Krul blow for Toon fans – Arsenal, Hull, Wigan, Pompey, Makems, take your pick Tim?

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Hip young thang.
Hip young thang.
H’way, h’way, it can’t be true? The deviants down the road are scavenging from our rotting squad? To be honest, I’m not sure where the rumour has materialised from but it’s said that they have joined a group of potential suitors for the highly-rated young Dutch stopper.

We’re led to believe that there were a dozen or so scouts representing top-flight clubs at the Euroborg Stadion, including those from Arsenal, Portsmouth, Wigan Athletic and Hull City who are all said to be keen on Krul.

Krul made a fist of his opportunity when he replaced Harper for the second half against West Bromwich Albion on Saturday. It went some way to further proving he’s a young fella with onion bags of potential. Bags that he likes to keep empty. He also comes across as passionate, level-headed and focused young bloke so it would be a crying shame were he to be swooped on by the vultures. Because as far as the sticks go, he looks like the future.

Krul is set to make his full domestic debut against Reading in view of Harper still recovering from his kick to the heid from our very own ever-accurate Shola Ameobi. Harps has arguably been one of the stalwarts of recent times. Standing by patiently in the background and performing admirably when called upon. It seems Krul that he should be ursurped so early into his long-awaited period of dominance of the No.1 shirt but there’s a chance Big Tim will do everything he can to keep it.

Unfortunately, that would just inevitably lead to even more attention from current and future suitors and the likelihood of him being shipped out. I was genuinely gutted that Bassong and Beye went but for some reason this would probably be the biggest kick in the teeth, if he were to be sold. Particularly, if he ended up at the dark place. Surely, the powers-that-be aren’t that heartless?

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19 Responses

  1. “onion bags of potential. Bags that he likes to keep empty.”

    Bowburn, are you on medication at the moment, or are you smoking something? :-)

    WTF does that mean? LOL

  2. I tried to put some puns in but I think my lack of sleep fecked it up a little. My mind is boggle anyway with all the geet nasty rumours.

  3. ComradeToon,

    Whats the point in selling any player even if we do get a good price cos the money will go straight to Cashley and not into new players!

    The whole idea behind buying bright youngsters is that you get them cheap then either use them in the first team or sell them on at a large profit!

    This has already been proven with Bassong and N’Zogbia and is likely with Krul, Kadar, Tozer, Carrol and Ranger!

    The point is we cant use the money so its just decimating the squad for the sake of it!

  4. Dazza mate I’m not suggesting we sell at all. the point was no-one will pay 30M for an unproven kid. so

  5. Dazza says:
    August 12, 2009 at 4:43 pm


    Whats the point in selling any player even if we do get a good price cos the money will go straight to Cashley and not into new players!”

    Dazza, it doesn’t work like that. The proceeds from the sale of club assets will remain with the club.

  6. hey guys, love the blog.

    anyone hear about collo signing for galatasary, just did a google search and there’s lots of forum posts in another language. Looks like he’s off, hope we get good cash for him. Thinking about it though that’ll leave us so short of decent defenders it’s unreal, we couldn’t start the championship with kadar and s.taylor as our ONLY first team defenders, could we? please mike no….

  7. just translated the pages in google, looks like they’ve agreed a few and they’re waiting for Colo the clown to arrive. Will be intrested to see if he plays part this weekend of if he’s ‘injured’.

    Colo the clown coming to a turkish party near you.

  8. “Moments ago we received last-minute news of Argentina `li Fabricio Coloccini Galatasaray` a `learn to say yes to.

    Ancak, sağlık testlerinden geçecek olan Coloccini`n, bu testlerin sonucuna göre Galatasaray`a imza atması bekleniyor. However, medical tests will be Coloccini `n, according to the results of this test is expected to take Galatasaray` a signature.

    Yetkililerden resmi açıklama yapılmasını bekliyoruz şu an. Authorities are awaiting the moment to make a statement of the picture. Galatasaray’a getirdiği futbolcularla büyük sansasyon yaratan Haldun ÜSTÜNEL bu transferide sonlandıracak gibi. Creating a furor with the greatest football players in Galatasaray brought Haldun ÜSTÜNEL like this will end transferide.

    İlerleyen saatlerde konuyla ilgili gelişmeler yayınlanacaktır. In later developments will be published on the subject.”

  9. bowburnmag says:
    August 12, 2009 at 9:50 pm

    “Do we love someone enough to give them our last Colo?”

    That’s another headline, Bowburn. The Sun should snap you up!

  10. Mike Ashley is a petulant dipstick.How he ever became a successful business man is beyond belief.
    He wants to destroy the club because of all the flack he’s getting.It’s his way of saying up yours.He wont be happy till he gets his own back.The man is a tosser of the first order.Looks like Big Al huffed him too.
    Who want’s errmm my young lads did well errmmm we have no money O’dreary.Surely Curbishley would fit the bill more than him.

    On a more cheerful note.Why don’t we name the stadium the sir Bobby Robson stadium,after all there’s a stand named after john hall and Sir Legend deserves more than him.

  11. I was dissapointed with the last Gunners game the other day, hopefully we can keep the points coming and stay first in the premier league, Come on you gooners!