from home, this is the one we wanted, and when it happens, you want your team to produce a performance that is worthy of Huddersfield Town and makes people sit up and take notice.

“I think we did that”

They certainly did in what was a fiercely contested show-down at St James’s Park.

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