Megson wants Christmas Carroll at Bolton.

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Wandering about a move in January?
Wandering about a move in January?
It’s a bit early for Christmas shopping, although I’ve seen some decorations up in Spennymoor when passing through recently(I mean howay……..). And of course we’ve started the panto early up at The Stadium Formerly Known as St James’ Park, but according to the rumours, it hasn’t stopped Bolton gaffer Gary Megson adding Andy Carroll to his early Christmas list and is willing to offer the Newcastle striker a return to the Premier League in January.

With old battering ram Kevin Davies on his last legs, it seems that Megson regards Carroll as a long-term replacement. According to The Sun (hehe), Bolton will offer somewhere in the region of £4 million ,when the January transfer window winds open.

Despite my honest critique of Carroll recently, I do think he has potential to be a big player (what else, have you seen the height of him?). He needs to be refined but the raw talent is there and it should be nurtured. There will, as per the norm, be rumour upon rumour from now it would seem until the window closes at the end of January. But I’d hate to think this is anything more than just that, a rumour.

You would imagine Chris Hughton will strongly oppose any moves to let him go because it seems that, particularly for away games, Carroll is the main striker in Shola’s absence. But whether or not his opinion and insistence will be enough, who knows?

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37 Responses

  1. If Ashley sells Carroll for £4m then, finally,  explodes the myth of his long-term ambitions forever. It would be a catastrophic backward step and a death knell for the club.
    The eye’s of Geordieland are upon you, Chunk,  don’t mess it up!!

  2. Selling Carroll –  “It would be a catastrophic backward step and a death knell for the club.”

    My god – I have heard some overstatements in my time but nothing comparing to that lol.

  3. Hey Stardust,can you not see where all this is leading? Ecelsior is right in many respects,its not about Andy Carrol no doubt being sold if the the FCB can see he is earning a few bob,its the fact that all the guy is about is asset stripping this club
    I would dearly love to be wrong,come January I would love to be on here eating huge amounts of humble pie,but at the moment I just can’t see it.All I want as a dyed in the wool Geordie and Toon fan is for the owners of this club to stop taking the piss and invest something because so far its all been take take take.
    He bought the club to make money,nobody has a problem with that,the problem lies with his attitude and his arrogance.He has already shown he is out of his depth and admitted it.He may  have made a mint selling cheap crap in his stores but if you dont speculate to accumulate in football and put crap on the pitch you go only one way…backwards!
    Bottom line here mate is,we are in no position to be selling anyone unless we are prepared to replace them with players as good as,if not better and so far that certainly has not been the case.No point in not investing in a Jumbo Telly,invest in the team and for gods sake learnto stop telling lies and communicate with the customers…Us!!

  4. totally agree excelsior.
    Carroll is a raw but great talent for the future and most important of all, which dusty dismisses through lack of mixing with the common man, i believe im the only one he knows, carroll is a geordie and understands the meaning and the pride of wearing the toon colours. Stardy has vehemently defended 10m colo, who hasnt got a clue what passion is.

  5. “Stardust says:
    November 5, 2009 at 2:49 pm
    Selling Carroll –  ”It would be a catastrophic backward step and a death knell for the club.”
    My god – I have heard some overstatements in my time but nothing comparing to that lol.”
    Is that “heard” or “made” dusty? I notice, having asked for my take on the naming issue in the last thread, you’ve not responded to it…typical.
    The Death Knell of which I speak, of course, is the statement of intent such a sale would send out. No plan, no future, no hope!! Etc.

  6. Double it and anyone can have him as far as i’m concerned. Hell i’d even settle for 6.5 – 7mill for Carroll.

    As much as his work rate isn’t in question, his eye for goal and that bit of talent and class needed to meet the requirements of almost any player in a team that wants to stay in the Prem isn’t there.

    Carroll for me isn’t a Premiership striker at all and won’t cut it next year. He is 20, which you could argue is too young to judge, but i’d say is probably the age you can see where a player’s career is heading.

    So to conclude, if the price was maybe doubled and reinvested in some tried and tested, classy goal scoring forward then great. I might even risk a huge backlash and suggest Chopra, I honestly think he has the most underrated finishing in the league and last year (or year before?) got some classy goals in the Prem.

  7. Gordon – “the guy is about is asset stripping this club” Incorrect – he has invested more money into NUFC than any man in history and taken not one penny out. FFS Asset stripped. As for “he bought the club to make money” Holds no water whatsoever – unless you have direct evidence – you hang a man on the say so of people in pubs hating him.

    Noted Excelsior – will have a read of the reply on the other thread – I have stopped reading lately – all a bit to dark, grey, hate filled and miserable for me to log on. Will have a read and reply on there.

  8. andynufc – you are as clueless as stardy. Chopra has found his level. He couldnt cut it in the premier. Carroll needs nurturing and has every potential to make a premier league striker, hence bolton are showing interest.

  9. andyNUFC says:
    November 5, 2009 at 3:11 pm

    So, in your opinion, Carroll hasn’t shown anything to lead you to believe he’s worth keeping?

    Too young to pass judgement is damn right. This club needs all the loyalty it can muster to steer us through the dark days ahead. Who would we replace him with for £8m? Given the vastly inflated prices strikers fetch these days, who? Some clapped out “name” looking for a payday, most likely. And don’t throw that “we’re only interested in signing under 22’s” line at me, it’s as disingenuous as everything else that stumbles out of their mouths!

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, Troy, understanding is the key to wisdom!

  10. yes, stardy, we think you are grey, miserable and we hate you, that wont change so stay away.

  11. BBMs right though – I dont love Carroll the way many do – I dont see a class act – I see a trier but one not thinking. His maddening flick ons being a case in point.
    Ranger seems to have far more class too me.
    Troy is right though – we dont see eye to eye on players – we once invited him to play a game of 11 aside on our team – we have about 8 ex – pro’s playing for us – and the rest Northern League players, Alliance etc, Troy was asked to play right midfield. He stood on the half way line and wet himself on the whistle to start the game, poo’d himself at half time and pretended to be injured, having  never moved, half way through the second half – I swear he never moved one inch the whole game.
    Needless to say he was never invited back – he has always held a grudge – his nickname with the lads – is now Pinky Poo lol. Thats the reason he always disagrees with me – he is trying to hang onto whatever dignity he has left (for a man who wee’d himself)

  12. i collected 20 worms in a jar that game so the day wasnt wasted. Young chip stavers loved them. We had them as pets before i ate them.
    Carroll voted man o match last week. High tank hugh .

  13. I’d snap their hands off for 6m like. Gotta be honest.

    I just don’t agree with what it might otherwise represent, rather than just good money to re-invest.

  14. Carroll can heed the ball a bit, but he doesn’t seem to have great balance, and ends up on his arse quite alot. He also tends to have problems keeping possession sometimes too.

  15. I dont listen to people in pubs Stardust,I make my own mind up about things.
    You seem pretty well informed on the finances of the club so maybe you can give me a run down of the investment that our beloved owner has made,but please don’t include the purchase of the club,or the debt he inherited due to him being in such a hurry to play Football Club Owner.I was under the impression that he was in profit as regards transfers but perhaps I have walked past a pub and  that drifted out and into my sub oncious
    So f1ire away mate ,just dont include running costs,they come with any business and we are certainly doing out bit by putting our arses on seats,well I am anyway but your going to have to take my word for it im afraid.Do you attend by any chance?

  16. bowburnmag says:
    November 5, 2009 at 3:45 pm
    I’d snap their hands off for 6m like. Gotta be honest.
    I just don’t agree with what it might otherwise represent, rather than just good money to re-invest.

    Would that be £6m over one year?  Doubt that will happen.  £6m over three years?  Possibly. 

    How are they paying?  If all the money is to go on transfers I would presume the board are hoping for a one off payment?

    Who will be spending the future income  in advance then then….?

  17. Gordon – to bit part select areas of financials and portray them as the overall picture – is simply – fundamentally wrong.
    The club is a company – each part of the financials link into another. You simply can not choose to say we made a 100 here but lost 1000 there but we should still spend the 100.

  18. Stardust- You have not really answered the question I asked,I asked you how much he has invested in the heart of the club,the bit that gets “bums on seats” and sells season tickets.We have certainly bought a lot of players,that has never been question,he has also sold a lot to and my question still remains the same,how much has he invested in what I support,the team/club?You dont buy a football club and run it into the ground,you invest in it .
    Me being just a humble fan and not being in possession of a Degree in maths or anything near it,have jotted a few figures down,you know the sort of thing,income  from transfers in one column and expenditure for incoming players in another column.Im sort of getting the idea that we might just be in profit
    Perhaps I am wrong again and you can tell me why if you would be so kind.

  19. Right,  I believe there are to be demonstrations on Saturday.  Why?

    Without being branded pro Ashley (Which I obviously am not) if 10,000 people started chanting and protesting against you on Saturday would you be inclined to throw a shed load of money at them?

    Were asking Ashley to provide money out of hisown pocket for transfers and running costs and in the next breath were telling him to sling his hook and never darken our city again.

    Why do we need to demo and protest like this?  I think he gets the message, it won’t hurry him up to leave.  He wants to leave, but nobody wants to relieve him of the club.

    To anyone who is protesting on Saturday – Think about it.  He’s not popular, he knows that, you know that, but I want him to put his hand in his pocket in January to ensure we go up.

    If I was him(Not a fan) and was getting this sort of abuse I reckon I’d be inclined to say fck off you cheeky bastards!

    Just a thought on the hypocrisy that will be evidant on Saturday.

    Dignity will always win!

  20. He has never been keen on sticking his hand in his pocket unless its to put money in,January will be no different/Promotions a long way off and if there is no incoming personnel forth coming think we might just miss Mikes train to the land of Milk and Honey

  21. Gordon says:

  22. 4m. for Carroll, ask for five, but settle for four if you have to,  another Chopra, second tier quality.
    So what about 4m. rated Kilgallon, any thoughts ?
    I know I may get jumped on, but I`m beginning to think theres a chance that Ashley will unloosen the purse strings come Jan.
    It`s a no brainer that it`s in his interest and regaining a position in the top flight  at first attempt, is essential.
    So TOM or is it MICKEY TOON, whoever is the U-Tube guy, lets hear your selections, that applies to everyone,” who can get the job done for The Toon “.
    Been talking up Both Johnson (picked for u21`s) and Oanahu @ Citeh, could be available due to lack of opportunity @ Citeh, which gets more difficult with each new signing, even Ireland, one of the best inside forwards in the league is finding it difficult to hang onto a starting role.
    There`s Simpson and a few others, all unable to cement a place in the big four or six and all talented enough to play PL football.
    C`mon MICKEY TOON give us a few names !

  23. worky you miss the point. Ashley can only take so much bad publicity. The more we demonstrate the more bad publicity for him. He can only take so much and will come to the point of throwing the towel in and selling up next year at a lower price.

  24. I honestly can’t disagree with selling Carroll for £6M and push them for up to £8M, also considering he cost us nothing.

    Like I said before, he’s tall, wins a few headers and gives his best, but there isn’t any class there to suggest to me that he will ever get to a level good enough to compete in the prem.

    What worries me is the lack of out and out goal scorers. Harewood and Carroll – physical presences, no distinct eye for goal. Lovenkrands – bit of pace and quite poor eye for goal. Ranger obviously is turning it on for the reserves and bagging them for England but he’s only 19.

    Still though, it could be down to the fact there’s no creativity coming from Butt/Smith in the middle and Jonas/Geremi/Taylor can’t even beat a man to cross a ball.

  25. Stuart79 @ 25 >>If I was him(Not a fan) and was getting this sort of abuse I reckon I’d be inclined to say fck off you cheeky bastards!
    I have been thinking about that for a while what can he do ?? we cant expect him to give us away.  I still think that the rant he had about Moat was a clear signal to the supporters that he is willing to cut his losses and Get out of Our Club for £80 + mill up front. But Moat doesn’t have it all.

  26. Big Dave says:
    November 5, 2009 at 9:18 pm

    “I have been thinking about that for a while what can he do ?? we cant expect him to give us away.  I still think that the rant he had about Moat was a clear signal to the supporters that he is willing to cut his losses and Get out of Our Club for £80 + mill up front. But Moat doesn’t have it all.”

    Newcastle United is probably the hardest club anywhere to value at the moment. If you went through all the usual indicators, £80 – 100 million should be roughly right ATM. However there are so many intangibles and so much potential locked inside the club. If you look at it from one side, it’s a potential goldmine, but if you look at it from another, it’s a poisoned chalice of huge proportions. I think that any serious potential owners (not that Moat gadgie) have been looking at it the second way.

    Somewhat ironically, the more vociferously people protest, the more potential new owners will see it as a poisoned chalice and the more likely Ashley will end up staying at the club!  :-)

  27. What exactly is the protest about on Saturday? Is it against the renaming of the ground or is it to tell Ashley to leave? To be honest I don’t think it will achieve either and will just add more instability at a time when we should all just be focusing on promotion which should be the fundamental objective of absolutely everybody associated with the club. A protest is not going to be any more likely to sell. There were no takers even when he was willing to realize a £170million loss and he is not going to take a bigger hit regardless of whether 10 or 10,000 show up. I agree with Stuart 79 that if anything more protests will likely put off any new buyers particularly given the anti-Cockney emphasis. Would an Arab or Russian want to risk buying the club when the fans could turn on them in a similar manner if things weren’t to their liking? If we get promoted Ashley will sell. He will get a better price and he will want to get out. Better the fans get behind the team and help them achieve this.